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Mattmanhi peoples02:08
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:48
GleichsnerdGah, shoot. Nevermind.03:48
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micahgRhonda: did you test build ejabberd before syncing it?06:34
* ajmitch syncs another package (yes, test-built locally)06:41
* micahg hugs ajmitch06:43
ajmitchI've still got a lot of catching up to do :)06:43
ajmitchstill a lot on http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/ to check over though06:45
micahgyeah, oneiric seems to still be the default there06:48
ajmitchshouldn't be, I changed it06:48
* micahg was going to skim for new version RC bug fixes06:48
micahgah, is fixed now, thanks06:48
ajmitchwas a recent fix :)06:48
ajmitchsmokeping needs a sync, open CVE06:48
ajmitchpatiently waiting for pbuilder to process ftpmirror :)06:49
* micahg test builds chromium in a clean chroot before uploading06:49
* micahg plans to do another run through the upgrade-software-version bugs tomorrow night to see what can be updated quickly06:53
ajmitchI saw a merge of pbuilder waiting in ~ubuntu-sponsors06:54
ajmitchit's nice when a debian NMU references an LP bug as well, will a sync using syncpackage automatically close that?07:17
micahgI think so, although, I don't remember the final outcome of that discussion07:18
ajmitchI'll try it & see07:18
ajmitchit's bug 75665707:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 756657 in ipcheck (Ubuntu) "ipcheck suffers exception; NoneType object has no attribute 'close'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75665707:18
brodercertainly old-style syncs would close those07:19
* broder sighs. the sponsorship queue is still getting longer07:20
ajmitchbroder: how long is it now?07:22
broderin fairness, 1/4 of those are just from today07:23
ajmitchpeople trying to get in before FF?07:23
broderseems likely07:23
broderand, let's see, only 14 of them are from before 2/107:24
ajmitchso at least people aren't havng to wait very long07:24
ajmitchmicahg: I see what you mean about ejabberd - I was looking at some other build fallout bugs from the erlang transition in debian, might be a little late to do that for precise :)07:25
ajmitchhttp://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=653966 was the bug I was looking at - the removal of patches because of a newer erlang got me a bit worried about just syncing it07:27
ubottuDebian bug 653966 in yaws "yaws cross site scripting" [Serious,Fixed]07:27
Rhondamicahg: duh, the new erlang not in precise, right  %-/07:33
Rhondamicahg: So actually, it would need a sourceful upload with dropping the versioned b-d on erlang (reverting git commit c352294)07:34
Rhonda.. erlang transition in precise is out of scope, right? :)07:35
ajmitchRhonda: I'm sure there's plenty of time to get it done :)07:36
RhondaI am not that deeply involved in erlang besides ejabberd, and I am uncertain about the required impact07:36
ajmitchI think it has potential for a lot of small problems07:37
ajmitchhttp://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2011/12/msg00296.html doesn't look too bad though07:38
Rhondaajmitch: jep, that fix is in ejabberd, and it got uploaded to unstable in debian in the meantime :)07:43
* ajmitch would be more worried about couchdb07:43
philipballewQuestion: to package a deb for debian/Ubuntu, how much actual coding/programing is required? I have herd different things from different people.07:43
ajmitchphilipballew: "it depends"07:44
ajmitchit's possible to package something with barely touching a thing07:44
ajmitchor you may have to end up digging into the code & writing patches to solve some problems07:45
Rhondaajmitch: couchdb got binNMUed and I am not aware of any serious bugreports because of the transition07:45
ajmitchthis is why you hear different things from different people, the packages are different :)07:45
ajmitchRhonda: ubuntu's couchdb is still stuck at 1.0.107:46
ajmitchdebian has 1.1.107:46
Rhondawell, I will do a sourceful upload for ejabberd then, dropping the version07:46
broderi'm pretty sure that our couchdb is just a little bit of conffile testing away from being at 1.1.107:46
ajmitchok :)07:46
Rhondaand when you decide to bring e15 into the boat, you always can issue a build1 package :)07:46
ajmitchbroder: you've managed to dig through that MP?07:47
broderi did, and when all's said and done i'm actually satisfied with it07:47
broderexcept that jderose's updates move a conffile between packages, and i want somebody to test whether or not that's going to trigger a conffile conflict07:48
philipballewthank you07:49
* ajmitch does not have a current precise VM for testing, but how bad can it break my laptop? :)07:49
* broder disclaims all repsonsibility for the state of ajmitch's laptop07:49
ajmitchbtw, that bug was closed with syncpackage07:50
micahgcool, that's the way it should be :)07:50
Rhondaajmitch: 2.1.10-2ubuntu1 would be the proper version, right?07:51
ajmitchRhonda: yep07:52
Rhondaajmitch: So, can I just dput ubuntu, or would it need to go through some approval?07:53
RhondaGuess I just dput because I am MOTU, but this is my first sourceful upload :)07:54
ajmitchyou're in MOTU, it's in universe07:54
ajmitchshould be fine07:54
ajmitchas we said, what can possibly go wrong? :)07:55
Rhondahmm, if I doesnt include the orig tarball it fetches it from debian, right?07:55
ajmitchno, it uses what's already been synced from debian07:56
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ajmitchmicahg: that's a lot of CVEs for chromium there08:08
Rhondaajmitch, thanks for the headsup, is built now :)08:30
ajmitchRhonda: don't thank me, thank micahg08:35
Rhondaoh, right08:36
* Rhonda hugs micahg :)08:36
micahgajmitch: indeed08:39
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arandtumbleweed: The Ubuntu-FTBFS for cube2font is fixed in Debian now, would you have time to re-view the sync request?12:11
geserbkerensa: can you please forward this also to Debian and/or upstream so we don't have to carry this delta for long (if it didn't already happen)12:22
bkerensageser: I will forward12:24
bkerensageser: Is there a easy way to turn my changes into a diff to submit upstream12:34
bkerensaor will they take a .patch?12:34
geserthere is a tool "submittodebian" which helps with it, but as I didn't use it yet myself you might want to doublecheck what exactly gets forwarded to Debian12:53
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tumbleweedit gives you a chance to edit the patch13:03
tumbleweedarand: done13:17
arandtumbleweed: thanks! :)13:17
tumbleweedit was a good test case for bug 931644 :)13:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 931644 in ubuntu-dev-tools (Ubuntu) "[sponsor-patch] No way to sponsor syncs from a non-default release" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93164413:18
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scott-workubuntu studio is still working on getting the lowlatency kernel into universe and needs one more advocate :)  http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/linux-lowlatency14:38
scott-workanyone who feels capable of reviewing it, please do so, i believe we need another advocate before tomorrow14:39
tumbleweedbdrung: fixed a pile of easy bugs, will upload u-d-t now15:00
bdrungtumbleweed: thanks. will sponsor-patch bail out for missing binaries before it starts?15:02
tumbleweedbdrung: doesn't bail out, just warns15:05
tumbleweed(probably less than ideal, but it isn't obvious what programs its going to need)15:05
bdrungtumbleweed: maybe doing the check after reading the parameters?15:05
tumbleweedthat still doesn't tell us if its a bzr branch or a patch15:06
tumbleweed(and I thought printing out the warning when you do --help isn't a bad idea)15:06
ockhamhi, i'd like to merge scribus from sid, but i'm a bit confused about merging documentation at the wiki. i'm not a motu, so do i just file a merge request at launchpad? or also build a merged version and upload it to REVU?15:10
geserockham: first you don't need REVU for a merge15:12
ockhamgeser: okay; but i'm not a MOTU, so if I do work on the package, how make it available for upload?15:12
geseryou can only file a merge request once you have a branch in LP which is ready to get merged (sponsored)15:13
tumbleweedockham: provide a debdiff (against debian) or a bzr branch15:13
geser"provide a debdiff" = file a bug and attach the debdiff to it15:13
ockhamok, i'll try that15:13
tumbleweedockham: btw, don't forget we have feature freeze tomorrow evening. work fast :)15:14
geseror merge a package which doesn't introduce new features15:14
tumbleweedor request an exception, if the new features are important15:15
ockhami think it's quite straight-forward, so i shouldn't take too long15:15
ockhamoops, scribus is in main. is that a problem?15:18
tumbleweedockham: no15:19
geserockham: it shouldn't matter for you if you need a core-dev or a MOTU as sponsor15:21
ockhamyikes. just tried debdiff on debian's and ubuntu's .dsc files, and as debian has a new upstream version, that's quite long.15:22
ockhamubuntu has an RC for 1.4.0, debian a post-1.4.0 svn revision15:23
ockhamwill that be a problem?15:23
ockhamthe reason i'd like to update is that some relevant bugs got fixed by upstream in between...15:23
ockhamtumbleweed, geser: ^15:25
tumbleweedockham: the version in ubuntu is based on a previous version from debian15:26
tumbleweedcompare against that15:26
tumbleweed(or just grab diffs from mom (merges.ubuntu.com, see grab-merge)15:26
ockhamtumbleweed: ok, i'm not sure i'm getting this right. the merge request will require a debdiff from the debian version i'd like to base it on, right?15:31
ockhamand grab-merge complains that there is not entry for scribus on m.u.c15:31
tumbleweedockham: yes, that's usually the easiest diff to review15:32
ockhamtumbleweed: but in my case, it will contain a long list of upstream changes15:32
tumbleweedok, MoM was recently broken and is probably still catching up15:33
tumbleweederr, a merge shouldn't end up wit ha long list of upstream changes15:33
tumbleweedthe diff should show the desired changes between debian and ubuntu15:33
ockhambut what if, as in this case, debian is based on a newer upstream version?15:34
tumbleweedso provide a diff from that15:34
ockhamtumbleweed: hm, makes sense15:34
tumbleweedI think MoM is also currently running against wheezy (our default sync source) not sid15:35
tumbleweed(our default sync source for LTSs)15:36
geserockham: grab the current delta (mom or from packages.qa.debian.org), apply it on the new debian version (and check if those changes are still needed or perhaps also fixed in debian/upstream), generate new debdiff for you patched version (compare to the unpatched debian version)15:37
ockhamgeser: that sounds good, i'll try it15:37
geserthat's what MoM does (without the checking, that left for the merger)15:38
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geserit's not black magic :)15:39
ockhamgeser: ok, i've tried to apply http://patches.ubuntu.com/s/scribus/scribus_1.4.0.dfsg~rc3+svn20110401-1.1ubuntu1.patch to the current debian source, but patch -p 1 fails -- and it's not obvious to me, why, as the .rej files look quite feasible15:43
tumbleweedockham: pull-lp-source -d scribus && pull-debian-source -d scribus 1.4.0.dfsg~rc3+svn20110401-1.1 && debdiff ....15:45
ockhamtumbleweed: same result. the debdiff that line produces is probably the same as the one found on patches.ubuntu.com, no?15:52
tumbleweedyes, it should be15:53
ockhamwell it fails :-(15:53
tumbleweedso, yes, the patch probably won't apply cleanly, they almost never will15:53
ockhamyeah, but it's strange -- see e.g. http://paste.ubuntu.com/843180/ for changelog.rej15:54
tumbleweedthere'll be a new changelog entry in debian, that clashes with the ubuntu one15:54
tumbleweedso, I was wrong, not "almost never will", "never will"15:55
ockhamok, so it's copy-pasting stuff from the patch to those files.15:56
ockhamoh well, not so trivial after all...15:56
ockhami'll probably get back to it later...15:57
ockhamthx so far!15:57
tumbleweedlook at merge-changelog15:57
tumbleweedit'll sort that bit out for you15:57
pabelangermdeslaur: ping16:26
mdeslaurpabelanger: hi!16:26
* pabelanger waves16:27
mdeslaurpabelanger: what's up?16:27
pabelangermdeslaur: re: bug 93185916:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 931859 in nagios3 (Ubuntu) "chown: cannot access `/etc/nagios3/resource.cfg': No such file or directory" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93185916:27
pabelangerthe patch is actually from upstream16:27
pabelangerand the file permissions are already changed in the -common package16:27
mdeslaurpabelanger: ah!, yeah, reading your update now16:27
mdeslaurpabelanger: ok, thanks for the explanation16:28
pabelangerI should have adding something to the debdiff16:28
pabelangerwill next time16:28
mdeslaurpabelanger: ok, ACK on the debdiff. I'll update the bug and upload it in a sec. Thanks!16:31
CoreyOh what the...  + git-dch --auto --debian-branch=master18:30
CoreyYou are not on branch 'master' but on '(no branch)'18:30
CoreyUse --debian-branch to set the branch to pick changes from18:30
tumbleweedsounds like you aren't on a branch...18:30
CoreySure, but to fix that it suggets passing --debian-branch=master, which I'm doing.18:31
tumbleweedI don't think it realises that you aren't on a branch. It just sees that you aren't on the branch that it's expecting to use18:31
Coreytumbleweed: Sure, but a "git checkout master" before the git-dch also fails.18:32
tumbleweedpresumably not with the same error18:32
Corey(I'm trying to have Jenkins automatically build on commits)18:33
CoreyWith the checkout master beforehand, http://pastebin.com/WKiBMqTL18:33
tumbleweedmissing a pull?18:33
CoreyIt's Jenkins, it should have pulled automatically.18:33
CoreyI can explicitly throw it in there.18:34
CoreyBut it seems counterintuitive.18:34
* tumbleweed doesn't know jenkins, and has never doen what you are trying to do. But I can read error messages / output and give interpretation :P18:34
Coreytumbleweed: Yeah, the git pull sorted it.18:42
CoreySeems wrong, but if it works, who'm I to argue? :-)18:42
CoreyBut the git-dch --auto now isn't incrementing the version string in changelog18:42
CoreyOoh, I may have to throw a -S into it.18:44
CoreyMan pages, not just for bathroom reading. :-p18:44
_rubeni have a local repo using mini-dinstall where i push my pbuilder generated packages. what would it take to be able to add downloaded .deb packages to such a repo?18:45
_rubendownloaded from 3rd parties that is18:45
_rubenno source packages or anything18:45
tumbleweed_ruben: I don't know mini-dinstall, but I assume it is driven by .changes files, like the archive18:47
tumbleweedso, generate .changes files18:47
* _ruben tries some google-foo based on that :)18:47
_rubenthe use of pbuilder got me lazy in that respect, all needed files are generated for me ;)18:48
tumbleweed.changes are usually generated by dpkg-genchanges. You can drive it by hand18:48
_rubenhad just found that cmd in the debian maint guide :)18:48
_rubenlets see18:49
_rubenhmm .. dpkg-genchanges seems to work on a source tree, and all i got is the binary package18:53
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ockhamgeser, tumbleweed: okay, i've produced a debdiff. anyone mind uploading? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/scribus/+bug/93296219:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 932962 in scribus (Ubuntu) "Please merge scribus 1.4.0.dfsg+r17300-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New]19:01
_rubenguess crafting it by hand it is19:01
tumbleweedockham: I can't, but someone from ubuntu-desktop or a core-dev can19:01
ubottuYou can find out about the package sponsorship process here http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess - For !UDS sponsorship see http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/sponsorship/19:01
tumbleweedockham: ^19:01
tumbleweed_ruben: probably the easiest, although you could cheat and create all the files dpkg-genchanges needs, but that's probably harder19:02
_rubentumbleweed: yeah19:03
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jtaylorwhen exactly does feature freeze take effect?20:12
micahgjtaylor: per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PreciseReleaseSchedule, 21:00 UTC tomorrow20:12
pabelangerI have a debdiff for bug 897006 but it's also include another bug fix.  Should I create 2 different debdiffs?  Or can 1 close 2 issues?20:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 897006 in nsca (Ubuntu) "Build nsca-client package" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89700620:15
pabelangerwould like to make sure it gets uploaded before tomorrows freeze for 12.0420:15
tumbleweedpabelanger: so would everyone, there's been a big rush on the sponsorship queue20:19
pabelangertumbleweed: ack'd20:19
pabelangeralways the case20:19
pabelangerjust want to make sure I make the request easy as possible20:19
tumbleweedpabelanger: did you see the comments in the debian changelog wrt nsca-client?20:21
pabelangertumbleweed: yes, I talked to the upstream maintain a while back and at the time they thought it was a waste of resources.  After working with the debian maintainer, the next release in Sid will actually start building the package20:23
pabelangerbut that package has not been merged into sid yet20:24
tumbleweedpabelanger: I see a comment which says "Add possibility to locally build an nsca-client package which cannot be in Debian.20:24
tumbleweeddo you know the logic behind that?20:24
pabelangerright, see my above comment about waste of resources20:25
tumbleweedwhat kind of resources?20:25
pabelangerHDD space in the repository20:25
pabelangerI know20:25
tumbleweedok, that's probably not an issue :)20:26
tumbleweedplease amend the bug, rather than saying "I don't know why"20:26
pabelangertumbleweed: and done20:28
kklimondawhen did Ubuntu start using 3.0 source format?20:45
micahgkklimonda: it's supported in Lucid on20:45
kklimondaah, thanks20:45
jtaylorcan someone apt-file bin/rsvg in precise please21:00
jtaylormy is acting up21:00
jtaylorI can't locate that in precise ._.21:04
jtaylora bug 93180221:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 931802 in librsvg (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/rsvg disappeared" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93180221:05
CoreySeeing a pbuilder failure on broken deps, but I can't quite understand why it's breaking: http://pastebin.com/3bFPC6U122:27
jtaylorI prefer PBUILDERSATISFYDEPENDSCMD="/usr/lib/pbuilder/pbuilder-satisfydepends-gdebi"22:27
jtaylortends to give better error messages22:27
* micahg also prefered the gdebi resolver with pbuilder22:29
Coreyjtaylor: Toss that into .pbuilderrc?22:46
CoreyOr as an environment variable?22:46
Coreyjtaylor: http://pastebin.com/Bux5wUup22:53
CoreyHmm.  It looks like that package isn't installable in the pbuilder, but clearly exists elsewhere.  Is there a sane way to show whcih repository it came from on the installed box?22:54
broderCorey: do you have universe disabled in your pbuilder or something?22:54
Coreybroder: Not sure.  I didn't do anything magic to create it, which may explain it.22:58
tumbleweedCorey: do a pbuilder update and see if it mentions anything besides main22:59
Coreytumbleweed: Just main.22:59
CoreyThat'd do it.22:59
CoreyTime to fix my pbuilderrc22:59

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