TheMusoScottL: Ok uploaded, but it hasn't shown up on the revu page yet...00:26
holsteinlen-1204: YO01:18
holsteinlen-1204: you want to go through the text with me?01:18
holsteinlen: 01:18
holsteini think i have the shots straight and cropped01:19
len-1204holstein: ok01:28
holsteinlen-1204: you doing well?01:29
holsteinlet me move this to a shared google doc...01:29
len-1204I hope I can remember my log in :-)01:30
holsteinlen-1204: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17ZNRuuoM5RvodxItTKXzPKTV__58Ap_qMzRdLanb87A/edit01:32
holsteini dont think anyone it here will mess with us :)01:32
len-1204Are you going with things in the order they are?01:33
holsteinlen-1204: thats just the way the pics are01:34
holsteini dont think thats the order01:34
holsteinthe final order or whatever01:34
len-1204Ok, I would say put audio together and photo together etc.01:34
holsteinlen-1204: if you want, put a # out in front of the entry in whatever order you think thy should be in01:35
holsteinand ill drag them around01:35
len-1204Do you have a ustudio main one?01:35
holsteinlen-1204: hmmm not really01:36
holsteinlen-1204: do you want to take one from the live CD?01:36
len-1204All there are that I can find is backgrounds01:38
holsteinlen-1204: thats probably fine01:40
holsteinlen-1204: how about just whatever you want to have01:40
len-1204The one in ubuntu is very simple. I would almost go with the bottom left corner of ubuntustudio-ayo.png01:42
len-1204I don't seem to be able to enter text on the doc.01:42
len-1204do you have to share it or some thing01:43
holsteinlen-1204: do you have a google account?01:43
len-1204I just sent it to you... lenovens@gmail.com01:44
holsteinlen-1204: ok.. you should be juiced up01:45
len-1204I'll try.01:45
ScottLi worry that i'm in over my head on the theming because the live-dvd doesn't look like xubuntu at all, it looks like the default xfce stuff01:47
holsteinlen-1204: i can size it or whatever01:50
len-1204Yes it is xfceish01:51
len-1204holstein: I'm not thinking size just yet, just thinking story line01:52
ScottLlen-1204, how you tried xubuntu yet?  11.04, 11.10, or 12.04 are all good indicators01:52
ScottLthe xubuntu/shimmer team have done a good job with their theme01:53
len-1204IScottL: I use 11.10 on my notebook.01:53
len-1204oops ScottL01:54
len-1204I seem to have lost my back logging01:54
len-1204ScottL: Do you have a xubuntu installed somewhere?01:58
len-1204They tend to use their own data directories.01:59
len-1204Then set the path to that instead.02:00
len-1204They are assuming a fresh install or upgrade from xubuntu.02:00
len-1204Not putting kubuntu in (for example) and upgrading to xubuntu or putting xubuntu metas on top.02:01
TheMusoScottL: Ok, linux-lowlatency uploaded and now on revu.02:05
len-1204holstein: how does it look so far?02:07
holsteinlen-1204: im liking it!02:08
ScottLholstein, len-1204 :  the kernel is NOT in the repos02:12
ScottLit is just available for people to look at it and comment and/or approve it02:13
len-1204One step at a time...02:13
ScottLlen-1204, yeah, i started with the xubuntu -default-settings and -artwork packages and tried to parse those into our package structure, but i apparently didn't do something right :/02:13
ScottLlen-1204, very true about one step :)02:14
holsteinrevu is a good start ScottL :)02:15
ScottLi agree02:18
ScottLbut i worry that we apparently have until only thursday to get it approved and uploaded :/02:18
len-1204We hsould have Lyx included.02:19
holsteinlen-1204: you got text on everything :)02:19
len-1204Does the story work?02:20
holsteinlen-1204: im going to put it in order now02:20
len-1204Those are pretty short blurbs02:20
len-1204I need to get some supper for my boys, Mom is out for the evening.02:21
holsteinlen-1204: how do you feel about !'s?02:22
holsteinA whole studio on your computer! for example02:23
holsteinlen-1204: also.. id like to change...02:24
holsteinFor ease of recording keyboards, midi tracking is the way to go. Use the provided sound modules or you own external boxes02:24
holsteinUse the provided sound modules or you own external boxes to make MIDI and MIDI sequencing easy.02:25
holsteinNM.. this...02:27
holsteinUse provided software synthesisers or your own external sound modules to make MIDI sequencing easy.02:27
holsteinlen-1204: OK.. i made a few tweaks02:31
holsteini like it!02:31
holstein# 3 is the one id like to change though02:32
len-1204Ja, do it.02:35
holsteinlen-1204: COOL!02:36
holsteinlen-1204: im going to ping knome about it02:37
holsteinknome: we got something... https://docs.google.com/document/d/17ZNRuuoM5RvodxItTKXzPKTV__58Ap_qMzRdLanb87A/edit02:37
holsteinlen-1204: thanks *so* much!02:39
len-1204holstein: No problem... just jabber.03:14
ScottLi'm going to poke cjwatson to help about the ubiquity problems and a few others, at least he can tell me who to poke in turn at least03:52
ScottLbut i really, really want to make progress again03:52
ScottLi think i'm going to skip doing the RPM challenege to focus on ubuntu studio03:52
ScottLbut don't tell ricardus, holstein ;)03:52
holsteinScottL: just knock something live out like im going to do :)03:54
len-1204ScottL: ping04:46
len-1204Sorry prolly too late.04:46
len-1204Anyway, should you read this when you get up.... looking at the differences from US to XU, I can see that XU seems to have pretty much left the /etc/xdg directory alone. they have put everything in a sub directory. We have tried to follow that style, but left lots in the xdg dir as well.04:49
len-1204This means that we have to leave /etc/xdg in the path. I don't think XU has.04:50
len-1204I would make one change in what you have there.04:50
len-1204In the file xfwm4.xml, I would change <property name="theme" type="string" value="greybird"/>04:52
len-1204I would change greybird to default.04:53
len-1204I would still use greybird in the xsettings.xml file though.04:54
len-1204The backdrop is a hard pick between olis (what you have) and ayo (what I happen have here right now)04:57
len-1204So I would leave it.04:59
len-1204Hmm, in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/25ubuntustudio-menu05:09
len-1204you have included /etc/xdg but not /etc/xdg/xdg-ubuntustudio05:10
len-1204I can't find where XU sets path.05:19
TheMusoScottL: So I am about to go afk for a while, maybe the rest of the day. Now that the kernel is on revu, its time to get someone else to look at it. I may be able to poke people tomorrow, but if you could ask around as well, that would be much appreciated.05:47
knomeholstein, okay, thanks. i'll sort it out today10:25
knomescott-work, ScottL ?11:37
knomeholstein too11:46
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scott-workknome:  ping14:51
holsteinknome: thanks!15:19
holsteinim around later, so if i need to tweak something, let me know15:19
holsteinscott-work: i think we should be ready for a media response if that kernel doesnt make it through15:37
scott-workokay, poking people about the kernel now in #ubuntu-motu and #ubuntu-kernel16:18
holsteinscott-work: :)16:19
holsteinim still on a rather non-technical level with that im afraid, but if i can help with the poking, let me know16:19
scott-worki'm going to hit cjwatson up later today i think to ask for help on the ubiquity crashes and a few other things because i bloody want this release to work!16:20
holsteinscott-work: im still *so* excited about it16:20
scott-worki'd like to start pokign some of the xubuntu/shimmer guys for help with the theme because it is still not fooking working at all!16:20
holsteinthat live CD loading up just got me going!16:20
holsteinfor me, the biggest deal breakers in look and feel are the wallpaper, and the login hot-pink screen... that little main menu XFCE icon would be nice to change to the old studio one too16:23
scott-workholstein: yes, those are things i want to change16:31
holsteini dont mind the general theme at all16:31
holsteinthe icons or whatever16:31
holsteini mean, they "work"16:31
holsteini guess what im talking about is more branding and de-branding16:32
holsteinit would be nice if, as an alternative, a xubuntu user could install ubuntustudio-desktop or whatever and just get our UI16:33
scott-workholstein: i think the current theme is shit and it isn't what i want at all16:35
scott-workholstein: if you are seeing what i'm seeing, that is16:35
holsteinnot sure16:35
scott-workit looks like the default xfce stuff coming in and not the xubuntu theme16:35
holsteinits just one of the default ones16:35
holsteinbut when i login as ubuntustudio session, its darker16:36
scott-workwhat i want is xubuntu theme just like when you pop in the xubuntu live cd16:36
holsteinscott-work: my install is kind of borked right now16:36
holsteini might need to reinstall16:36
scott-worki haven't been able to get an install to work for a while either, that's why i want to poke cjwatson about this16:36
scott-workhow can i fix the theme if i can't get a working install?16:37
holsteini check in ubuntu+1, but i think we have special breakages :)16:37
holsteinscott-work: i know right :/16:37
holsteinScottL: question... can we get audactiy beck in the default install?18:37
holsteini seem to remember there being a decent reason why it was pulled, i just cant remember it18:38
holsteincfhowlett: i found http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.ubuntu.devel.ubuntu-studio/273318:39
cfhowlettScottL: I'm a user, not a dev.  If my first exposure to audio editing had been ardour, I'd have run away in fear.  Audacity is much easier for new users.  Audio engineers can still add ardour in post-installation.  Just my $0.02 that a Digital Media distro pretty much MUST include Audacity.18:40
cfhowlettholstein: reading.  tyvm18:40
holsteinim going to post some lines here for scott-work 18:41
holstein13:37 < holstein> ScottL: question... can we get audactiy beck in the default install?18:41
holstein13:37 < holstein> audacity*18:41
holstein13:38 < holstein> i seem to remember there being a decent reason why it was pulled, i just cant remember it18:41
holstein13:39 < holstein> cfhowlett: i found http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.ubuntu.devel.ubuntu-studio/273318:41
holstein13:40 < cfhowlett> ScottL: I'm a user, not a dev.  If my first exposure to audio editing had been ardour, I'd have run away in  fear.  Audacity is much easier for new users.  Audio engineers can still add ardour in post-installation.   Just my $0.02 that a Digital Media distro pretty much MUST include Audacity.18:41
holsteinsorry for the ugly non-pastbin pasting :/18:41
scott-workit's okay, we're going to add audacity back18:42
holsteinscott-work: cool, i just couldnt remember where we had landed with it18:42
cfhowlettscott-work: yay!  Audacity and Gimp are my go to apps for demo'ing cool US stuff to new users.  Happy it's back!  18:42
holsteincfhowlett: feel free and hang over here too18:50
holsteinyou ave really helping out a lot in the main support channel, and we appreciate it !18:50
holsteinyou are*18:50
holsteinscott-work = ScottL = the ubuntustudio team lead18:51
cfhowlettholstein: Kinda figured.  :)18:51
knomescott-work, greybird? we've made some changes to that to fix (mostly) gtk3, you should probably ask micahg to pull those for you as well19:24
knomescott-work, you still online? holstein, or you? :)19:25
holsteinwhats up?19:25
holsteinknome: im about to run19:25
knomedo you have more time later then?19:26
holsteinknome: in like 8 hours19:26
knomeit's nothing critical19:26
holsteinare you aroung then?19:26
holsteinor tomorrow morning19:26
holsteinim loose then for about 2 hours19:26
knomeprobably not, it's 5:30am then ;)19:26
knome<- UTC+219:26
knomebut tomorrow morning might be okay, at what time?19:26
holsteinmy 10:30 am ish19:27
holstein20 hours from now?19:27
knomeok, sounds like it could work :)19:27
knomeping me then19:27
holsteinknome: will do!19:27
knomesee you19:27
micahgthe theme changes shouldn't need "pulling in", otherwise, we as Xubuntu are doing something wrong with the packaging19:28
knomeah, right, so studio is inheriting?19:28
knomein that case some of it might just not be *pushed* yet :)19:28
knomebut ochosi and mr_pouit have been working a lot on greybird lately19:29
scott-workknome: sorry, i'm here19:42
scott-workthe problem i believe we are having is that the theme is not being set19:42
scott-workwhen you start the live -dvd you get asked about panel layout, i.e. "choose empy, default, or one panel"19:43
scott-worki'm guessing i probably need to talk to ochosi or mrprout for these though19:44
knomescott-work,     bzr branch lp:~ubuntustudio-dev/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/precise19:50
knomescott-work, then run test-slideshow.sh and select ubuntu studio19:50
scott-workknome:  this is unreleated to theme, this is just to test the slide show, correct?19:52
knomeyeah, that's correct19:53
* scott-work will have to wait until home and test it on his ubuntu machine19:53
knomei'm not that aware about the theme issues19:53
knomewhen will you be home?19:53
scott-workknome: less than four hours19:53
knomeokay, can you ping me then and we can go through a few things19:54
scott-workknome: sure :)19:57
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knomemeh. i'm going to sleep. see you all tomorrow.23:39

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