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AlanBellhi all21:01
AlanBellPendulum is sadly not so well and she asked me if I could run the meeting that we are scheduled to have about nowish21:02
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charlie-tcaHi, AlanBell 21:02
AlanBellhi charlie-tca 21:02
AlanBellI think we will have a fairly slowish meeting, there are not too many items on the agenda and some others might pop in21:03
charlie-tcaOkay, I may have to reboot my xchat in between, so if I disappear, I will be back, sometimes in 15 minutes21:04
AlanBellthats fine, no great hurry21:04
AlanBellso we have an agenda starting with a review of the overall team blueprint, the testing blueprint and the development blueprint then any other business21:05
AlanBellthe current point in the cycle is that Alpha 2 is out, and Feature Freeze is tomorrow21:06
charlie-tcain the meantime, testing screenreader installs in 10.04.421:06
AlanBell#topic Review Community Accessibility Team Blueprint ( https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-p-accessibility-team-community-goals ) 21:10
charlie-tcaHow do I say, I haven't gotten to those things, and may not?21:11
AlanBelldeferred I think21:12
charlie-tcaI am too thin this cycle for my own good21:12
AlanBellyeah, I have a lot of stuff on and I am not getting all the stuff done I wanted to :(21:13
AlanBellI think that 12.04 is generally a lot more testable than 11.10 was, just we all seem a bit pressed for time to do much testing this cycle21:14
charlie-tcaYeah, I agree. I will try and get some testing on it next week, so I can try to update the test case for QA21:15
AlanBellthere is a neat unity testing script tool that they have provided now, it would be nice to add accessibility test cases to that21:15
charlie-tcaI have given up on trying to do any automation. It seems I do not have enough knowledge to do it21:16
AlanBellI did do a dummy speech dispatcher plugin that pipes output to a file like this http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/orca.out21:18
AlanBellI think this is handy for documenting bugs in speech output21:18
AlanBell"Erase Ubuntu precise and reinstall Replace Windows with Ubuntu." that is one, I don't have windows but the accessible text tells me I have!21:18
charlie-tcaShouldn't that be "replace existing OS with Ubuntu"?21:19
charlie-tcaor maybe it doesn't even belong there. It is just a mistake21:20
AlanBellyeah, last time I reported it I think ev didn't believe me that it was spoken or something21:20
charlie-tcaYeah, we get that sometimes21:20
AlanBellanyhow, there are still plenty of bugs like that in ubiquity and other applications,21:20
charlie-tcaIt's hard to understand the speech if you don't concentrate enough21:21
AlanBellyeah, a transcript is much more useful on a bug report than someone describing what they heard21:21
charlie-tcaThat report is the spoken output?21:21
charlie-tcaThat's neat!21:22
AlanBellyeah, it is what orca sends to speech dispatcher21:22
AlanBellinstead of piping it to espeak it redirects it to a file21:22
charlie-tcaThat should be a lot of help with bug reports.21:22
AlanBellyeah, joanie thought I was mad when I told her what I was doing :)21:23
AlanBellI think I should probably write an article about that, and maybe get some help packaging it so it is easy to install21:23
charlie-tcaWe can use that kind of application.21:26
charlie-tcaShe maybe did not understand it.21:26
charlie-tcaWell, maybe better keep going on this meeting thing/21:26
AlanBellyes, I think it is an important use-case21:26
AlanBellpersonas is another thing on that blueprint, I kind of did the Simon persona, but it is not published yet, I need to review that with someone21:27
charlie-tcaWhat needs to happen?21:29
AlanBellwell someone other than me needs to read it and see if it makes sense21:30
charlie-tcaThat's one of them things pendulum should be reviewing21:30
AlanBellthen need to put it in a blog article and put it in the wiki21:30
charlie-tcaI am not good at it21:30
AlanBellright, lets move on to the next blueprint21:31
AlanBell#topic Review Accessibility Testing Blueprint ( https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-p-accessibility-team-testing ) 21:31
AlanBellso we need to do more testing and probably get a bit better about tracking important bugs21:32
charlie-tcalooks like I am all over that one, too. I will try to look at it this week21:32
AlanBellwe have the Ubuntu Global Jam weekend coming up, it might be good to get various loco teams doing accessibility testing21:33
AlanBellif people are looking for stuff to do then testing the installer and desktop with orca would be great21:33
charlie-tcaKeep that in mind, anyway21:33
charlie-tcaWe have to get a good test case written for them to use21:33
AlanBellor just run through some of the untity testing application with orca turned on21:38
AlanBellok, lets move on and read through the development blueprint21:39
charlie-tcaYeah, that would work too. We seem to have more testers for precise than in the past, too21:39
AlanBell#topic Review Development Blueprint ( https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-p-accessibility-polish ) 21:39
AlanBellI know quite a few items here were postponed21:40
charlie-tcaanything on the ezoom plugin yet?21:41
AlanBellI have been investigating ezoom text cursor tracking, it was unstable with two monitors21:41
AlanBellwell actually it was unstable on one monitor, after you had used it on two monitors21:41
AlanBellI need to re-test that, I think it is something that could go in a PPA in precise, not sure it is ready for prime time21:42
AlanBellit is pretty good though, I was trying to do a screencast of it when it started crashing my machine21:42
AlanBellother stuff going on, I have been pestering gord about HUD accessibility21:43
charlie-tcagreat, got orca stuck on United States Denver in my install21:43
AlanBellballoons is new to the community team and is doing QA stuff, I showed him how to get orca output to a file and he was going to look into whether that would be useful for automated tests21:43
charlie-tcaHe is getting involved more. But, you know, it takes at least a cycle to get get things together21:44
AlanBelloh and there was this proposal by jcastro to drop compizconfig-settings-manager from the distribution21:44
charlie-tcaI saw that and made my compaint. Unity is not the only thing uses compiz21:45
AlanBellone of the main issues was people with scrollwheels accidentally operating sliders, so I contributed a patch to remove them all21:45
AlanBellthe proposal to drop it has basically been droppped now, it looks like it is staying there21:46
charlie-tcaThe biggest issue is no one who installs compiz without Unity will have any settings available21:46
AlanBellthere have been a number of patches to make it a bit safer for users, fundamentally the problem is that various compiz plugins can be a bit crashy when asked to re-read their settings (looking at you unity)21:47
charlie-tcaBut that should not mean we take the ability to change away from non-unity users21:47
AlanBellso they fall over in a heap with various .cpp files throwing out errors about not freeing nux objects correctly21:47
AlanBellnothing whatsoever to do with the python ccsm applicaition21:48
AlanBellso yeah, ccsm got unfairly blamed for compiz plugin crashes, anyhow, we are monitoring that, and contributing fixes where possible.21:48
charlie-tcaGood. I hate the idea that if Unity doesn't need it, let's toss it21:49
AlanBellok, so this is not the most productive meeting ever, I think we should mail the list with the minutes, do some actions and have a bit of a renewed effort to get intensive testing and polishing done after feature freeze21:50
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AlanBelland get well soon Pendulum!21:51
charlie-tcaThanks for chairing, AlanBell 21:51
charlie-tcaAt least we got some good discussion in21:51
AlanBelloh I forgot to mention there should be an onboard release real soon now21:53
charlie-tcaI see 0.97 being asked for, is there a later one?22:00
AlanBell0.97 is great22:12
AlanBellbug #93285522:14
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932855 in onboard "New release available: version 0.97.0 - debian source attached" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93285522:14
charlie-tcaThat's the one. Hopefully, we get it in precise22:14
AlanBellyeah, it will be in before feature freeze22:16
AlanBell  * Add Alan Bell's themes: Typist, ModelM22:16
AlanBellyay \o/22:16
charlie-tcaWe're gaining then22:16

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