jonohey all00:07
jonoquick q00:07
jonois it possible to make multiple branches part of the same project?00:07
jonoe.g. if you look at https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntuaccomplishments00:07
jonoI would like the ubuntu-community branch to really be lp:ubuntuaccomplishments/ubuntu-community or something such as that00:08
jonois that possible?00:08
mwhudsonjono: yes00:09
jonomwhudson, cool, how do I do that?00:09
mwhudsonjono: you need to associate the branch with a series00:09
mwhudsonjono: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntuaccomplishments -> register a series00:10
jonomwhudson, ok, so if I create a trunk series00:10
jonodoes that count mwhudson?00:10
jonooh do I register a series for each branch?00:11
wgrantHowever, in general, one codebase == one project00:11
mwhudsonthere is a trunk series by default isn't there?00:11
mwhudsonyeah, also listen to wgrant00:11
wgrantStuffing multiple codebases into one project is going to get awkward.00:11
jonowgrant, ok, so you think I should instead have one LP project for the core system and then another project for all the different accomplishments you can load into it?00:11
wgrantjono: Right. You could use a project group to keep them together.00:12
jonowhat is a project group?00:12
wgrant(don't let the name confuse you, it's a project group)00:12
wgrantIt lets you search bugs across the whole lot, and lists them, etc.00:13
jonoahhh cool00:13
jonohow do i create a project group?00:13
wgrantYou don't, but we can.00:13
wgrantJust give us a name.00:13
wgrantAnd I'll have it for you in a sec :)00:13
jonooh cool00:13
jonocan you call it 'ubuntuaccomplishments'00:13
elmonotthatthisisanyofmybusinessbutithinkrunonnamessuck, how about ubuntu-accomplishments instead? :-P00:14
jonofine with me :-)00:15
wgrantAgreed, and ubuntuaccomplishments already exists as the project.00:15
jonoubuntu-farmville works too00:15
wgrantI'll make it ubuntu-accomplishments, then we can rename ubuntuaccomplishments to something else.00:15
StevenKjono: You're a bad man.00:15
jonowgrant, perfect, thanks00:15
jonoStevenK, lol00:15
wgranthttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu-accomplishments is all yours00:15
wgrantYou can add projects to the group by setting their 'Part of' setting on +edit to 'ubuntu-accomplishments'00:15
jonothanks wgrant!00:15
wgrantDo you want the existing ubuntuaccomplishments project renamed to ubuntu-accomplishments-core or so?00:15
jonowgrant, yes please, if you could call it ubuntu-accomplishments-system00:16
wgrantThat's done.00:16
jonoI will then create -data for the other project00:17
jonothanks wgrant00:17
jonowgrant, so how do I say ubuntu-accomplishments-system is part of this project group?00:19
jonoI tried to use the register link to do this00:19
wgrantjono: There's a "Part of" field on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-accomplishments-system/+edit00:19
wgrantThe Register link is for creating new projects that start as part of the group.00:20
wgrantNot ideal UI, but this is old and rarely used stuff :(00:20
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jonowgrant, still around?02:24
wgrantjono: Indeedily.02:25
jonoI am trying to make https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-community-accomplishments/ part of ubuntu-accomplishments-system and I am getting an error02:25
wgrantjono: s/-system//02:25
jonooh damn02:25
wgrant-system is the project, not the group.02:25
jonoof course!02:25
jono<- idiot02:25
jonowgrant, should the new sub-project appear on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-accomplishments right away?02:33
lifelessjono: 'Projects02:34
lifeless    Ubuntu Accomplishments System02:34
jonolifeless, yep, there should be two sub-projects02:34
lifelessthen you haven't configured the other one02:35
jonothere should also be Ubuntu Community Accomplishments02:35
jonoI have02:35
jonoit lists the project it is part of02:35
lifelessso yeah, this is memcache fallout02:35
lifelessit will show up in 10 minutes02:35
jonothanks lifeless02:36
OlegHi guys07:39
Oleg"The following errors were encountered:07:39
Oleg    Timeout error, please try again in a few minutes."07:39
OlegI am trying to MP, and receive this error07:40
Olegtool long branch name, perhaps?07:44
OlegHehe, exactly07:45
Oleghttps://code.launchpad.net/~tsarev/percona-server/18205_07_slave_type_conversions_error_on_truncate.patch-refactoring/+register-merge - tool long branch name07:45
OlegI try more short name and now all fine :)07:45
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* popey gets OOPS-794d550886722071e3547f2062e59ad210:31
popeywhen visiting https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/+bugs?field.searchtext=proxy&orderby=-heat&field.status:list=NEW&field.status:list=CONFIRMED&field.status:list=TRIAGED&field.status:list=INPROGRESS&field.status:list=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.importance:list=CRITICAL&field.importance:list=HIGH&field.importance:list=MEDIUM&field.importance:list=WISHLIST&assignee_option=any&field.assignee&field.bug_reporter&field.bug_commenter&field.subscriber&field.tag&f10:31
popeywhich is a delightful url ☺10:32
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czajkowskipopey: tis a bit ugly11:23
czajkowskipopey: what did you do to get the opps ?11:27
popeyczajkowski: visit that link11:31
czajkowskiaye we are11:31
popeyyeah, i got the oops at 10:31 when i visited that link.11:31
popeyi just tested again and it works11:31
czajkowskipopey: possibly a time out issue will keep an eye on it11:32
mgzthe link is incomplete, but looks like it's basically a search for 'proxy' in all bugs ordered by heat11:33
mgzhttp://bugs.launchpad.net/ is a timeout for me.11:33
popeythats the full link11:33
popeytoo 10 seconds for bugs.launchpad.net page to load11:34
popeyrefreshed 7 seconds, yeah, looks like some problem there ☺11:34
czajkowskihmm took 8 seconds and loaded11:35
czajkowskilet me go and see11:35
wgrantI'm working on these timeouts at the moment.11:35
czajkowskiwgrant: ahh ok thank you11:35
wgrantWhy are you searching on the global bug set?11:35
wgrantRather than in Ubuntu?11:35
popeyI wasn't, it was a link provided on a social network. someone complaining about proxy support in Ubuntu. I clicked the link he provided11:38
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kuukoWill Launchpad understand tags or markup in a bzr commit message? Like f.e. <b>, <u>, <em> or even <img src="" />13:15
mgzputting html in commit messages would be a little perverse anyway13:16
kuukoFor general consumption yes. But I am a pervert so I would enjoy it very much.13:18
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rick_hczajkowski: check out https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/896539 it might help with the current one under discussion13:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 896539 in Launchpad itself "bug task creation date is not selectable for display and thus can no longer be sorted by" [Low,Triaged]13:55
czajkowskirick_h: which one under discussion ?13:58
rick_hczajkowski: the bug age sorting issue13:58
rick_hsorry, seeing hte emails fly by13:58
czajkowskirick_h: ah ok  here in  training with mrevell and going through the bugs13:59
rick_hbug 896539 has the same discussion, you might even be able to make the other a dupe13:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 896539 in Launchpad itself "bug task creation date is not selectable for display and thus can no longer be sorted by" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89653913:59
rick_hsome of the same points of exposing the fields and such13:59
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Amozhey, I've got this error when trying to upload to my PPA. "Launchpad failed to process the upload path '~~myusername/ppa/ubuntu':14:39
AmozCould not find person or team named '~myusername'. Anyone care to explain, please? :)14:39
czajkowskiAmoz: let me see if I can find out for you14:45
bigjoolsAmoz: what is your launchpad username?14:45
bigjoolsalso you have one too many ~ characters14:46
sorenAmoz: I'm going to guess you used "dput ppa:~myusername/ppa"?14:48
bigjoolsmy guess too :)14:49
* czajkowski waves at soren 14:49
Amozsoren, thanks! I suppose stupidity is a common problem around here :)15:04
sorenAmoz: Well, this particular manifestation of it isn't exactly uncommon :)15:17
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shnatselhello everyone18:13
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shnatselI'm trying to fix a really bad translation in Ubuntu app descriptions18:15
shnatselPostler description in Russian, ddtp-ubuntu-universe package18:15
shnatselto be exact18:15
shnatselbut I can't locate the strings - search seems to be the only way and Launchpad throws timeouts at every search I try18:15
shnatselI've approached it from http://nightmonkey.ubuntu.hu/ initially, but it uses search to link to strings as well18:16
shnatselis there any way to locate the strings without string search? or is there any way to get rid of the timeout errors?18:18
rick_hshnatsel: what package? I'm not able to see anything called ddtp18:20
shnatselprobably not a package, sorry18:20
sinzuithat is a project. It might be the source of package18:21
sinzuishnatsel, where did you see this bad translation?18:22
shnatselsinzui: it was reported to appear in Ubuntu Software Center in Oneiric18:23
shnatselsinzui: I haven't seen it myself because I'm still on Maverick/elementary18:23
sinzuiokay. I think you are looking at the right project. This does provide the source of the translations, though it does not admit it18:23
rick_hshnatsel: so what I started to do was to download the translation file18:23
rick_hthen you can search through it easily18:24
rick_hit appears it wants to email that though,so waiting on that18:24
shnatselthe upload process scared me last time I checked18:24
rick_hshnatsel: that should help get aroud the search timeout18:24
shnatselrick_h: thanks!18:24
rick_hshnatsel: well, you don't need to upload, maybe it'll help narrow down where to head to fix it in the web ui?18:24
rick_hI've not actually seen a .po so not 100% sure18:24
sinzuiI think we just want to find the message and suggest an alternate translation in in the UI. This project is setup for automatic translations18:25
* sinzui looks and URL to minimise timeouts18:26
sinzuiI see search ignores the filters. That is bong18:29
sinzuishnatsel, This is what I see when I hack the url to only search for untranslated ru: https://translations.launchpad.net/ddtp-ubuntu/oneiric/+pots/ddtp-ubuntu-universe/ru/+translate?batch=10&show=translated&search=postler18:30
sinzuiIt is not translated according to this project18:30
* sinzui looks at the actual ubuntu project18:30
sinzuishnatsel, I think you want to translate the Ubuntu package. I found the url for it. Let me hack the url to locate the postlet entry18:32
shnatselthe URL above still returns a timeout :(18:33
sinzuiIt does take a few tries to load18:34
shnatselsinzui: well, I've been always translating the thing Nightmonkey links to, and my translations seemed to get into USC18:34
sinzuiThis is the url for the package in ubuntu: https://translations.launchpad.net/ddtp-ubuntu/oneiric/+pots/ddtp-ubuntu-universe/ru/+translate?batch=10&show=translated&search=postler18:34
shnatselthough no guarantee now, it has een a while18:34
shnatsels/a while/a while ago/18:35
sinzuiI do not have any experience with nightmonkey. I do not know where the ru translation came from since both the project and the package report the string is untranslated18:36
shnatselsinzui: apparently the short description does not contain the string "postler"18:37
sinzuishnatsel, My url hack was to change show=all to show=translated which is a smaller search18:37
shnatselsinzui: ah, thanks! I'll try it for the short description string then.18:38
shnatselsinzui: 5th try of the last URL worked, thanks!18:38
dobeyis it known that when proposing a merge, launchpad seems to no longer redirect to the newly registered merge properly?19:01
dobeyit shows me the new merge proposal, but the URL bar still has the +registermerge link in it19:02
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beunodobey, bug #92942219:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 929422 in Launchpad itself "Fails to refresh the URL when making a merge request" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92942219:17
dobeyah ok19:19
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thomiHi - while registering a merge proposal, launchpad gives me an error: "This branch is not mergeable into <target branch>". Any idea why that is?21:02
thomispecifically, I want to merge lp:~thomir/unity/autopilot-infrastructure-add-setuptools into lp:~unity-team/autopilot/infrastructure21:02
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beunothomi, they are different projects21:14
thomioh nuts. Of course, sorry21:14
thomiI need more coffee21:14
beunothat solves everything21:17
thumperhi beuno21:21
beunoheya thumper!21:37
jonohey folks23:38
jonois there a way I can get the user's name in LP from their address?23:38
jonoemail address, that is23:38
wgrantIn [2]: lp.people.getByEmail(email='me@williamgrant.id.au').name23:40
wgrantOut[2]: u'wgrant'23:40
wgrantjono: ^^23:40
jonothanks wgrant23:41
jonowgrant, I am writing a little script to see if someone is an UBuntu Member23:44
jonocurrently I am doing this:23:45
jono        team = l.people["ubuntumembers"]23:45
jono        members = team.members_details23:45
jono        for member in members:23:45
jono            print "foo"23:45
jono            if member.member.name == user:23:45
jono                print member.date_joined23:45
jonois there a better way I should be doing this?23:45
wgrantThere's no really good way to do that right now. The Person.inTeam method used internally by LP isn't exposed through the API, due to some security complexities.23:45
wgrant"membership = lp.load('/~ubuntumembers/+member/%s' % lp.people.getByEmail(email='me@williamgrant.id.au').name) is a quick23:46
wgrantway to check23:46
wgrantTHat will get you the membership object, which has date_joined23:47
wgrantIt'll raise a NotFound if they're not a member23:47
wgrant(the path to a membership is /~TEAM/+member/PERSON)23:47
wgrantAh, but that won't take into account members of subteams :(23:48
jonoI am basically trying to write some scripts to determine if people have different roles23:49
jonoe.g. member, motu, core-dev23:49
jonodo you know if there is a way to check sub-teams too23:50
wgrantjono: team.participants lists members of subteams.23:52
wgrantBut it isn't available from the other side, and doesn't include the membership date.23:52
jonoI am not too bothered about the membership data, just if they are considered an Ubuntu Member23:53
wgrantIn [15]: subteams = [team.name for team in lp.people['ubuntumembers'].sub_teams]23:56
wgrantIn [16]: [membership for membership in lp.people['jonobacon'].memberships_details  if membership.team_link.rsplit('~', 1)[-1] in ['ubuntumembers'] + subteams]23:56
wgrantOut[16]: [<team_membership at https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/~ubuntumembers/+member/jonobacon>]23:56

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