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jaustincjwatson: I've submitted a sync-request for autotools-dev (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/autotools-dev/+bug/932668), as it would be really great for people to be able to build packages and software for ARMv8 in Precise. I'm not sure what turnaround time on sponsorship usually is, but given the proximity to the FeatureFreeze I thought I'd check that there isn't anything else I should do...11:56
cjwatsonfor syncs, we take into account the date of filing11:58
cjwatsonbut sure, I'll sort this out, thanks12:00
jaustincjwatson: awesome, thanks :)12:08
cjwatsonjaustin: done12:17
jaustincjwatson: thanks again :)12:20
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pittiDaviey, skaet: 10.04.4 mumbling now?14:29
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pittiskaet: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Lucid%20ISO%20Testing%20Dashboard/14:31
skaetpitti,  yup.   Daviey - we're in desktop.14:31
skaetpitti, Daveiy ^14:35
pittiDaviey: so, this is cdimage/www/simple/.manifest15:02
pittiand apparently someone forgot to restore .manifest.full last time15:02
* pitti does now15:02
pittiat least I think that's right15:04
pitticjwatson: ^ please confirm?15:04
pitticjwatson: .manifest only has oneiric, .manifest.full has everything; I think at this point .manifest should have everything, right?15:05
pittiand we'll prune it for 10.04.415:05
Davieypitti: thanks15:05
pittiDaviey: ^ anyway, that's the file you need to prune15:05
pittiDaviey: but don't do it right now, as .manifest is already trimmed; please keep .manifest.full around15:05
* pitti isn't 100% sure how this works either15:05
Davieyit's black magic :)15:05
cjwatsonthe point of trimming down .manifest is so that the mirror prober can run more quickly and tell us about only the release currently under consideration15:07
pitticjwatson: right; but it shouldn't stay trimmed permanently, should it?15:08
cjwatsonoutside release mirroring periods, .manifest should generally have everything, yes15:08
pittiDaviey: ok, .manifest restored; now the instructions will work15:09
pitticjwatson: thanks for confirming15:09
araskaet, FF tomorrow 9pm UTC as usual?15:30
skaetara,   yes.15:40
araskaet, ta15:44
jamespagerbasak, was brian going to check whether calxenda needed the entire distro switch to openmpi 1.5 or do they just need GA of that package?16:50
jamespagedoh! wrong channel16:51
seb128skaet, slangasek, others: when does the feature freeze start?17:41
seb128was there any email sent reminding of that?17:42
slangasekcjwatson said 2100 tomorrow, but I don't know where that number came from17:42
seb128we are unsure if it's tomorrow 0utc or 21utc, different people know differently17:42
seb128that's very confusing ;-)17:42
skaetseb128, 2100 UTC17:42
seb128slangasek, I though you told me previous cycle that freezes were always at 0utc, my bad17:42
slangasekwell, previously they were... new RM, new rules, I think :)17:43
seb128skaet, thanks, would still be useful to send a remainder email with the hour to ubuntu-devel-announce maybe?17:43
cjwatsonslangasek: it's what https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/FeatureLanding sayd17:45
slangasekoh :-)17:46
micahgit's also what the release schedule says although hidden at the top17:53
skaetseb128,  I'll send one out at 2100 UTC today  ;)  saying less than 24 hours.    We kept on not holding to the 0000 UTC, and 2100 seemed to work fairly well, so are standardizing on that.18:03
seb128skaet, great, I got bitten in the past the other way around, thinking it was thursday end of day and slangasek who told me it was 0utc ;-)18:04
seb128but good to know we still have a day18:04
skaetif folks have something that is landing late,  that might impact other teams,  would be good if they could put it on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/FeatureLanding18:05
skaetI may be asking some teams to explicitly hold off for a day or two, and stagger some of the high interacting ones in,  so we can try to keep the images work.18:06
skaetnew process this time around,  trying it out.18:06
skaetI'll mention this in the email to ubuntu-devel-announce,  as well.18:06
stgraberskaet: added LTSP 5.3 to that list, it'll most likely release upstream a few hours before FF and be uploaded a few minutes before FF18:09
stgraberskaet: it's still undergoing work upstream and is being tested by quite a lot of people using PPA builds on Edubuntu, Ubuntu and Debian systems. (5.3 is a major LTSP release, we've been on 5.2 since 10.04)18:10
skaetstgraber, Thanks!   I may request you hold off on the FF upload for a day or two of that so it doesn't get caught up with the churn from other packages.  Would you be ok with that?18:12
lamontskaet: timing question for you....  if I want to take about a 2-3 hour maint window about noon tomorrow that will reduce your arm builder count significantly while I bring up the replacement pandas.18:14
lamontnoon london, that is18:15
stgraberskaet: yeah, that'd work, though I'm not sure what we'd be avoiding doing it. LTSP is a fairly self contained feature, so our worst case scenario is either "LTSP won't install" or "LTSP won't boot", I don't see any way where LTSP could break anything in a default install or in the archive.18:15
stgraberskaet: the only dependency changes we'll be doing (that could be problematic as LTSP is in main) is switching from some older font packages to the new ones (following changes in Ubuntu desktop) and switching from rdesktop to freerdp-x11 (same as done on the desktop so we can get rid of rdesktop eventually)18:16
skaetstgraber,  ok,  then please hold to FF.  :)18:17
stgraberskaet: ok :)18:17
skaetlamont,  should not affect 10.04.4 since its not an arm release;  however we've got feature freeze tomorrow - so the builders are being pounded on.18:18
stgraber(I know, one shouldn't complain about getting a few extra days for feature work, but I'm planning on being done with all the feature stuff for 12.04 on Friday ;))18:18
lamontskaet: atm, arm* seem to be all precise rebuild test18:18
skaetlamont,  yeah, FF is tomorrow18:19
lamontspecifically armhf/precise.  armel is where you'll lose the builders - kitalpha and satinash will remain, and are fast.  we can shuffle some from armhf to armel if there's a need for more width18:19
skaetlamont,  can you delay for 24 hours,  I suspect loosing the builders before the FF will get some folks grumpy.18:19
lamontthey'll come back roughly 3x faster18:20
lamonthence the tradeoff18:20
skaetogra_, infinity, ^^ I'm ok if you are?18:20
lamontinfinity: you want your pandas while you sleep tomorrow morning?18:20
lamontskaet: I'll touch base with infinity today sometime - he's the one that's been pushing to get these done NAO NAO NAO this past week, so I expect he's +118:22
lamontand tghanks18:22
skaetlamont,  thanks for letting me know about it too.  :)18:22
* ogra_ reads backlog ...18:51
ogra_lamont, go for it, i dont think we have anything specifically urgent to build atm18:52
ogra_skaet, ^^18:53
NCommand1rskaet: lamont: loosing armel builders isn't a great loss since we're not doing anything sensitive with that archive ATM18:58
ogra_NCommand1r, ots about arm* not just armel18:59
NCommand1rwhen didI become 1r18:59
NCommand1rthe only thing major coming down the pipe thats time sensitive is a d-i upload, and I can dorescore magic tokeep things running19:00
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lamontogra_: well... if nothing is queued on armel, it's not much about armhf at all19:03
lamontarmhf/non-virt has no bbg3s atm19:03
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brodercjwatson: i wasn't aware that syncs filed before FF were still good to go through without FFe, and i suspect plenty of other people aren't too. is there a list somewhere of what does/doesn't have to be done before FF to be ok?19:14
broderit might be nice to send that out before someone goes and marks everything in the sponsorship queue as needing FFes19:14
cjwatsonnot sure; generally we just try to apply common sense, though I know that's a fuzzy concept19:17
cjwatsonI think what I may have meant is that if it hits the archive queue by FF then that's good enough; but of course we don't have much of an archive queue for syncs any more19:18
broderoh also, is there another SRU for lucid's apt coming, or has all of that already happened? https://code.launchpad.net/~l3on/ubuntu/lucid/apt/fix-917845/+merge/90890 seems like a good candidate for incorporation19:21
cjwatsonI don't have any right now19:21
broderare there point release implications for sponsoring that at this point?19:22
cjwatsonit wouldn't be accepted until after .4 is out19:23
cjwatsonno problem uploading it though19:23
cjwatsonas long as the upload's based on that in lucid-updates, obviously19:23
broderright. i think it will likely need some adjustment19:23
infinitylamont: Losing armel builders for a few hours is a no-brainer, do it.21:07
infinitylamont: Any time lost will be made up for in, like, half an hour. :P21:07
infinitylamont: (Has anyone designed and built a babbage catapult yet?)21:07
skaetDaviey,  turns out the DVD image I posted was last year's,  got the dates confused.  :P    Have started the Kubuntu DVD builds off now.21:18
slangaseknot a babbage ballista?21:21
skaetpitti, cjwatson, Daviey - had to restore the cdimage's crontab from the file version (with thanks for slangasek's help);  have disabled the LUCID daily builds in the new one.21:28
skaet buildlive kubuntu-dvd dvd lucid && DIST=lucid for-project kubuntu cron.dvd21:28
skaetDaviey ^ this is what I've kicked off the DVD build with,   if you spot an issue.  Please flag it.21:29
Davieyskaet: okaym looks good - thanks21:30
Davieyskaet: Have kubuntu been notified?21:30
skaetDaviey,  they were the ones who notice it was last year's posted,  not this years.  #ubuntu-testing21:32
* skaet goes off to compose the FF warning anounce, and wonders what other finger fumbles she'll come up with... :P21:33
Davieyskaet: why not defer it till next week?  We'll all thank you. :)21:36
skaetDaviey,  hmmm ... late night planned eh?21:38
Davieyskaet: What is a late night?21:48
skaetDaviey,  anything 12 hours later than your normal time to go to sleep.  :)21:50
Davieyskaet: sleep?  What is this? :)21:59
* skaet figures that explains some things.... 22:03
skaetLucid 10.04.4 Kubuntu DVD's posted to the iso tracker.22:04
skaetDaviey, pitti - given the issues with getting the Kubuntu DVD posted,  can you please double check the publishing scripts have it right for them, if they get tested in time?22:25
Davieyskaet: have an md5sum handy for what you are expecting?22:27
skaetDaviey,  4e648b2fdbfbb41e6e8eb8576936e0b9 *lucid-dvd-amd64.iso22:28
skaet12111bc7ba90e50532dbca95dc5b33d1 *lucid-dvd-i386.iso22:28
Davieyskaet: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/dvd/current/report.html , concerning ?22:28
Daviey(from Monday?)22:28
Davieyright, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/lucid/dvd/current/report.html22:30
skaethmm.... Daviey - lucid-desktop-amd64.OVERSIZED22:33
skaetyou and pitti discuss ^?22:34
Davieyskaet: the PS3 version?22:45
Davieyerr, mac22:45
skaetno,  amd64 desktop CD22:46
charlie-tcaskaet: it's 701MB, and will still fit a cd-r22:47
Davieyskaet: ah, we should probably ask them to look for something to trim22:47
Davieycharlie-tca: good point22:47
skaetcharlie-tca, :)  thanks we'll leave it alone then. *whew*22:48
charlie-tcaYou are welcome22:48
charlie-tcai burned it to one without realizing it was oversize22:48
skaetslangasek, ^  FYI.  :)22:50
* skaet wonders if some heuristics for CD images size need to be updated, remembering some discussions at UDS on the subject and not sure where things ended up.22:51
slangasekyeah, I've failed to follow through on that22:58
slangasekthe thing is, we know that the limits are unnecessarily small for *most* cases22:58
slangasekand we haven't been able to pin down the details on where it's been a problem in the past22:58
* skaet nods23:00
skaetslangasek, any thoughts as to why we could be seeing:  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lucid/dvd/20120214/report.html23:55
skaetlinux-meta produces uninstallable binaries:23:55
skaet     linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic-pae (amd64)23:55
skaet   linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-server (i386)23:55
slangasekskaet: because -generic-pae makes no sense on amd6423:57
slangasekand it depends on an i386-only package (linux-backports-modules-compat-wireless-2.6.34-2.6.32-28-generic-pae)23:58
slangasekso this is a bug in linux-meta23:58
slangasekstill looking at the second one23:58
slangasekthe second one is the reverse - linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-server depends on linux-backports-modules-compat-wireless-2.6.34-2.6.32-28-server, which only exists on amd6423:59
slangasekah - but that one is NBS23:59

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