kanliotwhere would i file a bug with xdg-open?00:49
kklimondakanliot: ubuntu-bug xdg-utils00:59
ubuntosis i915.i915_enable_rc6 still disabled on 12.04 ?01:16
ubuntosany i915 rc6 on 12.04 ?01:17
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ubuntosso any idea about i915 in 12.04 ?01:25
ubuntosis i915 rc6 enabled on 12.04 ?01:33
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ubuntoswhat about pcie_aspm ?01:40
ubuntosno news01:43
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NeonLightningi can't seem to figure out how to get 12.04 to use xfce by default. i've tried changing everything in update-alternatives to use it05:07
NeonLightningfirst i tried logging out and signing in on xfce but it still booted to the default05:08
urfr332g0NeonLightning, how did you install xfse?05:11
urfr332g0xfce doh05:11
Guest97996wonder if nvidia drivers work ok ..07:43
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repeteIs it me or is the package index screwed?08:49
repetecan't refresh my sources because it says it can't open the merge list.  Keep getting "not a valid bzip archive" when trying to refresh the sources.08:50
repetemaybe it is just the gb archive08:57
repetechanged to fr and it seems to work08:57
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g0twigupdate-manager wants to remove 200 packages11:03
g0twigis that normal ???11:03
g0twig(mostly i386 one's . I'm on 64 bit)11:04
crizzy_on dist-upgrade?11:05
crizzy_distro upgrade, that is11:05
crizzy_think it did the same for me.. so.. yes..11:05
g0twigcrizzy_: realy yes? I dont want a broken system11:06
g0twignot on dist-upgrade...11:06
g0twigjust normal upgrade11:06
g0twigin 12.0411:06
crizzy_i386 packages can't really break your 64bit installation..11:06
crizzy_so.. i wouldn't worry too much11:06
g0twigbut there is also11:06
g0twigthe package lsb-base11:06
g0twigp7zip and others11:06
crizzy_if unsure wait for couple days11:07
crizzy_if it still wants to remove them in couple days, then it's authentic :PP11:07
huayraLibreOffice is failing11:13
huayraany work around? I so need it right now!! :D11:13
g0twigwhy is ia 32 libs not available11:17
crizzy_you can install either verison of package by simple: apt-get install package:i38611:19
g0twigcrizzy_: I cant install skype11:20
g0twigbecouse of that11:20
g0twigthere isnt a skype 64 bit edition out11:21
crizzy_no idae11:24
crizzy_but you should wait for final release for real usage11:24
crizzy_i bet you can manually guess packages that skype needs11:24
crizzy_just try to launch and check what .so file it complains about.. apt-get install libsomething:i38611:25
g0twigcrizzy_: yo I know11:27
g0twigbut than I have all this shit 32 libs...11:27
g0twigI hate skype11:30
glosoliSeems like I can't install any program that depeneds on i386 libs or anything12:23
glosoliAfter upgrade12:23
Z_Godglosoli: correct12:24
Z_Godit's still broken12:24
glosoliBut this is definitely being fixed  ?12:24
Z_GodI suppose so12:24
Z_Godbut it's been broken for a week already at least12:24
glosoliWill have a brake from stupid skype :D12:24
vega-glosoli: that is mentioned in the release notes as known issue..12:38
glosolivega-: Pardon me, I am quite new to using developement versions, where can I see release notes ?12:41
yourfrinedisaacHaving pae error on test drive of 12.04. cpu not that old any suggestions?13:03
vega-glosoli: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing13:05
glosolivega: The ia32-libs package that used to provide 32-bit libraries on 64-bit (amd64) installations has been removed in favour of multiarch.  << so there won't be ia32-libs anymore, how  I can install thoose multiarch ?13:10
vega-glosoli: not sure, but there seems to be a package named ia32-libs-multiarch13:11
vega-and one named multiarch-support13:11
vega-one would think that those two would be automatically installed on systems that had ia32-libs ..13:12
vega-http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1880965&page=2 and so on..13:14
yourfrinedisaacHaving pae error on test drive of 12.04. cpu not that old just updated kernel as per wiki suggestions. Is this a problem with 12.04 or my system?any suggestions?13:16
MrChrisDruifI hope someone is around who knows what sets lightdm's background to the one the user is using?13:38
yourfrinedisaacpae error in desktop release. installed pae to kernel just to be sure -- no change.  trying dvd as stated in wiki.13:42
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yourfrinedisaacanyone else having trouble with testdrive system?13:43
MrChrisDruifyourfrinedisaac; I'm running 64bit so no problems for me13:47
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif, are you using the desktop release of the dvd?13:48
yourfrinedisaacor the dvd*13:48
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif, by the way i'm using the i38613:49
MrChrisDruifyourfrinedisaac; with pae I'm not surprised you're using i38613:50
MrChrisDruifAnd what is the difference between the desktop release and the dvd yourfrinedisaac ?13:51
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif, according to the wiki there is a defference in the readiness. also what do you mean you're not surprised?13:51
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info13:52
MrChrisDruifThat's why ^_^13:52
yourfrinedisaacubotto, I did that still having same error on desktop release. syncing dvd release.13:53
MrChrisDruifyourfrinedisaac; ubottu only responded to my !PAE ( ubottu is a bot)13:54
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif, lol okay13:54
MrChrisDruifGhehe ^_^13:55
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif, I saw the enabling pae info and followed instructions and rebooted. Still same error13:55
* MrChrisDruif has no experience with PAE13:56
MrChrisDruifWhy mess with PAE if you can run x86_64 ^_^13:56
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif, my cpu says its 64bit but eont run 64 bit ubuntu13:57
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif, go figure. right13:58
MrChrisDruifyourfrinedisaac; what does cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep cache_alignment give you? (or just cat /proc/cpuinfo )14:02
MrChrisDruifAwkward, what does it tell you when you try to install 64bit?14:04
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif, use an appropriate kernel for your cpu14:05
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif,  I'm downloading the 64bit alpha top see what happens14:06
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif,  when it's finished i'll try it in virtualbox14:08
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif,  I'm wondering if since my 11.10 release is 32 bit if it is causing a confusion in virtualbox14:10
MrChrisDruifDid you tell virtualbox that you wanted to install a 64 bit system?14:10
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif,  what do you mean it just asks for the iso location14:11
MrChrisDruifFrom what I remember you can select what kind of system you want to install14:11
MrChrisDruifE.g. Ubuntu 64 bit14:12
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif,  hmmm never saw that setting let me check14:12
MrChrisDruifWhen you create the virtual drive14:12
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif; ahhhh I see it. Nope never did that14:13
MrChrisDruifThen it'll think you created a 32 bit machine ^_^14:13
yourfrinedisaacMrChrisDruif; will this time lol14:14
Trewasthe processor needs hadrware support for virtualization to run 64bit guest, which is more than is needed to run 64bit os on the real hardware14:15
aQutehow to install skype on 12.04 its not there in software center14:43
bazhang!find skype partner14:44
ubottuFound: skype14:44
bazhang!info skype partner14:44
ubottuskype (source: skype): VOIP and instant messaging client. In component main, is extra. Version (partner), package size 23029 kB, installed size 29200 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)14:44
bazhangaQute, in the partner repository14:44
aQutehow to add that repo14:45
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »14:45
glosoliIs anyone other unable to install ia32-libs-multiarch because of dependencies problem ?14:50
oratedHello! Will Ubuntu Precise release be able to disable Nvidia Optimus?14:50
glosoliorated: Try searching in internet for some tool called Bumblebee14:51
oratedI did glosoli. Bumblebee is not working for me14:51
glosoliorated: In btw i dont think it depends on ubuntu version, I think it depends if Nvidia will release driver with support14:52
oratedI meant to ask with reference to kernel used in precise. I read that 3.2 can fix optimus issues, hence asked14:53
glosoliorated: hmm, worth trying then15:00
qw-Russianhelp me i would like install MS Access from Linux but I do not know as it to do15:43
bazhangqw-Russian, please dont crosspost, you got an answer in #ubuntu15:45
Almindorhey, I have ubuntu 10.04 and when I do update-manager -d it wants to go all the way to 12.04 alpha, how do I go to 11.10?18:17
bazhangAlmindor, you would need to do every step in between18:18
Almindorbazhang: ok.. how?18:18
Almindorbazhang: all the 10.04 -> x.x guides simply talk about update-manager -d doing the job18:18
Almindorbazhang: yes... but how? or is the info about alpha only info and it will update one at a time?18:19
bazhangAlmindor, once it is released its a one step upgrade path between lts18:19
bazhangAlmindor, how much of a hurry are you in18:19
Almindorbazhang: well.. I have max 2h18:19
bazhangso today18:20
bazhangwell do you have a separate home partition?18:20
Almindorso it's not possible to tell update-manager to update just one non-lts release?18:20
Almindorno, default layout18:20
bazhangwell yes, but not with the -d command18:21
bazhangthats development release18:21
Almindorok.. I don't really mind updaging one by one18:21
bazhangas in alpha2 not released18:21
bazhangmore than 2 hours I'd say18:21
Almindordamnit :) not my type of keyboard heh18:21
AlmindorI can do one update now, the second one later18:22
Almindorbut I need the machine workable18:22
bazhangmake sure to check in the package manager that it looks for non-lts releases then18:22
bazhangand get it started, first to 10.1018:23
Almindorthanks, updating to 10.10 now18:25
bazhangif there are any issues/questions in the meantime, be sure to ask.18:25
bazhangin #ubuntu , of course18:26
Almindorsure, thanks18:26
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MrChrisDruifAnyone around with LightDM knowledge?19:44
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bik-familyhi there20:52
MrChrisDruifAloha bik-family20:57
vaiomanhello there, i'm running ubuntu natty 11.04 i want to upgrade to precise alpha but update-manager -d offers me oneiric. can i force it to choose precise?20:58
crizzy_vaioman: you can't skip releases when upgrading20:58
MrChrisDruifvaioman; nope, you have to go through all of them20:58
vaiomanah. too bad, thanks anyway20:58
crizzy_except LTS to LTS is possible20:59
vaiomani'll start the oneiric upgrade then eww :)20:59
MrChrisDruifThat's true, but that is actually the same as normal release to normal release21:01
MrChrisDruifvaioman; or fresh install. But that's up to you.21:01
vaiomanunfortunately i don't have any media avail here, i'll go with the big multiupgrade21:02
bik-familyHi, can i ask something abbout Thunderbird in Precise P?21:02
MrChrisDruif!ask | bik-family21:04
ubottubik-family: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:04
bik-familyOK, I installed Ubuntu Precise P, all works perfect accept Thunderbird. I cant create accounts in it21:05
MrChrisDruifWhy not? What kind of errors did you get?21:06
bik-familythe first welcome screen offers to create an account thru TB, or make your own or skip and create later21:06
bik-familyNone of the three things work, no errors21:07
cemccan I disable that email/IM indicator?21:19
ralphHI ALL A smal question, after updating 12.04, dragging the window border behaviour is changed. now double click and dan klik to release. bug or change. (bad one it it is)21:55
Daekdroomralph, could you rephrase that?22:09
ralphnormally if you drag a window you double click and drag and release the mouse... now it stick... you have to click again to release the window from the mouse.22:10
ralphthis happens after installing the latest updates today for 12.0422:11
ralphbefore it was fine22:11
DaekdroomI never double clicked to drag a window.22:12
ralphi mean double tab on mousepad22:13
DaekdroomI never used Unity on a notebook. No wonder why I'm so confused.22:13
DaekdroomI mean laptop.22:14
ralphyes with a mouse is't just one click and release22:14
ralphi was wondering if this change is planned or just me, can't find anything on it on internet22:15
eitchhi guys, does anyone know if there is a reason why evince core dumps on me when in daily?22:21
DaekdroomBad build?22:24
eitchDaekdroom, what do you mean? i have all upgrades applied and evince just crashes with the message (core dumped)22:25
Daekdroomeitch, and you're using an Alpha version of Ubuntu. Segmentation faults happen sometimes.22:25
DaekdroomIt should be fixed in the next evince update.22:25
eitchDaekdroom, sure, i know it can happen, was just wondering what i can do =)22:25
DaekdroomFirst I'd try to check if there's a bug report filed in Launchpad.22:26
DaekdroomAww. He left. I suspect it was bug 93264222:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 932642 in utouch-geis "evince crashed with SIGSEGV in geis_bag_append()" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93264222:31
huayrais there any reason why the software center is gone (and has been for the last week)?22:41
trismhuayra: not being careful with dist-upgrade? (it is still installed here, others were complaining about losing it earlier)22:42
ralphproblem solved... now it is working again (i did nothing)22:47
ralphyes last week if you did a update in uninstalled the software center22:48
ralphyou can instal it again if you have synaptic or sudo apt-get instal software-center22:49
ralph sudo apt-get install software-center22:50
huayratrism & ralph: thank you22:51
ralphno problem ;-)22:51
huayraI come from the dpkg and dselect days, but have started to like to s-c and kind of missed it the last week :)22:51
ralph( yamaica yah....)22:51
glosoliWhere Can I check what version of drivers Pangolin Precise has in it's repo ?23:20
glosoliI mean ATI Catalyst version23:20

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