bkerensaakgraner, pleai2: No problem on finding hypodermia... She is very skilled... I did jokingly bribe her with cheese to help fix the script :P00:36
bkerensadholbach: Any specific time you wanted to try and interview Kernel Team?12:17
bkerensaI noticed pgraner is awake :)12:17
dholbachbkerensa, I won't have time today12:34
dholbachdidn't you have a couple of responses from other interviewees12:34
bkerensadholbach: Certainly12:35
bkerensadholbach: I have three I think12:35
dholbachlet's do those first then12:36
dholbachif you or c_smith want to go ahead and interview some teams, feel free to do so - I'm sure you have enough questions for them :)12:36
dholbachI'm just slammed with other stuff right now, so I won't get around to do much - maybe just a bit tomorrow to get it out there :-/12:37
bkerensadholbach: How can I easily make a diff of a branch I just proposed for merge?12:37
bkerensaI only know how to make diffs when I use debuild then make the diff12:37
bkerensafrom the dsc12:37
dholbachbzr diff12:37
bkerensading ding...12:37
bkerensadholbach: Ok I did that but where does it throw the generated diff?12:38
dholbachdid you commit the change already?12:39
dholbachdo you get any output?12:39
bkerensadholbach: Yes I already committed12:39
dholbachbzr diff -r -212:39
bkerensaIm now trying to go back and get a diff12:39
dholbachbzr diff -r -2 > ~/patch-file12:40
bkerensaahh :) thanks you just saved me so much time12:40
akgranerbkerensa, dholbach want some help with that interview?13:53
akgranerIf you have the questions - I'll get those to him and back to you tonight or in the morning13:53
bkerensaakgraner: I can get some to you13:53
bkerensathanks :)13:54
akgranerjust email me - I'll bug him during lunch13:54
akgranerbkerensa, thanks!  I'll kick the other graner about these.14:03
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MrChrisDruifpleia2; I guess the link for this weeks Xubuntu meeting will be https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings/Archive/Minutes/2012-02-15 ?21:47
pleia2MrChrisDruif: I don't know when the next meeting is21:53
MrChrisDruifThey didn't have one today? O_O21:53

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