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huayraHey there. I found a fantastic piece of documentation for the Varnish Cache accelerator and Modules, but it is currently only available in japanese23:30
huayraI work at Varnish Software and we would like to include it as part of our tutorials23:30
huayrabut first we need to translate it... and so i wanted to check here if someone can point me to the Japanese Translation team to see if someone can lend the world some knowledge and get this great resource be available to the English speaking community, as well :)23:31
huayraThe material I am talking about is here: https://github.com/xcir/C81-VarnishCache-inline-C-VMOD-guidebook23:32
huayrawell, if someone is interested please drop me a line at huayra@ubuntu.com - thanks in advance!23:47

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