knomemadnick, !!!!!!12:06
madnickknome: !!!!12:39
knomemadnick, where's the lightdm and plymouth code?12:39
knomemadnick, and the lightdm settings gui12:39
madnick1 sec12:40
knomei suppose it would be helpul if you could set up a repository in launchpad for those so mr_pouit could access it easily12:43
madnickill set it up12:44
knomethanks a lot12:44
knomeis there something that is not functioning?12:44
madnicktho i have to tell you12:44
madnickThe plymouth stuff, if deadline is now, will only be some bug fixes12:45
knomei suppose that's okay, it wasn't bad last time either12:45
knomewe just need to change the wall12:45
knomelet's concentrate on the lightdm stuff then12:45
madnickyes, and also the lightdm config thing has some hardcoded stuff i will swap out12:46
madnickwhich is like 10 lines of code tho12:46
knomeyes, we can still apply bug fixes after FF12:46
madnickso it can be done now12:46
madnickoh okay12:46
knomebut we need the feature to be uploaded12:46
madnickits today right?12:46
knomeno, thu12:47
madnickoh sweet12:47
knomeso two days12:47
knomebut mr_pouit needs time12:47
knomeso let's try to upload asap12:47
knomeand then get on with the bugfixes12:47
madnicki will get it up today, and then just get on wit12:47
knomeand once we get the lightdm settings GUI installed, i can get on with the translations for it12:47
knomei set the plymouth theme as done, but the mastermind to postponed12:48
madnicki really wish i wouldve had more time to workon this stuff12:49
knomewell yeah, we all have to win the bread too12:49
madnickyeah that is the curse :(12:49
knomeso could you push the code for the three things to bzr like, now? ;)12:50
madnickas soon as i locate my key hehe12:51
knomesure ;)12:52
knomemadnick, !! :P14:20
madnickknome: i am reading about creating a new key, i already made one, but it was not in vbox, whjere my code is, so i need to redo it, or move it :) then i need to setup bzr14:24
madnickIts a new install, thus the problems :(14:25
knomei got to go now14:43
knomei'll be back later14:44
knomeask mr_pouit if you need something14:44
knomemadnick, ^14:44
madnickcreated the stuff16:38
madnicknow time for sleep16:38
madnickforgot to commit16:46
madnicknow sleep :)16:48
pleia2(added to /press)19:30
* knome wonders if we should tweet all the articles we found19:31
pleia2maybe, I don't know if I can sustain that though (blog posts and meetings, ok, more than that...)19:32
knomemaybe we can share the password19:32
pleia2yes, if there is someone else who wants to help, please :)19:32
knomeand if you ping the channel or change the press page anyway, i can just tweet19:33
* ochosi tested greybird with gnome3 today, it actually works and looks ok21:21
ochosimaybe i'll check what is needed for proper gnome-shell support21:22
nanotubeknome: tweet, wazzat? is that similar to irc? *_* :)21:22
knomenanotube, :P21:23
=== jussio1 is now known as jussi
knomemadnick, !!!!!! :P22:42

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