mortal1hello all.  I'm looking forward to the next LTS release.  I'm a bit leery of switching over to unity.  Is there anything wrong with installing ubuntu, then installing xubuntu-desktop?00:20
mortal1vs just installing xubuntu directly?00:21
metasansanamortal1: I wouldn't say there is anything wrong00:28
metasansanayou just end up with more software00:28
* mortal1 shrugs00:28
mortal1I can live with more software if it's easy to edit the menus down to the ones i use00:29
mortal1also, can you set buttons on your keyboard to hotkey programs?00:29
metasansanayou would get a much cleaner install through xubuntu though00:29
mortal1i.e. I've modified my 'audio' keys to launch my favorite apps00:30
metasansanaI never tried00:30
metasansanabut under the Settings Manager>Keyboard00:31
metasansanaan Application shortcut tab00:31
mortal1cool.  Thanks00:31
metasansanaan Application shortcut tab00:31
mortal1hopefully installing 12 will go smoothly00:32
mortal1long term support, yeah00:32
metasansanaIm cleaning up my laptop to prepare for it00:32
metasansanaI'll probably do the same and install xfce, I don't understand unity much00:33
mortal1from a usabilty standpoint, it seems a step backwards from gnome and xfce00:33
mortal1but keep in mind, i'm on gnome 2.x00:34
mortal1i quite liked xfce when i used it on my friends laptop00:34
mortal1looks like I'll be returning00:34
mortal1is it true that xfce is going to use gnome vfs00:35
metasansananot sure00:35
metasansanaI'm new to the xfce scene00:35
mortal1well thanks for the help00:36
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sp4zhi i have a minimal ubuntu install running xfce4 and something that is really bugging me is that the windows buttons panel app doesn't shrink the buttons down to fit on the panel it just grows forever.. anyone know how to change this behaviour?02:04
babblesec, I'm opening a few windows to see if I can see what you're seeing.02:05
babbleI'm uploading screenshots, but Window Buttons is shrinking buttons for me. Let me show you what I'm getting.02:07
sp4zi didn't install xubuntu-desktop package btw - just xfce4 trying to keep it as basic as possible02:07
sp4zok cheers02:07
babbleI don't *think* that makes a difference in this case - it's just the Xfce standard panel app?02:08
babbleblarg, if these screenshots EVER upload.02:09
sp4zxfce4-goodies may have the functionality i am after so i will try that while i wait (crosses fingers)02:10
babbleI don't *think* so.02:10
sp4zhrm strange.. are you running straight xfce4 also?02:11
babbleGoodies isn't installed by default (I think), and Window Buttons is in the generic installation.02:11
babbleNo, I'm using xubuntu-desktop, but I don't think it makes a difference in this case.02:11
sp4zwoops ctrl+alt f2'd and couldn't get back to x :S02:18
babblewb :)02:18
babbleokay, here's two screenshots for comparison:02:18
sp4znice ty02:18
babbleunshrunk buttons: http://ubuntuone.com/0htYDLI2b84Uqffua7Q8SV02:18
babbleshrunk buttons: http://ubuntuone.com/4wz5tHQhqdLi1Cuuq4Hj8302:19
babbleis this close to the problem you're having?02:19
sp4zyeah it is but its fixed now :D02:20
babblewas goodies a fix?02:21
babbleI didn't think there was a different version of Window Buttons in tips, but I didn't check (there may be)02:21
babble(different version in goodies, I should say)02:22
sp4zyeah im not sure.. apparently it was a known bug02:22
babbleheh. now I want to find out.02:22
sp4zso must have been updated in goodies but not main xfce402:22
babblelemme go see what's in goodies02:22
babblewindowlist is in Goodies, but Buttons is in plain ole Xfce02:24
babbleunless there's a panel fix that gets installed in Goodies?02:24
babbleheh. Now I really do want to find out what changed :)02:24
sp4zis windowlist called by buttons at all?02:24
sp4zi don't understand how that could have fixed it..02:25
babbleWindowlist I don't *think* depends on anything in buttons.02:26
babbleyou can run either or neither02:26
babbleactually, hm. I dunno for certain what I'm looking for but lemme kill buttons and see what stays running02:26
sp4zoic.. interesting02:26
babbleit's really going to bug me all night now ;)02:26
babbleok, yeah02:28
babbleyou can kill Buttons entirely and Windowlist does its thing02:28
sp4zperhaps a lib was updated?02:28
babblehm. Maybe.02:29
babbleLemme go grab Goodies and see what all is in there02:29
babble(in any event, I'm glad Goodies was a fix for you)02:29
sp4zyeah cheers for the help :D what command did you use to kill goodies btw? i dont know how to find the pid of applets02:30
Unit193pidof program  (at terminal)02:30
sp4zoic cheers02:30
babbleI just nuked the Buttons applet itself (right click in the blank area next to a Window button, and you can remove a running applet_02:31
sp4zoh ok cool02:31
babblehere's everything that goodies depends on (everything that gets installed when you grab that metapackage):02:32
babbleI *suppose*, without digging into each dependent package to see what's in there, that a panel lib is getting updated in there somewhere, but that seems odd.02:33
babblea panel update shouldn't depend on an optional install like Goodies.02:34
sp4zyeah it just may not have been ported to the xfce4 package if that is the reason02:34
babbleI guess so, but that seems really odd.02:35
sp4zi'll get a vm going later today and see if i can replicate it then log a bug02:35
babbleI want to see if I can get the same bug myself.02:36
babbleI'm going to puzzle over it all night now :)02:36
sp4zlol :D02:36
babblein any case, WHATEVER goodies installed that seems to have fixed, I'm glad that was a fix for you02:36
sp4zyep cheers for the help much appreciated02:37
babbleno worries :)02:37
babbleI didn't really do anything at all02:37
sp4zthis install is boatloads faster than standard xubuntu im glad i did it now. i was tossing up going to gentoo but the thought of waiting for compiles was not very attractive xD02:40
babblewhat did you install instead of xubuntu-desktop?02:41
sp4zwell boatloads is probably an overestimate02:41
sp4zubuntu server minimal command line then xfce4 and various apps i use for work on top of that02:42
sp4zand goodies also now to02:43
babbledo I want to bother with a server install? (on a laptop? heh. probably not)02:43
sp4zim on a laptop :D02:44
babbleeh, Xubuntu is fast enough for me as is ;)02:45
babbleevery now and then I reinstall Unity to see if I want to live in it again.02:45
babbletakes about a day or two to go back :)02:45
sp4zyeah no thanks.. i used it for about 5 seconds and was like urgh need to find something like old school gnome gave xubuntu a try and never went back02:49
babbleI'm interested in where Ubuntu (or Gnome Shell) are eventually headed, but I don't want to live in either one day to day, yet02:50
babbleerg, Unity, rather.02:50
babble(I'm batting 1000 tonight. hehe)02:50
sp4zo.O 1000?02:51
babble(oh, a sarcastic reference to batting averages I only barely understand)02:51
babbleI like the *idea* of search as a primary interface metaphor, but I think I like it for televisions and tablets more than I do my work machine.02:53
sp4zyeah exactly02:53
babble(which more or less makes sense, I guess, if that's where Canonical sees a place it can eventually become profitable)02:53
guest-DRpTWdGuys I had ubuntu 11.04 installed and I did a fresh install of Xubuntu reformatting everything but my /home partition. Now my guest session works, however my main account shows a blank screen then brings me right back to the login screen when I try to enter it... Any ideas?03:16
holsteinguest-DRpTWd: sure sounds like some incompatibility03:17
holsteini would probably get rid of "extras" if only temporarily, from the /home dir03:17
guest-DRpTWdholstein, I imagine there is some .hidden file causing the problem03:18
guest-DRpTWdwhat do you mean?03:18
holsteintry and just keep what you want...03:18
holsteinits likely just a few things, since .gnome stuff wont help03:18
guest-DRpTWdis there any .hidden files you would recommend I remove?03:19
guest-DRpTWdAlso, why cant I sh username in the guest session?03:19
holsteinguest-DRpTWd: no reason to keep any you dont need, so remove them all, if only temporarily to test03:20
holsteinguest-DRpTWd: you mean, why cant you ssh into the guest session?... i dont think that is setup out-of-the-box03:20
guest-DRpTWdno I mean I am in the guest session right now03:21
guest-DRpTWdnormally I could go into the terminal03:21
holsteinyou might have to boot with a live CD and remove stuff03:21
guest-DRpTWdand type in "sh username" and enter the users password03:21
guest-DRpTWdthen I could simply act as that user03:21
holsteinguest-DRpTWd: its likely the "guest" session is limited and for good reason03:22
guest-DRpTWdtrue ...03:22
guest-DRpTWdalright so mv them all somewhere else then03:22
holsteinguest-DRpTWd: id say, anything in /home is up for grabs.. you cant make it much worse :)03:23
guest-DRpTWdhow does this command sound:03:24
guest-DRpTWdmkdir tmpstoorageofhiddenfiles03:24
guest-DRpTWdwait how would I get the mv command only to move the folders and not everything?03:25
guest-DRpTWdI wanted to say mv ./* -R03:25
guest-DRpTWdbut I dont think that will work03:25
guest-DRpTWdit will mv everything03:25
guest-DRpTWdI wanted to say mv ./.* -R03:25
holsteinguest-DRpTWd: i would want to see that what i actually want is there03:25
guest-DRpTWdwait that will work :D03:26
guest-DRpTWdalright let me log back in Ill tell you what happened03:27
brandonalright running mkdir tmpfile03:28
brandonmv ./.* tmpfile03:28
holsteincool... so its something in there then.. i would just grab what you actually want from in there manually03:29
brandonI agree03:29
holsteinpersonally, i always kinda happy to "clear out the cobwebs"03:29
brandonWell I really had to get away from unity ang Gnome3 xfce is perfect, and I hope it doesnt follow the same route as the former two03:31
brandonwhere is the "force quit" panel option ?03:41
holsteingood question... i havent needed it yet in XFCE..03:43
brandonI just made a launcher and issued the command xkill so it works now :)03:46
brandonalright thanks for the help03:46
cellarRathello, I need to know how to access files on my windows drive while booted in the xubuntu live cd03:57
holsteincellarRat: you should see the drive in the file manager.. just click on it and look... if you were having issues with windows and the drive is failing or bad, linux is *not* magic though03:59
cellarRatno, it will boot, but just buggy.  This is xubuntu 9.10... hold on running "mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /mnt "04:01
cellarRatthe command worked without a hitch, but drive still doesn't show in file manager04:08
cellarRator rather it went to the next line without an issue. it still shows as "not mounted" within gparted04:08
holsteincellarRat: i would run sudo fdisk -l04:09
holsteini would mkdir /something/ill/remember ..then sudo mount it to that dir using /dev/sd*04:10
cellarRat/dev/sda1   *           1        6946    55793713+   7  HPFS/NTFS04:10
cellarRat/dev/sda2            7584       14593    56307825    7  HPFS/NTFS04:10
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uofm49426anyone tell me how to install compix and have a tittle bar still06:27
uofm49426sorry compiz06:28
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SerythTheSheep: Good morning :)10:06
TheSheephi Seryth10:06
SerythTheSheep: I've been doing some tests. I think lightdm is the problem, because when I boot up normally, I can't do startxfce4, because it says x is already running. However, if I do `sudo process lightdm stop`, and then `startxfce4`, everything works correctly...10:07
SerythTheSheep: ...everything works correctly, including the nvidia drivers; my resolution is correct now10:08
TheSheepSeryth: you might try replacing lightdm with gdm10:09
SerythTheSheep: Yeah, I thought of replacing lightdm, but I'm not sure what with? Gdm? `apt-get install gdm && apt-get remove lightdm`?10:10
TheSheepSeryth: I think you don't even have to remove lightdm10:12
TheSheepapt-get install gdm should ask you which one to use by default10:12
SerythOkay, great.10:19
SerythTheSheep: Right, well gdm finished installing, so I reckon it's restart time.....again!10:42
SerythI'll be back in a min.10:44
SerythTheSheep: :D10:52
SerythTheSheep: Yup, it was lightdm10:52
SerythIt's all working fine and dandy now :)10:52
SerythTheSheep: Thankyouthankyouthankyou :P10:53
duelleHi, can anybody tell me how my file recovery chances for an encrypted volume are, if the partition table is broken? Seems as if the partition table was resized :( Made an ddrescue image of it yet. But don't know how to get the partition back.12:53
Lintis it 'shubuntu' or 'hubuntu'?13:30
Lintalso when 4.10?13:30
Linthow xubuntu reads itself, and when xfce 4.10?13:31
Myrttioh, now it makes sense13:32
PiciI've always pronounced it zoobuntu13:34
MyrttiI have no idea13:35
SerythI say "ex - ubuntu" lol13:36
MyrttiI am intrigued by how it would be pronounced in xhosa13:37
Lintwill 12.04 have new xfce 4.10?13:49
mnourI have a  problem15:21
mnourI got a new Dell Precision M4600 and I just installed Xbuntu 11.10 on it15:21
mnourwhenever I reboot Xbuntu hangs on the splash screen15:21
mnourany clues ?15:21
holsteinmnour: i would want to look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions and try "nomodeset" from a LIVE cd... i would think it *could* be graphics card driver related15:23
mnourholstein: Thanks  I will have a look at that link15:23
foobArrrhi there. how do i turn off display mirroring? i don't see an option for that in the settings->display.15:31
holsteinfoobArrr: i use arandr15:32
mnourholstein: I did what you suggested but still, from what I can see the problem is in killing the remaining processes it is marked as [fail]15:33
mnourany other hints :) ?15:33
holsteinmnour: it?15:33
mnourit ?15:34
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mnourah the console output15:34
mnourwhen I reboot15:34
holsteinmnour: i dont know what you mean by "it" is marked as fail15:34
mnourI get this message on the text console when I press Esc key to make the splash screen disappear15:34
holsteini dont know what processes either, but i would try from the live CD, getting to the desktop.. i would try *all* the options under F6.. "nomodeset", "noacpi" or whatever15:35
holsteinfrom the install you made, you can try getting to TTY, logging in, and upgrading via a wired connection15:35
mnour* Killing all remaining processes...                    [fail]15:35
foobArrrholstein, thank you15:35
vandal-Starting without administrative privileges - You will not be able to apply any changes. But you can still export the marked changes or create a download script for them.15:48
vandal-what is this?15:48
vandal-and why it shows up when i log in ?15:48
holsteinvandal-: that looks like something i would expect to see from synaptic...15:49
vandal-right, synaptic was open last sessionand it started automatically15:50
holsteinvandal-: i think you have the "remember session" checkbox checked or whatever its called, and synaptic is complaining since you did not put in your administrative password for that session15:51
vandal-where exactly can i find this checkbox?15:51
holsteinvandal-: i see it at shutdown... "save this session"15:52
vandal-ah, here it is. thanks15:52
vandal-still cant solve problem with drivers.. http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_32667.html it says i should use 96.43.x but this version definitly isnt working fine for me16:17
holsteinvandal-: i would use the one in the repos first, and go from there16:18
holsteinbut, i dont do 3d or gaming, so the vesa driver is always an option for me too... sometimes i use a knoppix live CD, and grab the xorg.conf from there (if it looks good) and change the driver to vesa :)16:19
vandal-i dont care much about gaming or 3d. problem is even with web browser scrolling page slow, or when i move window its slow and not smooth at all16:22
vandal-same with drawing menus etc16:23
vandal-its just annoying, worked way better on lubuntu16:23
holsteinwell, it seems driver related, no?... i would load up a lubuntu live CD, and make a note of what pacakge you installed16:24
vandal-whats the difference between packages nvidia-96 and nvidia-96-dev?16:25
holsteinvandal-: *-dev are just development packages AFAIK... you should need them unless they come up as dependancies16:25
holstein:/ ... shouldnt**16:27
* holstein has more poor typing skillz than average today16:27
mclovin_I'm without title bar17:34
mclovin_Can someone help me?17:35
mclovin_someone here?17:38
mclovin_can someone help me?17:47
Marzatamclovin_: avkoz17:51
mclovin_in english please17:52
mclovin_the title bar of windows is not showing up17:55
mclovin_someone can  help me?17:55
mclovin_the title bar of windows is not showing up17:58
Sebastienof windows ?17:58
Sebastienyou know you are on #xubuntu right ?17:58
mclovin_no man, in xubuntu17:58
Sebastienwhat window ?17:58
mclovin_all windows17:58
mclovin_since i've been enable the compiz17:59
KrisDouglasWhat he is trying to say, is the window decorator is not showing up.17:59
KrisDouglasAllow me one moment, do you know how to open a terminal/18:00
KrisDouglasin a terminal18:01
KrisDouglastype compiz --replace18:01
KrisDouglassee if it brings any messages up18:01
mclovin_a lot of menssagens18:03
mclovin_kde4-window-decorator: Could not enable decorations on display ":0.0"18:05
mclovin_kde4-window-decorator: Could not enable decorations on display ":0.0"18:05
mclovin_QGtkStyle was unable to detect the current GTK+ theme.18:06
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duelle_Hi, how do I change settings for the login screen on xubuntu 11.10? I would like to force the user to enter the username instead of choosing from a list.18:25
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holsteinduelle_: i would just use a greeter more like what you are looking for18:36
duelle_holstein, What do you mean with greeter? Under ubuntu i had some kind of settings menu where i could set this stuff as far as i remember18:51
holsteinduelle_: you might be able to scare up some GUI settings manager, but im not aware of one.. i would just switch to a greeter that'll do what you like... maybe just switch to the greeter you used before if its still around18:53
duelle_holstein, Sorry - i still don't really get what you mean with "greeter"... how do i see which ones i can switch to?18:54
holsteinduelle_: i think this is lightdm.. im reading at http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/lightdm/2011-October/000155.html18:59
holsteini would look in /etc/lightdm/users.conf and see what the options are for *not* showing user names18:59
holsteinyou can pastebin that file if you'd like, and i'll give it a look :)19:00
duelle_holstein, looks quite short http://www.pastebin.com/hecKw39e19:01
duelle_greeter-hide-users=true in lightdm.conf. from that mailing-list looks quite good19:03
holsteinduelle_: just make a backup, or know what you changed, and how to change it via a LIVE cd, and you can "break" it :)19:03
holsteinyou cant*19:04
duelle_Works great ;) just added that line to lightdm.conf19:05
duelle_holstein, May i ask how you solve the thunar-network-share thing? Gigolo is kind of workaround ... but is there another way to mount shares directly from thunar?19:06
duelle_All stuff I read yet didn't work ...19:06
TheSheepsshfs works great19:06
holsteinduelle_: cool.. if you want, post it on a blog or twitter somewhere.. what you did :) sudo nano /etc/lightdm/users.conf - add greeter-hide-users=true - enjoy :)19:06
holsteinduelle_: i actually quite enjoy and prefer gigolo these days, but i say, dont waste too much time trying to make thunar nautilus.. just use nautilus if you prefer it19:08
duelle_TheSheep, What exactly does sshfs do? Do I have to do anything else to get it working?19:08
holsteinduelle_: i would read something like http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=6401 becuase you dont want to use nautilus "as-is" in XFCE19:09
TheSheepit just mounts an external directory through ssh19:09
TheSheepyou just need to be able to log in with ssh to the other host19:09
duelle_holstein, Tried the replacing thing - but it changed the desktop stuff too ... but i see thats mentioned in the link you posted. Will have a look at it. Thanks!19:10
duelle_TheSheep, Unfortunately I think that i mostly would use it for windows shares .. where i cant login via ssh afaik19:10
holsteinTheSheep: do you have a command that you personally use handy?.. im looking at man sshfs, but i like to see how others use things (if you dont mind)19:10
TheSheepholstein: just sshfs sheep@otherhost:path/to/the/dir local/dir19:11
TheSheepholstein: I usually have ssh keys there, so it doesn't need a password19:11
holsteinTheSheep: cool.. i use scp sometimes... i loosely understand the :'s19:12
TheSheepyeah, scp is great too19:12
holsteinTheSheep: you can connect if there is a password though correct?19:12
TheSheepif you just want to copy stuff and not run a program in that dir19:12
TheSheepit will ask you for password19:12
holsteini have both pass and key'd ssh shares19:12
duelle_holstein, just for my understanding: You use gigolo and have to enter all the data manually eacht time you want to mount a win-share?19:12
holsteinduelle_: well, i do ssh mostly.. i even make windows share via ssh and connect too (when that rarely comes up)19:13
TheSheepwindows is pure pain :(19:13
holsteini setup samba more to just say that i could, and to see it done.. otherwise, on my systms, i make windows speak to linux, not the other way around19:14
duelle_holstein, How do you connect to a windows share via ssh?  Did you install a ssh-server on win?19:14
holsteinduelle_: basically19:14
duelle_TheSheep, oh yeah...installed win7 for the first time today. .. when i had to get the wifi-stick-drivers via another pc i remarked what easy linux can be^^19:15
TheSheepit's not always easy, but at least I'm in control19:16
TheSheepI can *see* what is happening19:16
holsteinhttp://sourceforge.net/projects/swish/ for example.. or stfp servers on windows.. hwatever it takes to *not* deal with samba from a windows machine19:16
baizonhave to agree with TheSheep19:16
TheSheepwith windows it's just trying random stuff and praying19:16
TheSheepin my experience, of course19:17
duelle_holstein, TheSheep, Thanks a lot! I'll give it a try with the ssh server on win. Wasn't a fan of samba either...19:17
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gil08is there anyone who could help me out with configuring my ati catalyst control center? Whenever I want to apply changes in there, it does nothing after rebooting my system ... I am running a setup with 2 monitors, monitor 1 (1920x1080) and monitor 2 (1280x1024) should create a "big screen", that makes it possible to drag stuff from one screen to the other in one workspace. In the past I've used Xinerama for it, but I still don't understand as to how exactly20:20
gil08 I should configure my ati settings for it to work20:20
gil08my CCC detects both screens, it even says that it creates a multi-display desktop with my 2 displays, but in reality it doesnt, it just sticks my 1280x1024 screen right on top (left top) of my 1920x1080 and duplicates it to my smaller screen ... I've tried so many things but I ran out of things to try ...20:22
gil08I just don't understand how it can be this troublesome to use two monitors to make your screen bigger20:26
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duellegil08, So you set it up big screen with the small screen extending the big one but the ati-tool just mirrors the output?20:50
duellegil08, So you see the same output on both monitors?20:51
gil08duelle, no just the opposite20:54
gil08duelle, what I want is exactly like windows' "extend" functionality for dual screens, 1 workspace that stretches over 2 screens20:55
gil08so that I can basically drag a window from my left screen to my right screen20:55
baizongil08: try arandr20:56
gil08baizon, no, arandr does not work, I obviously tried.20:56
baizongil08: only 1 option workd for me20:57
baizonwith ati and dual screen20:57
gil08baizon, arandr is just a GUI to organize your usable screen space20:57
baizongil08: sudo aticonfig --initial=dual-head --screen-layout=right20:57
baizonaticonfig --overlay-on=120:57
baizonRestart X Server.20:57
baizonaticonfig --xinerama=on20:57
baizonthat works for me20:57
gil08baizon, that's how I have it now, Xinerama=on is the only way it works for me as well20:58
baizontryd may other ways but that didnt work20:58
gil08ok so I am not the only one20:58
baizoncrappy ati drivers :(20:58
baizonthe open source drivers works perfectly20:58
gil08aye, this one (the laptop I am typing on right now) uses nvidia drivers, way better20:58
baizonbut they doesnt support hdmi audio yet20:58
gil08the radeon drivers? Havent tried em yet20:59
baizonyes nvidia linux drivers are really way better20:59
gil08where do I get the open source radeon drivers? What package is it? Because I am fed up using fglrx or the .run file you download off of amd.com21:00
baizongil08: what graphics card do you got?21:01
gil08baizon, RADEON HD487021:01
gil08on my computer, the one I'm having issues with21:01
baizonyou have to use the standard ati21:03
gil08yeah that's what I ended up doing21:03
baizonradeon package only supports 5000 and 6000 series21:03
gil08where did you get that info? Might be useful to check up on for future purposes21:04
baizongil08: http://www.x.org/wiki/radeon21:04
gil08baizon, I think you misread, RadeonHD only supports HD5xxx-7xxx21:06
baizonyes thats what i wrote 4 lines up21:06
gil08baizon, RadeonHD != Radeon afaik21:07
gil08they're 2 different projects21:07
gil08or I must have gotten confused by the stuff I've read21:07
baizongil08: yes but radeonhd doesnt exist anymore :)21:07
gil08it doesn't, thought it still did21:08
baizon"Linux distributions, including Novell's openSUSE, have now abandoned radeonhd as the default driver, instead using the radeon driver. "21:08
baizongil08: no official package for ubuntu21:09
gil08yeah seems I have to build it from git if I want to use it, right?21:09
baizoni do not recommend it21:11
gil08yeah especially because I cant find a x64 guide or anything mentioned about x64 at all really ...21:11
gil08and I just happen to be on oneiric x6421:12
gil08I think I'll just keep my xinerama for the time being ... it's not great though21:12
baizonyes i think21:13
gil08baizon, don't know if the same thing happens to you when you run the xinerama settings but I can't use my Xfce4 Display settings for example21:13
gil08just tells me "Unable to query the version of the RandR extension being used"21:13
baizonyes i know21:13
baizonand the ccc gui doesnt work either21:14
gil08ah k, so it's not like I'm the only person having these issues21:14
gil08makes me a bit happier atleast21:14
baizonjust the aticonfig works well21:14
gil08yeah gotta run gksudo amdcccle :P21:14
gil08but the actual GUI does nothing21:14
gil08so yeah, only aticonfig to play with ... and just editing xorg.conf directly21:14
gil08just wish they'd move over to KMS already21:15
baizonwish amd will do better with drivers for linux :(21:15
gil08just a pain using xorg.conf, not very flexible either21:15
gil08yeah, this laptop has 0 trouble running dual screens and using projectors etc, just gotta use arandr when I want to change my viewports21:16
gil08ahh well, at least you gave me confirmation that the problem was not me doing something wrong21:17
mang0artao: o/21:44
=== XartaoX is now known as artao

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