* ScottK is working on packaging the quassel beta.00:04
yofelk, uploaded a hopefully working digikam now00:09
* yofel is off to bed before he falls asleep on his keyboard - good night00:09
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Tm_TRiddell: em should be in testers factoid05:54
Tm_Thmh, but isn't, readded05:56
agateauyofel_: thanks for the link to sheytan mockup!07:58
agateauRiddell: yofel_: if you open lightdm kcm you can pick other themes. One of them looks like this: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/15/preview.png07:59
agateauRiddell: yofel_: it should be doable to tweak it to look more like sheytan mockup.07:59
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peacemmm facebook gmail on telepathy kde gives me error 09:39
ubottuTesting help needed in #kubuntu-devel ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, em09:39
Riddell10.04.4 candidates need testing :)09:39
peacexD Riddell09:39
Riddellpeace: they both give the same error?  what error?09:40
peaceunknown error :S09:40
Tm_Tpeace: any logs?09:40
peacei am going to paste 09:40
Riddellwhat do you do to get that unhelpful error?09:40
peacebtw msn works ..09:40
peace:) just tried to login on facebook and gmail09:41
peaceRiddell: [61034.563893] type=1400 audit(1329298359.018:21): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" parent=11737 profile="/usr/lib/telepathy/mission-control-5" name="/tmp/" pid=11738 comm="mission-control" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=1000 ouid=009:41
Tm_Tapparmor? nice09:41
peacei guess it's this 09:41
Riddellpeace: does ~/.cache/ exist?09:42
peaceRiddell: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/15/plasma-desktopPw1803.png09:43
Riddellok so not that problem09:46
micahg    owner @{HOME}/.cache/.mc_connections rw,09:48
micahg    owner @{HOME}/.{cache,config}/dconf/user rw,09:48
micahg /tmp isn't allowed in the mission-control profile09:48
peacevery symilar ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telepathy-mission-control-5/+bug/81655409:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 816554 in telepathy-mission-control-5 (Ubuntu Oneiric) "apparmor="DENIED" when launching tp-butterfly" [Low,Fix released]09:49
micahgno, that was for the other profile in the file09:51
Riddellpeace: dunno probably needs a kde-telepathy person to diagnose, are you on precise?09:53
micahgyou could try adding explicit denials for /tmp in the telepathy part of the profile to see if it works09:53
peaceRiddell: 12.04 yep09:53
micahgoops, I meant the mission control part09:53
peacebtw i have done this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telepathy-mission-control-5/+bug/93262610:10
ubottuError: launchpad bug 932626 not found10:10
yofel_agateau: nice, IMO that looks nicer for a home system. The current login screen is too dry, but better for networks as it scales better.10:11
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agateauyofel: agreed10:11
agateauyofel: default is easy to change (either upstream or at packaging level)10:12
micahgpeace: thanks, I"ll have someone look at it in a few hours10:21
Riddellagateau: same problem on that arm build issue in kdecoration_plugins.h http://paste.kde.org/422780/10:49
Riddellit needs something casted to something to avoid using a double10:50
Riddellor just drop the compiz kde stuff10:50
* Riddell goes to find other kde people familiar with arm10:50
RiddellNCommand1r: would your elite c++ skills be able to suggest a way forward on that? ^^10:50
agateauRiddell: is it failing on the variantListFromStringList() method?10:51
agateau(method name from memory)10:51
Riddellhmm let me double check10:51
Riddellagateau: it says line 355 which is the second one as I've split it10:53
Riddellreturn create(classname, 0, parent, vargs, QString());10:53
Riddelloh no it's not 10:53
Riddellit's the first one10:53
RiddellQVariantList vargs = stringListToVariantList(args);10:53
* agateau looks at the implementation of this method10:53
Riddell/usr/include/kpluginfactory.h KDE_DEPRECATED QObject *create( ...10:54
Riddell"cast from 'QList<QVariant>::Node*' to 'QVariant*'"  this would never happen if compiz was coded in python!10:55
agateauso the compiler does not like putting the return value of stringListToVariantList back into vargs. mmm.10:57
Riddellnot on a platform without double, it's fine on !arm10:57
Riddellit's also a recent issue in code that I don't think has changed so it'll be gcc being more fussy10:58
agateauwhat is strange is there is no qreal or double involved in this code10:58
Riddellbut it must be thinking something is a double10:58
Riddellwhich it can't cast to10:58
agateauthe error message does not talk about double at all10:59
agateauerror: cast from 'QList<QVariant>::Node*' to 'QVariant*' increases required alignment of target type [-Werror=cast-align]10:59
Riddellwhat does this mean "increases required alignment of target type " ?10:59
agateauI think it has to do with how members in a struct are placed in memory11:00
agateauon x86 you want your members to be aligned on 4-byte boundaries for faster access11:00
agateaucompiler usually takes care of that11:00
Riddelloh so it's some obscure cast I don't understand, hmm11:01
agateauOne solution^Wwork-around would be to disable the "cast-align" error, but I guess it would open a whole new can of worms11:01
RiddellI'm tempted to say "drop the compiz kde plugins, nobody uses them"11:02
Riddellunless Mek pops up or I can find someone else who knows about ARM11:02
agateauthat is probably wiser11:03
agateauor port the code not to use the deprecated methods? (not sure that would fix it)11:04
Riddellor that but I've no desire to start porting code for stuff we don't care about11:04
agateauill-baby duties... have to go11:04
shadeslayerRiddell: where did you get the KDE theme ?11:22
shadeslayerfor light dm11:22
Riddellshadeslayer: wasnae me, ask agateau and d_ed11:22
shadeslayeroh ok11:22
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apolhey, is it possible to make 386 debs from an amd64 system?12:27
Riddellapol: yes, it needs a debootstrap chroot12:27
Riddellyou can also use ec2 12:28
* apol googles debootstrap chroot12:28
shadeslayer!debootstrap 12:28
ubottudebootstrap is used to create a !Debian or Ubuntu base system from scratch, without requiring the availability of !dpkg or !APT. It does this by downloading !.deb files from a mirror site, and carefully unpacking them into a directory you can eventually !chroot into.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot for more information12:28
shadeslayeromg ubottu you're back12:29
* shadeslayer huggles ubottu12:29
apolxD you summoned him!12:29
apolthanks ubottu :D12:29
jussishadeslayer: yeah, the machine she was on had a bit of a meltdown and we had to fixor it12:32
apoloh sorry, she's a lady12:33
shadeslayerjussi: seems like things got 'hot' on valentines day ;)12:33
jussishadeslayer: wasnt too serious, just a read nly FS for some reason12:34
peaceshadeslayer: => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-m9uG50mSw12:34
jussia quick fsck and a reboot helped12:34
shadeslayera quick fsck .... right12:34
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Riddellyay, working owncloud 3! http://ec2-50-16-158-30.compute-1.amazonaws.com/owncloud/  jr/kubuntu13:02
Riddellat last our own community music system :)13:03
Riddell(works best in firefox)13:04
Peace-Riddell: i am in xd13:05
RiddellPeace-: I recommend The Banana Sessions, fun music13:06
Riddellinterface needs a little patience while you wait for the music to start streaming and some files won't work (no mp3 in firefox?)13:06
rbelemRiddell, can i haz access?13:08
Peace-i have installed ownstuffin my computer too it works fine :D13:08
Peace-rbelem: well he wrote the useandpass13:08
Riddellrbelem: jr/kubuntu13:08
Peace-mm i have tried to copy the chakra layout for panels :) http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/15/plasma-desktoprP1803.png13:10
Riddellvery unity like at the bottom13:11
Riddellhow do you do that?13:11
Peace-Riddell: javascripting collection of plasma panels :D13:11
Peace-icontasks customized13:12
Peace-Riddell: http://code.google.com/p/kde-peace-settings/source/browse/Plama-Panels-Collection/usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma/layout-templates/org.kde.plasma-desktop.chakranspiredPanel/contents/layout.js13:13
apachelogger_yofel: one has only so much time per day :P13:13
Peace-Riddell: btw good music :D13:14
RiddellPeace-: it's from Scotland, we make the best music :)13:16
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Ezimare we changning to lightdm for 12.04?13:38
EzimRiddell, :) good.13:40
Tm_Ta strange question13:42
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | 10.04.4 needing testing | top Scottish music http://ec2-50-16-158-30.compute-1.amazonaws.com/owncloud/ jr/kubuntu | http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/group/topic-precise-flavor-kubuntu.html TODOs! | Kubuntu is alive and weller than before!! Read:http://wp.me/pQ8xr-gr
apachelogger_yofel, debfx: gtk stuff in yet?13:53
apachelogger_Riddell: owncloud in yet?13:53
BluesKaj'Morning all13:55
BluesKajmajor update/upgrade today 13:59
BluesKajfor 12.04 that is14:00
EzimBluesKaj, did every thing went good?14:01
BluesKajstill updating14:01
Riddellapachelogger_: just uploaded14:02
Riddellapachelogger_: tried it out?14:02
EzimBluesKaj, hope it goes well.14:03
apachelogger_Riddell: ah, the one on amazon is from packages?14:04
Riddellapachelogger_: yes14:04
BluesKaji don't have a superfast connection , capped at 750kb/s14:04
EzimBluesKaj, I have 10/10 :).14:05
apachelogger_Riddell: btw, lightdm works for simple things ^^14:05
apachelogger_dual screen setp -> fail for example14:05
apachelogger_though I suspect that is the qml greeters fault14:05
Riddellapachelogger_: half a complement at least :)14:05
Riddellagateau: ^^14:05
apachelogger_yeah, it works WRT login :)14:05
apachelogger_also the kcm is not working for me (the actual ldm settings that is)14:05
apachelogger_anywho, we need to reengage upstream discussion as ossi claims to have no time for kdm anymore14:06
apachelogger_so it looks like a dead-end now14:06
Riddellis there one?14:07
BluesKajEzim,  new kernel 3.2.0-614:07
* Peace- xD Banana sessions14:07
apachelogger_Riddell: one = ?14:07
BluesKajerr 3.2.0-1614:07
EzimBluesKaj, cool. I will maybe compile myself new kernel (takes so damn long time on my laptop). 14:08
Riddellapachelogger_: I found it but not in system settings14:08
Riddellagateau: that kcm needs keywords to search on and does it really exist in system settings?14:08
BluesKajEzim, no point in compiling new kernel , unless you like wearing hair shirts :) 14:09
EzimBluesKaj, hehe, its fun. :P14:09
apachelogger_Riddell: are we still missing anything for feature freeze?14:11
Ezimwith kwin effect running it seems adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin-properties-kde works much better then flashplugin-installer/downloader.14:11
apachelogger_Riddell: I don't think the kcm is in systemsettings14:11
apachelogger_even when searching for name I did not find it ^^14:11
Ezimsame for you guys/girls or only me?14:12
Riddellapachelogger_: kubuntu active, we have the packages, we need the seeds and cd image tweaks14:12
Riddellapachelogger_: kdevelop update14:13
agateauRiddell: apachelogger_: it appears in systemsettings for me, as "Login Manager"14:13
Riddellqtscriptgenerator we need 0.2.0 with Qt 4.814:13
apachelogger_then the desktop files might be wrong14:13
apachelogger_as login manager I have kdm14:13
Riddellagateau: oh yes, it needs the same icon as KDM one else it's not recognisable, and it needs keywords so you can search14:14
agateaumost of the kcm settings indeed do not work, we need to figure it out. I just rushed for FF to ensure at least the kcm writes the correct keys in lightdm config files14:14
Riddellagateau: are you able to take that upstream?14:14
apachelogger_so my immediate guess would be that kdm and ldm have a too equal desktop file and kdm overloads it ^^14:14
Riddellor are you the upstream?14:14
agateauRiddell: I am part of upstream, yes14:14
Riddellapachelogger_: "lightdm",  "ldm" is something else14:14
apachelogger_kde is the upstream :P14:15
Riddellapachelogger_: lightdm is sadly not part of kde as far as I know14:15
apachelogger_Riddell: what is ldm then?14:15
apachelogger_Riddell: the kde greeter is14:15
apachelogger_so is the kcm14:15
apachelogger_which are the parts we care about here :P14:15
Riddellapachelogger_: ldm is a remote login manager used on LTSP setups14:15
agateauRiddell: I am busy on something else for FF right now, if you have an update to the desktop file, I am happy to push it in14:16
apachelogger_how very silly14:16
Riddellagateau: no I don't, just a note to get it done at some point is all it needs14:16
agateauRiddell: ok14:16
* agateau adds a note14:16
BluesKajEzim,  on 64 bit one just needs to download the, "install_flash_player_11_linux.x86_64.tar.gz"  , and place the libflashplayer.so in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins , without using that clunky nswrapperplugin14:17
agateauapachelogger_: Riddell: so, "same icon as kdm kcm", "keywords", anything else?14:18
apachelogger_ScottK: so we drop ubuntu language stuff?14:18
EzimBluesKaj, I have flashplugin-alternative.so there.14:21
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Peace-mm but the wallpaper of kde 4.8.... i am the only that is thinking it's ... horrible!?14:22
EzimPeace-, I agree.14:22
Riddellagateau: and fix all the bugs please :)14:23
Peace-Ezim: i guess it's the worst i have ever seen14:23
agateauRiddell: that goes without saying! :)14:24
ChomoPeace-: its a 4:3 resolution wallpaper but i like it. not again a blue or blue+dark one14:24
Riddellso who's got good music we can listen to on the owncloud?14:24
apachelogger_playback does not work here :(14:25
Riddellapachelogger_: firefox?14:25
apachelogger_or chromium14:25
apachelogger_or something14:25
Riddellapachelogger_: yeah it's buggy14:25
apachelogger_more intersting is whether it works with rekonq ;)14:25
Riddellowncloud just uses the html 5 bits and I think only firefox is reliable with it14:25
RiddellI doubt it14:25
apachelogger_and I really need to go buy something to eat now14:25
BluesKajEzim, , Peace- , you can always import your own wallpapers, or use your own photos14:26
Peace-BluesKaj: well ... i guess i know xD14:26
BluesKajRiddell,  the HTML5 trial on youtube runs well on chromium too14:30
mikecbone would hope so14:32
EzimBluesKaj, true, but the kde 4.7* wallpaper is much nicer14:34
Ezim:P should be default in 12.0414:34
Ezimalso boot-splash not plymouth looks bad compare to 4.714:34
Ezimonly dislikes I have with 4.8.*14:34
BluesKajmikecb,  have you tried rekonq on HTML5? ...not much point on flash sites14:36
mikecbit's  not quite there for me yet14:37
BluesKajunfortuntely it still needs some work alright 14:38
Riddellit's not quite there for all but the hardest KDE fans, web browser is a notable lack in KDE's offering (ironically)14:38
mikecbdidn't kde start webkit?14:38
mikecb(or it was forked from something kde did)14:39
Peace-khtml =14:39
BluesKajkonqueror has been abanodoned with a few fixes , it used to be my default browser for a while 14:40
Peace-i have modified kio_httprc file to work better with google+ so konqueror works ....14:41
BluesKajwa on a pure kde experiment during that time , 8.10 I think it was14:41
Ezimmikecb, I think apple started webkit.14:55
mikecbyeah, but they forked it from khtml14:56
Ezimmikecb, okey then you know more then me :).14:57
Riddellshadeslayer: where is telepathy-qt4?  I don't see it on http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/releases/telepathy-qt4/15:55
shadeslayerbecause it's called telepathy-qt now :)15:55
Riddelloh how confusing15:55
Riddellhttp://telepathy.freedesktop.org/releases/telepathy-qt/ ?15:55
shadeslayerthey switched only recently, which is why there is a bit of confusion everywhere15:56
shadeslayerold patches not applying because of the rename etc15:56
Riddella shame they don't keep their wiki page up to date15:58
Riddellshadeslayer: how's bug 932842 ?15:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 932842 in telepathy-qt4 (Ubuntu) "[MIR] telepathy-qt4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93284215:59
shadeslayeryou have no idea how horribly outdated stuff is on freedesktop wikis15:59
Riddellalso bug 93283316:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 932833 in meta-kde-telepathy (Ubuntu) "[MIR] telepathy-kde" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93283316:00
shadeslayerlooks good16:00
shadeslayerlooking at the ktp MIR16:01
Riddell"You are not allowed to edit this page. "  yeah, they need KDE's sysadmins at freedesktop16:01
shadeslayerthat looks good as well16:01
shadeslayerfreedesktop is weird, even their tracker is not very good16:01
shadeslayerfwiw Launchpad has a awesome bug tracker16:01
Riddellfreedesktop has always been weird, it's a political football16:03
Riddelllooking good for KDE here http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/uehs/no_updated.html16:10
Riddellor maybe we don't have decent watch file coverage, I've never used that site before16:10
Riddellhupnp is out of date but I don't think kde needs that currently16:10
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debfxthere are new upstream versions of shared-desktop-ontologies, digikam, virtuoso and phonon16:21
RiddellI'm doing virtuoso now16:22
Riddellyofel still on digikam?16:22
Riddellnew cagibi too (well a year old actually) that explains the hupnp missing I guess16:23
Riddellphonon?  tsk why don't we have a handy phonon upstream to poke us about that?16:23
debfxgood question. an upstream developer who does the packaging himself would be even better16:26
Riddelldrat debian don't document how they make virtuoso dfsg happy16:28
debfxRiddell: debian/gbp.conf has the filter list16:30
debfxScottK: is quassel 0.8 beta usable?16:33
Riddelldebfx: so it does, do you know what that file is for?16:37
Riddellhi koolhead17, see topic for owncloud fun16:37
koolhead17Riddell: now this is awesome!! indeed :)16:39
Riddellkoolhead17: I thought so, Scottish music is the best :)16:40
koolhead17Riddell: you should have shared it with Frank too :) he would be super happy 16:41
Riddellfrank doesn't do irc alas16:41
debfxRiddell: it's a git-buildpackage config file. if you clone the git repository you can do git-import-orig X.orig.tar.gz16:41
koolhead17Riddell: you want me to mail him for this fun!! :D hehe16:42
Riddellkoolhead17: sure (although I'll take down the server when I get bored16:43
shadeslayerlightdm pulls in unity16:43
Riddellso upload more music to stop me getting bored!16:43
Riddellshadeslayer: oh really?16:43
Riddellagateau: ^^16:43
shadeslayerRiddell: yes16:43
koolhead17shadeslayer: unity in kubuntu ? :P16:43
Riddelllightdm isn't in kubuntu (yet)16:44
shadeslayerRiddell: http://paste.kde.org/422996/16:44
Riddelltsk tsk16:44
agateauRiddell: damn16:44
shadeslayeralso, nautilus16:44
shadeslayernow we know what happens when you install nautilus on Kubuntu with KDE don't we16:45
Riddellshadeslayer: no what happens?16:45
shadeslayeroh you don't know?16:45
shadeslayerlast time I installed it, it started drawing the desktop16:45
debfxit probably wants a greeter and if you don't select one it pulls in the unity greeter16:45
Ezimwhy use nautilus when dolphin makes the job done?16:45
shadeslayerEzim: you don't but lightdm pulls in nautilus which might try to act smart and associate itself with mimetypes16:46
agateauRiddell: lightdm recommends unity-greeter | lightdm-greeter16:46
shadeslayerso as soon as you click anot folder or something, boom16:46
agateauRiddell: but lightdm-kde-greeter provides lightdm-greeter, so it should be good, no?16:46
shadeslayerwe don't have lightdm-kde-greeter16:47
Ezimshadeslayer, I see. 16:47
shadeslayernot tyhat I can see anywa16:47
shadeslayer*not that I can see anyway16:47
Riddellshadeslayer: oh you're just installing "lightdm"?16:47
Riddellwell that explains it16:47
Riddellinstall lightdm-kde-greeter16:47
shadeslayerbut we don't have lightdm-kde-greeter16:47
shadeslayer!info lightdm-kde-greeter16:47
ubottuPackage lightdm-kde-greeter does not exist in oneiric16:47
shadeslayer!info lightdm-kde-greeter precise16:47
ubottuPackage lightdm-kde-greeter does not exist in precise16:47
* Riddell hunts in New16:48
shadeslayerbtw, anyone here know what the term 'Lateral Hiring' means?16:48
agateaurmadison lightdm-kde-greeter 16:48
agateaulightdm-kde-greeter | 0.0.git20120214-0ubuntu1 | precise/universe | amd64, armel, armhf, i38616:48
shadeslayerWhat I found on the internet doesn't quite go with the tone of the email I got :P16:49
yofelapachelogger_: gtk stuff is up16:49
yofelRiddell: well, fixing overwrite errors as I see them, otherwise done16:49
Riddellyofel: digikam? want me to look over it and upload?16:50
yofeldoing another upgrade test, if that works fine shipit16:51
ScottKdebfx: According to upstream.16:52
ScottKapachelogger_: Next cycle.  Once we're in Univese is mostly goes away anyway.16:52
yofelRiddell: worked fine now, feel free to look at it16:57
yofelthe diff is rather large as that's our first 2.X merge16:57
Riddellyofel: in ninjas?16:58
koolhead17Riddell: found frank online, shared it with him :P16:58
shadeslayerRiddell: seems like it was stuck in new17:02
shadeslayeragateau: there's a weird bug in the line where you enter your username I think17:06
shadeslayerthere's some sort of highlighting in the middle, that doesn't extend all the way to the sides17:06
shadeslayerother than that, it's awesome17:07
agateaushadeslayer: yes, that is super ugly17:07
agateaushadeslayer: seems like the image drawing the focus rect is broken17:07
shadeslayerthat's supposed to be the focus thing17:08
shadeslayermakes more sense now 17:08
Riddellshadeslayer: not there now17:12
Ezimone user in swedish loco (channel) have problem with wallpaper changning back to default when the person wants to use his own.17:14
EzimI have never had this issue. 17:14
Ezim.kde/share/wallpapers should it be saved. correct?17:15
charlie-tcaScottK: testing 10.04.4 desktop 64; when restarting from a live session, my monitor turns off and there is no prompt to hit enter to continue. This is, I believe, an old bug17:19
yofelEzim: be back later17:23
Ezimyofel, okey :).17:24
yofelEzim: sounds like bug 923188 if someone has time to figure out what's wrong17:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 923188 in Kubuntu PPA "Changed wallpapers without asking upon upgrade to 4.8.0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92318817:24
Ezimyofel, thx friend.17:25
Ezimyofel, for me its np. maybe something is wrong in usr/share/wallpapers17:27
Ezimyofel, this user uses kde 4.7.*17:27
yofelunlikely, that's where the wallpapers themselves are located. Not the settings17:27
* yofel is clueless17:27
Ezimyofel, but when apply choosen wallpaper the wallpaper is saved were?17:28
yofelno, a user has no write permissions for that folder17:28
Ezimor .kde/share/wallpapers17:28
yofelthey'll end up somewhere in ~/17:28
yofeldon't ask me where17:28
ScottKcharlie-tca: Yes.  It is.17:30
Ezimyofel, it should be there. only logical place for me :).17:31
yofelEzim: seems the wallpaper setting for me is in .kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc17:33
yofelEzim: could you maybe ask him to provide his? (and check first if there's anything private in it)17:33
yofeland do check if the wallpaper file actually got stored somewhere. Mine is somewhere else and I imported it into the wallpaper selection screen later17:35
Riddellcool, dolphin search working nicely (before and after virtuoso upgrade)17:39
Riddellfun 94MB upload for virtuoso17:43
Ezimyofel, I think I understand17:45
EzimI have to wallpapers (1 desktop +1 virt.)17:46
Ezimbut I do not understand why one is 70 and one is 7117:46
Ezim:) it was much easier then that. the user forgott to pick different graphical component... 17:48
Ezimyofel, can it be so easy for that person also17:51
Ezimif he/she uses desktop/virtualdesktop17:52
Ezimand have forgotten to mark it17:52
Ezimlike my picture17:52
Ezimif you have 2-3 desktop and the thing is not marked it will not save wallpapers a person pick17:53
Ezimthats the why I have understand it17:53
yofelI don't have that checkbox checked18:01
Ezimyofel, and you are running how many desktop/virtual?18:04
Ezimdifferent wallpaper in every one?18:04
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balloonsok, gonna try and help do some iso testing.. I'm on a slow connection, so which isos need the most help.. aka, where can I make the most impact with the fewest iso downloads? :-) I have a 64-bit desktop to test with18:17
yofelwelcome balloons18:18
balloonsI'm speaking about the kubuntu 10.04.4 iso testing going on this week18:18
balloonshello yofel18:18
yofelballoons: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/207/builds - the desktop images have the most test cases18:18
* yofel goes fetching the DVD's18:19
balloonsshall I take the 386 desktop and run thru it then?18:19
yofelsure, if you click on a testcase you'll find a link to the detailed test instructions for each test case18:20
balloonsgreat.. about an hour to get the iso, then i can star ttesting.. time to grab some food18:21
apachelogger_ScottK: re l10n, it depends, the gnome stuff still requires it so we need *some* sort of handling for it18:51
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=== apachelogger_ is now known as apachelogger
ScottKapachelogger: Yes, but Ubuntu is moving to some upstream thing next cycle, so we can still ditch at least some of the Ubuntuisms.19:36
apacheloggerScottK: thing?19:36
apacheloggerwasn't the point of their own soup to easily deploy updates past release? :P19:37
ScottKThey're ditching language selector.19:41
ScottK(next cycle)19:41
ScottKSince we're going to Universe (I assume), our stuff won't get stripped for language packs anymore.19:41
ScottKSo I'm not sure what will be left of Ubuntu specific language stuff once we're done.19:42
Ezimour stuff won't get stripped for language packs anymore.<<<--- what does this mean?19:42
ScottKIn Ubuntu the builders strip all the translations out of packages in Main so they can be built in to per language language packs.19:42
ScottKSince KDE already ships translations that way, it's been little benefit to Kubuntu.19:43
EzimScottK, so by moving to universe what will then happen?19:43
ScottKThen the translations won't get stripped out, so we can use the KDE language packs directly, just like we do in the PPAs.19:43
ScottKWe know it works fine.19:43
EzimScottK, is that not a win situation for us? 19:44
ScottKIt is.19:44
Ezimokey then I understand :).19:44
ScottKI've wanted to ditch using the Ubuntu language pack infrastructure since 8.10.19:44
EzimScottK, :) there is a lot thing we can ditch. maybe instead of 6 month release cycle we can change to 8 month.19:45
Ezimor stuff like that19:45
ScottKNo, not that.19:45
ScottKKDE is on 6 month cycles and so is Ubuntu.19:45
yofelcan we drop most of our overly complicated language-pack preperation then?19:45
ScottKIt'd be hard to mess with that.19:45
Ezimyou guys knows things better.19:45
ScottKyofel: I think we can.19:45
yofelEzim: did you get an answer on your gpg question yet btw.?19:46
Ezimyofel, it was fixed :).19:46
Ezimit was like I thought19:46
Ezimso now he is happy kubuntu user19:46
yofelEzim: no, I mean your name question for the gpg key19:47
Ezimyofel, I did not. 19:47
yofelScottK: do you know whether one *needs* to use his real name in a gpg key (other than to get it signed by someone else)19:47
BluesKajwhat other ubuntu pinned structures can kde dump now that it's no longer officially supported by canonical ...looks like some silver lining benefits might evolve from this black cloud after , like streamlining kubuntu . ..no pun intended :)19:48
ScottKyofel: There's no requirement.  There's no requirement to use your real name to be involved in Ubuntu development.  The only trick is it has to look like a name so no one will know it's obviously made up.19:49
* Ezim soccer-match. 19:49
ScottKLaunchpad is very concerned about appearances on launchpad accounts.  Reality, not so much.19:49
yofelah, thx19:50
EzimScottK, thats good then I can help haxxor.19:50
debfxScottK: we have two problems if we opt out of translation stripping: we don't have translations for strings introduced by patches and the non kde sc packages will grow in size19:50
EzimScottK, I have launchpad account, but gpg-key I can use other name/mail.19:50
Ezimwill chat with you guys/girls after match19:51
ScottKdebfx: That's true, but if the packages are in Universe they won't be stripped whether we opt out or not.19:51
apacheloggerEzim: I have been saying all along that moving to universe is an epic win for us19:51
apacheloggercuts like half the BS we have in our workflows19:51
Ezimapachelogger, +119:51
debfxScottK: no, launchpad support translation stripping for universe packages. (you need to set some header in the source package.)19:51
apacheloggeryeah, cause xubuntu wanted it19:52
apacheloggerfor a reason I cannot reproduce TBH19:52
yofeldebfx: then we can use that for non-kde-sc packages, but for the kde sc packages I would be very happy without it19:52
ScottKdebfx: Then maybe we just use it for selected packages.19:52
ScottKFor KDE core it's just more chance to break stuff.19:52
apacheloggerwhat we should do is extract patch'd strings19:53
yofeland to get upstream angry at us19:53
apacheloggerput them into a kubuntu.pot19:53
yofel(or laughing)19:53
apacheloggerthen patch klocale to alwas load that19:53
apacheloggerstupid size constraints should not stand in the way of quality19:53
debfxmoving to universe also means that we could use a secure browser with decent kde integration (chromium)19:54
* debfx is prepared to start that discussion again next cycle :)19:55
* yofel will give debfx a +1 until flash support in rekonq is fixed19:55
apacheloggerdebfx has a point there19:56
* apachelogger uses chromium at work19:56
apacheloggerit integrates ultimately with KDE19:56
apacheloggereven proxy1!#!!!$!!!19:56
debfxapachelogger: right, moving our strings into an own template is a good idea but it's a manual process19:57
apacheloggerplus it has its own primary print dialog so only file open is a bit crappy19:57
apacheloggerdebfx: nah, we just need our tools to be modified19:57
apacheloggermost other distros do it that way19:57
apacheloggerso it can hardly be rocket science :)19:57
yofelnow, is there anything that still needs doing before feature freeze while I'm waiting for lucid ISO's to install?19:58
debfxhow would that work?19:58
apacheloggerdebfx: #opensuse-kde19:59
BluesKajyofel,  any idea when the flash problem on rekonq will be receiving some attention ?19:59
yofelBluesKaj: nope19:59
apacheloggerdebfx: easy way ... run extractmessage on debian/patches20:00
BluesKajok yofel , then I'll stick with chromium in the meantime20:00
apacheloggerwhat is the problem with flash anyway?20:01
yofelas always20:01
schnelleguys, kmess needs to be packaged from git-stable for precise. official vesion is broken since msn server changes/breakage20:01
apacheloggerdid someone file a bug with adobe?20:01
apacheloggercause either that is a bug in qwebkit or flash itself20:01
* apachelogger puts his money on flash from the BTs he has see20:01
yofelschnelle: it doesn't use libmsn?20:02
schnelleat least i think so20:02
schnellei needed to compile it myself to make it work20:02
yofelhm, no, doesn't depend on it20:02
schnelleand kmess guys still didn't release fixed version20:03
schnelleand in forums they are advising to compile from git-stable20:03
schnelleshould i open lp bug report?20:03
schnellesomthing like "needs-packaging"20:04
apacheloggeroh this is a right mess20:04
apacheloggersomeone talk to upstream20:05
apacheloggersee if they are planning a release any time soon20:05
* apachelogger is not in favor of including git snapshots of kmess in an LTS release20:05
yofelI'll see if there's something that can be cherry-picked20:05
apacheloggerplenty of people use kmess20:05
apacheloggeryofel: go see upstream first20:05
apacheloggerthey have a channel20:05
apacheloggerand are fairly responsive IIRC20:05
schnellei'll ask for a release in their forum20:07
* yofel visits channel20:08
apacheloggeryofel: bring flowers20:08
schnellehahaha :)20:10
Adri2000just in case, before I upload, no one is working on updating digikam?20:30
=== jussio1 is now known as jussi
yofelAdri2000: I was20:32
yofelRiddell wanted to review that20:32
Adri2000yofel: you're updating it a new upstream version?20:33
yofelAdri2000: to 2.5.0 - I didn't testbuild that against the new opencv but can do that if you give me ~half an hour20:33
Adri2000sure. I looked at fixing the build of the current one (2:2.4.1-0ubuntu3) and actually it's just a matter of adding libopencv-gpu-dev to build-deps - if that can help you20:35
Ezimyofel, now it is clear real name does not needed gpg-key. so when I have time I will help with easy packages.20:38
yofelAdri2000: if that's all, that has already been done in debian and is in the 2.5.0 package ('m getting some mysql conflicts in pbuilder right now)20:39
Ezimyofel, so you are using pbuilder?20:39
yofelsure, pretty much everyone here is20:40
yofel*every dev 20:40
Ezimyofel, okey I have made package for myself but not with pbuilder. some reading and training will be good.20:40
yofelEzim: I can give you a few pointers in a few minutes, busy right now20:42
Ezimyofel, we can take another day.20:43
Ezim:) soccer-match20:43
Ezimhalf-time. or later tonight.20:43
balloonsyofel, thanks for your help.. moving on to i386 alt.. dropping from the channel.. happy coding and testing everyone21:04
Ezimyofel, free?21:41
apacheloggerwhere is userconfig living these days?21:42
yofelEzim: pretty much21:43
Ezimyofel, PM me when you have time.21:43
Adri2000yofel: will you manage to upload digikam before FF? (I don't know exactly at what time starts FF)22:04
yofelAdri2000: I have no universe upload rights, so I need to wait for Riddell or someone else (debfx ?)22:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about roeadmap22:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about roadmap22:06
micahgyofel: Adri2000 can help you in that regard :)22:06
apacheloggeroh goody, ui freeze is only next week22:07
yofeltrue, now I need to put that somewhere public22:07
apacheloggerAdri2000: FF is at 21 UTC btw22:09
apacheloggerthe UTC tomorrow22:09
apacheloggerso 23hrs left or so22:09
apacheloggeryofel: so, what would you have me do? triage bugs or prep the plymouth stuff?22:10
Adri2000oh, cool, I was afraid it could be 0 UTC, like in 2 hours from now :)22:11
yofelplymouth, we have a bit more time to do bugs22:11
apacheloggertoo bad, I was in a rather bug mood22:11
yofelwell, if you have time for both, do bugs first22:12
* yofel is busy iso testig22:12
* apachelogger is doing phonon vlc release in a bit22:12
apacheloggersomeone might want to put them somewhere to archive22:12
apachelogger!info phonon precise22:13
ubottuphonon (source: phonon): multimedia framework from KDE - metapackage. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.7.0really4.5.1-0ubuntu3 (precise), package size 7 kB, installed size 53 kB22:13
apacheloggertalking about outdated phonon22:13
apacheloggeryou just made yourself a grumpy upstream22:13
yofelwe have no phonon packager22:13
yofelwhat's current anyway?22:14
yofelah, sounds like we want that22:14
* yofel will be home at ~1PM UTC tomorrow unless someone else gets to that first22:15
apacheloggeractually I should poke trever for a pgst release22:15
yofelAdri2000: 22:15
apacheloggerI am afraid 4.5 does not build with phonon 4.6 thanks to kde buildsystem people being unhappy with our cmake ^^22:15
yofelhow can one be unhappy with your cmake? :O22:16
yofelthey've obviously not seen calligra's cmake22:16
apacheloggerdunno, we were doing what cmake can do22:16
apacheloggerwhich is incendtially what pkg-config does22:16
apacheloggerwhich is also what qmake can do22:16
* apachelogger is actually in favor of writing his own build system because all out there are fail on some level22:17
apacheloggeryofel: quite possibly22:17
apacheloggerThe command 'bzr clone' has been deprecated in bzr 2.4. Please use 'bzr branch' instead.22:17
apacheloggerthat should read 'Please use git instead.' :P22:18
apacheloggerbambee_: u here?22:19
Adri2000yofel: so do you need me to upload digikam or can you find someone else during the next 23 hours? (in which case I could go to sleep :p)22:19
yofelI'll find someone else, gn822:19
Adri2000ok, thank you! good night as well to everyone in similar TZs :)22:20
Ezimwelcome Krawlezt :).22:22
KrawleztEzim: Thanks :)22:22
yofelsomeone new?22:22
Ezimyofel, yeah :). clever kid from swedish ubuntu loco channel.22:22
yofelwelcome Krawlezt22:23
Krawleztyofel: Thanks!22:23
Ezimbed time soon. 22:30
Ezimyofel, are your work with gtk integr. done for 12.04?22:30
KrawleztEzim: True true :)22:30
yofelEzim: done22:31
yofelnow it needs some testing22:31
Ezimyofel, great. the picture you posted was really great.22:32
Ezimgood improvement 22:32
Ezim:) now stuff like pavucontrol will look good in 12.0422:32
apacheloggerwho needs pavucontrol though?22:42
apacheloggerall its functionality is implemented in the phonon kcm/kmix22:42
Ezimapachelogger, I need. 22:43
apacheloggerbut what for?22:43
Ezimapachelogger, example to record stuff with recordmydesktop22:43
Ezimif I wanted to have music instead of my voice22:43
Ezimthat is impossible with kmix22:44
apacheloggerplease report a bug at bugs.kde.org22:44
Ezimhave not tried phonon to see if there is setting for special application22:44
apachelogger(kmix gets a rewrite sometime anyway)22:44
apacheloggerEzim: I think that would be in kmix22:44
apacheloggeras you probably only want to change the input of one application stream22:44
apacheloggerphonon is for global settings22:44
Ezimapachelogger, thats good. then I would in fet. not install pavucontrol:). 22:45
Ezimapachelogger, exactly.22:45
macothe thing where in ubuntu you can overdrive the sound so you play at 120% volume isnt offered by kmix22:47
maco(this was brought up on the ubuntu-accessibility mailing list)22:47
Ezimmaco, true. veromix or something like that can do that.22:47
apacheloggersoftware volume ftw22:48
Davieyapachelogger: Has anyone burned kubuntu lucid amd64 to a cd-r?22:48
Ezimkmix is good, but compare to ubuntus sound-setting etc it can not today compete.22:48
Davieyit's 701, it should fit ok.. but just wanted to check someone had done it.22:48
* apachelogger has no idea22:48
apacheloggeryofel: burn amd64 on a cd plz22:49
yofelDaviey: testers were in #ubuntu-testing, ask there too22:49
* apachelogger doesn't even have that kind of medium :P22:49
* yofel has no optical driver currently22:49
Davieyapachelogger: KDE works best from floppies, right?22:49
charlie-tcaI burned it to a cd-r today before I knew it was oversize22:49
* maco has no burner here22:49
Daviey </troll> :)22:49
apacheloggerusb actually22:49
apacheloggerwhich reminds me that we need to get away from stupid CDs22:50
apacheloggerkeeps annoying me into madness22:50
Ezimapachelogger, +1 22:50
apacheloggermaco: at work I actually removed the entire drive to make my laptop lighter ^^22:50
Ezimapachelogger, after 12.04 are we forced with cd-size? 22:51
macoi dont much care about the weight of the desktop at work that already has an extraneous video card22:51
charlie-tcaI can't seem to make usb work right for me so I still use those cd things22:51
apacheloggerEzim: why would we?22:51
charlie-tcaapachelogger: for people like me?22:51
* yofel is for dropping CD's too22:51
apacheloggercharlie-tca: dvd would be the goto then IMHO22:52
yofelwe can get rid of our -extra packages22:52
Ezimapachelogger, that was only a question from my part. :)22:52
yofelthat nobody ever finds22:52
macocharlie-tca: i think my c2010 netbook is the only machine i have that'll boot from a usb stick22:52
apacheloggercharlie-tca: CD just doesn't stand for the quality sacrifices we have to make22:52
macothe other laptops will boot from a hard drive in a usb enclosure or from cd22:52
charlie-tcaTakes me hours to download a dvd22:52
macoi'd assume we'd keep the netboot installers around22:52
apacheloggerI did not say that we'd go to DVD size22:52
macothen you just download the stuff you actually want22:52
yofelcharlie-tca: no, burn ~1GB flash iso on DVD22:52
charlie-tcaBut I suppose, if that is what needs to happen... 22:52
apacheloggerbut burning to a DVD if usb is no option22:53
apacheloggerDVD is way too big22:53
yofelas 700MB is totally not something sane for us22:53
macocharlie-tca: latest discussions of iso size have been setting the max at like a gig and a half, not the entire max capacity of a dvd22:53
apacheloggerCD is just a tad too small22:53
apacheloggerso I think 1GiB would be just about right I believe22:53
Ezimapachelogger, that was exactly what i meant.22:53
macocharlie-tca: you missed: <apachelogger> so I think 1GiB would be just about right I believe22:54
charlie-tcayeah, been watching those discussions with unease22:54
yofelmaybe ~1.5, then you can use a 2GiB flash drive with some persistent storage22:54
charlie-tca1 GiB might be okay22:54
macocharlie-tca: the netboot installers should stick around though22:54
charlie-tcaIt takes me about two hours now for a cd, though22:54
apacheloggeryofel: I wouldn't know what *useful* things to put on 1.5 TBH22:54
yofelalthough 1GiB would probably be enough22:54
macocharlie-tca: with that you can boot from a 11mb cd then itll download & install in one go, and it lets you choose not to install the stuff that you wouldnt use anyway if you want to slim down what it downloads22:54
apacheloggerI mean, we can always pack them with translations, but that is pointless data to some degree22:55
macocharlie-tca: also then gets you the latest instead of you needing to spend another hour after install getting updates22:55
apacheloggerone can only use one language at a time ;)22:55
charlie-tcamaco: I guess I have to learn how to do that22:55
charlie-tcaI agree with apachelogger about the one language thing, though22:55
apacheloggeranyone understands bug 67799622:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 677996 in userconfig (Ubuntu) "userconfig kcmshell module does not work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67799622:57
apacheloggerwhy does it create the kcm when actually destructing?22:57
debfxmaco: do we have netboot images for kubuntu or do they just install a minimal ubuntu system?22:59
macodebfx: they dont install ANYTHING until you choose which -desktop metapackage you want23:00
Ezimbye guys/girl. bed time. have nice testing/coding etc.23:01
macomini.iso will install ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu, ubuntu server....23:01
macowhatever you tell it to23:01
apacheloggerdebfx: it's d-i/taskel based23:01
apacheloggerEzim: o/ sleep tight23:02
Ezimapachelogger, thx. 23:03
debfxah, ok23:03
* apachelogger munches a cookie and wonders if bambee_ is out drinking again23:05
apacheloggerI don't even want to think about how to fix bug 656880 in python :@23:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 656880 in userconfig (Ubuntu) "Creating a new user should make sure the user gets a group assigned" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65688023:06
apacheloggeryo Riddell23:06
RiddellAdri2000, yofel: what's the state of digikam?23:06
debfxso for p+1 we could only provide a ~1GB desktop image and we'd still have an alternate installer with the netboot image23:07
yofelRiddell: still waiting on review23:07
* Riddell reviews23:09
charlie-tcaIt doesn't really matter here what size the images are, I just test them 23:11
charlie-tcaIt counts when I have to sync in the middle of the day, though. My internet is only 160K/ps23:12
apacheloggerone of these days  really need to configure my kontact23:21
apacheloggerusing gmail for mailing lists is no fun23:21
Riddellyofel: digikam tar has ~ files in it?23:21
apacheloggerRiddell: you keep telling me they make sense in kate :P23:26
yofelRiddell: uh yeah23:26
yofelblame upstream23:27
Riddellapachelogger: I do?  the existance of ~ files is a nasty kludge caused by limitations in filesystem design or something23:29
apacheloggerkate now does vim like .foo.bkp or something23:30
apacheloggerwhich are cleared when you save and quit!23:30
apachelogger~files stopped being useful when saving a file did not take minutes23:31
* apachelogger saves a file roughly 5 times per minute23:31
Riddellthey stopped being useful when saving files stopped being useful and revision control became good enough to use everywhere23:31
Riddellbut kde hasn't caught up with that alas even if google has23:31
apacheloggerare you sayng that CVS was not good? :O :O :O23:31
apacheloggerbambee_ really needs to continue with userconfig cpp23:32
apacheloggerI am getting insane from looking at the userconfig python code23:32
RiddellSCCS is all you need23:32
apacheloggerit is mostly scary TBH23:32
apacheloggerRiddell: I lol'd :P23:33
apacheloggerhow ever userconfig managed to come into existance with 2 files is beyond me23:34
apacheloggerin fact, that always confused me about our apps23:34
apacheloggerthere is absolutely no point in having 3000 classes in one file23:34
rbelemRiddell, do you have some time to take a look at kde-artwork-active23:38
rbelemit is the kubuntu-active ppa23:38
Riddellrbelem: could do (after digikam)23:38
rbelemRiddell, thanks :-)23:39
Krawleztyofel, Nice to met your but now i have to leave, goodnight!23:39
apacheloggerbug 901593 <3 nfs23:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 901593 in amarok (Ubuntu) "The computer sometimes can't switch into sleep mode" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90159323:50
yofelyeah, nfs would prevent going into suspend23:50
Riddellyofel: digikam nice, uploading23:55
yofelI'm almost done with the 10.04 DVD's23:55
Riddellyofel: oh you're testing them?  awesome23:58

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