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cfhowlett"New to Ubuntu (Studio) - Where Do I Start?" - my suggestion: find something that interests you.  Read up on it, try it, learn from, have fun with it.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMagazine/FullIssueIndex16:03
holsteinyeah, get a small taks and take it on16:05
holsteini felt so overwhelmed for months after i switched and realized what all supported JACK and worked together16:05
cfhowlettholstein: I'm ashamed to admit that I STILL don't get jack, but then my podcast doesn't really require it...16:06
holsteincfhowlett: if its not needed, it can be overkill, and an unecesarry overhead16:07
cfhowlettfair enough...16:07
holsteini love ardour, and just it often, but its not the right tool for every job16:09
holsteinand use it*16:10
cfhowlettI tried to understand it, but honestly, audacity did and does everything that my modest little effort requires.  Just for fun though, I crank up Ardour every so often and attempt to replicate the results...unsuccessfully thus far as I don't comprehend the work flow in Ardour.16:10
holsteinhey, if audactiy does the job, i say go for it16:11
holsteini used to use it16:11
holsteini need the ease of use ardour provides for busses, real-time non-destructive editing, and multi-tracking16:11
holsteinotherwise, if i had less tracks, id be happily using audacity16:12
holsteini think the folks that complain about audacity and trying to use it for something it is not intended to be used for16:12
holsteinare trying*16:12
cfhowlettholstein: exactomundo.  The right tool for the job and all that...16:13
cfhowlettplusEV: state it with details16:44
plusEVjust installed 10.04 and then i just get into a bloack screen after install16:45
ailoAudacity is not a DAW16:45
ailoIt's an audio editor16:45
plusEVit says- ---ubuntu 10.04 -lts administrator tty116:45
cfhowlettplusEV: seen this??  http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/16:45
ailoThe most popular open source audio editor in the world16:45
ailoThe 2nd most popular open source media application in the world16:46
plusEVit not blank tho16:46
ailoOnly VLC is more popular than Audacity16:46
cfhowlettailo: understood...16:46
plusEVits just command prompt. no ui16:46
ailoI think probably Audacity is not being as actively developed in the past, so it might be getting a little old. Also, the functions of an audio editor have become common in DAW's, but Audacity is still very actively used.16:48
ailo>as< in the past..16:49
ailoplusEV: Try recovery mode, and do: sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop16:50
ailoOr just: apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop (since you'll be logged in as root)16:50
plusEVhow do i enter that mode?16:50
ailoplusEV: Reboot, press shift until you see the GRUB menu, and choose recovery mode16:51
plusEV¨one sec16:51
ailoplusEV: You can do that from where you are though16:51
ailoNo need to do recovery mode16:51
ailoplusEV: If it starts installing ubuntustudio-desktop and all it's dependencies, it means you somehow failed to install the desktop during your install procedure16:54
plusEVfailed to fetch files16:58
plusEVover 9000 errors16:58
ailoplusEV: Are you connected to the internet?16:59
plusEVnot on tghat comp16:59
ailoPreferably using a chord. Don't think wifi will work16:59
plusEVi can use coord yes17:00
plusEVok i got that set up in 1min.'17:00
ailoAnd if you try: sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop?17:01
plusEVok in normal mode after the boot now17:02
plusEVand ethernet connected to the outlet atleast17:02
plusEVasking me are you root17:03
plusEVcould not open lock file17:04
ailoplusEV: Aren't you able to log in as a user?17:05
plusEVim on recovery mode now. lets try work with this17:06
ailoplusEV: If you weren't able to log in as a user, using your username and password, that would be a pretty major problem.17:06
ailoplusEV: You can try installing in recovery mode, but if that doesn't help, reinstalling aught to17:07
plusEVits the third time trying to reinstall it17:08
plusEVim root now in safemode. can i do some online update recovery thing since im connected to net17:09
ailoplusEV: Try the command: apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop17:09
plusEVthen i get a wall of text17:10
plusEVand y n answer17:10
plusEVi go y17:10
plusEVthe a new wall iof text telling me it fails to fetch files from cdroom17:11
plusEVask me to try update command or fix missing17:11
ailoplusEV: try: apt-get update17:12
plusEVreading package lists...--done17:12
ailoAnd the fix missing is: apt-get install -f17:12
plusEV9 upgrades 0 installed 0 and 017:13
plusEV0 not 917:13
ailoNow, try the install command again: apt-get install ubuntustudio-desktop17:14
plusEVwall of text that tells me i fail17:15
ailoplusEV: Well, something is wrong17:15
ailoplusEV: How did you install?17:15
ailoUsing a DVD, usb stick..?17:15
plusEVbooted from dvd17:15
ailoplusEV: Could be the DVD is corrupted, but when you try to reinstall, make sure to keep yourself connected to the internet17:16
cfhowlettailo: my guess as well17:16
plusEVmaybe thats the problem17:16
ailoplusEV: You could also try installing regular Ubuntu and add audio packages to it17:16
plusEVi try one more install connected with cable17:16
plusEVno i want this17:17
plusEVi like it :P17:17
plusEVtrying once more with cable17:17
cfhowlettplusEV: hard and frustrating experience has taught me to ALWAYS checksum .iso's as they can easily get corrupted17:18
plusEVy I have heard that to but cba. :P17:20
plusEV¨no ffs it cant find the netwrok no either17:21
plusEVhow do you make bootable USB install from stick?17:23
plusEVis it easy?17:23
cfhowlettplusEV: quite easy.  System>Administration>Startup Disk Creator17:25
cfhowlettplusEV: what version of ubuntustudio are you installing?17:25
plusEVbut i decided to get win 7 in now first17:26
cfhowlettplusEV: excellent.  I was going to suggest you go with 10.04 until 12.04 releases.17:26
plusEVits just a backup computer of mine. since my main comp is in to service17:26
plusEVjust want something running now17:26
cfhowlettplusEV: install win7 first makes dual boot SO much easier...17:26
plusEVthats what im doing17:26
plusEVthx'ill be back17:26
cfhowlett*ahem*  exCUSE me for asking - again - but WHY is Audacity NOT in the default UStudio installation?  I would think that if anything, leave Ardour out of the default.  Just my $0.02 distro managers...18:23
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holsteincfhowlett: agreed.. though there was a good reason for that i think18:34
cfhowlettholstein: assuming I meet the "target demographic", I'd be prepared to debate the wisdom...18:35
holsteincfhowlett: ill bring it up again, and i *totally* agree with you18:36
holsteincfhowlett: you want to /j #ubuntustudio-devel ?18:36
cfhowlettholstein: done.  Thanks for the suggestion.18:37
cfhowlettholstein: thanks again.  This kind of support/response makes contributing as a non-dev much more tangible.18:50
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