magespawnmorning all05:48
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superflyhiya magespawn, morgs, maiatoday and plustwo07:02
maiatodayhi superfly07:02
plustwoo/ hi superfly07:02
* superfly needs to blog about the ubuntu hour07:02
maiatodaythanks again for organising saturday, superfly, I posted pics on my blog, you probably saw07:03
superflymaiatoday: I haven't had a chance to go look, actually07:03
maiatodaywe should also add it to the monthly report07:03
maiatodaywe got a comment from jono bacon woohoo07:04
* superfly sees all the spam on ubuntu-za and goes a-deleting again07:05
superflyNo time for upgrades tonight though...07:06
superflyhi sakhi, Kilos07:33
Kiloshiya maiatoday superfly sakhi 07:33
Kilosand other lurkers07:33
Kiloslo mage07:33
Kilosyo plustwo 07:33
Kilosmagespawn, did you get the message07:33
maiatodayhi Kilos07:40
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Kiloswhew what a job to get here10:19
Kilosmy goodness gracious bloody dammit me10:19
psychicisthi Kilos 10:20
Kiloswhat is sick, the internet or irc or freenode10:20
psychicistwhat kind of job is that to cause your blood to boil?10:20
Kiloshi psychicist 10:20
Kilosi battled to get xchat to get here10:20
Kilosnow i've forgotten what i wanted to ask here10:21
psychicistit looks like you won the first battle but didn't even want to take part in the second one10:22
Kilossome rmote host fool kept closing the connection before i could get in10:24
inetprogood mornings10:24
inetproheh  Kilos10:24
Kiloslo inetpro you well10:24
inetproKilos: always10:24
Kilosha ha except when you sore all over , either from falling off you trike or hiking10:25
Kilosi need a separate class for lpi just to get to understand what you guys find as second nature10:28
Kilosmaybe i have bitten off more than i can chew without teeth10:29
superflyKilos: I'm sure you'll manage10:34
superflyjust don't be bothered by how fast others seem to be, and just read things thoroughly10:34
Kiloswill do 10:35
Kilosi just dont wanna hog the classes with basics10:36
superflyKilos: if you don't ask, you'll never know10:36
Kilosty my friend10:37
Kilosbut i often miss the obvious, must drive you guys nuts10:37
psychicisthi superfly10:43
psychicistdon't worry Kilos10:43
psychicisthi inetpro 10:44
superflyhi psychicist10:44
psychicistI started out as a noob about 10 years ago, I can't remember how many times I killed my Linux systems and had to reinstall them again and in the process often my Windows OSes too if I managed to break my bootloaders10:44
Kiloshehe i have had lotsa fun with bootloaders. but boot-repair has solved all of that10:45
inetprohi psychicist10:47
inetpropsychicist: welcome to #ubuntu-za10:48
psychicistthank you, inetpro10:48
Kiloshehe he was that psycodroid inetpro 10:48
KilosMaaz, define psychicist10:49
MaazKilos: I don't have a definition for that. Is it even a word?10:49
psychicistI can't connect using my phone here10:49
psychicistit isn't, it's something I made up10:49
Kilospsychicist, do you know maaz?10:49
superflypsychicist: what phone do you have?10:49
psychicistKilos, I've seen you use it before10:49
psychicistsuperfly, a Samsung Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570 or something)10:50
superflyrunning Android?10:50
psychicistbut an older release (2.2.1)10:50
superflyDunno if you've used Quassel before, but it's an IRC bouncer system10:51
Kilospsychicist, is that because of no signal there by you10:51
Kilosor the software10:51
superflyyou use Quassel Client on your desktop, running the Core on your server, and QuasselDroid on your phone10:51
psychicistKilos, because I don't have wireless here, I don't have a 3G data plan10:51
Kilosoh cant you guys just use airtime to get data packages10:52
psychicistoh, that's very nice, I will take a look at it10:52
superflyKilos: psychicist is from Nederland, where their Internet is a tenth of the price of ours ;-)10:53
psychicistI should be able to use the wireless here, but the signal isn't strong enough10:53
psychicistreally, is internet that expensive in South Africa?10:53
superflypsychicist: probably10:53
Kilosour mobile broadband is prohibitive10:54
superflyI don't know the prices in Nederland offhand, but SA is generally more expensive than anywhere else in the world10:54
psychicisthere you can generally get a 30 Mbs internet connection for about 25€ a month10:55
superflypsychicist: the fastest connection you can get here is 10Mbps10:55
psychicistand mobile broadband maybe 10€-20€ a month for 2 GB of data10:56
psychicistsuperfly, here you can get up to 100 Mbs for 50€, 10 years ago you would get 1 Mbs at most10:57
Kilos€ whats that sign cents10:58
psychicistit's euro the currency for most countries in the European Union10:59
superflyand you pay R2359 per month for Uncapped on 10Mbps11:00
Kilosoh ya 11:00
superflypsychicist: that's 231 euros per month11:00
psychicistsuperfly, that's prohibitively expensive11:01
superflypsychicist: exactly11:01
superflypsychicist: and that's the cheapest it has been in years11:01
superflyin fact, we never had uncapped until last year11:01
psychicistI think we got lucky with the competition we have had here for the past 10 years or so11:01
superflypreviously you could get about a 20gig cap11:02
superflyand that was the maz11:02
superflymost people still only get a 0.3Mbps line with a 1GB cap11:02
psychicistsuperfly, so you have a 0.3-1 Mbs connection currently?11:02
psychicistwow, that feels like going back in time11:03
superflyme? no, I have a 3G connection at home because the telco won't install ADSL for me11:03
magespawni run my internet cafe on 1mbps uncapped for about R720 can not get 10 Mbps here11:04
superflyI can get 4Mbps, if they install ADSL11:04
superflyat R1000 per month, that's the cheapest I've ever paid for Internet11:04
superfly(real Internet, not this 0.3Mbps rubbish)11:05
magespawnwith the speed not being guaranteed11:05
psychicistseriously expensive and slow stuff, I can see how most people would do without an internet connection at all11:05
magespawnthere is a satalite  service launching this year that will do adsl type speeds for about the same cost11:06
magespawntyping up the wall today11:07
Kiloswill trying the commands in the lpi manual do any damage to my maverick11:11
Kilosthings like this11:11
Kilos export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/:/opt/someapp/lib;11:12
psychicistdo you have the option to run things in a virtual machine?11:12
Kilosim saving a spare 6g drive to install centOS11:18
Kiloslo Wolfeyes 11:18
psychicistif I could ship some spare hard drives I have lying around collecting dust to you, I would11:20
Wolfeyesheya Kilos 11:21
Kiloshehe ty psychicist 11:22
Kilosoh my, here we go again11:38
KilosGuest0295, there are no ladies here, this is a ubuntu OS help channel11:39
Kilosif you use linux then welcome to ubuntu-za11:40
Guest0295what kind of help do you offer here11:40
superflyIT help11:40
Kilosall linux help11:40
WolfeyesIT is not = ladies lol, IT = Information Technology11:41
Guest0295eish so im in the wrong place here11:42
superflyvery definitely11:42
Guest0295how old are you guys?11:43
WolfeyesAnd your self Guest0295 ?11:44
confluencyThere may or may not be ladies in here, but now they are hiding. :P11:45
Guest0295damn im a matric student,who wants a bright future maybe might find it in IT11:45
Kilosgood field to go into Guest0295 11:46
superflyGuest0295: go to www.ubuntu.com download ubuntu and learn it11:47
Guest0295But theirz one problem thou11:47
Guest0295@kilos,i took mathamatical literacy as a subject@superfly,ohk will do man11:48
magespawnKilos will 6gb be enough for cent os?11:49
Kilosshould be magespawn maverick fits fine11:49
magespawnmm I ran Kubuntu from a 2gb but did not allow me to save much or change anything11:50
Kiloswell thats what i got so it will have to do. its mainly for the course not because i wanna change11:53
superflymagespawn: the live disk is about 2 gigs uncompressed, so it's no wonder11:53
Kilosis chatmosphere part of bb default apps11:56
Kiloslo dLimit wb11:56
Kilosmagespawn, you got uncapped hey11:57
Kilosget centOS and check it out11:57
Wolfeyes quick quick , coz I take 4 months :-P11:58
Wolfeyeshe he11:58
Kilosyou gotta post it or get work in the area Wolfeyes 11:59
WolfeyesI will see what I can do11:59
Kilosyou should also try see if any linux places want to quote for your stuff12:01
Kilosi dunno who would be best to ask where12:01
WolfeyesWhere are they?12:01
WolfeyesAnyone that needs time and attendance.12:01
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Kilosmaybe the lists at ubuntu12:02
Kilosthe main lists are worldwide12:02
WolfeyesLol. See12:02
Kilosi think they are lists.ubuntu.com12:02
Wolfeyess me flying to middle africa lol.12:03
Kilossa peeps never have time for extra stuff12:03
WolfeyesI will go see.12:03
WolfeyesMaaz is tired of making tes ha ha ha12:03
Kilosit would be the answer to get everything linux based12:04
Kilosmagespawn, coffee on12:04
Kilosnow ask for tea12:04
Kilosoh he split12:04
Wolfeyesha ha ha12:04
* JabberwockyA19 wonders if guest0295 did a /list on freenode from his phone12:05
Kilosi dunno how they all end up here12:05
Kilosbut they seem to think this is a dating site12:05
KilosMaaz, wb12:05
MaazThank you so much Kilos my good good friend12:05
Kiloshee hee12:06
KilosMaaz, coffee on12:06
* Maaz washes some mugs12:06
KilosWolfeyes, now ask for tea12:06
* Kilos wonders where the crash kid is12:06
WolfeyesMaaz, tea please12:08
MaazAs soon as the kettle boils I will pour boiling water into your cup if you have the tea bag in already12:08
magespawnwell thats all it takes to make tea anyway12:09
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!12:10
KilosMaaz, gracias amigo12:10
Maaz¡de nada compadre12:10
Wolfeyeshe must have got the coffee bags mixed with the tea again!12:10
Kilosmagespawn, free xchat12:11
Kilosit was you hey?12:11
* Wolfeyes goes to look...12:11
Kilosthat silversomething link12:11
magespawngot xchat2 from one of those sites12:12
KilosMaaz, google free xchat for windows12:12
MaazKilos: "X-Chat 2 for Windows" http://www.silverex.org/ :: "Download - X-Chat 2 for Windows" http://www.silverex.org/download/ :: "XChat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XChat :: "XChat for Windows" http://xchat.org/windows/ :: "XChat for Windows (Win32)" http://www.psyon.org/projects/xchat-win32/ :: "XChat 2 Build Lineup for Windows" http://b0at.tx0.org/xchat/ :: "xchat-wdk - Google Code" http://code.google.c12:12
magespawnyup the first one12:12
KilosWolfeyes, uses one that doesnt want anything12:12
Kiloslets see if he can find it12:13
magespawnyup only the second one wants the money after a trial of 30 days12:13
Kilosoh is the first one free?12:13
magespawnas far as i can see12:13
superflyja, download x-chat from silverx.org12:13
Kilosthere then you can save the $19.9912:14
magespawnsecond one is technically free as the give a download for the source12:14
magespawnbut not for their compiled version12:14
Kiloswb cocooncrash 12:14
Kiloswb tumbleweed 12:15
tumbleweedKilos: ta12:17
magespawnKilos did me get any more info n the accounts on the linux studies site?12:31
Kilosyip its working12:32
Kilosdidnt you get the email??12:32
Kiloshas to be manually accepted12:32
magespawnwill check again12:32
Kilosthank the fly12:32
Kiloshe is the one who decides if peeps are worthy of using the site12:33
superflyyeesh, I think I need to disable memcached completely, it's killing the site when you first load it up12:33
Kilosya its slow to open but not bad after superfly 12:34
Kilosyou can disable my 30 day goodie though12:34
Kilosnever know when i might miss a month12:35
magespawnyup got the mail ty superfly12:38
* inetpro wonders what limits are set by the dLimit factor12:38
Kilosdefinitely not onna par with the 365 12:38
Kilosthe sky is dLimit 12:38
Kilospsychicist, maybe you wanna get in on that site too12:40
Kilosmagespawn, give the address please12:41
* Kilos wonders if armand is gonna make it or if he has also forgotten12:43
psychicistthanks, Kilos 12:43
psychicistI was just figuring out a problem with OpenOffice.org here at the office12:44
magespawn http://linux-studies.za.net12:44
Kilosyw psychicist you register and wait for the second mail12:44
psychicistunfortunately LibreOffice as shipped with Kubuntu and also Ubuntu is buggy so I had to uninstall it12:44
Kilosthe first one wont let you in till you have been manually accepted12:45
zerefemacs fundie arounf here?13:36
KilosMaaz, announce LPI classes tonight on #linux-studies all you interested peeps. Q+A on section 101 of the manual14:39
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! LPI classes tonight on #linux-studies all you interested peeps. Q+A on section 101 of the manual14:39
Kilosthose who dunno- come and learn14:39
Kilosthose who do know-come and teach14:40
Kiloshi afrodeity 14:50
afrodeityhi kilos14:51
afrodeitywas wondering if ubuntu channel was still up14:51
afrodeityhow things?14:51
Kilosall good here ty. seen you in and out mosta the day14:52
Kilosand your side?14:53
afrodeityi couldn't ssh while watching youtube vid last nite, so tried irc to test bandwit14:53
afrodeityseems as if mweb have issue with multiple threads14:54
afrodeityotherwise everything ok ty14:54
afrodeityyou in oz now?14:55
Kilosna waiting for visa peeps14:55
afrodeitygot my passport finally14:55
Kiloslol the can mess around hey14:55
afrodeityhome affairs is looking great, got a huge makover14:56
Kilosmôre is nog n dag14:56
afrodeityslaap goed14:56
Kilosyeah they just dont rush at all14:56
afrodeitythey now have a person who gives you a number when you arrive14:57
Kilosbut the sytem seams good14:57
afrodeitythere's a video screen and an English voice calling the numbes14:57
afrodeityonly thing worrying me was the stream of people applying for permanent residence14:57
afrodeityhome affairs14:58
afrodeityvery easy14:58
Kilosperm residence in home affairs14:58
afrodeitycamping out14:58
Kiloswhere they all wanna go?14:59
afrodeitythe queue for blikkies they handing out as homes14:59
afrodeityanyways, I gotto go boil a kettle and make tea15:00
Kiloswhats happening about the free bandwidth15:00
Kilosyou still do that hey?15:00
Kilosits time you attack the cellphone providers15:01
afrodeityno need to, we got fabfi15:01
Kiloswhats that15:01
magespawnlater all15:03
afrodeitybake your own mobile network15:04
Kiloslater magespawn 15:04
Kiloshow does that connect through existing towers?15:04
afrodeityit doesn't15:04
Kilosso what does it connect to then and where you get the sim cards15:05
afrodeityno sim card, you have antenna and receiver 15:05
afrodeitylike fee satellite15:05
Kiloswow where can i find out more15:07
Kilosi see $60 per node15:10
Kilosand then the cost of the antennae and receiver15:11
* inetpro likes the announce feature but how do I learn more about it15:28
Kilosabout what inetpro 15:29
inetprococooncrash: what plugin contains the announce feature?15:29
inetproKilos: the announce feature of Maaz15:29
Kiloshasnt your bot got it15:30
inetproKilos: how did you learn about it?15:30
inetproI'm looking in my bot but can't find it15:30
Kilosi watche3d others do it15:30
Kilosjust tell it announce15:30
inetproaint werking 15:31
Kilosdo you see what i tell him to announce15:31
inetproKilos: yep15:31
inetprowill see if I have time15:32
Kilosyou gotta be there15:32
Kilosons is min15:32
Kilosi will try get the monkey to discuss with all what is the best time15:33
inetprotumbleweed: how do I enable/use the announce feature in ibid?15:33
marcogMaaz: literal announce $arg15:33
Maazmarcog: 1: <reply> Announcement from $who! $1, 2: <reply> Hear ye, hear ye! $115:33
marcoginetpro: it's just a factoid15:33
inetpromarcog: hmm... I thought so but somehow missed it, thanks15:34
Kiloshi marcog  dont you also wanna join the lpi classes15:37
Kiloswho here at ubuntu-za already has the certificate15:38
Kiloshi nlsthzn 15:40
Kiloshope you been sleeping15:41
Kilosnuvolari, gaan jy dit maak vanaand15:50
kbmonkeyKilos hello16:50
Kiloshiya kbmonkey welcome to ubuntu-za16:51
WolfeyesKilos, where is the the lessons please?16:52
KilosMaaz, lpi manual16:52
KilosWolfeyes,  you on another pc16:53
Wolfeyesnot the manual, the study room?16:53
Kiloswith free xchat16:53
kbmonkeyWolfeyes #linux-studies16:54
nuvolariwhere do I sign up again?17:28
nuvolariKilos: naand oom17:28
nuvolariek gaan hier wees in gees17:29
nuvolarimaar ek't so baie dinge wat vanaand moet klaar kom :-/17:29
Kilosnaand nuvolari #linux-studies17:29
nuvolarilo apie17:29
nuvolarigaan dit goed?17:29
nuvolarihmm, I'm missing something. why can't I join?17:30
kbmonkeyit goes well, that side must be busy then ey17:30
psychicisthoi nuvolari 17:30
psychicistmet mij gaat het goed, hoe gaat het met jou?17:30
psychicisthi kbmonkey 17:30
nuvolaripsychicist: dit gaat goed dankie17:31
* nuvolari wonder of hy psychicist ken17:31
Kilosnuvolari, /join #linux-studies17:31
nuvolariek kan nie oom 17:31
nuvolario wag,17:31
kbmonkeyhi psychicist 17:32
kbmonkeywhat says it nuvo?17:32
* psychicist kent nuvolari niet, want hij komt zelf uit Nederland17:33
psychicistek nie kan afrikaans spreek nie!17:33
kbmonkeyons verstaan :]17:34
nuvolaripsychicist: yup, verstaan goed genoeg!17:34
nuvolariverstaan jy ons?17:34
psychicistnuvolari, ik versta bijna alles wat jullie zeggen17:34
nuvolariirc: channel "#linux-studies" not found for "privmsg" command17:35
nuvolariirc: failed to parse command "PRIVMSG" (please report to developers):17:35
nuvolarikbmonkey: ^^17:35
nuvolaripsychicist: wel, afrikaans is van nederlands afkomstig. nie?17:36
kbmonkey is that when you /join?17:36
kbmonkeyoh on pm17:36
psychicistnuvolari, dat is inderdaad zo, maar de grammatica van afrikaans is simpeler17:36
kbmonkeywhat could that be17:36
nuvolarikbmonkey: I see all the messages17:37
nuvolarisome of it17:37
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nuvolaridid I miss anything?17:38
nuvolaripsychicist: een van my vriendinne was 'n ruk terug in Holland, ek dink. Sy studeer Nederlands op universiteit17:40
psychicistyou might have missed your part and join messages, if you weren't paying attention :)17:40
psychicistnuvolari, dat is echt leuk, vond ze het moeilijk om Nederlands te leren?17:40
Kiloslol he always multitasks and forgets17:40
nuvolariKilos: you skinnering about me oom?17:41
Kilosha ha ha17:41
nuvolaripsychicist: what's the english for leuk?17:41
nuvolaripsychicist: ek dink nie sy vind dit moeilik nie17:42
psychicistnuvolari, nice or fun17:42
nuvolaripsychicist: wow, quite different from the afrikaans 'leuk'17:42
nuvolariwhich is someone that doesn't know much17:42
psychicistoh, I see how that might have confused you17:42
psychicistbut I can see where it might come from17:43
psychicistmight have come*17:43
nuvolarileuk, lekker?17:43
nuvolarilekker is afrikaans for nice :P17:43
psychicistbecause leuk is also a word from someone you like (= leuk vinden)17:43
nuvolariah cool17:44
nuvolaripsychicist: will we see you around?17:44
* nuvolari needs to get some work done17:44
Kilosare the netsplits between the irc/freenode servers17:55
Kilosoh my17:55
Kiloswhich actual nets are splitting17:56
Kilospsychicist, you been splitted17:57
psychicistKilos, I see18:01
psychicistI just reconnected to another server as soon as I found out my connection was lagging18:02
Kilosah there were lotsa netsplits here18:02
* inetpro almost got very lonely18:10
Kilosbad splits18:10
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