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Tubuhi! is meeting today?17:55
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pleia2almost meeting time :)17:59
pleia2hey jledbetter18:00
pleia2ok, who all is here for the meeting?18:00
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nigelbI'm sorta here.18:01
pleia2#link http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/Agenda18:02
pleia2our agenda ^^18:02
pleia2which isn't much :) just update on blueprint items really18:02
pleia2#link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/community-p-ubuntu-women-project-goals18:02
pleia2#topic mentoring18:04
akgranerhi pleia218:04
* nigelb notes a task in his name.18:04
pleia2I spoke with akgraner about the mentoring program at SCALE18:04
pleia2akgraner: all yours!18:04
akgranerso after so research into mentoring - a formal program is not the best way for us to proceed18:04
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akgranerthe proven track record for programs like GSoC and GNOME mentoring does not indicate that a formal mentoring process helps retain people on a project etc18:05
akgranerwhat does is the informal programs18:05
Tububars meeting...18:06
akgranerso we are on the right track with our informal program18:06
akgranerwe just need to clean it up and see who is available to help whom18:06
akgranerand often times people will be both a mentor and mentee18:06
akgranerso we'll need to ask for who wants to mentor in what subjects and make it known what we are doing18:07
pleia2where does this leave nigelb's blueprint items?18:07
pleia2[nigelbabu] reach out to the railsbridge / pystar communities about HOWTO's for running "women and friends" type events: TODO18:08
pleia2[nigelbabu] look into building a curriculum (http://pystar.org/ and http://railsbridge.org/): TODO18:08
pleia2I think the second is not so useful now18:08
akgranerrails actual is one that works, but it's the way they do theirs that works18:08
akgranerthe events one yes18:08
jledbetteryes, rails has been very successful in event form18:09
jledbetterPyladies has a good IRC and mailing list component to their events18:09
pleia2nigelb: can you still do reaching out to get some HowTos for running events?18:09
nigelbI need some help.18:09
pleia2jledbetter: can you help?18:09
akgranerso I'd say nigelb reach out to get more info  from them and that we as UW clean up our existing wikis and update our list of mentors and start talking about what we are able to do for the community as a whole etc18:10
jledbetternigelb: What kind of help?18:10
jledbetterpleia2: Sure.18:10
nigelbjledbetter: I just need a hand since I'm overworked.18:10
akgranerfreedeb is also involved with the rails community - jledbetter do you know her?18:11
jledbetternigelb: Ok, ping me after the meeting so we can coordinate efforts :)18:11
akgranerIf not I can put you in touch with her if needed18:11
jledbetterakgraner: No, don't think so.18:11
nigelbjledbetter: will do, thanks!18:11
pleia2akgraner: ok great, can you update the blueprint for your items (I think remove yours and change it to "research to determine whether we need formal program - result: no DONE" or somesuch)18:11
akgranerpleia2, sure can - then I'll go through our wiki's18:12
akgranermentoring wiki's and make some notes18:12
pleia2I'll update the blueprint for other things now18:13
pleia2#action akgraner to review wiki pages related to mentoring18:14
meetingologyACTION: akgraner to review wiki pages related to mentoring18:14
pleia2#info Based on retention research by akgraner we won't be doing a formal mentoring program, just continuing informal18:15
pleia2#action jledbetter to help nigelb with reaching out to other communities about HOWTO's for running "women and friends" type events18:15
meetingologyACTION: jledbetter to help nigelb with reaching out to other communities about HOWTO's for running "women and friends" type events18:15
pleia2ok, I think that's all of it18:15
pleia2#topic Website18:15
pleia2so we have our new wiki theme, people seem to like it18:16
pleia2but ubuntu-women.org is still our old branding site18:16
pleia2I worked with canonical IS to fix admin privs on the wiki, so we can now make pages immutable, so I'm thinking we continue working on making the main page http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/ better, make it immutable except by admins (so it can't be destroyed by trolls) and then move www.ubuntu-women.org to point to it18:17
pleia2thoughts? questions?18:17
Tubuis is also moin system?18:18
pleia2yes, http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/ is using the theme you helped with18:19
Tubuok... i still can help, then18:19
pleia2ubuntu-women.org itself is just a flat text html site18:19
pleia2which is only a single index page at this point, all the links in the menu either point to the wiki or elsewhere18:20
pleia2alright, I'll make this happen before our next meeting18:20
pleia2#action pleia2 to move forward with changes required to get ubuntu-women.org pointing to wiki.ubuntu-women.org18:21
meetingologyACTION: pleia2 to move forward with changes required to get ubuntu-women.org pointing to wiki.ubuntu-women.org18:21
pleia2#topic Wiki content improvements18:21
pleia2susan-spencer did a great job with http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/BestPractices18:21
pleia2Dolasilla sent an email on Jan 4th about the review she's been doing: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2012-January/003430.html18:22
pleia2replies to that would still be helpful18:22
pleia2and more volunteers to review content freshness would also be helpful18:23
pleia2http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/WeShouldFix is the current list of what needs to be worked on18:23
pleia2I think that's all with the blueprint18:25
pleia2#topic UDS Sponsorship18:25
pleia2applications for sponsorship are due by February 22nd (soon!)18:25
pleia2http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UDS is our page about it18:25
pleia2and sponsorship link: http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/sponsorship/18:26
pleia2we tried to answer most questions in the FAQ, but please feel free to let me know if you have questions :)18:26
pleia2I'm local to UDS this time so I'm hoping we can do a get-together at my place on Thursday evening18:26
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jledbetterThat'd be nice :)18:30
pleia2#topic any other announcements, comments, feedback18:32
pleia2anyone have anything? :)18:34
jledbetterSounds like a nope.18:37
pleia2ok, thanks everyone!18:38
jledbetterThank you for running it, pleia2 :)18:38
* pleia2 hopes meetingology comes back so we can actually #endmeeting !18:42
pleia2AlanBell: do you still run meetingology?18:43
AlanBellpleia2: yes18:43
pleia2help, please :)18:44
AlanBellit is on the server with ubottu, which is a bit unwell18:44
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Tubupleia2: maybe a copy/paste of the discussion would be a less lost of time...19:00
pleia2Tubu: yeah, I'll manually write the minutes and copy logs if needed, but I am still hoping the bot comes back and it's salvagable :)19:00
Tubuhm... who knows... maybe bots are now intelligent enought to take breaks and go for a walk or a coffee away... or even go on holiday without notice their human collegues...19:05
AlanBellpleia2: the server filesystem went read only, I don't think it will have written any logs19:10
pleia2AlanBell: yikes :(19:11
AlanBelltouch: cannot touch `foo': Read-only file system19:11
pleia2I don't have time to write the minutes today, I'll try to get them done tomorrow19:11
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