jschallWhat's the safest way to install the latest nvidia beta (295.17)?00:52
RAOFWait for it to land in xorg-edgers? :)00:55
jschallRAOF: using xorg-edgers is not safe.02:13
jschallRAOF: it is in xorg-edgers, but i don't want the rest of xorg-edgers02:13
brycehjschall, then wait for it to land in x-updates02:16
Sarvattit'll go in x-updates when its a stable release which shouldn't be too much longer, beta stuff doesn't go in x-updates02:21
brycehSarvatt, right, then maybe x-testing?  https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/ppa02:23
jschallIs there a way to package the lastest nvidia driver beta in a .deb? I can't use xorg-edgers because the synaptics driver is broken for me.02:28
bjsnideri don't think it's going to provide any miracles02:34
bjsniderwhat are you expecting it to do?02:34
bjsniderthere's a chance it would work if you just download the -edgers deb and manually install it02:36
cndbryceh, RAOF: I sent out a proposal for some default setting changes in synaptics last week03:06
cndthere hasn't been any feedback so far03:07
cndshould I just make the changes?03:07
cndthey are two one-line changes03:07
brycehcnd, I don't have an opinion on that03:10
cndbryceh, you don't have an opinion on the settings,or whether I should just make the change?03:11
brycehcnd, if you want to make the changes and just keep an eye on incoming bug reports, I'd be cool with it03:11
cndbryceh, you know which changes I'm referring to?03:11
cndbryceh, locked drags when performing a tap and drag03:11
brycehbut I remember reading the proposal and deciding I didn't have an opinon on it ;-)03:11
cndand disabling 3 touch click action03:12
cndprobably the same as everyone else :)03:12
brycehcould be03:12
brycehby locked drag what do you mean?03:13
cndbryceh, when you tap and drag, you will continue dragging even after you lift up03:21
cndyou have to tap again to release the left button03:21
cndso if you reach the end of the trackpad, you can continue to drag by lifing, reseting your finger elsewhere, and continuing to drag03:21
RAOFcnd: Hm.  Have you noticed the xserver crashing with a null mask in positionSprite when scrolling with your -0ubuntu3 server?03:35
cndRAOF, no, I haven't03:36
cndbut I don't check every X crash I get :)03:36
RAOFYou'd notice this.  Every time I two-finger scroll on this touchpad the server crashes.03:38
RAOFThis might be my fault, though.  I'm rebuilding without any of my patches and I'll scream at you if it still reproduces :)03:39
cndheh, ok03:41
cndRAOF, bryceh: btw, I'll be at a gtk hackfest this week, weekend, next week03:41
cndI'll be on a plane wed03:41
cndthen hacking thurs - tues03:41
cndthen flying back wed03:41
cndsomething like that03:41
cndso if you can't reach me, that's why03:42
RAOFOooh, multitouch in GTK?03:42
RAOFBAH!  It turns out that my muscle memory includes ‘two finger scroll’ quite a lot.03:42
cndRAOF, we'll be discussing it :)03:43
RAOFYou haven't uploaded xserver 0ubuntu3 yet, have you?03:43
cndRAOF, oh yeah03:43
cndI made two uploads today IIRC03:44
RAOFOk.  I'll pull down the archive build of 0ubuntu3 then.03:44
RAOF*Very* carefully without scrolling.03:45
RAOFIf this turns out to not be a problem with my patches, how long are you around?03:45
cndRAOF, tomorrow?03:46
RAOFI was thinking more this evening.03:47
cndhmm.. I wasn't hoping too long03:47
cndbut you can always ping me and hope :)03:47
RAOFI'll see if it *is* a problem in 0ubuntu3; if it is, I think it's the sort of thing that we should either fix ASAP or revert ASAP.03:47
RAOFKilling the server whenever you scroll is harmful for productivity :)03:48
cndRAOF, when did this start happening?03:49
RAOFFalse alarm; I've clearly broken something while merging my patches on top of 0ubuntu3.03:51
RAOFcnd: Sorry for that!03:52
cndRAOF, np :)03:52
cndbryceh, can you paste me your synaptics caps from your dell netbook04:04
cnddmesg | grep ynaptics04:04
cndI want to try to verify some bits04:05
brycehcnd, http://paste.ubuntu.com/841275/04:13
cndbryceh, thanks04:13
cndlooks to be the same as mine04:13
dholbachhi guys09:45
dholbachdo we know anything about bug 931344? crash in XIGetDeviceProperty() 09:46
ubot4`dholbach: Error: Bug #931344 not found.09:46
dholbachubot4`, try harder :)09:46
ubot4`Factoid 'try harder :)' not found09:46
RAOFThat seems an odd one to crash in.10:29
dholbachI've had it happen a couple of times already :-/10:30
dholbachsince maybe 3-4 days?10:30
tjaaltonlooks like a dupe in bug 93165810:32
ubot4`Launchpad bug 931658 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Xorg crashed with SIGSEGV in XIChangeDeviceProperty() (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93165810:32
tjaaltonhum no10:32
dholbachrobbiew seems to have had a similar one (bug 931658)10:32
dholbach931951 is probably a dup I filed, but it's not retraced yet10:33
tjaaltondholbach: hmm, x220 has a clickpad-type touchpad?10:50
dholbachhum, what does clickpad-type touchpad mean?10:51
tjaaltonit doesn't have buttons10:51
tjaaltonbut you click the pad10:51
dholbachyes, the bottom of the touchpad serves as left-mouse-button10:52
tjaaltonok good10:52
tjaaltonrobbie has x220 tablet10:53
tjaaltonso they are probably related to the new clickpad code10:53
dholbachah ok, so the bugs are different10:53
tjaaltonhappening in different parts of the code, but could still be related..10:55
* dholbach nods10:55
tjaaltondholbach: try disabling the touchpad from bios, and use the nipple for now12:19
dholbachok, next time it crashes, I'll do that12:20
dholbachthis time it was compiz crashing12:20
dholbachXDefineCursor *shrugs*12:21
seb128dholbach, bug number?12:44
dholbachseb128, 93202413:15
seb128dholbach, danke13:15
tjaaltonsubscribed ubuntu-x to mesa-demos bugmail15:17
Sarvattcool, missed those. a lot of these can be closed15:22
Sarvattso thats where all the fglrx bugs went15:22
tjaaltonheh, yeah15:23
tjaaltoni didn't notice it got split at some point15:23
Sarvatttjaalton: can ya accept nominations on it?15:28
ubot4`Sarvatt: Error: Bug #926918 not found.15:28
Sarvattfixed in precise but not oneiric15:29
jcristaubad ubot4`.15:29
Sarvattjcristau: it was private because it had personal info, was my mistake15:29
Sarvattlinking before fixing that :)15:30
tjaaltonSarvatt: sure. so marking fixed but leaving oneiric open?15:32
Sarvattyeah fixed in ubuntu and precise tasks, easily can be srued to oneiric15:33
tjaaltonif someone bothers to do it :)15:33
Sarvatthttp://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?h=7.11&id=0e9b79c22a53efb8413ba6b4e49085a08221a5d3 is the fix15:33
Sarvatti'm still fighting another mesa sru thats kicking my butt, fix after refactor ftw..15:34
Sarvattthats actually not even in a 7.11 release15:35
Sarvattthats odd, almost all the bugs are private15:39
Sarvattretracer not cleaning up after it? i thought that was automatic15:39
tjaaltoncnd: hey, there are a couple of crashers that seem to have clickpad functionality in common15:39
tjaaltonlots of "unable to find touch point 0" in the log, then segfault15:40
cndtjaalton, hmm... are you sure they are clickpads?15:40
tjaaltonone is an apple macbook, two are lenovo x220's15:40
Sarvattsomeone filed a MIR for mesa-demos, hmm15:41
tjaaltonbug 931344 for instance15:41
ubot4`Launchpad bug 931344 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Xorg crashed with SIGSEGV in XIGetDeviceProperty() (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93134415:41
Sarvatthmm https://launchpadlibrarian.net/92806848/XorgLogOld.txt15:48
tjaaltonSarvatt: what about it?15:56
Sarvattlooks like the same thing but the bug was different15:56
tjaaltonyeah, slightly15:56
tjaaltonSegvAnalysis is ~identical though, but i've no idea if you can draw any conclusions from that..15:58
Sarvattthat bcm5974 one was from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/93167416:01
ubot4`Sarvatt: Error: Bug #931674 not found.16:01
Sarvattargh why isn't apport unmarking private after it deletes the core dumps16:02
tjaaltonbryceh: the upstream git browsing links on versions_current are wrong, cgit only these days it seems16:12
Sarvatttjaalton, bryceh: http://paste.ubuntu.com/841874/ ?16:17
Sarvattor is it http://paste.ubuntu.com/841878/16:18
tjaaltonwhaa, where's that script?16:19
tjaaltoni'll steal it for freeipa :)16:19
Sarvattbryceh: if thats right, https://code.launchpad.net/~sarvatt/arsenal/fdo-url-fix16:23
Sarvatttjaalton: careful lest you get ip banned from fdo like bryce did16:23
tjaaltonSarvatt: nah, fedorahosted :)16:24
tjaaltongoes to the end of the todolist anyway16:24
Sarvatttjaalton: btw do you use syncpackage?16:27
tjaaltonSarvatt: yep16:27
Sarvattyou can add -s launchpadid to sponsor, and -b bugnumber to close the bug automatically16:27
tjaaltonyeah sorry for not giving you the credit :)16:28
tjaaltonused -b16:28
Sarvattoh cool, yeah i dont care at all just figured you didnt know in case you sponsor someone elses16:29
Sarvattpretty sure i have enough uploads to not matter anymore16:29
Sarvattnow to sell myself to the DMB, that part weirds me out enough that i haven't done it yet after going through it once before for membership16:35
cndtjaalton, I have seen some crashes when devices are removed16:38
cndhaven't had a chance to track them down yet16:38
cndthat looks to be the same as the bug you showed me16:39
cndSarvatt, yeah, going before the DMB sucks16:39
cndI got your back :)16:39
Sarvattcnd: apparently there's an easy way to reproduce the removed device crashes, disable bluetooth on a system with your magic trackpad16:43
cndSarvatt, when I get a chance I'll look into it16:44
cndI'll assign the bug to me16:44
Sarvattvanhoof just hit it http://paste.ubuntu.com/841908/16:44
SarvattRAOF: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~sarvatt/patches/500_pointer_barrier_thresholds.diff refreshed for current xserver master16:52
Sarvattafter http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/commit/?id=42b6756463ee0476340656707f1088dc6c2fd22016:53
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SarvattRAOF: scratch that, the newly uploaded http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~sarvatt/patches/500_pointer_barrier_thresholds.diff is the right fix for master, i refreshed 1.11's version and lost the swaps/swapl changes18:50
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cndSarvatt, do you use edge scrolling?22:45
Sarvatt2 finger only22:46
Sarvattgot used to osx on this thing when i915 didnt work22:46
Sarvattedge scrolling doesn't work, thats the first time i've noticed :P22:46
Sarvattcnd: should i test something? i'm willing to purge edgers to test out something if it'd help22:48
cndSarvatt, ok, nm, I wondered if that's why the clickpad stuff wasn't working for you22:48
cndI just found a bug if you have edge scrolling enabled22:49
Sarvatti'm actually using an ancient synaptics at the moment because you uploaded 1.5.99 as 1.5.022:49
cndno need to reuse edgers for this22:49
cndSarvatt, that's cause debian hasn't updated to 1.5.99 yet22:49
cndactually, I'm not sure synaptics 1.5.99 has been released yet...22:49
Sarvattit hasn't but its 1.5.99 in configure.ac so my scripts name it that22:49
Sarvatti tested your upstream-ubuntu with bryce's package debian/ the other day22:50
Sarvatterr synaptics-clickpad? whatever the one was that worked with 1.1222:51
cndSarvatt, ahh, that stuff was old and had some issues22:52
cndI'm ironing them out :)22:52
cndSarvatt, there was a specific issue with macbook trackpads that has been resolved22:52
Sarvattis it in your PPA?22:52
Sarvattor some branch I can pull?22:52
Sarvattor patches on a list i should try? i'm gonna downgrade now22:53
cndSarvatt, I just pushed the latest stuff up to my git repo on freedesktop.org23:26
cndif you're on upstream 1.12, use clickpad-v2 branch23:26
cndif you're on precise's server, you can wait till I push out updates to my ppa23:26
cndSarvatt, hold off on that branch23:41
cndI found a small issue23:41

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