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ohsixhm where do i ask to get the debootsrtap backport for natty bumped again01:55
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* apw yawns08:51
* apw notes that all the slowness he was seeing was nm-applet, which was 1.7g and growing08:53
apwyeah major memory leak and no mistake08:54
apwoh and that was 1.7g resident, about 8gb virtual before i zappd it08:55
smbAwesome. That must help to get rid off those older machines.. :-P08:55
smbHad a kvm install yesterday and that felt much more unstable than real hw (or xen the last time I looked). Lots of those sorry compiz just shit itself08:56
smb(not only compiz but nautilus, flippy and whatnot)08:57
* smb cannot remember all the names08:58
cooloneyapw and smb, morning, long time no talk, men09:00
apwsmb, who is this cooloney fellow anyhow09:00
smbapw, Dunno, feels somehow it rings a bell09:01
cooloneycome on, 09:01
smbcooloney, It's foggy, like looking through a lot of glass bottoms... :-P09:01
* cooloney waves at apw and smb with splendid smile09:02
* smb waves back at cooloney 09:07
cooloneysmb: how's going, man09:08
smbcooloney, Same as always, just different. :) Had a bit of a cold lately but now its getting warmer. 09:15
smbI mean cold as in outside cold not me being ill09:15
* smb needs to wake his brain09:15
apwheh yeah, now apw has the other cold to confuse matters09:17
cos^hi, i submitted a small patch to kernel yesterday to lkml+other lists. how long it normally takes for a patch to be added to git repo and should i just wait for it?09:25
* cooloney feels cold09:26
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ppisatiapw: when you have time, can you bump linux-ti-omap4-meta? thanks10:32
bkerensaAre any Kernel Team folks awake? :)10:39
bkerensaI'm hoping to improve the description for linux-tools and resolve #593107 and was wondering if the Kernel had some feedback as to a better description... The only tool I know of in that is perf 10:40
infinityppisati: I think he may have done it a minute or two before you asked. ;)10:42
apwppisati, already done10:48
apwbug #593107b10:48
ubot2`Launchpad bug 593107 in linux "Package description for linux-tools-* needs improvement" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59310710:48
apwbug #59310710:48
smbbkerensa, At least for precise it is also x86_energy_perf_policy and turbostat10:48
apwbkerensa, the intent is that it will get more tools as we go10:49
apwas smb points out we already have some more10:49
bkerensaapw: Would it be ok to improve upon the description?10:49
apwbkerensa, yes, its not very good indeed.  erm, we do need to keep its generic nature10:50
apwbkerensa, the intent is for it to contain those tools which are shipped with the upstream kernel and where more than version is installed at once10:51
apwbkerensa, "Kernel specific tools such as perf which are tied closly to the kernel version for version NNNN on ARCH" perhaps10:52
apwthe DESC not being updated is also wrong10:52
bkerensaapw: Indeed10:55
bkerensaupdating it now and will submit a patch10:55
apwbkerensa, sounds good, let us know when thats done10:55
bkerensaapw: How do I add reference for Arch and Versions in control desc?10:57
apwbkerensa, well i am confused, i would expect DESC to be the right thing and to be filled in10:57
apwbkerensa, so leave that bit and i'll figure that out separatly now10:57
bkerensaapw: k10:58
apwbkerensa, from the bug it looks like any description update should be mirrored into the meta package which is in a different git repo10:58
bkerensaapw: Kernel specific tools such as perf, turbostat and 11:05
bkerensax86_energy_perf_policy which are tied closely to the kernel version 3.2.0 11:05
bkerensaon x86/x86_64.11:05
bkerensahow does that sound?11:06
apwbkerensa, thats fine, though leave the on part as on DESC as that should get put in11:06
apwbkerensa, am looking at why that doesn't work11:07
cos^is there a generic kernel channel on freenode?11:07
apwcos^, as in non-ubuntu kernel stuff?  i don't think i know of one, they tend to be more specific to a subsystem like intel graphics or whatever11:08
cos^apw: ok, thanks. i'll try to find something11:10
apwcos^, so patches to lkml take between 0 and 7 days to be noticed normally, after that it depend on whether they liked it etc11:10
apwcos^, then they will be likely merged into a maintainers tree, and more than likely merged up in the next merge window if they represent new functionality or a low priority fix.  if they are urgent they may go in immediatly11:11
cos^what would be the best way to get my patch to next ubuntu kernel? attach patch to bug report?11:11
apwcos^, well if its a clear bug fix, then you would mark it for stable, or submit it to stable (upstream stable) and we would then get it it from there in the natural course of taking stalbe11:12
apwcos^, if its urgent or affecting a wide range of people then you could also send it to kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com making sure it has a reference to the bug which it fixes and we can review it11:12
apwcos^, though don't be offended if someone on the team then tells you that we would prefer to wait for it to come from stable11:13
cos^apw: it's this http://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-input/msg19380.html11:13
apwcos^, cirtainly we prefer to have a commit upstream in linus' tree so we know its not going to be rejected before we take things11:13
cos^not urgent, but shouldn't break anything11:13
apwcos^, that is cirtainly low impact and a device enablement only so ... you have more chance than average of getting it applied earlier11:14
cos^vs https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/50083411:14
ubot2`Launchpad bug 500834 in linux "CH joysticks not working" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:14
bkerensaapw: I passed the patch for review 11:38
apwbkerensa, are you submitting your patch to the bug or to the mailing list ?11:38
bkerensaapw: I submitted it to the bug but pinged mailing list so kernel team can review as necessary 11:39
Ezimhi now I have tried everything but it seems this issue is kernel related. it gives me kernel panic. when I use my bluetooth usb for transfering files between laptop-phone.11:39
apwEzim, if you get a kernel panic, then there is a kernel bug almost cirtainly, some instances of bad config can legitimatly cause a panic, but not commonly11:41
apwEzim, so get the panic filed as a bug11:41
Ezimapw, how?11:42
apwhow do you know you are getting kernel panic?11:42
apweither its in a log, or on your screen11:42
Ezimapw, putting my blueotooth usb to laptop and try transfering files11:42
apwso either file a bug and add the log snippet that has the panic, or a photo of the panic screen11:42
Ezimapw, were can I find the log?11:43
apwyou may see the panic in /var/log/syslog11:43
apwbut you are saying you see a panic, so you must be seeeing it somewhere11:43
Ezimapw, my laptop screen got freezed and turn to black with white error message11:45
Ezimthat most be kernel panic?11:45
bkerensaEzim: What was the specific error message?11:45
apwdepends what the error message says11:45
apwand if its a panic, then an image of that screen is what you want to attach11:46
Ezimbkerensa, sorry I do not remenber to be honest a lot of text11:46
EzimI can pastebin the things I have in /var/log/syslog11:46
Ezimwould that help anything?11:46
Ezimall the kernel in (k)ubuntu 11.10 have this issue.11:47
apwif there is a panic in there likely yes11:47
Ezimthe older (k)ubuntu release I did not have this problem11:47
Ezimapw, there is nothing in syslog about kernel panic11:48
apwthen the information only appears on that black and white screen you mentioned11:49
Ezimbut there is bluez error in syslog11:50
Ezimapw, I can give information about my bluetooth usb11:51
apwif you are getting a kernel panic on the screen when the freeze occurs, that is the information we would need to see to have a hope of finding the issue.  bluez is userspace11:51
Ezimwhich kernel I am running11:51
Ezimif that is for any help11:51
apwif you have tested the latest official kernel and its still broken, then the panic is the only thing we are likely to be able to use to help11:52
Ezimapw, :( my phone camera is really bad but if I get kernel panic again I will take screenshot.11:52
apwand you need to get a bug filed, ubuntu-bug linux11:52
Ezimno I am to scare to try11:52
Ezimapw, so I do not need to filed a bug report to launchpad11:53
bkerensaEzim: I assure you ubuntu-bug will not bite :)11:53
Ezim#ubuntu-bug works also?11:53
bkerensaEzim: It will gather info and open a bug report in launchpad11:53
* apw is hoping we have language barrier issues here11:53
apware you too scared to try filing a bug, or to try reproducing the issue, or trying the latest official kernel11:54
bkerensaEzim: No you would need to run the command from terminal it is not a channel11:54
Ezimbkerensa, doing it now11:54
Ezimwhat should I pick?11:55
apwDescription-en: Linux kernel image for version 3.2.0 on x86/x86_6411:55
apw This package contains the Linux kernel image for version 3.2.0 on11:55
apw x86/x86_64.11:55
Ezimshould I pick External or internal storage device11:56
Ezimor other problem?11:57
* ppisati -> out for lunch11:57
bkerensaapw: hmm?11:57
apwbkerensa, that is for smb, talking about the arch name and how its dumb11:57
bkerensaoh :D11:58
Ezimwhat should I pick? :)11:59
apwdebian.master/control.d/vars.omap:desc="TI OMAP3-based systems"12:00
apwdebian.master/control.d/vars.powerpc:desc="32-bit PowerPC"12:00
apwdebian.master/control.d/vars.powerpc-smp:desc="32-bit PowerPC SMP"12:00
apwdebian.master/control.d/vars.powerpc64-smp:desc="64-bit PowerPC SMP"12:00
Ezim:) okey that does not help me at all12:04
apwEzim, i am having more than one conversation, this one is with sm12:04
Ezimapw, np.12:11
EzimI think its best if I file a bug report for it in launchpad or compile myself new kernel:)12:11
apwsmb, vv12:21
smbapw, ^^12:21
apwDescription: Linux kernel tools for version 3.2.0-1612:21
apw This package provides the architecture dependant parts for kernel12:21
apw version locked tools for version 3.2.0-16 on 64 bit x86.12:21
smbapw, Looks much better to me12:22
smbapw, Is it rather too much or would "kernel version" instead of just version make sense?12:23
apwDescription: Linux kernel image for version 3.2.0 on 64 bit x86 SMP12:23
apw This package contains the Linux kernel image for version 3.2.0 on12:23
apw 64 bit x86 SMP.12:23
apwsmb, that one is the linux-image one12:23
apwthe tools i notice are not using the same version either12:24
smbHm, yep one with abi reference and one without12:25
smbmaybe removing the "for" makes sense?12:25
smbSo "Linux kernel image version 3.2.0-16 on 64 bit x86"... Not sure about smp either12:27
smbcause it is the same for UP or SMP and just toggles12:27
k-rAd-i would like to install 12:49
k-rAd-!info linux-image precise12:49
k-rAd-the latest pangolin kernel on oneiric12:49
k-rAd-linux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 30 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel armhf powerpc)12:50
k-rAd-i have a usb 3.0 drive that is off/on.  12:50
k-rAd-turns off then on12:50
k-rAd-on crontab12:50
smbbryceh, tjaalton Not sure whom to ask specifically, just wondering whether you have a feeling about gui stablility on kvm/cirrus 3D (surprised that is possible actually). 2D displays better but seems generally to have more applications (nautilus/bamfd or so) crashing12:50
tjaaltonsmb: unity should not run on it12:54
tjaaltonthere's a bug open aboutit12:54
smbtjaalton, Ok, well it does run... sort of. Just not very displayative...12:55
tjaaltonthe new swrast driver has a different identifier string, so the current blacklist doesn't work12:55
tjaaltonwell, it's just buggy :)12:56
tjaaltonbut not that useful yet anyway12:56
smbHeh, I "see" :)12:56
smbAh, so at least people are aware. Unfortunately it is the default gfx for kvm and you are just taken into 3d if you are not careful12:57
tjaaltoni don't know why it's not fixed yet12:59
tjaaltonfiled two weeks ago12:59
smbProbably depends on the right people actually noticing it and not having worse problems to look after... 13:00
apw!info udev-common13:11
apw!info libudev013:11
apwbot not useful error13:12
* tgardner reboots tangerine for kernel update13:15
apwbkerensa, to take this patch i need to commit it to our git tree, and for that it needs to be signed off, can i take it you are happy for it to be 'Signed-off-by: ' the email address in the changelog ?13:19
bkerensaapw: Surely :)13:19
apwbkerensa, this is a linux-meta update, is are you doing the linux update as well ?13:20
bkerensaapw: I can do that as well yes :)13:20
apwbkerensa, ok let me know when its on the bug, and i'll poke it13:20
bkerensaI will ping you when I have that one complete but there is not a open bug for it13:20
apwi am fixing the DESC issue as well13:21
apwbkerensa, actually there is no bug for the linux-meta issue, or this one is miss targetted, but ... i'll add a task for linux-meta to the same bug13:21
apwbkerensa, ok done, i've assigned both to you13:22
bkerensaapw: Ok whats the package for the one that still needs work so I can get the right source?13:22
bkerensaapw: Ok I have updated #593107 with the second patch for "linux" so now you have both :)13:44
apwbkerensa, ok thanks13:48
apwbkerensa, thanks will look at them now13:49
apwbkerensa, thanks for contributing13:49
bkerensaapw: No problem... Hopefully bigger things in the future :P13:50
apwbkerensa,  we typically take patches after review on the mailing list, the description of the formatting rules etc for patches are here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev/KernelPatches13:55
apwbkerensa, though in this case i've got these ones covered13:55
bkerensaapw: excellent13:55
bkerensaapw: and the signed off byline just means you take over the changes in changelog?13:56
apwSigned-off-by: means that you are saying the work is yours, and is yours to give to the project, that it is compatible with the licence of the project too13:57
apwif that makes sense13:58
apwppisati, the el in armel is that "emulated float"14:00
bkerensaapw: Ahh surely thats fine :)14:02
ppisatiapw: ARM E(ABI) L(ittle)14:11
ppisatiapw: ad EABI stands for Embedded Abstract Binary Interface14:11
apwppisati, oh ok, from a consumers point of view that is mostly useless, is it the soft float option if hf is hard ?14:13
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sorenHey. Since yesterday's kernel update, my laptop (Thinkpad X220) fails to suspend properly. I was hoping I could use git bisect to my way to the culprit, but I'm having a bit of trouble.14:39
scott-workis there any chance of someone review the lowlatency kernel in REVU?  http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/linux-lowlatency14:39
scott-workwe need just one more advocate before tomorrow (i believe)14:40
sorenI wanted to build the kernel with "debian/rules binary-generic", but since the build system gets rebased on top, i can't really do that.14:41
sorenWhat's the trick to using git-bisect to track down a bug?14:47
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tgardnerapw, git://kernel.ubuntu.com/rtg/ubuntu-precise.git hv14:54
ogasawarasoren: so I'm assuming this is precise that you're running?  and that the latest 3.2.0-16.25 kernel is giving you suspend issues, and 3.2.0-15.24 is working as expected?14:59
sorenogasawara: That's exactly right.14:59
sorenogasawara: I can't git bisect my way to find the culprit, because for most of the points in between the two commits, there build system isn't there.15:00
ogasawarasoren: ack.  so give this a quick test if you can -> http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.2.6-precise/15:01
sorenogasawara: Cool. Onit.15:01
sorenOn it, even.15:01
ogasawarasoren: the mainline builds will at least help a little here15:01
sorenogasawara: I'm on hotel internet, so it'll be a little bit before I'm done downloading. :-/15:02
ogasawarasoren: ack15:02
ogasawarasoren: about the bisect, jj gave an dev week talk a while ago and touched on the issues you mention doing a bisect -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek1107/KernelDebugging15:03
sorenogasawara: Cool. Thanks.15:03
apw/bin/sh: 1: arm-linux-gnueabi-objdump: not found15:04
* ogasawara back in 2015:07
tgardnerapw, looks like my hv branch build correctly now15:26
apwtgardner, ok cool thakns15:30
vanhoofsoren: x220 here w/ 3.2.0-16, s3 working quite well15:38
sorenvanhoof: Fascinating.15:41
sorenvanhoof: For a whlie I suspected it to be a userspace problem, but reverting to -15 seemed to solve it, so I ruled that out. Perhaps that was premature.15:42
sorenvanhoof: I suspected userspace because it would fail to suspend, but when I did a "shutdown -h now" afterwards, it'd suspend. When I resumed it, it shut down.15:43
soren...so it was like some process was preventing it from suspending, but shutdown caused that to be killed, so it could proceed with the suspend... and when it resumed from suspend, it continued with the shutdown.15:43
vanhoofsoren: yeah quite odd15:44
soren...but again: Reverting to a -15 kernel, the problem seemed to disappear.15:44
vanhoofsoren: fwiw I did a dist-upgrade last evening as soon as i saw -16 hit the archive15:44
vanhoofbeen using the x220 all morning15:44
vanhoofI am running with no swap, and just /boot, /rootfs, /tmpfs, no swap fwiw15:44
vanhoofand ssd15:45
vanhoofbut other than that it's an i7 x22015:45
sorenThis is an i5 one.15:45
vanhoofsoren: what bios are you on?15:46
vanhoofsoren: i'm still on 1.1715:46
vanhoofi believe 1.24 is the latest15:47
sorenvanhoof: BIOS Revision: 1.2615:47
sorenFirmware Revision: 1.1915:47
vanhoofsoren: yeah really sounds like $some_process is wedged and stoping the s3, you attached to any remote mounts? ... i had similar issues when my NAS went offline once15:49
sorenvanhoof: Nope.15:50
apw-do_common_headers_indep = false16:02
apwtgardner, this hv branch seems to have an ndiswrapper update at the bottom16:14
apwas in unmerged with ogasawara's tree16:14
ogasawaraapw: I've yanked ndiswrapper16:15
apwogasawara, ahh bad ?16:15
ogasawaraapw: I saw no need to carry it since there is a dkms package for it16:15
apwoh as in gone, great16:15
tgardnerapw, yeah, I rebased against master-next before I started on hv16:16
tgardnerapw, whoops, maybe I didn't16:16
* apw re-drops it from his copy16:16
ogasawaraapw: yah, just drop it from what you have16:16
apwpick 5756c31 NLS: improve UTF8 -> UTF16 string conversion routine16:17
apwtgardner, i assume thats foundational ?16:17
tgardnerapw, looks like it. its alos reasonably well isolated16:18
tgardnerapw, well, not really. that should have been 2 patches.16:19
apw68 patches and counting, deep joy16:19
tgardnerscott-work, I updated the comments at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/linux-lowlatency16:28
scott-workthank you tgardner :)16:32
tgardnerapw, dpkg -S objdump16:34
tgardnerbinutils-arm-linux-gnueabi: /usr/arm-linux-gnueabi/bin/objdump16:34
apwtgardner, ok i am being a tard, and trying to cross the wrong way round ... tool failure16:45
tgardnerapw, there is an easy solution to that. gahab16:46
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tkamppeterAny chance that anyone could fix bug 900802 for Precise, that we would have USB tethering support for the iPhone in the LTS. The fix (patch attached) is trivial, only add the ID of the iPhone 4S.17:20
ubot2`Launchpad bug 900802 in ipheth "PATCH: Got the USB tethering of the iPhone 4S working" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90080217:20
mjg59tkamppeter: Has that been sent upstream?17:22
apwbkerensa, ok i've looked at your patches, unfortuanatly the first line is a separate short description and cannot be wrapped the way you have.  i have spun an alternative patch to improve these and will push those out shortly17:24
tgardnertkamppeter, was just going to ask the same question. your patch looks fine.17:27
tkamppetermjg59, tgardner, I did not send it upstream by myself, but this is absolutely trivial, only one line with the phone's ID added.17:28
mjg59tkamppeter: If you don't send it upstream then anyone running an upstream kernel doesn't get the feature and the patch has to be maintained until someone else does it17:28
tgardnertkamppeter, mjg59 - I'll take care of it17:30
tkamppetertgardner, any chance that Precise will ship with USB tethering support for the iPhone 4S?17:31
tgardnertkamppeter, yes17:32
mjg59tgardner: Thanks!17:32
tkamppetertgardner, thanks, looking forward to have my iPhone 4S USB-tethering out of the box with Precise.17:34
tgardnertkamppeter, which email address would you prefer for the Signed-off-by ?17:37
tkamppetertgardner, till dot kamppeter at gmail dot com17:41
tgardnertkamppeter, can do17:41
albrighatkamppeter, hey Till!17:41
tkamppeteralbrigha, hi17:42
albrighatkamppeter, long time no talk to!17:42
albrighatkamppeter, I was on HPLIP for years and years :)17:42
tkamppeterhi, I remember you, and what are you doing now.17:42
albrighatkamppeter, just started on the Ubuntu QA team!17:43
tkamppeteralbrigha, yes in QA you test and report bugs, if it's HPLIP you can directly attach the patches to fix the bugs.17:44
albrighatkamppeter, nah i don't do hplip any more I'm afraid. :) working on ubuntu overall. but i'm sure some hplip at some point. anyway, I just wanted to say hi there :)17:45
tkamppeteralbrigha, then welcome in the club and have great work with us. Will we meet on the UDSes?17:46
albrighatkamppeter, yep! looking forward to it17:46
tkamppeteralbrigha, and if you want to meet me on IRC, I am usually not in the #ubuntu-kernel channel but in #ubuntu-desktop and #ubuntu-devel.17:51
* apw shifts to another machine ... and a more comfortable location18:32
* tgardner -> must have food18:37
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tgardnerapw, looks like your hv bits are working.19:35
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* tgardner -> EOD21:17
bjfogasawara: still around ?23:30

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