schnoomacHowdy all :)00:53
schnoomacAnyone know of a pretty decent (cheap) laptop in Australia which runs ubuntu well. I used to use Asus but its been a few years.00:53
standleydjhi all01:02
elkyschnoomac, pioneercomputers.com.au have laptops and will put ubuntu on most of them. they probably use an older version though. They can be cheap and you can build to your own price or spec level, but their customer service isn't great. they're fairly open about the components though.02:37
schnoomacI do not mind if it comes preinstalled with ubuntu i can do that myself :) I just want to know if everything is supported (generally is these days though)02:38
elkywell one would assume they would tend to lean towards ubuntu components if they're going to offer to install ubuntu on them02:39
elkyer ubuntu-compatible components02:39
schnoomacAlso how much ram will ubuntu/laptop support. Will it support more than 8gb these days ?02:40
elkydepends if it's 64bit or not. you can still get non-64 bit processors.02:42
schnoomacAhhh ok.02:43
elkyand then it's up to the motherboard for what _it_ can support02:43
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sagacijaddi27: have you used gettext with python?12:08
jaddi27I can't say that I have, but could look into it12:08
sagaciit's for translations12:15
jaddi27Looks interesting. I assume it is widely used in the programs we have been translating12:16
sagaciyep, afaik it's the only kind that LP understands12:17
jaddi27Ok. Are you thinking of writing a program that needs to be translated?12:19
sagacii've taken over https://launchpad.net/guitarexerciser, which is a cli program which basically just outputs text and uses basic python syntax but I'd like to learn how to use gettext as I'm building it12:22
sagaciand eventually create a GUI, upload to debian and voila12:22
sagaci2013-14 for the latter12:22
jaddi27sounds like an interesting project12:23
jaddi27I think it looks like it should be easy to implement, but would have to read a bit more12:23
sagacibecause I initially wanted to help with chromium translations but it uses grit as a native format and the old maintainer had to convert it to gettext... so I figure I should learn gettext first since that's what LP uses12:24
sagaciI was hoping for an automated script you run over the directory but it doesn't seem like that's the case12:24
jaddi27I don't know of all the differences in Python 3 though - I know it is different to 2.6,2.7,etc, but am not sure on the major differences12:25
jaddi27Ok. I am not sure if you can do that or not, but could look further12:25
jaddi27I am not sure, but you might be able to scan all of the code using pygettext.py - have a look at http://docs.python.org/library/gettext.html12:32
sagaciyep, I'll have to muck around with it12:47
sagacijaddi27: #python is schweet13:04
jaddi27I haven't looked there before at all13:04
nicksydneyhello all13:05
jaddi27I have just been learning python with what I do at work (and a bit from uni)13:05
jaddi27hi nicksydney13:05
sagacihi nicksydney 13:05
nicksydneyglad to found aussie based Ubuntu groups :)13:05
nicksydneywhen will be the next meetup ?13:06
jaddi27There is an online meeting here on March 1113:06
jaddi27starting a 8pm AEST (Brisbane time)13:06
sagaciif you're in Sydney, it should be around April for the Precise release party13:06
nicksydneysagaci: yeah i'm in Sydney.. are there any website that list this info ?13:07
nicksydneyso i can bookmark it :)13:07
jaddi27That has an events list that is kept up to date13:08
jaddi27A word of warning though - if you subscribe to the ical feed from there, you might find the times end up being a bit out. It is a known issue that is proving difficult to fix13:09
nicksydneyjaddi27: thanks will book mark it13:09
nicksydneyinterested to learn more about the kernel and also want to learn contributing to it13:09
nicksydneywhat time normally this channel is full with conversation ? :) i presume most of them are sleeping already now :)13:11
jaddi27Some nights this can be busy, other times it can be very quiet. Just depends on who is around at the time, really13:12
sagaciwe also have an #ubuntu-au-chat which is not logged so chat can be in either one13:12
jaddi27I am not the best person to ask about kernel coding, but I am sure there would be someone on the team who knows about it13:12
jaddi27I suggest sending an email to the Ubuntu-AU mailing list could help to find other people who know about the kernel13:13
nicksydneyjaddi27: no worries....i'm just starting too so will be doing lots of asking questions and listening :)13:13
nicksydneyjaddi27: good idea ... will subscribe to it13:13
nicksydneyso are you guys doing any ubuntu work ?13:16
sagaciI've done some translation, documentation and helped out the -au team for a bit over a year13:19
sagacinow I'm learning to program13:19
sagacijaddi27: thanks, and voila -- https://translations.launchpad.net/guitarexerciser/0.113:22
jaddi27sagaci, Good work. You will find that en-AU is now complete :)13:24
sagaciheh, I just did those dozen as a test run, so now I can do the rest13:25
jaddi27Well, I guess I can keep an eye out to finish them off once you have done all of the strings13:26
jaddi27I'll be off now - see you all later13:30
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