RAOFjasoncwarner_: Did you do the evtest run I suggested?00:01
jasoncwarner_RAOF: oops...I didn't...doing it now00:01
RAOFMake sure you note which horizontal direction corresponds to which button-press in evtest (ie: do something like move all left, then all right, and say that on the bug ☺)00:02
Sweetsharkjasoncwarner_: ping?00:18
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charlesTransmission 2.50 has been released... it's not on the website yet because we're still waiting on localizations on the Mac side, but I wanted to make sure the tarball was out before Precise's feature freeze02:10
charlesso: http://download-origin.transmissionbt.com/files/transmission-2.50.tar.xz02:10
TheMuso`Oh wow, now unity-greeter deals with the lock screen. Now it just needs to respect my monitor config, which is what was being talked about earlier today I guess.02:51
jbichacharles: thank you02:56
RAOFTheMuso`: Yeah, just noticed that :)02:56
jbichaRAOF: is it possible to sync from Debian's new queue?03:09
RAOFjbicha: No.  IIRC, it's not possible to pull packages *out* of the new queue unless you're an ftp-master, as packages in NEW are not yet confirmed to be redistributable.03:10
jbichaok, I guess I'll wait a bit longer...03:13
jbichahmm, I wasn't expecting this: http://iloveubuntu.net/redesigned-nautilus-34-probably-land-precise-pangolin-next-weeks03:58
jbichaI wonder what the source is for that, since I don't see those changes in git03:59
kenvandinejbicha, they also wrote that google+ plugin for gwibber was likely to land in time for 12.0404:00
kenvandineall i did was push a branch that handles authorization04:00
kenvandinestalkers :)04:00
kenvandineno where near capable of doing anything useful, google doesn't even provide a useful API yet :)04:00
broderthat post reads like rampant speculation and wishful thinking04:01
kenvandinethey are trying to get the scoop on everyone else04:01
kenvandineby guessing04:01
jbichaoh good, GNOME UI Freeze is next week04:02
DBOkenvandine, uhhh has the lock screen changed dramatically recently?04:02
DBOkenvandine, it totally fucks with nvidia drivers04:03
kenvandinethat isn't cool04:03
DBOyeah like it now takes it 30+ seconds to come out of the lock screen04:03
* kenvandine hugs intel :)04:04
DBOis it possible for me to get the old lock screen back04:04
DBOor disable it04:04
kenvandineDBO, no idea really, last i heard that feature might not make it04:04
kenvandineand today i noticed i had it04:04
kenvandinethat is all i know04:05
DBOcan I disable teh lock screen all together?04:05
DBOso I dont walk away for 5 minutes and then come back and have to wait04:05
RAOFYeah, turn off the screen lock :)04:05
kenvandinehey RAOF04:05
DBOah found it04:05
DBORAOF, you experiencing what I just described at all?04:06
DBORAOF, do you know anything about how its implemented or why its so different?04:06
RAOFDBO: It's doing a VT switch04:06
DBOit feels like the GPU is doing a full out memory swap04:06
RAOFDBO: So nvidia, being the mad bastard that it is, hates you.04:06
kenvandinevt switch should be fast as hell04:07
DBOits not04:07
RAOFNot on nvidia04:07
* kenvandine is glad he doesn't understand X04:07
RAOFkenvandine: If what I'm hacking on right now works out, vt switches (on intel, radeon, nouveau) should be entirely instantaneous.04:07
DBOwhy are we doing a VT switches at all?04:08
RAOFBecause we're switching back to the greeter.04:08
DBOthat *really* limits what we can do with it04:08
kenvandinethat is handling the lock04:08
kenvandinethat has been the plan since we decided to use lightdm04:08
RAOFA number of reasons - (a) the login process is then the same, (b) it's trivial to switch to a different user, (c) it's more secure.04:08
DBO(d) it means we will never be able to transition between the log in screen and the desktop04:09
DBOit will always be slow as hell on nvidia04:09
DBOwe need a way to use the old lock screen for nivdia users04:10
robert_ancelld) we need wayland...04:10
RAOFWhich also doesn't have a way for nvidia to play, but whatever :)04:10
DBOright no, fucking over nvidia is not acceptable04:10
robert_ancellRAOF, was nvidia screwed even if the displays were set to the same modes?04:14
RAOFrobert_ancell: Dunno04:14
RAOFI don't think we're going to be able to enforce that constraint anyway.04:15
RAOFX sets a mode during startup, and we can't change nvidia to read out the mode that was previously set.04:16
robert_ancellRAOF, so does starting two nvidia X servers cause a mode switch or do they recognise they've already set the video mode04:17
DBOrobert_ancell, mode switch04:17
DBOI can see it doing it04:17
robert_ancellDBO, so you started an empty X server, then from that started a second one?04:18
DBOno when I log in04:18
DBOI can see it mode switch04:18
DBOmy monitor pops information about what mode its in04:18
RAOFDo you have more than one display?04:18
robert_ancellDBO, yes, but that could be because the greeter isn't running the same mode as the session04:19
RAOFI think what robert is asking about is - if you have your session, and a guest session with the same monitor configuration, does switching between them imply a modeset.04:19
DBOrobert_ancell, I have saved my xconfig to the xorg.conf if that helps04:19
robert_ancellthat would do it04:19
robert_ancellonly works if you haven't configured your user from the system defaults04:20
DBOwell let me put it this way:04:20
DBOits not wholly correct to say VT switch is the whole problem04:21
DBOif I switch from X to VT104:21
DBOit takes about 3 seconds04:21
DBOand is relatively painless04:21
DBOswitching back also takes about 3 seconds04:21
DBOlightdm switching however04:21
DBOthat takes 30+ seconds04:21
DBOand often causes compiz to crash inside the nvidia driver04:22
DBOrobert_ancell, ^^04:25
DBOits very similar to the delay nvidia incurs when switching resolutions04:25
DBOI would guess its probably the same04:25
RAOFAnd given that it *is* switching resolutions...04:26
RAOFOh, it's not; you've encoded that stuff in xorg.conf.04:26
DBOwhatever is going on though04:27
DBOis BAD juju04:27
DBOit breaks the experience04:27
DBOthere should be testing around this :/04:28
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DBORAOF, you here?04:36
DBOI want to fix this nivida thing once and for all04:36
DBOI dont understand why we get stuck in ioctl04:36
RAOFOh, the slowness on modechange.04:36
DBOI dont understand why it only happens the first time04:36
DBO(except lightdm, that does it every time)04:36
DBOI have 1.5GB of vram04:37
DBOso even if that was *full*04:37
DBOit wouldn't take 30 seconds to completely swap that out04:37
RAOFSorry about that; I accidentally unplugged my router.04:46
RAOFDBO: Yeah, 30 seconds seems like a long time.  Unless it's paging to disc :)04:46
DBOnot likely04:47
DBOI have 16GB of ram04:47
* RAOF shall make a coffee, upgrade an nvidia netbook, and ponder.04:49
DBOI have a test program that is relatively minimal04:51
DBOit makes it happen on nvidia04:51
DBOeven with metacity04:51
DBOit just creates 40 800x800 textures with 20 FBOs04:51
DBOand binds them all and paints them04:51
DBO*eventually* the damn thing recovers04:52
DBObut it takes it about a minute04:52
pittiGood morning04:53
robert_ancellpitti, are you a dbus master?04:53
pittirobert_ancell: I'm using the API and the CLI tool; I guess "apprentice" might be right? :-)04:54
robert_ancellpitti, I'm trying to get the uid of a dbus caller.  It seems a lot harder than it should be04:54
pittihmm, how do I get the window menu these days?04:54
pittirobert_ancell: hang on, I'll look for example code; some projects I work on use this04:55
robert_ancellpitti, oh good.  The internet seems to have nothing.  I'm looking to policykit to work it out04:56
pittiyes, that project would certainly need  to do that04:56
RAOFrobert_ancell: There's a libdbus call - uid_for_caller, right?04:56
robert_ancellI'm calling org.freedesktop.DBus.GetConnectionUnixUser  - RAOF, I guess that is the same thing, and it's just not exposed in gdbus?04:57
robert_ancellthere's lots of decoy methods in gbus that sound like the right sort of thing but they don't seem to be any help04:57
pittiyes, that sounds right04:57
pittirobert_ancell: that's what PK does, anyway04:58
pittirobert_ancell: you can call this through gdbus just fine?04:58
DBORAOF, do you want the test program?04:58
robert_ancellpitt, yes, It's just finding any information that that is the correct method04:59
pittirobert_ancell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/842637/04:59
RAOFrobert_ancell: ^^^04:59
robert_ancellRAOF, ta04:59
RAOFDBO: Yes, please04:59
robert_ancellpitti, ta also04:59
DBORAOF, http://paste.ubuntu.com/842639/05:00
RAOFDBO: And that takes ages the first time after a modechange?05:01
DBORAOF, it screws up the GPU so bad metacity stops painting05:02
DBOand so does everything else05:02
DBOyou just get a bunch of white for a long time05:02
robert_ancellpitti, and the trick is to use g_dbus_method_invocation_get_sender () I think05:03
RAOFDBO: And I can build that with g++ $(pkg-config --libs nux), right?05:04
DBORAOF, I think so yeah05:04
DBORAOF, honestly there is a framebufferobject.cpp in the nux gputests/05:04
DBOI just modified it a bit05:04
DBOto you know05:05
DBOmake it evil05:05
RAOFWell, intel doesn't like it very much, but is perfectly happy to draw it.05:05
DBOI imagine its eating all of your vram05:06
RAOFI have 16GB of vram!05:06
DBOyou have 16GB of system ram05:06
DBOthat your driver can map05:07
RAOFMinus what the system is using, of course :)05:07
DBObut its freaking slow05:07
DBOhow unhappy is it?05:07
RAOFIt slows down unity a bit.05:07
DBOthere is no rate limiter on this05:07
RAOFAlt tab isn't quite so responsive.05:07
DBOits just rendering as fast as it freaking can05:07
DBOwhich is rebinding 40 textures each frame05:08
DBOit eats all your GPU05:08
RAOFThe window doesn't much like being dragged, either.05:08
DBOwhen you do that it resets the textures05:08
RAOFBut it handles it at > 1/sec05:08
DBOI meant to disable that05:08
RAOFDragging it is really slow.05:09
RAOF*really* slow; unity draw the move at ~1fps05:09
RAOFBut just having it up and visible is actually barely noticable05:10
DBOthat fixes the dragging slowness05:10
RAOFOh, maybe the alt-tab switcher is 15fps when rendered over the top of it.05:10
DBOthats probably due to the damage events05:10
RAOFSandybridge doesn't fall over on your fbo test.05:11
DBOnvidia only05:11
pittirobert_ancell: ah, so you landed the lock screen stuff after all .. did you figure out how to tell lightdm to not change XRandR?05:16
robert_ancellpitti, no, I think RAOF says it might not be possible05:16
DBOpitti, it broke everyone using nvidia blob :/05:16
pittican we please revert this then?05:16
RAOFrobert_ancell: Oh, no.  It's entirely possible to tell lightdm not to change XRandR.05:17
RAOFIt's just not possible to tell *nvidia* not to modeset.05:17
RAOFThat was all I was promising from the beginning - not modesetting on kms drivers.05:17
pittichanging VTs is bad enough and already breaks nvidia, but changing xrandr modes will make it suck for all other drivers using more than one screen05:17
pittiso far people on these drivers just learned the hard way to not do user switching05:18
RAOFYeah, we can make it work for !nvidia, !fglrx.05:18
pittibut now this forces it upon them05:18
DBOpitti, this is about more than just user switching05:18
robert_ancellpitti, I have to run out for about 1-1.5 hours, but will be back after that05:18
DBOmy lock screen now takes 30+ seconds to get out of05:18
pittiDBO: yes, I know; that's the xrandr part05:19
DBOI have my xorg.conf hardcoded05:19
pittiI'm afraid we simply don't yet have the technology to do this05:19
pitti(for locking screen, I mean)05:19
pittirobert_ancell: ok, thanks05:19
RAOFpitti: nvidia does something weird on VT switch, like dropping all GL state or something.05:19
RAOFpitti: You also see this after modesetting; unity takes a long time to draw anything after modesetting; sometimes so long that you can't press the “do you want to keep this mode” before it times out.05:20
pittiRAOF: no need to convince me :) I know how broken it is on multiple levels05:20
RAOF(Which is clearly hilarious)05:20
DBORAOF, technical question for you05:21
pittiRAOF: my monitor takes some 5 seconds to get back to its senses after modeswitch; my wife's display takes 30 (!)05:21
DBOtexture A == made by generating a texture and then loading a png into it05:21
DBOtexture B == made by generating a texture, binding it into an FBO, and painting A into it05:21
DBOthen unbinding it05:21
DBOwhat makes these textures different?05:21
RAOFNo idea.05:22
RAOFSorry :)05:22
RAOFpitti: Is it your wife's monitor, or the nvidia GPU being crazy after modeset? :)05:24
pittiRAOF: the monitor is excessively slow05:25
pittiRAOF: it's using the ati driver (the free one)05:25
pittiI don't have nvidia hardware in the house05:25
pittihm, just dist-upgraded and rebooted to test this05:26
pittitons of flickering, resetting xrandr to X.org's defaults, turns the LVDS back on, and lots of flickering when switching back05:26
pittithis is not a nice experience :/05:26
RAOFI can make it better.05:28
pittirobert_ancell: the indicator-session change also introduces a regression, I followed up to bug 87883605:43
ubot2`Launchpad bug 878836 in lightdm "Unity Greeter - Use Unity Greeter to fulfil lock screen as well as login functions" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87883605:43
DBORAOF, have you tried out the test app on nvidia?06:03
DBORAOF, on my system the nvidia driver takes a full minute to change resolution and begin drawing the app again06:03
RAOFMy test system is upgrading; the last attempt to get into X failed :(06:03
DBOI've been trying a lot of things to hack around the slowness06:04
DBOunbinding the textures/using a single fbo instead of many...06:04
DBOnothing works06:04
RAOFWorst case, we can throw that at nvidia via tselliot as a test case.06:06
DBORAOF, you think they will take this as a test case?06:24
DBORAOF, do you think its possible the driver is converting the texture formats?06:24
didrocksgood morning06:25
pittibonjour didrocks06:26
didrocksguten morgen pitti06:26
RAOFDBO: Yes; the driver's allowed to do all sorts of things.06:26
RAOFOh, huh.06:26
RAOFDBO: Does it still happen if you don't use RGBA?06:27
DBORAOF, I was just testing that06:28
DBORAOF, and yes06:28
DBOit does still do it06:28
DBOI also tested BGRA06:28
GunnarHjpitti: Good morning, Martin. Do you have time to take a look at the MP linked to bug 928400? (It was preceded by an anything but constructive discussion on the bug report with ScottK.) :(06:32
ubot2`Launchpad bug 928400 in language-selector "systemsettings crashed with AttributeError in onSystemLanguageApply(): 'QtLanguageSelector' object has no attribute 'writeSysLangSetting'" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92840006:32
DBORAOF, the recovery time does scale perfectly with the number of textures we bind into the FBO06:33
pittiGunnarHj: You know, I'd be more than happy to drop language-selector-qt06:34
GunnarHjpitti: But don't write that on the bug. ;-)06:35
pittiGunnarHj: I just did :) I think I was reasonably diplomatic06:36
pitti22- self.writeSysLangSetting(code)06:37
pittiGunnarHj: ah, so the first one is enough now?06:37
pittiGunnarHj: I guess originally the first wrote $LANGUAGE, the second $LANG06:38
DBORAOF, any other ideas before I give up and go postal?06:38
pittiGunnarHj: but now the ls-dbus-backend does both?06:38
RAOFDBO: I don't at the moment, no.  I suggest sleeping instead of going postal; I'll keep poking.06:38
pittiGunnarHj: sorry that you got in between this06:40
pittiGunnarHj: right, just saw the code; thanks!06:40
GunnarHjpitti: Sorry, went to get coffee. Is there still any clarification you need?06:42
pittiGunnarHj: nope, I'm good; I merged with dropping the "needs clarification" bit from the changleog06:42
pittiGunnarHj: thanks muchly!06:42
GunnarHjpitti: Ok, thanks!06:43
DBORAOF, http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-ia32-260.19.29-driver.html06:46
DBOcheck THAT out06:46
RAOFDBO: Ah.06:46
DBORAOF, do you think they regressed?06:46
DBORAOF, is it possible for you to test that driver?06:47
RAOFYes, I can test that driver.06:47
* DBO waits with baited breath06:47
DBORAOF, it turns out my google-fu is strong today06:48
RAOFI suggest sleeping first.  It'll take a little while for me to actually install those drivers.06:48
RAOFOr is it the morning for you?  ☺06:48
RAOFEither way, sleeping first.  It's never wrong to sleep!06:48
RAOFFaster, laptops!  FASTER!06:49
DBORAOF, I'd not be able to sleep knowing that this bug might finally have a solid lead06:50
GunnarHjpitti: Saw your bug comments. Please keep in mind that there are other derivatives (Lubuntu, Xubuntu) that use the gtk part of l-s, and want do keep doing so (at least for a while) when we switch to g-c-c.06:57
pittiGunnarHj: right, but same comment -- I won't be interested in maintaining the GUI any more06:58
pittijust the language_support_pkgs.py module06:59
pittiwhich we might very well split out into its own source then06:59
pittithen the rest can go to universe06:59
GunnarHjpitti: Guess it will be up to the developers of those derivatives what to do, then.07:00
pittiwell, it's not like we leave it behind completely broken07:02
pittithis cycle it got a lot of cleanup, which should make it a little less ugly to maintain07:02
GunnarHjpitti: True.07:04
micahgpitti: next cycle I'd like to chat with you about alternatives to language-selector :)07:05
GunnarHjpitti: I wrote a reply on the im-config/im-switch topic, with a suggestion on how to deal with it. https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2012-February/013316.html07:07
pittiGunnarHj: I saw, thanks! so this does change behaviour and current configuration after all?07:07
GunnarHjpitti: Yes.07:07
pittiGunnarHj: it sounded like it would configure input support more automatically07:08
pittiwhich would be a nice simplification of the GUI as well07:08
pittialso wrt. control-center and other potential replacements07:08
pittithis is pretty much the only reason why we still use l-s07:09
GunnarHjpitti: If we leave the code aside, unlike im-switch it does not care about the current locale. Good or bad? I'm not sure.07:10
pittiGunnarHj: oh? that sounds "bad" to my untrained ear07:10
pittiI thought the point was to automatically select an appropriate IM for the current locale07:11
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pitti(LC_CTYPE presumably)07:11
GunnarHjpitti: That's the point with im-switch.07:11
pittithat's how I understood it anyway07:11
pittii. e. it has a locale -> IM method map07:11
pittiand starts ibus, and the preferred method in those locales07:12
pittiand with the indicator the user can then switch between methods07:12
GunnarHjpitti: Yep.07:12
pittil-s just allows users to fine-tune this, but it shouldn't be necessary for most use cases07:12
pittiGunnarHj: ok, so at least the two of us have the same mental model here?07:12
GunnarHjpitti: So it seems.07:13
GunnarHjpitti: I don't know the rationale behind ignoring the language/locale in im-config, but I know that some CJK users want to be able to use ibus even if they have e.g. English as the display language. After all, display language and input method are two different things.07:15
pittiGunnarHj: should they have LC_CTYPE=zh_CN.UTF-8 and LC_MESSAGES=en_US.UTF-8 ?07:16
pittiI think in the new world we don't set these any more, they are derived from $LANG07:17
GunnarHjpitti: No, no, currently it works just fine with im-switch. AFAICT there is no urgent need to change anything.07:18
GunnarHjpitti: I suggested that we wait with converting to im-config because we don't know yet how GNOME will handle it in g-c-c, so by waiting we would avoid to expose the users twice to changes in the input method handling.07:19
GunnarHjpitti: As regards which variables im-switch use, it's LC_CTYPE and if it isn't set LANG.07:21
GunnarHjmicahg: Out of curiosity, do have anything else bug the region module in g-c-c in mind as a replacement for language-selector?07:23
robert_ancellpitti, so regarding the lock screen change - if I understand it correctly DBO says there is an instability problem with the switching as well as a performance one07:29
robert_ancell(on nvidia)07:29
robert_ancellYou have nvidia right, are you seeing both problems?07:30
pittirobert_ancell: I don't have any nvidia in the house; my two laptops are intel, my wife's is using the free ati driver07:30
pittirobert_ancell: I'm mostly seeing the xrandr side, i. e. lots of flickering and long delays due to the monitor having to catch up07:31
DBOrobert_ancell, yeah I get crashes inside the nvidia driver if the switch takes too long07:31
robert_ancellDBO, yeah, that's the really concerning part07:31
DBOrobert_ancell, at least they happen in libgl and not the x driver07:31
DBOso x stays up just the window manager dies07:32
robert_ancellDBO, so it looks like a gl bug or a compiz bug?07:32
DBOnvidia gl bug07:32
robert_ancellwhich we can't do anything with07:32
DBOyeah we have to work around those07:33
didrockspitti: small question, if I need to promote some binary packages (but not all), I guess I should put the source to main as well, isn't it?07:33
pittididrocks: yes07:33
pittirobert_ancell: I left my blurb about both changes (indicator-session lock regression and the gnome-screensaver ones) in the bug07:33
didrockspitti: I was puzzled by the fact change-override didn't do it :)07:34
didrockspitti: thanks for confirming :)07:34
pittididrocks: if you only change binary packages, it won't auto-change the source07:34
robert_ancellpitti, ah, reading it now07:34
rickspencer3robert_ancell, I have a hybrid graphic laptop, I was planning to spend some time figuring out how to use the nvidia chip today ... so let me know if you want me to do some testing07:36
robert_ancellrickspencer3, pitti has used his veto powers :)07:36
pittithe xrandr part is certainly fixable on our part, as RAOF says too07:37
pittibut I really don't see a good way around the proprietary drivers07:37
pittithe crash and them not being able to handle more than one X.org at a time are both solvable in principle (but not by us)07:38
robert_ancellpitti, there is blacklisting, but I'm not sure if we can reliably detect the driver from within the session07:38
pittibut them not using KMS, and thus having a really poor performance and flickering during VT switch is a principal problem07:38
pittirobert_ancell: yeah, if we can fix the randr part and blacklist non-KMS drivers, it'd be better07:38
robert_ancellpitti, and the latter should hopefully solve that by matching resolutions by default07:38
didrockspitti: I don't see the quickly spec anymore on my status page: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/u/didrocks.html, any idea? (because targeted later?)07:39
pittirobert_ancell: KMS == grep -q -E '(nouveau|drm)fb' /proc/fb07:39
robert_ancellpitti, ok, gtg again, be back in an hour or so07:39
pittithat's what pm-utils uses07:40
pittirobert_ancell: not sure whether having /dev/dri/card0 is a good indication <- RAOF?07:40
pittii. e. does nvidia have that?07:40
pitti(it's different from KMS, so I think checking /proc/fb is saver)07:40
DBOpitti, nvidia does not make /dev/dri/card007:41
robert_ancellpitti, do you think it's worth trying with that?  Or would you prefer to revert the whole thing.  Note also that all the changes are in lightdm for this to work, so it can be enabled on OEM system should they wish to patch indicator-session07:41
robert_ancellI mean gnome-screensaver07:41
pittiDBO: ok, I remembered that much; but DRI != KMS, so it'd be only an approximation; checking /proc/fb is just as easy07:41
pittirobert_ancell: it still leaves the xrandr change; are you confident that this can be fixed?07:42
pittirobert_ancell: well, we can still revert it later, too07:42
pittirobert_ancell: I don't understand the indicator-session chagne, which caused the locking regression07:42
pittirobert_ancell: why was this necessary in the first place?07:42
robert_ancellpitti, it depends on how bad you consider it - note that it is only when locking which is not normally a time critical thing07:42
DBOpitti, is the plan to fall back to the old lockscreen on nvidia?07:42
pittiDBO: yes07:43
DBO+1 to that good buddy07:43
pittiI don't think there's any other sensible option at that point on proprietary drivers07:43
robert_ancellpitti, that was required because if do the lock and that asks lightdm to go to the lock screen, then do a user switch then you get two requests to the dm that spawns two VTs07:43
pittididrocks: hm, curious -- https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-p-quickly is still targetted to precise07:43
robert_ancellthe next version of lightdm does the locking for you so you don't have to worry about it07:43
DBOpitti, if we figure out the slowness issue, it might fix this for nvidia at least07:43
DBORAOF, any news on that driver? :)07:43
pittididrocks: ooh -- the milestone was set to "later", which doesn't really exist, I guess?07:44
pittididrocks: should this be targetted to P (and mielstone -> beta-1), or moved to Q?07:44
pittirobert_ancell: and gdm?07:44
didrockspitti: ok, not sure who changed it, will fix it :)07:46
RAOFDBO: Almost there!07:47
DBORAOF, sexy07:47
RAOF(Yes, that's slow.  Sorry)07:47
rickspencer3pitti, robert_ancell, RAOF a dist-upgrade this morning rather significantly horked my netbook07:50
pittihow in particular?07:51
rickspencer3it starts in low graphics moods, then runs GMD, then won't start a session07:51
rickspencer3low graphics mode07:51
rickspencer3moods too, I guess, but my netbook doesn't like it when I personify it07:51
rickspencer3pitti, yeah, Intel07:51
rickspencer3pitti, suggestions?07:52
pittirickspencer3: can you paste /var/log/Xorg.0.log and dmesg?07:52
rickspencer3pitti, well, I can't log into a session, so not easily07:53
pittirickspencer3: I also dist-upgraded about two hours ago and rebooted, worked hehre07:53
pittiso I don't have a general idea what could be wrong07:53
pittirobert_ancell: you can log into VT107:53
rickspencer3pitti, yeah, I can get a VT07:53
rickspencer3why would GDM run?07:53
rickspencer3pitti, yeah, GDM instead of lightdm07:54
pittirickspencer3: do you have both lightdm and gdm installed?07:54
pittiit should work with gdm as well, of course07:55
rickspencer3pitti, yes07:56
pittirickspencer3: so, I think we'll need to see what dmesg/Xorg.0.log complain about07:56
rickspencer3I thought gdm got removed on a previous update, I guess not, though07:56
rickspencer3pitti, is this worth your time?07:56
pittirickspencer3: as a first step, can you please check if "sudo apt-get -f install" complains aobut anythign?07:56
pittiinterrupted dist-upgrade or so?07:56
pittiwe got a new kernel and such07:56
rickspencer3pitti, -f install just said there was no work to do07:57
pittirickspencer3: making our manager be able to work again is worth our time, yes :)07:57
pittirickspencer3: ok, so it's not that at least07:57
rickspencer3pitti, well, I have a laptop too07:57
pittirickspencer3: if you want to try, you could reboot, press shift to get into grub, and try with the previous kernel (-15)07:57
rickspencer3if I am experiencing somehting idiosyncratic, I would want to put it off07:57
rickspencer3but I am worried that it's a general issue07:57
pittiand see whether that makes a difference07:57
rickspencer3pitti, should I try dpkg --configure maybe?07:58
pittirickspencer3: no, if apt-get -f install is satisfied, packages are okay07:58
* rickspencer3 ponders07:58
pittirickspencer3: so I'd first try kernel -15 again07:58
pittiif it works -> kernel issue, need to bug them07:58
pittiif it fails -> need dmesg/X.org log, some other package broke it07:58
rickspencer3I wonder if I could be out of room on my hard drive07:59
pittidf -h07:59
rickspencer3well, I'm rebooting now07:59
pittithat's possible; but it at least ought to mount a /tmp tmpfs in that case07:59
rickspencer3oops, the -15 kernel isn't installed!07:59
rickspencer3or at least not in grub08:00
pittioh, you already cleaned it up?08:00
rickspencer3pitti, I didn't manually08:00
pittirickspencer3: it's now behind "older OS versions.." or so08:00
pittinot the huge long list by default any more08:00
rickspencer3pitti, under Previous Linux versions I have 2 memory test options08:00
rickspencer3I've been upgrading this netbook for 2 years, now08:01
pittirickspencer3: does uname -r say 3.2.0-16-generic ?08:01
rickspencer3I have to wonder if I once configured apt to delete old kernels at some point08:01
pittirickspencer3: I don't think you can08:01
pittiwell, I don't know how, anyway08:01
pitticomputer-janitor cleans them up nicely08:01
rickspencer3pitti, so,  /dev/sda1 is at 100%08:02
rickspencer3let me remove some stuff and try again08:02
pittirickspencer3: sudo apt-get clean08:02
pittithat woudl make a nice test case08:03
rickspencer3sudo rm -r *.wmv08:03
pittidefualt install, fill up / to 100%, reboot and verify that a session starts08:03
pittiit ought to survive that08:03
rickspencer3I'm assuming I'm not going to watch all these old episodes of Futurama and southpark again08:03
pittithat's why we mount a tmpfs on /tmp08:03
pittiat least we used to, this might be broken now08:04
rickspencer3pitti, I agree that my netbook should be able to survive all these old episodes08:04
micahg /run is a /tmpfs now08:04
rickspencer3but, it seems like this is a bit of a corner case08:04
pittimicahg: not by default08:05
pittimicahg: sorry, yes; /run is08:05
pittiI meant /tmp08:05
* DBO gives RAOF the big puppy dog eyes08:05
pittiif it can't create X or D-BUS sockets, your system won't be very happy08:05
rickspencer3pitti, making room fixed it08:05
rickspencer3sorry to take up so much of your time08:05
rickspencer3also ..08:05
pittirickspencer3: np08:05
rickspencer3I was having flashbacks to the bad old days08:05
pittihey Sweetshark, good morning08:14
Sweetsharkrickspencer3: are you still having trouble with LO?08:14
rickspencer3good morning Sweetshark08:14
rickspencer3I assume so, I haven't tried today08:14
rickspencer3hold on08:14
rickspencer3Sweetshark, so, yes, I am still having trouble08:16
rickspencer3when I run it, the splash screen appears, and then when it disappears, nothing08:16
rickspencer3when I run libreoffice from a terminal, there is no output08:16
rickspencer3just the splashscreen coming and going08:16
DBOrickspencer3, does the process terminate?08:17
rickspencer3DBO yes08:17
Sweetsharkwhat does "strace /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin" do?08:17
rickspencer3Sweetshark, it segfaults08:18
robert_ancellpitti, this behaviour only occurs under lightdm08:18
pittirobert_ancell: ah, I see08:18
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Sweetsharkrickspencer3: strace itself? or the soffice.bin?08:19
rickspencer3Sweetshark, not sure08:19
rickspencer3the error dialog says strace08:19
Sweetsharkrickspencer3: interesting, I like it if debugging tools break themselves ...08:20
robert_ancellpitti, actually it appears that indicator-session only switches under lightdm now08:21
Sweetsharkrickspencer3: was there any output before the segfault? if so, could you pastebin the last dying breath of it?08:21
rickspencer3Sweetshark, yes, hold on08:22
rickspencer3Sweetshark, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/842759/08:23
Sweetsharkrickspencer3: seems like it cant find libicui18n.so.48, hmmm08:29
rickspencer3Sweetshark, ok08:30
rickspencer3so, how can I help?08:30
pittisiimilar to bug 917153 ?08:30
ubot2`Launchpad bug 917153 in libreoffice "failed to upgrade from oneiric to precise: /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/unopkg.bin: error while loading shared libraries: libicule.so.48: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91715308:31
kenvandinewoot, no more webkit-gtk2 dependency for gwibber!08:32
kenvandinefinally all merged08:32
Sweetsharkpitti: yes, I find that suspicious too. But I thought that to be an issue only with update order, after completing the install all libs should be there anyway ....08:33
Sweetsharkrickspencer3: does 'sudo apt-get install --reinstall libreoffice-core' and then 'sudo apt-get install --reinstall libreoffice-common' help?08:39
Sweetsharkrickspencer3: and do you know when the problem first appeared? There was no recent LO update in the last days.08:39
rickspencer3Sweetshark, it started yesterday08:44
rickspencer3and it worked on Monday08:44
rickspencer3so, something when I updated yesterday morning, I guess08:44
infinityAnd this wasn't an oneiric->precise upgrade between Monday and yesterday, I assume?08:44
infinityrickspencer3: libicu48 is installed and configured?08:45
infinity(dpkg -l libicu48)08:45
rickspencer3infinity, it was a dist-upgrade, but precise to precise08:45
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infinityAt first glance, it sure looks like the bug that pitti brought up, but I don't see how that could happen on a recent precise->precise upgrade.08:47
rickspencer3pitti, should I log a bug from my "can't start when the disk is full" thing from this morning?08:47
infinityGiven that the last time I synced ICU was 3 weeks ago.08:47
pittiagain wrong unpack order?08:47
pittiI thought that was the problem during dist-upgrade, although it should not really hit that hard on precise->precise08:48
infinitypitti: Sure, unpack order issues are a sound theory, but the problem on dist-upgrade was the icu44->icu48 SOVER bump.08:48
pittirickspencer3: you migth as well; I'm sure that there are a thousand (unindentifyalbe) dupes around, but a clean one might be better08:48
infinitypitti: rick would have already had icu48 installd, so...08:48
rickspencer3pitti, which package should I log it against?08:49
pittirickspencer3: hm, I'm not sure about the root cause yet, so perhaps start with an "ubuntu" only task08:50
pittirickspencer3: it's probably in more than one08:50
rickspencer3Sweetshark, hey, so, those reinstalls didn't work08:50
pittirickspencer3: what was the exact problem, X.org failed to start?08:50
pittirickspencer3: I think we lost the automatic tmpfs /tmp creation08:51
ryeerm, what does Super+R sho08:51
pittirickspencer3: so please start with "mountall"08:51
rickspencer3pitti, ack08:51
rye... what should Super+R do? it does something weird now for me08:51
ryesomething like panning virtual desktop with zoom08:52
ryeand I can't disable this mode, mouse pointer is also not displayed08:52
pittihow do I get out of that again?08:52
pittiTheMuso: ^ do you know?08:52
infinityrickspencer3: Regarding your libreoffice troubles, does dpkg list "libicu48" as installed?08:52
ryepitti, phew08:52
ryepitti, press super and scroll down on mouse/trackpad08:53
rickspencer3everything is so big08:53
pittirye: thanks08:53
rickspencer3ok, so that's pretty cool08:53
pittiso super+r is indeed confusing08:53
ryequite unexpected, sorry about panicking08:53
rickspencer3pitti, I got an apport error!08:54
* rickspencer3 resists the yak shaving excursion08:54
pittirickspencer3: which?08:55
rickspencer3infinity, according to apt-cache, it is installed08:56
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pittibonjour seb12808:58
seb128hey pitti, how are you?08:58
infinityrickspencer3: Hrm.  Then it's vaguely curious that libreoffice can't find it. :/08:58
pittiseb128: not too bad; desperately trying to keep teh archive in one piece :)08:58
pittiseb128: and arguing about the gnome-screensaver changes08:58
seb128pitti, oh, sorry you were not around when I uploaded so not kept in the loop, it's rather a "let's see how it goes and get some feedback", I don't think we will stick to it for this cycle08:59
pittiseb128: I left my ramblings in the bug, and discussed possible options with robert_ancell08:59
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:00
seb128mdeslaur had good feedback yesterday09:00
pittihey chrisccoulson09:00
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?09:00
pittiseb128: in other news, g-s-d works like a charm here09:00
seb128I didn't think much about the issue due to the fact that your switch away from your user seat so i.e disable sound09:00
pittichrisccoulson: quite fine, thanks!09:00
seb128or don't respect the user settings09:00
pittiseb128: ah, haven't even considered those09:00
seb128pitti, great, I will upload that to precise in a bit, jbicha filled the libwacom mir and mterry acked it09:00
pittiseb128: it totally breaks nvidia users, and it's a really bad experience with multiple monitors09:01
didrockssalut seb12809:01
seb128pitti, multimonitor? because vt switch sucks?09:01
seb128didrocks, lut09:01
seb128chrisccoulson, hey, how are you?09:01
rickspencer3pitti, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mountall/+bug/93259809:02
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932598 in mountall "Full hard drive causes xorg and desktop to fail to load" [Undecided,New]09:02
rickspencer3like I dope, I logged it from a different computer :/09:02
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, not too bad thanks. stressing about mozilla bug 694594 though ;)09:02
pittirickspencer3: thanks, I'll queue that09:02
chrisccoulsonhow are you?09:02
ubot2`Mozilla bug 694594 in JavaScript Engine "Crashes with gcc 4.4.3" [Critical,New: ] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69459409:02
seb128rickspencer3, pitti: isn't that issue years old?09:02
pittiseb128: it got much better when we had the fallback in sysvinit09:03
pittiseb128: it used to mount a tmpfs on /tmp if you had < 1 MB free on /09:03
pittibut I think we'd be better off with always having that09:04
seb128pitti, rickspencer3: bug #3521709:04
ubot2`Launchpad bug 35217 in gdm "Unable to login when disk space is exhausted" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3521709:04
seb128it's a 5 digits bug!09:04
pittiseb128: so there's two parts09:04
seb128pitti, I'm pretty sure it was discussed on another bug recently but I think I cleared the emails09:04
chrisccoulsonand we're nearly at 7 digits!09:04
pittiseb128: if you have /home on a full partition, the session fails to start09:05
pittibut if /tmp is full, then not even lightdm/X.org start up09:05
pittias D-BUS etc. can't even create their sockets there, etc.09:05
seb128pitti, oh, right09:05
pittibut still, we can join the bugs indeed09:05
seb128pitti, I don't think we ever really solved the xorg,session part09:05
pittithanks for the pointer09:05
kenvandinegood morning seb12809:06
kenvandinei know it must be time for bed if seb128 is here :)09:06
seb128kenvandine, hey, what are you doing still there? ;-)09:06
seb128kenvandine, indeed :p09:06
kenvandinemerging branches :)09:06
pittijibel: how much effort would it be to add a test case which fills up the disk with a dummy file, then reboots, and checks that X and lightdm come up properly?09:07
RAOFDBO: Why is the nvidia installer give such totally useless error messages?!09:07
pittijibel: this case kept breaking several times in the past09:07
seb128pitti, rickspencer3: ah, found it09:08
seb128bug #87336809:08
ubot2`Launchpad bug 873368 in gnome-session "Session fails to start when root system full" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87336809:08
seb128pitti, ^ that's the one I read comment on recently09:09
pittiseb128: that sounds like a proper dupe of 35217 indeed09:09
seb128it got assigned to our team09:09
chrisccoulsonis anyone else using the new unity from the PPA?09:16
jibelpitti, doing a fresh desktop install, reboot, check that essential services are running, fill the disk, reboot, check again. That's it ?09:16
chrisccoulsondidrocks, do you notice an annoying flicker when switching workspaces now?09:16
didrockschrisccoulson: in the preview, you mean?09:17
chrisccoulsonperhaps that's a compiz thing actually. did compiz change recently as well?09:17
chrisccoulsondidrocks, no, this is when using the keyboard shortcuts09:17
didrocksyou don't read the team report? :p09:17
chrisccoulsoni do, honest ;)09:17
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didrockschrisccoulson: one sec, I have a video09:18
didrockschrisccoulson: bug #93012209:19
ubot2`Launchpad bug 930122 in compiz "some window preview glitches on workspace switcher and expo" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93012209:19
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, that looks the same as what i'm seeing :)09:20
didrockschrisccoulson: can you confirm as well?09:20
jibelpitti, I think we can create a test case for this in the current iso testing framework. not very difficult but need to find the time to do it.09:20
didrockschrisccoulson: it's compiz09:20
jibelpitti, is there any level of emergency ?09:20
didrocks(spotted before the upload, but didn't worth blocking on it)09:20
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, i can confirm that09:20
Sweetsharkmeh. still cant reproduce the icu bug.09:25
pittijibel: no, it's not really something new; it just came up in the discussion again09:26
pittijibel: it doesn't need to be an entirely new install; a post-instal test of an existing one is sufficient09:27
desrtpitti: good morning09:27
pittijibel: so that this takes a minute, not 2009:27
pittihey desrt09:27
desrtpitti: i think introspection in libxklavier is broken09:27
pittidesrt: how so?09:27
desrt  GISCAN Xkl-1.0.gir09:27
desrt /home/desrt/jhbuild/checkout/libxklavier-5.2/libxklavier/xkl_config_registry.h:24:36: fatal error: libxklavier/xkl_engine.h: No such file or directory09:28
desrtthe reason seems to be because Xkl_1_0_gir_CFLAGS = $(INCLUDES) $(X_CFLAGS) $(XML_CFLAGS) $(GLIB_CFLAGS) $(XINPUT_CFLAGS)09:28
pittimy checkout is still from January 1609:28
pittilet me check09:28
desrtbut meanwhile the real AM_CFLAGS contain -I. -I$(top_srcdir)09:28
desrtoh.  i'm looking at the 5.2 release, btw09:28
desrtit may well have been fixed since then.  silly me.09:28
pittimy checkout is before 5.2 even09:29
pittiI'll compare my checkout with current master09:29
pittiok, still works in my checkout (c8addc9)09:29
desrtoh.  indeed09:30
desrtmade after the 5.2 release09:30
pittihmm; master also works09:30
desrtyes.  you're right.09:30
pittiright, I noticed that on the next day09:30
desrti don't suppose you're interested in doing a point release :)09:30
pittibut in the meantime 5.2 was already released09:30
pittiso I cherry-picked this into our packages09:30
desrt(i guess i ask svu for that)09:30
pittidesrt: yes, I pointed that out to him09:31
desrtokay.  sorry for the noise.09:31
desrtjhbuilding is a lot like packaging ;)09:31
pittino problem at all09:31
pittidesrt: let's say, if it's done well in jhbuild, packaging becomes much easier :)09:31
pittibut I should update our packages to 5.209:32
pittinot many changes, but it's cleaner09:32
desrtpitti: i like to think i've been actively making seb's life easier lately by catching ubuntu issues in gnome before he tries to package them :p09:32
seb128desrt, hey ;-)09:33
desrtseb128: good morning :)09:33
seb128desrt, how are you? are you in europe yet or just on european tz adjustment? ;-)09:34
desrtworking on the adjustment :)09:34
robert_ancellseb128, there's a new lightdm/u-g about to be uploaded - did you want to do any smoke-testing?09:34
* desrt will be in europe tomorrow09:34
seb128robert_ancell, hey, I can do if you want09:35
seb128robert_ancell, everything is in the packaging vcs?09:35
robert_ancellseb128, yup09:35
seb128robert_ancell, ok, I'm on it09:35
desrtrobert_ancell: latest u-g theme changes look really nice, btw09:35
desrtthe seethrough dropdown is a nice touch09:35
robert_ancelldesrt, that's all mterry and cimi's work09:35
robert_ancellseb128, if you've got multi-monitor then the greeter may look a bit weird - it does multi-monitor now, but the default is to mirror and on my laptop it trims the sides09:36
desrtrobert_ancell: hah!09:36
robert_ancell(default being the g-s-d default)09:36
desrti was just typing a question to ask you how to change that :)09:36
seb128robert_ancell, I'm using a laptop docked but with lid closed, i.e just the external monitor09:36
seb128robert_ancell, that usually doesn't stop the closed screen for some reason and put me in minor09:37
desrtbecause it looks quite bad09:37
seb128which is annoying because I get the laptop resolution on the external screen09:37
desrtthe resolution ends up being sort of the worst-choice of all connected monitors09:37
desrtseb128: it's not even the laptop's resolution09:37
desrtit's the highest resolution supported by both devices09:37
desrtwhich for me is something extremely obnoxious like 1024x76809:37
seb128desrt, I think it is, at least it's in mirror mode, both screen should have the same resolution, I figured it would pick the lower one of the two09:37
robert_ancellseb128, right, so if I start with my monitor plugged in I get that, but if you disconnect and reconnect the monitor it has the correct resolution09:38
desrtseb128: not all monitors support all lower resolutions09:38
seb128desrt, right, I see what you mean09:38
desrtso if your laptop has an odd panel size, chances are the external monitor does not directly support it09:38
robert_ancellseb128, so not sure what we're going to do here, the changes are nice but if we can't get g-s-d/x to play nice they might have to be reverted09:39
desrti think this is what the "Note: may limit resolution options" string in gnome-control-center is hinting at (which at first i thought only meant what you thought it meant and i was like "well... duh... obviously")09:39
seb128robert_ancell, I'm pleased to see that you used merge-upstream this time :p09:39
robert_ancellseb128, I remembered :)09:40
seb128robert_ancell, I was not even sure you read my email09:40
desrtrobert_ancell: do you have an idea of what you'd ideally like to happen?09:40
robert_ancelldesrt, side by side - always09:40
desrtseems right09:40
desrthow do you select the default though?09:40
robert_ancelldesrt, heuristics I guess09:40
* desrt suggests a good one: largest panel09:41
desrtyou will not plug in an external monitor and ignore your laptop screen if the laptop screen is larger...09:41
robert_ancelldesrt, or the one closest to the hardware, i.e. laptop display overrides external monitor09:41
desrtrobert_ancell: i don't like that option because the lid may be closed09:41
robert_ancelldesrt, then you only have one screen09:41
desrtis that how it works these days?09:42
seb128robert_ancell, should I test lightdm first and then the greeter or both together?09:42
desrtlid closed -> xrandr 'disappears' the monitor for you?09:42
robert_ancellseb128, might as well both09:42
robert_ancelldesrt, it should09:42
desrtthat's pretty clever logic09:43
robert_ancell(no idea if it does)09:43
desrtwell, i've seen behaviour that suggest that there is at least some hinting going on in this direction09:43
seb128robert_ancell, ok, installed, brb09:43
desrtmaybe g-s-d is doing something clever there09:43
robert_ancelldesrt, oh, I noticed that u-g is using the slow method of doing images (like we had in g-g)09:44
robert_ancellis there an easy way to confirm the current method is the slow one?09:44
desrtburn it!09:44
robert_ancelldesrt, the main part is being done in a thread and it didn't like me doing a trivial replacement09:44
desrtfor gnome-games i put a for loop for 1000 iterations around the 'draw' function09:44
desrtthat was enough to show a rather visible difference between the code as it was and my improvements09:45
robert_ancelldesrt, also, is there a reason why there isn't a Gdk.cairo_make_native_surface (w, h)?09:45
desrtrobert_ancell: oh.  yes.  don't do that.09:45
desrtrobert_ancell: you'd also need a GdkDisplay there (or maybe even a Gdk.Screen)09:45
robert_ancellor just grab the default09:46
desrtgdk tries not to introduce APIs that assume the default gdkdisplay these days09:47
desrtin order to be safe for multiple GdkDisplay in one process09:47
desrt(which i think is pretty bogus, but whatever)09:47
desrtactually, i guess with our new support for multiple display backends this makes more sense than it used to09:47
desrtbut i still don't know of anyone who is actually using this support for anything09:47
desrtrobert_ancell: anyway.. it makes a lot of sense09:48
desrtcairo is threadsafe itself09:48
seb128robert_ancell, is buggy09:48
desrtand an image surface is fully detached from the X server -- it's just in local process memory09:48
desrtX on the other hand is _not_ threadsafe09:48
desrtand the cairo 'similar' surface for an X window is going to be doing drawing via X09:48
robert_ancellseb128, in what way?09:48
desrtso you can't write to the similar surface in a thread at the same time that you do other things to X in the main thread09:48
seb128robert_ancell, I can't start a guest session, it just switches me to the greeter09:49
seb128robert_ancell, (it always did that when a greeter is running)09:49
seb128did you make it so there is always a greeter running?09:49
robert_ancelldesrt, yeah, I was moving all that stuff outside of the thread and just doing the GdkPixbuf scaling in the thread09:49
desrtrobert_ancell: use cairo to do the scaling on the GPU09:50
seb128robert_ancell, usually the greeter would close when I logged in or typed my password on the greeter to log back in, and then I could start a guest session from indicator-session09:50
desrtrobert_ancell: at the very worst you will get a fallback that's no worse than GdkPixbuf09:50
seb128robert_ancell, now picking guest in the session menu (from my session) send me to the greeter09:50
desrtrobert_ancell: and maybe you get something a lot better...09:50
robert_ancellseb128, confirmed09:50
seb128robert_ancell, otherwise login on ecryptfs and normal, switch user, keyboard layout, etc work fine09:52
desrt(although you may lose the concurrency benefits, of course)09:52
seb128robert_ancell, small 'glitch' in lightdm as a greeter, if I log with 2 users and switch between those from the session indicator it sends me to the other session and I get gnome-screensaver, not the lightdm greeter09:52
pittialways having a greeter running will again break on nvidia & friends09:52
pitti(if that's intended)09:52
desrtpitti: it is intended to break nvidia & friends? ;)09:53
seb128pitti, I think you made that point yes ;-)09:53
desrtdoes unity have an overview like 'spread' view?09:53
pittiseb128: different context here, though; it's independent from the gnome-screensaver changes09:53
seb128robert_ancell, otherwise multimonitor -> it doesn't behave differently from before, I get my external monitor in 1440 and not 1920, I guess it goes to mirror still by default for me09:53
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, you'll need to unplug/replug it09:54
pittidesrt: hm, we used to with super+w09:54
seb128desrt, super-w09:54
seb128desrt, sit on super for a second09:54
pittidesrt: but now that only shows the apps on the current ws09:54
seb128desrt, you will get a keys overview09:54
desrtsuper+w works, thanks09:54
pittiseb128: super+w is not documented there09:54
seb128pitti, it is for me09:55
robert_ancellseb128, ok, I don't have the energy to chase down the problem tonight, I'll look into it tomorrow.  Can you revert the gnome-screensaver patch / indicator-session change?  I don't think I'm going to have the time to get it all working09:55
desrtseb128: interesting09:55
pittiseb128: odd -- translation issue?09:55
seb128pitti, first in the bottom right section09:55
pittioh, there, right09:55
desrtseb128: same here09:55
desrthum.  vi is calling unity a liar09:55
seb128robert_ancell, ok09:55
desrtit's telling me that it's quite sure i have this file open in another terminal09:55
* desrt thinks it's wrong, after all09:56
seb128robert_ancell, do you want to upload the new lightdm,unity-greeter anyway?09:56
seb128robert_ancell, I would say the guest session stuff is minitor09:56
seb128robert_ancell, you can start it from the greeter09:56
pittirobert_ancell: I have locally reverted the screensaver one; can upload that if you want to09:56
seb128though if the greeter keeps running that's an issue for nvidia as pitti pointed09:56
desrtdesrt    12637  0.0  0.0  53908  5076 pts/2    S+   04:19   0:00 vi gnome-suites-core-deps-3.4.modules09:56
seb128pitti, please do09:56
robert_ancellpitti, I know your just waiting to do it - go for it!09:56
desrtdoes super+W also show minimised windows?09:56
pittirobert_ancell: heh09:57
robert_ancellseb128, nah, it's not pressing - just let mterry know the new ones are available if he wants to do any testing09:57
pittirobert_ancell: good night, sleep well!09:57
pittirobert_ancell: thanks for staying up late to discuss this09:57
seb128pitti, can you revert the indicator-session patch as well if you think it's wrong? be aware that upstream acked it and merged it to their trunk so we will need to discuss it there if we want to revert that09:57
pittiseb128: I was told it's incomplete09:57
seb128pitti, dx is keen to not enforce screensaver from the session menu09:57
pittiseb128: the next lightdm will do the locking09:57
pittiso I'm fine with keeping this for now09:58
seb128pitti, well as you pointed on the bug that's an issue for other dms09:58
pittiseb128: robert told me that scrensaver will only do that if lightdm is running09:58
seb128robert_ancell, 'night09:58
seb128pitti, ok, good09:58
pittiseb128: I guess he meant "indicator"09:58
robert_ancellseb128, though I just grepped the indicator code and it appears they only support lightdm (i.e. no reference to gdmflexiserver)09:58
seb128pitti, so let's wait for that, you upload gnome-screensaver?09:58
pittior that09:58
pittiseb128: yes, will do09:59
pittiI'm fine wiht keeping indicator-session for now09:59
seb128robert_ancell, ok, we can sort the indicator stuff later09:59
robert_ancellok, bye all09:59
desrthow does one regain access to windows that they have minimised?10:00
seb128desrt, they click on them in the launcher10:00
desrtthat seems to be lauching new windows for me10:00
seb128it shouldn't10:00
seb128it means you have a bamf bug and it doesn't see the current instance10:00
desrtsuper+w -is- showing my minimised windows10:01
seb128left click is focus the current one10:01
desrtthey're just invisible10:01
seb128middle click is start a new one10:01
desrtlike, it does the spread, and leaves a space where the window should be and clicking into the space brings it back10:01
desrtfound it :)10:02
seb128desrt, works for me, but I've seen issues with that in compiz before10:02
desrtseb128: it was also not possible to get to it using alt+tab :/10:03
seb128desrt, that seems a bamf bug10:03
seb128desrt, did you restart it or did it segfault during your session?10:03
desrti don't recall either of those things happening, no10:03
seb128desrt, unity has some issues when bamf restart, it doesn't restore its state always correctly10:04
seb128that's a known bug10:04
seb128it will be looked at after ff10:04
desrti kill bamf a lot while working but i did a cold boot when i got home and haven't done any work on it since then10:04
desrtso something to keep in mind in any case if i see this bug pop up later while working10:04
desrtthanks :)10:05
pittiseb128: done, and bug 878836 updated accordingly10:05
ubot2`Launchpad bug 878836 in lightdm "Unity Greeter - Use Unity Greeter to fulfil lock screen as well as login functions" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87883610:05
seb128pitti, danke!10:05
pittiseb128: any new package versions etc. which we need to get in today/by FF?10:05
pittiI'm doing some stable+1 stuff to hold the archive in one piece, but I have some time in between to help out if necessary10:05
seb128pitti, there is some red on versions but I don't think any is ffish10:06
seb128like they are point releases, i.e bug fix updates10:06
rickspencer3Sweetshark, so, thoughts on getting LibreOffice working again?10:11
* rickspencer3 reinstalls everything, restarts session10:14
Sweetsharkrickspencer3: Im a bit out of ideas for now. I just updated my precise VM from ~Desktop-Sprint and had no issues.10:24
seb128pitti, were the retracers broken and catching up or did precise just turned to have segfault issues yesterday?10:34
pittiseb128: the former, I restarted it some hours ago10:34
seb128ok, good, I was starting being a bit concerned, I've no time before ff to go through the bug emails but I can see those pilling up there ;-)10:35
mhr3pitti, is it possible to add xsession-errors to apport bugs reported for the lenses?10:54
pittimhr3: it should be attached by default10:55
pittimhr3: well, right now we do that for programs which link with either libgtk or libX1110:55
pittimhr3: if lenses don't do that, we could either add a new 'trigger' library to apport10:56
mhr3pitti, yea, lenses don't do that10:56
seb128pitti, mhr3: we don't add .xsession-errors, we do a grep on known warning markers10:56
pittior you manually call apport.hookutils.xsession_errors(pattern) to the hook10:56
pittiwell, yes10:56
pittipattern = re.compile('^(\(.*:\d+\): \w+-(WARNING|CRITICAL|ERROR))|(Error: .*No Symbols named)')10:56
pittithat's our current filter10:56
seb128pitti, mhr3: that's on my list of things to "get fix"10:56
pittito avoid exposing arbitrary data there10:56
seb128"get fixed"10:56
seb128pitti, I think we should not worry about arbitrary datas10:57
seb128we loose lot of useful informations with the current way10:57
seb128in practice you don't have often real datas in there10:57
seb128what bug-buddy was doing is attaching like the n most recent lines to GNOME bugs, I don't think it has been an issue10:57
pittiwell, we introduced this check because we had bugs with that10:58
pittiany package hook can fish out other things it's interested in, of course10:59
mhr3well for one unity is using custom log handlers, so it should include that as well10:59
mhr3like using just "WARN"10:59
seb128pitti, ok, I will open a bug about including Xerrors in some way there11:00
seb128pitti, we miss the actual infos for half the g-s-d issues which are in BadMath xerrors11:00
seb128but that errors is not collected11:00
seb128so we don't get the numbers associated with those11:01
pittiif we can grep X errors, that sounds fine11:01
Laneydear all, libproxy is ready for reviewing if you have time git://git.debian.org/git/users/laney/libproxy.git11:04
Laneyi still do not know what to do about the modules11:04
seb128pitti, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/+bug/93266011:05
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932660 in apport "XsessionErrors should include X errors" [Undecided,New]11:05
seb128Laney, hey, how are you?11:07
Laneyyeah, good thanks :-)11:07
seb128pitti, ^ libproxy seems something we want in for ff if you still have some spare cycle11:07
seb128Laney, I'm great thanks, a bit in a rush for ff11:07
seb128pitti, our version doesn't support GNOME3 so we need that update11:07
pittiLaney: you want me to do a Debian upload, or merge with Ubuntu, or both?11:08
Laneypitti: I think there's a bit of a Joss situation with this package atm, so …11:08
pittiI mean, I'm fine with committing changes to the Debian svn11:09
seb128well Joss hates it but he agreed the update was needed since the current version is broken11:09
LaneyI'll try and negotiate with pkg-gnome; seeking reviews and probably an Ubuntu upload atm11:09
pittijust not sure what this git branch is11:09
pittiseb128: oh, why doesn't he like it?11:09
Laneythere's some stuff I am not entirely confident about, like the multiarching or the naming of the module packages11:09
Laneyor how users are supposed to get the modules11:09
seb128pitti, dunno, he justs hate the design or the code or something11:11
Laneythinks it should be better done in glib-networking11:11
seb128pitti, he's wanting to replace it with something else or write something new instead, he considers it just broken by design and something we should get ride of if we can11:11
pittiseb128: ah, ok; so nothing in particular about the new version11:12
seb128I didn't bother trying to figure why exactly he hates it, I just know he does ;-)11:12
seb128pitti, no, he said he agrees we need the update since the current one is broken with GNOME311:12
seb128but he would prefer to just get ride of it if we could :p11:12
Laneyactually probably the modules don't need to depend on the shared lib11:13
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GunnarHjpitti: A transition issue: As long as bug 926207 is not resolved, some of the people who install Ubuntu will have LC_MESSAGES, LC_CTYPE and LC_COLLATE set in /etc/default/locale. Therefore I think we should comment the 'dpkg --compare-versions' condition in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/precise/accountsservice/precise/view/head:/debian/accountsservice.postinst for now. It can be uncommented later on, b12:18
ubot2`Launchpad bug 926207 in ubiquity "Set formats related LC_* variables when applicable instead of LC_MESSAGES, LC_CTYPE and LC_COLLATE" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92620712:18
GunnarHjut with a later accountsservice version than 0.6.15-2ubuntu3. Any thoughts?12:18
pittiGunnarHj: that doesn't help much, though12:18
pittias it's unlikely that there is a package update after a precise installation12:18
GunnarHjpitti: Why not?12:18
pittiaccountsservice is not the kind of package that gets many post-release updates12:18
GunnarHjpitti: Then what would you suggest?12:19
pgranerdidrocks, not sure if you've seen this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/93252012:19
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932520 in unity "Maximzed windows on start up don't show full window" [Undecided,New]12:19
pittiGunnarHj: well, thaht bug needs to get fixed :)12:20
didrockspgraner: this is with latest unity trunk?12:20
didrockspgraner: or new to the compiz update yesterday?12:20
pgranerdidrocks, no yesterday's archive12:20
GunnarHjpitti: Yes. Of course, my assumption was that it has to be done before the 12.04 release.12:20
didrockspgraner: ok, seems a compiz regression then, adding to the list, thanks12:20
pgranerdidrocks, started on after monday's updates and I've been able to repro tho it does take some time12:21
pittiGunnarHj: after that we can do another accountsservice upload and bump the comparison, to fix it for people who installed alpha-2 etc.12:21
didrockspgraner: are you sure they are maximized not just "big enough"?12:21
GunnarHjpitti: Yes, that's exactly what I meant.12:21
didrocks(it's hard to tell from the screenshot)12:21
didrocksbut yeyah, seems anyway that something is cut12:21
pgranerdidrocks, yea look at the screen shot, the buttons are showing the right state and when you click the max/min button it goes to a window12:22
pittiGunnarHj: ah, ok; misunderstood you then12:22
pgranerdidrocks, to note once you min then max the window all is working well12:22
didrockspitti: ok, I'll add about the button showing in the right state and add to the regression ist12:22
didrocksoupss, I meant pgraner ^12:22
pgranerdidrocks, ack, let me know if I can do anything else, I won't update that box for awhile yet12:23
didrockspgraner: smspillaz FYI, adding that to the list to look after ^12:23
seb128pitti, good job on the apport-request-retrace stuff, we got to try it on one of the dx bugs yesterday and it worked great12:29
pittiah, nice!12:29
smspillazthis list is growing larger and larger :(12:29
seb128pitti, it's the first time I saw it in action, works as it should, kudos for that ;-)12:30
smspillaz(this one is probably another silly race condition that I don't have time for again :( )12:32
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didrocksRan 47 tests in 453.606s12:44
didrocksok, time to make an additional one that won't pass :)12:45
ronocmterry, hey , I resubmitted that branch for merging using canberra exclusively13:05
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pittiLaney: looking at your git now13:37
Laneydon't forget to git-dch13:37
pittiLaney: but this confuses me -- it has 0.3.1-313:37
pittibut Deiban already has 0.3.1-413:37
LaneyI haven't imported -4 yet13:38
Laneybut it's not massively important (I have reworked the packaging anyway)13:38
pittiLaney: so, what shoudl I do with this git branch?13:39
Laneymake sure to branch upstream and pristine-tar13:40
mterryronoc, ok, will look13:40
Laneygit-dch --auto, git commit debian/changelog -m snapshot13:40
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mterryseb128, morning.  who changed the power dialog to add a dropdown for the battery indicator?  I had a branch ready to go for that13:40
seb128mterry, hey13:40
ronocoh ta13:40
pittiLaney: oh, this way around (I'm using to committing the debian/changelog together with the changes, and debcommit)13:41
Laneycheck the multiarching is OK; see if you agree with me that the plugins shouldn't depend on the shlib; see if you have an idea about how users should get the plugins13:41
ronoccaps lock ...13:41
seb128mterry, wasn't that part of charles's work? i.e the stuff you both worked on?13:41
pittiLaney: plugins?13:41
Laneyah, yeah, that's another workflow, but I don't do it that way because it makes cherry-pickink and other vcs manipulations easier13:41
pittiLaney: (NB that I have NFC about what this pacakge does)13:41
Laneypitti: yeah, like the gsettings plugin or the kconfig one13:41
Laneyit lets apps query the system for the proxy to use13:41
mterryseb128, I didn't know he had a g-c-c side branch too; just knew about the indicator side13:41
Laneyand has plugins for various data sources13:42
seb128mterry, sorry about that :-(13:42
Laneyso e.g. it won't query gsettings if you don't have libproxy1-plugin-gsettings installed13:42
seb128mterry, the patch I applied was from charles, I though you both sorted that out the other day13:42
seb128mterry, I hope you didn't spend too much time on it13:42
Laneyand I don't really know what the best way for users to have that installed is13:42
Laneyhave g-c-c or something recommend it?13:43
mterryseb128, no, just the indicator side.  Seeing a screenshot of the panel now, I'm inclined to still use my patch, as mine also makes the panel look more like the google doc design in other ways besides just the dropdown13:44
seb128mterry, yes please do, I just tried to clean the queue yesterday and get stuff landing before ff13:44
seb128mterry, I don't like much how his version looks like, alignment is weird, but I didn't have time to argue over it13:44
mterryseb128, yar, of course.  This was just a miscommunication13:45
pittiLaney: how did you test this?13:45
seb128mterry, and it would be fair that you each land one of your commits ;-)13:45
Laneyinstall the tools package and run 'proxy http://some.url'13:45
pittiLaney: the only rdepends are glib-networking and glib-networking-services13:45
Laneyapt-cache rdepends libproxy013:45
pittiLaney: ah, and if I set a proxy in control-center, it should pick that up?13:45
Laneyif you have the gsettings plugin installed, yeah13:45
Laneyhttp_proxy=http://foo proxy http://www.ubuntu.com is a simple test that it's working at all13:46
pittiLaney: I meant for testing that plugins still work with the multi-archification; I guess $http_proxy is built in13:46
Laneyah, yeah13:46
pittiLaney: but I guess you already did that13:47
Laneyset _MM_DEBUG=1 _PX_DEBUG=113:47
Laneyand you'll get debugging output13:47
pittiLaney: so I'll take git diff debian/0.3.1-3 .. -- debian, review that, and put it into svn13:49
LaneyIf you like... I was going to tread a more careful political course ;-)13:53
pittiLaney: why did you drop debian/control.in?13:54
Laneypart of switching to dh13:55
Laneypossibly I shouldn't have done that13:55
pittiLaney: so you intended this to be an Ubuntu-only update?13:55
pitti(for the time being)13:55
pitti(wrt. "political course..')13:56
LaneyFor now I think that would be easier; I am planning on speaking to pochu as maintainer about what to do13:56
pittiLaney: multi-archification was already done in -4ubuntu3, and it looks like -4ubuntu2 and -4ubuntu1 are obsolete13:58
* Laney looks13:58
pitti4ubuntu1 because  there are now separate plugisn13:59
Laneyyeah, that looks accurate13:59
Laneysorry I haven't been on top of merging in changes since I forked it13:59
Laneypossibly in Debian it would be easier to target exp at first14:01
pittiand for debian we'll probably need to revert o cdbs14:01
Laneylikely unless I take it over14:02
pittiI don't want to commit this to svn as it is, as it woudl be the only pkg-gnome package which doesn't use control.in and cdbs14:02
pittiI mean at least not without an ack from mbiebl, pochu, or joss14:02
LaneyI don't think the changes would be too difficult to make that so14:03
Laneyit was mainly the cli/python2 sequences that made me do it this way14:03
pittianyway, the diff looks ok to me (for Ubuntu), now I just need to create a real changelog14:03
LaneyI'd just remove all except the most important entries14:04
pittiLaney: http://paste.ubuntu.com/843046/14:06
pittihow does that sound?14:06
Laneythe shlibs:Recommends thing was only transient14:06
pittiactually, the diff doesn't have any rpath14:06
* pitti drops that as well14:06
Laneyand that14:06
Laneyand I'd like Ken's change to be credited if you can14:06
pittiok, I'll do a test build and upload then14:08
pittiLaney: thanks!14:08
Laneywe can think about adding recommends or whatever later I guess14:08
Laneythanks for your review!14:09
pittiLaney: I think it's right for plugins to be in multi-arch dirs14:09
pittithey can't be M-A: foreign14:09
pitti$ http_proxy= proxy http://piware.de14:11
pittiLaney: ^ that doesn't look right?14:12
Laneyset _MM_DEBUG=1 _PX_DEBUG=114:12
pittialso tried with other hosts14:12
Laneymaybe it prefers gsettings?14:12
Laneylaney@raleigh> http_proxy= proxy http://piware.de                 ~/dev/debian/packaging/pkg-gnome/libproxy14:12
pittipreload : /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libproxy/0.4.7/modules/config_gnome3.so14:13
pittiUsing config: 22gnome_config_extension14:13
pittiUsing ignore: localhost,
pittiConfig is: direct://14:13
pittiah, perhaps with that plugin it _only_ considers the gsettings bits14:13
Laneynot sure if that is desirable14:13
pittiright, that's it14:13
pittignome-control-center network crashes, can't test this ATM14:16
pittiseb128: ^ for you as well?14:16
pitti(as soon as I click on "proxy")14:16
pittimight be fallout from g--s-d14:16
* Laney needs to thesis for a bit, ttyl14:17
pittigsettings set org.gnome.system.proxy mode auto14:17
pittiLaney: now it queries WPAD14:17
pittiseems to work fine14:17
pittiwith "manual", too14:17
seb128pitti, wfm14:18
seb128pitti, stacktrace?14:18
pittiLaney: uploaded, thanks!14:19
Laneysweet, cheers again for your help14:19
pittiseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/843063/14:19
seb128pitti, hum, you have a11y on?14:20
pittiby accident perhaps14:20
seb128pitti, I will need to check on that, it's off there, but it's not a gsd side effect, it's an a11y issue14:20
pittimigth have enabled it in the past to test something14:20
pittiorg.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.a11y-keyboard active true14:20
pittiseb128: ^ this one?14:20
pittiorg.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.a11y-settings active true14:21
seb128pitti, if that is active a11y will be one yes14:21
* pitti resets the whole two a11y trees14:21
=== greyback|lunch is now known as greyback
pittirestarting session14:22
seb128pitti, the gst plugin one is fine14:22
seb128pitti, check on org.gnome.desktop.a11y.keyboard enable14:22
agateaudesrt: ping14:25
pittiseb128: hm, still crashes with everything reset14:25
pittianyway, meeting, will check again later14:25
pittiseb128: also crashes in a guest session14:26
seb128pitti, hum, wtf, will debug tomorrow after ff rush if that works for you14:26
seb128pitti, but it works here so it's not an everybody having it issue14:27
pittiLaney, kenvandine: ah, bummer -- libmozjs185-dev is in universe, so libproxy is depwait14:27
Laneywas it intended to go to main?14:27
pittiI guess not14:28
pittiwe might need to disable that plugin from libproxy14:28
pittikenvandine: pinged you because you apparently contributed the patch to build against it14:29
kenvandinejust a rename14:29
kenvandineit had depended on the unverioned one14:29
Laneyjust means that people have to use libjscore to interpret PAC files14:30
pittikenvandine: I see libmozjs-dev was in main in hardy, but I don't konw whether chrisccoulson is happy about it being in main14:32
seb128Laney, pitti: until now we built with webkit and not gjs in ubunt14:32
* kenvandine would rather not use libmozjs14:33
desrtagateau: hey14:36
* desrt wonders: is it common practice to have patches directly in the .diff.gz anymore?14:36
desrtis this a result of packaging out of git or something?14:36
hallyndoes anyone here make any changes to the expo compiz plugin?  should the active desktop be getting colored or highlighted somehow?14:36
* desrt is used to seeing debian/patches/14:36
hallyn(bc it isn't)14:37
agateaudesrt: some time ago you mentionned a linked attribute for GtkButtonBox or something similar, which would be useful to implement the gnome-control-center breadcrumbs14:37
dobeydesrt: in the .diff.gz?14:37
agateaudesrt: I can't find it :/14:37
dobeydesrt: usually in the dpkg source files, the patches end up in the .diff.gz or the debian.tar.gz, depending on which source format is used14:38
desrtagateau: let me bang you up some demo code14:39
agateaudesrt: thanks!14:39
desrtagateau: http://fpaste.org/c4GB/14:40
seb128desrt, well, depends, typically you will get patches in the diff.gz for dx packages14:41
desrtseb128: i see it here for libxml214:41
seb128desrt, because we bzr merge -c <rev> in the packaging vcs to backport upstream fixes14:41
seb128desrt, which is handled by the vcs without needing a patch system14:41
jbichaso I'd like to get gnome-boxes into Precise, don't know if it'll happen by feature freeze though, prerequisites are bug 931783 & bug 93180314:41
ubot2`Launchpad bug 931783 in ubuntu "Please package libosinfo 0.1.0" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93178314:41
ubot2`Launchpad bug 931803 in spice-gtk "[needs-packaging] Please package spice-gtk 0.9" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93180314:41
seb128desrt, I think libxml is "old school debian"14:41
desrtseb128: seems to be14:42
desrtdebian packaging is so broken :)14:42
seb128jbicha, I think we should delay that to next week and ffe14:42
seb128jbicha, it's universe should be easier to get, we still rush for stuff in main this week14:42
desrt(or at least, debian packaging as it was apparently originally intended to be used)14:42
agateaudesrt: I assume this needs style support to work? I don't see any difference with Ambiance14:42
* agateau tries Adwaita14:42
desrtagateau: yes.  probably.14:42
jbichaseb128: yeah by next week, spice-gtk should just be a sync from Debian, maybe libosinfo too14:43
desrtif ambiance doesn't support it it should start supporting it soon14:43
desrtbecause gnome is starting to use it14:43
seb128jbicha, did spice-gtk made it to debian already?14:43
jbichaseb128: the new version is waiting in the new quee14:43
seb128jbicha, ok, we can sync when it goes through, debian new is not slow nowadays14:43
agateaudesrt: nicer with Adwaita, it turns into segmented buttons14:44
desrtagateau: yup14:45
agateaudesrt: I like your solution, but I would need to create my own "class" and thus it won't work well with any theme which does not explicitly support this14:45
desrtagateau: themes will need to support this14:45
desrtagateau: i think the correct course of action here is to poke cimi for getting support in ambiance14:46
desrtand then proceed as if you know you have it14:46
agateaudesrt: ok, assuming this is not a problem, is it possible for the theme to make the buttons overlap?14:46
desrtno.  probably not.14:46
desrtgtk won't let the theme get involved in size allocation to that extent14:47
desrtand in general it's not possible to have overlapping widgets in gtk14:47
* agateau is messing with GtkFixed right now, don't tell desrt14:47
desrtyou want some array effect like [ / > home > agateau ] ?14:47
desrtya.  that will be quite difficult.14:47
agateauor rather design team wants14:47
desrtdepending on what is supposed to happen when you hover/click14:48
desrtyou could very obviously (and easily) "cheat"14:48
desrtbut that probably would only work for when you're not interacting with it14:49
desrtis there a video somewhere of the intended behaviour?14:49
agateauyou mean put the whole arrow as part of one of the button?14:49
desrti was thinking half-and-half14:49
desrtbut ya... that's the basic idea14:49
agateauiirc software-center widget used to just put the whole arrow in the button on the left14:50
desrtit would be extremely easy for you to do that, obviously14:50
desrtand honestly, i'd leave it to the theme to implement it14:50
agateauand this way it can be done on the theme side14:50
desrtlike put "linked" and "breadcrumb" attributes on it14:51
desrtand then let the theme do what it pleases14:51
desrtthe css-based styling gives enough power to do this, i'm pretty sure14:51
desrtif it doesn't understand "breadcrumb" then at least it will be linked14:51
agateauthat sounds easier to do than what I was about to try14:51
agateauI am going to check with Cimi then14:52
desrtthe power of css!14:52
desrton the actual 'code' size, you will end up with an extreme trivial GtkButtonBox subclass, i guess14:52
agateauyes, I already have that14:52
agateauso if Cimi agrees, I am basically done :)14:53
desrtyou should join #gtk+ on gimpnet14:53
desrti'd be happier if you talked to Company or cosimoc about this14:53
desrtthey probably have some thoughts on the topic and they both know the area better than i do14:54
agateauI would rather not get people yell at me for butchering upstream (cf. comments didrock got on his blog post about display settings)14:54
desrti think the yelling only comes when there is no attempt to collaborate14:55
desrtasking for opinions first is a good way to avoid the yelling14:55
desrtmaybe they already have some (better?) plans here and you are just duplicating efforts14:55
seb128mterry, hey, can you do me another favor? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-printers/+bug/93275914:56
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932759 in indicator-printers "[MIR] indicator-printers" [Undecided,New]14:56
seb128mterry, it's a new indicator should be easy to review14:56
mterryseb128, nothing like FF to bring MIRs out the of the woodwork  :)14:57
agateaudesrt: that is true14:57
seb128mterry, ;-)14:57
agateaudesrt: I assume you are on this chan, in case things get nasty?14:57
seb128mterry, well that one is a combo, it was upload, get it NEWed (thanks didrocks), now need a mir and promotion14:58
desrtagateau: yes.  of course.14:58
didrocksmterry: just my conditional note on the build: the priority needs to be extra and the description be fixed14:58
agateaudesrt: ok, let's go14:59
* desrt goes to have a shower14:59
desrt(you asked if i was on the channel... not if i would be active) ;)14:59
desrtagateau: http://diylol.com/meme-generator/socially-awkward-penguin/memes/says-hi-in-gtk-gets-kickbanned15:04
agateaudesrt: so much for trying to be polite15:05
pittiLaney, kenvandine: so, want me to try and build without mozjs, or are you on it already?15:07
pittikenvandine: or could we build against firefox-dev somehow?15:10
kenvandinepitti, i don't think so, but haven't looked at it in quite a while15:11
Amozhi guys, I've got a small enhancement for the nautilus-terminal project, remapping the F4 toggle button to F7, thus not toggling the terminal when closing overlaying apps with alt+f415:14
Amozmaybe someone here has upload rights to the nautilus-terminal project? :)15:21
chrisccoulsonpitti - build what against firefox-dev? i bet you don't really want to do that ;)15:23
pittichrisccoulson: I'm just disabling the mozjs plugin from libproxy for now15:23
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, you couldn't build that against firefox-dev anyway15:23
chrisccoulsonwell, you might be able to do it by linking against a 31MB libxul.so, but there isn't a separate libmozjs in firefox15:24
chrisccoulsonit's all statically linked ;)15:24
desrtagateau: was that as bad as you thought? :p15:24
agateaudesrt: nope :)15:25
agateaudesrt: I expect some snarky comments when I pasted the mockup url, but that didn't come15:25
desrtagateau: i can give them to you now, if you like :)15:26
desrt"ew.  dark theme?  you weirdo."15:26
agateaudesrt: ah thanks, that feels better15:26
jibeltodays' updates broke my custom navigation shortcuts. I filed bug 93280715:27
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932807 in unity "applications grab custom navigation shortcuts" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93280715:27
jibeland also now g-c-c is crashing15:27
jibel:( bad day for an update15:27
desrtjibel: be thankful you didn't update yesterday :)15:28
seb128mterry, I'm hiding in shame, the german and french let go through without noticing the missing translations and you the american spoted it16:00
* kenvandine rofl16:00
seb128kenvandine, there is nothing fun there, NOTHING :p16:00
kenvandinei am used to being the one missing that stuff :)16:01
seb128mterry, thanks for the review and nice catch ;-)16:01
mandelhas anyone experienced the following: http://paste.ubuntu.com/843187/ with gnome-control-center, to be precise when trying to access the network settings16:04
didrockssil2100: I saw that you removed some of the _descritpion in the test, which makes the result difficulty readable. Not your fault, I should have done the review better, but just a warning of being careful :)16:10
seb128mandel, can you get a backtrace using gdb?16:10
mandelseb128, sure, let me take a look16:12
mterryseb128, :)16:14
didrockssil2100: is there any progress on the compiz side btw?16:14
mandelseb128, should I bee looking for something?16:18
seb128mandel, no, just pastebin the backtrace16:19
sil2100didrocks: wait, what description ;)?16:20
sil2100Ah, from checkbox?16:20
didrockssil2100: yeah16:20
didrockssil2100: it screwed the result collecter though, I just pushed a fixed version. The issue is that checkbox is not forgiving on the format :/16:21
pittigood night everyone!16:21
seb128'night pitti16:21
sil2100didrocks: oh my, sorry about that!16:21
didrockshave a good night pitti16:21
sil2100pitti: goodnight16:21
didrockssil2100: no worry, just to tell you we have to be really careful with it :)16:21
sil2100Ouch! Now I see what you mean16:22
sil2100How is it possible? I didn't even remember removing those ;)16:22
sil2100Those probably got cut out by my misuse of vim and 'd'16:23
mandelseb128, I hope this is all the info you need from gdb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/843221/16:25
seb128mandel, report a bug using ubuntu-bug if it's detecting the segfault, the stacktrace is not that useful it needs debug symbols or retracing16:25
mandelseb128, ubuntu-bug does not detect it, do you know how can get the debug symbols?16:27
seb128mandel, are you sure it doesn't?16:27
seb128mandel, ls /var/crash16:27
seb128mandel, check /var/log/apport.log16:28
seb128you might want to rm stuff in that dir and try again16:28
* mandel looks16:28
mandelseb128, apport complains with the following 'Could not determine the package or source package name.'16:30
mandelseb128, let me see the report of the crash16:30
seb128mandel, do you have an apt source containing the binary which is hitting the bug?16:31
seb128what is the command in the report?16:31
seb128what dpkg -S on it says?16:31
mandelseb128, the command in the report is: ProcCmdline: gnome-control-center16:32
seb128mandel, ok, dunno, to debug with pitti tomorrow16:33
mandelseb128, and dpkg -S gives the following: http://paste.ubuntu.com/843228/16:33
sil2100didrocks: about that compiz keybinding bug - I'm in the middle of investigating right now16:33
didrockssil2100: ok, thanks :)16:34
seb128mandel, sorry I've no time for that today, ff tonight, come back tomorrow16:34
sil2100Sam told me to check the most recent source version of compiz-core, and it's still there16:34
didrockssil2100: the hot list for compiz is https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz-core/+bugs?field.tag=compiz-ff-precise16:34
mandelseb128, ok, I'll ping him about it tom, he is in germany atm, right?16:34
mandelseb128, no problem :)16:34
seb128mandel, yes16:34
sil2100So I'm looking into it, and it seems that once a keybinding is modified, it stops working16:34
didrocksweird that sam asked you that, we are already on tip of compiz-core :/16:34
seb128mandel, but pitti hit a bug in the panel earlier so I suspect there is an issue and we will get reports about it16:34
mandelseb128, I'll just change the proxy settings via  gconf-editor16:34
sil2100But when it's not touched, it works, so hm, will keep you informed16:34
didrockssil2100: ok, thanks :)16:34
sil2100didrocks: thanks for the list ;)16:34
seb128mandel, oh, it's the proxy, yes, pitti reported the issue earlier16:35
desrtdidrocks: hey16:35
mandelseb128, do you know the bug number so that i can listen to it?16:35
desrtdidrocks: did you know about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bamf/+bug/924471 ?16:35
ubot2`Launchpad bug 924471 in bamf "Developer doc is empty in devhelp" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:35
seb128mandel, it's probably bug #93264416:35
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932644 in gnome-control-center "gnome-control-center crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance_cast()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93264416:35
seb128mandel, pitti's stacktrace was similar16:36
mandelseb128, superb, thx for the help!16:36
seb128mandel, yw16:36
didrocksdesrt: oh interesting16:36
didrocksdesrt: trevino assigned it to himself, I think that the doc generation is maybe broken, I'll have a look16:37
desrtawesome.  thanks :)16:37
didrockskenvandine: hey, around?16:40
mdeslaurpitti: remmina got promoted to main, but there is a security issue in it: LP: #76038116:41
mdeslaurpitti: oh, wait a sec, it may be fixed already16:42
* mdeslaur got confused by date of bug16:43
kenvandinehey didrocks16:44
didrockskenvandine: small question on the video lens16:44
mdeslaurpitti: yeah, false alert, please ignore me16:44
didrockskenvandine: you have two sources, is that on purpose? can't that be merged in one? (maybe easier for the maintainance)16:44
kenvandinedavidcalle, ^^^16:45
kenvandinedidrocks, i didn't really question that16:45
didrockskenvandine: also, no COPYING file in unity-lens-video :/16:45
kenvandinei think the remote scope might get updated more often16:45
kenvandinethere should be...16:45
kenvandinehe merged my branch adding it :)16:46
kenvandinemaybe it didn't make it into the tarball16:46
didrockskenvandine: I just apt-get source the one you sponsored :p16:46
davidcallekenvandine, the COPYING was in only one of the sources16:46
kenvandinenot in the manifest16:46
kenvandinewhoops :)16:46
kenvandinedavidcalle, can you add that to MANIFEST.in ?16:47
davidcallekenvandine, done ;)16:47
didrocksdebian/source/format should be (quilt) or version 1.016:47
didrocksnot native16:47
kenvandineoh... i didn't bzr add it either :)16:47
didrocksit's not a native package :)16:47
kenvandinedidrocks, i removed that... grr16:47
kenvandinemaybe i uploaded the wrong source :)16:47
didrockskenvandine: no worry :)16:48
kenvandinedidrocks, reject it and i'll re-upload :)16:48
kenvandinedidrocks, is that in both of them?16:48
didrocksyeah, I'm finishing looking at it!16:48
didrockskenvandine: just in one for now16:48
tkamppeterpitti, hi16:49
didrocksdavidcalle: kenvandine: it's weird that po/en_US.po isn't turned in a mo file with a local build16:50
didrocksdavidcalle: kenvandine: not import for ubuntu with the langpack but something should be broken in setup.py16:50
kenvandinethe problem is the debian dir is in the orig tarball!16:50
didrocksah, also16:51
didrocksthe lens refers to /usr/share/unity/5/lens-nav-video.svg16:51
didrockswhich isn't installed by the package16:51
didrocksthat should be it for the first one, rejecting16:51
=== rodrigo__ is now known as rodrigo_
kenvandinedavidcalle, can you create tarballs without the debian directory in them?16:54
davidcallekenvandine, sure.16:54
didrocksso same thing on scope-video-remote16:58
didrocksno COPYING16:58
didrockssame debhelper hint, davidcalle, should be 816:58
didrockssame remark on the (native) for source format16:59
didrocksalso, just to be nitpicky: ${shlibs:Depends}, is not necessary :)16:59
m4n1shdidrocks: can you check this #930091 - is this blocked by FF?16:59
ubot2`Launchpad bug 930091 in activity-log-manager "offer deletion of existing events for newly-added blacklists" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:59
tkamppeteranyone here who can help me on a sync problem?17:00
didrocksm4n1sh: sorry, missing context, can you illustrate with an example?17:00
didrockskenvandine: davidcalle: reject the scope as well17:01
davidcalledidrocks, no shlibs for both?17:01
didrocksdavidcalle: yep17:01
davidcalleOk and debhelper (>= 8)17:01
didrocksdo not forget debian/compat to bump to 817:01
m4n1shdidrocks: example. you blacklisted gedit. so a dialog box will come up and ask "do you want to delete all the previously logged events for this application?"17:01
tkamppeterI want to sync the "pnm2ppa" package with Debian, once Debian's package needs all our needs, and second, to get rid of a broken upstream source tarball.17:02
didrocksm4n1sh: it will need a FFe, yeah17:03
m4n1shprobably then I will avoid it.17:06
m4n1shdidrocks: any build system changes are not part? right? like the --with-ccpanel17:06
m4n1shand it doesnt probe itself and has to be passed explicitly17:07
didrocksm4n1sh: nothing too fanzy, but avoid changing build system17:09
charlesseb128: fwiw, I'm glad for mterry's g-c-c patch to go in instead of mine, it's all good17:31
mhr3kenvandine, i have a little patch here in works for gwibber lens :)17:32
seb128charles, great, sorry that you guys ended duplicating work17:32
charleshe didn't see the ticket so we didn't know each other was working on it. life goes on17:32
seb128charles, we need to be a bit better in track cross team specs next cycle17:32
charleswell, it /was/ tracked ;)17:32
seb128yeah, too much tracking :p17:33
seb128doubled ;-)17:33
charlesanyway I agree with you wrt the alignment in my patch & am glad you can swap another one in before freeze17:33
sil2100hm, when exactly is the freeze?17:33
charlesI needed to talk to mterry about something else, do you know what tz he's in?17:34
seb128sil2100, in 5 hours17:34
seb128charles, thanks17:34
kklimondaseb128: wrt to blocklist hosting - what about putting it somewhere under *.debian.net (with a redirect to debian mainainer's server)? They have the same issue with squeeze version of transmission so we could maybe use the same place - and it's going to be much easier to get a hosting there ;)17:34
seb128charles, east coast u.s17:34
sil2100Holy shit!17:34
seb128charles, he should be around17:34
seb128kklimonda, would work for me ;-)17:34
charlesbut of course the most urgent question is, Is Transmission 2.50 uploaded ;)17:35
seb128charles, yes, jbicha did it before I woke up today17:35
kenvandinemhr3, patches welcome, what does it do?17:39
mhr3kenvandine, fixes the search for multiple words etc17:40
seb128I got gnome-control-center 3.3.5 working with all our patches I think17:47
seb128I will upload to the ppa in a bit17:47
jbichaseb128: awesome!17:57
seb128hey jbicha17:57
seb128jbicha, I had to revert some your changes, we can't drop the library that would break stuff that we integrate there17:58
jbichadropping the library is an upstream change, the headers still work17:59
jbichaI still have the privacy, additional drivers panels etc in my System Settings 3.3.5 for instance17:59
seb128jbicha, that doesn't make sense18:05
seb128jbicha, you probably didn't uninstall libgnome-control-center1 3.3.218:05
seb128jbicha, i.e probably still have the old binary on disk18:05
jbichaseb128: no, it doesn't need it, the library is part of the main binary now18:06
* didrocks waves good evening18:06
seb128jbicha, I'm pretty surprised, i.e deja-dup depends on libgnome-control-center118:07
seb128jbicha, can you rm /usr/lib/libgnome-control-center.so.1.0.0 and confirm it still works?18:07
seb128well it might resolve the symbols in the shell binary but that seems something I'm not sure I want to rely on18:09
jbichaseb128: yes it still works after deleting that file18:09
seb128jbicha, well anyway I restored the lib for that version, I will play with dropping if after ff when I've time to look at details18:09
seb128jbicha, and you can rebuild the rdepends without the lib?18:10
seb128jbicha, I'm surprised, only have the .h shouldn't be enough, you need the lib to resolve the symbols are build time18:10
seb128jbicha, I doubt stuff will link against the g-c-c binary18:10
seb128it's not a lib18:10
jbichaseb128: yes, I tested rebuilding indicator-datetime for instance a month ago18:10
seb128jbicha, with /usr/lib/libgnome-control-center.so.1.0.0 deleted?18:11
seb128jbicha, upstream would have dropped the lib earlier if it was not needed, they kept it to be able to build gnome-bluetooth18:11
seb128jbicha, well anyway, I'm just really suprised if the lib was not needed at all, I will check, thanks for the infos, it's interesting ;-)18:11
jbichaseb128: I built with my sbuild so it was a clean environment, and it doesn't need the library to run18:12
seb128jbicha, ok, I don't understand why ;-)18:16
seb128jbicha, it should need to resolve the symbols at build time and they are in a binary in /usr/bin, that's not somewhere the linker look for symbols18:16
seb128jbicha, ok, I don't understand why ;-)18:19
seb128jbicha, it should need to resolve the symbols at build time and they are in a binary in /usr/bin, that's not somewhere the linker look for symbols18:19
seb128jbicha, I'm interested to understand why it works but I will look after ff ;-)18:19
seb128jbicha, I'm also curious why bastien didn't drop the lib earlier if it was not needed18:19
dobeyis sshd not working for anyone else on precise?18:29
seb128dobey, works for me18:32
dobeyseb128: hrmm, it seems to be working now, after i restarted it a few times :-/18:35
achiangdesrt: ping18:48
seb128TheMuso, I reverted your gtk uploaded, it turned g-c-c to segfault land and several people need to land and test g-c-c changes and I've no time to debug gtk18:49
desrtseb128: new upstream release causing problems?18:50
seb128TheMuso, please talk to me and get review before doing another gtk upload, we can't create too much installability issues around freeze time, and I would prefer getting a new tarball that playing backporting 15 commits18:50
seb128desrt, no, backporting of a stack of git commits18:50
desrtah. ya.18:50
seb128desrt, https://i92984147.restricted.launchpadlibrarian.net/92984147/Stacktrace.txt?token=e21bc64c12937ea01a6eddd00ee120c118:50
seb128is the stacktrace18:50
seb128desrt, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/92923817/gtk%2B3.0_3.3.14-0ubuntu1_3.3.14-0ubuntu2.diff.gz is the upload18:51
desrtachiang: how can i help?18:51
seb128it seems broken as well, not sure what TheMuso did18:51
seb128+ get_effective_focus_column@Base 3.3.14-0ubuntu218:51
seb128that doesn't seem an upstream symbol, or that's really buggy18:51
seb128in fact it's a commit from Company18:52
seb128not sure where the commit stack is commit from though18:52
seb128pitti, ^ your g-c-c segfaulting when trying to set a proxy was due to that18:53
seb128we got like a dozen bugs similar today18:53
desrtseb128: something to do with a11y.  looks to be a bug upstream as well, actually18:54
seb128desrt, right, I just don't have time to debug it before ff and it's create lot of issues, I reverted for today, I guess TheMuso will follow up upstream18:55
seb128TheMuso, ^ can you do that, the bugs it created are listed in the changelog18:55
desrtseb128: it'll get fixed next time someone types 'make check' :)18:55
seb128desrt, ;-)18:56
desrttypical symbol leak mistake18:56
seb128desrt, btw g-c-c 3.3.5 is in the ubuntu-desktop ppa, I got it before ff! (not built yet though)18:57
desrtseb128: you're a brave man :)18:57
seb128that being done -> dinner18:58
desrti forgot to eat today, it seems18:59
* desrt should have some lunch :)18:59
ockhamhi, i've posted a bug report requesting a merge for scribus (from sid), and i've also attached a debdiff to take care  of the merge to it. could someone upload it?19:05
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932962 in scribus "Please merge scribus 1.4.0.dfsg+r17300-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New]19:06
jbichaockham: did you see bug 930639 ?19:06
ubot2`Launchpad bug 930639 in scribus "Please merge scribus 1.4.0.dfsg+r17287-1 (main) from Debian sid (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93063919:06
ockhamjbicha: no, unfortunately :-(19:07
ockhamjbicha: but that debian version is also a bit outdated since they're now at r1730019:08
ockhamso, anyone?19:11
=== Amaranthus is now known as Amaranth
mterrytedg, charles: Anyone want to review an indicator-messages branch for me?  Doesn't need a release, I can distro patch, but I'd like another set of eyeballs before releasing unto the world.19:59
charlesmterry: larsu would be an excellent choice for that, he just got done doing patches for indicator-messages20:01
charlesI saw him in #systems just a minute ago but don't see him in here20:01
seb128charles, to be fair it's 9pm in europe20:01
seb128charles, so it seems it would be better to have u.s guys to look at it rather than asking lars to keep working20:02
charleshm, you're right20:02
charlesok then, I'll grab it20:03
mterryDo we have tomorrow to push things in too?  Or just tonight?  I can never remember20:03
charlesthis is my first time through, so I don't know :)20:03
seb128mterry, nobody can, I asked earlier, you have still 23h57 min20:03
seb128mterry, they keep changing  it :p20:03
seb128mterry, it's 21utc tomorrow20:03
mterryDon't think I need it, but still good for disasters20:03
seb128mterry, do you want me to find a reason for you to need it? ;-)20:04
mterryseb128, I need a head start for UI Freeze!20:04
seb128mterry, ok, if that's for bringing the bling I'm happy with that ;-)20:05
micahgactually, 24hr and 55 min20:06
charlesmterry: one superficial but useful trick I learned recently, you can replace all those "if (foo != NULL) { g_object_unref(foo); foo = NULL; }" blocks with "g_clear_object(&foo)" which is a little like g_clear_error() but for GObjects20:07
mterrycharles, ooh, fancy20:07
* mterry hates writing async gobject code in C20:07
Sweetsharkhmm, why do we have a poppler-0.18.3-0 source package, when sid is still at 0.16.7-3 but it is producing a libpopper-private-dev package for later migration, that we do not yet create. should I file a bug?20:16
seb128Sweetshark, no20:18
seb128dunno what debian is doing but that's broken20:18
charlesmterry: in "g_variant_get(foo, "(&o)", &bar)", the '&' before 'o' tells gvariant to return its own internal pointer so that we can skip an unncessary g_strdup()/g_free() sequence, is that right?20:18
seb128we updated and ported all the rdepends20:18
Sweetsharkseb128: "dd a libpoppler-private-dev package: it will contain the private poppler core headers, but at the moment it is empty to allow sources to migrate their (build-)dependencies from libpoppler-dev to it.20:20
Sweetsharkfrom the sid poppler changelog at http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/p/poppler/poppler_0.16.7-3/changelog20:21
seb128Sweetshark, seems like the debian poppler maintainer is on crack20:21
desrtchrisccoulson: around?20:21
seb128chrisccoulson, if you are *hide*20:22
chrisccoulsondesrt, sort of ;)20:22
Sweetsharkseb128: please communicate that verbatim to _rene_20:23
* Sweetshark doesnt dare to.20:23
seb128let's look at that tomorrow20:24
mterrycharles, yah20:26
mterrycharles, pointer lasts until the variant dies, obvi20:27
seb128chrisccoulson, kenvandine, mterry, cyphermox, jbicha: the new gnome-control-center should be in the ppa, if you could test it that would be welcome, I want to upload a bit later if it's working ok21:05
seb128just make sure you got the new gtk or yesterday's one, the update today broke stuff21:05
seb128i.e don't blame g-c-c for the buggy gtk update :p21:05
kenvandineokie dokie21:05
* dobey wonders who to beg to get twisted 12.0 into debian/ubuntu before tomorrow21:05
seb128you can still try with the buggy gtk but if like proxy segfault that's not my fault21:06
seb128dobey, good luck with that21:06
kenvandinedobey, i should have gwibber uploaded without the webkit-gtk2 depends today :)21:06
kenvandineif that helps at all... i suspect not21:06
dobeykenvandine: yay21:06
dobeywell, it doesn't help with twisted :)21:07
cyphermoxseb128: will test in a second. what's the good gtk version?21:08
dobeyguess i can just propose a twisted package that patches in the bits we need/want, for now21:08
seb128cyphermox, 3.3.14-0ubuntu2 is the bad one21:08
seb128cyphermox, so either 0ubuntu1 or 0ubuntu3 is good21:08
cyphermoxseb128: any noteworthy changes?21:14
cyphermoxnevermind me, I should just read changelog21:14
seb128cyphermox, the changelog is not very informative (yet), just see if stuff work fine for you21:15
seb128cyphermox, you can easily see that you got the new version by looking at the top left icon grid which replaced the "all settings" label21:15
seb128cyphermox, wacom is the biggest change if you have one of those devices I think (I don't have one to test)21:16
seb128cyphermox, otherwise that's mostly lot of small visual improvements and bug fixes at different places, hard to summarize or give a big change21:17
seb128if things seem to work fine that's good enough info for me ;-)21:17
cyphermoxI assume the accesibility graphical tab has larger labels on purpose?21:17
cyphermoxseems to work just fine to me21:18
seb128cyphermox, thanks for testing!21:18
cyphermoxI wish it didn't shift so much as modules are opened21:18
seb128yeah, that's a bit disturbing21:18
seb128but I guess normal users don't change panels so much21:19
cyphermoxoh well, in general it works, the rest is cosmetics21:19
seb128they most open the shell and click on one or directly access it by the dash or indicator21:19
cyphermoxnow that reminds me I should fix the bluetooth pin dialog if possible21:19
cyphermoxit shows up under most windows :(21:19
seb128mterry, do you still have your gimp update locally and forgot to push or did you overlook the vcs?21:23
seb128mterry, don't bother if that's the second, I can commit it21:23
seb128mterry, just noticed that the version I was about to upload is already in the archive, the vcs just didn't get it21:24
TheMusoseb128: Sure, apologies that it caused issues... I wouldn't have backported if orca upstream didn't explicitly ask me to backport them so that they wouldn't have been hounded by users on precise running orca, but I guess in the long term they can just suffer hangs as it is still a devel release after all.21:31
seb128TheMuso, sorry for getting angry before, today has been busy with ff rush and that fall as an issue in the middle blocking testing etc21:32
TheMusoseb128: I understand, I'll get upstream to talk to you first if such a situation comes up again.21:33
seb128TheMuso, well, gtk upstream roll a tarball every 2.5 weeks or so atm so I think we can wait a few extra days and get something tested21:33
TheMusoseb128: and you had every right to be annoyed.21:33
seb128TheMuso, I was mostly surprised at the stack of commits you backported, usually we backport some small fixes or wait for the next version21:33
seb128TheMuso, anyway I didn't have time to investigate but could you check if trunk has the same issue as your backports?21:34
kenvandineseb128, dobey gwibber uploaded, no more depends on webkit-gtk2 :)21:34
TheMusoseb128: Once i've read up on it a bit more, I will do so yes.21:34
seb128TheMuso, basically pitti said that opening the network capplet and selecting proxy was enough to segfault it for him21:34
seb128kenvandine, \o/21:34
seb128TheMuso, do you get that issue on your version? I didn't update today so I didn't have a chance to try if that was doing the same here21:35
TheMusoseb128: Yup, crash, will test with git master.21:38
seb128TheMuso, ok, good, that gives you start point ;-)21:38
seb128TheMuso, thanks for looking to it21:38
TheMusoNo problem, and apologies. I feel terrible.21:39
TheMusoBut you live and learn.21:39
seb128TheMuso, if you get another version you want to upload please bunch stuff in one patch and put it in the vcs, I will review,test it tomorrow21:39
dobeykenvandine: yay21:39
seb128TheMuso, no need to feel terrible, it can happen to anyone, it's not like session was not starting so it was easy to overlook even with testing21:39
seb128TheMuso, I just found it because it traced back what changed which could explain lot of segfaults in gtk coming from retracers today21:40
jbichaseb128: your new System Settings works here21:43
seb128jbicha, thanks for testing!21:45
robert_ancellmterry, hey22:07
TheMusoseb128: So upstrea forgot to tell me that they had to rebuild gcc for things to work properly again, same with nautilus, so I dare say when we get the new tarball we will have to do the same thing. I'll check locally to be 100% sure.22:12
seb128oh, a robert_ancell22:12
seb128TheMuso, that seems like an abi incompatible change22:13
seb128desrt, ^ is that "normal" that a gtk upload requires rebuild of gtk users to not segfault?22:13
TheMusoseb128: Agreed. WIll check with git master anyway.22:13
* robert_ancell hides22:13
desrtseb128: no.22:13
desrtseb128: but certainly not 'unacceptable' during an unstable series22:14
desrtthat said, i don't know of anything right now that would require that22:14
seb128desrt, ok, let's see what that is about if,when it's confirmed22:14
seb128that seems weird to be22:14
robert_ancellseb128, we are picking up the latest shotwell right?  I'm packaging gexiv2 atm22:20
seb128robert_ancell, yes22:20
seb128robert_ancell, thanks for doing that update22:20
seb128robert_ancell, btw I'm updating g-c-c to 3.3 as we speak22:20
seb128robert_ancell, well rather I did the update today, I'm uploading22:20
robert_ancellseb128, btw I'm going to try and do a mad crazy sprint today and get gnome-screensaver to look like u-g so we have a solution for 12.04...22:21
seb128robert_ancell, \o/22:21
robert_ancellit's not going to be pretty code wise though :)22:21
seb128robert_ancell, technically it's uif work, i.e you still have a week22:21
seb128robert_ancell, but better to land something and improve then ;-)22:21
robert_ancellreally?  ok then22:21
seb128robert_ancell, no, forget that22:22
robert_ancellI have it on public record :P22:22
seb128robert_ancell, (never remove the motivation to get stuff done :p)22:22
kenvandineseems strange to have a week between FF and UIF, isn't that usually longer?22:26
seb128kenvandine, it was 2 weeks last cycle22:27
kenvandinei added something that was very ugly in gwibber specifically to motivate njpatel to make it prettier :)22:27
kenvandinei hope he does it :)22:27
seb128one month in natty22:27
seb128so yeah22:27
seb128it's shrinking :p22:27
kenvandineseb128, i poked around in g-c-c22:28
seb128g-c-c 3.3.5 upload to precise, fear ;-)22:28
kenvandineseems ok22:28
seb128kenvandine, I would have sweared if you just told me a minute after upload that it was broken :p22:28
seb128if it's broken I blame it on robert_ancell22:31
seb128he did all those gdbus ports!22:31
robert_ancellseb128, what's broken?22:31
kenvandinei need to get away from the computer for a couple hours, 19 hours yesterday has wiped me out22:32
kenvandinedavidcalle, i'll re-upload the lens and scope when i come back, just get me new tarballs22:32
seb128robert_ancell, nothing, I just updated g-c-c to the new serie, the ratio bug fixes,crazy changes was way in favor of the bug fixes22:32
seb128robert_ancell, I'm covering in case the update has issues ;-)22:33
seb128robert_ancell, but it seems to work fine so far22:33
davidcallekenvandine, ok :)22:33
seb128robert_ancell, I reverted some stuff like the keybindings switch to gsettings though, but it seems it should be easy to get that done dynamically at runtime, if jbicha or ricotz look at doing that we might get the new gnome-shell after all for this cycle22:34
robert_ancellseb128, sorry I missed that - are we going with g-c-c 3.4?22:34
seb128robert_ancell, yes22:35
seb128robert_ancell, that's what I was saying, I just uploaded 3.3.522:35
robert_ancellseb128, what drugs did desrt give you?22:35
robert_ancellbut yay \o/22:35
jasoncwarner_hey robert_ancell and RAOF see this bug.... do you think it is in greeter/lightdm or x? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/932611 I originally thought compiz, but seems not so much22:35
ubot2`Launchpad bug 932611 in xorg-server "visual corruption on startup (before desktop)" [High,Confirmed]22:35
seb128robert_ancell, I spent a week looking what fixes I wanted to backport, and I was like over 35 commits and I figured it would be easier to update and back out stuff I don't want22:35
seb128robert_ancell, well "spent a week", look to it a bit and spent some time thinking about it, it didn't take me a week ;-)22:36
robert_ancelljasoncwarner_, since after the multi-monitor u-g upload?22:36
robert_ancellseb128, yaeh22:36
jasoncwarner_jasoncwarner_: yeah, I think so...I saw it first time 2 days ago22:36
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell, rather ^^22:37
seb128hey jasoncwarner_22:37
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: and I thought it was compiz22:37
seb128the multimonitor is not 2 days old I think22:37
jasoncwarner_seb128: ! you should be sleeping, I'm pretty sure22:37
RAOFjasoncwarner_: That's basically the long standing “there's nothing drawn on the screen between unity-greeter and g-s-d setting the wallpaper” bug, isn't it?+22:37
jasoncwarner_RAOF: not sure, but I do know that I had not had the issue before, it just started22:37
robert_ancelljasoncwarner_, hang on, I haven't uploaded the latest u-g.22:37
jasoncwarner_RAOF: makes book look pretty, uh, bad ;) lots of visual corruptions etc22:37
robert_ancellRAOF, what happens if the resolution changes between u-g and the desktop?  I'm leaving the root window there so if it stays the same it should be seamless (it was for me)22:38
seb128jasoncwarner_, RAOF, robert_ancell: just as a piece of info, when I updated to the new g-s-d (which was in the ppa for 2 days), my external monitor changed from showing the lightdm wallpaper tiled (login is 1440 because mirror, desktop 1920) to see nothing22:38
robert_ancellbut if it changes, no idea what the driver could do22:38
seb128during login22:38
RAOFrobert_ancell: Right.  There's no sensible thing to do; except maybe blank.22:39
seb128like before I could see the lightdm wallpaper in 1440 and tiled around22:39
robert_ancellseb128, does that happen with the u-g you tried last night?22:39
seb128since the g-s-d update I see a blank screen22:39
seb128robert_ancell, yeah, I go from login to nothing to desktop22:39
seb128which I find better than the tiled background22:39
RAOFWell, that's an improvement.22:39
seb128none is perfect though22:39
jasoncwarner_I think blanking is better than the visual corruptions or tiling for sure22:39
jasoncwarner_antyhing that makes the user think something borked their desktop == bad ;)22:40
robert_ancelljasoncwarner_, want to get your hands dirty and compile the new u-g and try it?22:40
RAOFWell, what we really *should* be doing is fading to black, doing the modeset ensuring we end up at black, and then fading in to the desktop.22:40
seb128jasoncwarner_, if you want to give it a try, wget https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/3.2.2-0ubuntu17/+build/3210683/+files/gnome-settings-daemon_3.2.2-0ubuntu17_amd64.deb and dpkg -i it22:41
robert_ancellRAOF, or being optimistic and having the resolutions line up to be seamless22:41
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: sure, can do...but probably not for a couple hours. otp with tim about compiz, unity and hud and then I have to do some x and gnome recruiting22:41
RAOFI do not volunteer to make that happen this cycle :)22:41
seb128jasoncwarner_, just to see if that's gsd which changed behaviour for you22:41
seb128jasoncwarner_, (the deb assuming you are on amd64)22:41
jasoncwarner_seb128: that will work for me22:41
seb128jasoncwarner_, sleeping> I would if we wouldn't have ff tomorrow :p22:41
jasoncwarner_seb128: coffee? ;)22:41
seb128maybe not, I might not be in bed yet but I do plan to go soon ;-)22:42
seb128I just learnt earlier that ff was tomorrow 21utc22:42
seb128I though it was 0utc22:42
seb128that gives me an extra day22:42
brycehjasoncwarner_, RAOF, robert_ancell: see lp bug #85088522:45
ubot2`Launchpad bug 850885 in gnome-control-center "(oneiric) greeter screen displayed incorrectly with external monitor during login" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85088522:45
jasoncwarner_bryceh: thanks...22:46
robert_ancellRAOF, do you know of anyone doing nested X servers?  I was just thinking we could get the multi-session composition benefits of Wayland using a nested X servers and I can't think of any technical reason why it wouldn't work (suspect based on Xephyr that there isn't the support for this being fully functional though)22:46
RAOFI don't know of anyone doing nested X servers; the problem would be forwarding on all the protocol stuff to the base server.  Currently you can bring up a nested server, as long as you don't want acceleration, 3D, randr, etc.22:48
jasoncwarner_bryceh: mine is slightly different, no tiling...mine is all jumbled and broken (I'll use my phone to take a pic)22:48
RAOFjasoncwarner_: What driver?22:49
jasoncwarner_RAOF: nvidia22:49
jasoncwarner_RAOF: no, not that one22:49
jasoncwarner_RAOF: was that the cat?22:50
RAOFThis is driver dependent; what you're getting is a framebuffer consisting of unitinialised memory.  Which just happens to contain a bunch of stuff from previous sessions.22:50
RAOFNo, that was me being annoyed with the nvidia driver.22:50
RAOFAlso the tiny, tiny netbook keyboard that I'm using to try and verify that an older nvidia driver is less sucky at FBOs for DBO.22:51
robert_ancellseb128, have you seen the crazy strobe effect when importing in shotwell?22:51
seb128robert_ancell, I didn't try to import recently22:51
DBOhows it going babe?22:51
brycehjasoncwarner_, if you know which day the change occurred, your /var/log/dpkg.log can be used to narrow down what package(s) might be suspect22:51
seb128robert_ancell, could be https://bugs.launchpad.net/light-themes/+bug/93163022:52
ubot2`Launchpad bug 931630 in light-themes "don't set GtkDrawingArea to have transparent background" [Undecided,Triaged]22:52
robert_ancellseb128, I just did an import of ~/Desktop on a blank database and it seems to flash the default gray background between each photo being imported22:52
brycehjasoncwarner_, then you'd downgrade each package one by one until the problem resolves, and then we know what to blame22:52
jasoncwarner_bryceh: ok...I'll take a look22:52
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, there's a lot of rendering stuff going crazy from light themes it seems22:52
seb128robert_ancell, if you read the emails from adam he mentioned that is causing some rendering issues, Cimi will look at it after ff he said22:52
brycehjasoncwarner_, you may still have the older debs for things in your apt cache (/var/cache/apt), or can download them off launchpad if not22:52
jasoncwarner_RAOF: that sounds exactly like what I'm getting, btw...what you described above22:53
jbichaseb128: oh that was fast, I was going to copy g-c-c to the gnome3 ppa but I guess I don't need to now :)22:53
seb128robert_ancell, just drop the http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-art-pkg/light-themes/trunk/revision/184#Ambiance/gtk-3.0/gtk-widgets.css GtkDrawingArea 3 lines and see if that solves it?22:53
seb128jbicha, yeah, ff is on us soon ;-)22:53
seb128jbicha, it seemed to work fine so I went for it22:53
seb128jasoncwarner_, try gsd first in case22:54
jbichayeah, it works22:54
seb128jasoncwarner_, I'm sure it changed the lightdm to desktop background transition for me22:54
robert_ancellseb128, that fixes it22:54
seb128robert_ancell, cool22:54
seb128robert_ancell, I will make sure Cimi look at it22:54
seb128kenvandine, bug #931630, can you maybe revert the GtkDrawingArea change when you get a free slot?22:55
robert_ancellseb128, is there a bug for it?22:55
ubot2`Launchpad bug 931630 in light-themes "don't set GtkDrawingArea to have transparent background" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93163022:55
seb128robert_ancell, ^22:55
seb128robert_ancell, or feel free to do it if you want22:55
robert_ancellseb128, I'll link it to shotwell so no-one goes looking for the problem22:55
seb128we can sort if with Cimi later22:55
seb128robert_ancell, thanks22:55
chrisccoulsonis Cimi breaking more stuff? ;)23:00
RAOFjasoncwarner_: I'm not sure what we can do about this for nvidia, except perhaps raise a bug with them.  Possibly there's something we can do in X.23:07
jasoncwarner_RAOF: my question would be why I'm getting it now, but never got it before?23:08
jasoncwarner_RAOF: I still have to try the g-s-d that seb128 mentioned, but, yeah, why now?23:09
mterryrobert_ancell, pong23:10
robert_ancellmterry, oh hey, I was just going to say there's a small bug in switching to greeter that is stopping the lightdm release, but otherwise is good to go23:10
mterryrobert_ancell, sure, k23:12
jasoncwarner_seb128 RAOF just tried the latest g-s-d and still have it, fyi.23:16
bkerensajasoncwarner_: Does the engineer role you posted require any fluency in a specific language?23:20
bkerensaI didn't notice a mention of any23:20
brycehbkerensa, the X position?23:20
bkerensabryceh: I would have to look23:21
brycehbkerensa, the X position would require fluency in C, and python/bash skills would be desirable23:22
bkerensait was the other one :P23:22
bkerensanot the X23:22
bkerensaThe GNOME engineer23:22

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