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_mup_juju/purge-queued-hooks r463 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com04:52
_mup_Locking test for UnitRelationLifecycle.purge04:52
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_mup_juju/deploy-invalid-conf r449 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com14:34
_mup_merge trunk14:34
jcastroniemeyer: it isn't clear to me in the CS spec, but is there a flag for pulling unofficial charms from the store?15:07
niemeyerjcastro: No flags, it's just a different url15:07
niemeyerjcastro: cs:~jcastro/oneiric/hadoop15:08
jcastroah perfect, thanks.15:08
niemeyerjcastro: np15:08
* jcastro expects some cs:~upstream-project-that-isnt-in-the-repository/oneiric/projects15:08
jcastrogood to know we covered that use case15:08
bachi m_315:17
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bachazmat, m_3:  i finally found the root of the problem i've been trying to resolve with the ubuntu user not being setup properly in the container.  the lxc update from last friday (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc/0.7.5-3ubuntu24) includes a change to the ubuntu template to create the ubuntu user.  this causes setup_users to skip populating /home/ubuntu/.ssh.  i have a patch that makes setup_users more robust:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/843134/16:04
m_3bac: cool... thanks!16:05
hazmatbac thanks for looking into it, the patch lgtm..  bcsaller, jimbaker ^16:06
hazmati'll apply it as a trivial16:06
bacgreat, thanks hazmat16:06
bcsallerhazmat: yeah, looks fine16:07
jimbaker cool16:16
_mup_juju/trunk r455 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com16:22
_mup_merge deploy-invalid-conf. services won't deploy without valid config. [r=jimbaker, bcsaller][f=914610]16:22
hazmatbac the first bit looks a little strange, its basically saying if the user exists, then add the user16:27
bachazmat: not my intent.  yeah, that part is bogus16:29
bachazmat: the condition is backward16:29
_mup_juju/trunk r456 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com17:51
_mup_[trivial] lxc creation script copes with existing ubuntu user [a=bac][r=hazmat,bcsaller,jimbaker]17:51
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gary_posterhazmat, fwiw, gmb just sent the feedback email I mentioned earlier to the juju list.18:37
gary_posterAlso, m_3 or SpamapS or other ~charmers, we just submitted our charms for review https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/932974 and eagerly await feedback.  Thanks!18:38
_mup_Bug #932974: Buildbot charms <Juju Charms Collection:Fix Committed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/932974 >18:38
gary_posterthanks mup, like I said. :-)18:38
_mup_juju/unit-stop r424 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com18:57
_mup_minor tweaks18:57
jimbakerhazmat, are you working on bug 872264 ?18:59
_mup_Bug #872264: stop hook does not fire when units removed from service <juju:In Progress by jimbaker> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/872264 >18:59
jimbakerok, i see this is a doc branch in lp:~hazmat/juju/unit-stop19:01
hazmatjimbaker, i'd had a discussion with niemeyer about when i was writing that spec, its going to need some state modifications19:07
hazmatgary_poster, noted, thanks.19:08
hazmatgmb, relation-get  can also retrieve local (non remote unit) values19:08
jimbakerhazmat, it sounds like it may be too earlier then to start dev on then19:08
niemeyerhazmat: Maybe even implement the ideas we discussed at Budapest19:08
hazmatjimbaker, have you thought about a solution ?19:08
jimbakerlike to see some consensus before i tackle it19:09
niemeyerBut we need a proper spec first19:09
jimbakerhazmat, no, just trying to work on the most important bugs first. i will unassign myself19:09
hazmatniemeyer, the solution i got to was recording intent in the topology, which felt a little odd, and creates a garbage collection activity19:09
niemeyerhazmat: Ugh19:09
hazmatniemeyer, we record user intent in the topology, the coordination around stop happens, and then.. the topology needs cleanup19:10
niemeyerhazmat: Well.. that sounds ok..19:10
hazmatniemeyer, if we modify the topology to directly enact the user action, we effectively remove the identity.. if we record elsewhere we're violating the encapsulation of user intent in the topology.19:11
niemeyerhazmat: We just need to think through since logic has to be aware of the fact there is now ghost information int he topology19:11
hazmatniemeyer, yeah.. it seemed like the best option19:11
hazmateven if we record elsewhere the topology needs cleanup19:11
niemeyerhazmat: RIght.. I recall that conversation now.. tear down follows the inverse process of setup to preserve the grand concept19:12
niemeyerhazmat: Maybe.. but I wouldn't classify that as garbage collection19:12
hazmatghost recon ;-)19:13
gary_posterhazmat, relation-get: cool, we would love to know how.  We don't see it in the docs even after searches, but I would not be at all surprised to have you show it to us in there. :-)  response to the email would be best: those questions/comments are from all of us collectively in the squad19:13
hazmatgary_poster, relation-get -h ?19:13
hazmatfair enough19:14
niemeyerhazmat: The key distinction is that it's not unimportant information.. it's there for a reason, and the way it is disposed off must be well defined and considered19:14
gary_posterhazmat, -h gives me an idea on how to do it, at least.  (`relation-get key $JUJU_UNIT_NAME` afaict?)19:18
gary_posternon-obvious imo :-)19:18
hazmatgary_poster, fair enough, it needs  documentation19:20
hazmatand it looks like it should be a switch so a key doesn't need to be specified19:21
gary_posteryeah +119:22
SpamapSHey guys, any code going to land in the next 8 hours that I should hold off uploading to precise for feature freeze?19:27
* SpamapS re-posts in #juju-dev as well19:27
m_3SpamapS: we really should test the precise lxc stuff before uploading19:28
SpamapSm_3: did something change?19:29
m_3SpamapS: yup... this morning... just kicked off another ppa build to test it out19:31
m_3456 should go in if it tests out19:31
* m_3 looking to see what 455 is as that'll get pushed too19:31
m_3yeah, 454 and 456 are critical to precise19:33
SpamapSm_3: bug #'s?19:36
m_3both 454 and 456 relate to Bug #91439219:37
_mup_Bug #914392: LXC local provider does not respect 'series' (only installs oneiric) <local> <juju:Fix Released by hazmat> <juju (Ubuntu):Triaged by clint-fewbar> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/914392 >19:37
hazmatSpamapS, should be good afaics19:40
m_3ok, new ppa is out... please test precise running precise lxc containers19:41
m_3bac: ^^19:41
m_3I'll do the same19:41
baccool, thanks m_3.  i had trouble getting mine to build due to test failures.19:41
m_3for peeps who haven't done that yet, you've gotta edit your environment to change 'default-series: precise' and make sure 'juju-origin: ppa'19:45
bacm_3: have you been able to install 0.5+bzr456-1juju2~precise1 ?19:51
dendrobatesI haven;t tried in precise yet19:52
m_3bac: it's still downloading stuff19:52
bacm_3: it appears on the lp page but i don't know if it is published yet19:53
m_3bac: crap, yeah... it's still showing 454... we'll have to wait on lp19:55
m_3bummer... ok, the build failed on precise20:06
danweeanybody can help with juju20:06
m_3hazmat: the failing test doesn't look to have anything to do with the code changes20:07
* hazmat pokes20:09
hazmatm_3, nothing obvious20:10
hazmatdanwee, sure20:10
danweeat last , thanks hamzat20:11
danweeok , i m trying to cennect juju to a zookeeper, but i keep getting invalid ssh key20:11
danweethat is on orchestra server20:12
danweei did RSA exchange keys with no luck to solve the problem, when i juju status20:12
danweeany ideas?20:13
danweereached juju status step, >> invalid ssh key20:17
danweeare u still there ?20:18
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hazmatdanwee, so you did bootstrap, the machine comes up, but status can't connect because of an invalid ssh key20:30
hazmatdanwee, do you have a key specified in environments.yaml or is it doing the default and picking it up from the host/user that the cli is running on20:31
danweemmm no i didnt specify  a key on yaml, u think that will solve the problem ?20:43
danweeu mean i can specify an RSA key in yaml ?20:44
danweehazmat can u explain more please20:47
hazmatdanwee, yes.. you can specify the key, else the key is sniffed from the environment.. if its sniffed from the environment, its important that the same user executes juju subsequently as its their key thats being setup on the newly launched machine20:48
hazmatdanwee, the bottom of this has some details on specifying keys explicitly instead of implicitly https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/provider-configuration-ec2.html20:49
hazmathopefully that helps20:49
danweeyou are great :)20:50
jianghaitaohi, just joined. Anyone who can help me on running LXC unit tests?20:54
jianghaitaoit is complaining about resolvconf package20:55
m_3jianghaitao: hi... first make sure you're set up like https://juju.ubuntu.com/CharmSchool21:00
m_3jianghaitao: with one addition... your environments.yaml should have 'juju-origin: ppa'21:01
* SpamapS is starting to think more and more that juju should push itself into the bootstrap node and deploy itself from the bootstrap node rather than trying to direct users to the right place to fetch it21:03
jianghaitaowell, I downloaded the juju source and would like to run the LXC unit tests21:03
jianghaitaobut it did not work, just wondering why?21:04
koolhead17|afkjianghaitao: http://askubuntu.com/questions/65359/how-do-i-configure-juju-for-local-usage/65360#6536021:05
_mup_Bug #65360: [UNMETDEPS] libbonobouimm1.3 has unmet dependencies <libbonobouimm1.3 (Ubuntu):Fix Released by geser> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/65360 >21:05
koolhead17|afkdid you checked this link21:05
SpamapSactually jianghaitao brings up an important point.. I don't believe we run those unit tests in an automated fashion *ever*21:05
SpamapSand further.. I don't know why21:05
jianghaitaoThanks, but that is not what I was asking21:06
jianghaitaoI knew how to run juju locally21:06
SpamapSwell except that buildd's run lucid which has a very old lxc in the kernel.21:06
SpamapSjianghaitao: we don't run those tests very often.. we probably should.21:06
jianghaitaojust that I want to run the unit tests that comes with the source code...seems I did not state clearly from the beginning?21:07
m_3jianghaitao: the lxc tests require a lot of lxc local environment setup21:07
SpamapSjianghaitao: those specific tests are usually skipped because they require extra functionality on your system21:07
m_3jianghaitao: lxc setup assumes things like apt-cacher-ng bound to, etc21:08
jianghaitaoThat is ok, I just want to know how to set it up so I can run it21:08
m_3jianghaitao: so I recommend that before you try any lxc unit tests, you get your lxc env set up21:08
m_3jianghaitao: cool... so that's the link I sent above juju.ubuntu.com/CharmSchool21:09
m_3spells out the packages you'll need and the basic environment you'll need21:09
jianghaitaohow do I know my lxc is set up? I think I set it up already21:09
jianghaitaoDo I need to install juju before running unit tests? probably not, right...I will double check again21:10
m_3jianghaitao: it's set up when a service (choose a charm) reaches a 'started' state21:10
m_3jianghaitao: yes, you'll need to install everything on that list to get lxc working21:12
jianghaitaohumm....actually I had more problem running juju unit tests on a VM that I have set up the juju and was able to start services...but anyhow, I appreciate all your help and will work on it more21:13
m_3jianghaitao: cool21:14
danweei specified the key in enviroment.yaml, but still invalid ssh key >> hamzat , any ideas ?21:25
danweesomething is missing, but i think this the right path21:26
hazmatdanwee, hmm.. there's a few variables to play out, the machine appears to be up per orchestra and that the ssh connection attempt is happening at all. debugging further would require getting into the machine to understand why the key hasn't been put in place correctly. we put the key in place via cloud-init21:36
hazmatm_3, SpamapS is there any good way to get debugging info out of orchestra, like what the KSMETA is for a machine21:37
* m_3 clueless21:41
danweehamzat, from the machine side, all there is the authorized_keys, should i install cloud-init on the machine inorder for juju to autheticate it somehow ?21:41
m_3danwee: yes, that should be part of the orchestra preseed iirc21:42
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SpamapShazmat: cobbler has a commandline tool22:01
SpamapShazmat: you can use dumpvars to get all of the variables for a system22:01
hazmatdanwee, it should be part of the base clolud image22:01
hazmatcloud init that is22:01
hazmatjianghaitao, could you verify if the libvirt bridge is running it should be virbr0 in ifconfig output22:02
danweeyes, i m viewing the kickstart for the machine22:03
danweethanks alot for your help , i m gonna delve more into the subject, but thanks for pointing me out the directions22:08
danweeyou take care and i find out something interesting, i ll share it as well22:08
hazmatdanwee, if you have the kickstart metadata for the machine could you post it to pastebin.ubuntu.com and send the link here.22:14
hazmatso cloud-init isn't putting the keys on the machine, either the base image is off somehow (ie. cloud-init not installed), or cloud-init's data is misconfigured22:15
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jamesmitchellcan I get a pointer for attaching and mounting and EBS volume for a service? I am deploying an nfs charm and want to put the data on a seperate ebs volume22:56
m_3jamesmitchell: the default juju images are ebs-rooted23:01
m_3jamesmitchell: unfortunately, that's all we do now to handle data23:01
m_3jamesmitchell: at least you can snapshot that, but otherwise it's manual attachment/mounting23:03
jamesmitchellI'm fine with it being ebs-rooted. I want to add an extra ebs volume as part of the install23:04
jamesmitchelland I'm not sure what I can do inside the instance to attach and mount23:04
m_3jamesmitchell: you can ssh in and do anything you'd like23:04
m_3jamesmitchell: juju ssh takes args and supports forwarding iirc... and 'juju scp' exists23:05
jamesmitchellI was thinking more automated juju install23:05
m_3right ;)23:05
jamesmitchelleverything I google wants me to attach the volume using console or ec2-tools23:06
jamesmitchellso I ask whether there is a way for the instance to attach the volume itself - provided I send a volume id as a config value23:07
m_3hmmmm... dunno, I've always done it using ec2 tools from _outside_ the instance23:08
m_3excellent question though... I don't think there's anything preventing you from sending creds up to the instance and using ec2 tools from there23:09
jamesmitchellfair enough - I'll go that route23:10
m_3it's stupid, I know, but one way to do exactly what you're trying is two different nfs services23:10
m_3just make the first one do nightly transfers from it's shared out directory to the backup mount23:10
m_3they're both running ebs volumes23:11
m_3but really you don't gain anything over just running a single ebs-rooted nfs server and taking snapshots of that ebs volume23:11
m_3jamesmitchell: one thing I want to do is provide a 'backup to s3' charm23:12
m_3that'll be subordinate to something like nfs server23:12
jamesmitchellactually my use case is for the setup of a new site. I have 2Gb tar file of initial image data (paired with an initial db load)23:12
jamesmitchellthe tar file is on S3, and I can currently copy it down and untar23:13
m_3ah, that's it then23:13
jamesmitchellbut it seems really slow - so I thought about creating the ebs ahead of time, and using snapshots to preload other sites23:13
m_3you'll have to add some config to the charm that takes s3 creds and an 'initial seed data' url23:13
jamesmitchellyep - got that working now23:13
m_3yeah, so it's worth playing with calling ec2 tools from the instance to see if you can attach a volume from within the instance23:14
m_3that should be pretty easy to test out manually23:14
m_3then add it to the charm config if that works out23:14
m_3(please let me know!)23:14
jamesmitchellok - I will. Thanks for that23:15
m_3jamesmitchell: please consider pushing your changes (pulling seed data from s3) back to the community charms23:15
jamesmitchellfunny you should say that... I have not been able to get the charm-tools to work on my Lucid system. Keep getting an m2 error23:16
m_3SpamapS: lucid charm-tools?23:16
jamesmitchellduring checkout23:16
SpamapSm_3: if they exist.. they're not well tested ;)23:18
m_3jamesmitchell: that's not surprising23:18
SpamapSjamesmitchell: I think you mean mr right?23:18
m_3jamesmitchell: just do `bzr branch lp:charms/nfs`23:18
SpamapSjamesmitchell: mr changed drastically some time after lucid23:18
jamesmitchellyes, sorry I meant mr23:19
SpamapSjamesmitchell: We should probably have some kind of version detection so that doesn't break23:19
jamesmitchellm_3: that is how I seeded my versions - direct to source :)23:19
m_3mr's just a multi-repository checkout thingy... not much different than bzr branch23:19
SpamapSjamesmitchell: part of the reason we haven't worried about that is that charm-tools is mostly a stop-gap until juju's backend store is setup.23:20
m_3or `git bzr clone` :)23:20
SpamapSm_3: shush, gitboi23:20
* m_3 making traction into the _second_ pot of coffee for the day23:23
SpamapSm_3: once I drain #1, I always just run across the street and get a red bull ;)23:25
* SpamapS would be very sad if he didn't have a 7-11 45 steps away23:25
m_3zul would be jealous23:25
zulyou know when im at home i dont drink redbull, you guys just drive me to insanity :P23:26
SpamapSzul: s/drive me to insanity/get me to act like my true self/23:28
zulheh im quite quiet without it23:29
m_3gary_poster: ping23:30
_mup_juju/env-from-env r457 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com23:32
_mup_pickup juju env from environment23:32
_mup_Bug #933165 was filed: Juju environment can be specified via environment variable. <juju:In Progress by hazmat> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/933165 >23:34
m_3hazmat: whoohoo thanks! perfect precedence ordering too23:35
m_3I'm totally gonna get the yellow team to propose cli plugins23:37
* m_3 see's how it is... :)23:37
m_3gary_poster: please ping me tomorrow when you get a chance, I've got some questions on the buildbot charm23:48
gary_posterm_3, will do, thanks23:56

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