jrgiffordoh, in their product. i thought you were talking about their actual website. :P00:00
jrgiffordnow i look like an idiot lol00:00
thafreakMorning Ohio15:02
canthus13Good morning.15:03
thafreakseems i didn't miss anything after I left...15:04
thafreakthe last interaction I had with people here seems to be the last thing in the chat buffer15:05
canthus13Ah. pretty much. your last interaction was the most interaction I've seen in this channel in weeks.15:05
thafreakusually, I stop watching the window (disconnect the screen session) and then these long conversations happen15:05
thafreakcourse recently, it's been pretty dead in here15:06
canthus13I'd love one of them bigger salary jobs. :)15:15
thafreakme too15:19
thafreaki'm still waiting for the paperwork to be processed so I get my 1.5% raise15:19
thafreaklast 2 years I got a 3% raise, which I thought was crap...guess they proved me wrong15:20
canthus13nice.  I got 2% last year, 1% the year before that.15:23
thafreakand, could you even tell if it made a difference after taxes?15:26
thafreakit's pointless15:26
thafreakI miss the days early in my carreer when I just job hopped15:26
thafreaki was getting like 10-25% "raises" by shopping around15:27
canthus13Slowly. I've gained about 33% on my original pay over 5 years.15:28
thafreakbeh, realistically, I'm not making much more than I did like 5 years ago15:33
thafreakI made a big jump up in salary...then stayed there for the next job, then actually went down for the job after that, then back up to that level when I started here...15:33
thafreakand then I got a few percent since then15:34
thafreakyou know, you're not doing anything about my desire to leave my current job making me think about all this15:34
canthus13I'd love your job. :)15:37
thafreakwant to move to kent15:46
thafreakcanthus13: facebook is hiring...16:05
thafreakis your profile on linkedin up to date?16:05
paultagfacebook was fun to interview with16:05
paultag9 interviews, though16:05
thafreakthat seems to be the hot spot for recruiters these days16:05
canthus13thafreak: Actually, yes. I'd love to move to kent.16:19
canthus13It puts me about 150 miles closer to people I want to be near.16:19
* canthus13 should update his linkedin.. it's been a bit neglected.16:21
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canthus13I suppose 'avoiding telling people what I really think of them' isn't a valid skill to list on linkedin...17:00
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