Ahoaltonhow come certain devices work with gnome, but not KDE?00:01
jmichaelxAhoalton: what kind of devices?00:01
Ahoaltonlike my blutooth00:03
Ahoaltonand do you know of any power saving utilities jmichaelx for my lappy00:05
Ahoaltonwith windows 5.5 hrs of battery with ubuntu i'm luck to get 2.500:06
Ahoaltonmy fan always runs00:06
jmichaelxAhoalton: i would think that bluetooth should be DE agnostic. what specific problem are you having?00:06
jmichaelxAhoalton: which version of kubuntu are you running?00:07
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BenPAwow is it ever quiet in here02:10
naught101I booted kubutu today (oneiric), and I suddenly can't open anything. eg. if I try to run rekonq, or firefox, I get a bouncy icon on my cursor, until it times out, but the program doesn't ever start. If I run them from the console, it hangs (apparently indefinitely)02:22
naught101Where should I start looking?02:22
naught101I can't even start vim from the console..02:23
naught101hrm.. ok, I can, but it hangs. when I ctrl+c, it spits out errors Error detected while processing /usr/share/vim/vimrc:02:23
naught101and the like02:24
naught101I can then enter it without my config02:24
tele15use live cd - rescue, look if disk full02:31
naught101tele15: disk isn't full02:32
tele15maybe mounted read only?02:32
naught101tele15: kde starts, and some programs start with it (ones called by the saved session)02:32
naught101tele15: mtab: /dev/sda1 / ext4 rw,errors=remount-ro,commit=0 0 002:33
tele15maybe create a ne user via shell, test if it works all with new fresh profile02:33
tele15as a first step02:34
naught101I don't think it's something to do with linux in general, I think it's something to do with kde. I will try moving my .kde02:34
naught101back soon, if it does work :)02:35
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DraggorFor the walk through desktops popup window, how do I make it list the icons of each running thing on each desktop?04:30
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VICTICOMHello fellas.04:54
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kubunoobanyone awake?07:19
arjuli am new to kubuntu07:56
kroonrshi arjul - if you have a question, please feel free to ask08:11
kroonrsif anyone around is able to answer, they will try08:11
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azbarcea_hello everyone ...10:08
azbarcea_i have a problem with apt10:09
azbarcea_the same discribed here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1166723410:09
azbarcea_the problem is that any-get install, upgrade doesn't fail but reports errors10:11
azbarcea_does anyone has any suggestion?10:11
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excognachi all10:29
excognachi all10:30
excognacgot problems installing a dell printer10:30
excognacanybody can help?10:30
peaceexcognac: http://localhost:631/printers10:33
excognacpeace: thanks I tried to install the driver from sh script, now trying to print with lp from the command line, no success at all10:46
floownIn a Kubuntu Oneric I have installed VLC plugins to see some Silverlight video instead to use Moonlight (to old for a site). But the plugins always crash on this page http://documentaires.france5.fr/documentaires/empreintes/hubert-reeves-la-belle-histoire what can I do please?10:48
excognaci will go crazy, please help: how do I change the permissions for a shell script on a cd?11:19
excognacjust chmod?11:20
mydogsnameisrudyyou want to change it on the cd?11:22
mydogsnameisrudydont think you can just change it on the cd you might have to copy to hd then change it then reburn a cd11:24
excognaccos for chmod u+rwx it obviously says read only filesystem11:24
excognacwait, this is an install cd for a printer11:24
mydogsnameisrudyyour installing a printer?11:25
excognacbut it says It seems Qt library is not installed, or X display is not accessible.11:26
excognac****  Custom Qt library will be configured for use with this package.11:26
excognacGUI mode installer execution failed, proceeding in text mode11:26
mydogsnameisrudyhmmm ok im not sure what to do with that sorry11:26
mydogsnameisrudyive never used install cd for printers11:27
mydogsnameisrudynever had trouble installing the drivers hmmm11:27
excognacok, let me know how do you it then please, cos I also tried to set it up with CUPS, no success11:28
excognac*do you do it11:28
mydogsnameisrudywhat is the  printer11:28
excognacdell 113011:30
mydogsnameisrudydid you try the print manager then?11:31
excognacyes, test page printed, then can't print anything else11:31
mydogsnameisrudyso it finds the printer in the setup11:32
excognacnow everything is removed11:32
excognacsure it does11:32
mydogsnameisrudydo you set it to default printer?11:32
mydogsnameisrudysounds like the printer is there your just not printing to it11:33
mydogsnameisrudywhat are you printing from11:34
excognacpdf okular11:34
mydogsnameisrudyhmm can you see the dell 1130 in okular when you go to print?11:36
excognacjust nothing happens11:37
mydogsnameisrudyhmm i see a few printing problems in okular on google11:38
mydogsnameisrudylooking at them11:38
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excognacfortunately in the meanwhile chrome crashed and kde desktop too11:41
mydogsnameisrudyoh lol nice11:41
mydogsnameisrudyim thinking its an okular problem try to print from something else and see if that works11:42
excognacthanks very much anyway11:42
mydogsnameisrudyok gl11:43
excognachaha now, when i give the path for the ppd file from the cd gives this message11:46
excognac1130_Laser_Printer' requires the '/usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertosamsungspl' program but it is not currently installed. Please install it before using this printe11:46
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excognacis becoming mental! How should i install a printer? I couldn't do it from the given cd shell scrip, neither from printer settings, I must have done something wrong, any ideas?12:55
goodtimeexcognac: you might be able with the fstab in you terminal as root13:03
goodtimethen you will be able to see if your divice anyhow if linux somehow saw it13:04
excognacgoodtime: thanks very much13:06
excognacI have no problem seeing the device13:06
goodtimeyou can turn it on and off in there i think13:07
excognacwell the problem is that if i run the install.sh, it simply doesn't work. If use cups or printer settings and set everything manually, still doesn't work13:08
excognacalthough the script installs itself13:09
excognacI beg you a pardon?13:09
goodtimeoh i see =oic13:10
goodtimeno problem :)13:11
maxjezyoic=only in candada13:11
excognacorkney islands council13:11
excognacso, how to install the priter properly from cdrom install.sh? Cos sudo sh /path/install.sh gives http://paste.kde.org/422852/13:21
excognacNote that home is on a separate partition13:22
excognacPlease help, I can't believe that I couldn't resolve this in 3.5 hours13:23
excognaci think I'm gonna chop this laptop into tiny pieces. However, thank you for all your help13:43
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Tm_Texcognac: I install printers by plugging the usb; done13:44
Tm_Texcognac: printconf - automatically configures USB and parallel printers with CUPS13:45
Tm_TI wonder if that package would help any13:45
excognacTm_T: Previously it worked for me as well13:45
excognacnow I'm gonna purge cups then reinstall13:45
BluesKaj'Morning all13:55
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Uncle_Festeri would like to install rtorrent with a gui, how do i go about doing that?14:52
Uncle_FesterI'm using Ubuntu 10.1014:52
bazhangUncle_Fester, rtorrent has no gui14:53
Uncle_Fester I used it on a seedbox.  Is that different?14:53
BluesKajUncle_Fester,  you can logout of the desktop and rtorrent will keep running if you use the 'screen"/"dtach' utility , but there's no gui for it14:56
Uncle_Festeri'm still kinda new to linux and i am still learning.14:57
Uncle_FesterMaybe it was a web ui?  But I do remember using it.  Or is there one similar to it that i am mixing it up with? Anyway i really liked the layout, even better than utorrent.14:59
BluesKajpersonally I use qbittorrent , but ktorrent is the default client and it works well ...very similar to utorrent on windows14:59
Uncle_Festerqbittorrent seems top stall on me?14:59
BluesKajany torrent cleint should be setup on the router to port forward including qbittorrent , choosing ports above 50K is best for tcp and udp15:02
Uncle_Festeri'm trying to hash check some files and i cant seem to find a linux bt client taht will do it with out downloading15:02
BluesKajUncle_Fester,  dunno if running a checksum on torrentsites is possible15:04
Uncle_Festeri used to double check my files in windows. to make sure it got all of them15:05
Uncle_Festerwith utorrent15:05
oratedHello! I'm finding delay in boot time and these are the bootcharts for last two booting - http://imagebin.org/199031 http://imagebin.org/199035 . I'm not too much concerned about boot time but can anyone explain me what exactly is consuming time and how can I fix it?15:20
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mmandoes anybody know a CRM open source/free software?16:04
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pvivekhi i booted from kubuntu live cd in my friend's laptop and its given me the error. No init found. Try passing init=bootarg. And the screen is stuck there, i just want to setup kubuntu17:30
pvivekin the laptop. I would be very glad if someone can guide me17:30
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StromkastenPinklmoin moin17:37
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emDo any of you successfully run catalyst 11.9 (or greater) drivers?17:53
emthat's the AMD/ATI drivers from their own website.17:53
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Ezimem, sorry nvidia.17:55
Ezimem, have you looked if x-swat have the latest catalyst driver?17:56
rork_em: I'm running 12.1 with a AMD  6670 on Kubuntu 11.1017:56
schnelleem: how to install newest catalyst steb by step : http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu17:59
emrork_: oh excellent. I have 11.04 and an AMD 687018:02
emschnelle: Ive not had any problems with installing it, my problem is that every time I do install it, after reboot the system is slow and the windows tear when I move them.18:03
yvjhey pple.. what is a good IRC channel for asking shell scripting doubts??18:03
yvjappreciate the help18:03
emyvj: #bash maybe18:03
yvjgreat.. thanks!!18:04
emrork_: you don't get any window tearing or anything?18:06
rork_em: no I didn't have any such problems18:07
schnelleem: tearing is expected with catalyst. yea it sucks18:19
schnelletry with latest 12.1 driver and enable tear-free in catalyst18:20
schnellethen you should not see tearing18:20
schnelleand upgrade to kde 4.8 to get better/smoother effects18:20
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go^Excuse me, what's the name of the widget to select the virtual desktop?19:31
BluesKajgo^,  pager19:34
go^i haven't it O_o19:34
BluesKajgo^,  type virtual desktop in the widget searchbar19:35
go^BluesKaj, oook virtual desktop is ok :D19:35
go^thank you!19:35
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hexacodeanyone know where i would set default file permissions?20:02
artaoi'm currently running Ubuntu Studio 11.10, which uses XFCE .. I'd like to try out the KDE environment for awhile as well. I'm looking to do as minimal an install as I can here, JUST the DE ... I'm looking in Synaptic right now and am wondering exactly WHICH entry would be my best choice?   I see an entry "kde-plasma-destop" which has a description: "KDE Plasma Desktop and minimal set of applications."20:24
artaois that enough?20:24
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artaoor would i have to go with 'kde-full' desc.: "complete KDE Software Compilation for end users" ??20:25
artaoi'm inclined towards the former, but would like confirmation plz20:25
artaoya know? nm ... i found a page about it on ubuntu.com ... looks like i just want what i thought i did20:27
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rumengotsevhow to use netstat command20:35
Dekaloghello, this is a test20:46
ikoniaand it passed20:47
DekalogThanks. Test over.20:48
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jbcHello, Could someone help me? - cat /proc/acpi/ibm/thermal seams to be reporting in fahrenheit; where can I change that to celsius? (can't find anything in systemsettings that even mentions temperature, would have expected it be where numbers, dates and such are)21:50
tsimpsonjbc: that wouldn't be a setting you can change, at least not from the OS. look in your BIOS settings22:02
jbcThank you tsimpson, I'll try and ccess the bios, back in a bit.22:06
XartaoXahoy ... just installed KDE, just the base desktop environment .. previously using XFCE .. Ubuntu Studio 11.10 ...22:31
XartaoXI can't get the volume knob on my keyboard to function ... I have selected the exact keyboard in the 'Input Devices' settings panel ... a Dell SK-813522:32
XartaoXthe vol knob works fine under both xfce and E17 (which I also have installed but don't use)22:33
XartaoXUbuntu Studio includes ALSA/PulseAudio/JACK/MIDI installed and pre-configured to work together for making music22:33
EzimXartaoX, have you looked here: http://imgur.com/UKvV722:36
Ezimyou can pick your own volume up/down22:36
Ezimif the default does not work.22:36
XartaoXummmm ... that is where? i couldn't make it out from the language ... i thought i'd looked everywhere, but didn't really recognize that screen22:39
Ezimshortcust and gester (correct in english)?22:42
Ezimthen pick global...22:42
XartaoXwell .. maybe that's the problem ... no kde mixer component22:45
EzimXartaoX, add kmix widget22:46
Ezimlook for systemtray or something like that.22:47
Ezimit should be there by default22:47
XartaoXit wasn't. installing it now.22:48
XartaoXi'll be fine continuing to just use Synaptic for package management, yes?23:03
EzimXartaoX, yes.23:03
* Ezim going to bed.23:03
XartaoXthx again. sleep well =]23:04
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altecnetcardwhat's the channel of Brazil?23:58

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