nigelbNice blog post!02:53
nigelb*upvotes on reddit*02:54
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* koolhead17 wonders which post of jcastro, nigelb is talking about.03:12
czajkowskiso early05:00
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bkerensaHello All07:37
bkerensanigelb: Do u have a link to the reddit submit ^07:39
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jokerdinobkerensa: I think that is what you are looking for?08:35
bkerensajokerdino: Yeah thanks :D08:40
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czajkowskihead_victim: can you pm me the Ubuntu membership channel please10:02
nigelbbkerensa: http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/powe8/no_i_didnt_search_before_i_posted_because_your/11:05
bkerensanigelb: I got it finally :)11:06
nigelbbkerensa: sorry about that, was out on meetings :)11:06
duanedesignjcastro: congratulations!13:22
jcastroduanedesign: hm?14:23
mhall119jcastro: how well is octopress holding up under reddit traffic?14:24
jcastroit didn't even break a sweat14:24
mhall119I wonder how much it'll cost in S3 transactions14:24
jcastro10000 visitors14:25
jcastroit cost me 6 cents so far.14:25
duanedesignjcastro: was just reading my email this morning and saw you were mentioned for the great work you do14:25
jcastroduanedesign: oh let me read my email lol14:25
jcastromhall119: I want to move the ubuntu server blog to it, but it's a totally uninteresting juju usecase14:26
jcastroso we'll be using wordpress instead14:26
jcastroduanedesign: oh wow!14:26
czajkowskijcastro: :)14:26
czajkowskiyou should read your email ;)14:26
jcastroI just started work!14:27
jcastroyou guys have been up already14:27
jcastromhall119: I found few similar python ones, but they don't get the street cred of octo for some reason14:28
jcastroI am brainstorming with some guys on how to make octo more team based14:28
jcastrothe way people do it right now is just do that in github, debating wether people will want to do that in launchpad14:28
jcastroor if we should just bolt on a markdown editor to it so people can write the markdown right on the web14:29
jcastroand then it basically is wordpress, hah14:29
jcastromhall119: this might sound so vain14:34
jcastrobut my favorite unity feature this cycle14:34
jcastroare the new tooltips on the launcher14:34
balloonsmorning cjohnston15:30
jcastrohey balloons15:31
jcastrois there an ubuntu QA team blog?15:31
balloonsthere is15:31
jcastroI was just thinking outloud15:32
jcastrobut why not put the calls for testing there?15:32
jcastrothen they would be on planet?15:32
jcastroDaviey: when can I hang out with you?15:33
Davieyjcastro: give me 25 mins?15:35
Davieyjcastro: or next Wednesday, same time?15:35
jcastroFinally, some more Daviey in my life.15:35
jcastroWHAT. No.15:35
cjohnstonballoons: why do your blog posts hit voices 2 times?15:35
Davieyjcastro: okay, you can have 2 doses.15:36
balloonscjohnston, for some reason my blog is indexed twice.. not sure how to fix it15:37
Davieytwice the adsense!15:37
balloonsjcastro, hmm.. the qa team blog.. not sure if it hits planet or not15:38
balloonsit's not really used atm15:38
balloonsi can't remember why i decided for or against using it15:38
jcastroballoons: it's listed on there on the side15:38
jcastroballoons: I just didn't know if we had thought of that and thought I should point it out15:38
jcastrothe hud in the staging ppa is awesome15:39
cjohnstonballoons: i assume you have checked to see if its in the config twice? maybe an rt to check it out15:39
cjohnstonjcastro: I still havent decided if I am ready to upgrade my laptop to +1.. :-/ I'm on it on both desktops.15:40
balloonscjohnston, yes I see it listed twice15:41
jcastroit's tempting15:41
jcastroI try to make rules for myself like "Beta 1 is when I do it."15:43
cjohnstonjcastro: i do it different each time.. the reason I hadn't on the laptop was because I was going to Connect last week15:45
popeyjcastro: dude!15:45
popeyssd in x22015:46
popeyI am going to explode with performance15:46
jcastropopey: finally!15:47
jcastroI have the intel 6gb sata one in mine15:48
popeyI went a bit nuts15:49
popeyIt only fits if you shove it really hard into the drive bay! :D15:50
jcastroI had to remove mine from the case because I didn't know the 220 got all slim15:53
popeyyeah, i didnt use the caddy at all15:54
jonomorning all!15:58
dholbachhey jono15:58
jonohey dholbach15:58
jonodholbach, dpm, jcastro, balloons, mhall119 all ready to hang?15:59
dholbachjono, yes15:59
balloonsgetting there16:00
dpmjono, just a sec, having some webcam issues16:00
jonodpm, np16:02
jono(nice excuse)16:02
dpmjono, I didn't shave, so I was just not sure if you guys would like to see me today :)16:07
dpmok, trying usb webcam...16:07
jussifire him! :P16:08
dpmyeah, forgot about the suit and tie too...16:08
jonojussi, good idea16:10
jonohe brings zero value to the team16:10
akgranerballoons, my test machine is still screwed up...I can't even install anything on it right now with the errors I'm getting.  I'm just trying get it to a state where cjwatson can ssh in.  I don't know what happened yesterday but something is really borked16:38
balloonsakgraner, got a backup or need a backup? might be time to wipe and install again16:39
akgranerballoons, yep that probably what I will do but we need to find why I'm getting libc errors16:39
balloonsahh.. attempting to get to the root of the issue.. yes makes sense16:40
akgranerballoons, hehe you said root :-P16:41
akgraner(I image that would be what beavis or butthead would say if they were the slightest bit technical)16:42
jcastromhall119: hey17:01
jcastroclick on United's preview button17:01
jcastrothat looks quite handy!17:01
jcastroDaviey: yo yo17:04
Davieyjcastro: hola17:10
mhall119jcastro: nice, almost meets the Ubuntu  brannd guidelines17:12
jcastroDaviey: can we hang out?17:13
Davieyjcastro: we can!17:16
jcastroinvite sent!17:19
Davieyjcastro: i got tired of waiitng :)17:22
jcastrocome on, I've had the thing open for  a full 5 minutes now waiting for you17:22
jcastrodid I invite the wrong daviey?17:23
jo-erlendthat looks nice.17:31
jo-erlendI haven't done any browser-app programming for ages, but it seems to be coming along.17:32
jonomhall119, any idea why my CanoniStack server is not responding18:04
jcastrothey are upgrading today to 12.04 and new openstack18:04
jcastrothere was an announcement somewhere18:05
jcastrobasically expect the whole thing to be down today18:05
jonoahh np18:05
mhall119jcastro: are we going to lose our instances?18:05
jcastrothey all go away18:06
mhall119so I'll have to re-create them all?18:06
mhall119oh how I wish we had EBS18:06
jonomhall119, oh you are kidding me18:06
jonoso I need to reinstall my stuff on there18:07
jonono worries18:07
mhall119jono: maybe?  I'm not sure18:07
jcastroyeah, this is why we want charms of everything18:07
balloonsthis is too funny18:07
jcastroalso, as a general rule, you should be backing up stuff there all the time18:07
mhall119no it's not18:07
balloonsi think i'll grab some popcorn for this show18:07
jcastroso make like an hourly cron sync or something18:07
* mhall119 isn't laughing18:07
jonooh well, I have all my stuff in bzr anyway18:07
jcastrodid you guys not see the mail from IS?18:08
jcastrothey put this out like last week18:08
mhall119yeah,  but SUMO install is such a long process, now I have to do it all again18:08
* balloons is very sorry for mhall119 and agrees.. they should never delete people's data18:08
mhall119jcastro: I saw it, didn't know it was going to kill the instances though18:08
balloons#1 rule of providing a service18:08
jcastroyeah, they even say on the canonistack pages, always assume your data might just go away18:08
jcastroballoons: yeah, rule #1, canonistack is a DMZ play zone.18:09
mhall119jcastro: yeah, I knew it wasn't for production needs18:09
mhall119I just don't like the idea of having to re-create my 3 instances18:09
balloonshehe.. sometimes the big red warning banner isn't enough18:09
jonojcastro, yeah I saw it18:09
mhall119jcastro: especially without juju charms18:09
jonodidnt realize it was today18:09
jonono worries18:09
jcastromhall119: this is why having it so valueable to an organization, you start to realize that being on the cloud means "things can go away at any time"18:10
jonosucks to be mhall11918:10
jcastroand then you institutionally get better at doing it more robustly18:10
jcastroit does suck though. :(18:10
mhall119if we had EBS, then we would have been alright I think18:11
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mhall119since the data can persist outside of the instance18:11
jcastromhall119: at netflix they have an entire team of people who go around internally randomly removing services from other internal teams; that's why they're so robust, when s3 goes down they don't miss a beat.18:11
mhall119but with only instance-storage, kill the instance and you kill the data18:11
jcastroyeah, our storage story right now isnt't very good,18:11
dholbachtime for dinner18:13
dholbachsee you guys around18:13
jcastroplanet ubuntu, where images RUN AMOK.18:41
pleia2someone complained about it a couple days ago, they got a "patches welcome"18:48
pleia2there's also at least one bug open about it18:49
cjohnstonI wonder if feedjack might be a better option.. it could possibly remove the need to check out a branch to add/remove feeds.. plus its django18:52
cjohnstonalthough i dont know how much development is being done on it18:53
cjohnstonya.. i guess last release was ~200818:54
popeyDaviey started writing a replacement planet engine based on django18:59
popeyworked pretty well18:59
cjohnstonwhat happened to it18:59
cjohnstonI wonder if maybe forking feedjack would be a good idea18:59
popeyit was really good, had admin tool for managing accounts19:00
pleia2I like bzr (then again, I also like wikis, so there you go)19:00
cjohnstonpleia2: I don't disagree, but not everyone who is a member is technical enough to use bzr19:00
cjohnstonwiki's aren't completely bad.. its just wikis gone wild that are19:01
cprofittcjohnston: +119:02
cprofitton both bzr and wiki19:02
cjohnstonpopey: do you know what happened to Daviey's?19:02
popeyI would rather people _did_ have to use bzr19:03
popeyminimum level of clue to post to the planet required ☺19:03
cjohnstonso restrict membership to having a clue? ;-)19:03
mhall119"wikis gone wild" should be a video sold on TV at 2am19:03
cjohnstonmhall119 being the producer and jcastro being the lead of the 'delete team'19:04
mhall119cjohnston: IIRC, voices.canonical.com is built on feedjack, same for the cloud portal maybe19:04
* mhall119 is not responsible for the content of that video19:04
mhall119all wikis pages are 18 years old or older19:04
cjohnston18 days or older19:05
Davieycjohnston: it was based on feedjack, had user forms for managing your feed19:05
Davieyused LP sso19:05
cjohnstoni see voices has the same theme problem19:05
cjohnstonDaviey: that's kinda what i was thinking19:05
Davieygrabed the LP aviator, or grvatar or hotlink19:06
mhall119mugshot, -119:06
Davieycjohnston: also checked to see if they were members19:06
cjohnstonthat sounds like a great idea for it19:06
cjohnstoneww.. theme fail... get over the fact that I clearly typed the wrong address: http://voices.canonical.com/store19:07
mhall119cjohnston: when will you have it finished?19:07
cjohnstonmhall119: get me permission to do it and it turns out good we will switch to it and ill look into it19:08
Davieycjohnston: Hmm, this wasn't the latest version.. but it's what i pushed http://ubuntuuk.daviey.com/planet/19:08
mhall119I give you permission to make it, then we'll convince people to switch to it19:08
Davieycjohnston: head to http://ubuntuuk.daviey.com/planet/editfeed19:09
Davieyi believe jpds also has an interest in this.. this week infact i saw him talking about it19:09
cjohnstonI'm not a member :-(19:11
Davieysucks to be you.19:14
cjohnstonDaviey: what all work still needs to be done on it?19:15
Davieycjohnston: NFI19:16
Davieycjohnston: i'd like to start from sratch tbh19:16
cjohnstonrebranch from feedjack or completely scratch?19:16
Davieycjohnston: Hmm, start the customisations from sratch19:18
Davieythe user management.19:19
cjohnstonI wouldn't be totally against working on that.. a FeedJack 2.0 of sorts19:19
cjohnstonDaviey: is your code in LP somewhere?19:20
Davieywell, ISTR i used feedjack as a plugable app which i extended.19:20
Davieycjohnston: no, closed source awesomness19:21
Davieycjohnston: it's essential to speak with jpds, he has made some progress on this aswell.19:25
jcastro2:30, I suppose I have time for lunch now19:39
jcastroman where did my day go19:39
MrChrisDruifjcastro; to your past?19:43
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balloonscjohnston, on the canonical voices feed.. I'm afraid I've just added it for a third time20:45
* cjohnston pops your balloons 20:45
jussijono: ping?21:10
akgranerballoons, I'm dieing to know the history of your irc nick :-)  (Sorry just had to ask)21:11
mhall119akgraner: it's rather funny21:11
akgranermhall119, that is not helping my curiosity :-P21:12
cjohnstonballoons can no longer be balloons as i have popped his balloons21:13
mhall119cjohnston: a popped balloon is still a balloon21:13
jussijust not an inflated balloon...21:13
popeyEvening all.21:13
jussihi popey21:14
cjohnstonpaste & go would be awesome in chromium21:14
pleia2nothing is as exciting as "I like Star Wars and PrincessLeia was taken on irc.scifi.com"21:14
jonohey jussi21:15
mhall119there's an irc.scifi.com?21:15
jcastromaybe it's scyfy.com now21:16
pleia2not anymore, I think it closed in 2002 or so21:16
mhall119jcastro: such a stupid name :(21:16
balloonsakgraner, history isn't history if it doesn't repeat right?21:17
balloonsand yes cjohnston did pop ALL of my balloons :-(21:17
* mhall119 is hating sourceforge's trac right now21:18
* jussi wonders who balloons actually is..21:18
cjohnstonjussi, balloons is another florida guy21:18
* balloons thins he's some weird guy who started hanging out in the channel.. claims to know mhall119 21:19
popeythere is this thing called /whois jussi21:19
* cjohnston doesnt know him21:19
cjohnstonpopey: +121:19
balloonsjussi, I'm actually the new QA community coordinator on jono's team21:19
mhall119balloons: I'm the only one you haven't met yet21:20
balloonshttps://launchpad.net/~nskaggs, that face and me share the same body21:20
cjohnstonballoons: your not on jono's team... https://launchpad.net/~canonical-community21:20
cjohnstonmhall119: did you not meet him in orlando?21:20
balloonsmhall119, i know that makes it more funny21:20
mhall119cjohnston: if I did, I don't remember21:20
jussiballoons: dont stress, mhall119 is boring anyway  :P  :P :P21:20
cjohnstonhe remembered me for some reason21:20
* popey thinks pleia2 might like http://i.imgur.com/wnXpF.jpg21:20
mhall119I really am21:20
cjohnstonpopey: thats just scarey21:20
mhall119cjohnston: probably because you weren't locked away in a room at the other end of the convention building21:21
balloonscjohnston, yea.. I met you because I am friends with svwilliams21:21
balloonshe did some loco work, and naturally met you21:21
cjohnstonmhall119: dont complain.. you kow you liked it21:21
cjohnstonballoons: we need to get him back to hacking, and you to start hacking21:21
mhall119cjohnston: recruit balloons to do QA for summit and LTP21:22
balloonsI've actually got a project in the works, but I did get a merge request in for upstart that week, so I got my goal in :-)21:22
cjohnstonballoons: you should do our qa for summit and ltp21:22
cjohnstonthat way they don't die and i dont get fired21:22
cjohnstonwait.. can you get fired from a volunteer gig? if so, how do I do it21:22
mhall119cjohnston: you can't, just ask akgraner21:23
jussipopey: oh dear...21:23
mhall119cjohnston: we're like the hotel california21:23
balloonscjohnston, look again https://launchpad.net/~canonical-community21:25
balloonswoah.. just noticed chanserv bot hanging in here21:27
jussimeh, bed time. sleep while she is sleeping they say...21:27
balloonsi for one welcome our new bot overlord21:27
jussiballoons: thats because we have it guarding the channel21:27
popey"This team does not use Launchpad"21:27
jonomhall119, btw, David Calle's lens uses Singlet :-)21:35
mhall119jono: \o/21:38
mhall119I expect to get bugs filed from him now21:39
mhall119still, at least he got that far with it21:39
mhall11962 lines of code, not bad at all21:41
jonoindeed :-)21:42
mhall119jcastro: "Stop making Linux so easy! You're ruining everything!"21:48
popey(c) 1990s Linux Guy21:50
mhall119"So if you believe in the principles behind UNIX and Open Source, please don't write software which requires any of the Gnome/KDE and DBus API." I mean, really?21:52
balloonsyou reading hacker news again?21:57
balloonsthat article is interesting for some true history.. however, he is writing from the perspective linux = free unix clone.. it's simply not the goal21:59
mhall119linux hipster, lol22:13
jo-erlendballoons, don't get me started on erroneous labels. :)22:23
balloonsjo-erlend, what's GNU/Linux again?22:24
* balloons ducks22:24
pleia2popey: pink++22:24
jo-erlendballoons, or Gnome 2. The GNU/Linux thing doesn't really hurt so much. The Gnome2 thing does.22:25
balloonsit's been an interesting ride for sure22:26
jo-erlendI don't think you'll ever see me refer to Linux when I mean something other than the kernel though.22:26
jo-erlendI do prefer GNU+Linux, actually. It's less ambiguous.22:27
jo-erlendIt has less of the Windows 3.11/7 connotation.22:27
balloonshehe.. terms terms22:28
balloonslet's just say there is alot of neat stuff out there.. and if it's open, it's amazing what you can do with it22:28
jo-erlendthe language should be well defined, but must never stand still. :)22:28
balloonsthink about the kernel itself.. how many arch's and devices has it been ported to?22:28
jo-erlendI have no idea. That's not important to me. It's when the language begins to reduce knowledge that I become obsessive.22:29
balloonsthe unofficial but interesting list from wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Linux_supported_architectures22:30
balloonsthe kernel itself talks about a dozen or so22:30
balloonsthe kernel 3.x readme is interesting to read :-)22:30
jo-erlendPeople refer to Gnome Panel as "Gnome 2". But Gnome Panel was there in Gnome 1 and is still there in Gnome 3. So why are people calling it Gnome 2? Because the default in Gnome 3 is different. So, Ubuntu switched to Gnome 3. That has to mean we no longer have Gnome Panel, right? Anything else would be confusing.22:31
balloonslol.. it's gtk, gtk2 and gtk322:31
balloonsas well..22:31
balloonsand different techs used at each point22:32
jo-erlendbut when people refer to Gnome 2, they're not usually talking about GConf, GTK, or things like that. They're simply referring to the panels. They don't know its name, which is understandable since it was the only shell in Gnome prior to 3. But now that becomes a huge problem, because it actively reduces knowledge.22:32
balloonsahh.. I got your point22:33
balloonsright right22:33
jo-erlendthen it escalates to Gnome 3 vs Unity, and Gnome Panel simply vanishes, even if it's seen more development during the last six months than it's seen during the last six years.22:33
balloonsyea.. there's alot of misinformation22:35
ubot2`Do you like to hug alot? - http://ubottu.com/y/2 and http://ubottu.com/y/322:37
MrChrisDruifYes, I do22:37
MrChrisDruifSorry, I'm compulsive on Alot22:38
mhall119balloons: stop sweating22:38
balloonsvery much22:38
mhall119bonobo is a dirty word22:39
balloonsi like this alot more http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/04/alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html22:39
balloonstldr version http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_D_Z-D2tzi14/S8TffVGLElI/AAAAAAAACxA/trH1ch0Y3tI/s1600/ALOT6.png22:39
* mhall119 loves the alot22:39
balloonswhat's not to love right?22:40
jonomhall119, know anything about Quickly?22:42
jonoany idea how I can read in command line options?22:43
jonoI know how to do it in Python22:43
jonobut I am not sure how to pass 'quickly run' options22:43
mhall119jono: specific to Quickly, no, buut there are python modules that make it pretty easy22:43
jonomhall119, so I have specified an option in __init__.py22:44
jonobut I don't know how to pass them when running 'quickly run'22:44
mhall119jono: which __init__?22:47
jonomhall119, in my project22:48
jonoit runs parse_options()22:49
mhall119jono: have parse_options() return options22:50
mhall119then make line 33:22:50
mhall119options = parse_options()22:50
mhall119then you should be able to get your CLI arguments from the options variable22:51
jonomhall119, yup22:52
jonothe problem I have is passing options to the aspp22:52
jonoI want to do this "quickly run --my-option"22:52
jonobut that doesn't seem to jive :-)22:52
mhall119did you add it to parse_options?22:53
jonohang on, it does work22:53
jono<-- muppet22:53
mhall119I see on http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jonobacon/ubuntu-accomplishments-system/trophyinfo/view/head:/trophyinfo/__init__.py that you have dest="verbose" for both -v and -c, that won't work22:53
mhall119well, it won't work the way you expect22:53
mhall119dest is the name of the attribute it'll put on the options variable22:54
jonoso how do I read these options in my main app?22:54
mhall119if you have 2 flags (-v and -c) with the same dest, one will overwrite the other22:54
jonowhat is the dest?22:54
mhall119line 25, change dest="verbose" to dest="clear"22:54
jcastrojono: hey is it possible to get the ubuntu facebook thing to friend my new account? I wasn't able to friend you last I tried.22:55
mhall119then options.clear should have your argument value22:55
jcastrojono: (I have a webinar announcement I'd like to publish)22:55
mhall119according to http://docs.python.org/library/optparse.html anyway22:55
jonojcastro, I added you22:55
jonolet me check22:55
jonojcastro,  I sent a friend request22:56
jcastroaha! needed to confirm22:56
jcastrook, done22:56
jonojcastro, done22:58
jcastrojono: also, for the record, White Castle is a totally legitimate Valentine's destination: http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/gutcheck/2012/02/love_castle_white_castle_valentines_day_2012.php22:59
jcastroI just felt the need to clear that up. :)22:59
jonostupid americans23:00
jcastrowhat says "I love you" more than shared intestinal destruction?23:01
bkerensajcastro: Do you know if its possible to edit a application shortcut in the unity launcher? I want to replace a application path with a script I made instead that will run some things and then execute the app23:04
jcastromhall is the new unity hero23:04
jonomhall119, ok, so dest is just a unique id23:04
jcastrobut I believe it's in .local/share/something23:04
jcastrothe .desktop file is in there somewhere and I think you can just edit it23:04
jcastrobkerensa: aha! http://askubuntu.com/questions/40931/where-are-the-unity-launcher-desktop-files23:05
jcastrothere you go dude!23:05
jcastro<-- EOD23:06
jcastrotime for some xbox, catcha y'all tomorrow23:06
bkerensajcastro: What game?23:07
balloonspeace out23:07
jcastrobkerensa: Dragon Age, the first one23:07
jcastroreplaying the whole thing23:07
jcastroawwwww yeah23:07
jonoballoons, laters23:07
balloonstime for some grub :-)23:07
* jono is hungr7y23:07
jonohungry for AWESOME23:07
jonobkerensa, want to join our Global Jam meeting tomorrow?23:08
bkerensajono: I got the CD's btw... Much more then I had requested but the extras will go to use23:08
bkerensajono: Depends what ungodly hour it is schedule for23:08
jonobkerensa, 8am Pac23:08
bkerensaUhh ok I can do that :)23:08
jonowill invite you23:08
bkerensajono: Jas sent me like 60023:08
jonoczajkowski, can you join too?23:08
bkerensaI asked for 3023:08
popeybkerensa: 23:43:04 < Raboo> I'm thinking of making a wrapper that deletes the cache everytime i start spotify.23:54
popeyseen in #spotify23:54

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