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ogra_janimo`, what about the ac100 kernel ? (FF is tomorrow, would be good to have the new version by then i think)12:03
janimo`ogra_, I heard no other developments upstream - and di not check either12:04
ogra_right, but the archive kernel is still at .812:04
janimo`we will have anew version anyway by release, it is not a feature, but incremental fixes12:04
guiltyCrowsudo update-rc.d -f apache2 remove12:05
guiltyCrowsorry wrong console12:05
janimo`right, I'll update when marvin24 has it in the stable branch, last I checked (last week) it was on -exp12:05
* ogra_ is just seeing many people dpkg -i'ing your kernel from startx.ro12:05
janimo`so we have to have the .deb in sync with upstream's stable branch12:05
janimo`and we had more suspend issues from what I saw on the list12:05
* ogra_ didnt bother to try suspend here, beyond that sound works so much better with the new one12:06
janimo`ogra_, well they should, so they test it, too bad they do not report back to the mailing list12:06
janimo`but if they report on #ac100 to marvin that is fine too12:06
ogra_and the touchpad is supposed to be multitouch (not that i knew how to test that)12:06
janimo`suspend does not work for me at all now12:06
janimo`although it may be the nvidia thing again12:06
ogra_well, i'm using the binary driver, so i dont even hesitate to test12:07
ogra_i wouldnt expect it to work in this setup anyway12:07
* ogra_ blames nvidia here 12:07
janimo`once marvin24 is happy with the stabel tree I'll make a new release12:08
marvin24janimo`: I merged -exp to stable some days ago12:23
janimo`marvin24, ah great, I'll roll a package then these days :12:23
marvin24great - thanks!12:24
janimo`marvin24, oh I see you have a 3.2 branch, sweet12:31
janimo`I wish it were ready in a few months for the release12:31
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marvin24janimo`: yes, I'll think we have to wait for the 12.10 at least12:42
janimo`marvin24, is it not building/booting :)12:42
marvin24btw, is it possible to package experimental kernels?12:42
marvin24janimo`: oh, what, which one?12:42
janimo`marvin24, well we can have debs packaged12:42
janimo`I would not put htem in the archives though12:42
janimo`marvin24, 3.2, is that not even close to being ready?12:43
marvin24that's no problem, people just need an url with the package12:43
janimo`marvin24, well as I did with test kernels on startx.ro12:43
marvin24janimo`: I can make it ready, but there is not much support from upstream12:43
marvin24it is more like a quick and dirrty port12:43
janimo`marvin24, if you have a concrete plan writing to the ml for help would be ok12:43
janimo`indeed, since you have done this before12:44
marvin24and I cannot maintain tegra specific stuff12:44
marvin24I only added ac100 support12:44
marvin24but 3.2 misses some tegra parts which I cannot include myself12:44
marvin24on the other hand, 3.2 is booting and working so far12:44
janimo`I know. But if you have an idea of what is exaclty missing and what kind of work is needed, putting it in a mail may get more poeple involved12:44
janimo`I am interested in helpgin as well12:45
marvin24mmh, I guess mostly better powermanagement support12:45
janimo`in Ubuntu we'd all prefer a 3.2 to be in line with the rest of the kernels, for less post release pain12:45
janimo`so we may put some effort in now if it helps in the long run and out free time permitting :)12:46
marvin24yeah, but real life isn't perfect :-)12:46
janimo`so if it boots/works without lockups and has no regressions in sound/video/wlan/pm etc, why not make a shot?12:46
marvin24I prefer to keep 3.2 as it is12:46
janimo`marvin24, ah and upstream only works on 3.3+ ?12:47
marvin24I (and maybe others too) don't have enough info to get it working in a sane way12:47
marvin24janimo`: upstream still misses usb device tree support (and video of course)12:47
marvin24we have to wait until nv releases a kms kernel driver12:48
janimo`'of course' : I have no idea, I am not familiar with the upstream kernel status :)12:48
marvin24I heard someone is working on it12:48
janimo`ah so it does not work at all? Why is kms needed for the gfx accelerated proprietary bits?12:48
marvin24no, the current implementation is so ugly, it cannot be upstreamed12:49
marvin24and a kms driver would propably require new userspace binaries12:49
marvin24so don't expect it to land soon12:49
marvin24on the other hand, nv already began to upstream some gound working (gart, iommu)12:50
marvin24if people like to work on tegra 3.2, feel free to send patches ;-)12:51
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Guest89622excuse me12:54
Guest89622i need the ubuntu arm on qemu which have GUI....how i do ?12:54
Guest89622i can install X-server ?12:55
Guest89622excuse me...help me12:59
erboGuest89622: Have you looked at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM ?13:02
Guest89622it don't have what i want13:02
infinityjcrigby: Have you played with u-boot and gcc-4.6 at all?  It's now one of the only two packages keeping gcc-4.5 in main.13:53
ppisatiGrueMaster: so you basically added `smsc95xx.macaddr=$foobar` to your bootargs, right?15:42
GrueMasterppisati: That was how it used to work, yes.  I still want to keep the die id code, but IS needs this as they have some pandas with duplicate die id's.15:50
ppisatiGrueMaster: it seems this feature was borked since Natty onward15:51
GrueMasterHmm.  I haven't tested it since Maverick (die id code went in in natty).15:52
GrueMasterHow hard will it be to fix and SRU?  I'm sure IS will need it for the buildd pool, and I don't know what kernels they use.15:53
ppisatiGrueMaster: don't know, i'm investigating15:53
GrueMasterOk, thanks.15:53
GrueMasterppisati: I have been having an issue lately with the Dove SRU kernels.  The linux-headers-2.6.32-422 package is empty for some reason, and without it, I can't build kernel modules for security testing.  But I'm not sure how much I care either, as no one seems to be using it (except me for SRU testing).15:58
GrueMasterWho on the kernel team should I ping about this?15:58
ppisatianyway, i guess that's m15:58
GrueMasterWell, copyright & changelog is there, but no headers.15:59
GrueMasterLike I said, I'm torn between wanting completeness, and not caring about a system no one uses and will vanish in a couple of months.16:01
infinityGrueMaster: I'm tempted to just not care about dove kernels.16:12
ppisatiperhaps ot's just a variable, i'll fix in the next SRU16:12
GrueMasterSame here (especially if I don't have to do SRU testing anymore).  :P16:13
GrueMasterppisati: Don't go to too much trouble.  I've run all the other SRU tests.  No new holes.  I'll go ahead and pass this with a note.16:14
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janimo`infinity, which is the other package keeping gcc 4.5 in main?21:16
infinityjanimo`: grub2, u-boot-linaro, and now mysql again. :/21:18
janimo`infinity, ah so not arm-only stuff21:18
janimo`or is it grub2 on arm?21:18
infinityjanimo`: No, no.  grub2 and mysql everywhere, not just arm.21:18
AfouToPatisahello everyone, I would require some help with my preinstalled image for beagleboard please, who should I ask?22:26
pbuckleyjust ask22:27
pbuckleyand someone will get to helping you22:27
pbuckleyits very async here22:27
AfouToPatisaah cheers22:27
AfouToPatisawell I just installed ubuntu arm OMAP and my screen is flickering up and down22:28
AfouToPatisaI cannot even read anything its running all the time22:28
AfouToPatisaI installed it by SD card normally it should be fine...22:30
AfouToPatisaoh I forgot to say the only error I got was this: 2190475264 bytes (2.2 GB) copied, 536.94 s, 4.1 MB/s dd: closing input file `standard input': Bad file descriptor22:32
infinitySo your image didn't write correctly to the SD card, for one.22:33
infinityThough I can't see how that would cause screen flicker. :P22:33
AfouToPatisahaha true :P22:33
infinityI don't have a beagle, though, so I'm not entirely sure on the flicker front.22:33
AfouToPatisai guess i will rewrite it then...22:33
infinityWhich Ubuntu version are you using?22:33
AfouToPatisabtw , does the sync thing go alone?22:34
infinityKay.  You could try a 12.04 daily for giggles, but 11.10 should work.22:34
AfouToPatisathanks man, gonna give 12.04 a spin as well22:34
AfouToPatisasee what comes out22:34
AfouToPatisaim just installing because 10.04 was probably too old to support my touchscreen I guess :/22:35
AfouToPatisathanks brb22:36

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