zxcasdhi all, how do I setup VNC to handle multiple users connected at the same time?00:02
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SpearothI'm searching for help installing ispcp on a web server. Went to ispcp-channel before, but its quiet there06:54
SpearothAny suggestions where to go?06:55
mlearnestDoes anyone have recommendations for good reference books for those that are exploring Ubuntu for the first time?07:05
JoseeAntonioRmlearnest: www.ubuntuguide.org07:08
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benonsoftwareHello anshul21508:45
anshul215i am using this first time08:46
philipballewanshul215, hows that workin out08:56
anshul215just trying to learn how it works08:57
anshul215i am unable to connect with empathy08:58
philipballewwhat are you using then anshul21509:07
anshul215i am using webchat.freenode.net09:07
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k2sI have USB headset and would like to make Skype ring on all devices, but use only headset for call. At this moment I have to change sound settings before/after call. thx11:45
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fr33r1d3Hello World!13:57
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