wgrant30ms query in all product traversals00:01
wgrantwith pillarname.alias_for IS NULL, when the alias_for index is partial on NOT NULL.00:01
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* wgrant dies quietly.00:34
wgrantlifeless: https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/bug-932438/+merge/93109 would enjoy your perusal.00:40
wgrantStevenK: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/bug-932451/+merge/93111 and https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/bug-932433/+merge/93110?00:40
* wgrant headdesks repeatedly00:43
wgrantdid nobody actually think when they were writing any of the queries on Product:=index00:43
wgrantHalf of them are unindexed.00:43
wgrantSo they only work at all because the tables only have 100000 rows.00:43
wgrantOh look, now the query is 0.1ms00:44
StevenKwgrant: r=me * 200:45
wgrantAnd another two missing indices.00:53
wgrantThat should be about 400ms off /unity now, I think.00:54
lifelesswgrant: you forgot to request from stub as well00:55
wgrantBlah, true.00:55
wgrantIf you hold off for a minute I'll have another two indices in there.00:55
* StevenK peers at his ec2 run00:58
StevenKIt has dropped the entitlement table, but a method under IPerson is still trying to query it.00:58
wgrantStevenK: Person merge will query anything that has foreign keys.00:59
wgrantYou'll need to drop the foreign keys before you move to todrop.00:59
wgrantOnly foreign keys to branch and person matter.00:59
StevenKOh, my DB patch is wrong01:00
wgrantWell, it's right.01:00
wgrantIt just won't work.01:00
wgrantWe should possibly fix upgrade.py to drop todrop relations even when unreplicated, but I was never brave enough to do it.01:01
StevenKwgrant: I need to ALTER TABLE person DROP CONSTRAINT entitlement_{approved_by,person,registrant}_fkey; ?01:04
wgrantStevenK: ALTER TABLE entitlement, but roughly yes.01:05
StevenKwgrant: But won't they get deleted if I just drop the entitlement table?01:05
wgrantThey will, but you can't drop the entitlement table.01:06
wgrantYou can only move it to todrop and then let upgrade.py have its way with it.01:06
wgrantIt will eventually drop in a replicated environment, but not AFAIK in an unreplicated one.01:06
wgrantAnd we are possibly going to move the replicated drop to after service is restored.01:07
wgrantWhich means you'd have to drop the FKs early anyway.01:07
* wgrant lunches.01:08
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/842474/01:08
wgrantStevenK: Looks reasonable. Apply it locally and check that entitlement has no more FKs onto person or branch.01:09
StevenKI didn't see any on branch, but I'll check01:09
StevenKAnd then commit/push/re-toss at ec201:09
wgrantThere probably aren't any.01:09
wgrantBut those are the two tables that matter.01:10
StevenKI was tempted to pg_dump launchpad_dev | grep entitlement | grep CONSTRAINT or some such01:10
wgrant\d entitlement should do fine01:10
wallyworldhuwshimi: got a minute for a css question?01:11
StevenKwgrant: distribution, product and project too :-/01:11
wgrantStevenK: They don't matter.01:12
StevenKOh, they will get binned when the table does?01:12
StevenKBut the person FKs are thpecial?01:12
wgrantThey will all get binned when the table does.01:12
wgrantPerson and branch FKs are special because our code queries to find all of them.01:12
wgrantOn branch deletion and person merging.01:12
wgrantTo check for references that need breaking or updating.01:13
wgrantOh, LFA also.01:13
wgrantBut there probably aren't any of those.01:13
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lifelesswgrant: this needs a faq I think02:19
lifelesswgrant: on the dbpatches pages02:19
lifelesswgrant: its a vicious special case that folk don't touch often enough to have paged in02:19
wgrantlifeless: Yeah02:20
wgrantBut tests catch it, so it's not so bad.02:21
lifelesswgrant: having a canned answer would avoid confusion.02:24
lifelesswgrant: would you like to write one?02:24
lifeless(I would like /someone/ to write one)02:25
wgrantI two massive DB patches to finish today; maybe after that :)02:25
wgrantlifeless: Is there a good reason we don't use HSTS?02:27
wgrantI believe there are a couple of types of URLs (PRF downloads) that we force to HTTP for probably no good reason.02:28
wgrantBut HSTS is probably useful for performance as well as security.02:28
lifelessget chrome to put it in their hardcoded list ?02:32
lifelesswgrant: its never been discussed TTBOMK02:33
lifelessback soon02:33
wgrantlifeless: HSTS is a header02:36
lifelesswgrant: I know03:04
lifelesswgrant: (what in my answer suggested I didn't ?)03:04
wgrantlifeless: You mentioned Chrome's hardcoded list.03:04
lifelesswgrant: http://www.chromium.org/sts03:05
wgrantlifeless: Perhaps eventually.03:07
wgrantBut we should do the header first :)03:07
mwhudsonthat's a pretty random list of sites03:08
StevenKAnd IE doesn't support it. This is my surprised face.03:08
wgrant+download/blah is the only thing we don't currently server over HTTPS to browsers03:08
wgrantAnd we'll have to start HTTPSing for some things soon.03:08
wgrant(due to private projects)03:09
lifeless+download/blah should be https03:09
wgrantSo hopefully https://rt.admin.canonical.com//Ticket/Display.html?id=30043 isn't an issue03:09
wgrantany more03:09
wgrantlifeless: You would damn well think so.03:09
wgrantBut Plone seems to be a bit screwed.03:09
wgrantOr was in 2008.03:09
lifelessthis exemption should be backed up by logic in LP03:10
lifeless+1 on nuking it, with a short list discussion to make sure noone is surprised03:10
wgrantThen I shall deploy HSTS and X-Frame-Options and HttpOnly03:10
lifelessdo we generate http urls for +download ?03:11
wgrant(the last of which requires a minor zope.session upgrade)03:11
wgrantI believe so.03:11
lifelessas long as you stop generating them the apache rule won't be in the way03:11
lifeless(though that isn't a reason to preserve it)03:11
wgrant        return str(URI(url).replace(scheme='http'))03:14
wgrantThere's the guilty one.03:14
StevenKKill it03:15
wgrantpoolie: What are your not-4-year-old thoughts on https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/174186?03:16
_mup_Bug #174186: https redirects pose download problem <infrastructure> <lp-bugs> <lp-foundations> <Launchpad itself:Invalid> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/174186 >03:16
wgrantStevenK: could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/remove-extra-privacy/+merge/93122? As discussed on the call this morning.03:25
StevenKwgrant: The CTE flag never made it to flags.py? :-(03:28
wgrantNah, it was only meant to last a couple of days.03:29
wgrantBut I forgot to delete it.03:29
StevenKfirst_product = self.factory.makeProduct(name='bunny')03:30
StevenKI thought I saw something odd in the diff03:30
StevenKHad it read it closer03:30
StevenKwgrant: r=me03:30
pooliehi wgrant03:45
pooliewgrant, i think it's funny when things flip from fixreleased to invalid :)03:46
poolieit's not a practical issue for bzr atm afaik03:46
pooliei would leave it ~wontfix03:46
wgrantpoolie: It's really Fix Released, but the Great LP Project Merge let the Invalid malone task take over.03:47
wgrantSo it's currently fixed.03:47
pooliehow is it fixed?03:47
wgrantBut I am going to unfix it unless someone brings up a very good reason to not.03:47
wgrantCheck the download links on https://launchpad.net/bzr/+download03:48
wgrantThey're the only internal HTTP links in Launchpad03:48
pooliethat's crazy03:48
StevenKAll because of Plone03:48
StevenKI knew Plone was evil, this just confirms it03:49
poolieplease do fix it, i think it's a bug, arguably a serious one, that those links are insecure03:49
wgrantOne would think so.03:49
pooliei do think it's nice if there is at least the option to get the final file over http03:49
poolieie if the librarian speaks http if you ask for it on the final url03:49
wgrantYou can s/https/http/ in the librarian URL and it will still work.03:49
wgrantIf you really must get a compromised copy of the file.03:49
pooliei think that's a decent accommodation to the specific case of broken clients or ridiculous firewalls03:50
wgrantI might just make the change and then publicly shame anybody who complains that their stuff is broken.03:51
lifelesspublic shaming isn't a terribly friendly strategy03:52
wgrantNeither is downloading code over HTTP :)03:52
pooliethe issue like this that does currently annoy me is that curl, by default, doesn't follow redirects03:53
pooliebut, lp probably can't do anything about that03:53
pooliei guess if we wanted to help people like this03:53
lifelesswe could generate librarian urls directly in the page03:53
poolieand i'm not saying it's a priority03:53
lifelessexcept for private context03:53
poolieright, put the final url03:53
poolieand then people can more obviously make the protocol change themselves03:53
lifelessOTOH its a special case for pretty low return03:54
lifelesscurl should really follow redirects over HTTPS03:54
pooliei don't know why it has that default03:54
pooliealso it just gives you an 0 byte file rather than erroring03:54
poolieoh well03:55
lifelesspoolie: (curious) have you filed a bug ?04:03
wgrantThere's an option to make it follow the redirect.04:03
StevenKwallyworld: Did you notice you got r14800 ?04:08
wallyworldwhat's the significance?04:09
StevenKwallyworld: Your MP fix is r1480004:09
poolielifeless, nup i assumed it was intentional04:09
StevenKIt's a 00 number!04:09
StevenKThey're special or something04:10
wallyworldoh, ok :-)04:10
wallyworldi feel much better knowing that04:10
poolieStevenK: +2 damage04:10
* StevenK grumbles at the lack of QA04:11
wgrantStevenK: https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/bug-932518/+merge/93127 is as discussed above, +4/-118. But you've done a few of mine today, so feel free to ignore if you've had enough :)04:19
StevenKAnd here I was figuring it was payback for yesterday. :-P04:20
wgrantI only took like two of yours yesterday.04:20
wgrantI was a bit surprised when you decided to throw one at wallyworld.04:20
StevenKwgrant: I figured I had annoyed you enough. But, r=me04:22
wgrantThankyou sir.04:22
wgrantStevenK: I might point out that all the bugs I've squashed today have been bugs that I also filed today :)04:23
StevenKThey're still squashed. :-P04:24
StevenKwgrant: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/two-part-combobuild/+merge/9312504:25
wgrantStevenK: It's not a problem any more that meta.js won't be in the minified output?04:29
StevenKwgrant: No, we were using meta.js only, and the difference between them is only 4K04:30
wgrantStevenK: Also, why do we want to do this?04:30
wgrantDoesn't this mean prod will now minify twice?04:31
StevenKwgrant: We want to do this for Rick's work of the tests using JS under build/js04:34
StevenKAnd yes, for the short term04:34
wgrantAh, right.04:35
StevenKwgrant: Thanks!04:36
* StevenK wonders how to make visibility the third field04:44
wallyworldhuwshimi: ping04:45
huwshimiwallyworld: Yo04:45
wallyworldhuwshimi: i have a ccs question for you https://pastebin.canonical.com/60211/04:45
wgrantlifeless: Am I allowed to make code changes in db-devel as long as they're not necessary on production?04:48
huwshimiwallyworld: Is there a reason that description is in the <a> then?04:48
wgrantlifeless: I want to have tests for these triggers.04:49
wgrantlifeless: Which probably means introducing new Storm classes etc.04:49
wallyworldhuwshimi: so a user can click anywhere in the text to fire the link04:49
wallyworldhuwshimi: i don't understand why the text-decoration: none is being ignored04:50
huwshimiwallyworld: It's probably to do with specificity and how the underline is applied to the a tag. You might be able to try ".yui3-ichoicelist a .choice-description:hover" (notice the "a" there).04:51
StevenKI thought FormFields was a list. :-(04:51
wallyworldhuwshimi: thanks, will give it a go now04:51
StevenKSince I don't want to add it near the end04:52
StevenKWell, at the end04:52
lifelesswgrant: no04:54
wallyworldhuwshimi: no go sadly.04:54
huwshimiwallyworld: Do you use chrome or firefox?04:54
lifelesswgrant: thats the short answer; the long answer is that its really hard to be -completely- confident nothing will leak04:54
wallyworldhuwshimi: ff04:54
huwshimiwallyworld: Hmm.. I wanted to check something, but I'm not sure how to do it in Firefox04:55
lifelesswgrant: I suggest you do the tests in a branch, review it as a branch + prereq, and land separately04:55
wallyworldhuwshimi: also bad in chrome04:55
wgrantlifeless: k, thanks04:55
wallyworldjust checked04:55
huwshimiwallyworld: Oh, yeah I just wanted to check something in Chrome's inspector04:55
huwshimiwallyworld: As in, if you inspect the span if the css rules are being crossed out04:56
wallyworldhuwshimi: since it's the same in both, you can check in chrome04:56
wallyworldi'll have a look also04:56
huwshimiwallyworld: is this code only in your branch?04:57
wallyworldhuwshimi: yeah04:57
huwshimiwallyworld: oh wait, so the color: green IS being applied to the span?04:58
wallyworldhuwshimi: yes04:58
huwshimiwallyworld: Oh!04:58
wallyworldhence my confusion04:58
huwshimiwallyworld: Wait, so when you hover medium everything gets underlined but the span doesn't go green right?04:59
wallyworldhuwshimi: the span goes green as expected BUT everything is underlined05:00
wallyworldand i don't want the text in the span underlined05:00
wallyworldso the color is being applied but not the decoration style05:00
huwshimiwallyworld: strange, I'd expect the green to only apply when you're hovering the span text05:00
wallyworldyes, sorry05:00
wallyworldit only applies when you hover05:01
wgrantThe browser/reset a:hover won't have a colour05:01
wgrantSo it won't override it05:01
wgrantIt *does* have a text-decoration05:01
huwshimiwallyworld: So what you need is this: ".yui3-ichoicelist a:hover .choice-description:hover {"05:01
wallyworldlet me try that05:02
huwshimiwallyworld: .yui3-ichoicelist a:hover .choice-description {05:02
huwshimiI left a :hover at the end05:02
* StevenK feels utterly dirty.05:02
StevenK+            field = self.form_fields.__FormFields_seq__.pop()05:02
StevenK+            self.form_fields.__FormFields_seq__.insert(2, field)05:02
wallyworldhuwshimi: sadly no. i'll keep trying05:03
huwshimiwallyworld: Can you push your branch somewhere and I'll have a quick try?05:04
wallyworldhuwshimi: lp:~wallyworld/launchpad/choice-popup-descriptions-93242405:04
huwshimiwallyworld: Cheers05:05
wallyworldhuwshimi: you need to turn on ff disclosure.enhanced_choice_popup.enabled05:05
huwshimiwallyworld: OK, np05:05
wallyworldand run bin/combine-css05:05
wallyworldand make jsbuild05:05
wallyworldthanks in advance :-)05:05
wallyworldhuwshimi: then, just goto any bug and click the bug status popup05:05
wallyworldor importance05:06
huwshimiwallyworld: So the problem is that the child element (the span) is doing what it's told. With the "a: hover span" it's not underlining the text when we hover the span just as we want it to. The problem is the span was never underlining the text, that's coming from the parent element, the <a> and child elements can not override a parent's.05:21
huwshimiwallyworld: So what you'll have to do is move the "Medium" into another span. Set a:hover { text-decoration: none; } and then a:hover .medium-span { text-decoration: underline; }05:23
huwshimiwallyworld: Does that all make sense?05:23
wallyworldhuwshimi: i'm digesting it05:23
wallyworldhuwshimi: so a child element can't override a parent? seems quite limiting05:23
huwshimiwallyworld: Welcome to CSS05:24
wallyworldit just seems broken05:24
wallyworldmust be a reason for it05:24
wallyworldhuwshimi: thanks for looking, really appreciate it05:24
wallyworldi'll try it out05:24
huwshimiwallyworld: No problems. Let me know how you go05:24
wallyworldhuwshimi: will do. may have to go and get the kid from school before i get it going05:25
StevenKwallyworld: Got one sec?05:25
wallyworldStevenK: yes05:25
wallyworldwant another?05:26
StevenKwallyworld: Y.one('#field.subscriptionpolicy');05:26
StevenKwallyworld: Is that by class or id?05:26
wallyworldwon't work05:26
wgrant# is ID05:26
wallyworldby id05:26
wgrantBut also by class05:26
wgrantid field, class subscriptionpolicy05:26
wallyworldbut Y.one doesn't like ids with '.'05:26
StevenKThe linked bug was marked as fixed in 3.0.005:26
wallyworldStevenK: Y.one("[name='field.subscriptionpolicy']")05:27
wallyworldwill work05:27
wallyworldassuming the element comes from a lp form05:27
wallyworldwhere zope sets the name05:27
wallyworldotherwise Y.DOM.byID() will work05:28
wallyworldor something like that05:28
StevenKlp.buildmaster.tests.test_builder.TestSlave.* just failed for me on ec2 :-/05:37
* StevenK stabs them05:37
wgrantThe librarian probably stole its port.05:38
StevenKlp-land and move on?05:38
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adeuringood morning08:47
wgrantstub: That milestone thing seems pretty odd.09:40
wgrantGiven that the primary parent of a milestone is a series.09:40
wgrantstub: It's also a small extremely read-heavy table, queried in some places where we don't actually have the series object, just the ID.09:44
wgrantSo it will be some pretty awkward refactoring to avoid a harmless index, and use an index on a deprecated column instead.09:44
stubOk. If we need the index to avoid a join with distroseries or productseries09:45
wgrantI've found one place where it is cleaner to query on product.09:45
wgrantAnd productseries isn't necessary at all.09:45
wgrantBut many others really want to deal in series :/09:46
stubYup. So no real harm adding them.09:46
wgrantDid you see my comment about productreleasefile?09:47
stubDid you do timings on the productreleasefile index btw?09:47
* stub refreshes09:47
wgrantOn its creation, or the queries?09:47
wgrantOn DF the example query I used goes from 60ms to 0.5ms09:47
wgrantI can pull it up from history if you want.09:47
stuboh, brain fade. I'm too used to the id columns being the first column09:48
wgrantHeh, yeah, that is a bit odd.09:49
stubDid productrelease used to be the primary key? Can't think why it would be out of order like that unless it was added later.09:49
wgrantI assume it was (productrelease, libraryfile)09:49
wgrantBut surely not, since SQLObject doesn';t support that.09:49
wgrantSo maybe it was just for storing a single tarball per release? :/09:49
stubIt might have if you tried hard enough09:49
stubNot sure when the table arrived. Doesn't matter anyway.09:50
wgrantIt would be nice if we could globally profile planning overhead :/09:51
wgrantstub: Can you apply those live, please?09:52
wgrantOr should I land first?09:53
wgrantI've tested them live on DF.09:53
stubI'll apply them now09:53
stubwgrant: Done10:03
wgrantstub: Thanks!10:03
* wgrant tries and lands.10:03
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rick_hthanks for the combo build updates StevenK, will try landing again this morning woot!11:32
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deryckadeuring, abentley, rick_h -- https://plus.google.com/hangouts/extras/talk.google.com/orange-standup14:30
deryckabentley, adeuring -- it doesn't kill the hangout when I leave, does it?14:54
adeuringderyck: works fine14:55
deryckok, cool14:56
timrcHello.  The Commercial Engineering team would like to increase the default size of a PPA owned by ~oem-archive upon creation.  I do not believe this is something we can currently do via the API.  If that's true, is there a way to increase the default on a per-team basis with a little magic on your end?15:02
bigjoolsit would be an easy patch for you guys to do15:03
bigjools(to set it via the API)15:03
timrcbigjools, okay, that is what I needed to know15:05
timrcone other thing...15:05
timrcbigjools, the understanding that I have which is based on the understanding of my boss is that we can jack the default up to 1TB with the understanding we'll never actually consume that much space? Does this match your own understanding?15:06
bigjoolstimrc: echan for this15:06
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deryckrick_h, give me 2 minutes and I'll join you on hangout.16:00
rick_hderyck: k16:01
deryckrick_h, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/extras/talk.google.com/go-for-deryck16:05
jelmeris anybody else getting xmlrpc errors related to the uniqueness of owner_name, when pushing to qastging?16:20
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sinzuijelmer, I am seeing null value in column "owner_name" violates not-null constraint when pushing a new branch16:25
jelmersinzui: thanks, so it's not just me16:26
jcsackettsinzui: are we going for a JS/mustachy approach on the +sharing, or ... ?16:34
sinzuijcsackett, Yes.16:36
jcsackettsinzui: cool.16:36
jcsacketti had *assumed* so, but was suddenly wondering. :-P16:36
sinzuijcsackett, The search form and filters stumped the punters. We will do some paper mockups to revise what and how we display them. Assume the table is good to implement for stakeholders to try in the next two weeks16:37
jcsackettsinzui: dig. the side portlet summary bit too, i'm guessing? (seems *very* uncontroversial).16:38
sinzuiThey are16:38
sinzuiWe do need to update the text about sharing Some. This is really an audit and retraction state, we do not allow users to grant it and we do not explain who someone might accomplish sharing Some. Dan and I will work on that16:39
lifelessbigjools: hai16:42
bigjoolslifeless: yellow - needed to talk to you as it happens16:42
lifelessbigjools: we should talk a little about the ppa admin / commercial admin thing16:42
bigjoolsnow is not a great time16:43
lifelesswhat did you want tto ttalk aabout ?16:43
bigjoolsI want to poke you to make a testtools release and push it to debian so I can sync it to precise16:44
bigjoolsjono fixed a nasty bug16:44
lifelessthen did a release16:44
lifelessit had a regression16:44
lifelessanother release is needed, I'm not sure if he has done that yet16:44
lifelessjml: ^ oh hai16:44
jmlwhat's up?16:45
lifelessjml: backscroll16:46
jmloh right testtools16:46
jmlhaven't any feedback on my subunit branch16:46
jmlwanted that before I released, since the regression is changing a private API that subunit relied on16:46
lifelessI can do something about that16:46
lifelessjml: it conflicts16:47
jmllifeless: it didn't when I submitted it, and I'm pretty busy right this second.16:47
lifelessjml: I haven't changed trunk since16:48
lifelessjml: given your other branch which duplicated stuff done in trunk a couple weeks back, I'm fairly sure you worked off of a stale base of some sort16:48
jmllifeless: ok whatever, it *did* conflict when I submitted and I'm pretty busy right this second.16:48
lifelessso, let me see if I can figure out what it is doing16:48
jmllifeless: thank you.16:51
jmllifeless: I'm unlikely to get to that until tomorrow morning UK time, but will try to do so then.16:52
sinzuidanhg, wallyworld is landing a change that will allow Lp to show the definition of an enum: http://people.canonical.com/~ianb/enhanced-choice-picker.png16:56
sinzuidanhg, I think we need to rewrite some bug definitions before putting the feature into beta16:56
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rick_hwoot! combo loader tests passed yay17:11
jcsackettrick_h: nice!17:15
* rick_h sees a light in the tunnel...now to determine if it's aimed at him17:16
deryckrick_h, awesome17:24
mtaylorany losas around want to help a brother out with another merged-account-openid-confused issue? https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/18782517:30
mthaddonmtaylor: only one at the moment (me) and I'm in a meeting I'm afraid - can you assign it to ~canonical-losas and someone will get to it at some stage17:31
mtaylormthaddon: I surely will! thanks!17:32
mtaylormthaddon: it won't let me assign - is subscribe someone else good enough?17:33
mthaddonmtaylor: I've assigned it to be sure17:40
rick_hbwuhahaha, the quad-ec2 land.18:00
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lifelessflacoste: got a minute ?20:22
flacostelifeless: sure20:23
czajkowskithumper: hey20:29
mhall119is there a way to get a history of all previously merged branches from launchpadlib?20:31
lifelessderyck: hey, do you ahve time for a quick chat this avo ?20:37
derycklifeless, I don't actually.  and was trying to keep my tomorrow afternoon open for hacking, too. just trying to finish my current branch.20:41
derycklifeless, should we try to get in something just as you come online tomorrow?20:41
lifelesslets do20:41
lifelesswill be a short call, I promise20:42
deryckok, sounds good.20:42
lifelessczajkowski: hey21:07
czajkowskilifeless: evening21:08
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lifelessoh, I was going to talk about trivial vs nontrival when I realised I had misread the bug.21:08
lifelessczajkowski: also good evening ;)21:08
czajkowskilifeless: mind If I ask you a q re a bug while I'm here21:09
lifelessof course not21:09
czajkowskilifeless: thanks re : https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/93113121:09
_mup_Bug #931131: recipes attempt to build packages with version older than previous build <recipe> <Launchpad itself:Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/931131 >21:09
czajkowskiit's been confirmed by the janitor, but after you commented on it, wasn't sure if it should be marked triaged?21:10
lifelessit hasn't been triaged21:10
lifeless(not the importance is undecided still)21:10
lifelessI'll triage it now; yes you are right the status [and importance] needed setting21:11
czajkowskiok, just didnt want to change it today without askin so I can know in future21:12
lifelessczajkowski: don't stress, you *will* make mistakes, and they will be easy enough to fix :)21:12
lifelessczajkowski: you've seen https://dev.launchpad.net/BugTriage right ?21:12
lifelessczajkowski: I have to pop out for a bit; have a good evening.21:12
czajkowskilifeless: I did and will keep it open during the day, but was going through stuff with mat today and just wanted to check21:13
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wgrantjelmer: Hi21:58
czajkowskiwgrant: jcsackett aloha22:02
wgrantEvening czajkowski.22:03
jcsackettaloha, czajkowski.22:03
czajkowskijcsackett: hi22:03
czajkowskifolks having a good day/end of day ?22:04
jcsackettpassably good. :-)22:06
wgrantlifeless: Do you know what's going on with the two branch scanner revs?22:09
wgrantOne is bad, but not rolled back AFAICT.22:09
lifelessI have not heard22:10
lifelessjelmer: ^ ohai22:10
jelmerhi wgrant, lifeless22:10
jelmerI'm in the process of rolling them both back22:10
jelmerthe other one is probably fine but I can't really QA one without the other22:10
wgrantjelmer: Any reason this wasn't reverted a few hours back? It's just missed another buildbot run.22:13
czajkowskinn folks22:16
jelmerwgrant: I didn't have the time to (it's well past EOD here)22:17
wgrantIn general, rollbacks are the most critical thing that can be done. If you don't have time, please poke someone else to do it.22:18
StevenK+            # We'd like visibility near the top. Eyes closed, please.22:20
StevenK+            field = self.form_fields.__FormFields_seq__.pop()22:20
StevenK+            self.form_fields.__FormFields_seq__.insert(2, field)22:20
lifelessjelmer: thanks. And for context - LP has been blocked for 2 days now; our goal is multiple deploys *per day*, so this is a massive impediment22:24
jelmerlifeless: Sorry. I didn't mean to impede. It's been a while since I've landed something and landings seem to be happening a lot faster now.22:26
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lifelessjelmer: tis ok; I'm explaining why you're getting nagged so much :)22:28
sinzuiStevenK, self.form_fields = self.form_fields.select(['name', 'visibility'])22:32
sinzuiStevenK, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/843663/ show a reselection for field to omit/change the order of setup fields22:35
wgrantjelmer: Thanks.22:36
* wgrant murders buildbot.22:36
StevenKsinzui: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/better-name-field/+merge/9331723:02
sinzuithank you23:02
sinzuiwallyworld_, I think these two bugs relate to the errors users see when creating teams because the form is governed by invariant rules: bug #463563 bug #60428923:09
_mup_Bug #463563: Create a new team UI has optional renewal period, then returns an error when not supplied <lp-registry> <teams> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/463563 >23:09
_mup_Bug #604289: on open teams / mailing lists 'renewal' doesn't make much sense <lp-registry> <teams> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/604289 >23:09
wallyworld_sinzui: thanks, will look23:11
sinzuiwallyworld_, I report Bug #933159 about the restricted policy23:13
_mup_Bug #933159: +newteam form does not state that restricted is valid subscription policy for private teams <disclosure> <privacy> <teams> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/933159 >23:13
wallyworld_sinzui: ah, yes. i saw that issue recently but forgot to report a bug. will fix23:14
sinzuiwallyworld_, I think we have a closed bug about this issue. I has dogged me for years23:15
wallyworld_sinzui: closed?23:15
wgrantwhy do all these tables have no relevant indices23:15
wgrant(today's winner is bugbranch.branch)23:16
sinzuiwallyworld_, I think there was a bug describing several issue with the form. Many were fixed, but this issue was not separated into a new bug23:16
lifelessindices are for wusses23:16
wallyworld_sinzui: ah, ok. not an uncommon issue. bug reports often are not granular enough :-)23:17
wgrantlifeless: Does https://pastebin.canonical.com/60335/ have similar planning overhead to yesterday?23:23
wgrantThere's about 70ms of 75ms unexplained.23:23
sinzuiStevenK, approved with some non-binding comments23:23
wgrantNeeds to be on prod, since stub was playing with the staging stats yesterday23:23
lifelessTime: 44.003 ms to explain (no analyze)23:27
wgrantI think we may want to drop the stats target globally, and raise it only on specific columns.23:27
wgrant(it's 2500 on prod now, rather than the default of 100)23:27
lifelessI buy that; but how much by?23:28
wgrantWe'd have to test. Should be pretty easy to do on qastaging.23:29
lifelesswe should also report a bug23:29
lifelessand check on pg9.123:29
lifeless /9.223:29
wgrantI'm not sure it's a bug.23:30
wgrantIt's analyzing 25x more data.23:30
lifelessit may be doing it inefficiently23:30
wgrantI wonder if this explains week 47-49 on https://lpstats.canonical.com/graphs/PPR/20111016/20120216/23:32
wgrantlifeless: Ah, the default is actually 10.23:35
wgrantNo, that was 8.223:35
wgrant8.4 is 10023:35
wgrant"The default limit is presently 100 entries. Raising the limit might allow more accurate planner estimates to be made, particularly for columns with irregular data distributions, at the price of consuming more space in pg_statistic and slightly more time to compute the estimates."23:35
wgrantSlightly more time... but we are running at 25x more, so perhaps more than slighlt.y23:36
lifeless-> bug23:38
wgrantnot sure if serious23:38
wgrantIncreasing performance sensitive parameter globally to 25x the recommended value23:39
lifelessdid we file one that explain doesn't count planning time?>23:39
wgrantThat does not make a bug.23:39
wgrantNot sure.23:39
wgrantWe have stub early today, though :)23:39
wgrantCan discuss then.23:39
wgrantBah, true.23:39
wgrantAnyway, this seems to be a reasonably serious and global performance issue.23:41
StevenKsinzui: .select doesn't want a list23:58

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