zykotic10Aelingil: "cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log" or "lspci -vnvn" and find the VGA section, then kernel driver in use line00:00
Canadian1296WhiteEye: Well I have no idea how to generate the ssh keys, but I'm sure someone else here could help you. Once they are generated, (if it isn't possible to generate them into the folder), just use "mv currentlocation newlocation" in your shell script (Ex. mv /home/whiteye/keys /home/targetfolder/keys)00:00
vltHello. I installed Ubuntu oneiric. When I try to playback a youtube video in chrome/chromium I can hear audio but only see a green video window. Any idea whether some codec is missing?00:01
zykotic10Aelingil: there is also an lshw with a particular switch that will show it easily (sorry i don't use lshw so don't know specific switch required)00:01
Nach0zzykotic10: pipe to grep is the easiest way to do it00:02
zykotic10Nach0z: if you know specifically what you're looking for sure00:03
zykotic10Riccardo: do you have an ubuntu support question?  if so, please ask away.00:04
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vltI installed the pkg “chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra”.00:05
Nach0zzykotic10: sorry misread the conversation, thought you were asking the questions, my bad XD00:05
cipher__Does anyone know what package contains 'libdlfaker.so' and 'librrfaker.so'?00:05
Chipzzzzykotic10: you're thinking of "lshw -class video", but it doesn't show drivers00:05
Riccardojoined hubuntu00:05
zykotic10Chipzzz: umm, sorry my bad then.00:05
zykotic10Chipzzz: thanks00:05
Riccardojoined #hubuntu00:05
cipher__!english Riccardo00:05
Chipzzzzykotic10: :-)00:06
cipher__err, i thought that was the command.00:06
zykotic10cipher__: you need a | after the factoid and before the nick00:06
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zykotic10Riccardo: no warez here00:06
cipher__!english |Riccardo|00:07
ubottuRiccardo|: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList00:07
sdb2I was doing an rsync from one hard drive to another using the ubuntu livecd and it says it copied finally but the directory I copied to is empty00:07
spitziHi fatties. I've resized the Win7 partition on my other harddisk. The grub menu appears as before, but now the Win7 entry in the grub menu points to a wrong location. How can I fix this ? Thansk00:08
zykotic10cipher__: you don't need the | after the nick, only before.  You can use > to send them privately00:08
zykotic10!english > cipher__ like this ;)00:08
ubottucipher__, please see my private message00:08
sdb2is there a command you need to do to commit the changes to disk or something?00:08
spitziIs it because I called you fatties ?00:08
Nach0zspitzi: probably so.00:08
zykotic10sdb2: sync but that's usually not required00:08
Nach0zspitzi: do sudo update-grub or sudo update-grub200:09
spitziBut I meant it as a term of endearment :-|00:09
spitziNach0z - will try, hold on ...00:09
sdb2zykotic10: I see what happened. there was a space in the directory I copied to so it truncated "Disk Backups" to "Disk"00:09
cipher__This is not a forum for you to exercise your sadist tendencies spitzi.00:09
Nach0zwhich one you use depends on if you use grub2 or grub legacy, I'm assuming you use the default so it should be update-grub200:10
zykotic10sdb2: spaces can be a pain "do you know" how/ to/ deal/ with/ them?00:10
sdb2zykotic10: isn't it "\ " ? I just tab-completed from terminal and this is what happened :(00:10
spitziNach0z, I too assume that I use grub2. But if it turns out I actually use grub, will update-grub2 screw the grub menu ?00:10
* zykotic10 FAILS with / \ test00:11
zykotic10sdb2: you are correct00:11
sdb2zykotic10: doesn't seem to matter which is correct anyway lol..00:11
Nach0zspitzi: no00:11
zykotic10sdb2: / means a directory, big difference00:11
Nach0zspitzi: just try each, won't affect anything if you use the wrong one00:11
sdb2zykotic10: right I get that but even though \ is correct, rsync ignored it anyway00:12
Chipzzzsdb2: no problem, really, just rename the directory00:12
spitziNach0z, ok, done. Do something else before reboot ?00:12
Nach0zspitzi: nope. just reboot. you can check the location of your windows partition in your /boot/grub/grub.cfg against the location in fdisk -l though00:13
sdb2Chipzzz: yeah thankfully it looks like everything copied to that folder instead.  but rsync told me there were errors and I want to know what they were. I guess I should run it again and see what it tries to transfer incrementally?00:13
ZTZi have not been on here in a while now is there still karaoke music on mirc00:13
spitziI'm more concerned that the grub-update didn't output Windows 7 as one of the options in the terminal.00:13
spitzi(and neither did grub-update2)00:13
Chipzzzsdb2: that's probably a good idea... did you remember to copy recursively and to do the hidden files?00:14
zykotic10sdb2: lost+found is a common issue for rsync (use --exclude) to prevent00:14
Nach0zspitzi: it's update-grub and update-grub2, not grub-update >_>00:14
Nach0zgotta go for now thogh.00:14
sdb2Chipzzz: I used -aP which implies recursion.. not sure about hidden files00:14
spitziNach0z, yeah, meant the other way around.00:14
spitziOk, I'll reboot. Thanks and possibly BRB.00:15
sdb2zykotic10: it's copying from an ntfs drive so I don't think there is lost+found00:15
zykotic10sdb2: that's correct, only on gnu/linux filesystems00:16
zamielecho test00:16
zamielcan i get an echo?00:16
sdb2in the future, is there a better way of getting a disk image for recovery purposes?00:17
shlevyWhich syslog daemon is most supported?00:17
kfizzI've written a python script and can't get a custom keyboard shortcut to run it. Using gnome-classic. I've tried it through the system settings and through compiz. I've edited /apps/metacity/ in gconf-editor. I've tried wrapping the python script in a bash script. I've tried about everything I can think of and I can't get it to work. Any have any ideas?00:17
Chipzzzsdb2: looks like it does the hidden files by default... maybe the errors were links, though...00:17
zykotic10kfizz: does your script require a terminal?  "gnome-terminal -e /path/to/script"00:18
liberaltest ##nappit00:18
=== GQRaja is now known as HQRaja
kfizzzykotic10, that doesn't work, either. I can run the command directly through the Run Application dialog box.00:20
sdb2Chipzzz: one of the errors is Permission denied (13) trying to copy some mp3s over00:20
zykotic10kfizz: sorry, i don't have any other suggestions.  Good luck.00:21
mortal1With this upcoming LTS release, if I don't like unity, is there anything wrong with just installing xubuntu-desktop on top of ubuntu?  Or should I just install xbuntu directly?00:22
UnknownFrequencyyou can install the old-fashion gnome directly00:23
zykotic10mortal1: so long as you don't mind extra applications, i'd just install the xubuntu-desktop package myself (for try installing xfce from repo without the *-desktop package)00:23
alex54321i installed 12.0400:23
zykotic10alex54321: support in #ubuntu+100:23
LintUnknownFrequency, yes, youcan install gnome3 shell directly00:23
alex54321how can add repositories for amd radeons00:23
alex54321for having driver updates00:24
Chipzzzsdb2: that's interesting... I see that the -a implies recursion but also -H (no hard linked files)00:24
zykotic10alex54321: support in #ubuntu+100:24
sdb2Chipzzz: it looks like there were only a couple folders it couldn't transfer.. I've been trying to get this back up and running for the past couple days so I think I'll just take the risk I can't get those ones back00:25
h4ckm3th32ndI want to add a command at startup before networkmanager kicks in. I was looking at the rc and rc.local can I just add a shell script in one of those? I guess I am looking for the "Right way to do it"00:25
mortal1Really looking forward to the 'hud' feature, but I have an embedded graphics card on my laptop, so I might wind up with xfce, or unity 2d00:26
=== wingdspu is now known as wingdspur
Chipzzzsdb2: can you back up those directories separately and worry about it another time?00:26
ariel__does anybody know if ubuntu 11.10 fixed the metadata problem00:26
cfhowlettmortal1: I've also got integrated gpu on my dell 1545.  Just installed 11.10 in virtualbox and it ran with 3d effects...00:26
ariel__from banshee00:27
h4ckm3th32ndCould I make a "starup" folder and change init to run the scripts therein?00:27
sdb2trying to do a regular copy says "Error splicing file: Permission denied" O_o00:28
Chipzzzsdb2: wierd :-(00:28
sdb2google says it's a windows encrypted file.. odd but possible00:29
sdb2ok whatever, thanks for your help.. everything else seems to be in order00:29
Jon--Anyone know how to query the % of a running apt-get install using ssh? I didn't run it in screen.00:30
prawdnimhello... a recent recommended update (something about headers and maybe a new kernel) has rendered my system unable to log in. i come to the graphical login screen, enter my correct credentials and it cycles be right back to the login prompt. dropping to a terminal shell i am able to log in. once i do, keyctl_search complains that my private /home key cannot be found, and tells me to use the interactive ecryptfs. i am able to mount my ecryptfs directory manually00:30
prawdnim*cycles me00:30
Chipzzzsdb2: i don't know why that wouldn't copy just because of encryption... but you never know with windows :/... anyway, good luck with the rest of the project :-)00:31
johnnyBhello guy, i need a hand here. I accidentaly formated the wrong drive using "sudo mkfs.ext3 -n 'Label' -I /dev/sdb2" command. I am idiot but i want my data back, what do i do? Thanks00:32
zykotic10johnnyB: check out testdisk (i've also heard people recommend ddrescue) both are in default repo00:34
ChipzzzjohnnyB: there's also this: http://extundelete.sourceforge.net/00:34
johnnyBzykotic10: thanks, i´ĺl see what i can do with it00:35
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=== cipher_ is now known as cipher__
Canadian1296What's the best low interaction honeypot for Ubuntu (I'm running it on a virtual machine. No harm done if it actually gets hacked.)00:44
ch33zrun maple syrup on it00:44
Canadian1296ch33z: I'm assuming its a Canadian reference… :P00:45
Canadian1296Any serious suggestions?00:48
Canadian1296I've tried Kippo but I can never get it working. All ssh connections to port 2222 (kippo) work, but it rejects every password I give it.00:49
jschallWhat's the safest way to install the latest nvidia beta (295.17)?00:52
nardevhello, how can i list files and see if some hidden bits are set?00:55
zykotic10nardev: "ls -a" should show all files.  GNU/Linux hidden files start with a . like .hidden00:55
nardevzykotic10, i need to see hidden bits and to see if stickey bit is set?00:56
=== tenach_ is now known as tenach
zykotic10nardev: oh sorry "ls -l" then00:56
philipballewif i am in a ubuntu live usb would fdisk -l show me the partitions on the internal hd?00:56
zykotic10philipballew: "sudo fdisk -l" to see anything00:57
hyp3I've created a distro that handles windows apps AND linux apps00:58
hyp3no more messing around with wine00:58
hyp3I'm calling it ultrabuntu00:58
zykotic10!ot | hyp300:58
ubottuhyp3: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:58
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, DON'T click on suspicious links, and type « /msg ubottu exploit » if you want more information.00:58
Canadian1296Lol hyp3 got kicked :P00:59
=== kyle is now known as Guest59982
Guest59982hey guys, how stable is the latest build of 12.04 alpha2?  Anyone running it?01:04
Guest59982Also, is there a 11.04 "up to date" CD image to download?01:05
cfhowlettGuest59982: most of us are not - you should ask #ubuntu+101:05
Guest59982cfhowlett, thanks for the heads up!01:06
dullfireI recently installed Ubuntu 11.10 and have a limited experince with it; but I have some general questions01:11
ubottudullfire:: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:11
ihazerrorhi I just installed ant and when I run it I get this: Buildfile: build.xml does not exist! Build failed  help?01:12
joumhello all!01:13
cfhowlettjoum: greetings01:13
joumcan ayn1 help me with a wifi problem?01:14
dullfireok sorry; first off;  Firefox was(but  isn't since I restarted) going dark everytime I right clicked on a link, then it would light up again, but it seemed to be working otherwise, so I couldnt open links in new tabs any ideas what might have caused this?01:14
nardevzykotic10, it was lsattr and chattr01:14
Canadian1296!ask joum01:14
Canadian1296!ask | joum01:14
ubottujoum: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:14
Canadian1296oops :P01:14
zykotic10nardev: interesting, i've never used either of those commands.  Thanks!01:15
joumit started today... i had wifi working properly and then when i booted ubuntu today, my SSID won't show... the wifi is enabled and showing other networks but not mine01:15
joumsorry for the lack of irc netiquette, havent used this in a long time01:15
nardev:) zykotic10 rarely used but VERY important for ext3 and ext4  i forgot about that01:15
Rurd2dijoum: its your network at fault not ubuntu01:16
Canadian1296joum: It's fine :) and is your wifi working for any other devices? It might be your wifi, since Ubuntu picks up other networks01:16
zykotic10joum: i agree with Rurd2di, if you see other network - ubuntu would be working.  Try restarting your router perhaps?01:16
joumRurd2di & Canadian1296: i dont think it is... i restarted the router, tried both proprietary and native drivers, tried turning off the ssecurity of the wifi network to see if it showed and still no resolution01:17
=== Corey_ is now known as Corey
joumi can see other ssids of other routers of the same type, but mine doenst show no matter what i do01:18
Rurd2dijoum: can u connect to another wifi pint?01:18
cfhowlettjoum: is your SSID hidden?01:18
Rurd2dimaybe your wifi is dead on your router01:18
Rurd2diis wifi light on on the router>01:19
joumnope... im connect with both my xp install and my mobile phone01:19
DemonstrateDoes anyone know why ubuntu might be automatically disconnecting my network?? no, it's not my router.01:19
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
shellcode84if is not your router01:19
dullfireis it an N access point?01:20
shellcode84your cable modem than01:20
Demonstrateit's all of them.01:20
Demonstrateand its not my router and its not my modem.01:20
Demonstrateit's UBUNTU.01:20
joumyes, its Ndraft... but i already tried to change it to older versions like 802b/G with no sucess01:20
dullfiredo you know what kind of card is in your ubuntu box?01:20
dullfireoh ok01:20
kfizzI've written a python script and can't get a custom keyboard shortcut to run it. Using gnome-classic. I've tried it through the system settings and through compiz. I've edited /apps/metacity/ in gconf-editor. I've tried wrapping the python script in a bash script. I've tried about everything I can think of and I can't get it to work. Any have any ideas?01:21
dinanyone ever had to downgrade nfs?01:21
shellcode84what makes u think01:21
shellcode84is ubuntu01:21
joumits a laptop... i know there is a way i can tell you guys the model/make with a bash command... which one is it?01:21
DemonstrateShellcode: because it's working fine on windows..01:22
ihazerrorguys i need some help building some source code. Please help?01:22
cfhowlettihazerror: not really that kind of channel here.  try #ubuntu-devel01:22
CT1joum:  lspci | grep Network01:22
shellcode84o really01:22
shellcode84i see01:22
DemonstrateYea Im thinking ubuntu tries to automatically load more drivers, and some just don't work.. and I need to disable/reenable it for it to work.01:23
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
ihazerrorcfhowlett: i need to use a program named ant and I have no idea about anything in ubuntu. i need to run a program01:23
joumits a broadcom thingy.... how do i copy/paste from terminal?01:23
dullfirenot sure if its a good idea; but have you tried say booting of a ubuntu live CD or usb stick?01:23
cfhowlettihazerror: wait one plz01:24
shellcode84yea could be that too01:24
shellcode84put more shyt when it updates lol01:24
joumBroadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01)01:24
Demonstratebut now Im not sure what drivers to blacklist, if any..01:24
CT1joum:  highlight it, then use Ctrl+Shift+c then paste01:24
joumgot it ;)01:24
DemonstrateAlso; Does anyone know a good Alt-tab alternative? the one on Ubuntu Classic is a little laggy..01:25
joumbtw, already tried to delete the saved config for my ssid01:25
DemonstrateJoum you wouldn't happen to be experiancing disconnects would you..?01:25
joumand creating a new "hidden SSID" thingy... still no success... just hangs theere indefinetley01:25
ch33zhow do i disable the gui on ubuntu?01:25
ch33zservice gdm stop?01:26
joum@demonstrate: i would have to connect first :D01:26
cfhowlettihazerror: the program site should provide installation instructions01:26
FloodBot1ch33z: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:26
zykotic10!text | ch33z01:26
ubottuch33z: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode01:26
Demonstratewhy you wanting to stop,and ok Joam diffrent problem than mine ;D01:26
zykotic10ch33z: gdm is used in pre 11.10 versions, lightdm after that01:26
mivulfsuper or meta - which name is more unix-way?01:26
mivulf*im talking about Windows-key01:27
ch33zso in the terminal01:27
ch33zi type text?01:27
cfhowlettjoum: same wifi card - I compiled the sta liunx wifi driver from the broadcom site.  no problems since.01:27
ch33zim on a ubuntu server 1101:27
zykotic10ch33z: no, read the link01:27
DemonstrateCH33z. no01:27
joum@demonstrate: althoughg, i had a similar problem in an old instalation of ubuntu, i Guess it was 8.XX... solved it uninstalling network manager eand substituting with wicd01:27
Demonstrateduring boot cheez01:27
ch33zbut, i want to disable the gui for a second01:27
Mixmasterxpfor eg. I have to run `coffee -w -c /myProject` and `node server.js`. Each of these are programs which are executed and stay executed until I press ctrl-c to stop it01:27
ihazerrorcfhowlett: i got it from the software center but everytime i cd to the directory that needs to be built I get : build.xml does not exist01:27
ch33zo thanks101:27
Mixmasterxpand require 2 terminals opened01:28
DemonstrateJoum, Alright Ill read around for wicd01:28
joumit happend on a eduroam network (its for colleges around europe)... your college credentials should work no matter where you were, if connected to an eduroam01:28
joum@demonstrate, hope it helps :)01:28
DemonstrateIt's sadly my home network simple/disable/reenable fixes it01:28
Demonstratebut thats annoying lol.01:28
cfhowlettihazerror: seems to be searching for a missing component.  Suggest you run apt-get update apt-get upgrades and re-try your install.01:28
joum@demonstrate: its worth a try nonetheless01:29
dk85could anyone tell me why my phpadmin databases aren't showing up on localhost01:29
zacariashow do you make a pastebin? I can't remember01:29
zykotic10!paste > zacarias01:29
ubottuzacarias, please see my private message01:29
joumanyway, does anyone have any ideas regarding my question?01:30
ch33zah duing boot?01:30
cfhowlettjoum: same wifi card - I compiled the sta liunx wifi driver from the broadcom site.  no problems since.01:30
joum@cfhowlett: can u please elaborate? im new to the lingo... :S01:30
zykotic10ch33z: stop gdm/lightdm if you just need a temporary non-X environment.  i don't know why you have a GUI on a server though...01:30
karlhi all how we all doing today01:30
=== karl is now known as Guest15017
DemonstrateDoes anyone know anything about installing Nvidia's Drivers from their website from a (.run) ?and im upgrading from propriatary 173' can anyone explain to me the neccesary steps??01:31
zykotic10Demonstrate: bad idea, but good luck (i'm no help).01:32
cfhowlettjoum: you said it's a broadcom 4313 wifi card.  I suggest you get the Broadcom STA Linux driver from http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php , and follow the directions to compile and activate01:32
DemonstrateZykotic10: the 173 drivers lag Docky.01:32
joum@cfhowlett: thanks!01:32
cfhowlettjoum: good luck01:32
zykotic10!tab > Demonstrate tab is handy in irc01:33
ubottuzykotic10: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:33
zykotic10!tab > Demonstrate01:33
ubottuDemonstrate, please see my private message01:33
ch33zzykotic10 i have it on the server cuz i want to do basic stuff01:33
ch33zzykotic10 i am just tryin go tget my html files hosted on a web server here and i have static ips01:34
ch33zso yea zykotic1001:34
Sph3r3hey ya'll - speaking of video drivers, I just installed ubuntu and love it.  wondering if it will do previews like OSX or Win7 with alt-tab if I upgrade from nvidias 17301:34
zacariaswhen trying to run gnome-tweak-tool, I have this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/841168/   Any help?01:34
ch33zany ideas zykotic10?01:34
Demonstrateyou can install everything through a remote terminal zykotic, and open an ftp server to add/edit files easier from a real GUI pc.01:34
zykotic10ch33z: nope.01:34
ch33zhave you run the zykotic10?01:35
ch33zubuntu server?01:35
DemonstrateSph3re no it will not.01:35
zykotic10Demonstrate: you still aren't using tab, and it's not me you wanted ;)01:35
ScndrHello everyone01:35
Sph3r3Thanks Demo01:35
DemonstrateI dont use empanthy dude.01:35
willdabeastHey, I am having problems with my wifi connection on my netbook. I am currently running Ubuntu Remix. It will show all of the wireless networks.01:37
cfhowlettwilldabeast: you mean 9.10?01:37
zykotic10willdabeast: like cfhowlett i'm interested to know what version you have "lsb_release -sc" will tell you/us?01:38
willdabeastcfhowlett, let me check one second01:38
* OerHeks guesses ubuntu-business-remix01:39
willdabeastcfhowlett and zykotic10, it is actually lucid my mistake01:39
DemonstrateDoes Ubuntu Have ANY alternatives to the alt-tab function? for some reason mine is really laggy and slow. and irresponsive.01:39
dlentznetbook remix?01:39
cfhowlettwilldabeast: is this a new issue or has it always seemed slow?01:40
willdabeastcfhowlett, I just received it from my girlfriends brother who works with Lockheed Martin so I have no idea what he did with it. But he says it should work fine.01:40
zykotic10willdabeast: what is the issue?  did you mean "it will NOT show"?01:41
willdabeastzykotic10, it will show the wireless networks, but it will not finish connecting to the network. Wired connection works fine.01:41
cfhowlettwilldabeast: "fine" is relative.  If YOU think it's slow there might some things to consider.  Personally, I wouldn't install a full-flavored ubuntu on a  netbook.  Lighter versions are less demanding on limited specifications and resources: xubuntu lubuntu01:42
zykotic10cfhowlett: where are you getting "slow" from?01:42
willdabeastcfhowlett, so you think lucid is probably too much for a netbook?01:42
cfhowlettzykotic10: what he said re: alt - tab01:42
zykotic10cfhowlett: oh, the alt+tab, i was looking at wireless01:43
sancrisI use oneiric in my netbook and it goes smooth01:43
cfhowlettwilldabeast: IMHO older netbooks shouldn't run ubuntu - which is why UNR came out.  IHMO.01:43
sancrisonly software center takes long to load01:43
=== n3ffa_ is now known as N3ffa
cfhowlettwilldabeast: sancris: newer netbooks are fine for full  flavored ubuntu01:44
MrKeunerhello, ubuntu advertises that dell has some ubuntu preinstalled systems. However, when you click the link, Dell reports there isn't any. Why is this mismatch?01:44
sancriscfhowlett, my netbook is 2 years-old01:44
OerHekscfhowlett, ubuntu should run fine on a netbook, that is why there is no netbook edition anymore.01:44
MrKeunerhttp://www.dell.com/ubuntu this is the link Ubuntu advertises01:44
kleeehi all!01:44
cfhowlettMrKeuner: need to ask Dell about that one...01:44
zykotic10MrKeuner: i believe dell dropped that offer01:45
kleeei have an nvidia 8600m gt01:45
willdabeastcfhowlett, this one is pretty nice, seems to be very quick with lucid on it. I just installed updates with a wired connection actually, that may fix it one sec.01:45
kleeewhy ubuntu auto installed 173 version?01:45
Demonstratekleee: your problem is 8600 (M)01:45
cfhowlettMrKeuner: system 76 sells OEM ubuntu installed.01:45
Demonstrate173 is a REVISION . not a model #01:45
kleeeyep but 8500m gt is supported by latest nvidia drivers01:46
MrKeunerzykotic10, I have done this in the past. Constantly Ubuntu advertises some Dell configurations however, cannot locate these configurations on Dell website01:46
kleeeshould i use current or post release?01:46
Demonstrateuse the 17301:46
zykotic10MrKeuner: ask dell?01:46
DemonstrateUnless you know what you're doing dont even mess with graphics drivers kleee01:46
Demonstrateyou'll end up pissed and recovering your system.01:46
kleeeDemonstrate: ok, but look @--> http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-amd64-295.20-driver.html01:47
kleeeit's so strange01:47
Demonstratelike i said.01:47
DemonstrateDO NOT. play around with graphics drivers. ubuntu compiles the drivers that they've tested.01:48
kleeeDemonstrate: maybe there's a bug in Ubuntu 11.10 amd64 with latest drivers with my card?01:48
Demonstrateand release them all other drivers come with no support, unless it's from the community.01:48
Demonstratethere is NO bug.01:48
* Lint wonders why ubuntu still doesn't support SiS Mirage cards01:48
kleeeDemonstrate: so strange I can't get latest nvidia-drivers so... I'll leave 173... O.o01:49
Demonstratekleee:  I didnt say you couldn't.01:49
DemonstrateI said you shouldn't.01:49
MatiasuHello there!01:49
cfhowlettMatiasu: greetings01:49
dullfireBanshee player seems to randomly close. any ideas why? (and is there a log file somewhere I might check for more details?)01:50
MatiasuI just connected a mobile in usb network mode and linux doesn't recognize it. I did the same from a live cd and it works fine. what can be wrong?01:50
Demonstratekleee: there's a reason 173 is in the ubuntu software center, because ubuntu has tested it and they "deem" it as the best most stable release.01:50
MrKeunerzykotic10, doesn't make sense to ask Dell. They will tell me that they don't have any jurisdiction on Ubuntu website01:50
Lintdullfire, run it from terminal01:50
DemonstrateMatiasu what modem?01:50
N3ffaDell stopped supporting Ubuntu.01:50
Lintdullfire, also on its homepage are some debugging tips01:50
MatiasuDemonstrate, ahm.. modem? it's in "USB Network" mode01:50
kleeeDemonstrate: ok, only asking because jokey tells me "recommended" the latest drivers (current, no post.)01:51
dlentzdullfire https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backtrace#Applications_using_Mono01:51
willdabeastzykotic10 and cfhowlett, thanks for the help, I think its working now. If it messes up again I'm gonna go with your word and install lubuntu probably. Cheers!01:51
DemonstrateI connected a mobile in usb doesnt make sense.01:51
MatiasuDemonstrate, I mean, I don't want to use it as a modem, I just want to create a network in order between it and my computer01:51
cfhowlettwilldabeast: good luck.  have fun.01:51
Demonstratekleee: that's why is says recommended.01:51
Matiasus/in order//01:51
DemonstrateMatiasu:  you're just giving us what you want to do01:52
MatiasuDemonstrate, tell me what you need to know01:52
Demonstrateall i know is you plugged something you named as mobil and it gave you network mode.01:52
MatiasuDemonstrate, you read wrong01:52
dullfireI just started it from the terminal; it loads but I get these warnings, http://pastebin.com/i67jbE2m do I need to worry about them?01:53
cryptodiraamd/64 10.10 reinstall after failed upgrade to 11.04..... i have to hit escape during boot, otherwise the system hangs... grub appears and shows a 38.13 kernel as first choice (this hangs) second and booting is 35-32.65...... dpkg -l | grep linux-image-2 does NOT show the hanging kernel , further the system says that grub is NOT installed.... i am unable to do ati upgrades and suspect the kernel issue is the cause.... how do i remove the newest kerne01:53
cryptodiral ???01:53
DemonstrateNo I didn't, "a mobile in network mode"01:53
shellcode84dam alot of problems here lol01:53
Ben64cryptodira: you should finish the upgrade01:54
Matiasuyeah, it can be connected in a couple of ways (modem, usb network, massive storage), so I choose usb network, then I connected it, that's all I did01:54
DemonstrateDo you plugged in your Android phone..01:54
Matiasuit's not an android phone but yes01:55
cryptodiraBen64, that is NOT currently possible... i am unable to d/l the appropriat files... FAP will be invoked  :(01:55
Matiasu(it runs Linux)01:55
DemonstrateWhat kind of phone is it?01:55
Demonstratei cant just guess dude.01:55
cfhowlettcryptodira: if you can, boot the earlier kernel option and re-do update/upgrade01:55
Matiasua motorola a1200, it runs Linux, Demonstrate01:55
Matiasuthe point is that here it doesn't work but from a live cd it does01:56
MatiasuI think I'm missing a driver01:56
xSmurfanyone here uses Xpra? I'm having some issues with the keyboard mapping01:56
cryptodiracfhowlett, i am currently using the (newest earlier) kernel... re-doing the update upgrade will invoke FAP.... i just need a way to remove the offending newest broken kernel.01:56
Demonstratehttp://kundancool.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/guide-configuring-your-linux-pc-for-ftp-usbnet-and-samba-for-motorola-e6a1200/ Matiasu01:57
cfhowlettMatiasu: good guess.  however, the moto a1200 came out in 2005 - ancient times in computer world.  VERY few folk these days will be using it in the manner you want...01:57
Ben64cryptodira: what is FAP01:57
Matiasucfhowlett, it doesn't matter, if it works in a live cd it should work here as well01:58
DemonstrateHe didnt even specify what he wanted to do. simply connecting it doesnt solve anything lol.01:58
DemonstrateNo it shouldnt lol..01:58
cryptodiraBen64, Fair Access Policy... i am off grid and using wild blue satellite.01:58
cfhowlettcryptodira: to remove kernel:  http://jaypeeonline.net/tips-tricks/howto-remove-old-ubuntu-kernels/01:58
zacariaswhen trying to run gnome-tweak-tool, I have this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/841168/   Any help?02:00
Matiasuahm, I have other kernels installed, I will try with an older one02:00
DemonstrateHe's so not coming back.02:01
cryptodiracfhowlett, thanks for the link.   synaptic doe NOT show the offending kernel that tries to load at bootup... *.38.13... if i hit escape at the beginning of boot.... it drops me to grub... where this kernel is listed in first place (generic and recovery).. neither work... the second listing *.35.32 will boot.... from terminal, the offending kernel NOR grub are found...your link expects a sequence that is NOT happening here.... another solution perhaps?02:05
joumwell, hello again02:06
cfhowlettcryptodira: 4give for asking but did this kernel come from the repos?02:06
joumfollowed the installation regarding the STA driver for broadcom and still no success...02:06
cfhowlettjoum: followed the very complicated instructions to the letter?02:07
cryptodiracfhowlet, this was the result of using the 'automatic' upgrade from 10.10 to 11.0402:07
dullfirecan I use apt-get to install jdk 1.6? or is there another way?02:07
joumall i got was blacklisting the ubuntu recommend proprietary drivers 4 the board, and now they wont install using  the GUI02:07
cfhowlettcryptodira: understood.  thinking....02:07
joum@cfhowlett: didn't work... sstill not showing the SSID 4 my network02:08
xanguadullfire: you can install openjdk from repositories02:09
zacarias_when trying to run gnome-tweak-tool, I have this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/841168/   Any help?02:09
Ben64cryptodira: what happens if you run "update-grub"02:10
cfhowlettcryptodira: I'm inclined to believe that your upgrade didn't completly run...02:10
cryptodiracfhowlet, yes, it apparently failed.02:10
cryptodiraBen64, it says grub is NOT installed02:10
socrates_johnsonhello, I'm trying to format a flash drive, but I'm unable to delete about 500 mb off of it...the entire disk shows up as unallocated, but there are still files on it if you open the drive. I've tried gparted and fdisk (though I'm not very experienced with fdisk)...thank you for any thoughts02:11
Ben64cryptodira: does it actually say that or are you paraphrasing02:11
damo22socrates_johnson, sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit02:12
dullfirethanks alot02:12
cryptodiraBen64, says it is not installed an offers to install it.02:12
Lesterwoodguys, i have lunchables, opinions?02:12
relik`pLwhat type?02:12
bazhang!ot | Lesterwood02:13
ubottuLesterwood: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:13
socrates_johnsondamo22: http://pastebin.com/njZGssiD thank you02:13
Gergovguys i have windows and ubuntu on one pc. i know how to mount my windows partitions but is there a way to access the windows cmd ?02:13
Ben64cryptodira: pastebin "dpkg --get-selections"02:14
OerHekssocrates_johnson, is it an U3 stick ?02:14
socrates_johnsondamo22: i used it as a live usb last week sometime so it shows up as a boot usb in "places" and still has some files on it02:14
syddrafHow can I go about installing GRUB to /dev/sda?02:14
socrates_johnsonOerHeks: yes02:14
damo22socrates_johnson, sudo fdisk /dev/sdb, "c" for create "p" for primary "enter" "enter" "p" for print02:14
=== ubuntu is now known as nonotutu
OerHekssocrates_johnson, answer #5 sudo u3-tool -p 0 /dev/sdb >>> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=938086 read all posts please02:16
cryptodiraBen64, here ya go.. paste #  841202/02:19
Ben64... what site02:19
mivulfwheres on ubuntu default firefox?02:20
cryptodiraBen64, paste.ubuntu.com.... just like it says at the top of the channel02:21
Ben64next time just paste the whole link02:21
Ben64cryptodira: and that is showing you do have grub installed02:21
aBoundI just updated my Ubuntu kernel is there away to check out the changes in the newest kernel?02:22
damo22aBound, changelog?02:22
aBoundWhere exactly would I find a changelog is the question.02:23
mivulfWhere is default firefox bin on ubuntu?02:23
cryptodiraBen64, apologies.... i was unaware of alternate paste sites..... yes it does now...as i have just done an install of grub.... would you like a paste of update grub now?02:23
Ben64cryptodira: sure02:23
zykotic10mivulf: in a terminal try "whereis firefox"02:23
Canadian1296I'm fairly new to IRC. Can I set myself as "away"?02:23
mivulfzykotic10: thanks you!02:23
aBoundkernel.org won't mention the kernel update from Ubuntu.02:24
zykotic10!away | Canadian129602:24
ubottuCanadian1296: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»02:24
damo22aBound, one way is to download the ubuntu kernel source for the newer kernel and read its changelog02:24
Canadian1296zykotic10: What does that do?02:24
cryptodiraBen64, here ya go... http://paste.ubuntu.com/841206/02:24
zykotic10Canadian1296: the point was, don't ;)02:25
aBounddamo22, Sounds like a pain in the butt. :P02:25
Canadian1296zykotic10: Haha okay02:25
damo22aBound, why do you need this02:25
cryptodiraBen64, you will see the offending *.38.13  that i am trying to remove02:25
Ben64cryptodira: ok you can go ahead and delete the 2.6.38 files in /boot/02:25
aBounddamo22, I want to see what's been fixed, what's been added etc...02:26
Ben64cryptodira: and then re-run update-grub02:26
socrates_johnsondamo22: sorry, i'm doing something wrong i think..."c" is just toggling a D02:26
tomvolekhi, i need to setup ssh on a box behind my firwall,  whats a good how to do doc to look at ?02:26
cryptodiraBen64, so simple... ok... wait one.02:26
socrates_johnsonDOS compatibility flag and "p" just prints?02:26
aBounddamo22, It's nice to know what's been fixed and what's been added as you may have had a previous problem with an older version of a program and/or kernel.02:27
damo22socrates_johnson, sorry i got it wrong, c should be n02:27
nathan28tomvolek: edit yr sshd_config to listen on a port02:27
zacarias_when trying to run gnome-tweak-tool, I have this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/841168/   Any help?02:27
takumianyone having problems with 3.0.0-16-generic?02:27
nathan28tomvolek: let that port through in your firewall02:27
nathan28start ssh w/ -p [that port]02:27
socrates_johnsondamo22: no worries, it asks for partition number (1-4):....just 1?02:27
damo22socrates_johnson, yes02:27
tomvoleknathan28, i have two box behind firewall, i set the first one a logn time ago, and i can ssh to it02:27
tomvoleknow o am trying to setup ssh also. so i can login to it from outside02:28
syddrafHow can I go about installing GRUB to /dev/sda?02:28
metasansanatakumi: what kind of problems?02:28
damo22socrates_johnson, what kind of partition do you want02:28
aBoundtakumi, Seems to be working fine for me with the latest kernel update.02:28
tomvoleki have forgotten how to that nathan28 ..02:28
damo22socrates_johnson, readable by windows and linux?02:28
nathan28tomvolek: i'd use the same set-up on the other box02:28
=== local_ is now known as kruckss
jschallIs there a way to package the lastest nvidia driver beta in a .deb? I can't use xorg-edgers because the synaptics driver is broken for me.02:28
nathan28look in /etc02:28
socrates_johnsondamo22: fat32 should be fine...http://pastebin.com/9u0QTMNj02:28
tomvoleknathan28, i forgotten how i set this up.  i am gooling now02:29
tomvolekwhere is sshd_config02:29
nathan28do a $find /etc -iname ssh*02:29
Lintlol ubuntu is killing that top menu fiasco02:29
takumiits running just fine but for some reason that last update killed my synergyc it connects but wont allow mouse movement...02:29
nathan28you'll find the config for the ssh02:29
takumiand i cant get any error logs02:29
damo22socrates_johnson, hit "t enter" then "c enter"02:29
nathan28tomvolek: pretty much copy it over to the other02:30
damo22socrates_johnson, then p to print02:30
tomvoleknathan28, i can copy the file over, but would my crudentials work on the other machine ?02:30
tomvoleki mean my pivate/public key files02:30
socrates_johnsondamo22: http://pastebin.com/2jsEjDWm02:30
damo22socrates_johnson, do you need it bootable?02:31
takumibetter question anyone have any problem with synergyc after the last updates?02:31
metasansanatakumi: I dont use it02:31
metasansanaother than that Im good02:31
socrates_johnsondamo22: not at this point...i usually just use one of the boot-usb creators when i want to try a new distribution or something02:32
damo22socrates_johnson, "w enter"02:32
nathan28tomvolek: you'll need your public key on the other box if you use keys (you should)02:32
Lint!nomodeset >lint02:32
ubottuLint, please see my private message02:32
tomvolekok found them,  they are in /etc/shh :)02:32
tomvolekya, i am using keyes,02:33
socrates_johnsondamo22: should i run "partprobe(8)" or "kpartx(8)"?02:33
nathan28don't copy yr private key over02:33
tomvolekco i can copy my public key copy it to the other machine and point firward to this new one . and it should work02:33
damo22socrates_johnson, sudo mkdosfs -F 32 /dev/sdb102:33
nathan28should, yes, if you try to log in as a legit user on the new ssh box02:33
socrates_johnsondamo22: sdb1 isn't a directory...just sdb?02:34
Lintwhich key for grub menu?02:34
damo22socrates_johnson, NO02:34
tomvolekthanks nathan, let me give it a try02:34
zykotic10Lint: HOLD shift after BIOS to see Grub2 menu02:34
takumianyone using synergy?02:35
nathan28tomvolek: actually you may need to run ssh-keygen, let me look this up02:35
tomvolekthanks man02:35
Lintnomodeset is a lie02:35
damo22socrates_johnson, then when it returns to the command line type sync02:36
Lintstill black screen02:36
zykotic10Lint: actually nomodeset solves most people black screen issue...02:36
nathan28Lint: which drivers ar eyou using?02:36
darktomasIt gives an ubuntu that needs less ram than xubuntu ?02:36
Lintnathan28, I don;t know02:36
bazhang!lubuntu | darktomas02:37
ubottudarktomas: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.02:37
socrates_johnsondamo22: okay sdb1 shows up as a device now02:37
nathan28darktomas: xfce isn't great w/ ram vs, say, gnome02:37
OlyaHi ALL!!!02:37
rcmaehlPeople in #defocus can't see: 02:37
bazhangrcmaehl, pardon?02:37
Lintwell I can see screen again but only for a 5 seconds before X start02:37
ihazerrorcfhowlett: I have something that needs to be built but I cant find the build.xml file02:37
rcmaehlbazhang: they can't see that lgo02:37
Lintthe init output is completely hidden under black screen02:38
nathan28Lint: did you insall proprietary drivers? for which card?02:38
bazhangrcmaehl, how is that related to ubuntu02:38
OlyaPlease HElp!02:38
damo22socrates_johnson, is it mounted now?02:38
rcmaehlbazhang: it's the ubuntu logo02:38
OlyaPlEaSe HeLp!02:38
bazhangOlya, ask a question02:38
cfhowlettihazerror: I remember...still have no solution.  Ask the smart(er) folks on the channel.02:38
Olyayou know02:38
ihazerrorcfhowlett: ok thanks though02:38
socrates_johnsondamo22: sorry, should i redo the mkdosfs comand?02:38
OlyaHow recover files on ext3?02:38
Lintnathan28, I don't need proprietary drivers, my C works in vesa mode02:38
damo22socrates_johnson, no02:38
darktomasbazhang:  nathan28 Thanks02:38
OlyaDamo22, hi!02:38
socrates_johnsondamo22: okay02:39
Olyadamo22, hi!02:39
bazhangOlya, you got the links yesterday02:39
ihazerrordoes anybody know why I can't see the build.xml file needed for ant?02:39
Olyabad links02:39
damo22socrates_johnson, pull out the stick and put it back in02:39
bazhang!undelete | Olya02:39
ubottuOlya: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel02:39
Olyai know02:39
nathan28Lint: do you have a vga=NNN in your grub/grub2/syslinux?02:39
nathan28in the kernel line i mean02:39
darktomasHas lubuntu or xubuntu the same hardware support like ubuntu ?02:39
Linti just want to see text during the boot, my screen is graphic but black02:39
Olyadano, please?02:39
bazhangdarktomas, sure02:39
Lintnathan28, no it's only "root=XXX ro"02:39
Olyadano22, ext3grep work with disk without image02:40
cfhowlettdarktomas: yes.02:40
zykotic10Lint: if you want to see the boot messages, remove "quite splash"02:40
darktomasbazhang: Thats Nice :D thanks02:40
cryptodiraBen64, done and done... will reboot and see how it goes... Thank YOU for your time and effort!02:40
darktomascfhowlett:  Thanks too02:40
socrates_johnsondamo22: "unable to mount Linux Mint 12 KDE 64-bit" (the live usb I was using last week)02:40
bazhangOlya, stop that02:40
Olyahelp me02:40
Lintzykotic10, there's no quiet splash, as I said its only "ro"02:40
zykotic10Lint: ro, i'm talking the kernel line, what are you referring to?02:40
capcook1bazinga olya02:41
Lintkernel line has only "root=" and "ro" parameters02:41
Lintin that new c..py grub202:41
damo22socrates_johnson, where did that message come from02:41
socrates_johnsondamo22: "Error mounting: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1, missing codepage or helper program..."02:41
LintAlso I see that channel is quite russofobic02:42
socrates_johnsondamo22: it's a pop-up window when I put the stick back in02:42
zykotic10Lint: in /etc/default/grub?  did you run "sudo update-grub" after changes?02:42
damo22socrates_johnson, do you have /etc/fstab entry for the stick?02:42
Lintzykotic10, no, in boot entry for Ubuntu; I'll check default now02:42
socrates_johnsondamo22: there's no fstab entry for the stick02:43
damo22socrates_johnson, sudo mkdir /media/usb && sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/usb -t vfat02:44
socrates_johnsondamo22: http://pastebin.com/Rbt7qqQy02:45
Lintzykotic10, what should I look for in /etc/default/grub?02:45
zykotic10Lint: quiet splash - default linux or something like that02:45
damo22socrates_johnson, did you run the mkdosfs on /dev/sdb by mistake?02:45
syddrafHow can I go about installing GRUB to /dev/sda?02:46
ihazerrorfor some reason I cant see .xml files?02:46
mspongeI have Trac and Gitosis installations. What's the easiest way to have Trac show the latest HEAD of a particular repo? The reason I ask is that gitosis only stores the .git information of a repo02:46
=== administrator is now known as Guest15181
Lintzykotic10, nothing like that here02:46
damo22socrates_johnson, if you did, you killed the partition table and you need to recreate the partition02:46
Guest15181Hello im new to this02:47
Lintis /wrc/lsb_relaese present on each debian distro?02:47
socrates_johnsondamo22: no, i just tried mkdosfs on /dev/sdb1 once (but it didn't work as i mentioned)02:47
zykotic10Lint: no GRUB_CMD_LINE_LINUX_DEFAULT (or similar)?02:47
damo22socrates_johnson, what was the output?02:47
Lintzykotic10, empty string02:47
socrates_johnsonthat was when it said sdb1 wasn't a directory02:47
capcook1simply ask the question02:47
Guest15181can anyone read this02:47
ubottuGuest15181: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:47
zykotic10Lint: /wrc is a non-standard diretory, so no.02:47
Lintzykotic10, *very* funny02:48
damo22socrates_johnson, ls -l /dev/sdb102:48
zykotic10Lint: i'm not joking?02:48
zykotic10Lint: check what YOU posted02:49
socrates_johnsondamo22: brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 17 2012-02-13 21:39 /dev/sdb102:49
damo22socrates_johnson, sudo mkdosfs -F 32 /dev/sdb102:49
Linti'm not a typist; still I need ideas to dorce ubuntu into text mode while boot02:49
zykotic10Lint: but debian doesn't have a /etc/lsb_release file02:49
Lintzykotic10, thanks02:50
socrates_johnsondamo22: okay, it ran that time02:50
damo22socrates_johnson, "sync" then pull the stick out02:51
ariane5i have a problem with wifi connection on win 702:51
zykotic10ariane5: ##windows02:51
Lintwhat should I to to grub boot in text mode?02:52
ariane5data transfer is rising and falling02:52
zykotic10ariane5: win7 isn't supported here02:52
Lintgrub is gui immediately on boot, even before boot menu!02:52
bazhangariane5, this is the wrong channel for windows support. try ##windows02:52
tellonewhich channel to i turn to for help with scalpel/ general file recovery02:52
socrates_johnsondamo22: it's mounted and clean of the old stuff now...thank you!02:53
damo22socrates_johnson, ok02:53
socrates_johnsondamo22: it's 7.5 gb, but I'm guessing that has to do with the U3 situation?02:53
damo22socrates_johnson, no idea you should check out those links someone else posted about u302:54
socrates_johnsondamo22: will do...thank you again for your help/patience...sorry that was annoying02:54
damo22socrates_johnson, yw02:54
LintWhy GRUB2 uses GRAPhical Mode even before boot menu??02:55
celltechWhy did 11.10 get rid of the 'right click, format' feature for thumbdrives and removeable media?02:57
* Lint remembers that Ubuntu also got rid from Delete key in file manager02:58
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...02:59
Lintafter update grub2 gives me butt hurt. i need a way to boot ubuntu in text mode because otherwise all my consoles are colorful mess in GUI mode03:02
socrates_johnsonOerHeks: thank you, I used that link to get rid of the annoying U3 partition03:02
Linti tried nomodeset kernel parameter but avsolutely nohing changed03:03
* Lint wonders where everyone is03:04
lvl010i'm confused about IRC03:05
lvl010if i want to acces IRCnet i need a specific channel on the network right?03:06
cfhowlettlvl010: yes03:07
shaneohey guys does ubuntu 11.10 have obex opp support for bluetooth transfers03:07
lvl010computers are complicated i know how to program in python but can't handle IRC03:08
dk85what level of permission should I give /var/www ??03:09
lvl010too much to learn never enough time it seems...03:09
cfhowlettshaneo: see this http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/obextool.1.html03:09
lvl010anyone know any interesting channels?? on IRC?03:10
dullfireis there a way to launch a program from terminal but then close the terminal and continue to run the app?03:10
ch33zim in the terminal with ubunutu server and it says "/ etc/bind/named.conf." permission denied why?03:11
ch33zi did the sudo command03:11
nathan28dullfire: [command] &03:11
nathan28then close the term03:11
nathan28program should remain open03:11
nathan28or try one of the billion launcher programs03:11
zykotic10dullfire: what is the command?  "nohup foo & sleep 1 & exit" should work, replace foo with program you want03:13
shaneocfhowlett: thank you03:13
cfhowlettshaneo: good luck, have fun03:13
ch33zah cool03:14
dullfirebanshee is randomly closeing itself; some someone just suggested I run it from the terminal; so its banshee03:14
shaneolol thanks03:14
ch33zwell hmm03:14
inashdeenhi, i am looking for a good A5 size leaflet for ubuntu for marketing purposes. can anyone give me a link? tq03:14
ch33zi guess?03:14
cfhowlettinashdeen: see www.spreadubuntu.org03:14
ch33zim in the terminal with ubunutu server and it says "/ etc/bind/named.conf." permission denied why?03:14
shaneodullfire: I had the same problem i wound up just installing rhythmbox03:14
inashdeencfhowlett : tq03:14
dullfireok; I really do not care too much what media player I use as this is a new install; however I just installed some other player but it doesnt work with my media controll keys on my keyboard; banshee does, does rhythmbox?03:15
nathan28dullfire: you want to keep the terminal open to find out what's wrong w/ banshee03:15
nathan28not bg it then close the terminal03:16
cfhowlettdullfire: does on my box03:16
nathan28dullfire: it's possibly you're missing a package you need03:16
nathan28or need to update one03:16
dullfireIm actually installing update atm03:16
nathan28etc., the terminal may give you that info once you replicate the crash03:16
dullfirebut yeat thats very likely03:16
dullfireah I see; Im gonna grab rhythm though; banshee seems slightly unfriendly interface learning wise03:18
sixdahsI <3 audacious03:19
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=== carlos is now known as carlos_03
ubuntucan anyone tell me if there is an ubuntu OS for touchscreen systems, such as acer travelmate or panasonic toughbook?03:22
ubuntuDoes anyone know is there is an Ubuntu OS comaptible with touchscreen?03:22
ubuntulike acer travelmate or panasonic toughbook????03:23
=== Zeroedout_ is now known as Zeroedout
ubuntuI tried searching and it looks like tablet edition may work (not sure), but unable to find the download for it03:23
=== zayus is now known as zay`
ubuntucan anyone help?03:26
Archiewots up03:26
Archiewot do you need help with03:27
=== ubuntu is now known as ahaziah77
dr_willisand the issue is?03:27
ahaziah77Is there an Ubuntu OS compatible with touchscreens, like panasonic toughbook, and if so where do i find it03:27
ahaziah77looks like there may be a tablet edition which is but Im unable to find the download03:27
Archiewhy not buy one03:28
Archiedownloads would be un sketchy03:28
Archieunless you have an ISO03:28
ahaziah77Thats what I want, is an ISO download03:28
dr_willisive not heard if a tablet edition03:28
Archiehave you tried BTJunkie?03:29
Archieproblem is, sizes of the Ubuntu files are ridiculous03:29
dr_willis11.10 has sime touch support. 12.04 is suposed to improve on ut03:29
dRounsewhich processor is better for a home file server... a celeron d or athlon II03:30
dRounsei also need one to use as my desktop03:30
ahaziah77Archie, no have tried03:30
Ben64dRounse: what do you mean "better"03:30
dr_willisunless you mean the arm cimpat. ubuntus03:30
ahaziah77how is it you direct comments at people on here, I forgot03:30
Archiepm them03:30
colton_in C++, can a variable type of function main() be void, double, or anything other than int?03:30
Archiethis is not a C++ room03:30
ahaziah77no, isnt there a way on the main chat here03:31
colton_where is C++ room?03:31
ahaziah77i thought there was03:31
smjis anyone in Grantham?03:31
Archielook in the channel list03:31
Archieafter it loads03:31
colton_plz give me help to find out c++ room anyone?03:31
somsipsmj: Grantham, Notts?03:31
dr_willis ac++03:31
ArchieThis is not General chat03:31
Archiehi Penland03:31
Archieello comawhite03:32
dRounseBen64: well i need it to be able to stream movies and files, and i dont want the processor struggling to do it... i am currently using the celeron d in my desktop and i notice when i watch youtube or converting music it slows down considerably03:32
damo22dRounse, converting music is cpu intensive03:32
zykotic10dRounse: so is flash03:32
Ben64just serving files is not very cpu intensive though03:33
dr_willisdepends on the codecs and sizes alsi03:33
user___hello everyone03:33
dRounsei know that but its like i cant do anything else while im converting or watching youtube.... so should i use the celeron d for my server and the athlon II as my desktop? i will be doing the converting on the desktop not the server03:33
dr_willisserving over samba  is not that intensive.  vlc streaming hd video can be.03:34
dullfirehow do I turn off firefox's auto updates (there isnt a check box for it under preferances like in windows) or where would be the place to ask?03:34
comawhitedullfire, why would you want to do that:?03:34
zykotic10dullfire: firefox will update though Ubuntu's regular software updates03:35
cfhowlettdullfire: ffox edit>preferences>advanced03:35
Ben64dRounse: which model processors?03:35
dr_willisthe package manager handles ff updates . unless you installed it as a user.03:35
dRounsedr_willis: well itll mostly be to things like boxee and other media players for tvs maybe the occasional movie to my tablet03:35
dullfireah I see ok that explains it; the reason is I do not like programs just going out and dling what ever they want; but since I told the update manager to install the stuff its been waiting on it fine03:36
dr_willisdRounse:  bixee box can do samba.  so not a big cpu hog.03:36
dRounseBen64: Intel Celeron D 3.46GHz03:36
comawhitedullfire, well it's updating. You like using outdated, and possible security holed stuff?03:36
dRounseBen64:Not sure about the Athlon II03:36
Ben64dRounse: well wow... that celeron is slow.03:37
dRounseBen64: i know :/03:39
dRounseBen64: is too slow for a server?03:39
Ben64dRounse: there are a ton of athlon II's though, so I can't tell you how much faster the athlon is03:39
Ben64dRounse: depends what you want it to serve03:39
dRounseBen64: just streaming movies, and files. the movies will go to boxee or something of the sorts and files to my computer and laptop03:40
dRounseBen64: it will only be serving to one boxee at a time, also could i overclock it? the case i have for my server will keep it extremely cool03:41
Ben64dRounse: i'm not sure what that means exactly, but it would be fine for transferring files, not so good for transcoding media and things like that03:41
meskarunedRounse: over clocking depends on your hardware.03:42
dRounseBen64:well i have a Boxee Box and i will point it at my server so i can watch the movies from the server instead of needing to plug in a hard drive03:42
dRounsemeskarune: would it be possible to do with a celeron d?03:42
meskarunedRounse: I mean that some hardware has a benifit from overclocking. others do not since they aren't downclocked.03:43
aBoundDoesn't overclocking shorten the lifespan of the CPU?03:45
meskaruneaBound: as long as you do it within the limits of your hardware, it won't shorten the life of the CPU03:46
Ben64the celeron d is such a low performance cpu though, it wont make much of a difference03:46
meskaruneyou have to be careful overclocking or you can fry your system03:46
dRounsemeskarune: i looked it up just now and they say that you can overclock them to 4.6GHz but it says it needs better cpu cooling, but the chassis my computer is in has two 23cm fans and two 120mm fans03:47
dRounseand then theres the cpu fan03:47
Ben64dRounse: you'd be better off getting a new cpu : /03:47
SirShmoopyi was hoping someone would have some insight i am missing. i am trying to get 5.1 audio to work on my 11.10 system, but the option is not there03:47
cfhowlettana-slman: greetings03:48
kernel09i kind a stuck with installing ubuntu 11.10 via centos running pxe server03:48
SirShmoopyor rather, the option for 5.1 through 5.1 nr 3 are there, but not the nr 4 i need03:48
dRounseBen64: in that case ill use the celeron d as my server and just hope it works well03:48
meskarunedRounse: as long as you don't stick stuff like compiz on it, it should fine plenty fast.03:49
dRounsemeskarune: well itll be a server so either no desktop or very minimal03:49
ana-slmanFrom here an Arab ?03:50
darktomasAnyone nows whats easyer for my old laptop avi divx ? or something other ?03:50
scientesdarktomas, vlc03:51
darktomasvlc is the player ^^03:51
meskarunekernel09 why are you installing ubuntu if you have centos?03:51
scientesdarktomas, either install vlc, or gstreamer plguins packages03:51
scientesdarktomas, oh you mean codec's? well, avi is just a container format, and divx is actually the _SAME_ container format with a differn't extention03:52
scientesso in that case, its the same03:52
meskarunedarktomas: if you want a light weight codec, maybe use ogg?03:52
tomreyn!farsi | ana-slman03:52
ubottuana-slman: #ubuntu-ir baraye Farsi zabanan mibashad ke channele rasmie goroohe Iran-ie ubuntu ast. #ubuntu-ir  برای فارسی زبانان می‌باشد که کانال رسمی گروه ایرانی اوبونتو است.03:52
kernel09meskarune: i'm setting up for someother servers that i need to pxe boot ubuntu...but i've already running centos pxe server..so i didn't want to build another pxe server03:52
darktomasHm kay Thanks03:52
konamis there a way to have incremental backups using Back In TIme03:52
ana-slmanI have a problem in the program03:52
clone1018Hey, having some networking problems, basically, I'm connected via eth0 to the internet, and it randomly disconnects03:52
scientesana-slman, what program?03:52
scientesclone1018, is there any physical problems?03:53
scientesclone1018, are you connected directly into your "router" DSL/cable? only computer? multiple?03:53
ana-slmanJajim program does not work I have03:53
clone1018The networking connection is fine normally, when running Windows or other things03:53
scientesclone1018, what do you mean by "randomly disconnects"?03:54
clone1018I mean exactly that, it randomly disconnects, nothing outside of the network can be contacted03:54
clone1018and then it randomly comes back03:54
scientesthere are all sorts of problems that could be causing this, I need more information03:55
clone1018then tell me where to start03:55
scienteshow often and for how long?03:55
ana-slmanWho can help me please come special03:55
scienteslike try pinging your router when you are having the trouble, to see if it is local03:56
clone1018random and random, usually when 2 minutes online 5-10 minutes offline03:56
scientesana-slman, you really arn't communicating03:56
scientes!ask | ana-slman03:56
ubottuana-slman: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:56
scientesclone1018, is this pretty much a fresh install?03:56
clone1018yes, tried reinstalling several times, scientes when it disconnects I cant ping the router03:57
scientesand since you say eth0 that mean its wired03:57
clone1018ya, it's not wireless or anything weird03:57
scientesis it set up for DHCP?03:57
tomreynclone1018: do you ping the router by its ip address or hostname?03:58
clone1018And I've tried using my own DNS servers03:58
clone1018ip of course03:58
tomreynclone1018: which ubuntu version and which NIC?03:58
kishhow do i find out what version of ubuntu i am running03:58
ana-slmanWho can help me please come special03:59
scienteskish, cat /etc/lsb-release03:59
clone1018oh god, which nic, no idea, built in gigabit, Ubuntu 11.10 running KDE (tried with gnome yes003:59
scientesclone1018, have you checked log messages for something wierd03:59
kishhow long will this be supported03:59
scientesclone1018, you can figure out which NIC with "lspci"03:59
clone1018where will it be? the kernel log?03:59
scientesyeah tail -f /var/log/kern.log would be a good place04:00
clone1018Realtek RTL811104:00
scienteseverything that is in there goes through the output of "dmesg" at one point04:00
scienteskish, 18 months, so october 201204:01
=== relik`pL is now known as rel1k
scienteskish, you should upgrade, as that is not a LTS release04:01
tomreynclone1018: if you want it detailed: lspci -knn | fgrep -A3 Ethernet04:01
kishscientes, upgrading is difficult cause       i have so many apps installed and what not. i like this as it is04:01
tomreynclone1018: this also tell you which kernel module (driver) you are using. which one is it?04:02
meskaruneclone1018: you might want to upgrade your network card drivers04:02
scientesor trying a mainline kernel04:02
clone1018in use: r816904:02
bascotieHi guys, is anyone available to help me with a networking issue? I setup Samba/FTP on Ubuntu but I can only transfer TO the ubuntu machine, not FROM04:03
=== aarcane__ is now known as aarcane
clone1018Also the kernel log shows nothing new when the network stops working04:03
ana-slmanIs there anyone who can help me ?04:03
tomreynclone1018: okay, can you copy and paste the whole output of the command i gave you to http://paste.ubuntu.com please04:04
meskarunebascotie: check your firewall and router settings to make sure your ftp port is open and samba port is open04:04
bascotiemeskarune: I'm getting a permissions denied error04:04
clone1018I'll try but there's no guarantee I can connect to the pastebin :P04:05
tomreynclone1018: okay, it's 4 lines, you can probably type those, too.04:05
bascotiemeskarune: Do the ports only need to be forwarded on the server's IP address?04:05
meskaruneclone1018: do a google search for "Realtek RTL8111 linux drivers ubuntu" there are a ton of forum posts with solutions to your issue. make sure to use the latest fix (posts from 2011=2012)04:07
ana-slmanThanks for your help are good04:07
chromaticwtanyone happen to know, if I delete a pandora station does it delete my favorite and least favorite song settings also?04:08
tomreynana-slman: someone here might possibly help you if you would express clearly what you are trying to do and can't get done / need help with.04:08
ana-slmanEveryone here wants to add just to chat and not for the help04:08
chromaticwtI'm using pianobar and I deleted some stations04:08
meskarunebascotie: you need the ports open in your router configuration and in your firewall if you use one. can you give me more information on the exact error you are getting?04:09
ana-slmanI want someone who knows the program gajim04:10
meskaruneana-slman: what is your native language? there might be a channel in that language which could help you better. :)04:10
meskaruneana-slman: are you having issues with your chat program?04:10
ana-slmanI speak Arabic04:11
tomreyn!arabic | ana-slman04:11
ubottuana-slman: For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية04:11
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
ana-slmanubottu: Thanks04:13
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)04:13
Nicolas_Leonida2hey, I'm at the setup, two scsi hard disks, created a #5 partition on the second hard disk04:15
tomreynclone1018: thanks for pasting. i have the same NIC as you and it's working fine here. i remember it did cause trouble when i had it in low power / energy saving / green mode, though.04:15
Nicolas_Leonida2now at grub installation stage it's asking me where to install grub, I created the 5th partition of the second drive for this, what should I enter here?04:15
tomvolekhow do i restart ssh ?04:15
Nicolas_Leonida2should it be /dev/sdb5 ?04:15
bascotie2I forwarded ftp port 21 and still not able to receive files, only send them to the ubuntu server.04:16
meskarunenicolas_leonida2: install grub to the partition you have root in04:16
willdabeastIf anyone is familiar with blackbuntu plz pm me.04:17
Nicolas_Leonida2meskarune: the one I mounted / to?04:17
theunholyHello all04:18
theunholyI'm back :-p04:18
meskarunebascotie2: you need port 20 also04:18
ana-slmanThere are no support in Arabic04:19
tomreynbascotie2: you may need to read up on how FTP passive mode works04:19
willdabeastIf anyone is familiar with Blackbuntu or backtrack plz pm me c:04:19
rootkitwhy do people call it ''trollbuntu''04:19
dsnydersHi all!  How can I tell which process is pinging an address?04:19
pangolin!backtrack > willdabeast04:19
ubottuwilldabeast, please see my private message04:19
Nicolas_Leonida2so in the second hard disk #1 partition is EFIboot, #2 is ext4 mounted to /, 4 is swap, 5 is ext boot, I can't translate this into sdb# none of them work it gives a fatal error when installing ubuntu04:19
rootkitis it because the slowness of it makes people want to troll?04:19
theunholyI setup vsftpd using this guide. https://help.ubuntu.com/10.10/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html and it is not working...i open chrome and type in ftp:// and the server name and nothing...can someone help me diagnose?04:20
rootkitubuntu is heavily bloated.04:20
meskarunerootkit: because there are a ton of trolls in the community :P04:20
nathan28rootkit: i was thinking more b/c the trolls that live in synaptic04:20
tomreyncan someone uninstall the rootkit off this channel, please04:20
nathan28that keep pulling in dependencies04:20
mohan__Can anyone recommend a file sync tool for Ubuntu ?04:20
nathan28mohan__: rsync is easy04:21
mohan__I would like to sync files between my Ubuntu machine and external hdd04:21
rootkiti was having a heavy burtation the other day.04:21
rootkiti think it was bubuntu made.04:21
mohan__nathan thanks04:21
meskarunemohan_: rsync04:21
rootkitthere are problems with ubuntu, i cannot deny of that.04:21
mohan__how about grsync ?04:22
pangolinrootkit: Did you have an actual ubuntu support question?04:22
nathan28rsync -a --delete /folder/to/backup /location/to/backup &> /dev/null04:22
tomreyn<rootkit> i think i quit trolling04:22
tomreyn<rootkit> and build a reputation as a normal regular user :D04:22
tomreyn<rootkit> no more trolling.04:22
rootkitactually i do04:22
meskarunerootkit: this is a support channel, take your rant to off-topic04:22
rootkiti still get the annoying audio problem04:22
rootkitwhich makes my PC freeze for a second or so, is there any fix?04:22
rootkitubuntu 10.0404:22
ana-slmanاريد المساعده04:23
meskarunerootkit: install windows04:23
pangolin!arabic | ana-slman04:23
ubottuana-slman: For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية04:23
rootkitlinux is best04:23
ana-slmanلايوجد دعم للغة العربيه هناك04:23
dsnydersOkay gang.  No need to panic.  I found it.  ps ax|grep ping04:23
theunholyI setup vsftpd using this guide. https://help.ubuntu.com/10.10/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html and it is not working...i open chrome and type in ftp:// and the server name and nothing...can someone help me diagnose?04:23
rootkit  ن عج04:24
scientestheunholy, have you set up DNS?04:24
theunholyDNS for what?  a domain name?04:24
=== raj` is now known as raj
theunholyoh wait04:24
rootkitoh well04:24
rootkitif you cannot support..04:24
meskaruneana-slman said that the arabic channel doesn't support arabic (I google translated)04:25
theunholyhold on, nvm i think i put no local access...and im trying to ftp into it from my host pc lol04:25
theunholyim using vmware04:25
theunholylet me try from my phone04:25
=== pp7 is now known as malkauns
tomreyntheunholy: first of all, don't use a (primarily) HTTP client for diagnosing FTP. instead, use an FTP client. there's the ftp and lftp command line clients as well as filezilla as a GUI client.04:25
theunholyok ill try filezilla, then try my phone.04:26
meskaruneana-slman: can you use www.translate.google.com ?04:26
nathan28rootkit left, i guess he's upset he can't get alsa working in backtrack wubi edition04:27
tomreynhe just didnt get enough fish this time04:27
dsnydersHI all!  Is there a remote desktop protocol server for linux?04:30
theunholyStill doesn't work04:30
meskarunedsnyders: there are a ton. what are you looking to do?04:30
theunholytried filezilla from host pc and phone andftp program....04:30
randomuserhi, i'm observing dhclient ignoring the dhcpd lease time and sending a DHCPREQUEST every 5-30 seconds; logs on client indicate "bad udp checksums." the connection is operable, but spamming my logs - no problems with other clients on the network04:30
dsnydersmeskarune, connect to my linux desktop machine from my windows laptop.04:31
meskarunedsnyders: you could check out team viewer if you want an easy to set up GUI. if you just want command line, try ssh04:32
devishi am trying here to install tor button with minimum install can anyone tell what packages  are required04:32
tomreyntheunholy: "does not work" is a not very precise error message. did it get any more detailed?04:32
Braden`How do I upgrade only one item using apt?04:33
dsnydersmeskarune, ssh is nowhere near a remote desktop system.04:33
Braden`It wants to upgrade everything04:33
Ben64Braden`: you should upgrade everything04:33
nathan28dsnyders: the ssh box can export an x11 session04:33
Braden`How do I upgrade only one item?04:33
meskarunedsnyders: yes ssh is. but if you want gui check out the program teamviewer :P04:33
dsnydersnathan28, true, but again, it is not rdp.04:34
meskaruneBraden: to install a single item you do "apt-get isntall <program>"04:34
randomuserdsnyders, also see ssh -X, vnc, rdp04:34
zykotic10nathan28: ssh's X forwarding is typically not a "session" but a program (i've never seen ssh do an entire desktop, expect by using VNC over SSH)04:35
randomuserdsnyders, no need to go to a proprietary program like ream viewer04:35
Braden`Oh thank you04:35
randomuserzykotic10, i'm running an entire session via X forwarding right now04:35
nathan28dsnyders: what do you want to do w/ the ssh box?04:35
zykotic10randomuser: how?04:35
dsnydersnathan28, What ssh box?04:35
nathan28the linux box04:35
randomuserzykotic10, ssh -X?04:36
ana-slmanهل هناك من يساعدني04:36
bascotie2tomreyn, reading about it now04:36
zykotic10randomuser: and then "startx" that doesn't answer my question at all04:36
MrBusinessAnyone have a link to a good guide on just what parameters and concepts one expects in a GNU/Linux "service?"04:37
randomuserzykotic10, xinit -- :1 vt10; ssh -X user@host gnome-session04:37
Raymond_anybody know of free auto-responder software04:37
randomuserMrBusiness, read the files in /etc/init.d04:37
zykotic10randomuser: very interesting! thanks.04:37
randomuserzykotic10, to be fair, it does not play nicely with unity04:38
MrBusinessI am reading them, but I was hoping for more over an overview of their commonalities that might answer a few questions/suspicions I have concerning them.04:38
meskaruneMrBusiness: what are you refering to?04:38
zykotic10randomuser: not an issue ;)04:38
macmartineI have God (godrb.com)  monitoring a couple resque processes. When Ubuntu tries to reboot, it gets stuck in a loop waiting for the resque processes to quit and they never do. Why wouldn't Ubuntu be able to kill the processes? THhe pid files have the correct pid's04:38
theunholyResponse:500 OOPS: cannot read anon e-mail list file:/etc/vsftpd.banned_emails04:38
dsnydersnathan28, windows has a system called remote desktop, which it uses to connect to other windows boxes.  I was just casually asking if there was a server for linux.  I'm fully aware that I could do a VNC and ssh -x, etc.  I was just wondering if there was something that played with the microsoft client so that I didn't have to install a bunch of stuff on the windows box.04:39
randomuserzykotic10, okay, enjoy!04:39
meskaruneI only mention teamviewer because its very easy to install and set up for new users who just want something to work out of box04:39
randomuserdsnyders, rdesktop04:39
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|away
meskaruneplus it works really well with windows04:39
nathan28isn't putty platform neutral?04:40
MrBusinessWell, presumably anything set up as a service defines specific interfaces, and they may all employ certain techniques for tracking their PIDs. I'm trying to write some services, but I don't really feel that I have a good, logical grasp of what it is that I am writing.04:40
randomusermeskarune, everyone is a potential contributor, with a bug report or usability feedback at the very least.04:40
randomusermeskarune, unless you point them at something like teamviewer - it does the job, but i would be suprised if it could be supported here04:40
MrBusinessI guess the /etc/init.d/skeleton is a potential starting point04:41
randomuserMrBusiness, i suggest you try ##linux04:41
randomuserMrBusiness, or #ubuntu-devel, i suppose; its mostly point and click support here04:41
meskarunerandomuser: I do not see your point at all. team viewer has its own support website, so why would #ubuntu need to support it?04:42
dsnydersrandomuser, rdesktop is the linux client end, no?04:42
MrBusinessthanks randomuser04:42
randomusermeskarune, this is the ubuntu support channel04:42
ana-slmanهناك من هو وقح هنا ويدعي مساعدتي04:42
meskarunerandomuser: a user asked for a simple remote desktop program. I gave them an answer. that is all. what are you getting so upset about?04:42
randomuserdsnyders, yes. SPICE is nice, if you have the hardware for it, VNC is standard for every OS04:42
dsnydersana-slman, this is an eglish channel.04:42
randomusermeskarune, you gave them an off-topic answer04:43
meskarunerandomuser: no I didn't. teamviewer runs on ubuntu perfectly well, and works with windows04:43
tomvolekHI, a newbie, i am trying to setup ssh on a host inside the firewall, i have generated ssh keys...04:43
randomusermeskarune, so I can just apt-get install teamviewer ?04:44
michalchikDoes anyone know of a linux based programs that does what TunnelBear does for windows?04:44
ana-slmandsnyders: Incorrect04:44
tomvolekwhat do i need to do from a host outside the firewall, i am getting error message04:44
meskarunerandomuser: or download the debs and isntall those.04:44
nathan28tomvolek: you need the address of the machine04:44
meskarunerandomuser: its a linux and windows program04:44
randomusermeskarune, is it in the repo, was my question04:44
nathan28and to poke a hole through its firewall04:44
samuelhello guys04:44
nathan28and probably really want to to have good security on it04:45
samuelanyone know if it is possible to change the messaging menu status from the command line?04:45
tomvolekhi nathan...  i am getting WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED!04:45
nathan28samuel: it'll vary from program to program04:45
ana-slmandsnyders: this is an GENERAL languages channel04:45
nivyajcan someone help me? Evolution always crashes04:45
meskarunerandomuser: they have ubuntu debs on the teamviewer site04:45
nivyajwhen i'm dealing with my contacts and Ubuntu One04:45
nathan28notification is both script and code leevel04:45
samuelnathan28, I was hoping that it might be possible with empathy, but I cant find anything that will do that04:46
randomusertomvolek, expected with a residential type connection; it means it cant match to an official DNS record. disregard, not your issue04:46
tomvoleknathan28  i am using ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 tomvolek@IPAddress04:46
Ben64!en | ana-slman04:46
ubottuana-slman: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList04:46
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tomvolekrandomuser,  i had this setp on a first server bhind firewall and it works04:46
zykotic10randomuser: that is so cool.  I did not know that was possible with ssh, thanks again!04:46
randomusermeskarune, if you are in #ubuntu offering support, please restrict your solutions to those supported by ubuntu. If you dont have an answer in domain, keep quiet04:46
meskarunerandomuser: it IS supported by ubuntu04:47
randomusertomvolek, do you think it's a key issue?04:47
tomvolekrandomuser now trying to setup a new box and i get this when tryinf to connect form outside04:47
ana-slmanI want to support the English language04:47
tomvolekrandomuser, I generated a new key using a genkey  for this machine04:47
randomusertomvolek, so you are forwarding to a new box?04:47
randomuserfrom the router/firewall04:47
randomusertomvolek, you need to delete the entry for that IP in .ssh/known_hosts04:48
tomvolekso how do i use the key from this new machine to be used froom outside host04:48
tomvolekon the new box behind the  firewall ?04:48
meskarunetomvolek: you need to upload the public key to the host04:48
randomusertomvolek, then use ssh-copy-id -i /path/to/key user@host04:48
nivyajcan someone help me? Evolution always crashes  when I try to look at my contacts. I get an error message saying it timed out04:49
randomuserno, on the initiating box from the outside, tomvolek04:49
tomvolekknows_hosts is all encypted it seems04:49
willdabeastHey, I was wondering if there is a way to get the interface from Lucid Linux onto Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.1004:49
tomvolekupload the public key to the host outiside the firwall ?04:49
tomvolekrandomuser, ok, I am going from tomvolekhost which is outside to Server1 inside04:50
tomvolekso in that respect what do i copy where ? :)04:50
randomuserno, the initiating box needs the keypair, the inside box gets the pubkey04:50
linuxloverhi, i have a conky.sh file that loads the conky monitor, and I would like to load it at startup.04:50
ana-slmanPlease help me04:50
tomvolekok, so I need to copy the public key which was generated inside to the mahcine outside the firewall04:50
meskarunewildabeast: you want to install unity on netbook remix...?04:51
dsnydersana-slman, how can we help?04:51
randomusertomvolek, I cant get any more specific without pasting manpages into the channel04:51
macmartineAck, I put a startup command in a file but now I can't find it. It was a pre-existing file. What might it have been?04:51
tomvolek:) ok thanks04:51
nathan28tomvolek: the public key goes on the machine you log into04:51
willdabeastmeskarune, if that is the UI for lucid yes, is that the correct package?04:51
nathan28the private key only goes on the machine you use to log on04:51
meskarunetomvolek: look up ssh on the arch wiki04:51
meskarunewilldabeast: wouldn't it be easier to just install regular ubuntu? :P04:52
nathan28your passphrase gets checked agains the public key, which then checks against the private key then back again iirc04:52
meskarunemacmartine: if you remmeber the command, you can grep it04:52
nathan28i'm not a security expert don't do anything serious on the basis of that explanation04:52
macmartinemeskarune: just found it, rc.local. thanks04:52
dsnyderswilldabeast, Which UI you have depends on which flavour of ubuntu you've got installed.04:53
willdabeastmeskarune, on my netbook?04:53
ana-slmangajim program does not function04:53
nathan28tomvolek: if you need to get on from another network you're going to need a static ip04:53
meskarunewilldabeast: I've got archlinux with fluxbox on my netbook. install whatever you want. :P04:53
linuxlovercan someone suggest?04:53
nathan28there are a few free services that will provide one if you don't pay for one from your ISP04:54
linuxloverhi, i have a conky.sh file that loads the conky monitor, and I would like to load it at startup.04:54
willdabeastmeskarune, i see haha, wow so yes i am currently at peon status. c:04:54
meskaruneana-slman: what is the error message04:54
Ben64!startup | linuxlover04:54
ubottulinuxlover: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot04:54
willdabeastthanks meskarun and dsnyder appreciate the help04:54
nathan28linuxlover: depends, possibly your .xinitrc04:54
nathan28tho more likely your display manager's config04:54
ana-slmanThere is a problem regarding the program gajim04:54
meskaruneana-slman: what is the problem with gajim?04:55
linuxloverhasn't anyone used conky before?04:55
nathan28linuxlover: we don't know what DE you use04:55
meskaruneyes, lots of people use conky ><04:55
ana-slmanThe program is installed but does not start04:56
meskaruneana-slman: when you type "gaijim" in a terminal what is the message?04:56
meskaruneana-slman: would you be interested in using pidgin instead of gajim?04:57
jbubniwhat do i do if auto eht0 does not get me a connection to my firewall?04:57
meskarunejbubni: do you mean to your router...?04:58
nivyajcan someone help me? Evolution always crashes  when I try to look at my contacts. I get an error message saying it timed out04:58
nivyajevolution is just super buggy04:58
jbubniyes it is at
damo22jbubni, is there a dhcp server running on your router?04:59
zykotic10jbubni: that was a typo right, your trying to configure eth0 correct?04:59
meskarunenivyaj: how many contacts do you have? are you trying to sync them? can you run evolution from a terminal to get an error message? have you seached the forums? :)04:59
jbubnizykotic10: yes04:59
zykotic10jbubni: ok, just checkin'04:59
jbubniand yes05:00
nivyajmeskarune: thanks so much. I have 560 in the vcf that I'm importing05:00
nivyajmeskarune: I am trying to sync them using ubuntu one05:00
damo22jbubni, do you have mac filtering on the router enabled?05:00
jbubnii tried ifconfig eth0
meskaruneyou may just have to let it sync before trying to access it nivyaj05:00
ana-slmanmeskarune: See the special05:01
meskarunejbubni: did ifconfig say eth0 was up?05:01
nivyajmeskarune: it deletes my contacts05:01
nivyajand it also just hangs05:01
jbubninot sure about the mac filtering05:01
meskarunenivyaj: it sounds like a bug to me. maybe try thunderbird or clawsmail?05:02
meskarunethough importing 500 contacts will take a while for any program05:02
damo22jbubni, do you restrict any computers from accessing your lan by mac address?05:02
jbubniafter i typed ifconfig eth0 it returned to the next line05:02
black_ruHello to all05:02
nivyajmeskarune:  i get this bug: This address book cannot be opened.  Please check that the path /home/nivyaj/.local/share/evolution/addressbook/system exists and that permissions are set to access it.Detailed error message: Timeout was reached05:02
meskarunejbubni: just type "sudo ifconfig -l"05:03
bobo37773black_ru: Hello05:03
black_ruhelp pls to grab video and audio05:03
bobo37773black_ru: Like a dsktop screencast?05:03
black_rui do this ffmpeg -f x11grab -s xga -sameq -r 25 -i :0.0  -f alsa -ac 2 -i hw:0,0 out.mpg05:03
black_rubut the voice is coming from speakerphones05:03
black_ruI dont need to grab my own noise05:04
bobo37773black_ru: You mean sound is coming from microphone?05:04
black_ruto mic05:05
meskarunenivyaj: well, check that the path exists, and check the permissions for it. :)05:05
jbubnisudo ifconfig -l returns ifconfig: option '-l' not recognised.05:05
black_ruI need to grab video and just voice in this video05:05
damo22jbubni, sudo ifconfig -a05:06
meskarunejbubni: sudo ifconfig eth005:06
meskaruneit should say UP Multicast05:06
meskaruneif its up05:06
DemonstrateDoes anyone know if I can install ubuntu to my secondary SATA drive, but keep booting from SDA1 & sda2??05:06
meskaruneDemonstrate: you want to dual boot with other OS's?05:07
Jordan_UNicolas_Leonida2: meskarune: grub's boot sector should go in the mbr if it gors anywhere at all. Not to any Partition Boot Record.05:07
DemonstrateI already do dual boot. my question is can i dualboot from seperate HDD's05:07
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meskaruneDemonstrate: I have a sepperate /boot partition that boots all the OS's on my desktop05:07
nivyaj -rw-r--r-- 1nivyaj nivyaj 385024 2012-02-12 13:59 addressbook.db05:07
=== Guest41557 is now known as heero
nivyaj-rw-r--r-- 1 nivyaj nivyaj 3930 2012-02-12 13:59 addressbook.db.summary05:07
nivyaj-rw-r--r-- 1 nivyaj nivyaj 129024 2012-02-13 23:25 contacts.db05:07
FloodBot1nivyaj: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:07
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dr_willisDemonstrate: yes you can05:07
meskaruneyou dualboot the same with sepperate harddrives as you do with the same harddrive Demonstrate05:07
DemonstrateSDA1 = 80gb, has windows * ubuntu, sda2 = 300 gb.05:08
pangolinDemonstrate: yes, I have ubuntu on one drive and Windows on another.05:08
Demonstratecool thanks.05:08
jbubniinet addr: Mask:
damo22jbubni, no thats the loopback device05:08
dr_willisi keep grub on the linux hd. makes windows happy. and me.05:08
jbubnieth0 has no inet addr05:08
liberaleff windows05:09
liberalit's supposed to make YOU happy05:09
DemonstrateAlso one more question, should ubuntu randomly "bottle-neck"?? I have an OCTOCORE hyperthreaded cpu, but for somereason every now-aand again wheni switch appsor something the cursor will move or the entire system will "delay"05:09
dr_willisDemonstrate:  your example was 1drive with 2partitions05:09
dr_willisDemonstrate:  i git sda windows.. and  sdb  linux05:09
Demonstratedr_willis: I know what I said.05:10
meskaruneI have 4 harddrives with logical partitions on them and 3 different OS's installed05:10
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linuxloverBen64, i am new to linux man i dont know how to start sh files at startup05:10
DemonstrateI currently Dual boot from  the same harddrive, but that doesnt mean I dont have anathor.05:11
linuxloverBen64, can you guide me step by step?05:11
meskarunenivyaj: can you go to  /home/nivyaj/.local/share/evolution/addressbook/system and make sure it exists in your file system. then check the permissions on it?05:11
dr_willislinuxlover:  depends on what its doing05:11
Ben64linuxlover: did you not see the link the bot gave you?05:11
damo22jbubni, sudo ifconfig eth0 inet netmask up05:11
Ben64!startup | linuxlover05:11
ubottulinuxlover: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot05:11
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nivyajmeskarune: i did05:12
linuxloverdr_willis the sh file starts conky05:12
nivyajmeskarune:  -rw-r--r-- 1nivyaj nivyaj 385024 2012-02-12 13:59 addressbook.db-rw-r--r-- 1 nivyaj nivyaj 3930 2012-02-12 13:59 addressbook.db.summary-rw-r--r-- 1 nivyaj nivyaj 129024 2012-02-13 23:25 contacts.db05:12
DemonstrateSo does anyone know How I can improve the randomness of these freezes?? Ive got 8CPU cores I shouldnt lag at all..05:12
zykotic10Ben64: that !startup factoid is kinda out of date, and non-useful, except for 10.04LTS i'd guess05:12
dr_willislinuxlover:  put it in the autorun dir ;)05:12
DemonstrateUsing 11.04 if that helps05:12
meskarunenivyaj: do you get errors from ubuntu one when syncing?05:12
linuxloverwhere is autorun dir?05:13
jbubnino such device05:13
meskarunelinuxlover: if you want to run a script at start, ad it to startup with "bash script.sh"05:13
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot05:13
nivyajmeskarune: i get errors when I try looking at my contacts. Either the personal folder or the ubuntu one. And then I lose all my contact (as iin they are deleted)05:13
nathan28nivyaj: Ubuntu One loses your contacts?05:14
jbubnisiocsifaddr: no such device05:14
nathan28you might want to contact them about that if it's the case05:14
meskarunenivyaj: can you let your ubuntu one sync before clicking on anything?05:14
damo22jbubni, lspci |grep net05:14
zykotic10dr_willis: ;) that !startup/!autostart factoid is kinda out of date, and non-useful, except for 10.04LTS i'd guess05:14
Demonstrate*Using ubuntu I encounter random freezes, cursors freezes up, gotta wait a little like lag. any idea why? 11.04 Octocore cpu & 8500GT05:14
StepNjumpHi guys, I would like to reinstall pulse audio... How is this done please? I have ALSA right now05:14
dr_willisin the .config dir i think is autostart ir autorun05:14
Ben64StepNjump: sudo apt-get install pulseaudio05:15
meskaruneDemonstrate: you'd have to look at logs and run some test to figure out what is causing the lag05:15
dr_willisbeen in the same place for several releases05:15
Demonstratemeskarune could it be that i installed via wubi.exe??05:15
Jordan_UStepNjump: It depends on what you did to remove pulseaudio in the first place. Did you follow a particular guide?05:15
dr_willisnot on ubuntu so i cant check it05:15
Ben64Demonstrate: yes05:15
meskaruneDemonstrate there was a kworker bug that sucked up a ton of system resources, which was fixed in the 3.1 kernel update05:15
Demonstratemy CPU is going bizzaraly crazy even at idle..05:15
StepNjumpThanks Ben... and how do I remove ALSA? I'm sad cuz alsa sounds better but I have problems05:15
Ben64StepNjump: what problems05:16
linuxloverubottu i dont see the boot section!05:16
ubottulinuxlover: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:16
Demonstratewell ill run the update, and I'll come back here and let you know. coming from 2.6.3805:16
ch33zhow do i edit the bind directory in ubuntu server?05:16
jbubnidamo22: 00:03.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82540EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 02)05:16
Jordan_UStepNjump: Pulseaudio is not a replacement for ALSA, pulseaudio runs on top of ALSA.05:16
ch33zpleasee helpp05:16
zykotic10StepNjump: removing ALSA means no sound at all, pulse relies on ALSA for h/w access (one does not replace teh other)05:16
StepNjumpOh well, I cannot record certain things... Some applications don't work like the morsekob JAVA application05:16
meskaruneomg you are still on 2.6 Demonstrate? o_O05:17
StepNjumpzykotic10 oh I see05:17
DemonstrateI dont like updating..05:17
dr_willislinuxlover:  you start that at login. not boot.05:17
Demonstrateanyways updating be back.05:17
linuxloverplz tell me step by step05:17
StepNjumpSomething happened at one point on my system and I had lost all my audio until I installed alsa05:17
Ben64jbubni: what version ubuntu05:17
dr_willislinuxlover:  that autorun dir....05:17
StepNjumpMy system is pretty much mixed up05:17
jbubniubuntu 10.0405:18
damo22jbubni, dmesg|grep eth005:18
meskarunelinuxlover: you have been told already. add your script to your start up. this depends on what DE you are running05:18
linuxloverwhere is the autorun dir?05:18
ch33zthat would help alot though05:18
Ben64jbubni: you should upgrade to a newer version05:18
ch33zcuz once i have dns set up i should be set05:18
dr_willislook in the .config dir.. linuxlover05:18
Ben64linuxlover: ~/.config/autostart05:18
jbubnii had the same problems with the new version so i tried to go back...05:18
zykotic10jbubni: nothing wrong with using Lucid 10.04LTS!05:19
dr_willisconky docs or faq mention this i recall linuxlover05:19
Ben64jbubni: i had a problem with my intel gigabit network card with 10.04, upgrading to 11.10 fixed everything05:19
ch33zso do i do that?05:19
dr_willisconky and unity can have issues ive seen05:19
Jordan_Ulinuxlover: There is no autorun directory like there is in Windows. ~/.config/autostart/ requires .desktop files, so you can't just put any script or binary in there.05:19
StepNjumpNormally, I used to use gnome sound recorder to record audio on my system... It used to work very well but now I get: Your audio capture settings are invalid. Please correct them with the "Sound Preferences" under the System Preferences menu.05:19
Jordan_Ulinuxlover: What version of Ubuntu are you using?05:20
jbubnidamo22: e1000: eth0: e1000_probe: ...05:20
dr_willisyou can put scripts or links in the autostart dir.05:20
ch33zzykotic10 what do i do? i did the /etc/bind/ but it just says directory  how do edit that?05:20
meskaruneStepNjump: so change your sound settings in the system config?05:20
dr_willisor launchers05:20
Jordan_Udr_willis: Are you sure that a .desktop file isn't required for that?05:20
zykotic10ch33z: wrong nick i believe05:20
jbubnidamo22: e1000: eth0 NIC Link is Up 1000 Mbps Full ....05:20
ch33zwrong nick?05:20
dr_willisJordan_U:  pretty sure05:20
ch33zzykotic10 what do you mean wrong nick?05:20
jbubnidamo22: eth0: no IPv6 routers...05:21
StepNjumpand when I try to do just that.. .I get Waiting for sound system to respond (when trying to open the sound preferences). It stays like that forever05:21
zykotic10ch33z: I have no idea what you are talking about, so i assume you must mean someone else05:21
StepNjumpand when I try to do just that.. .I get Waiting for sound system to respond (when trying to open the sound preferences). It stays like that forever meskarune05:21
damo22jbubni, thats good, maybe your router doesnt support gigabit ethernet05:21
ch33zthis is an ubuntu forum05:21
meskaruneStepNjump: can you open amixer in the terminal?05:21
ch33zzykotic10 i am asking about dns do you know anything?05:21
StepNjumpI tell you meskarune its really messed up05:21
zykotic10ch33z: nope05:21
ch33zah, newbs lolz05:21
linuxloverJordan_U i use ubuntu 11.0405:22
meskaruneStepNjump: can you open amixer in the terminal?05:22
SnolaXsomeone plays openarena?05:22
* zykotic10 thinks he was just called a newb :(05:22
linuxlovermeskarune in startup, I add "bash conky.sh" right? and in the /.config/autostart I put copy the sh file, right?05:22
StepNjumpmeskarune: stuff like that came up on my screen Simple mixer control 'Input Source',205:23
meskarunelinuxlover: are you trying to run conky? or trying to run a bash script?05:23
StepNjumpShould I go in synaptics and remove everything in there about pulse and alsa and then reinstall?05:23
linuxloveram trying to run conky.sh file at startup meskarune05:24
meskarunelinuxlover: is conky.sh a script?05:24
nathan28linuxlover: what display manager do you use?05:24
SnolaXsomeone plays openarena___?05:24
linuxloveryes meskarune05:24
nathan28linuxlover: is your conky.sh in a dir in your $PATH?05:24
SnolaXwhos meskarune05:24
nathan28is it executable?05:24
SnolaXask him05:24
meskarunelinuxlover: are you trying to start a script named conky or are you trying to run the program conky at start?05:24
linuxlovernathan i dont know what is a display manager05:24
jbubniconnection works if it is directly connected to the modem, firewall running damn small linux connects fine, used to have the same setup, tried upgrading to 11.10, now can get on via firewall with either OS05:25
damo22linuxlover, you cant run conky from rc.local if your display manager hasnt started yet afaik05:25
dr_willislinuxlover:  so copy it to .config/autowhaterver  dir05:25
linuxlovermeskarune i am trying to run conky.sh file that is located in the home folder05:25
StepNjumpEven pavucontrol doesn't work anymore!05:25
bobo37773damo22: Are you sure that is a good idea?05:25
nathan28linuxlover: what does echo $PATH say?05:25
damo22bobo37773, read my post carefully i said cant05:26
linuxlovernathan28 what is this $PATH man?05:26
nathan28and what does ls -lhA /home/yr_user_name/conky.sh say05:26
meskarunelinuxlover: why do you need that file run at boot though? what does that script do? start multiple conky's?05:26
linuxloverI AM PROUD TO BE A NEWBIE nathan2805:26
linuxloveryeah meskarune05:26
bobo37773damo22: Sorry. Your right. I read it wrong.05:26
meskarunelinuxlover: I see. well you can have that script run at boot by adding it to your startup. do you run gnome, fluxbox, kde, or what?05:27
meskaruneyes? :)05:28
dr_willislinuxlover:  you may want to learn some more linux basics befor messing with conky and scripts.05:28
zamiellinuxlover: did you get the answer on how to make the app startup on login?05:28
nathan28linuxlover: don't listen to willis, just make sure you back up your files regularly05:28
dr_willisbummer andchat crashed..05:28
nathan28you can do anything then05:29
zamiellinuxlover: you can always modify the .profile in /home/(username/05:29
damo22what is conky ???05:29
dr_willishe cant seem to comprehend the simple act of copying a file to a dir... thats all that is needed for his fix.05:29
meskarunedamo22: it is a system information utility05:29
zykotic10!info conky | damo2205:29
zamieldamo22: its an on-desktop report on stats and other data info... quite handy05:29
nathan28dr_willis: hey, everybody starts somewhere... and everybody needs backups05:29
ubottudamo22: conky (source: conky): highly configurable system monitor (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.1-2 (oneiric), package size 3 kB, installed size 68 kB05:29
bobo37773linuxlover: Are you only running one conky? Meaning everything is in .conkyrc?05:29
damo22you cant run an X11 program from rc.local since the session hasnt started yet05:30
dr_willisnathan28:  and we have told hom what to do.05:30
dr_williswe told him that earlier alsdo nathan28  ;)05:30
wookienzguys, some hacker has gone through about 100 of my php files and added a "eval(base64_decode(...." header. what sed command can i use to go through each one and remove the string?05:30
nathan28dr_willis: yeah i think he might be rootkit05:30
zamiellinuxlover: pm me if you will...05:30
macmartineI have a couple commands in /etc/rc.local that are supposed to start processes on startup but they aren't starting. What might cause that?05:30
dr_williscp scriptname.sh  ~/home/yourusername/autorun (or was it autostart)05:30
bobo37773wookienz: Are they all exactly the same?05:31
wookienzbobo37773: the files the same name? or the strong in each file?05:31
nathan28linuxlover: you need to fulfill a few conditions: 1. have a legit script 2. have the script be executable 3. have another script call the script when you log in05:31
bobo37773wookienz: No I mean the string05:31
wookienzthe string is the saem05:31
dr_willisim very sure the conky faq/docs also menton how to do this. They reccomend a delay in the script so conky starts about 20 sec after the desktop loads.05:31
linuxlover_hi meskarune05:32
linuxlover_the net got disconnectedd05:32
bobo37773dr_willis: you are right. Always use sleep if you can with conky05:32
bobo37773wookienz: use -i switch with sed05:32
dr_willisand i DO recall conky not working well with Unity and the dash when i tried it a few months back.05:32
meskaruneconky uses a ton of system resources. it will drain laptop battery life quickly05:33
linuxlover_meskarune i use a desktop05:33
meskarunelinuxlover: yeah, I have conky on my desktop. :)05:34
bobo37773wookienz: Something like -->         sed -i /"eval(base64blahblahblah"/d *php05:34
syddrafFrom the GRUB command line, how do I determine the uuid of a drive?05:34
linuxlover_http://imagebin.org/198826 this is what conky.sh looks like just suggest me how do I launch it a startup plz05:34
nathan28syddraf: blkid05:34
zykotic10syddraf: from GRUB command i doubt you can, from regular command line blkid05:34
nathan28oh grub05:35
meskarunelinuxlover: what DE/WM are you using? just add the script to your start up. tell us if you are using gnome or kde or xfce please05:35
nathan28blind luck or foreknowledge work better there05:35
linuxlover_i use gnome meskarune GNOME 2.3205:35
nathan28linuxlover_: 2.32? i thought the GNOME devs banned non-3.x05:36
meskarunelinuxlover: then in the gnome preferences there should be session. you can add the script there to start, and have conky start after it.05:36
linuxlover_any other way? what about startup applications?05:36
meskarunelinuxlover: I mean just put "bash /path/conky.sh" to it05:37
wookienzbobo37773: thanks.05:37
bobo37773wookienz: Your welcome.05:37
meskarunelinuxlover: add it to start up applications. it will start when you login ><05:37
linuxlover_in startup?05:37
zamiellinuxlover: you can also add it as the last line to the .profile in the root of your home directory.05:38
nathan28linuxlover_: make sure the conky.sh file is executable, otherwise nothing will happen05:38
zamiel# conky &05:38
nathan28or as zamiel says just call conky ifyou only have one .conkyrc05:38
=== stacks` is now known as goose`
zykotic10zamiel: (i'm not sure) but i don't think putting GUI application in .profile is a good idea, i'd image that gets sourced for TTYs as well as Xorg05:39
goose`with iptables if i block would that mean to ?05:40
zamielzykotic10: I do it all the time. also .profile is only called when you log in / affects one user not the whole machine05:40
zamielzykotic10: although i may suffer from the "works on my machine" syndrome sometimes.05:41
bobo37773goose`: Why would .64. go to .127.?05:41
zykotic10zamiel: do you get errors when logging into VTs?  (ctrl+alt+f1 -> f6)05:41
zamielzykotic10: nope.05:41
goose`well how would i block to in one line05:42
goose`thats what im asking05:42
dr_willisexample conky.desktop file and some other neat conky tips ( not ubuntu specific) googled at -->  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Conky05:42
goose`like what would be the range for that, or is that not possible05:42
goose`instead of creating a new line for .65 and .66 all the way to .12705:42
zamielzykotic10: ok, just a small one > cannot open display...05:43
zykotic10zamiel: that makes sense05:43
zamielzykotic10: but that is really minor...05:43
zykotic10!wfm | zamiel05:43
ubottuzamiel: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/05:43
bobo37773goose`: I am a little rusty but I think it might be like this -->
zamieloh ubottu, you are so far inside the box05:44
meskaruneno reason not to do something if you know how to fix it. ;P05:44
bobo37773goose`: May need to look at the switches though05:44
bobo37773no problem05:46
=== tony_ is now known as tblambda
nathan28goose`: n/m, didn't read properly05:47
nathan28bobo37773: not sure about ubuntu but the form is deprected iirc05:50
bobo37773nathan28: How else to specify a range like that?05:50
nathan28well 0-255 is 0/2405:51
nathan28hold on05:51
nathan28bobo37773: that's in NFS exports05:53
nathan28sinces hosts.allow is ancient (and dead, right?) i think it works fine there05:53
bobo37773nathan28: NFS exports? I have no idea what you are talking about.05:53
nathan28the range to which you export an NFS share05:54
nathan28confusion's on my part05:54
ruslan_osmanovhi. there is system - preferences - passwords and encryption keys menu item. In what directory it stores it's data?05:55
ruslan_osmanovI want remove it since an old user set its password there....05:56
ruslan_osmanov* his05:56
StepNjumpWhat is the best way to back up my system Norton_Ghost style?05:56
dr_willistheer is a 'g4l' tool i recall thats like 'ghost for linux' but ive never used it.05:57
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning05:57
bobo37773ruslan_osmanov: Do you have a program called seahorse?05:57
zykotic10StepNjump: clonezilla livecd is similar to Ghost05:57
ruslan_osmanovbobo37773, I think no.I'm actually on debian )05:58
StepNjumpok so I need to run it as a liveCD zykotic10 ?05:58
ruslan_osmanovbobo37773, hmm, but it is available. should I install it?05:58
zykotic10StepNjump: ya, it's a LiveCD05:59
StepNjumpOk thanks a lot zykotic1005:59
bobo37773ruslan_osmanov: Well it can delete keys. That is all I know.05:59
ruslan_osmanovbobo37773, thanks. I'll try\06:00
meskaruneruslan_osmanov: can you just delete the user and his/her home director if they are no longer using the system?06:00
bobo37773StepNjump: What do you mean by "best"? Fastest, byte by byte, file at a time, etc.. etc...06:00
meskarunebest is subjective06:01
ruslan_osmanovmeskarune, sure. I was just curious about the keys06:01
bobo37773nathan28: Did you find an alternate way for a range like that?06:02
wookienzhi, i need a script/commend that will go through each file in a directory, search for a specific "string", return the file names, then allow me ot use those file names to do some sed scripting on. any ideas?06:03
StepNjumpzykotic10: Does it back up to a file or do I need to create a partition of the same size for the destination?06:03
zykotic10StepNjump: it supports files, as well as compressed files.  It also has network support.06:03
StepNjumpSomething easy bobo37773 ... Something that compresses the system into 1 file (or a few) so I could revert back to a previous date in case of mishap06:04
meskarunewookienz: sed and awk would probably work06:04
bobo37773ruslan_osmanov: On your system is there this folder -->  ~/.gnome2/keyrings06:04
wookienzyes but how!06:04
StepNjumpawsome.. thanks zykotic1006:04
StepNjumpI'm downloading it now..06:04
meskarunewookienz: man sed and man awk06:04
wookienzi have the sed command, i have a find command to find the files, but i need to lnik them06:04
ruslan_osmanovbobo37773, indeed :) thank you06:04
bobo37773StepNjump: Gotcha. Yeah I would probably go with clonezilla too then.06:05
bobo37773ruslan_osmanov: Your welcome.06:05
meskarunewookienz: you can pipe the output to a new file06:05
bobo37773wookienz: Are the files located in different places? Like different places of a directory tree?06:06
sixdahswookienz: grep?06:06
wookienzyes, but all under /home/someone/06:06
pangolinhaving a strange issue with VLC, I am not getting any sound, nothing muted in alsamixer, tried different settings in VLC prefs, any ideas?06:06
wookienzpresently i have... "find . -type f -exec grep -l "string: {} \;, this gets me the file names i need to work on. I now need to look at each of those files, remove a search string, and add in a new line.06:07
bobo37773wookienz: If I understand correctly you are saying file1= ~/folder1/file.php    and file2= ~/folder2/file2.php    <-- Is this correct?06:07
wookienzbobo37773: yes06:07
meskarunepangolin: do you have codecs installed?06:07
wookienzbut they may be 20 in one folder and 10 in another ect06:07
pangolinmeskarune: I have the restricted-extras package installed06:08
meskarunewookienz: awk will do that. read the man page on it06:08
bobo37773wookienz: Maybe a for each loop?06:08
wookienzpresently i have for sed... sed -i '/somesttring/d' file.php to remove the string, then sed -i 1i"newlinestring" file.php to add a new line. just need to string all three together06:09
bobo37773wookienz: You can take the ouput from your find command and use sed with it. Is that what you want?06:10
sixdahswookienz: sed -i 's/somestring/newstring/g' will replace somestring with newstring06:12
Jordan_Uwookienz: Sorry, I came in in the middle. What are you trying to accomplish?06:12
R3adHi guys.06:12
cfhowlettR3ad: greetings06:12
colton_ls -l06:12
wookienzsixdahs i need that to work on all files under a home directory06:12
R3adWhoever it was that suggested a virtnual machine and vnc for running bt5 on my tablet, cheers.06:12
R3adIt's working fine.06:13
wookienzcan i pipe my find commadn that outputs the list of files into a sed command to work on?06:13
meskarunewookienz you can use a pipe or do > file.txt to make a text file to edit06:14
wookienzmust be in place as there are a hundred files06:15
sixdahswookienz: find . -type f -exec sed -i "s/somestring/newstring/g" '{}' \;06:15
dr_willisnd has advanced options06:15
bobo37773wookienz: Something like this -->  http://pastie.org/337880806:15
dr_willisfind has some neat features.06:15
wookienzsixdahs: true that could cut out one command06:16
wookienzbobo37773: thanks,,, so will that operate an oeach line of $x06:16
Jordan_Ubobo37773: That's going to have problems with filenames that have spaces.06:16
Jordan_Uwookienz: I would recommend asking in #bash.06:16
wookienzsixdahs: how do i run multiple commands under exec?06:17
wookienzjordan_U: ok thanks06:17
Jordan_Uwookienz: You're welcome.06:17
bobo37773wookienz: That is just a basic example06:17
sixdahslike what other commands06:17
bobo37773wookienz: sixdahs solution is much more elegant06:18
Jordan_Uwookienz: I hope that you have everything in your home directory backed up...06:18
wookienzthe string im looking for to remove is very complicated and i cant work out how to escape some of the characters to allow sed to use it as a string and thus remive it outright stright up instead of removing the entire line and then hvaing to put back a <?php stanza...06:19
wookienzbut if i can figuyre out the escaping then one less command i would need06:19
bobo37773Jordan_U: Can you explain please? The spaces thing I mean06:19
wookienzjordan_U: i web server home dir, and yes06:19
Jordan_Ubobo37773: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashPitfalls#for_i_in_.24.28ls_.2A.mp3.2906:20
wookienzhere is the string if anyone can escape it and produce a sed commnd to do what i want.06:21
bobo37773Jordan_U: Interesting. Thanks.06:22
sixdahswookienz: you want to replace the whole line3 or just what's in the quotes06:23
p1erreIs anybody here experienced with lyx?06:23
Jordan_Ubobo37773: You're welcome. The entire site is great.06:23
celltechIs there a Ubuntu 'like' linux that's Not unbuntu anymore?06:23
wookienzsixdahs i want that entire string removed, nothign in its place06:23
wookienzevery bit of it.06:23
=== blahblah1we is now known as blahblajblah
sixdahsthe entire string that is in quotes on line306:23
bobo37773Jordan_U: Bookmarked. Man I am glad I use zsh hahahaha06:23
Jordan_Ucelltech: That would be offtopic for #ubuntu, maybe #ubuntu-offtopic would be OK, or ##linux.06:23
sixdahsor the entire line306:24
celltechI'm not too happy with an OS that's 32gb's...06:24
Ben64celltech: what are you talking about06:24
dr_willismy linux system is on a 16gb flash06:25
Jordan_Ucelltech: Ubuntu's default install is far less than 32 GiB. The entire thing fits on a single 700 MiB CD image (given, that's compressed and will result in a few GiB installed, but nowhere near 32).06:25
celltechI have a 120gb hard drive. and I have 94gb's left. And that's ALL ubuntu06:25
cfhowlettcelltech: your ubuntu is 32G?  you're doin' it wrong.06:25
celltechI've even slimmed it down and removed a ton of stuff06:25
wookienzsixdas: yup every thign in line 306:25
Ben64Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on06:25
Ben64/dev/sda1                10G  2.1G  7.4G  23% /06:25
wookienzbackin 2006:25
cfhowlett*poof* and he's gone06:25
crizzy10gb doesn't give you much space for your own data, though06:26
dr_willis5% of the fs is reserved for rescue.06:26
Ben64i have /home separate06:26
sixdahswookienz: it's not on the same line number in each file is it..lolz06:26
crizzyi c06:26
cfhowlettcrizzy ben64 same here06:26
wookienzyes, line one06:26
Ben64/dev/sda2             1.8T   54G  1.7T   4% /home06:26
wookienzbut there is other stuff on the line as well, not seen in the pastie...thati need06:26
sixdahsoh ok06:26
cfhowlettcrizzy ben64 my ubuntu studio with every codec I could lay hands on STILL comes to only 7.5g06:27
hot2trotmy terminal spit out a lot of very useful information... and it took a long time to get through it, so I can't do the operation again and pipe it to less, how can I scroll up in the terminal... page up doesn't work and theres no scroll bar on the side of the terminal...06:27
Jordan_Ucfhowlett: celltech left.06:27
crizzyi'm having 1tb internal + 1tv external but i still run out of space06:27
Ben64hot2trot: are you in screen06:27
cfhowlettJordan_U: roger06:27
hot2trotBen64: actually, yes06:28
Ben64hot2trot: CTRL+A+[06:28
hot2trotBen64: THANK YOU!!06:28
Ben64hot2trot: no prob06:28
=== Corey_ is now known as Corey
hot2trotBen64: actually, that's not working... it just prints the last command, I think it is because I have my commandline setup to work like vim06:29
Ben64hot2trot: ctrl+a+[ in screen enters "copy mode" where you can move through the history with the arrow keys and pgup/pgdown06:31
hot2trotBen64: AHHH i see now06:31
hot2trotBen64: worked, you sir are a scholar and  saint06:31
oratedHello! I'm using this command to rsync remote folder with local folder - sudo rsync -rpPe ssh /home/user/data/ abc@ But after completion of the process, I see slight difference in size of destination directory - 15.4 GiB 1713 files 209 sub folders and the source is 15.5 GiB 1893 files 226 sub-folders. Running the command again is not fixing it. Am I missing any flag? How can I sync it completely?06:35
keniobatsHello!, Ubuntu 12 is sucking my battery, it lasts 2h30min instead of the 5hs it last on my MacBook Air. Is there any chance to improve this?(I read about the kernel issue but don't know what to do). Thanks06:39
bobo37773keniobats: What level of cpu frequency scaling are you using? Also try a lighter window manager if you want longer battery life06:43
=== russf_ is now known as russf
macmartineI like how the docs, about where to set enviroment variables, say: "Not recommended:  ~/.profile - This is probably the best file for placing environment variable assignments,…." that's a little contradictory.06:44
urfr332g0keniobats, it might help to know that the channel for 12.04 is #ubuntu+1 :)06:45
keniobatsbobo37773: no idea, I've just installed Ubuntu on my MB Air, i5 2.5GHz(approx), urfr332g0 thank you! :)06:45
bobo37773keniobats: Isn't 12 still alpha or beta or something?06:46
macmartineWhere is the PATH set by default?06:46
jameslordhi all06:46
jameslordhow to restart gnome using command ?06:46
bobo37773jameslord: you mean logout?06:47
keniobatsbobo37773: yes but this is an issue since 2.6.35 kernels06:47
keniobatsbut don't know if downgrading kernel would work :S06:47
urfr332g0jameslord, do you have desktop problems from tweaking compiz?06:47
bobo37773keniobats: What part of the kernel is using the power that causes the regression? Like what process I mean?06:48
=== root is now known as Guest29075
urfr332g0jameslord, restarting the ldm though is sudo restart lightdm06:48
keniobatsbobo37773: If I would know that perhaps I wouldn't be here :S haha :)06:48
keniobatsalso, it's not only a battery issue, the laptop starts heating a lot and the fan doesn't stop at all06:49
jameslordbobo37773 not logout, since kde cannot respond, i want to restart it06:50
StepNjumpI tried clonezilla but it is trying to back up all my sda partitions.. I just want to back up the #6... Is this normal?06:50
bobo37773keniobats: Hahaha. Well that makes sense I guess. Look into cpu fequency scaling. I have not had much luck with powertop but you may want to look there too.06:50
bobo37773jameslord: Is your computer completely frozen?06:51
urfr332g0StepNjump, you cab choose partitions06:51
keniobatsbobo37773: how do I look that? sorry for my ignorance :/06:51
StepNjumpurfr332g0: It only offered me to back up sda06:52
StepNjumpI will try again but...06:52
StepNjumpI have 5 partitions on sda.. too many to back up06:52
bobo37773keniobats: Well powertop is a cli application. As fas as cpu frequency scaling I think ubuntu uses this by default. You know something like performance, on demand, etc..06:53
urfr332g0StepNjump, in the gui where you choose you have 4 options save hd or a partition or restore the hd or a partition.06:53
=== Gskellig|away is now known as Gskellig
StepNjumpoh ok so I need to choose partition... I get it.. thanks urfr332g006:53
StepNjumpI will try again06:54
urfr332g0StepNjump, takes a few trys to figure out maybe it did me. :)06:54
keniobatsbobo37773: oohh right, I think I've tested that some time ago, I'l give it a shot again06:54
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
linuxloverHi, I cannot run conky.sh from startup applications I jjust put there /home/USER/bash conky.sh but it wont load what is the error in that? can someone suggest?06:58
jyfl987http://pastebin.com/m0JeStkP   anyone can tell me why this configure dont work??06:58
mcurranOn startup my eth0 connection always shows connect in wicd-client, but there is no traffic, and I always have to either disconnect/reconnect in wicd-client or do a dhclient eth0.  I've tried disabling wicd-client on startup, and then also commenting out my eth0 in "interfaces" file, but I still get the same result.  Anyone got an idea?06:59
bobo37773linuxlover: hahaha. Yeah that is totally wrong. bash is an appllication and your home is a path. You want something like this if anything --> bash /home/user/conky.sh07:01
bobo37773linuxlover: Let me see a pastie of your script07:01
mikasalguem me ajuda a configurar DNS no debian ?07:02
sixdahswookienz: you still around07:02
ubottumikas: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.07:02
bobo37773linuxlover: You should not even need .sh file extension or to call it with bash. I don't. Mine looks like this --> /home/user/documents/scripts/conky.sh        thats it07:03
linuxloverohh i wrote /home/USER/ bash conky.sh07:03
infiniiHi, I'm having trouble understanding what gnome shell is and how it relates (or differs) from the gnome desktop07:04
bobo37773linuxlover: Where is your script? Also does the first line say --> #!/bin/bash     ?07:04
linuxloverwhat does ur cony.sh file contain?same as mine?multiple conkys?07:04
linuxloverwait i will give u07:04
linuxlover#### conky.sh07:06
bobo37773linuxlover: Here is mine http://pastie.org/337898607:06
linuxloverthen 2nd line07:06
whumphrey_Anyone available to help a newer user to linux? Read the forums and how to's for installing a wireless adapter and have reached a point where I need help07:07
linuxloverhttp://pastie.org/3378992 mine is like this is that ok?07:08
bobo37773linuxlover: No it's not. Delete the first line completely07:09
linuxloverany other changes?07:09
FatsDTOk.  I've screwed things up now.   I've got a "grub rescue>" prompt after powering on.07:10
bobo37773linuxlover: Notice how line one calls the interpreter "/bin/bash". All you need to add to your start up is the path to your script.07:10
FatsDTThat follows "error: file not found."07:10
bobo37773linuxlover: Where is your script located?07:10
FatsDTI can "ls (hd0,1)/boot/grub/"  and see all the grub modules07:11
linuxloverright in the home folder by the name of conky.sh07:11
FatsDTbut "insmod (hd0,1)/boot/grub/normal.mod" just yields "error: file not found"07:11
wookienzsixdahs_: just back07:12
whumphrey_if anyone could offer assistance I would be very grateful07:12
bobo37773linuxlover: Open a terminal and type --> /home/username/conky.sh07:12
bobo37773linuxlover: Does your conky run with this command?07:13
hardwired'llo. I need to get a newer version of a package than I get with standard 'apt-get install package'. How do I do that?07:13
linuxloveri  usually run  with sh conky.sh and it opens but now that i changed the script i dont know what to expect07:13
punkmexiccan someone tell me how to edit grub so win7 is default07:14
cfhowletthardwired: find/download the .deb package.  sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb07:14
bobo37773linuxlover: Open a terminal and just type the path/to/script and hit enter. Does your conky load?07:14
hardwiredcfhowlett: OK, sounds easy enough. Will it not get overwritten at the next update?07:15
cfhowletthardwired: quite possibly.07:15
FatsDTwoot... found typo and progress is made07:15
cfhowletthardwired: you CAN selectively upgrade...07:15
linuxloverhey conky started !!!07:15
hardwiredcfhowlett: ok, good enough, thanks!07:15
trueskygood evening everyone!07:16
punkmexiccan someone tell me how to edit grub so win7 is default}07:16
trueskydoes anybody have some experience with chromium browser? I does not seem to be updating... I have the dev version, but it is not updating. im on version 17, and the newest dev is 18. Anyone have any thoughts?07:17
maletorCan somebody advise how to write this? https://gist.github.com/182444107:17
lonejackHi, can somebody help me on directory permission prob? My question regard apache. The web server can't access to my area. I did just a cmd test: sudo su www-data and then ls my/home/public_html->not allowed(but that directory has owner www-data). Why?07:17
linuxloveryeah man07:17
blahhey guys i created a few debdiffs and i wanna make a deb out of it - however on doing "pbuilder create" it downloads quite a few packages. do i have to do the same thing everytime i wish to create a deb package? what am i missing?07:18
blahi followed the instructions here => https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/HandsOn07:18
bobo37773linuxlover: There you go. Now in your startup just put -->   /path/to/script/conky.sh07:18
bobo37773linuxlover: That's it. I use sleep in my script. You may need to look into it later. Don't forget it.07:19
bobo37773linuxlover: Reboot and test.07:19
linuxloverbobo37773, thanks a lot man i had been struggling to start conky at startup for more than 3 hours u solved my issue in an instant thanks a lot dude07:21
linuxloverand cfhowlett thanks for that pic, YYYYEEEESSSS!!!!07:21
cfhowlettlinuxlover: good luck/have fun07:21
=== danilo is now known as Guest53490
linuxloverhey guys just need some suggestion, which dock is better? dockbarx or cairo-dock?07:22
blahsome help here with the pbuilder doubt?07:23
linuxloverany suggestions?07:23
zykotick9linuxlover: which is better?  apples or oranges?07:24
linuxlovercan u suggest?07:24
zykotick9linuxlover: personally, i like apples better.07:24
hardwiredcfhowlett: wohooo! The new version fixed the bug that was giving me problems for days, sweet!07:25
linuxloverzykotick9 i personally love all fruits[dont wanna get old quickly] hehehehe07:25
bobo37773linuxlover: I like wbar the best. I am a minimalist though07:25
linuxloverabhinav_singh kaise ho07:26
linuxloverbobo37773: ohh07:26
=== PlaybookUser is now known as Brookss
linuxloverdo you have some custom plymouth screens you would like to share with me? bobo3777307:28
Xgateshi guys07:29
punkmexiccan someone tell me how to edit grub so win7 is default}07:29
Xgatescan anyone tell me for LUKS where I can find the latest information on Ubuntu's site/wiki for setting up LUKS?07:29
urfr332g0punkmexic, take a look at GUI Apps for Grub 2 - Finally some apps for the GUI enthusiast!  here. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119527507:30
linuxloverok  bye, have to check conky bobo37773 see ya later07:30
anoci have private virtual server that have basc script icon on desktop i need to run often. It uses sudo command and asks pw each time. How can i make it so that wont ask password?07:30
Daniel_WMDE_hi all. enigmail for thunderbird seems to remember my passphrase indefinitly. i don't want that. it tells me that i'm using gnupg-agent or some such, and I have to configure passphrase retention there.07:30
Daniel_WMDE_i don't have gnupg-agent installed though07:30
Daniel_WMDE_what does ubuntu use for managing gnupg passphrase access?07:31
Daniel_WMDE_where to i configure the timeout?07:31
Ben64anoc: why do you run gui on a vps? what does the script do?07:31
Jordan_Upunkmexic: Edit GRUB_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub as explained here: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html#Simple-configuration then run "sudo update-grub".07:31
whumphrey_Anyone available to help a newer user to linux? Read the forums and how to's for installing a wireless adapter and have reached a point where I need help07:31
bobo37773linuxlover: Take care.07:31
Daniel_WMDE_...gpgsm isn't installed either07:32
hardwiredDaniel_WMDE_: probably v in gpg-agent.conf07:32
anocthe script updates clock. my old vmware lags the time and cannot be upgraded. so clicking the update time upc script is easy fix.07:32
Daniel_WMDE_hardwired: but gnupg-agent isn't installed...07:32
bobo37773linuxlover: I do not use plymouth sorry07:32
hardwiredhardwired: Daniel_WMDE_ , sorry, i meant: probably default-cache-ttl in gpg-agent.conf07:32
Daniel_WMDE_will have a look anyway07:32
hardwiredDaniel_WMDE_: maybe it comes bundled with gpg07:32
hardwiredDaniel_WMDE_: look for .gnupg in your homedir07:33
Daniel_WMDE_hardwired: i don't see that file in /etc07:33
Daniel_WMDE_hardwired: find /etc -name gpg-agent.conf  <-- nothing07:33
punkmexicJordan_U, i use grub 2 maybe07:33
hardwiredDaniel_WMDE_: do that find in your homedir again?07:33
Jordan_Upunkmexic: Yes, that is the default for Ubuntu and I linked to grub2 documentation.07:33
theixleI am, all of a sudden, not able to establish a good connection with telnet to a host I've been able to connect to fine for months. It says connected but "freezes" afterwards. Can anyone help me troubleshoot?07:34
Daniel_WMDE_hardwired: .gnupg/gpg.conf exists. use-agent is commented out.07:34
Ben64anoc: you could set root's crontab to update the time07:34
hardwiredDaniel_WMDE_: hold on, I'll check my stuff07:34
anocBen64: did that but wont work somehow. tried many guides from various forums.07:34
punkmexicthanks urfr332g007:34
Daniel_WMDE_hardwired: when i try to use gpg on the command line, *noi* agent is used.07:35
Daniel_WMDE_this is strange07:35
urfr332g0punkmexic, you might look at Jordan_U link as well.07:35
Daniel_WMDE_enigmail seems to interact with a passphrase agent, but gpg on the command line doesn't07:35
SubjectOneheyah Daniel_WMDE_, i have sinds today the same problem07:35
hardwiredDaniel_WMDE_: it could be enigmail caches your pw without gpg agent, why not?07:35
theixleBtw, this is in Ubuntu 10.04.3 L07:36
Daniel_WMDE_SubjectOne: i have first noticved yesterday. somethign is strange...07:36
SubjectOnegpg no longer want to work via cli07:36
Daniel_WMDE_hardwired: because when i try to change enigmails setting, it explicitly tells me that it can't because i'm using an agent and i need to go there to change the sessing.07:36
anoccan't i just somehow save the sudo pass into this script line??: sudo ntpdate time1.mikes.fi07:36
Daniel_WMDE_hardwired: now, that *could* be an enigmail bug. but...07:36
punkmexici understand english but not grub language :p07:36
punkmexiccan someone help me edit my grub? http://pastebin.com/aVc4ZHRA07:36
SubjectOnedoes that means it has a homecall service ? build in ?07:36
SubjectOnei just got a verry creepy feeling about this07:37
hardwiredDaniel_WMDE_: what does ps acx|grep agent  tell you? is the agent running?07:37
Ben64anoc: no, the best way is root's crontab like i said07:37
Daniel_WMDE_hardwired: ssh-agent is running, as expected. nothign else07:37
Daniel_WMDE_or do ssh and gnupg share an agent now?07:38
Daniel_WMDE_in theory, that sounds like a nice idea07:38
Jordan_Upunkmexic: Change GRUB_DEFAULT=0 in /etc/default/grub to GRUB_DEFAULT="Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)"    then run "sudo update-grub".07:38
theixleAlso, if this is not the appropriate channel for networking related questions, please point me in the right direction.07:38
bobo37773Is ssh built into the kernel now?07:38
Daniel_WMDE_i don't want gpg top use an agent!07:38
hardwiredDaniel_WMDE_: I'd get the agent running (it's handy if you use gnupg in more than one program). That my just solve your problem.07:38
bobo37773By default I mean.07:38
zykotick9anoc: there is some way to add commands to sudoers so passwords aren't required.  Sorry i don't know how off the top of my head.07:38
punkmexicso i dont need to edit grub.cfg Jordan_U ???07:39
Daniel_WMDE_hardwired: i could get the agent up and set it to a very short timeout.... that would kind of solve my problem07:39
hardwiredDaniel_WMDE_: oh sorry :-) didn't mean to suggest a "solution" you don't want.07:39
Daniel_WMDE_some recent upgrade to ubuntu causes enigmal to cache passphrases forever07:39
Daniel_WMDE_this is a BIG security problem!°07:39
hardwiredDaniel_WMDE_: I trust the agent more than enigmail to keep my passphrase securely in memory...07:39
bobo37773anoc: echo password | sudo -S command07:40
Jordan_Upunkmexic: You never edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg. The proper place for changing grub preferences like this is /etc/default/grub.07:40
Daniel_WMDE_hardwired: yea, perhaps. what scares me is that currently, it's in memory forever.07:40
Daniel_WMDE_it doesn't time out07:40
Ben64bobo37773: thats incredibly dangerous07:40
Daniel_WMDE_hardwired, SubjectOne: where should we report the issue? enigmail? ubuntu?07:40
bobo37773Ben64: Eh. I use it all the time. Why is it extremely dangerous?07:40
Ben64having your password saved in cleartext :|07:41
Ben64its like "here, please hack me!"07:41
punkmexici have GRUB_DEFAULT=8 that i need to change it to GRUB_DEFAULT="Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)"  ??¡¡07:41
bobo37773Ben64: I am the only one on my computer. Physical access == game over anyways. what's the difference?07:41
Jordan_Upunkmexic: Correct.07:42
hardwiredDaniel_WMDE_: no idea.07:42
Ben64bobo37773: its a very bad method, and physical access isn't the only way that would mess you up07:42
bobo37773Ben64: Could you elaborate a little? Like a scenario or something?07:43
Ben64just don't give bad advice like that to people here07:43
anocBen64: Thanks. Now i made a sudo crontab and put the script there. lets wait and see does it run. Do i need to restart/reload crontab somehow?07:43
punkmexicJordan_U, how do i know if i should put  GRUB_DEFAULT=1 or  GRUB_DEFAULT=2 if i want to put ubuntu again as default?07:44
Ben64anoc: no, crontab goes all the time. what you should have in it though is "ntpdate <server>" don't run the script from cron07:44
zykotick9Ben64: not sure if it applies, but if you use ntpd you should not be using ntpdate07:44
Jordan_Upunkmexic: Ubuntu will be the first menu entry, and since menu entries are counted from 0, that would mean that to restore Ubuntu as default you would put GRUB_DEFAULT=007:44
whumphrey_Anyone willing to help me?07:45
zamielbobo37773: if you want to leave files around with root passwords that unprivledged users can gain access to --> then gain root. its your adventure... just very unsafe...07:45
Ben64zykotick9: yeah i'm not sure how his setup is, but he had a script using ntpdate and apparently worked07:45
punkmexicok ill reboot to see if it worked07:45
bobo37773Ben64: I do not think it is bad advice. I thought it was a simple answer to a simple question.07:45
zykotick9anoc: do you use ntpd?07:45
anocmy command currently is sudo ntpdate time1.mikes.fi and it has worked ok07:46
Ben64bobo37773: its like leaving the key to your car taped on the windshield07:46
Xgatescan anyone tell me for LUKS where I can find the latest information on Ubuntu's site/wiki for setting up LUKS?07:47
zykotick9anoc: using ntpd is better then ntpdate, it will actually train your clock.  But, the two shouldn't be mixed.07:47
whumphrey_wireless adapter help anyone?07:47
zamielBen64: or your key under a cactus next to the door, when you live in alaska...07:47
adarshaj_What is the version of kernel that would be shipped with Ubuntu 12.04LTS ?07:47
zamielwhumphrey_: PM me ill help...07:48
zykotick9whumphrey_: details (such as what wireless adapter) would be helpful07:48
Ben64adarshaj_: wont know for sure until April 5th07:48
adarshaj_Ben64: Any guesses?07:49
zykotick9!info linux precise | adarshaj_ Ben6407:49
ubottuadarshaj_ Ben64: linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 30 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel armhf powerpc)07:49
anocBen64: i dont think it will train my clock because the vmware machine is f*ckd up. It's made with different cpu than it its so the clock is not working.07:49
Ben64anoc: you should fix that07:50
adarshaj_zykotick9: cool :), thanks!07:50
whumphrey_zykotick9 / zamiel It's a netgear wna310007:52
anocBen64: perhaps i should. just dont' have the skills to make it 100% working. im happy if i just get the clock not to be wrong multiple days07:52
bobo37773Ben64: My opinion is that the most dangerous thing in gnu linux is the default kernel configuration for most distros. That kind of sudo information could probably be harmful to a certain subset of users though so I will try to not reccomend it if that thing is discouraged here.07:52
overcluckeranoc: a line like this in yoour sudoers could work:  %groupname ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: /path/to/command /path/to/another/command07:53
bobo37773anoc: Wait all of this is just to set your time on boot?07:53
Ben64see its such an easy thing to use cron for07:53
zykotick9bobo37773: for a VM...07:54
overcluckeranoc: then as part of the group sudo command shouldwork without password.07:54
bobo37773zykotick9: A virtual machine?07:54
zykotick9bobo37773: yup07:55
anocbobo: no, i dont boot my virtual machine almost ever. just put it sleep state / and then resume it at the next day (used for php/mysql work)07:55
bobo37773zykotick9: Ben64 Why not just use a networkmanager hook? Ubuntu still uses networkmanager right?07:55
perfektnoob question, what's the command for the chkdsk equivalent in ubuntu (working from livedisc 9.04)?07:55
Ben64perfekt: fsck07:55
=== Simon1245 is now known as Simon_McKnight
zamielbobo37773: or wicd and uninstall all the avahi crap...07:57
bobo37773anoc: Oh man I totally missed the whole thing. Yeah listen to Ben64. You want cron all the way. Especially since you are freezing the state of the machine.07:57
theixleSo, any networking help here? I posted question already but will repost if needed.07:58
theixleIf this is the wrong channel please advise.07:58
bobo37773zamiel: networkmanager does not depend on avahi or vica versa.07:59
zamielbobo37773: noted, but removing the autoprobe features of network manager and the "im over here" stuff from avahi is helpful if you want to lower your surface...07:59
zamielbobo37773: specially if your running a server..08:00
shajiconfiguring dhcp for different subnets howto08:00
bobo37773zamiel: Yeah if I was running a server I doubt I would run anything other than a simple daemon. No wicd or networkmanager. I have had problems with wicd and networkmanager both in the past. I cannot even really reccomend one over the other anymore these days08:01
shajiconfiguring dhcp for different subnets howto08:03
theixleAm I doing something wrong to try and get help or is everyone just occupied?08:03
bobo37773theixle: What is your issue?08:04
shajihello abhinav  configuring dhcp for different subnets howto08:04
theixleI am, all of a sudden, not able to establish a good connection with telnet to a host I've been able to connect to fine for months. It says connected but "freezes" afterwards. Can anyone help me troubleshoot?08:04
Jak2000happy valentine day!08:04
urfr332g0theixle, sometimes it takes a person who knows what you need to respond, kind of a slow time for the channel. :)08:05
theixleI didn't want to repost my question and be spammy.08:05
bobo37773theixle: Is the whole setup local? Or is the host remote?08:05
theixleThe host is remote08:05
theixleIt's a MUD08:05
theixletext based rpg etc08:05
bobo37773theixle: Well since you said it has been working for months the only two things I can think of is something changed on your end or on the other. Are you telneting to a hostname or to and ip address?08:06
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theixleI have tried both bobo08:06
bobo37773theixle: Did you update anything related on your end?08:07
Ranthor_Harwathhello, I need an update in the distro. the evolution client has bugs08:07
Ranthor_Harwathwhom should I report08:07
theixleI agree something has changed on my end, but as I use the machine almost exclusively just for telneting to this remote host, it's hard for me to imagine what I could've done.08:07
theixleI haven't changed anything other than allowing the package manager to install updates.08:07
WaltherUvuntu 11.10 alternate cd, doesn't detect my wireless card08:08
antiiIm getting system messages that my disk "/" is full.. I ran the disk analyzer and it didnt show anything.. Happend to anyone before?08:08
bobo37773theixle: Look at your updates08:08
anocoverclucker: tried the sudoers but still asks password08:08
sudoduckantii: what's df say?08:09
antii/dev/sda1             141G  134G   50M 100% /08:09
theixlebobo37773: In package manager? Is there a history of the most recent updates?08:09
zykotick9whumphrey_: is that a USB or PCI card?08:09
whumphrey_wna3100 wireless adapter help anyone?08:10
bobo37773theixle: Do you have / do you use synaptic?08:10
theixlebobo37773: Ok I haven't done anything to the machine over the past few hours, but now the telnet connection seems to be working properly.08:10
theixlebobo37773: While I could just call it good, I'm worried about this problem reocurring and would like to see you could help me understand the cause.08:10
WaltherUbuntu alternative install cd does not detect my wireless card -> no networking -> does not install any wireless stuff08:10
antiisudoduck: I am using the most like.. 14GB at all08:11
antiiin my /home folder08:11
whumphrey_zykotick9: usb08:11
bobo37773theixle: weird. Well you must have done something. Hmm look at dmesg. Anything interesting there08:11
WaltherHow can I configure tye wireless during the install on Alt CD?08:11
kroonrshi. sometimes when I suspend and resume, my terminal program does not resume.08:11
Ben64antii: well something you have is taking a lot of space08:11
theixlebobo37773: unfortunately I don't know what I'm looking for :/08:12
shajiconfiguring dhcp for different subnets howto08:12
antiiBen64: it says my home folder is full.. but if i look in there i dont see any big files08:12
zykotick9whumphrey_: from my very quick search, looks like you might have to use the windows driver with ndiswrapper (again it was a QUICK search, it may not be accurate).  But I can't/won't personally help with windows stuff.  Good luck.08:13
Ben64antii: its not just your home folder, its the entire / partition08:13
antiiBen64: any way I can find the "file/s"?08:13
anoci made sudoers line myname ALL = (ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: /etc/default/ntpdate        and still asks for password08:13
bobo37773theixle: Does you connection go in and out? Is it a console based machine?08:13
anocused the command sudo visudo08:13
=== Simon_McKnight is now known as Simon1245
Ben64antii: "cd /; du -h --max-depth 1"08:14
kroonrsantii: you can go to / on the command line, then try du -sb * |sort -n to find which directory/files are taking up more space (will need to be root, or use sudo)08:14
theixlebobo37773: It's running x (xfce), the connection is wired directly to the router and is stable08:14
theixlebobo37773: I've been ssh'd from win7 on the lan consistently all day08:14
antiikroonrs: it seems like proc is taking up all space :S08:15
theixleBut, I meant the dsl link is stable08:15
kroonrsantii: go into the proc folder and repeat08:15
shajiconfiguring dhcp for different subnets howto can you help08:15
WaltherHow do I configure wireless during alternate installation?08:15
antiikroonrs: 140737486266368kcore08:15
bobo37773theixle: Just a guess: Maybe you have a backround process running since you last updated that is causing your connection on telnet to be less stable then it used to be. As far dmesg goes just look at it for a while and it will eventually start to make sense. I know that sounds crazy but you will eventually get it08:16
Ben64antii: that doesn't count08:16
dr_willis /proc is special08:16
bobo37773Later everybody. Take care.08:17
kroonrsantii: Not sure what that's supposed to be, so I can't advise you to delete it...08:17
swebhow can i checkdisk my root partition ?08:17
Ben64antii: pastebin the output of "sudo du -h --max-depth 1 /"08:18
kroonrsantii: you can backtrack, and look for something else big taking up a lot of space?08:18
swebsome of my folders is lostttttt08:18
dr_willissweb: id use a live cd.08:18
antiiBen64: in what folder?08:18
syn-ackkroonrs, looks like a kernel dump.08:18
antiiBen64: /?08:18
Ben64antii: if you type it how i have it there, any08:18
whumphreyzykotick9 you still there, i lost connection08:18
antiiBen64: http://pastebin.com/uR9YuKPg08:19
sweb dr_willis: any other method ?08:19
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot08:19
zykotick9whumphrey_: from my very quick search, looks like you might have to use the windows driver with ndiswrapper (again it was a QUICK search, it may not be accurate).  But I can't/won't personally help with windows stuff.  Good luck.08:19
Ben64antii: well that shows /home taking the majority of the space08:19
whumphreyok thanks08:19
whumphreyI tried ndiswrapper but cannot get the driver to link to the adapter08:20
Demonstrateanyone know howto add ubuntu to favorites on empathy??08:23
anocif i make ntpdate without sudo, i get bind() fails: permission denied.   and i did make my username to sudo group08:24
antiiBen64: lol found it.. 25920029354 2012-02-14 09:04 .xsession-errors.old08:26
shajiconfiguring dhcp for different subnets howto can you help08:26
Ben64antii: a 26GB file?08:27
antiiBen64: 126GB08:28
antiiBen64: found the cause of it08:28
Gskelligwhen i create a user, how come I cant login via ssh with the password i made08:29
DemonstrateGskellig: have yyou setup ssh on that user?08:30
zykotick9Gskellig: how did you create the user?08:30
sudoduckso, wget is only returning the first part of a site, even when i tell it to --ignore-length. thoughts?08:30
zykotick9Demonstrate: what do you mean?08:30
Gskelliguseradd -m -p password user108:31
zykotick9Gskellig: i can't help.  In future you might want to try "adduser" instead08:31
Gskelligand I added it to sudoers08:31
overcluckerGskellig: first of all, that's not a very seccure way to set the password08:31
GskelligI was going to change it as soon as I logged in08:32
overcluckerGskellig: do you have the openssh-server package installed?08:32
zykotick9Gskellig: using adduser will setup users properly08:32
Gskelligadduser != useradd ??08:32
kroonrsQuestion: How can I un-minimize an app that minimizes to system tray in unity?  (I can't seem to find the system tray anywhere...)08:32
Demonstratekroons alt-tab works..08:32
kroonrsDemonstrate: no, it doesn't08:33
ActionParsnipyeah was thinking alt+tab08:33
kroonrsDemonstrate: that's why i'm asking08:33
Gskelligsigh wow i did not know adduser even existed08:33
Demonstratereally now..08:33
ActionParsnip!adduser | Gskellig08:33
ubottuGskellig: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo08:33
overcluckerGskellig: useradd and adduser should both work. adduser with prompt you for the password without echoing it to to terminal08:33
=== live is now known as Guest52617
Gskelligstill says permission denied when trying to ssh08:34
overcluckerGskellig: to you have openssh-server installed?08:34
Gskelligits the only way i currently have access to it lol08:35
Gskelligits a server08:35
overcluckerGskellig: try sudo passwd username08:35
gerard007goeden morgen ieder08:35
Gskelligstill says denied overclucker08:36
Halexander9000Hello! I was trying to install qjoypad and followed the instructions in the install notes. It said it needed Qt4.0 or greater, so I installed Qt4.7.4. But it refuses to recognize it thus won't obey the ./config command. What can I do to make it work?08:36
Demonstrateto whom ever cant get their mininized windows08:36
Demonstratecreate a task bar..08:36
gerard007goodmorning room08:36
Demonstratehttp://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/10/add-taskbar-in-ubuntu-11-0411-10-with-panel-tint2/ good taskbar but you can also  use avant08:36
Lintafter update grub2 gives me butt hurt. i need a way to boot ubuntu in text mode because otherwise all my consoles are colorful mess in GUI mode08:37
Linti tried nomodeset kernel parameter but avsolutely nohing changed08:37
ActionParsnipDemonstrate: tint2 is pretty sweet08:38
Demonstrate^ this.08:38
ActionParsnipLint: what GPU do you use08:38
gerard007is er iemand die mij kan helpen met opstarten van een dvd08:38
LintActionParsnip, SVGA08:38
ActionParsnipLint: thats neary every video card post 199008:39
ActionParsnipLint: nvida? intel? radeon? sis?08:39
zykotick9Lint: "lspci | grep -i vga"08:39
md0crapcan someone remote in and help me with a raid problem?08:39
sudoduckno wget wizards on this morning?08:39
ubottuNederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl08:39
Gskelligthe password is right, still isn't sshing08:39
Demonstratemd0crap:  what's the problem?08:40
gerard007dankje ga ik direct doen08:40
whumphreyanyone willing to help with a wireless usb adapter problem?08:40
ActionParsnipwhumphrey: what is the issue?08:40
md0crapseemingly healthy disks are failing when I try to build a raid08:40
overcluckerGskellig: try ssh username@localhost from the server, and see if it works08:40
Demonstratemd0crap: oh.. well that like punches me in the mouth  really..08:40
Lintthe problem is that even grub2 is running in graphic mode08:40
ActionParsnipGskellig: what message do you get when you try to connect?08:40
ActionParsnipLint: Grub2 is text only08:41
Gskelligpermission denied, please try again08:41
Gskelligeven from localhost08:41
Demonstratewhumphrey: What USB adapter are you using?08:41
ActionParsnipGskellig: is the new user the owner of it's own $HOME?08:41
LintActionParsnip, wrong, I can see in monitor properties. text mode is 720*400, but grub menu appears at 640*48008:41
Gskelligi think so08:42
Gskellighow do i check?08:42
zykotick9Gskellig: "permission denied" that's not a password issue.  Do you have userallow in /etc/ssh/sshd_config?08:42
ActionParsnipLint: its still text only, there is nothing graphical in Grub208:42
ActionParsnipLint: so not wrong at all08:42
whumphreywell there are no networks appearing I tried installing using ndiswrapper08:43
DemonstrateActionParsnip: Do you think you can elaborate on replacing grub with Lilo?08:43
LintActionParsnip, then why its menu is in graphic mode?08:43
Demonstratewhumphrey: what is the usb adapter chipset/ name etc?08:43
whumphreyActionParsnip, it's a netgear wna310008:43
overcluckerLint: like a grub splash image?08:43
Lintoverclucker, what the hellis this?08:44
ActionParsnipLint: did you edit /etc/default/grub  and change the resolution there?08:44
ActionParsnipwhumphrey: run:  lsusb   and use teh 8 character hex ID to find guides08:44
whumphreyDemonstrate, it's a netgear wna310008:44
Gskelligzykotick9, "Allowusers root user1"08:45
Gskelligtrying to login as user108:45
Demonstratewhumphrey:  do what actionparsnip says lsusb and print the ID here08:45
GskelligAllowUsers rather08:45
LintActionParsnip, there's GRUB_GFXMODE, but it's commented out08:45
zykotick9Gskellig: did you just add user1?  you'd need to restart ssh for that to take effect08:45
ActionParsnipwhumphrey: ok, use that to find guides08:45
ActionParsnipLint: uncomment it, set the resolution and run:  sudo update-grub08:46
Gskelligzykotick9, that must be it08:46
zykotick9Gskellig: i mean, did you just add user1 to that sshd_config file?08:46
LintActionParsnip, but I don't need a resolution, I want plain text screen!08:46
zykotick9Gskellig: "sudo service ssh restart" should work (i don't believe it will disconnect you, but not 100%)08:47
ActionParsnipLint: if your screen needs to use a certain res it will need to be set so you can see the Grub menu08:47
sidb  08:47
kroonrsDemonstrate: thanks re tint2, but it doesn't seem to be showing up there, either.08:47
LintActionParsnip, it doesn't need anything. it should be in plain text mode, but grub2 switches it in graphic one08:47
Demonstratekroonrs: what did you minimize that isn't showing?08:48
kroonrsDemonstrate: when I run the program off the command line, I get "QGtkStyle was unable to detect the current GTK+ theme."08:48
ActionParsnipLint: are you running Ubuntu Server (no X server / desktop UI)?08:48
kroonrsDemonstrate: it's a local university app for internet access accounting08:48
Gskelligthanks guys08:48
Gskelligssh works08:48
Demonstratedid it by any chance hop in the top right?08:48
Gskelligcant believe i forgot that08:48
LintActionParsnip, no, it's normal one08:48
ActionParsnipLint: so what video card are you using in the system?08:48
maestroMy ubuntu 11.10 is not detecting my bluetooth adapter(not usb adapter, its on board). Please help me..!08:49
LintActionParsnip, why are you trying to derail my question?08:49
ActionParsnipmaestro: if you run:  dmesg | grep -i blue   does it show in the boot messages?08:49
maestroActionParnsip, lemme check08:50
ActionParsnipLint: you are having an issue with video display, right?08:50
Demonstratekroonrs: did that error occur over tint2?08:50
kroonrsDemonstrate: nope - I can make it appear in the top right with gsettings, but then I can't restore it from minimize - the icon just sits in the launcher08:50
kroonrsDemonstrate: no08:51
cryptodiraafter a re-install of amd/64 10.10, 'some' xscreensaver modules no longer have a preview and return this error: terminated with signal 11   other modules work fine... options/solutions ?08:51
kroonrsDemonstrate: the error was there before tint208:51
Demonstratewait so how did you get "QGtkStyle was unable to detect the current GTK+ theme"??08:51
LintActionParsnip, no, I'm having an issue with grub2 which insist on working in graphic mode, and with kernel configuration which also boots in graphic mode08:51
DemonstrateUghh unity sucks.08:51
kroonrsDemonstrate: I ran "NXInetkey" (the application) on the command line08:51
crizzyunity rocks <308:51
Linti need them both not to mess with it and boot normally08:51
=== sun_ is now known as Guest1160
kroonrsDemonstrate: the application works fine at first, but when I minimize it, I can't get back to it with alt-tab, and it's nowhere on the system tray08:51
maestroActionPArnsip, here is the pastebin link of the dmesg http://paste.ubuntu.com/841428/08:52
urfr332g0Demonstrate, are you able to save tint2 changes?08:52
Guest1160very good chat ) i first time install IRC08:52
Demonstrateurfr332g0: it's not for me it's for kroonrs08:52
urfr332g0Demonstrate, ah cool08:52
LintFirtstly, GRUB208:53
Demonstratekroonrs:  well that beats me... tint2 should print up all minimized windows, umm have you tried using the windows version of that program and running it under wine?08:53
ActionParsnipcryptodira: Maverick is EOL in April. I wouldn't waste any time with a fresh Maverick install...08:54
maestroActionParsnip,here is the link for the result of dmesg:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/841428/08:54
Jordan_ULint: To get grub to use VBE Text mode, add (or uncomment) GRUB_TERMINAL=console in /etc/default/grub and run "sudo update-grub".08:54
DemonstrateYay!!! there seems to be a problem with the default linux kernel on 11.04, before the update something was eating all of my 8 core's resources all over 80% workload on idle. just a heads up..08:55
ActionParsnipmaestro: seems to be detected then :008:55
kroonrsDemonstrate: that might work - I just asked the initial question because of the weird systray items not in alt-tab behaviour.  If that's not common, I'll probably switch to a different application for the internet accounting.  It also minimizes to sys-tray, so I can see if that is the fault or not.  Thanks for the help.08:55
Demonstratekroonrs:  sorry  I couldn't help you solve that mysterious unminimization..08:56
maestroActionParsnip, But bluetooth manager of ubuntu and blueman both does not detects it...:(08:56
* Lint wonders why the hell restart has no suid bit08:56
maestroActionParsnip, Ubuntu`s bluetooth manager says no adapter found..08:56
cryptodiraActionParsnip, i went back to 10.10 after an auto-update to 11.04 failed.... i have nearly everything restored, this xscreensaver issue is next on the list... it works except for some modules, hence the query for assistance here.08:57
DemonstrateAnyone know how to stop  empathy from resizing when i type too long? it stretches past my monitors range o.o I have to reset it after.08:57
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
ActionParsnipmaestro: try:  sudo hcitool dev    do you see a device?08:59
ActionParsnipcryptodira: surely clean installing Natty would have been wiser? Or Oneiric?09:00
maestroActionParsnip, Nopes...! Its`s output is"Device:       "(and blank)09:01
Jordan_ULint: Please watch your language. And because it's usually not desireable that absolutely any user be able to reboot the machine.09:01
sun__who learn python?09:01
Demonstratewho knows python? I do.09:02
ubuntuaddictedne1 in here work at canonical?09:02
=== himcesjf|py is now known as himcesjf
phixi has python09:02
maestrosun__ i do09:02
dr_willisi made a 'shutdown' user once. with shutdowd as their shell... ;)09:02
LintJordan_U, absolutely any user can reboot a machine. there's a small button on that machine's case09:02
phixdr_willis: yay \o/09:02
dr_willisLint:  not on my case.. anymore.09:03
zykotick9dr_willis: solaris used to have a shutdown user i believe09:03
cryptodiraActionParsnip, no doubt you are correct, however, being off grid and with a slow satellite connection, i chose to stay with maverick until early summer when the road will be free of snow and i can once again get snail mail.  can you offer a solution to the problem at hand?09:03
Jordan_ULint: Only if they have local access.09:03
Demonstratedr_willis: so how do you turn it on..................09:03
phixLint: not on mu computer, its behind an alarmed locked cabinet  too!zz09:03
DemonstrateIf { powerbutton =! then ??09:03
dr_willisDemonstrate:  its inside the case. away from the 3 yr old.09:03
Jordan_ULint: The same packages are used for all Ubuntu Flavors, that includes Ubuntu Server (ignoring the fact that I also use my Ubuntu Desktop as a server).09:04
whumphreyDemonstrate, I'm going around in circles with the guides i'm finding09:04
dr_willisseen magnetic switches also.09:04
Demonstratedr_willis: oh.. I guess im the only nerd who has his own computer cave & 8core cpu 64gb ram huh..09:04
Demonstratewhumphrey:  Ill help you out09:04
urfr332g0what's the hide desktop command crtl?09:04
Demonstratewhumphrey:  can you tell us the ID in lsusb?09:04
whumphreyDemonstrate, thank you09:05
* Lint bets that ubuntu allows remote logins too09:05
whumphreyBus 001 Device 007: ID 0846:9020 NetGear, Inc. WNA3100(v1) Wireless-N 300 [Broadcom BCM43231]09:05
sun__i have dilema beetwin python and perl both language i small study  please advise me whose language better and more help for system administration?09:05
urfr332g0ah crtl-alt-d doh09:05
dr_willissun__: learn both09:06
sun__sorry for my english ia have process study engliw09:06
Demonstratewhumphrey:  give me a sec  im looking around09:06
sun__who first?09:06
dr_willissun__:  and learn regular expressions09:06
Demonstratesun__: python.09:06
whumphreyDemonstrate, okay man thanks again09:06
Demonstratewhumphrey: what version of ubuntu you runnin?09:07
sun__foundations both language i know... but don't learn lib this language09:07
whumphreyDemonstrate, 12.1009:07
Ben64whumphrey: no you aren't09:08
Ben64could be 12.0409:08
whumphreyi mean 11.1009:08
sun__Demonstrate thk ))09:08
maestroActionParsnip, u there...?09:08
Demonstratewhumphrey: are you on x86 or x64?09:08
sun__yes regural exprassions, i going to learn soon )))09:09
ActionParsnipmaestro: back09:09
whumphreypretty sure x86 32 bit09:09
sun__IRC real good 4at for gik )09:09
rokyronniecan somebody help me to configure my Audio card ? everything is working fine but my mike input it doesn't work09:09
Demonstratewhumphrey:  do you have your driver disk for the adapter?09:09
ActionParsnipwhumphrey: ask in #ubuntu+1 for prerelease please09:09
Demonstrategrab the inf file for x32 and try using ndis09:10
maestroActionParsnip: So you know what the problem is there with my laptop...?09:10
Demonstrate11.10 pre-release?09:10
whumphreyActionParsnip, que paso no intendo09:10
ActionParsnipno but 12.04 is pre-release09:10
Ben64ActionParsnip: he said 12.10, meant 11.1009:10
whumphreyyea what he said09:11
Demonstratewhumphrey: do you have access to the INF file from the disk?09:11
LintJordan_U, thanks, that worked09:11
c31r2ghi ActionParsnip!!!!09:12
Jordan_ULint: You're welcome.09:12
* Lint wonders why grub has such a g.. configuration by default09:12
whumphreyDemonstrate, I don't think so but it may just be I don'e know how to get to it09:12
Demonstratewhumphrey: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ndiswrapper/index.php?title=Netgear_WNA310009:12
Demonstratewhumphrey: driver: ? (bcmwlhigh5 | bcmwlhigh6) are the driver file names google for them & good luck that guide expresses everything pretty thuroghly09:13
DemonstrateI love my auto-detected ralink off amazon for 4 dollars ^^09:14
ActionParsnipmaestro: what make an model laptop?09:15
* Demonstrate goes to sleep.09:15
ActionParsnipikonia: thanks09:15
whumphreyDemonstrate, ndiswrapper -a 0846:9020 bcmwlhigh509:15
whumphreycouldn't create symlink for "0846:9011.F.conf": Permission denied -09:15
whumphreyinstallation may be incomplete09:15
whumphreydriver 'bcmwlhigh5' is not installed (properly)!09:15
=== zay` is now known as zay
ActionParsnipwhumphrey: use ndisgtk  it will be easier09:16
whumphreyDemonstrate, that's pretty much where I'm getting stuck09:16
Demonstratetry the GUI version.09:16
ActionParsnipwhumphrey: is it not a broadcom 43xx chip?09:16
maestroActionParsnip, I am having dual boot ubuntu 11.10 + windows7 runnin on  Hp-G6-1219tu model laptop I3-second gen.09:16
whumphreyfrom what I've read it is but I've read both that the 43xx firmware works and that it does not09:17
ActionParsnipmaestro: the cpu ismoot09:17
DemonstrateActionParsnip: it is a broadcom with no native.09:17
maestroActionParsnip, ?09:17
ActionParsnipmaestro: in windows, disable power management on the bluetooth and disable its ability to wake the system up09:17
ActionParsnipmaestro: moot == irrelevant in this context09:17
ActionParsnipDemonstrate: gah09:17
Demonstratewhumphrey: from what I've read v1/v2 are diffrent chipset's but apperantly if you've got the version with (bcmwlhigh6 ) you can get it working.09:18
maestroActionParsnip, Actually i knew about this sad ass feature of my laptop that if i have my wifi+bluetooth off in windows the i wont be able to run it on Ubuntu. So i made sure that the bluetooth and wifi were running on windows7 before i rebooted to ubuntu09:19
maestroActionParsnip, The wifi is working properly but as i told you bluetooth is not09:20
Demonstratewhumphrey:  That's about All I can find on it Wish you luck dude I'm going to crash out (I pm'd you)09:20
c31r2gmaestro in my case bluetooth works but wifi not09:20
ActionParsnipmaestro: check the power management stuff, it can affect the Ubuntu OS.09:21
ActionParsnipsuprised anyone uses bluetooth, its so slow09:21
c31r2gmaestro plugin the bluetooth and restart and see it  worked for me09:21
rokyronniecan somebody help me to configure my audio card ? my mike doesn't work09:21
maestroc31r2g, this silly stuff really amazes me. I never understand why the hell manufacturers does these stuff09:21
whumphreyI think I got it, I used the GUI, uninstalled the bcmwlhigh5.inf and used the bcmn43xx32.inf and I think it's going to work. Says the hardware is present now09:22
maestroActionParsnip, I will do that on my next reboot. Lets see if it helps. Or i will have to disturb the channel again....:)09:22
c31r2gActionParsnip i cant use my wifi on live usb so i had to connect to bluetooth and it worked for me09:22
ActionParsniprokyronnie: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh09:22
c31r2gmaestro anytime :)09:23
rokyronnieActionParsnip : it gave me a list09:24
maestroc31r2g, Is your wifi broadcom 43xx series?09:24
LintI cannot see language selection option in new ubuntu login screen09:24
c31r2gno maestro its atheros .....09:24
rokyronniedmesg, lspci, lsmod, aplay, amixer, alsactl, /proc/asound/, /sys/class/sound/, ~/.aoundrc ( etc.)09:25
ActionParsniprokyronnie: run that command and select to upload to the server, a red url will be made, what is it?09:25
c31r2gmaestro look at my wireless card if you like09:25
maestroohk... As mine was that and i had to make some adjustments in order to make my wifi work.... Earlier it would only detect the wifi networks but wont connect to them09:25
c31r2gmaestro did yoour bluetooth work ???////09:26
maestroc31r2g, I dont know much about this stuff.. u see i am just a newbie here... I started ubuntu only 2 months before09:26
c31r2gand me maestro i started linux only 6 days ago!!!!!09:27
maestroc31r2g, its not a usb adapter. Its installed on the motherboard.09:27
magicJi want to allow ssh but stop sftp and rsync etc - it seems to be that as soon as I permit ssh connections I end up with anything else that uses ssh - is there any way around this09:27
ActionParsniprokyronnie: creative audigy rubbish can be a pain to get working09:27
rokyronnieso what should I do ? instead of buying another audio card09:28
c31r2gi'm a newbie too maestro09:28
ActionParsniprokyronnie: if you run:  alsamixer   are all levels cranked and unmuted?09:28
maestrohey c31r2g you school student or what?09:28
c31r2gmaestro hi study in college09:29
cloudgeekproblem with ssh Permission denied (publickey).09:29
cloudgeekwhen i try ssh -i default.pem root@xxx.xx.xx.xxx09:29
ActionParsniprokyronnie: may help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=109266709:29
maestroc31r2g ohk... so must some sort of computer engineer. IT or CSE?09:29
cloudgeekhow fix issue public key permission denied09:30
c31r2gyup studing09:30
ActionParsnipcloudgeek: what if you connect as your user?09:30
c31r2gmaestro you from india or what09:30
maestroc31r2g India...:D09:30
cloudgeekActionParsnip: same error09:30
maestroc31r2g U too...?09:30
c31r2gmaestro can you determine the country from its ip09:30
maestroYes i guess.. i know site that will do that for me09:31
c31r2gwhat site maestro09:31
cloudgeekActionParsnip: when i try with user name then also said that public key access denied09:31
c31r2gplease tell it to me09:31
rokyronnieActionParsnic : all my level are maxed in alsamixer09:32
sattu94maestro, c31r2g : Me Too!09:32
c31r2gme too?09:32
cloudgeekActionParsnip: i using a pem key and i copied that one ,using same i trying taking acess09:32
sattu94c31r2g: India!09:32
ActionParsniprokyronnie: http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5765509:32
maestrosattu94: Your name pretty much says that..:P09:32
maestroc31r2g: indiatrace.com/09:33
c31r2gmaestro please tell me the site09:33
c31r2gwhat not only india any country???please maestro09:33
Ben64c31r2g: whois09:33
c31r2gBen64 hi there09:34
maestroc31r2g bhai just go and google it... Google devta hai...:D09:34
c31r2gmaestro right09:34
sattu94maestro, c31r2g: go offtopic please.09:34
maestroc31r2g you are from?09:34
phixSo who wanted help with python before?  still need assistance?09:34
cloudgeekc31r2g: maestro:bahi kons si website ,i can help09:34
phixobviously it has to be ubuntu related too :)09:34
c31r2gmaestro india09:34
sattu94maestro, c31r2g: #ubuntu-offtopic please.09:35
c31r2gcloudgeek ip ,country website ,anyways got it09:35
phixIt's a trap! I tried to speak off topic in #ubuntu-offtopic before and I was banned :)09:35
maestroc31r2g where in india?09:35
cloudgeekc31r2g: didn't get you09:35
phixLjL: <309:36
c31r2gmaestro nashik for now studing09:36
* monk hates ubuntu09:36
Ben64!ot | c31r2g maestro09:36
monknew update = FAIL09:36
c31r2gcloudgeek i said determing country from ip but i got the answer thanks to Ben64 ,,you're always there :)09:36
c31r2got??Ben64 whats that09:37
cloudgeekc31r2g: use samspade09:37
maestroc31r2g k cool. now enough of chit chat. This is a professional channel...:P09:37
Ben64offtopic, this isn't relating to ubuntu support09:37
maestroBen64 exactly what i mean09:37
c31r2gsorry Ben64 i will be :x on offtopic :)09:37
cloudgeekc31r2g: or use firefox addon for the same09:38
Halexander9000Hello! I was trying to install qjoypad and followed the instructions in the install notes. It said it needed Qt4.0 or greater, so I installed Qt4.7.4. But it refuses to recognize it thus won't obey the ./config command. What can I do to make it work?09:38
cloudgeekc31r2g: this is not related to Ubuntu09:38
c31r2gok thanks cloudgeek09:38
ActionParsnipmonk: if you don't like it, don't use it. Nobody is forcing you....09:38
ActionParsnipmonk: pointless statement09:38
monkActionParsnip: suck it09:39
c31r2gi'm  anewbie someone was fooling with me saying he is a telepathist so i wanted to know thanks for the help09:39
c31r2ganyways when is the new distro for ubuntu out?09:39
ActionParsnipmonk: grow up please09:39
monkActionParsnip: back off09:39
c31r2gmonk:monk's in reallife are so peacefull LOL09:40
monkim peaceful09:40
ActionParsnipmonk: you don't sound it, at all09:40
c31r2gmonk but you're statements are.....09:41
sattu94monk: More like an Anti-Monk..09:41
Halexander9000I'd really appreciate the help. Someone?09:41
monkwell im having a bad day, which is getting worse09:41
rokyronnieActionParsnip : thanks for the link, but.. I can't figure it out09:41
cloudgeekActionParsnip: +109:41
poolskiI have a software RAID1 I made with mdadm under Ubuntu 32-bit- if I reinstall a 64-bit version of it, will mdadm still work?09:41
phixmonk: DOn't be a hater09:41
maestromonk, you better behave. this is not your private channel, and the guy you are abusing is more knowledgeable then you would ever be in ur lifetime09:41
poolskior will it only work under the same architecture?09:41
monkmaestro: no he is not, he is an ubuntu user09:41
ActionParsniprokyronnie: all I can suggest is report a bug09:42
sattu94!ask | Halexander900009:42
cloudgeekmonk: quit plz09:42
ActionParsnipmonk: and what else do I use..?09:42
phixHalexander9000: you need the dev package installed too09:42
cloudgeekActionParsnip: behave like a linux user | or read ctab how to behave on irc09:42
Ben64i think ubottu died09:42
Halexander9000@sattu94 I was trying to install qjoypad and followed the instructions in the install notes. It said it needed Qt4.0 or greater, so I installed Qt4.7.4. But it refuses to recognize it thus won't obey the ./config command. What can I do to make it work?09:42
phixHalexander9000: you need the dev package installed too09:42
cloudgeekBen64: + | !of]09:42
monkcloudgeek: make me09:42
maestromonk, whatever, he has helped me. for a problem that no one else knew. so i respect him. and u better mind yourself09:42
Halexander9000phix: I installed the SDK package.09:43
maestromonk, dont pollute the channel09:43
phixHalexander9000: -dev at the end?09:43
ActionParsnipcloudgeek: I'm always good, just people pointlessly spouting opinions to nobody is a little tiresome09:43
Halexander9000Erm... the online installer.09:43
phixHalexander9000: Paste the error message you are getting in pastebin and gimme the URL09:43
c31r2gBen64 where is ubutto i miss him :)09:43
eona3I need help plz. I just installed Ubuntu on my laptop and when I went to reboot after the initial install it wont reboot into anything so I chose to reboot from the second HDD and it looks like it starts to boot the doesn't do anything. I really need to get this online asap as I have school tomorrow. Thx09:43
Halexander9000Sure. Thanks phix.09:43
raboofSupport for 10.10 expires in april. Is it still posssible to upgrade from 10.10 to 12.04 after april? or will 10.10 be removed somehow so I'll have to plan 2 upgrade cycles to get to 12.04?09:43
c31r2g6th day on linux and its been superb really!09:44
phixeona3: oh noes09:44
mraxilusIs there a language switcher app indicator for 11.10?09:44
c31r2gwhen is next ubuntu out??09:44
mraxilusI need to be able to swap between spanish and english easily.09:44
ActionParsnipraboof: yes but you will need to upgrade to 11.04 then to 11.10, then to 12.0409:44
phixeona3: CTRL+ALT+F1 do anything when it boots up?09:44
phixc31r2g: april09:44
eona3I'll try09:44
c31r2gthanks phix09:44
ActionParsnipraboof: I suggest a clean install of Precise when it is released :)09:45
Ben64ubottu is definitely dead, who is in charge of him?09:45
phixc31r2g: Ubuntu releases are in April and October or each year (hense the version number of Ubuntu, the latest being 11.10, meaning 2011 10th month (october)09:45
c31r2gBen64 is he really there09:45
c31r2gphix really thanks for the info i didn't know it09:46
ActionParsniplooks like she is sleeping09:46
phixor - of09:46
cloudgeekmonk: monk:not like that man ,but we have create irc for ideal for professional ,if do same thing here ,then how newbie can learn good things from here , we respect every ubuntu irc user.but newbie also take lesson from us .so please don't do next time specially abusing09:46
phixc31r2g: so guess what the next version number will be?09:46
c31r2g12.04 phix lol09:46
cloudgeek!coffee | !Ubuntu09:47
c31r2gphix :)09:47
phixc31r2g: :D  DING DING DING DING DING!!! you have won a new car!!09:47
phixwell not really09:47
monkcloudgeek: im not abusing anyone09:47
whumphreyokay got the adapter working but cannot get it to connect, as though there is an issue with the wireless encryption translation09:47
c31r2gwhere is my new key!!1phix09:47
Halexander9000phix: Thanks for taking time to help me. This is the error message: http://pastebin.com/0hQGD3Yb and this is where I got my Qt from: http://qt.nokia.com/downloads09:47
monkim just irritated that an ubuntu update borked the laptop09:47
phixc31r2g: It's 128 bits, you redy for it?09:47
eona3If I do the default boot it doesn't do anything but if I boot to the second HDD it goes to tty1 etc. Why would it install the boot loader thing to the second HDD? The problem is that is a TruCrypt drive that has really important data on it. How should I proceed?09:47
phixHalexander9000: ok I will tak ea look09:47
Halexander9000phix: The online installer for the Linux/x11.09:47
kollapsemonk: What happened ?09:47
cloudgeekmonk: or agree ,be calm many things happen with us !09:48
c31r2g128 bit?i heard 32,64 but this??phix09:48
cloudgeekmonk:which update !09:48
Halexander9000c31r2g: Maybe he's from the future.09:48
monkkollapse: sum kernel update on 11.04 and then i cannot boot into it...all sorted, reinstalled09:48
cloudgeekmonk: tell your issue which broken your laptop ,we help you all09:48
c31r2gso such a thing doesnt exist Halexander9000?right09:49
monkkollapse: waiting for ca$h for a new laptop, then Gentoo is going on for sure09:49
dr_willisnot a problem any more then..09:49
c3ssois it just me or is theming a bit broken in precise pangolin?09:49
monkcloudgeek: not to worry, i sorted it by repairing09:49
Halexander9000c31r2g: It does exist. But at a different place, time and/or universe all together.09:49
dr_willisc3sso:  ask in #ubuntu+109:49
Ben64c3sso: not just you, and precise channel is #ubuntu+109:49
cloudgeekmonk: but what about your data is that is able to recover | okay is every thing is okay09:50
c3ssoright thanks09:50
kbotnen_hi. Im trying to get unattended-upgrades to work and have a question about the config file. The tutorials (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticSecurityUpdates) say the config file is named  10periodic, but the /etc/cron.daily/apt script says 02periodic. which is correct?09:50
* Halexander9000 is listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dGpXuGWERQ&feature=g-u-u&context=G2d3f4b5FUAAAAAAAAAA09:50
monkcloudgeek: preserved $home (on separate partition)09:51
cloudgeekmonk:yeah sounds good ! i also often make backup yeah09:52
eona3why would it install the boot loader on the opposite HDD I told it to install on? That is a major flaw if you asked me... just saying09:52
yashshahHow to access the notification area in Ubuntu 11.10?09:52
eona3it being a TrueCrypt drive and all09:52
dr_willisaccess what do you mean yashshah ?09:52
phixHalexander9000: what version of qt you have installed?09:53
Halexander9000phix: Is there a command I should use to check that?09:53
Halexander9000phix: I showed you the download page.09:54
eona3phix: any ideas? thx09:54
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|away
yashshahwe have notification area in 11.10 right? So, I want to write a script to notify about the events.09:54
phixHalexander9000: yeah dpkg -l | grep -i qt   will show you09:55
phixyashshah: You can use the notify command line application to stick stuff up there09:55
phixeona3: What was the question?09:55
kbotnen_yashshah, notify-send09:55
eona3phix: How should I proceed?09:55
Halexander9000phix: http://pastebin.com/NTvjV9Dd09:56
yashshahYeah i would like to make the same thing as notify-send09:56
phixeona3: with what?09:56
eona3phix: it installed the boot loader to the second Truecrypt drive and it wont boot on the primary drive I told it to install on. How should I recover? thx09:56
phixeona3: why are you trying to use trucrypt for ubuntu?  use LUKS (which comes with ubuntu)09:57
yashshahkbotnen, Do you have any idea how notify-send access the notification area and notifies it?09:57
kbotnen_why cant you use the notify-send itself?09:57
eona3phix: ok, how should I get it to boot though09:57
kbotnen_else yo uhave to go through the dbus.09:57
phixeona3: it just boots09:57
phixinstall it on the MBR09:58
phixthe grub boot loader that is09:58
eona3phix: whats the easisest way to do that?09:58
phixeona3: There are docs on the ubuntu site that explains how to do this, I recommend you read them09:58
eona3phix: thanks...09:58
phixeona3: The easiest way is to spend 5 - 10 minutes reading the docs09:58
yashshahkbotnen_: What s dbus?09:58
eona3phix: any chance I can recover the second HDD that has Truecrypt that it installed on?09:59
eona3the boot loader09:59
phixeona3: you basically boot from CD, go through the setup, then in the disc manager you choose a partition to set as encryption drive, you need to use the alternate or server ubuntu CD, you cant do this with the esktop CD09:59
phixdesktop even09:59
phixeona3: no idea09:59
phixI havnt used trucrypt to encrypt an entire drive before10:00
woqhi, anybody knows some autoit alternative for linux (especially qt-based)? was searching on g, but cant find anything interesting10:00
eona3phix: not trying to be rude but why on earth does it install the bootloader on the opposite HDD it is told to install on?10:00
phixwoq: what is autoit?10:00
eona3isn't that a problem for some people?10:00
c3ssorather quiet in #ubuntu+110:01
phixeona3: It installs on the disc you tell it to install on10:01
___MAXHi, any know where to find the package location after making update to the Os10:01
ActionParsnipwoq: sounds like bash to me10:01
eona3I told it to install on HDD0 and it did but installed the bootloader on HDD110:01
woqphix: BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting10:01
c3ssowrong time (zone?)10:01
ActionParsnip___MAX: the deb will be in /var/cache/apt/archives10:01
woqyeah, like bash, but i need it for X :>10:01
phixwoq: sound horrible, I use Java or python for that :)10:01
Linteona3, kernel 3 enumerates disks in other order than 2, isn't that it?10:02
woqphix: sounds like advanced programming for me...10:02
ActionParsnipc3sso: the internet is 24/710:02
c3ssowell then10:02
phixwoq: BASIC like is always a bad idea10:02
___MAXactionParsnip: can i used for local update if the system crash10:02
Halexander9000Hey, does anyone play Minecraft?10:03
woqphix: yeah, but i need something simple, im not programmer, i just thought that autoit for linux would be awesome10:03
phixwoq: If I want to be verbose then I use BASIC end if10:03
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
ActionParsnip___MAX: sure, aptoncd will give you a pretty GUI but essenially you can copy those files and use them later if you want10:03
eona3Lint: why though? The GUI installer asked me where to install it so I said HDD0 and it did install it there but installed the Ubuntu bootloader, not Grub, to HDD1. Why?10:03
c3ssoat least I know now that I am not alone with my theming problems in precise...10:03
ActionParsnip___MAX: you can even tell apt-get to download every deb for your installed packages and you can back them up :)10:03
___MAXActionParsnip: Thanks :)10:04
eona3Lint: the problem is that HDD1 is (was) a Trucrypt drive, ugh...10:04
Linteona3, bootloader is always on active disk10:04
Lintactual grub code is in /boot or / partition10:04
eona3Lint: then why isn't the disc you tell it to install on made active?10:05
c3ssobtw : does someboy know which program now displays the battery icon? is it gnome-session?10:05
eona3just saying...10:05
phixeona3: /dev/sda?10:05
c3ssobecause on openbox, I want to get rid of it ...10:05
eona3phix: sorry I'm not sure what you're asking10:06
=== max is now known as Guest34728
ActionParsnipc3sso: the default OS shows battery level..10:06
eona3phix: I went through the GUI install of Ubuntu 11.10 and told it to install on HDD0, and it did, but installed the Ubuntu bootloader, not Grub, on HDD1...10:06
eona3and you know the rest.10:06
mrguserAny1 can help me?10:07
eona3HDD0 is where it was installed originally and should have been the active disc10:07
eona3and is the primary boot device as well10:07
mrguserhow i can hack my e63???10:08
stylus_ninjamrguser: !ask10:08
dr_willisand a e63 is a ?10:09
ActionParsnipmrguser: to do what?10:09
eona3phix: I mean I'm trying to implement Ubuntu in a busniess medium network envirnoment. Will I need to physically take all of the HDDs out of the PC except for one?10:09
ActionParsnipdr_willis: seems to be a nokia phone10:09
eona3during install?10:09
mrguserYa.. I want to install unsigd apps10:09
Halexander9000phix: ?10:09
eona3phix: How do I prevent this from happening in the future?10:10
llutzmrguser: and how is that an ubuntu-question?10:10
=== RKyle_ is now known as RKyle
dr_willismrguser:  check the android channel and forums perhaps?10:10
stylus_ninjamrguser, why and which programs?10:10
eona3I'm a huge Ubuntu fan but this is making implementation difficult10:10
ActionParsnipmgolisch: how is that ubuntu related?10:11
c3ssoActionParsnip: shure. I know that, the tray applet is ther in fallback mode tray and in openbox tray. I just wanted to know which program is providing it. I want to have theming on openbox, so I have to run gnoem-settings-daemon (thats the one I meant beforem too),  but I do not need the battery icon there, as openbox (tint2 has its own and the battery applet is messing with the space on the panel)10:11
eona3I mean I just lost over 400GBs of encrypted data...10:11
eona3because it wanted to install the bootloader on HDD110:11
eona3instead of HDD010:11
ActionParsnipc3sso: i believe its a xfce4-power-manager10:12
ActionParsnipc3sso: thats what I have on my lubuntu install10:12
eona3is this a normal part of any install?10:12
eona3if it is that is a major problem for network wide implementation10:12
c3ssoActionParsnip: no, not installed10:13
Linteona3, I would check launchpad.net for similar reports10:13
freeway_please pal how do i use skype on ubuntu 11.1010:13
Halexander9000phix: Erm... alright.10:13
eona3Lint: do you know of any way to recover that data at this point? thx for your help10:13
Linteona3, was the entire physical disc the truecrypt volume?10:14
c3ssoActionParsnip: its the same (unclickable) icon as in gnome fallback. seems to be gnome power manager which provides it, but I am not shure10:14
eona3Lint: yes10:14
Linteona3, i don't know much about true crypt sadly10:15
fabianvampirohi I am newuser for here10:15
fabianvampiroCan you help me10:15
ActionParsnipc3sso: http://paste.ubuntu.com/841497/    there is a power thing running, but its an item in the lxpanel10:15
fabianvampiroHow to specify NETWORK PROXY in backbox??10:16
fabianvampirothis option is like ubuntu10:16
cloudgeekActionParsnip: i fiexd that my pem key is owned by the root and i am acessing it from a user taht it refusing to take aceess10:16
ActionParsnipfabianvampiro: backbox isn't supported here10:16
ActionParsnipcloudgeek: ahhhh, makes sense10:16
ActionParsnipcloudgeek: glad you got the gold :)10:16
dr_willisisend there  a NetworkProxy env variable that many apps use?10:17
cloudgeekActionParsnip: yep i make sense ,then i found then i owned it by that user then it accessing ! yeah10:17
rokyronnieis there any plug-in that can show "what song is currently playing" in panel ?10:18
ActionParsniprokyronnie: that is in the sound panel in a default install10:19
napsyHello. What's the name of the package which has the 'ptrace' executable command?10:19
rokyronnieyes but I think it's just in the unity, and now I'm using Gnome 3 in classic mode10:19
fabianvampiroI need specific network proxy to connect a internet10:20
dr_willismost browsers have a proxy setting.10:20
linuxloverHi people I have a conky script that has an error somewhere near the temperature variables here is the screenshot of that http://imagebin.org/198849 and here is the paste of that http://pastebin.com/b3r4ubD5 I want it to see like CPU1: 44C but it shows some A or some sign10:20
ActionParsniprokyronnie: should still be under the volume icon10:21
fabianvampirobut, also I need update my S.O10:21
fabianvampiroacross the proxy10:21
ActionParsnipfabianvampiro: your distro isn't supported here10:22
freeway_what s happening10:22
cloudgeekanybody using proxy of network like (tor or anyother proxy + Firefox(with pentadactyl) with some addon +vim as an ide +irssi as irc client + Ubuntu server as desktop+and a lzy sysdamin and programmer,developer in terms of automate the process  + power user of linux tools sed ,awk,find ,grep,ls,xargs,plus pipeline + plus using hadoop,hbase,mongodb,nosql,opensatck,gnuplot,scilab + i need that guy help i am using same +or looking for a master who can help in the 10:23
dr_willisi thought he said he was using the blackbox window manager.10:23
linuxloverHi people I have a conky script that has an error somewhere near the temperature variables here is the screenshot of that http://imagebin.org/198849 and here is the paste of that http://pastebin.com/b3r4ubD5 I want it to see like CPU1: 44C but it shows some A or some sign10:23
ActionParsnipdr_willis:  package which has the 'ptrace'10:23
ActionParsnip               executable command?10:23
ActionParsnipdr_willis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BackBox10:23
dr_willis!find ptrace10:23
ubottuFound: libopenh323-1.18.0, python-ptrace, tcptrace, tcptraceroute10:23
ActionParsnipdr_willis: its yet another ubuntu spin..10:24
dr_willisblackbox or backbox? :) /me squints10:24
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cloudgeeklinuxlover: whynot use the pastie.org instead of pastebin.com10:24
linuxloverboth are the same cloudgeek10:24
linuxloverwell almost10:24
ActionParsnipfabianvampiro: its not a canonical release, so not supported here. None of the ubuntu based distros are]10:25
cloudgeeklinuxlover: i know but look like a linux user there is a lot difference b/w them one is .com other .org like freenode10:25
jiltdilpinging to facebook shows like this. is ther any prob                64 bytes from www-13-01-prn1.facebook.com ( icmp_req=1 ttl=244 time=286 ms10:25
ActionParsnipfabianvampiro: irc.lc/irc.autistici.org/backbox/10:25
linuxlovercan someone help me with the conky issue i posted earlier?10:26
ActionParsniplinuxlover: tried in #conky10:26
linuxloverActionParsnip I got no response looks as if everyone is sleeping :(10:26
skilzHi, my brothers computer is getting stuck on the plymouth shutdown screen when he tries to shutdown or reboot and has to hold the power button, it doesnt want to powerdown. Just hangs at the plymouth shutdown screen.....10:27
foenixhey all, I have a big problem and I may lose my home folder if I don't get a good answer :/10:28
foenixdoes a linux mint migration delete encrypted home folders?10:28
=== zzecool_ is now known as zzecool
dr_williswhen in doubt make backups foenix10:29
crizzythis is not a mint support channel10:29
foenixdoes the ubuntu migrate delete encrypted home folders?10:29
crizzypffh :p10:29
linuxlovercan someone help me with the conky issue i posted earlier?10:29
foenixand i do backup10:29
muellilinuxlover: #conky10:29
Simon1245Hey guys, I'm trying to install a game using Wine but it's asking me to store it somewhere, where should I install it to? I got it installed on Windows already on c:/program files/..10:29
jiltdili am trying to ping my friend but from my system it is not pinging any reason?10:30
crizzySimon1245: ~/.wine or ~/.c_drive or somesuch folder10:30
dr_willisSimon1245:  let it install to the normal ~/.wine/win_c dir10:30
Simon1245dr_willis, crizzy thanks guys, I'll try to find it :)10:30
linuxlovermuelli I am asking there but they all might be sleeping [maybe partying without me] hehehehe :(10:31
dfcnvtGood morning10:31
muellilinuxlover: sorry dude. This is not the right place for you.10:31
ActionParsnipSimon1245: just pick the defaults in the game ionstaller, it will be fine10:32
linuxloverits the right place muelli10:32
cloudgeekActionParsnip: how use free command in human-readable form10:32
dr_williswith conky - try out the 1000s of configs out there and learn from them is what i always do. conky forums also help10:32
Simon1245ActionParsnip, It wants to save on C: But I got it installed on C: directory already I don't wanna overwrite it.10:32
dr_willisfree -h  ?10:32
dr_willisSimon1245:  wine uses a virtual windows drive in the .wine dir...10:32
Simon1245I'm using dualboot or whatever you call it, got both Windows nad Linux installed into the computer.10:32
cloudgeekdr_willis: nope that is not working with -h10:33
dr_willisSimon1245:  unless you changed it..10:33
dr_willisSimon1245:  wine does not use your windows installed stuff normally.10:33
foenixdr_willis: have a pleasant day and wish me luck10:33
ActionParsnipSimon1245: its the 'C:' of wine, not your windows partition#10:33
freeway_please pals i need ur help in skype10:33
dr_willisSimon1245:  you Might be able to run the windows app from the actual windows partion.  if you want to try it.10:33
ActionParsnipSimon1245: it will be installed in ~/.wine/drive_c10:33
freeway_my skype refuse to load in unbuntu 11.1010:34
freeway_any haelp10:34
Simon1245ActionParsnip, dr_willis it says: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games, you guys sure as I got a lot of mods installed on Windows don't want it replaced :D10:34
Halexander9000Can anyone here help me with a Minecraft Problem?10:34
dr_willisSimon1245:  try running it from that location.  it might work..10:35
ActionParsnipSimon1245: its goes in to Wine, not windows.10:35
dr_willisSimon1245:  or install it to your normal .wine/ dir  by default it goes there. and you will have to reinstall all the other stuff as well..10:35
Simon1245dr_willis, I'll try installing it like you guys said and lets see what happens, ActionParsnip alrihgt let me try10:35
freeway_HY SHASHA10:36
dr_willisSimon1245:   or let it install to .wine/ then copy your other full installed game dir to the .wine/whatever :) to clone the install.10:36
fabianvampiroBackBox is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu.   http://www.backbox.org/10:36
LintSimon1245, does the game run from its windows location without installing?10:36
ActionParsnipSimon1245: you should also have your 'mods' backed up10:36
Simon1245dr_willis, Oh that would be possible?10:36
Simon1245Lint, I haven't tried playing it on Linux yet, I thought it wouldn't be possible so I was trying to install it10:37
dr_willisSimon1245:  when in doubt check the wine app database10:37
michelemhello folks10:38
fabianvampiroActionParsnip: BackBox is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu.   http://www.backbox.org/10:38
mahsomWhat is this display manager : http://linuxsysconfig.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/desktop2.png10:38
Simon1245dr_willis, I was there but didn't read much in there to be honet10:38
ActionParsnipfabianvampiro: yes 'BASED' on Ubuntu10:38
ActionParsnipfabianvampiro: it's not ubuntu, ubuntu is based on Debian but if you ask for Ubuntu support in #debian you will be told to ask here10:39
crizzyfirst of all debian compiles all of their packages with completely different compile flags.. which alone is a big difference10:39
ActionParsnipfabianvampiro: NONE of the ubuntu spinoffs you can name are supported here, like backtrack, minuxmcs, mint, pinguyos and many more10:39
Simon1245Oh and is there any way to make linux "my docoumets" update with the changes I do at Windows and same way that Linux changes on my documents happens at Windows?'10:39
Simon1245opps, accidently got closed.10:39
michelemwhat are release policies for packages in LTS? I need twistedmatrix 10.1+, which is not available in the main source nor backports. Any hope to get it in the near future or shall I just install from sources?10:39
dr_willisSimon1245:  you could mount your windows partiion, and link the folders via ln -s, or the ubuntu /file manager settings10:40
OmarHow are you ? !10:40
OmarHow is your day ?10:40
ActionParsnipSimon1245: if you have your NTFS partition mount via fstab, you can symlink from your my docs in the NTFS to a folder in your home folder for easy access10:40
sun__you learn engliw?10:40
OmarCool , Glad to hear that10:40
Simon1245dr_willis, ActionParsnip Any tutorial or something on how to do it? It sounds complicated lol10:41
sun__есть русские?10:41
sun__who russian?10:41
dr_willis   ln -s foo bar   Simon1245  once you know the locations10:41
OmarGuys do know any good commands that scans for ip or in another word , list the IPs in my network10:41
dr_willisOmar:  nmap can scan networks10:42
Omarhow ?10:42
dr_willistheres other tools also.10:42
DJones!ru | sun__10:42
dr_willisnmap --help   -> depends on how you want to scan10:42
Omarscanning for ips10:42
Omarthats all wat i want10:42
starlonhow can I record what's going through my speakers? I've tried Audacity, but I'm not having much luck.10:42
ActionParsnipOmar: there are sample nmap codes all over the web10:42
dr_willisnmap can do a ping scan.10:43
dr_willisthats quick and simple\10:43
somsipubuntu geneate bitcoins10:43
dr_willissomsip:  HHuh?10:44
somsipdr_willis: simple the wrong window10:44
somsips/simple/simply. i'll stop now10:44
freeway_shell programmer here please10:45
dr_willisbot is alseep10:45
freeway_@ haed victim what is ping10:45
freeway_hy chris10:46
md0crapstarlon: win7 mixer?10:46
starlonmd0crap: This is #ubuntu :)10:48
mahsomWhat is this display manager : http://linuxsysconfig.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/desktop2.png10:48
mahsomname ?10:48
chromaticwtwhat is the best way to do automatic updates?10:48
neantwhen using the 32 bit version of Ubuntu, is there a method that could reclaim the unused RAM of my 4 G?10:48
dr_willisOmar:  no need to msg me. nmap can ping the whole range of ips on your network and report which pcs respond.10:48
MonkeyDustmahsom  looks like fluxbox or so10:49
mahsomor so ?!10:49
Lintneant, PAE10:51
rokyronnie1I found a program that can show what song is played, it's called Panflute, but when I'm trying to install it, it says I need "python-gnomeapplet" how can I install that in Ubuntu 11.10 ?10:58
dr_willischeck the pacakge manager tools to see if its in the repos10:58
randomnewbWhat file do I edit to set up my aliases for the terminal?10:59
overclucker.bashrc if you use bash11:00
dr_willisrandomnewb:  check the .bashrc or .profile  theres mention of a .bash_alias file you can also use.11:00
yashshahrandomnewb: there is .bashrc11:00
dr_willisone file has some example alias's.   you can put a few in there. Or you can seperate them all out into their own file.11:00
michelemhow to tell apt-cache and apt-get to operate on a specific repository?11:01
ActionParsnipchromaticwt: I use a script in cron (cron'd as root) presonally11:03
NeedHelp my ubuntu wont boot it goes to some terminal screen11:04
ActionParsnipmahsom: +1 for fluxbox11:05
ActionParsnipNeed: what messages do you get?11:06
Euanhelp me please11:07
ikoniaEuan: ask a question please.11:07
Euanwhenever i try and launch ubunt it does to a terminal sort of thing11:07
Euanit wsa working fine a few seconds ago11:08
Euanso how can i fix the problem?11:09
Simon1245Hey guys, I gotta move the game crack into .wine directory, how can I do that through terminal?11:09
ikoniaEuan: I don't know, what has changed between now and when it was working11:09
ikoniaSimon1245: not helping you crack a game, please don't ask again11:09
Euannothing, i did do a turn off without going the shut off way11:10
Euanlike i did it with the button11:10
ikoniaEuan: why did you do that11:10
Simon1245ikonia, Ah alright, not from someone else either or?11:10
FatDudeEuan: Please state the nature of the technical emergency.11:10
Euanand it boots to a screen that says grub>11:10
MonkeyDustSimon1245  wrong channel11:10
ikoniaSimon1245: please don't ask again in this channel11:10
Simon1245ikonia, alright sorry.11:10
EuanWhen I attempt to boot Ubuntu from my double boot, it goes into a grub terminal.11:10
Simon1245MonkeyDust, Sorry11:10
ikoniaEuan: why did you power it off rather than shut it down11:10
FatDudeWhat are we not allowed to discuss in here?11:11
ikoniaSimon1245: not a problem.11:11
ikoniaFatDude: ubuntu technical support11:11
ikoniaFatDude: check the /topic11:11
EuanI wasn't paying attention, and accidentally turned it off.11:11
Simon1245By the way, sometimes my left mouse button stops to work, is that only me or? It works perfectly fine on Windows both the touchpad button and mouse :S11:11
ikoniaEuan: you accidentally pushed and held the power button ?11:11
EuanI was tired.11:11
EuanI wasn't paying attention.11:12
ikoniaEuan: you've probably corrupted your install or damaged your disk then11:12
EuanHow can I fix that?11:12
ikoniaEuan: if it's dropping to the grub shell it means it can't see the disk, which is possibly because you've damaged the disk powering it off11:12
Euanthe windows 7 is working fine11:12
viddymore likely the filesystem, no? :i11:12
Euanboth on the same hard drive11:12
ikoniaEuan: then it falls to the file system being damaged11:13
viddyjust do a fsck on that thing11:13
viddyand the world will be a better place11:13
ikoniaEuan: if the file system was just messy, I'd still expect it to start to boot, but warn you that the file system needed fscking11:13
ikoniathe fact that it's refusing to even show the grub menu11:13
MonkeyDustEuan  try to boot in recovery mode, choose fsck and repair11:13
Euanhow do I do that11:13
MonkeyDustEuan  in the grub menu11:14
Euanwhat should i type in11:14
Euanit's a terminal sort of thing11:14
ikoniahe doesn't get the grub menu - it just drops to the grub shell11:14
MonkeyDustEuan  ctrl-alt-dlete11:14
MonkeyDustnot even a menu, that's tough11:14
ikoniathats why I don't think it's a simple fsck case11:14
dr_williswhat's the shells prompt Euan.  it could be grub.  or busybox11:15
ActionParsnipEuan: of you cn fsck from liveCD11:15
spitziHello. I have 2 harddisks, one with XP + old Ubuntu, one with Ubuntu 11.10 + Win 7. The second used to also have Vista, but yesterday I deleted the Vista partition and resized the Win 7 partition over the redeemed space, all through gparted in Ubuntu 11. Then, I invoked update-grub2, and it didn't recognize a bootable Win7 anymore. How can I fix this ? Thanks.11:16
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MonkeyDustsounds like a destroyed win7 partition to me11:17
Euanits grub11:18
Euanthats what it says on the side11:18
dr_willisso you may want to fsck.  then reinstall grub from a livecd11:18
infineeHi, can someone help me compile or install wxwidgets on 11.10? I dl'd the src and during 'configure' it complains that it can't find GTK+ >- 2.0.0 but I have GTK3 installed11:18
ActionParsnipEuan: yes but it can be done from the same CD you installed with...11:19
MonkeyDust!info wxwidgets11:19
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infinee!info wxwidgets11:21
MonkeyDustit's for developpers11:22
infineei know it is, I need it to build 'erlang'11:22
LintI cannot see language selection option in new ubuntu login screen11:25
djotaerror while adding x2go repo: ?: keyserver.ubuntu.com: Connection refused. my inet connection is working. any ideas on how to fix that?11:28
infineeMonkeyDust, i can see this pkg here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/wxwidgets2.8/
infineebut "sudo apt-get install wxwidgets2.8" can't locate it11:30
MonkeyDustapt-get only works if it's in the repos11:30
infineeMonkeyDust, that page says it's in "component universe" ...which I understood to be *official*11:31
MonkeyDustlemme chzck11:31
MonkeyDustinfinee  try sudo apt-get install wx-common11:33
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infineeMonkeyDust, ok that worked. let me try my erlang build again. thanks11:33
FatDudeNetsplit -- please help.11:34
infineeMonkeyDust, mind showing me how you figured out it was wx-common? :)11:34
ikoniaFatDude: what ?11:34
FatDudeikonia: I saw a lot of "Connection reset by peer" in my terminal.11:35
MonkeyDustinfinee  in a terminal, i did apt-cache search wxwidgets11:35
ikoniaFatDude: ok , so why are you typing "help" ? what do you expect anyone in this channel to do ?11:35
infineeMonkeyDust: hrm my erlang configure still can't find wxwidgets.11:35
MonkeyDustinfinee  use my trick, you're more skilled than i am, so maybe you find something more useful11:36
infineeoh cool "apt-cache"! i've always needed that. I usually use "dpkg -l | grep porn" when I'm looking for stuff but I'm never confident if dpkg and apt-get are linked11:36
FatDudeikonia: Well, I suppose you have a point.11:37
infineemonkeydust: found it! libwxgtk2.8-dev11:38
infineethanks buddy11:38
MonkeyDustinfinee  apt-cache search erlang|less11:38
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RawProducehow can I downgrade MySQL to 5.0.45? I can't seem to find a .deb on google11:40
ubernoobI have a multiboot system with W7, Ubuntu, F16 and Debian Squeeze. Ubuntu and F16 share a swap partition (even though I set up Ubuntu to have its own, it "took it over, during the install"). What I want to know is, would it be safe to remove F16 and the swap partition (I plan to install PCBSD)?11:41
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RawProduceso there's no way to downgrade MySQL? Will I need to compile it from source11:43
alerinaldiRawProduce: you should remove it and then install it from older DEBs11:44
alerinaldibut I just joined, so I don't know exactly what you need11:44
alerinaldiI could be wrong11:44
overcluckerubernoob: it;s safe to remove it. you might also want to remove the swap line on any /etc/fstab that tries to use it on boot11:45
overcluckerubernoob: but nothing will break if it's not there11:45
djotaubernoob: you may consider using virtualization, like virtualbox f.e.11:45
ubernoobthanks overclucker11:46
RawProducealerinaldi: how can I specify that I want to install an old DEB?11:46
ubernoobdjota, I've never used any virtualisation on Linux. I always assumed my system would be too low-spec for truly realising the benefits of having a virtual machine11:47
RawProduceah, nvm11:47
ubernoobI only have 4GB of ram and this is an old Athlon x211:47
alerinaldiRawProduce: you'll need to manually download it11:47
djotaubernoob: you don't need a lot of resources for virtualbox, it's performance is really great, and the software is free11:47
FatDudeRawProduce: Please locate an older DEB version of the package in question and execute 'dpkg -i something.deb'11:47
overcluckerubernoob: only? that's more than enough to warrant not using swap11:48
i_is_brokeubernoob, ive ran vbox on an old p311:48
i_is_brokewith 1gig of ram11:48
RawProducealerinaldi: the problem is, googling for that package doesn't yield any downloadable packages11:48
ubernoobdjota, well I guess if I'm going to play around with Linux, I might try that approach first.11:48
RawProduceunless I'm looking in the wrong places11:48
alerinaldiRawProduce: try to search "Details of package mysql-server"11:48
alerinaldiyou will find the information page of the package of older distros11:48
djotaman, nobody can help with that launchpad issue?11:48
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overcluckerubernoob: you can use a swap file instead, of a swap partition if you still want swap11:49
RawProducealerinaldi: thanks, getting some hits on that11:49
alerinaldiRawProduce: np! remember to download the dependencies, too!11:49
ubernooboverclucker, I set up swap partitions out of habit, as the install pretty much asks me to arrange partitions I arrange all the ones I used to do when I first tried Linux.11:49
ubernooboverclucker, doesn't that affect performance?11:49
ubernoobI thought having a swap partition was better than the windows style swap files?11:50
overcluckerubernoob: dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1M count=1000; mkswap /swapfile would give you a1 gig swap file on /11:50
ubernoobok, well I'm going to give VirtualBox a go first, then if I feel I still need to, I'll scrub F16 and Debian and install PCBSD properly.11:50
LintI cannot see language selection option in new ubuntu login screen11:51
overcluckerubernoob: there shouldn't be any performance loss11:51
Lintubernoob, it doesn't matter, all filesystem calculations are made faster than drive operates11:51
parapanhi there fellows > is there anyone able to support some sql/perl problems ??11:51
ubernooboverclucker, whilst we're talking about swap files/partitions, is there any situation in which having them actually makes your system slower?11:52
overcluckerubernoob: overly high vmswappiness can affect system performance11:54
ubernooboverclucker: so on a 4GB system, what would you say is the ideal size?11:55
overcluckerubernoob: 60 is  default, is probably a good number for that amount of ram11:57
phix60 what?11:57
phixah, I usually assign 50 - 60Gb to swap, and make /tmp and /var/tmp tmpfs :)  10 or so Gb each11:58
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overcluckerit's probably only worth messing with if you have 1 gig or less11:58
ubernoobwow, that's rather high.11:58
Canis__Is there a way to stop a live cd/usb from downloading the language packs while installing...other than disconnetcing from the Internet?11:58
phixCanis__: Not that i Know of11:59
Guest71832Anybody running Jolicloud?11:59
overcluckerphix: huh? swappiness or swap size?11:59
RawProduceCanis__: edit /etc/hosts and set whatever URL it's looking for to localhost11:59
ActionParsnipphix: 50Gb, how much RAM do you have?11:59
Ben64Guest71832: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:59
overcluckerphix: if you have 60 gig swap, that's rather excessive12:00
phixActionParsnip: 8Gb12:00
ActionParsnipGuest71832: jolicloud is offtopic here12:00
XATRIXhi guys...i've got some problem with my system... it's running but it has some malfunctions. actually when i do most of the commands, it gives me #/sbin/ifconfig - bash: /sbin/ifconfig: No such file or directory (but all of the files are there... just for example if i do #du -hs /sbin/ifconfig it gives me  32K /sbin/ifconfig12:00
Canis__I'll check that. Thanks12:00
ActionParsnipphix: then you'll only need 8Gb swap12:00
XATRIXwhat can i do in such situation12:00
Guest71832I know, Just wondering12:00
phixActionParsnip: nah I 50 - 100Gb for swap as I mount /tmp and /var/tmp as tmpfs (which uses swap too)12:00
RawProducelol what, so /tmp is in RAM while RAM isn't full, then you load some programs, max out your RAM and are forced to wait for /tmp to swap out?12:00
Ben64XATRIX: why are you running everything as root?12:00
RawProducethat makes so little sense12:01
phixRawProduce: yup12:01
omidoHi . How can i find if Ubuntu 10.04 is supported on my laptop and everything would work?12:01
RawProduceam I missing something?12:01
jpdsomido: Use a Live CD?12:01
chromaticwtis freeciv multiplayer12:01
overcluckeri've got 8 gigs of ram, and dont even use swap, i've usually got at least half of my ram free anyways12:01
Ben64omido: easiest way would be to use a live cd12:01
phixRawProduce: well it doesn't swap out all of it, only what it needs12:01
RawProducephix: surely it's better to avoid swapping altogether?12:01
phixRawProduce: how so?  makes sense to me12:01
Ben6450GB swap is hugely excessive12:02
RawProduceeh, different strokes I guess12:02
phixBen64: not if your using it12:02
XATRIXBen64: because i'm have no accounts there12:02
Canis__There is no hosts file in the 11.04 .iso That I have.12:02
Ben64if you're* using it, something is wrong12:02
XATRIXonly root acc..12:02
phixBen64: It works fine for me12:02
Ben64XATRIX: try just "ifconfig"12:02
RawProduceCanis__: I imagine that that file would be somewhere on the RAMFS it sets up12:03
XATRIXthe same... file or directory not found12:03
RawProduceCanis__: I'm speculating at this point :)12:03
Ben64phix: if you need 58GB of memory and you only have 8GB of real memory, something is terribly terribly wrong12:03
Ben64XATRIX: ls -l /sbin/ifconfig12:03
muni'm partitioning my drive in preparation to installing windows and ubuntu. does it matter the order of the partitions? e.g., could /home come last?12:03
Canis__So instead of chosing to install right away, just go from there?  I didn't think about that.12:03
Ben64mun: doesn't matter, but windows should be installed first or you will have to fix grub12:04
munBedMan, ok12:04
XATRIXBen64: i told you, most of my commands don't work bash: /bin/ls : No such file or directory12:04
RawProduceCanis__: do you mean booting into a live environment first, editing /etc/hosts then kicking off the installer?12:04
LintI cannot see language selection option in new ubuntu login screen, why everyone's ignoring me?12:05
rayden_hi all, can someone tell me how do i change user from terminal to root ?12:05
munBen64, do you know why https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes says the extended partition for Linux *must* be last?12:05
Ben64XATRIX: then.... reinstall? : /12:05
Lintmun, it's not12:05
Lintworked file for me being in the middle of the table12:05
omidoMy laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad SL510 with Intel core2dou t9600- 4gb ram- ATI mobilty radeon HD 4500 (256 mb)12:05
overcluckerrayden_: sudo -i; but be careful12:06
Ben64mun: windows might have some problems booting if it is too far in the drive maybe12:06
llutzmun: makes partition-layout more clear but has no technical reason12:06
omidoI want to install ubuntu 10.04 64bit12:06
munok. thanks12:06
LintBen64, it's FUD from NT4 times12:06
rayden_overclucker,  why carefull12:06
overcluckerrayden_: if  you only have a few commands to run as root prefix them with sudo12:06
overcluckerrayden_: as root you can alter the system, not just your user files12:07
rayden_works .. thx a lot12:07
CasmoNLHi, even after removing sendmail (with apt-get, running Ubuntu 10.04), it's still running, is there any way to completely disable it? Googling didn't help me that much..12:07
XATRIXBen64: it's not a good idea to12:08
rayden_overclucker,  can u tell me how to run .bat files?12:08
Ben64XATRIX: if you can't even ls, the system is pretty messed up12:08
XATRIXi'd like to fix it... reinstall is only way for MS users12:08
munso is each home and root a separate partition?12:08
Ben64XATRIX: do you know what you did to break it?12:08
* Lint facepalms12:09
Ben64mun: it can be12:09
munas in, separate primary paritions?12:09
overcluckerrayden_: windows batch files?12:09
rayden_overclucker, yes12:09
rayden_overclucker, i want to start a windows server for a game12:09
overcluckerrayden_: not sure how useful they will be on linux12:09
XATRIXBen64: i'm not sure... but i have some feeling it was hacked off12:10
overcluckerrayden_: check out wine, or virtualbox12:10
munare there particular benefits if /home and / are logical partitions inside an extended partition?12:10
ubernoobok, downloaded virtualbox, found a video showing how to install W7 on virtualbox, I figure PCBSD should install in much the same way.12:10
Ben64XATRIX: without knowing the best solution is reinstall...12:10
ubernoobreally surprised at how low the memory allowance is12:10
llutzXATRIX: if a system was hacked, reinstallation from clean media is the only way to go12:10
ubernoobseems very strange12:10
ubernoobanyway, thanks all.12:11
ubernoobhope this works :)12:11
LintXATRIX, if you suspect you've been hacked, you should format your system and redeploy everything12:11
llutzmun: just the benefit not to worry about partition count limitation (max 4 primaries)12:11
Canis__Yes, that's what I meant.  I'm just waking up still.  Horrible at complete thoughts.12:11
munllutz, right. do you know why Extended partition is greyed out in my gparted?12:11
llutzmun no12:12
Ben64its always good to have an extended partition so you can add more if you want later12:12
munBen64, could the windows and linux partitions site inside an extended partition?12:12
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Lintmun sure thing12:13
=== RaydeN is now known as RaydeN_
Lintmun but windows need to have an active primary partition to boot from12:14
munLint, right. so does that mean windows has to be on its own primary partition then?12:14
Lintno, it requires a small primary partition, just several megabytes. everyhting else may be placed in extended partition12:15
Lintmun windows 7 creates 100MB boot partition by default12:15
omidoLint:  Windows 7 is awesome12:16
omidoUbuntu is a windows 7 wanna be12:16
munLint, so can I just leave some unallocated space or do i need to create that primary partition?12:16
Squarismis there any command within "terminal" that copies whats on the prompt onto the "clipboard" ?12:17
Lintmun you need to create it and made active one, so that windows installer could reuse it12:17
Dr_willisSquarism:  ive seen command line clipbord tools in the repos.12:17
ActionParsnipomido: why would anything want to be anything like Win7?12:17
SquarismDr_willis, oh.. thanks12:17
munLint, i see.12:17
LintActionParsnip, because windows 7 is THE OS12:17
Dr_willisSquarism:  or you can just select, and middle click to paste.12:18
ActionParsnipLint: depends on needs12:18
Dr_willisSquarism:  most terminal apps have the copy/paste items also12:18
phixLint: not nesseccary unless you are using encryption or LVM12:18
CasmoNLLint, you can get rid of the 100MB partition at install :P12:18
SquarismDr_willis, required a mouse !! =(12:18
omidoActionParsnip:  Cause its a very good product and a true commercial success. you cant even imagine how much profit MS wons out of Win712:18
Squarismi wanna be mouseless12:18
CasmoNLLint: start install, create partition, remove partition, extend 100mb partition to full, et voila. ;)12:18
phixDr_willis, Dr_willis.  Dr_willis, Dr_willis, oh oh Dr_willis!12:18
Ben64#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:18
bazhangomido, this is support only. lets take chit chat to #ubuntu-offtopic12:19
munhow do you check if a partition is an extended partition in gparted?12:19
Dr_willisSquarism:  you mean the 'console' ? or a X terminal?12:19
Ben64mun: the partition number is >412:19
DJonesbazhang: Ubotto is dead at the minute, its been mentioned in the relevant channels12:20
Lintit has type of '5'12:20
SquarismDr_willis, console called "Terminal" in ubuntu12:20
munBen64, right. the one i'm looking at sdb1 so it can't be an extended one, right?12:20
Ben64mun: correct12:20
FatDudePlease revive Ubotto as soon as possible.12:20
SquarismDr_willis, where you run bash right =D12:20
Dr_willisSquarism:  the Console is the Alt-ctrl-f1 through f6 Consoles...12:20
Dr_willisSquarism:  under X  you run terminal-emulators to get a 'terminal'12:21
munright. so somehow gparted isn't letting me create an extended one. do i have to boot using the live cd to do it? it's a second drive on my machine.12:21
Lintin gparted it has a distinct color and12:21
krivci have a problem with setting up samba, i cant see my lubuntu computer on windows 7 network12:21
overcluckerSquarism: ctrl+alt+f7 will bring you back to desktop12:21
Ben64mun: you should be able to do it from your installed version, as long as nothing from that drive is mounted12:21
sattu94What happened to Ubottu ?12:21
ActionParsnipkrivc: if you run:  smbtree   on the samba server, do you see the shares listed?12:21
munBen64, the drive is already unmounted.12:21
Lintkrivc, when you using \\<IP>, does it work?12:21
ufkdoes gajim supports facebook chat ?12:22
krivcServer requested LM password but 'client lanman auth' is disabled12:22
krivcfailed tcon_X with ERRnoaccess12:22
Squarismoverclucker, =D..  hehe.. been there before... im glad i had ircii to get help in getting back12:22
bazhangDJones, thanks12:22
krivcthis i get when i run smbtree12:22
ActionParsnipkrivc: use a pastebn for it please :)12:22
jattdon't do it12:22
Lintkrivc, it's not windows 7 error12:23
krivchow i use pastebn, i am new to irc :)12:23
Lintkrivc, is server your lubuntu or windows machine?12:23
Ben64krivc: you go to pastebin.com, paste whatever you want there, and hit "Submit"12:24
overcluckerkrivc: then post only the url to the paste12:24
Simon1245Hey guys, how can I get the ATI crystal thing on ubuntu?12:25
ActionParsnipkrivc: go to http://pastie.org  paste your test there, when the page changes, copy the URL and paste that in the channel12:25
=== yavor is now known as y4h0
ActionParsnip!ati | Simon124512:26
Lintwhich linux bootloader fill fit on floppy?12:26
krivcsmbtree: http://pastebin.com/N31zJiSu12:26
i_is_brokeLint, lilo12:26
Dr_williskrivc:  theres also the findsmb command.12:26
LintMYNAME is lubuntu machine?12:27
i8x4Anyone else but me loose most their keybindings with the compiz 0.9.7 update in precise?12:27
krivcLint: no12:27
krivcfindsmb return only:     gateway.home12:28
cambazzhello how do I install a .deb file that I have downloaded12:28
dlentzcambazz, dpkg -i12:28
i8x4cambazz: sudo dpkg -i12:28
Lintcambazz, dpkg -i --force-depends <name>12:28
dlentzLint, force-depends could be dangerous12:28
ActionParsnipkrivc: what is the name of the system you are on?12:29
spitziSee ya.12:29
ActionParsnipkrivc: hmm, should see itself at least, is samba running?12:30
Lintkrivc, what computer is 'MYNAME'?12:30
MetaphysicistIs it possible to write a custom udev rule to always force a mounting point from a certain drive (SAS, SATA, w/e) controller in a uniform way. i.e. the boot drive will always mount at /dev/sda, and then the second SAS port always mount on /dev/sdb, etc?12:31
Lintkrivc, is that some device like NIS and not computer?12:31
krivcLint: i dont know, my windows machine is Cobra and lubuntu is Rocket12:32
ActionParsnipMetaphysicist: you don't mount at /dev/sda   /dev/sda is a block device in of itself12:32
ActionParsnipkrivc: can the system ping itself?12:32
Lintkrivc, do you have SMB enabled in the firewall on lubuntu?12:32
MetaphysicistActionParsnip: Sorry, I mean /dev/sda1, sda2, etc.12:33
ericusWhich ultrabook would you recommend for use with ubuntu?12:33
krivcLint: i can be NIS because no computer has name MYNAME on my network12:33
krivcit *12:33
VimanAnyone with LXDE can help me? My Alt-F2 keybinding recently has stopped working.12:33
ActionParsnipMetaphysicist: yes, those are block devices too..12:33
ActionParsnipViman: if you press it twice, does it show?12:34
krivcActionParsnip: yes i can ping myself12:34
Dr_willisericus:  those things are so new. its hard to tell. check reviews and web sites. and id avoid any that use that dual-gpu feature.12:34
Vimani have to go menu->run12:34
ActionParsnipkrivc: is samba running on the server?12:34
MetaphysicistActionParsnip: I just want the ability to correlate a port on the controller to a mounting point in Ubuntu, do you have any tips in that regard?12:34
MetaphysicistAnd to do it the same every time.12:34
=== hays_ is now known as hays
ActionParsnipMetaphysicist: you can use:  sudo blkid    and mount using the UUID12:35
krivcActionParsip: how can i test this?12:35
MetaphysicistActionParsnip: Thank you!12:35
ericusokay Dr_willis. I need to replace my old netbook12:35
ActionParsnipkrivc: sudo service smbd status    should do it12:35
Dr_willisericus:  i just bought a new netbook on clearance :)   Gotta love portable machines.12:35
angel282Hello I would like to backup my entire server (including the filesystem) so if something will happens to my server hdd I will be able to restore everything. I found on the documentation a tar command but does it backup also the syste, file?12:35
Metaphysicistangel1282: Is RAID not an option?12:36
RawProduceangel282: use Norton Ghost or something similar12:36
ericuswhat model Dr_willis?12:36
krivcyes samba is running: smbd start/running, process 65712:36
Vimanwhen I run `lxpanelctl run` nothing happens, either12:36
Vimannot even an error message12:36
Dr_willisericus:  just a asus on sale.12:37
ericusI need one with good battery life12:37
ericuseee pc?12:37
Dr_willisbuy a bigger battery if you want it for a netbook. :) or a spare.12:37
JuJuBeeWhen I mounted my external USB HD I got some errors at CLI but eventually it mounted (about 2 minutes) and seems ok.  What does this mean?  http://pastebin.com/MbCtbCZw12:37
ukbotanother contentless ping... sigh...12:37
angel282RawProduce: I preferring to use some command without installing third-party applications, does the tar command will backup also the filesystem (kernel etc...)12:37
melvincvHi all. How do I use tar to take a backup of a directory tree, to a tar.gz file, without the whole directory tree appearing in the archive? I gave the command # tar -cvzpf test.tar.gz /home/melvin/new/*            and got a tree structure in the archive, starting from / ??? I need just the tree structure from the folder backed up.12:38
ActionParsnipericus: http://arrasthemes.com/2011/12/the-acer-aspire-s3-putting-the-%E2%80%98ultra%E2%80%99-in-ultrabooks/12:38
ActionParsnipericus: seems to say it runs well12:38
Dr_willisericus:  problem with a lot of new laptops is the lninux kernel and pwoer saveings features have not caught up with the new hardware out. or have bugs. so your battery life maybe much worse under ubuntu/linux.12:38
ericusi have looked into that, looks nice ActionPartnership12:39
krivcLint: my iptables is empty, should i add samba there?12:39
ericusyeah i know Dr_willis12:39
ActionParsnipmelvincv: try: cd $HOME; tar cvzpf test.tar.gz ./new/*12:40
ActionParsnipericus: shame its an intel cpu12:41
RawProduceangel282: yes, tar will backup the kernel12:41
RawProducebut not the bootloader12:41
RawProduceyou probably want to use dd12:41
RawProduceangel282: http://www.linuxweblog.com/dd-image12:42
krivci can ping my lubuntu machine from windows, but i cant ping windows machine from lubuntu, how can it be posssible?12:42
Dr_williskrivc:  windows firewall.12:43
Dr_willisive seen soumd routers also have wireless networks locked down more then a wired network on same router12:44
WaltherIs there a way to remove the entire graphical interface from Ubuntu? I want to have a CLI-only Ubuntu install, but ALT CD did not work properly12:44
Enginhello, how do i get the functionality of "System/Hardware Drivers" from command line ?12:44
melvincvActionParsnip, I'm getting . > new > files. I need files directly, any ideas?12:45
WaltherIs there a metapackage I could remove which would have all the dependencies12:45
WaltherAlready tried removing unity and ubuntu.desktop12:45
Dr_willisWalther:  removeing meta-packages dosent really remove stuff that way.12:45
Lintkrivc, when you opening \\<lubuntu's IP address> from win7, what's happening12:45
WaltherDr_willis: but shouldn't other packages depend on them and auto-remove remove them?12:45
RawProduceWalther: try Debian :)12:46
Dr_willisWalther:   it never seems to work that way. like with 'ubuntu-desktop' meta package.12:46
WaltherNot willing to try Debian now12:46
WaltherSo, any ideas?12:46
Dr_willisWalther:  odd the alt-cd disent work. theres the minimal cd.. or check askubuntu.com they most likely have some ansqer/script to do it12:46
RaydeN_is there a way to install yahoo messenger to ubuntu?12:46
ericus /win 312:46
Dr_willisi keep the desktop stuff on my headless server  for my vnc/ssh needs.12:46
ActionParsnipmelvincv: not sure, I've always used GUI to compress TBH12:46
WaltherDr_willis: It didn't recognise my wireless card, hence the install didn't have any networking12:47
Dr_willisRaydeN_:  theres im clients that can do Yahoo.12:47
RawProduceRaydeN_: use wine12:47
Dr_willisWalther:  you can set up wireless via the command line. but ive not done it in ages. My servers are all wired.12:47
RaydeN_Dr_willis, ty12:47
RaydeN_RawProduce, ty12:47
krivcLint: i get prompt for user name and password12:47
uni4dfxWhere can I ask about writing Makefiles / autoconf / automake etc... ?12:48
RawProduceuni4dfx: use cmake, autotools will drive you insane12:48
Lintkrivc, had you created samba accounts for windows users on lubuntu machine?12:48
ActionParsnipRaydeN_: there used to be a native client made by yahoo, there also used to be gyache12:48
WaltherDr_willis: Again, it did not install it properly. Modprobing etc did not fix it12:48
krivcyes i create it with smbpasswd12:48
melvincvwhat does the -C option do in tar? man pages seem confusing.12:48
uni4dfxRawProduce you can say that again, but it's not my choice12:49
monohedroncan somebody give me a pointer to where I can lookup the diffrent font coulours used in the terminal window12:49
Lintkrivc, does that password work12:49
ix_does anyone know how to make the 3d pie chart in libreoffice thinner?12:49
RawProducemelvincv: probably specifies the working path to extract into12:49
Lintix_, #libreoffice12:49
ix_Lint, I know...12:50
RawProduceuni4dfx: in that case, I'm sorry for the pain you're about to experience and I have no idea where to find good docs :)12:50
Canis__What happened to unbuntu over the past 3-4 years?  I remember when you could just "see" NTFS drives and mount them with a right click.  Am I mistaken?12:50
krivcLint: yes it work, i can see my shared files, but why i dont see lubuntu machine in network panel12:51
ActionParsnipCanis__: never had an issue here12:51
Canis__ActionParsnip: I'm in mint right now, but the same goes for a few of the DTE's.  I mean something that isn't external,12:53
younghohello ~12:53
Lintgufw appears broken ufter upgrade: all its controls are disabled12:53
WaltherIs there a way to remove the entire graphical interface and all gui-dependent programs on ubuntu?12:53
ActionParsnipCanis__: mint isn't supported here12:53
monohedronneed guide to different colors in Gnome Terminal12:53
melvincvIs there a sys admin channel? Maybe #ubuntu-server ?12:53
ActionParsnipWalther: sure, uninstall xorg12:54
Canis__...I'm a little slow, please try to forget I asked the question.12:54
WaltherActionParsnip: already did that, did not remove / make obsolete any GUI-dependent packages12:54
Enginlooks like the hardware driver management tool's name is jockey, but can't see how or if I can access it from command line. Aany ideas ?12:54
aQutei recently installed ubuntu 12.04 alpha2 and now I am getting an error while install updates something called partial upgrade(can t install all the updates), can anybody tell me how to deal with that ?12:55
n3uron_engin, not even jokey-gtk?12:55
Enginn3uron_: i don't have X12:55
Enginthis is a netbook with ubuntu-server on it12:56
Enginunfortunetely wifi is not working12:56
Enginbut supposed to work with hardware drivers tool.12:56
DJonesaQute: Can you ask that in #ubuntu+1 thats the support channel for 12.04 while its being developed12:56
WaltheraQute: partial upgrades are perfectly normal during alpha releases12:56
ActionParsnipWalther: you will just need to keep removing xorg based stuf and even gnome lib stuff and eventually the OS will fail deps and the rest will tumble down12:56
aQuteDJones: thanks i' ll do that12:56
WaltheraQute: no need to ask12:56
Enginmaybe i should just enable desktop -- could be of use for some other purposes too12:57
Enginwhat is the appropriate way to add dektop environment to ubuntu-server ?12:57
WaltheraQute: I've been using all the versions since 10.04 from alphas :P12:57
aQuteso do u know how to fix it ?12:57
krivci allow in/out traffic for my lubuntu machine ip ob windows firewal, but still i cant ping windows machine from lubuntu12:57
FatDudeI'm smoking pot and using Ubuntu Linux.12:58
FatDudeI recommend it.12:58
aQuteits first time for me (pre release installation)12:58
WaltheraQute: just run the partial upgrade12:58
monohedronwhere to post screenshots ?12:58
Enginubuntu-desktop i suppose12:58
duelleHi, is there any chance to recover an encrypted partition when the partitiontable is broken? And how can i repair it?12:58
WaltheraQute: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:58
Erenany ppa for infinality font patches?12:58
DJones!imagebin | monohedron12:58
ukbotmonohedron: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.12:58
Enginhole mother of packages..12:58
aQuteyes when i do partial upgrade it dosen t upgrades it, it stops12:59
monohedronanybody able to tell me what those colors mean ? http://imagebin.org/19886812:59
monohedronespecially the purple13:00
Lintgufw appears broken ufter upgrade: all its controls are disabled; how to fix?13:00
WaltheraQute: sudo apt-get update13:00
WaltheraQute: update first, then dist-upgrade13:01
ActionParsnipmonohedron: blue is a folder13:01
WaltheraQute: also, you might try sudo apt-get upgrade and then dist-upgrade13:01
aQutek i ll do dist-upgrade, thanks13:01
monohedronyes and the black  font is a normal file13:01
remalihello all13:01
ukbotHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!13:01
monohedronbut what is purple ?13:01
ActionParsnipmonohedron: the purple is a file which is rw-r-r13:02
ActionParsnipmonohedron: the ls -l filename    shows you the access13:02
FatDudeWoops, stupid cat. My bad.13:02
monohedronActionParsnip, nope they all have the same permissions according to ls -l13:03
MyrttiLint: in the future it helps if you include the nickname who is troublesome as well with |nick13:03
melvincvFatDude, Did the cat do that? :D13:03
WaltherLol. I removed some packages including lightdm, now when I boot, the boot splash stays on tty7 :D13:03
FatDudemelvincv: Well, small kitten.13:03
monohedronActionParsnip, I suspect they mey be links or something but I have no idea how to check it13:04
WaltherHow can I completely remove X on Ubuntu?13:04
WaltherI mean, CLI would still work, rigth?13:04
RaydeN_can someone help me to install a game server pls?13:04
krivcLint: can be some problems because i have this line in smb.conf: name resolve order = bcast host wins13:05
ActionParsnipmonohedron: ls -l filename  or   file filename13:05
LintWalther, it's a part of bootloader13:05
WaltherLint: Okay, what packages should I remove to have a CLI-only Ubuntu?13:05
=== setmeaway2 is now known as setmeaway
Lintkrivc, no, because it's client setting, you're a server now13:05
FatDudeWalther: X11, Gnome, Xfce, KDE.13:06
LintWalther, look for 'boot' and 'gfx' in package descriptions13:06
Lintor 'splash'13:06
monohedronActionParsnip, nope they both still show as the same. let me run a find over the disk to see whether they exist somewhere else13:06
WaltherFatDude: will the CLI work without x? keyboard is part of x right?13:06
ActionParsnipWalther: if you remove all gui apps and x you will boot to a CLI based OS only13:07
Waltherbut x11 is not necessary for CLI for example for kb input?13:07
LintActionParsnip, he probably means that grub sets his system in graphics mode13:07
WaltherLint: no, the splash thing was just a funny sidenote13:08
=== newbie is now known as Guest52176
ActionParsnipWalther: the cli os will still take keyboard input13:08
ActionParsnipLint: yeah I think thats the dealio :)13:08
LintWalther, it's a separate package for console input, and separate for X input13:08
ActionParsnipWalther: if you add the boot option: text    you will boot CLI only13:08
kbotnen_Walther, If you dont want X / graphics ubuntu is probably not the distro for you?13:09
WaltherActionParsnip: sure, but boot splash doesn't annoy me at all13:09
ActionParsnipWalther: if you want gnome removing you could run:  sudo apt-get --purge remove `dpkg -l | grep gnome`13:09
Waltherkbotnen_: I am familiar with ubuntu, its cli, its repositories, etc13:09
ActionParsnipWalther: should remove enough13:09
WaltherActionParsnip: ...or run apt-get remove gnome*13:09
LintWalther, you may need 'console-input' package to customize keyboard layouts without X13:10
ActionParsnipWalther: my command will cover that too, but also remove libgnome and so on13:10
djotais there any workaround for this problem: http://www.mail-archive.com/gnome-colors-packagers@lists.launchpad.net/msg00316.html ???13:10
WaltherIs there a command to see all the installed software?13:11
WaltherAnd preferably, grep out the libs (there are tons of libs)13:11
ActionParsnipWalther: dpkg -l | less13:11
ActionParsnipWalther: dpkg -l | grep -v lib | less     to NOT see packages with 'lib' in them13:11
Waltherha, -v inverses, thanks13:12
ActionParsnipyep in(v)erse13:12
ActionParsnipis how I remember it13:12
ubernoobhi, is it normal for VirtualBox to take ages to install an OS from disc? I'm only 3% of the way through an installation of PCBSD9 and it seems to be dragging on inordinately. I did select a lot of packages but, I think there should have been more progress than this.13:13
ikoniaubernoob: can be depending on your machine, the host, the guests config etc13:13
WaltherActionParsnip: -l lists all packages, how to see only the installed ones13:13
ActionParsnipubernoob: did you MD5 test the ISO too?13:13
ActionParsnipWalther: yes, thats why you pipe to grep13:14
alex54321anyone have installed succesfuly league of legends ?13:14
WaltherActionParsnip: that removed the libs, but not the ones that are not installed13:14
ubernoobActionParsnip, nope, I downloaded it from their mirror and burned it to a disc without doing any checks. I don't think there's anything wrong with the image as such.13:14
djotaubernoob: that can be kinda normal13:14
ActionParsnipubernoob: then how did you know the ISO was complete and consistent?13:15
ubernoobMy hunch is that it's the packages that I've selected, that it's trying to download and is taking a long while doing so.13:15
ActionParsnipWalther: you can't see the ones that aren't installed13:15
ubernoobActionParsnip, good point but tbh I've never burnt an image from there or ubuntu or debian that wasn't working perfectly.13:15
ubernoobdjota, I think it's been 20-30 minutes so far. If this was a windows install, I'd understand as those things can 'hang' for ages before suddenly spurting to the finish, but Linux/FreeBSD usually install at a consistent pace and quickly (overall).13:17
ActionParsnipubernoob: if you don't use torrents, the data needs to be checked so you know the data isn't damaged13:17
alex54321anyone have installed succesfuly league of legends ?13:17
ActionParsnipubernoob: I'd give it a while but I'd check the ISO13:17
=== svensk_a1 is now known as Dubaco
ubernoobActionParsnip, I'll keep that in mind, once this installation completes/falls over.13:17
ActionParsnipWalther: unless you tell apt-cache to show you every package and grep stuff, it will be a big list13:18
SquarismEven if i successfully build and link libraries into executables, bod objdump and ldd doesn show them as dependencies in ubuntu 11.10?!13:18
Squarism....instead of bod =D13:19
monohedronActionParsnip, once a put the extension in lower case (JPG -> jpg) they turned purple, any idea why ?13:19
WaltherIs there a way to configure mobile broadband on CLI?13:19
ActionParsnipWalther: well the gui apps are hust GUIs for CLI, so technically yes13:20
alex54321anyone tell me about league of legends?13:20
ubernoobwhat do you guys do for 'fun' with linux/freebsd? I've got my 'work' stuff setup, I want to learn more bash, vi, perl and python, I see so many things that I should know more of but... to be honest, I think I spend a lot of time just dithering and not making genuine progress in the way of learning how to administer, configure, customise and extend my system(s)... What do you chaps (and chapesses?) find to be interesting areas of learning,13:21
ubernoob within the FOSS world?13:21
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
WaltherDoes anyone know how to set up mobile broadband in Ubuntu terminal?13:22
ActionParsnipmonohedron: not sure tbh, weird13:24
ejvthis is the support channel ubernoob, i'd ask that question in #ubuntu-offtopic - everyone will have different opinions regarding what's "interesting"13:24
ActionParsnipWalther: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119269613:24
ActionParsnipubernoob: urbanterror :013:25
helloer Hello, my gnome3 fails to start (i need to gnome-shell --replace to run it). I see in syslog only http://pastebin.com/UixivjAw and when run any app13:25
helloer                 "GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend.  Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications.". How to fix that?:|13:25
ubernoobejv, yeah sorry. I did think I was going off-topic there.13:25
ActionParsniphelloer: make a startup item to run the: gnome-shell --replace    command and it will run automagically13:25
alex54321anyone help me with league of legends?13:26
MetaphysicistThe DD command, is it possible to write ones to a drive and not just zero/random/urandom?13:26
FatDudeWrong channel.13:26
helloerActionParsnip: But i cant change anything in gnome-tweak-tool for example :\13:26
Lintcat strikes again?13:26
dat789does shell games (using terminal) still exist? popular??13:27
ejvyou want ones?13:27
dat789like role playing etc13:27
ejvyou can echo 0xFF and pipe through DD13:27
ejvbut that's really weird ha13:27
Dr_willisMetaphysicist:  why would you need to write '1' or - do you mean binary 111111113:27
ubernoobActionParsnip, is that a fps of some sort?13:27
MetaphysicistI meant binary 111111113:28
Dr_willisMetaphysicist:  why do you even need to do this?13:28
ActionParsnipubernoob: it is, is counterstrike like but based on the unreal engine :)13:28
Dr_willistheres disk eraser tools that i belive can do arbitary bit patterns13:28
MetaphysicistDr_willis: Trying to come up with a simple three-pass wiping system for internal use at a company.13:29
djotacould somebody tell me how to change the default home dir for _likewise-open_ shell users?13:29
ejvfor some usb devices that don't support erasure, i can see the point in using ones13:29
jattsimple three-pass wiping is not enough against law enforcement13:29
monohedronActionParsnip, echo $LS_COLORS13:29
ubernoobActionParsnip, sounds like good fun. Will it work well on an old athlon x2 with an Nvidia GT400 gfx card?13:29
djotaActionParsnip: i only know tactical ops which runs on unreal engine..13:30
sebastianohi, where does ttf-mscorefonts-installer install fonts to? gs is not finding the installed times font13:30
alex54321anyone help me with league of legends ?13:32
ubernoobI was hoping to find a decent SNES/Gamecube emulator and some free roms to play, any suggestions as to what to look for in the way of emulators (and where I might find the roms)? I'm guessing that it's not illegal to download vintage games...?13:32
ActionParsnipubernoob: runs well on my GF6150LE onboard13:33
djotaubernoob: google snes emulator13:33
Dr_willisMetaphysicist:  from the discussions icve seen in here. such measures are not needed. and dont do any good.13:33
jattubernoob: surely you bought the games you are looking roms for13:33
ActionParsnipubernoob: with single core sempron am2 @ 1.6Ghz and 2Gb DDR213:33
jattubernoob: otherwise you might be doing something illegal13:33
Dr_willisubernoob:  its technically not legal to just download them.13:33
ActionParsnipDr_willis: nice13:33
Dr_willisubernoob:  theres emularots in the repors or at linux game sites. or at the getdeb sites13:34
ActionParsnipthere are legal roms for old games13:34
ActionParsnipplayonlinux ppa has some nice emulators too13:34
Dr_willisubernoob:  check out the various emulator sites to see what emus are good these days.13:34
Dr_willisubernoob:  and dont forget classic dos games via DosBox :)13:34
ActionParsniplike dune2 :)13:35
Dr_willisWarlords :)13:35
ActionParsnipsid and al's incredible toon machine  :)13:35
Dr_willisubernoob:  itheres also several "Scummvm' games in the repos if you like the Monkey Island style games.13:36
Simon1245Hey guys how to see if 3d Acceleration is enabled?13:36
alex54321anyone help me with league of legends ?13:36
ActionParsnipSimon1245: play a 3D game, like supertux or tuxcart13:37
ubernoobthanks guys, I'm going to check on emulators while the install ... 'progresses' (the disc spins up, every now and again, sounds like there is data being read from it).13:37
ActionParsnipalex54321: its windows only app so you'll need wine13:37
alex54321lol i have wine13:37
Simon1245Ok downloading it13:38
ubernoobDr_willis, what's "Scummvm"?13:38
Picialex54321: Then you should be asking in #winehq13:38
alex54321oh k13:38
_jmp_alex54321: good! red or white? :)13:38
_jmp_alex54321: bad joke sorry :)13:38
ganimedehi all. my ubuntu has just updated the kernel from 3.0.0-15 to 3.0.0-16, and this new version is not booting13:38
ActionParsnipalex54321: http://www.youtube.com/embed/8zAHMUwcfm8?enablejsapi=1&autoplay=1&version=3&auto hide=1&iv_load_policy=313:38
_jmp_alex54321: just read "I have wine" :)13:38
alex54321ohhh i prefer white13:38
_jmp_red here :)13:38
ganimedeany idea what could go wrong?13:38
ActionParsnipalex54321: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=10436   silver rating, expect issues13:39
alex54321boil a bottle about of red wine13:39
alex54321and then add some black sugar13:39
Linthow the package is called which manages console fonts?13:39
=== FatDude is now known as kode9_
alex54321and add some cinnamon13:40
alex54321and then it is perfect!!!13:40
_jmp_sounds like warm sangria to me :)13:40
PiciLets try to stay on-topic here.13:40
sauevaemHello. Asus built in webcam dont work. What do?13:41
Simon1245ActionParsnip, That supertux game worked that means that it's enabled?13:41
ActionParsnipalex54321: just straight merlot is fine :)13:41
ActionParsnipSimon1245: yes, its a 3d game and needs 3d accel to work :)13:41
Simon1245ActionParsnip, Thanks :)13:42
sauevaemI tried few solutions from ubuntu webcam faq13:42
=== kode9_ is now known as FatDude
sauevaemPlease, help.13:43
ActionParsnipsauevaem: does it work in cheese?13:44
OranAbialex54321, how much sugar i have to add ?13:44
ActionParsnipsauevaem: then run:  lsusb   and use the 8 character hex ID to find guides13:44
alex543211 full ladle13:45
OranAbity alex13:45
bazhangalex54321, OranAbi #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat13:45
mbvoI just installed ubuntu 11.10 and I'm having trouble getting my wifi to work. the card is a bcm5787m and it says it installed the drivers for it but ifconfig -a only lists loopback irda and wired13:47
muncould a drive already with a primary partition have an extended partition?13:47
damo22how do i download texlive without 190MB of doc packages?13:47
alex54321how does it taste?13:47
bazhangalex54321, what?13:48
llutzmun: sure13:48
dlentzdamo22, have you tried apt-get install --no-recommends13:48
Jakecan someone help me pls13:48
Jakecan someone help me pls13:48
Jakecan someone help me pls13:48
Jakecan someone help me pls13:48
ukbotPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:48
llutz!details | Jake13:48
ukbotJake: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:48
Jakecan some1 be my valentine13:48
bazhangJake, wrong channel13:49
llutzidiots, tuesday...13:49
damo22command line option -no-recommends is not understood13:50
theadmindamo22: Two dashes (--no-recommends)13:50
Linthow the package is called which manages console fonts?13:50
dlentz--no-recommends (two hyphens)13:50
damo22i did that13:50
llutzdamo22: --no-install-recomends13:50
llutzdamo22: --no-install-recommends13:50
dlentzsorry, that's it13:51
llutzman apt-get13:51
VimanHi, I have LXDE on top of Ubuntu and `lxpanelctl run` (the alt-f2 run command) doesn't work for me. Anyone else experiencing this?13:51
FloodBot1Jake: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:51
muni'm having problem creating an extended partition using gparted. here's a screenshot: http://postimage.org/image/c8nvglmfn/ the Extended Partition option is greyed out. does anyone know why?13:51
meerkatsdamm it, I have, again, sound problems, but my alsa seems ok, the card is recognized http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=aa790fd0f1663440b3598f0e6230685adc8b8fba13:52
FatDudePlease do not unnecessarily OP up and abuse your power.13:52
MyrttiFatDude: thank you for your input13:52
Lintmun what's inside 'create as' list?13:53
VimanHi, I have LXDE on top of Ubuntu and `lxpanelctl run` (the alt-f2 run command) doesn't work for me. Anyone else experiencing this?13:53
mbvohad the wrong chipset in the last msg I'm having trouble getting my wifi to work. the card is a bcm4311 and it says it installed the drivers for it but ifconfig -a only lists loopback irda and wired13:53
munLint, Just Primary Partition available. Logical and Extended are greyed out.13:54
ActionParsnipViman: have you tried in #lubuntu tii13:54
Linti'm flabbergusted13:55
munLint, i'm using gparted 0.7.013:56
ActionParsnipViman: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1000281#p1000281   shows that you should check your lxde-rc.xml13:56
VimanAction: that's not the problem13:57
VimanAction: the command does not run AT ALL in first place, so the keybindings don't matter13:57
ActionParsnipViman: does it work ok as a fresh user?13:58
VimanAction: sorry, what do you mean as a fresh user?13:58
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
Vimanlike a guest session?13:58
ActionParsnipViman: make a new user and test13:58
acepsCan I change the keyring password to match the login password in Ubuntu 10.04?13:59
ActionParsnipaceps: sure13:59
VimanAction: on my way13:59
LuPoXhi, some one can help me ? i install last version of xubuntu, but my skystar usb hd doesnt work :(13:59
aceps<ActionParsnip> How?14:00
ActionParsnipaceps: under security and passwords, you can chenge your password there14:01
SaleemUbuntu 12.04 is going to be LTS ?14:02
PiciSaleem: yes.14:02
ActionParsnipSaleem: yes14:02
munLint, i've figured out why: the partition table is gpt rather than msdos!14:02
ActionParsnipSaleem: LTS every 2 yes, 8.04, 10.04, 12.04 and so on14:02
Lintmun then you don't need extended partitions14:02
Saleemthank you, i was wondering is it worth to install previous LTS version on our college pcs for meanwhile?14:02
munLint, oh? does that mean I can have as many partitions as I want then?14:03
ActionParsnipSaleem: i'd wait til april personally14:03
Lintmun 12714:03
ActionParsnipSaleem: save having to upgrade14:03
munLint, i see. thanks.14:03
Saleemafter a long debate it was decided that ubuntu/lubuntu is the best option we can use for our students who are least linux literate14:04
ActionParsnipSaleem: lubuntu will give more resources to your apps, it holds your hand less for config and such14:04
SaleemActionParsnip, that and plus it makes windows users feel at home, plus ubuntu autoconfigures most of the common hardware and we have some pentium II series pcs which we want to revitalize14:06
Saleemso till next LTS release students can learn and play for a while till we get them latest release for coming years14:07
ActionParsnip,Saleem its the same OS underneath, just different UI14:07
Saleemyes ActionParsnip , lxde suits all our needs14:07
ActionParsnipSaleem: well, the LTS will be supported 5 years, so you don't even need to get the next LTS if you don't want14:08
ActionParsnipLXDE is awesome imho :)14:08
SaleemActionParsnip, this is great :)14:09
=== distoops_ is now known as distoops
muni've just created a new partition, how do i mount it without rebooting?14:09
Saleemamazingly our principal knew there is a "ubuntu" :)14:10
dlentzSaleem, i don't know if it will affect the final 12.04 release, but there are issues with older hardware and  the pae kernel14:10
ActionParsnipmun: look into the mount command, if you add it in /etc/fstab you can run:  sudo mount -a   and it will mount without reboot14:10
muni've tried right clicking in nautilus but it doesn't seem to do anything14:10
headpool182hello, i was wondering if anyone could assist me in connecting my blackberry14:10
Saleemdlentz, ah, so i guess we can use and stick to current LTS14:11
munActionParsnip, thanks!14:12
ukbotFactoid 'barry' not found14:12
VimanAction: guest session alt-f2 works only once14:14
VimanAction: I meant... new user session14:14
Saleemthank you ActionParsnip , thank you dlentz , indeed now i have more clear picture about what we need and im sure our computer lab will run smoothly with lubuntu 10.04 LTS14:14
ActionParsnipViman: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc14:14
VimanUbuntu 11.10 codename oneiric14:14
munActionParsnip, hmm i've added the entry into fstab and mounted it, but i can't seem to write to it.14:15
Saleemi will test the livecd on my own pc first, brb14:15
headpool182is there anyway to check the power of my usb ports?14:15
ActionParsnipmun: you'll need different options in fstab then14:15
sharehello I'm have a problem in Ubuntu.  something is always sending data to the IR receiver14:15
ActionParsnipViman: all I can suggest is report a bug, the default settings should make the app run as expected14:15
shareI have a MCE remote that works fine in Archlinux14:15
munActionParsnip, i'm using the same options as the other partitions, i.e. defaults14:15
ActionParsnipmun: is it the same file system?14:16
sharebecause nothing is always sending data to the remote. any tip to fix this?14:16
VimanActionParsnip: thank you for the attention. On my way to filing14:16
munActionParsnip, hmm no. this is ext414:16
munActionParsnip, i can't unmount it in nautilus. when i do, it says Unable to unmount 476GB file system: daemon is hibited.14:16
share'sudo cat /dev/lirc0'  shows data being sent and the IR receiver led is always on.14:16
munActionParsnip, i can unmount it in gparted though14:16
ActionParsnipmun: have you chowned the mount point to your user?14:16
munActionParsnip, oh right14:16
ActionParsnipshare: unload then reload the driver module, does it help?14:17
ActionParsnipViman: you could always install gmrun and bind ALT+F2 to run gmrun14:17
munActionParsnip, works now! thanks14:17
ActionParsnipmun np :)14:17
VimanAction: I'll try the suggestion14:18
ActionParsnip!info gmrun14:18
ubottugmrun (source: gmrun): Featureful CLI-like GTK+ application launcher. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.2-2.1 (oneiric), package size 46 kB, installed size 168 kB14:18
ActionParsnipyep, gmrun14:18
ActionParsnipits a way to get ALT+F2 in Natty too :)14:18
rajumay i get netwrok help here ?14:19
VimanAction: interesting, I never thought about replacing a run dialog, except for using a widget14:19
ActionParsnipViman: gmrun supports tab completing too, you can also add your own commands and so on14:19
meerkatsdamm it, I have, again, sound problems, but my alsa seems ok, the card is recognized http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=aa790fd0f1663440b3598f0e6230685adc8b8fba14:19
meerkatswhat does linux-headers-alsa-dricers do?14:20
norexanyone have a compaq615 with b43 issues ?14:20
ActionParsnip!anyone | norex14:20
ukbotnorex: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:20
meerkatsand linux-alsa-drivers-modules?14:20
Mac101hi, is a 4gb partition big enough for ubuntu?14:21
=== h3 is now known as hhh333
monohedronMac101, barely but it depends on what you want to put in it14:22
munif i transfer between 2 partitions on a SATA2 disk, is 38mb/s average or too slow?14:23
Mac101i have a 4gb usb that i want to do a desktop install to14:23
Mac101not a live usb but full install14:23
DJones!persistence | Mac10114:23
ukbotMac101: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence14:23
=== q-rban is now known as q0rban
theadminMac101: I don't think you can properly install Ubuntu to a 4GB drive, not the dekstop version at least14:24
Mac101ah ok14:24
sdf223VHi, how can i change the login screen on ubuntu 11?14:24
eSoulif I recall, either 11.04 or 11.10 say 3.7 requirred, but I can imagine more would be neccessary14:25
sdf223VeSoul: is that aimed at me?14:25
eSoulsdf223V, sorry, it is not14:25
damo22im creating a livedvd/usb with tex and R preinstalled14:26
eSoul...some sort of exorsism?14:26
Trevor69420crappy valentine's day everyone :-)14:28
Trevor69420err i meant happy of course14:28
roastedQuestion - if I saved login credentials through a samba share, where would I go to delete it so I get prompted again?14:29
theadminroasted: Logged in with nautilus?14:30
theadminroasted: If so, seahorse would likely be storing them14:30
roastedtheadmin: yes.14:30
roastedtheadmin: never heard of seahorse... wehre's it at?14:30
theadminroasted: Alt+F2, Seahorse, or "Encryption keys and something" in the menu (forgot the name)14:30
theadminroasted: err, alt+f2, seahorse14:30
share_ActionParsnip: sorry  connection to IRC was 'lost' ..14:31
share_this is showing 2 mouses? http://pastebin.com/tU0by8pS14:31
roastedthanks theadmin14:31
Kenjirogood morning/afternoon/evening/whatever ;)14:31
Kenjiroa nice coworker upgraded an ubuntu server yesterday. It was a 9.10 and he ran 'do-release-upgrade'.14:32
eSoulis there a setting panel for joysticks and the like, I may be missing it, but maybe not?14:32
eSoulKenjiro -- Oh so nice :-p14:32
KenjiroI don't know to which version it jumped. I know it finished the upgrade without complaints. Then the guy restarted the server as it required14:32
Kenjironow the server won't boot14:32
Kenjiroit stops on grub saying "grub rescue>" and that's all14:33
Kenjiroand the nice thing is.. this co-worker left the bomb for me to "disarm" ;)14:33
denis_hi!! im having trouble with firefox since last update : it freezes after a few seconds...wha can i do?14:33
LuPoXhi, some one can help me ? i install last version of xubuntu, but my skystar usb hd doesnt work :(14:34
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
eSoullol, i hope something can be done.  Im afraid im not the greatest in fixing boot errors myself, but maybe someone else is14:34
woozlyguys, on my netbook brightness to low (when It without power-cable, on battery)14:34
b0ot_I'm having some usb power issues. Are there any ways to force it to act as a host port? http://tinypaste.com/d911349214:34
woozlyhow to change brightness limit?14:34
meskarunekenjiro: You should probably use a live cd to check out your system. figure out what version you upgraded to. might need to downgrade to one of your backups14:36
* Lint shudders imagining linux kernel with x server on Pentium II14:37
theadminLint: Eh, would work fine14:37
theadminLint: Not Ubuntu for sure, but Linux in general would14:38
jsebeanHello all, I have installed the latest driver here ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/280.04/ for my Nvidia PC. Reason I did it is because the other drivers make Unity freeze. Now, I can't even see my desktop. Any ideas how to fix this?14:38
meskaruneI have a debian test web server on an old laptop that is pentium III runs great (just boots slowly)14:38
jsebeanI would like to use the new drivers to fix the freezing14:38
share_if I remote the receiver  then lsusb doesn't work14:38
denis_everybody here have a stable firefox?14:39
Linttheadmin, the patient told about lubuntu, afaik it has same kernel14:39
jsebeanshare_: language14:39
Kenjiromeskarune: will check that right now14:39
denis_how can i make mine run correctly?14:39
theadminLint: Well the kernel doesn't matter much... It's all the same mostly (sure they have BFS and Liquorix kernels and such things, but doesn't do much)14:39
ActionParsnippuppy on P2 is great14:40
meskarunekenjiro: anyways, I hope you have backups, because most likely you will have to use them :P14:40
Kenjiromeskarune: "backup is for the weak" *LOL*14:40
meskarunenot backing up is for the stupid14:40
LintActionParsnip, isn't puppy 2.4 + english only?14:40
Kenjiromeskarune: I strongly believe we don't have a backup of this server :(14:40
ActionParsnipKenjiro: backup is for people who want their data14:40
jsebeanlol I learned the hard way to backup14:40
ActionParsnipLint: not sure tbh, I only use english14:40
KenjiroActionParsnip, meskarune: of course I was joking about the "for the weak"14:41
meskarunekenjiro: well, try saving some data with a live cd, then reinstall with the latest LTS release14:41
Kenjiromeskarune: problem is there is a mysql db inside this crap14:41
mundoes anyone know how to make a bootable USB for installing windows in ubuntu?14:42
ActionParsnipdenis_: I don't, i don't use firefox :)14:42
meskarunekenjiro: which is why I said to use a live cd to save your data. :P14:42
meskarunemun: what do you mean install windows in ubuntu? are you wanting to have a virtual machine? or do you just want windows installed onto a usb drive?14:43
jsebeanHello all, I have installed the latest driver here ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/280.04/ for my Nvidia PC. Reason I did it is because the other drivers make Unity freeze. Now, I can't even see my desktop. Any ideas how to fix this? I would like to use the new drivers to fix the freezing14:43
Kenjirook, booted from the livecd, let's see which info I can get14:43
munmeskarune, windows installed using a usb. dualbooting.14:43
Emerald_FiannaHi all, just wondering can anyone give me a quick hand. I installed the broadcom wireless driver the other day on my laptop and it was working fine, no problems and when I turned on the laptop today, nothing, no wireless and when I went and looked at the additional drivers it's no longer there?14:44
duellemun, found http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/creating-windows-7-bootable-usb-from-linux-762229/ - seems to be exactly what you are looking for doesnt' it?14:44
Kenjiromeskarune: hmmmm it jumped from 9.10 to
meskarunemun: do you have legal windows install media? if so you can rip the disc or an iso file and use a program to put it on usb14:44
jsebeanEmerald_Fianna: Is it disabled?14:44
KenjiroI wish I could simply fix grub and things could get back to normal ;)14:44
subanomicunder ubuntu 10.04, i need to decrypt a fedora system that's been encrypted with dm-crypt and a aes-xts-plain64 cipher.14:45
subanomicwhen i try to do so, it gives me the following error: Error unlocking device: cryptsetup exited with exit code 251: device-mapper: reload ioctl failed: Invalid argument14:45
subanomicFailed to setup dm-crypt key mapping for device /dev/sdb3. Check that kernel supports aes-xts-plain64 cipher (check syslog for more info). Failed to read from key storage.14:45
Emerald_Fiannajsebean: don't think so, it's just gone, it's no longer even available in the additional drivers windows to install and it was working fine until I turned off the laptop last night14:45
subanomicthis is what my syslog says: http://pastebin.com/VZPZbqwD14:45
jsebeanEmerald_Fianna: Just checking you'd be suprised how many people I've seen accidently disabled the wireless by pressing the button on their PC and not realize it14:45
subanomichow can i solve this?14:45
ActionParsnipEmerald_Fianna: run:  dmesg | less     and read through, see what is going in14:45
Emerald_Fiannajsebean: no, the wifi button is no but it's orange14:46
Emerald_FiannaActionParsnip: just going to do that now14:46
=== yavor is now known as y4h0
Emerald_FiannaActionParsnip: just done that now, but not sure what I should be looking for?14:47
ActionParsnipEmerald_Fianna: anything relating to broadcom14:47
jsebeanHello all, I have installed the latest driver here ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/280.04/ for my Nvidia PC. Reason I did it is because the other drivers make Unity freeze. Now, I can't even see my desktop. Any ideas how to fix this? I would like to use the new drivers to fix the freezing14:47
munirWho to contact when I want a certain updated package to be pushed to official ubuntu repositry?14:49
ActionParsnipjsebean: the 280 driver is in the repos14:49
jsebeanActionPArsnip: Oh yeah lol....... time to format i guess lol14:49
Emerald_FiannaActionParsnip: just looking now14:49
ActionParsnipjsebean: not really, just instal the nvidia-current package14:49
daschelI'm having an issue with my wacom drawing tablet.  Every now and then (every month and a half or so) after a software update my tablet stops working.  unfortunately I'm not sure which update is causing it (I suspect something with x.org), and I have to manually install the drivers.  that's not a huge problem, but this time after reinstalling the drivers my tablet isn't responding the same way.  For one, the resolution of my tablet compared to14:49
daschelmy monitor is now 1:1.   This is actually a good thing because I had tried accomplishing this in the past but had no luck.  The other changes in my pad are less identifiable.  The best way I can describe it is that simply the feel is wrong.  I know that's not helpful, but none of the settings appear changed, and I'm not sure what to search for elsewhere.  has anyone heard of a similar issue?14:49
jsebeanActionParsnip: I can sudo apt-get install nvidia-current? In tty 1?14:50
Emerald_FiannaActionParsnip: nothing to do with broadcom appears anywhere in that?14:50
munirCan anyone tell me Who to contact when I want a certain updated package to be pushed to official ubuntu repositry?14:51
dommerhey can someone help me with a pythong script error?14:51
dommerno idea what the hole is14:52
theadmindommer: Try #python14:52
theadmindommer: Not like that. /join #python14:52
dommeryes I know14:53
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sskalnikwhat's a good channel for compilation problems?14:53
Kenjiromeskarune: ok, got a little improvement ;)14:53
meskarunekenjiro: grub isn't broken. grub sent you to the rescue prompt because it coudn't boot the system.14:54
theadminsskalnik: Compiling what?14:54
LjLsskalnik: this will do, although if you're compiling something that's in the repositories, people will question why :P14:54
sskalnikI'm compiling a kernel driver, which has includes for some linux kernel headers, but it can't find them even though they are in the right place.14:54
Kenjiromeskarune: after messing around a bit I got the boot to change from "grub rescue>" to "grub>" ;)14:54
alex54321how do i set a folder to have read and write permisions??14:56
meskarunealex54321: you use the chmod command to change file permissions14:56
overcluckeralex54321: chmod +rw folder14:56
meskarunealex54321: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chmod  that site explains the notation to use for file permissions. just make sure not to change your permissions to something unsecure14:58
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=== daschel is now known as daschel_
dat789use chmod cautiously14:58
amaroksMy server has very high load and when i run top -c , I see too many of those:14:58
amaroks1089 root      15   0  1708  568  484 S  0.0  0.1   0:00.00 ./ssh-brute list.txt combos 3 5 2000 vuln.txt 2214:58
amarokswhat is this process?14:58
dat789you could change the permission and after finished what you do change it back if necessary14:59
sskalnikYou can see it references "linux/compiler.h", but can't find it14:59
=== daschel_ is now known as daschel
Piciamaroks: It looks malicious to me.14:59
amaroksto me too14:59
amaroksHow can I find out where is that script running?14:59
ikoniaamaroks: do a find on it14:59
amaroksfind xxx , what?15:00
overcluckeramaroks: ssh-brute soounds shifty15:00
ikoniaamaroks: you're going to have to probably re-install your OS as it looks like you have been compromised and are being used to do brute force attacks15:00
=== daschel is now known as daschel_
ikoniaamaroks: find / -name ssh-brute -print and then do the same on list.txt15:00
meskaruneamaroks: use the lsof command to find what files and processes are connected15:00
ikoniaamaroks: list.txt is probably in the same dir as ssh-brute15:00
=== daschel_ is now known as daschel
sskalnikhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/841774/ <---- this is my DKMS.conf file. Did I bork something up? The INCLUDEDIR is correct15:01
meskaruneamaroks: you might pipe lsof's output to grep to find specifically what you want15:01
jnwhitehI'm having a terrible issue with 11.10 on my Thinkpad. Every few characters when I'm typing code into my gvim window, I get this terribly loud and annoying beep. I've searched for ways to disable this but most seem to be for previous versions of Ubuntu. Does anyone have any hints on how I can disable it under 11.10?15:01
amaroksfound it in /tmp/mirkforce/bash/sshbrute/ssh-brute15:02
amaroksthink deleting it and files for it will solve it?15:02
jnwhitehIts driving me INSANE15:02
eSoulamaroks -- the person that compromised your system will prolly replace it15:03
Pumpkin-you have been compromised, you have no idea how, and your entire system is untrustworthy15:03
Pumpkin-the only safe option is to wipe everything and reinstall from known clean media15:03
amaroksshould I change root passwords?15:03
Pumpkin-(ideally after you have worked out how you got owned, so you don't make that mistake again).15:03
Piciamaroks: You should backup your critical information and reinstall Ubuntu.15:04
eSoulchange it to something different when you reinstll15:04
auronandaceamaroks: you shouldn't has a root password on ubuntu15:04
Pumpkin-any attempts to "patch this up" are likely to fail.15:04
sskalnikThe best practice is "nuke from orbit", I believe. Followed by "restore critical data from backup".15:04
amarokswhy not?15:04
monohedronjnwhiteh, rigth click your sound preferences and disable warnings15:04
share_why the hell lsusb doesn't work after removing a USB device?15:04
ikoniashare_: hung your usb port ?15:04
ActionParsnipjnwhiteh: is pcspkr loaded?15:04
jnwhitehmonohedron: I don't see 'disable warnings' anywhere15:05
amaroksalso found this in cron.d: * * * * * /tmp/mirkforce/bash/update >/dev/null 2>&115:05
ikoniaamaroks: your machine is compromised, you need to re-install15:05
monohedronjnwhiteh, soundefects upper right hand15:05
jnwhitehActionParsnip: lsmod | grep pcskpr doesn't return any results15:05
=== Sergevg is now known as svg
share_ikonia: I dunno what you mean by that but after typing lsusb it doesn't show output and I can't ctrl+c to close the terminal. If I insert USB device again lsusb still doesnt work15:06
ActionParsnipmentions the same script as amaroks crapflingingmonkey.com/wp/2010/03/the-site-was-r00ted/15:06
ActionParsnipjnwhiteh: hm, ok15:06
damo22amaroks DONT change your passwords yet until you disconnect from the internet and lan and nuke your system15:06
MubozIs there someone that can help me? I have a question about the live usb and casper-rw15:06
ikoniashare_: it sounds like when you removed the usb device it's hung the physical port15:06
amarokswhats the folder mirkforce for?15:07
amaroksis that what contains all hacking scripts?15:07
ikoniaamaroks: it doesn't matter15:07
share_ikonia: something is always sending commands to Infrared receiver. Im trying to solve this problem15:07
ActionParsnipamaroks: someone puts scripts there to run, you have been compromised15:07
ikoniaamaroks: your machine is compromised, your next action is to re-install your OS15:07
amaroksit has too many websites :(15:07
jnwhitehmonohedron: http://images.gammatester.com/pics/7b8ef6da1f5e1f6c60d90603a7c8d45a.png and http://images.gammatester.com/pics/9604db7f72d0b7bf664ad616cfbc5376.png show what I'm seeing.15:07
ikoniaamaroks: it's up to you if you re-install or not, however your machine is compromised and may be removed from the network you are on if you are attacking other machines/spamming15:08
jnwhitehIf it makes a difference, this is when I have my headphones plugged in. I don't dare take them out because it would drive everyone around me nutss.15:08
monohedronjnwhiteh, mutre the alert volume15:08
jnwhitehits not the alert15:09
jnwhitehthats the problem15:09
MubozMY question is, since the live usb looks for the partition label of "casper-rw" for a persistent space, does it look for this partition label on all drives?15:09
share_ikonia: yep now mouse doesnt work15:09
monohedronjnwhiteh, have yout ried to mute it ?15:09
monohedrontried to15:09
theadminMuboz: Partition labels are accessed via /dev/disk/by-label -- if more than one partition with the same label exists, the respective label will most likely fail to even get created, so yes, it won't work if multiple partitions have that label.15:10
jnwhitehnow I can't get into system settings again15:10
jnwhitehmonohedron: I haven't, because I still want the system-wide alert15:10
jnwhitehwhich is configured at a reasonable volume with a reasonable sound effect15:11
monohedronjnwhiteh, and if so what applications are listed in the sound settings15:11
jnwhitehjust Spotify15:11
theadminjnwhiteh: Try using pavucontrol to adjust volumes per-app, I think it does system volume too15:11
auronandacetheadmin: isn't that one of the reasons for using uuids instead?15:11
jnwhitehmonohedron: muting the alert volume seems to do it, but then I don't have system alerts, which is bad.15:12
theadminauronandace: Indeed. But (s)he said her/his liveUSB looks for a label, so I'm just answering the actual question.15:12
LuPoXhi, some one can help me ? i install last version of xubuntu, but my skystar usb hd doesnt work :(15:12
monohedronjnwhiteh, see the admins comment15:12
jn_how can i check what version of python is being used ?15:12
theadminLuPoX: Won't work how, exactly? Does it create a /dev node at least?15:12
share_how can I solve lsusb hang15:12
LuPoXi try kaffeine15:13
LuPoXand skystar dont appear15:13
LuPoXbut in lsusb apper15:13
theadminjn_: python --version15:13
kroonrsjn_: python -V15:13
LuPoX001 Device 002: ID 14f7:0500 TechniSat Digital GmbH DVB-PC TV Star HD15:13
crankharderwhat should i do about this: "vim-nox : Depends: libperl5.10 (>= 5.10.1) but it is not going to be installed"15:14
xxiaojn_: dpkg -l python15:14
jnwhitehtheadmin: pavucontrol only shows spotify and a single 'system sounds' options, it doesn't break up the system volume into 'normal' and 'eaat splitting beep' =/15:14
xxiaojn_: or just run python, it will print out this info the first line15:14
meskarunecrankharder: you need to isntall libperl15:14
theadminjnwhiteh: Just decrease the system volume then?15:14
MubozSee, What I am trying to figure out is, If i put the liveusb on this 1gb drive, and if I make a partition labeled "casper-rw" on a different 1gb drive. Will the live usb find the persistent space partition on said separate usb drive?15:14
monohedronjnwhiteh, what app is beeping ?15:15
theadminjnwhiteh: Or wait, do you mean that you get PC speaker beep rather than normal sound alerts??15:15
crankhardermeskarune: E: Unable to locate package libperl15:15
ActionParsnipLuPoX: does the partition show if you run:  sudo fdisk -l15:15
jnwhitehtheadmin: yes, it may be the pc speaker, its terrible and ear splitting15:15
jnwhitehmonohedron: it happens in vim, gvim, terminals, etc.15:15
monohedronjnwhiteh, so ony in terminal15:15
sskalnikcrankharder:  ran sudo apt-get update recently?15:15
theadminjnwhiteh: Gross... you need to install the default sound theme, seems it somehow got removed, sec, I'll look for the package name15:15
crankhardersskalnik: very recently15:15
jnwhitehmonohedron: gvim isn't in a terminal15:16
meskarunecrankharder: libperl-dev search for that15:16
crankharderlibperl-dev : Depends: perl (= 5.10.1-8ubuntu2.1) but it is not going to be installed Depends: libperl5.10 (= 5.10.1-8ubuntu2.1) but it is not going to be installed15:16
sskalnikcrankharder:  Which ubuntu version?15:16
theadminjnwhiteh: Can you try "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sounds" and then log out and back in to see if it starts working?15:17
meskarunecrankharder: install perl and libperl-dev15:17
crankharderlibperl-dev : Depends: libperl5.10 (= 5.10.1-8ubuntu2.1) but it is not going to be installed perl : Depends: perl-base (= 5.10.1-8ubuntu2.1) but 5.12.4-4 is to be installed15:17
jnwhitehtheadmin: some applications give me the ubuntu-system-wide alert noise (which is configured to default). But just now, when typing this line to you I got the pc speaker beep.15:17
jnwhitehthat's in weechat in a terminal session, but is indicitive of the problem15:17
theadminjnwhiteh: Mweh... Sounds like some gnome bug15:17
theadminjnwhiteh: Not even sure :$15:18
meskarunecrankharder: sudo apt-get install perl-base15:18
Lintcrankharder, I just installed libperl-dev 5,12,4-415:18
crankharderperl-base is already the newest version15:18
jnwhitehI guess I'll have to disable the alert sound for now, then. I don't have time to download and configure awesome to be usable :P15:18
theadmincrankharder: Perform a system upgrade, sounds like your system searches for outdated packages... "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"15:18
monohedrontheadmin, he think has that installed or he couldn't turn that noice of when muting alerts15:18
jnwhitehMy thesis must take priority15:18
meskarunecrankharder: sudo apt-get install libperl-dev15:18
crankharderiv'e done that very recently, but i'll try again15:18
theadmincrankharder: Actually, replace that "upgrade" with "dist-upgrade" so it does a smart upgrade rather than a stupid one15:19
jnwhitehtheadmin: monohedron: yeah ubuntu-sounds is already installed15:19
theadminjnwhiteh: Hm well15:19
sskalnikcrankharder:  dist-upgrade?15:19
crankharderyep, nothing new to install - still won't install libperl-dev15:19
theadminjnwhiteh: I don't use any alert sounds at all15:19
monohedronneither do i15:19
jnwhitehyeah, I think that's what I'm going to have to do, because this is unberable.15:19
jnwhitehTHanks for your help =)15:19
sskalnikcrankharder:  Do you get any messages indicating a conflict with another package?15:19
theadmincrankharder: Okay, could you please do this: sudo apt-get install aptitude ; sudo aptitude install packagenames15:19
theadmincrankharder: Replace "packagenames" with whatever it is you're trying to install. It won't magically solve it, but aptitude will print errors which actually make sense15:20
crankhardertheadmin: yea ok, seems like aptitude is working15:21
auronandacecrankharder: have you added any PPAs recently?15:21
crankharderer wait, lies15:21
theadminThey should make aptitude the default imo15:21
crankhardertheadmin: http://pastie.org/338139715:21
meskarunecrankharder what program are you trying to install?15:21
crankhardersee pastie15:22
Dani_TMAny news un Ubuntu 12.04 LTS system requirements?15:22
theadmincrankharder: Try sudo dpkg --configure -a15:22
theadminDani_TM: They'll be basically the same as now -- 512 meters of RAM, i686 compatbile processor15:22
theadminDani_TM: Nothing ever changes much15:23
crankhardertheadmin: http://pastie.org/338140815:23
theadmincrankharder: Seen that, thinking15:24
theadmincrankharder: Ah15:24
Dani_TMlet's hope so, theadmin15:24
=== MrPen is now known as penreturns
theadmincrankharder: hmmz... I have no idea, seems like a borked python install to me, I suggest reinstalling python2.6-minimal and python2.615:25
MubozOk, I'll try it out and hopefully it will work, if not ill experiment with the other thing that was said, by using uuid's15:25
crankhardertheadmin: yea, i just removed them, reinstalled, failed again15:25
theadminDani_TM: I honestly don't care, not an Ubuntu user, but yes, having small requirements is good15:25
theadmincrankharder: I think you don't need to have both of them at the same time actually15:25
theadmincrankharder: Could you kill both of them and just install the "python" package?15:25
monohedroncrankharder, apt-get install -f && apt-get upgrade -f15:26
=== debian is now known as Guest63044
monohedronshould resolve any dependency issues15:26
Guest63044how to know all the ips connected to localhost?15:26
Guest63044i mean all machines15:26
theadminmonohedron: That probably won't work :D apt-get takes only package names after "install", "-f" is not a package. You mean "apt-get -f install" and such.15:26
ActionParsnipGuest63044: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc    please15:26
damo22monohedron is a 2D plane?15:26
ukbotIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »15:27
monohedronnope i mean apt-get install -f15:27
Guest63044ActionParsnip, Squeze15:27
ActionParsnipGuest63044: debian isn't supported here15:27
meskarunecrankharder: http://packages.debian.org/sid/vim-nox15:27
ActionParsnipGuest63044: this is Ubuntu support15:27
Guest63044ActionParsnip, and?15:27
ActionParsnipGuest63044: debian is supported in #debian15:27
Lintsomeone told me tehre's no lsb_release on debian15:27
meskarunecrankharder: that is a list of dependancies15:27
Guest63044ActionParsnip, what is the problem? this is an general propose command15:27
share_lsusb only hangs if I disconnect the IR receiver that is always receiving data. I dont know what is sending data all the time! how can I know?15:27
share_lircd is not in use.15:27
ActionParsnipGuest63044: this isnt a general purpose channel15:28
theadminmeskarune: uh, don't link to Debian packages here >.< That won't give anything on Ubuntu (dependencies will be named differently, etc). Search on packages.ubuntu.com the next time15:28
crankharderyea, python looks completely borked15:28
hellhammerI'm running ubuntu 10.04 no matter what when ever i login the system crashes to the login screen whats going on?15:28
crankharderpython : Depends: python-minimal (= 2.6.5-0ubuntu1) but 2.7.2-7ubuntu2 is to be installed15:28
crankharderand then i get a scary message about removing python-minimal15:28
theadmincrankharder: Hm, just had an idea... "sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get --reinstall install python"15:29
crankharderapt-get/aptitude wont install python15:29
monohedroncrank try "apt-get install -f && apt-get upgrade -f" that should resolve dependencies15:29
crankharderUnable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.15:29
theadmincrankharder: Err, why do you have held packages exactly? That *will* break things15:30
meskarunehellhammer: do you have auto login on?15:30
crankharderi haven't helt broken packages15:30
crankharderat, most I had git-core installed. fresh install yesterday15:30
auronandacecrankharder: how did you install it?15:30
theadmincrankharder: This is weird. Can you run the "sudo apt-get clean" command and try installing again?15:31
crankhardertheadmin: yes15:31
theadmincrankharder: Did already?15:31
crankharderauronandace: downloaded iso, installed in vbox15:31
crankhardertheadmin: yes15:31
theadmincrankharder: Meh. Hamsters... Any third-party repos connected?15:31
auronandacecrankharder: i mean git-core15:31
crankharderdefault sources.list15:31
theadmincrankharder: Which release are you on?15:31
Dani_TMthanks, theadmin15:33
norexispci is not showing my wireless device on my laptop15:33
auronandacenorex: lspci, not ispci15:33
compdocnorex, some laptops have a little switch that actually turn off the wireless nic15:33
norexauronandace, sorry spelling mistake15:34
=== Bui__ is now known as sjwnsdkwms
norexcompdoc, there is a button and it is on15:34
norexi know that i normally use b43 driver though , it is installed i just need to find out why the device is not picked up15:35
x-acthey, whats the german support channel?15:35
krivchow can i create launcher in lubuntu?15:36
szal!de | x-act15:36
ukbotx-act: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!15:36
DJones!de | x-act15:36
theadminx-act: #ubuntu-de15:36
x-actthank uuu15:36
theadmin!cn | compdoc15:36
ukbotcompdoc: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw15:36
theadmin!es | miguelote15:36
ukbotmiguelote: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:36
compdocheh - wrong language15:36
monohedronindian i guess15:36
theadmincompdoc: Oh, was that korean?15:36
szaltheadmin: Sanskrit15:37
theadmincompdoc: Ah15:37
share_ikonia: removing the ATI propertary driver worked15:37
spaceneedleOne problem with Unity-2d occurs when I log out. The screen freezes for a couple minutes.15:37
share_damn you AMD15:37
Kenjiromeskarune: I THINK I found what started the whole problem.15:37
crankhardertheadmin: 11.1015:37
auronandacecrankharder: how did you install git-core15:37
Kenjiromeskarune: somehow during the upgrade the partition /dev/sda1 was set to be a PV15:37
crankharderif i remove python-minimal is all hell gonna break loose?15:37
headpool182is there anyone who can assist me with JACK?15:38
crankharderauronandace: apt-get install?15:38
melvincvhey, where's ubottu? Took a break?15:38
Kenjirowhen in fact sda1 was the partition where /boot resides15:38
theadminmelvincv: She's here15:38
melvincvI see ukbot giving replies, is he new here?15:38
crankhardertheadmin: auronandace: i didn't do anythign odd 1) fresh install from download yesterday 2) apt-get update ; apt-get dist-upgrade 3) reboot, install git-core vim-nox15:38
DJonesmelvincv: She's undergoing maintenance, ukbot is just a short term replacement till ubottu is back up to speed15:39
theadminmelvincv: join #ubuntu-irc to discuss that, I think they're changing ubottu (she's now going to also have a built-in bantracker afair)15:39
theadmincrankharder: I'm going to repeat that on a VM, gonna need to download the ISO though. Can you PM me so I don't forget your nickname and can report back the results and a possible fix?15:39
spaceneedleReently installed Pychess--jeez louise does it suck up a lot of cpu. Do,t use pychess or glchess. Use dreamchess ! Python is likely the problem.15:39
melvincvtheadmin, I see. So we get an improved version of her?15:40
theadminmelvincv: Quite so15:40
MonkeyDustan improved lady, so to say15:41
_MarcusWhat was that?15:42
Ian_Moonepeople are just goining and leaving. nobody actually online.15:43
DJonesIan_Moone: I suspect its a bit of a netsplit15:43
=== cis is now known as liberal
monohedronit has to be an exorcism15:45
Ian_Moonehow come I stay on?15:45
ukbotFactoid 'netspit' not found15:45
ukbotnetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit15:45
sipiorIan_Moone: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit15:45
monohedronyou're not possessed15:45
monohedronthere come the  bots15:46
_MarcusWho's ukbot?15:46
monohedrona temp15:46
cfhowlett"netspit"?  Gotta add that to my dictionary.15:46
_MarcusAh. What happened to ubottu?15:46
theadmin_Marcus: As seen above, temporary ubottu replacement15:46
monohedroncoming back later15:46
theadmin_Marcus: They're adding features to ubottu15:46
LjLnothing to do with adding features to it, it's just died15:47
ActionParsnipubottu is the bom15:47
theadminLjL: Oh, isn't the ubottu hackfest today?15:47
theadminLjL: Or did I confuse something?15:47
HorizonXPhey guys15:47
Ann-Mariawhich is the best firewall for ubuntu ?15:47
ukbotFactoid 'fw' not found15:48
theadminAnn-Maria: No best. Ubuntu has iptables built-in. If you want a GUI, try gufw.15:48
ukbotAnn-maria: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.15:48
Ian_MooneO.o I'm new to IRC....... I have a lot of research to do.15:48
DJonestheadmin: bot hackfest is early March (looking at my emails)15:48
cfhowlettAnn-Maria: IMHO, depends on your level of exposure and paranoia15:48
theadminDJones: Ah... I really confused something lol15:48
HorizonXPi have a server that is running Ubuntu 10.10 with kernel
HorizonXPnever mind the ffact that I should update it15:49
HorizonXPbut right now, it's maxing out CPU usage on kswapd0, and I can't kill the process15:49
HorizonXPwhat can I do/15:49
HorizonXPI see that it's a known issue/bug, so i'm hoping updating the server will help solve the issue15:49
hellboy2783hello ubuntu world15:49
HorizonXPbut I need to get the usage down first15:49
infineeAny vim+nerdtree fans here? for some reason I can't go into directories with NERDTree when in the Terminal app of Ubuntu. But I just tested with a plain xterm and it works. Any idea why?15:49
cfhowletthellboy2783: greetings15:50
ActionParsnipHorizonXP: can you kill the process?15:50
OTELO_Koitihy. i am not sure if opengl is running right on my system. how can i test it?15:51
HorizonXPActionParsnip: no, sending a kill signal 15 or 9 as root doesn't do it15:51
ActionParsnipOTELO_Koiti: install and run tuxracer :)15:51
ActionParsnipHorizonXP: wow, that's not great. does the high cpu start immediately after boot?15:52
HorizonXPActionParsnip: it's gone15:52
ActionParsnipHorizonXP: yay15:52
sipiorinfinee: might be useful to compare the value of $TERM in each of those environments.15:52
OTELO_Koitikk :D15:52
HorizonXPActionParsnip: it must've taken a while to kill is all15:52
HorizonXPActionParsnip: ok, time to upgrade this server15:52
ActionParsnipHorizonXP: sounds like it, crazy days.15:52
damo22HorizonXP, kswapd means youre running out of ram you cant kill kswapd process15:52
ActionParsnipHorizonXP: how much ram do you have?15:53
HorizonXPdamo22: that makes sense, but I have 80 MB free15:53
HorizonXPActionParsnip, damo22 : 512 on this system. it's a linode.15:53
=== Shadows` is now known as SoulShadow
infineesipior: I just googled and found out I can change by doing 'update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator'15:53
infineesipior: any idea how I get more choices?15:53
sipiorinfinee: sure, install more terminal emulators :-)15:54
infineesipior: thx :)15:54
OTELO_Koitii will not install a game on my pc :D so some other hints?15:56
gast2roothowto hide user switching names?15:56
Ian_MooneI am running Linux Mint, LTS version, and15:56
Ian_Moonenothing shows up on the task bar.15:56
theadminIan_Moone: That's not supported here. This channel only offers support on Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Studio and Edubuntu.15:57
Possible1994What is the best (performance wise) filesystem for a SATA3 plugged into a SATA2 port? I was thinking ext4 with journaling turned off, and noatime,nodirtime.15:57
damo22how do i use dpkg to reconfigure unconfigured packages due to a big list of packages being installed in alphabetical order instead of dep order?15:57
DynamicFailcan you monitor dmesg in a bash script for particular errors?15:57
ActionParsnip!miint | Ian_Moone15:57
ukbotFactoid 'miint' not found15:57
ukbotLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:57
sskalnikOTELO_Koiti:  opengl screen savers15:57
Ian_MooneBut Mint is ubuntu, essentially...15:57
ActionParsnipIan_Moone: its not supported here15:57
Possible1994I'm not concerned with reliability because I image my root partition frequently15:57
theadminIan_Moone: Still not supported. Not an official derivative and we're not aware of the changes they make (and they make quite a lot actually)15:57
ActionParsnipIan_Moone: ubuntu is based on Debian, if you ask for ubuntu support in #debian you will be pointed here15:58
shaneowould there be a reason why ram is caching more than its using?15:58
sskalnikIan_Moone:  but Mint is Mint, so they can help you better in the Mint channel15:58
theadminshaneo: Disk cache15:58
theadmin!linuxatemyram | shaneo15:58
ukbotFactoid 'linuxatemyram' not found15:58
Possible1994Anyone please help me make a choice on which filesystem to use for my SSD?15:58
theadmin!ram | shaneo15:58
ukbotshaneo: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html15:58
ActionParsnipPossible1994: could use ext2, no journal15:58
shaneoit justs seems like im not get the performance i should with 8gb15:58
theadminshaneo: You running on 64-bit surely?15:59
shaneothe max ram it uses is 1.6 but cache is 6.415:59
shaneoyes 64bit15:59
Kenjiromeskarune: thanks for the tips15:59
theadminshaneo: By cache do you mean swap?15:59
Possible1994ActionParsnip, I did, but for some reason noatime,nodirtime and setting tempfs to ram rendered my system unbootable, the tutorial used ext four15:59
shaneoMem: 1.5GB Cache:6.4GB16:00
shaneoSwap: 0%16:00
theadminshaneo: Cool, well. Disk cache gets freed when apps require more RAM, so don't worry, it's all fine16:00
shaneook so ill never really see my ram max out16:00
theadminshaneo: It just doesn't need more than 1.5G right now so it uses the most of the rest for cache16:00
ActionParsnipPossible1994: http://askubuntu.com/questions/19376/installing-ubuntu-on-a-ssd16:00
shaneoi see16:00
shaneook thanks16:01
shaneoit just seemed weird as its my first time noticing it16:01
ActionParsnipPossible1994: also put browser cache in ram too, dead handy plus makes web browsing faster16:01
macmartineWhere is the default PATH set in Ubuntu?16:02
jpdsmacmartine: echo $PATH16:02
macmartinejpds: But where is it defined16:03
macmartinejpds: I don't see it in ~/.bashrc16:03
jpdsmacmartine: Looks like /etc/bash_completion16:03
jpdsmacmartine: /etc/environment16:03
macmartinejpds: ah, thanks16:04
ActionParsnipmacmartine: /etc/environment afaik16:04
jpdsmacmartine: This is not a vim window.16:04
theadminmacmartine: You want /quit not :q16:04
jpdsActionParsnip: Welcome to a minute ago. ;)16:04
ActionParsnipmacmartine: you can add to it as a user by adding:  export PATH=$PATH:/new/folder16:05
ubernoobhmm, after a couple of attempts and - finally - a perusal of the help files in VirtualBox, I think I can conclude that PCBSD9 is not compatible with it.16:05
ActionParsnipjpds: yay, its nice up here16:05
ActionParsnipmacmartine: add that to ~/.bashrc    it allows users to add there own folders and such to PATH16:05
ubernoobhas anyone here managed to run PCBSD9 within virtualbox in ubuntu 11.10?16:05
ActionParsnipubernoob: did you check if it was cmpatible on the virtualbox website?16:05
theadminubernoob: Uh... I installed PCBSD on vbox in the past just fine (though the installer crashed cause "not enough disk space", but it appeared to be working well). Also, that's not an Ubuntu issue so...16:06
antiheroIs php5-memcache or php5-dev available for lucid?16:06
ubernoobActionParsnip, nope, I checked in the help files within VirtualBox16:06
antiherojust it says "Package php5-memcached is not available, but is referred to by another package."16:06
antiheroand the same for php5-dev16:06
ActionParsnipubernoob: i suggest you check stuff before takinbg on projects, as wel as test ISOs16:06
antiheroI'm sure I remember having those packages back on 10.0416:06
ubernoobtheadmin, fair point but I was just communicating my 'results' because I'd come here earlier to get some help on a related matter16:07
Possible1994ActionParsnip, This is done by setting temp dir to /dev/shm correct? I cannot find this ability in Iron Browser (a Google-data-mining preventing build) of Chromium16:07
ubernoobActionParsnip, I should do that, yes.16:07
compdocubernoob, the website mentions some earlier versions of pcbsd work, and all of them:  Requires VT-x or AMD-V hardware virtualization support.16:08
Possible1994ActionParsnip, I would much rather have a setup where my SSD loads my operating system to a software RAMdisk, and then  boots it, possible?16:09
qw-Russianhelp me16:09
qw-Russiani would like install Skype16:09
qw-Russiani download skype-ubuntu_2.2.0.35-1_i386.deb16:10
SvenL-qw-Russian: use skype online with imo.im16:10
ubernoobcompdoc, that's pretty much what the helpfiles say too, but given that the installer wouldn't progress past 4% after attempting a few different configurations, I figured it just wasn't 100% compatible.16:10
theadminSvenL-: That's not really a solution.16:10
ubernoobI'll look into the matter more, later today.16:10
karthick1987How to create a new user with home folder and sudo rights in ubuntu 10.10?16:10
theadminqw-Russian: sudo dpkg -i /path/to/skype-ubuntu_2.2.0.35-1_i386.deb16:10
DJones!skype | qw-Russian16:10
ukbotqw-Russian: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga16:10
theadminkarthick1987: sudo adduser username && sudo usermod -aG admin username16:10
qw-Russianwere /path/to/ my folder ?16:11
_Marcusqw-Russian: That means the path to Skype16:11
theadminqw-Russian: Yes, wherever the downloaded file is stored16:11
ob1thello guys, i'm trying to install vmware player v4 into ubuntu 11.1016:12
ob1ten says:16:12
ob1tBefore you can run VMWare, several modules must be compiled and loaded into the running kernel.16:12
ActionParsnipPossible1994: i tried to set that up, its tough. You'd need to use something like puppy to do that16:12
ob1twhat can i do to add those modules into the kernel?16:12
meskaruneob1t: any reason why you want to use vmware instead of virtual box?16:12
theadminob1t: Sounds complicated, why don't you use Virtualbox?16:12
qw-Russianbut i am write konsole cd /home/qw/Загрузки/ that I am now where got skype16:13
ubernoobif you have multiple swap partitions within an extended partition, each belonging to a separate Linux install, is there any way of identifying which belongs to the current OS? I'm ruling out ext4 partitions being part of Debian as I don't recall it supporting that option, but they could be part of fedora I think.16:13
_Marcusob1t: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware16:13
ob1tfor compatibility, reason...i use both *nx and win2 in job16:13
theadminqw-Russian: Okay, good, now just "sudo dpkg -i skype-ubuntu_2.2.0.35-1_i386.deb"16:13
aKercan someone help me whit instal l2jserver to ubuntu?16:13
karthick1987theadmin: Will it add home directory for the user ?16:14
ob1tand i tested both and prefer vmw16:14
theadminkarthick1987: Yeah16:14
SvenL-hello, xrandr displays only a default screen on my laptop, it used to display external output (VGA and HDMI), I installed bumblebee, no success, xrandr --newmode blabla fails. What's the next step ?16:14
qw-Russianyheadmin, it is all ?16:14
_Marcusob1t: I'm sorry, this would be more detailed on what you are doing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Player16:14
ob1tthanks _marcus16:14
karthick1987theadmin: Similarly how to delete the user including his home directory? Also clear all his user profiles?16:15
theadminkarthick1987: sudo userdel username && sudo rm -r /home/username16:15
theadminqw-Russian: Yep16:15
Sparky__How do I use Gnome 3 in fallback mode, and not that Gnome Classic (2.32) look-a-like16:15
qw-Russianthanks i am online i the skype)16:16
=== karthick1987 is now known as karthick87
theadminSparky__: Err, Gnome Fallback looks like Gnome Classic.16:16
theadminSparky__: Intended to16:16
Sparky__No it doesnt16:16
theadminSparky__: Yes, it does -- Gnome Shell is what you're looking for16:16
Sparky__Gnome 3 fallback is black, and looks not like 2.3216:16
Sparky__Not it's not at all16:16
Sparky__Gnome shell is totally different.16:17
theadminSparky__: Well, gnome fallback is supposed to look like Gnome 2. Also, you will only get Gnome3 on 11.10 and up, previous versions still have gnome216:17
ActionParsnipSparky__: xfce4 looks like gnome2 too16:17
overcluckerSparky__: gnome2 panels and all their glory are dead and gone16:17
Sparky__I'm asking for Gnome 3 fallback, I'm aware ubuntu has gnome-fallback in the repos .. but that is ubuntus spin on it16:18
Sparky__I want the actual fallback mode for Gnome 316:18
theadminSparky__: You're on an old ubuntu version?16:18
damo22Sparky__, compile it and install it from source?16:18
ooecI'm on release 11.10 now and having trouble building a program that is looking for asm-generic/page.h16:18
ooecpreviously I would put the kernel sources into /usr/src and then try make install_headers, or move or symlink some directories, but is there a cleaner way?16:19
Sparky__damo22: Why would I compile it when Gnome 3 is already installed?16:19
_MarcusSparky__: Because you want it, don't you?16:19
Sparky__I have Gnome 3 installed16:19
sipiorooec: generally you'll want to place kernel sources in your home directory or the like (specifically *not* /usr/src)16:19
=== Raines is now known as Rains
Sparky__All i'm asking for is Gnome 3 in fallback, and not the gnome-fallback package that ubuntu has / ruined.16:19
BlouBlouand it's possible to have both kde and gnome without mixing applications?16:19
ooecsipior i guess that's one way to unclutter ;) historically I'm used to the /usr/src directory, and its analagous linux-headers subdirectories that are common16:20
theadminBlouBlou: To an extent -- you'll still get some of similar apps (e.g. Nautilus and Dolphin), etc...16:20
Possible1994ActionParsnip, Does 'aligining" partitions still have any performance advantage for flash storage media?16:20
share_finally everything is working nicely :)16:20
sipiorooec: Torvalds had a pretty entertaining rant about the practise a while back. might be worth a google if such things amuse you :-)16:20
damo2233% squashfs compressing my new iso :D16:21
ooecsipior: and then maybe with a CFLAGS -I$HOME/src/asm-generic or similar I can have it override the /usr/include area16:21
BeeftenderlAnyone who can help me with something?16:22
BlouBloutheadmin: would this work fine? http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde16:22
karthick87Is it possible to view last command which is executed in my system with time and date and from which IP address ?16:22
rcmaehlI need help16:22
theadminBlouBlou: Well, this would remove Gnome...16:23
ActionParsnipPossible1994: not sure, not use SSD yet16:23
_Marcus!help | rcmaehl16:23
ukbotrcmaehl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:23
Possible1994In a system with 4GB of RAM, does a swap partition provide any benefit?16:23
ooecthere could be a rant audio stream someplace, or a vocalized set of linus text to speech. lol16:23
rcmaehlCurrently I'm stuck in TTY because X will not autostart with boot and I can't do startx16:23
rcmaehlhow do I fix this16:23
BeeftenderlWhen I try to run WUBI to uninstall ubuntu (I need to reinstall) it gives a file not found error16:23
theadminPossible1994: Only hibernation maybe16:23
rcmaehl_Marcus: also give the person a chance to type their question16:23
Beeftenderlhow do i fix it16:23
=== Mud is now known as Guest82800
BlouBloutheadmin: Yeah, but would it work fine? I mean, I'm thinking of moving to kde, but not sure if it will work or not16:23
_Marcusrcmaehl: Sorry :P16:23
* aKer i have l2j server and give me "Unsupported major.minor version 51.0" can someone help pls?16:23
theadminBlouBlou: It will work, tested that before, but...16:24
theadminBlouBlou: I'm not a KDE fan :D16:24
_Marcusrcmaehl: startx won't work? Does it say anything to you(errors, messages, anything)?16:24
Beeftenderlwhen i try and use the wubi uninstaller, this is the error i get16:24
BeeftenderlError executing command16:25
rcmaehl_Marcus: Fatal Error: No screens found16:25
pk__i used to have sound in my ubuntu..but now there is no sound ..can someone help me diagnose it?16:25
dat789pk__ you'd need to be more specific than that16:26
Beeftenderl>>command=C:\Windows\snysnative\bcdedit.exe / delete16:26
pk__lspci shows 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)16:26
karthick87theadmin: Is it possible to view last command which is executed in my system with time and date and from which IP address ?16:26
danileigh79does anyone in here know how to change a default nick in irssi?16:26
rcmaehldanileigh79: check the irssi folder in your home16:26
karthick87danileigh79: /nick newnickname16:27
=== yavor is now known as y4h0
theadminkarthick87: Don't ask questions from random people, ask the whole channel. Unless you're already discussing a problem with that person.16:27
Beeftenderl{f54c3414-62c2-11eo-ad18a054f9aab8b} /f16:27
Beeftenderl>>retval = 116:27
_Marcusrcmaehl: I don't know the solution to your problem right now, someone else may be able to help though16:27
pk__dat789: the thing is i hae not listened to music for sometime and today i tried to listen some music..i noticed there is no sound..i checked my speaker and it is working..even the login sound is not played16:27
ofekls -la16:27
danileigh79karthick87: I'm trying to change the default from danielle to my current nick, I don't want to have to identify every time I load irssi16:28
Beeftenderl>> stderr=An error occured while attempting to delete the specified entry.16:28
rcmaehldanileigh79: change the config in your $HOME/.irssi/16:28
theadmindanileigh79: /set nick wutever16:28
dat789what was your last changes16:28
danileigh79rcmaehl: it's not recognizing that file, I don't know why...16:28
rcmaehldanileigh79: it's not a file it's a dir16:28
dat789... that you think might have caused the system to go mute ??16:29
danileigh79rcmaehl: No, it's a afile, I do not have a directory named irssi, just the nick,txt file16:29
BlouBloutheadmin: meh, I think I'll stay with gnome3 and Unity16:29
pk__dat789: nothing except i frequently have powercuts and abrupt shutdowns16:29
theadmindanileigh79: "/set nick newnickname" and then "/save", from within irssi16:30
BlouBloutheadmin: I don't like Unity very much, but works fine for now, and in exams-period that's a very important factor16:30
danileigh79theadmin: thx16:30
xtreamerhi there16:30
qw-Russian!weather Kherson16:30
ukbotFactoid 'weather Kherson' not found16:30
BeeftenderlI feel like a genius :D16:32
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: I can give you my config file if you want :)16:32
Beeftenderli flailed around and deleted random files, and now ubuntu can install normally16:32
Possible1994I hate it when something so simple winds up resulting in error after error after error16:33
xtreameri've got a question, I installed ubuntu amongside windows, and I wanted to install it on a certain partition, but on the install i didn't selected custom install and it installed without asking anything.Now the problem is I don't know where does ubuntu was installed, i mean on what partition.The partition I wanted ubuntu to be installed was in fact unpartitionned.16:33