kanlioti don't want to use chromium for certain file types.  how do i fix it00:08
kanliotspecifically magnet links00:08
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kanliotanyone here wanna chat about nothin02:01
jierowhere shall I report bugs for a software package - gnumeric?05:55
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.05:55
jieroAnybody on 12.04  Lubuntu?05:55
jierothe default gnumeric is not usable here05:55
Unit193Err... That's not good, what do you mean by "unusable"?05:56
jieroanytime you summon a dialog, the cell your selected automatically cleard - only recover with ctrl+z05:57
Unit193phillw: You seeing this? Can you test it sometime after you read this?05:57
xaroHey all08:52
LxKermitdoes anyone know why i cannot for the life of me find lxdecc or install it no matter what i do?10:44
LxKermitive updated repositories from what i know and followed many instructions on installing it but it's like it just doesn't even exit10:44
uchitelhi everyone. is there anything faster than chromium? or is it the fastest you can get?15:05
hyperairor lynx15:05
hyperairor elinks15:05
hyperairi'm sure those are fast and lightweight15:05
Unit193You have the option of text base, midori, or maybe arora.15:05
hyperairah right midori and arora15:06
hyperairi recall trying out midori sometime back.15:06
uchitelthose are available on synaptic, right?15:06
Unit193Not quite compatible, but light.15:06
uchitelok. i'll try those one by one. thanks for links15:07
hyperairUnit193: what do you mean compatible?15:07
Unit193Doesn't understand elements or renders something a bit off.15:08
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uchitelhi everyone. how can i adjust the context-menu started by right clicking19:02
kanliotsome windows in precise are popping up maximized, where they didn't before.  anyone know why?19:04
kanliotdonno uchitel19:04
uchitelthat's my nick uchitel19:06
phillwkanliot: it is expected behaviour, but may be changed before final release.20:02
kanliotit's very annoying when tool windows cover the windows they're tryng be be tools for20:04
CheezusGot lubuntu running on my personal server today :)20:07
CheezusToo bad the internet is down so i can't do anything wise with it20:07
CheezusIs there a easy way to control fannspeeds with lubuntu?20:17
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CXIVHow much space lubuntu takes after install?21:29
phillwless than 2GB of hard drive space - but you do need some area to save your files.21:31
CXIVphillw Thanks21:31

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