nathwillgreetings all03:06
nathwilldid i miss the party?03:08
nathwillhrm. logs say yes03:15
MarkDudeWooo hooooooooooooooooo- we can have an IRC party nathwill03:23
nathwillbust out the suds03:28
nathwillhow's california markdude?03:29
MarkDudePretty good03:33
MarkDudeWe have some small rain going on03:33
MarkDudeStill tired from the weekend03:33
MarkDudeWent to SF03:33
MarkDudeThen a karaoke party03:33
MarkDudeAnyway, how are you doing?03:34
nathwillburned out03:42
nathwillwe've got some major explosions at the work, keeping me ultra busy03:42
nathwillthink i'm going to be in sunnyvale in october for more training03:43
nathwillhave our new girl down there right now, getting schooled on our crazy technologies03:43
nathwilli quit smoking :)03:45
MarkDudeGreat ojn quiting smokinbg03:59
MarkDudeWe will have a party when you are here03:59
MarkDudeCrazy technologies? Like sharks with lasers?03:59
nathwilllike "wasn't built here so let's build our own"04:10
nathwillthough i expect that a lot of that is that nobody else was operating at that scale when they got there04:11
nathwillso a lot of things were custom, and then entrenched04:11
nathwillalso, sharks with lasers04:12
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slangasekbkerensa: hey, how goes the venue hunting for the global jam?22:38
slangasekI wonder if we should get something up on loco.u.c for the date + city, so people can start rsvping22:39
iBkerensaslangasek: im waiting on a final greenlight from freegeek they gave a tentative yes for all dat on sunday but due to their weird decision making process i think its just hitting all corners of the org22:42
iBkerensai will follow up tonight22:43
slangasekah, ok22:44
iBkerensabut vagrant ran ut by darren who said tenative yes22:46
slangasekso the event might show up on loco.u.c tonight? :)22:47
iBkerensai can put it up tonight yea but thars banking on final yes from fg22:50

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