adam_gDaviey: that did the trick, for now00:02
Davieyadam_g: cool00:06
Davieyadam_g: if that is the IP address that in punched through the wall, we should hardcode to it anyway00:06
adam_gDaviey: ive not had any issue getting the archive before, not sure what happened00:09
bascotieLol they referred me to ubuntu-server but does anyone know a good Samba channel00:10
bascotiefound one, #samba =P00:11
bascotiethank you00:11
ohdaeHey, I'm looking for a way to back-up/mirror data between two separate Ubuntu servers. Looks like rsync is my best bet..any other ideas?00:14
=== sixstringsg is now known as sixstringsg|away
SpamapSohdae: mirror and backup are not at all the same thing00:14
SpamapSohdae: but rsync is useful for both use cases00:15
ohdaeI didn't mean mirror == backup, i meant mirror and backup. I need the same exact content on both servers for specific folders, but I also need other specific folders to be backed up from one server to another00:15
ohdaebut yeah, SpamapS, rsync looks like the easiest way. well, with what is included that is00:16
twbohdae: rsync is a tried and true solution, I recommend it.00:16
twbohdae: you may wish to wrap it (or librsync) with one of the higher-level wrappers, like rsnapshot or rdiff-backup.00:17
chaos_zerohow plausable is it to run a windows type server program on ubuntu server?00:17
twbrsnapshot is reasonable, but a bit stale -- I'm trying to get funding to overhaul it in the next few months00:17
ohdaeCan I explain the situation a bit? Maybe there might be a better solution, the rsync usage is just my guess..I've never performed back-up's across Ubuntu before, tbh00:17
chaos_zerolike, what is the most minimal x that i can get to use wine?00:18
twbchaos_zero: zero.  It is a world of hurt.00:18
twbchaos_zero: if there is any other option, choose it00:18
chaos_zerowell, i am trying to host a game server... i cant just reprogram it00:18
twbchaos_zero: in fact it would probably be less grief to buy a windows license and run it in a VM, than to try to run a w32 app inside wine inside Xvfb00:18
twbOh, well, games. You probably have lower expectations ;-)00:19
ohdaeI have 2 servers. DNS for my domain points to both, round-robin. I am not currently using caching for the webservers, so both servers need the same content exactly to serve the website. But there is also data on each server (code, text docs, etc) that I would like periodically backed-up to the opposite server.00:19
ohdaeDoes that change my needs at all? heh00:19
chaos_zeroits mainly used for mysql, apache, bind 9 but theirs planty of processing power not used00:19
twbohdae: website could be pushed with git; bind has the ability to magically sync between itself IIRC (look for "peer")00:20
ohdaeHmm, sounds much easier than what I'm doing currently.00:20
twbI guess if you have a fancy-pants website with php and mysql, plain git might not suffice.00:20
ohdaeMost of the content is static, so I update each page manually and then sftp the updated .html files to the opposite server00:21
SpamapSohdae: yeah I'd put the website in whatever your favorite VCS is (bzr, git, hg, svn ..etc) and pull the website from that. And then I'd backup the VCS somewhere else00:21
twbrsync is definitely not the right option to keep *running* mysql instances in sync, because databases' files (usually) aren't coherent00:21
chaos_zeroso how do you go about running vm in ubuntu server if their is no X00:21
SpamapSchaos_zero: libvirt00:21
twbchaos_zero: VMs don't need X00:21
SpamapSchaos_zero: kvm, xen, virtualbox, even vmware, will all work fine w/o X00:21
ohdaeBut I'm implementing nginx + php + twitter bootstrap, using mysql as a back-end to hold content (blog posts, etc)00:21
chaos_zerobut its windows...and you know how gui-based *windows* is...00:22
twbSpamapS: except free version of vbox provides no means to get into the headless VM :-(00:22
ohdaeand creating a local-only submission page. so I think that will sovle my website-sync needs. But either way, I'll go check out rsync +librsync00:22
SpamapSchaos_zero: kvm will expose the graphics hardware as a VNC server you can connect to00:22
twbchaos_zero: kvm et al can export the guest's GUI via e.g. VNC00:22
twbchaos_zero: and once it is installed, if the guest is actually running, the guest can speak whatever it likes (e.g. SSH or RDP)00:23
SpamapSohdae: you *really* need to have version control for your website00:23
chaos_zeroi am too much of a noob to get how this is going to work...00:23
SpamapSohdae: rsync will keep you in sync, but when one breaks, it will break the other one too on the next mirror cycle. ;)00:24
ohdaehmm true00:24
SpamapSohdae: with VCS you can at least roll back00:24
chaos_zerois their an apt-get for that which you would recommend. I would start researching from that00:24
SpamapSohdae: if you're a developer, I'd think you would already know that00:24
ohdaeOh I know, I've jsut never bothered heh00:24
ohdaeHonestly, I have a sort of ghetto setup00:25
ohdaeand it just got out of hand00:25
adam_gDaviey: fyi first test passed, second one deploying. should be sunny again soon00:25
twbSpamapS: you'd be surprised how many incompetent coders are out there, even taking the average idiocy of PHP into it.00:25
ohdaecrappy stuff got built ontop of crappy stuff that shouldnt have been there to begin with00:25
ohdaeNow I have a cluster-fuck on my hands00:25
twbohdae: yeah it's called gnu/linux00:25
Davieyadam_g: rocking, swift-milestone now green00:25
Daviey(1.4.6 -> 1.4.7 transition)00:26
ohdaeWell...my "main" server is running Ubuntu..is running nginx, php, inspircd, silcd, mysql and it has ohh all of 5gb HD, 64mb RAM00:26
ohdaeIt actually still runs pretty well lol00:27
SpamapSDaviey: ready to chat 'bout rabbitmq?00:27
SpamapSohdae: thats not a server, thats a miracle.00:27
ohdaeSpamapS: Oh it's trucking along ;-)00:28
DavieySpamapS: hmm, sorta.00:28
SpamapSohdae: your cluster f*** is primarily due to you not being able to control change. VCS is the first step in that.00:28
ohdaeHonestly, it still runs pretty good. granted my nginx doesnt get a whole lot of traffic, but it's balanced between that server and my secondary server (which is MUCH better, stats-wise)00:29
twbLast time I looked, I couldn't even successfully get through netboot d-i without at least 96MB of RAM.00:30
ohdae             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached00:30
ohdaeMem:            54         51          3          0          1         1500:30
chaos_zerook i have been reading a little...haha...anyway basically if you get virtualbox on ubuntu server you can connect and see the gui over a LAN to configure it then just let it run is that correct or an i totally off?00:32
SpamapStwb: you can boot the cloud images w/ very little RAM. I'm sure 65MB will work.. though it will swap like a mother.00:45
SpamapSchaos_zero: you're better off with libvirt and virt-manager if you want a GUI00:46
twbSpamapS: yes, booting only needed 64MB (the kvm default), but to install I needed a little bit more00:46
twbSpamapS: otherwise it claimed to finish installing but non-trivial packages weren't unpacked properly and it couldn't get through init, IIRC00:47
SpamapStwb: right, so the downloadable cloud images would work fine. :)00:47
twbSpamapS: oh, and of course I had no swap -- who still uses swap these days00:47
SpamapSI'm one of those weirdos who things swap is more detrimental than the OOM killer00:47
twbParticularly swapping to a virtual disk inside the VM.  That's silly!  Overcommit the VM's RAM and rely on the host OS to do a single layer of paging00:48
twbSpamapS: don't install apps that are going to trigger the oom killer in the first place :P00:48
twbI used to believe in swap until I went for like twelve months where every time I started swapping hard, I couldn't ssh into the system or even log in on the local tty.  So I said "fuck that noise" and I put up with the oom killer, because it's more likely to allow me in enough to either recover or at least trigger a clean reboot.00:49
chaos_zerohow an i supposed to do anything on a windows computer without gui00:49
SpamapStwb: right, thats exactly how I see it too00:50
chaos_zerofrom my exp the cmd is very limited compared to ubuntu00:50
Davieyzul: python-novaclient is broken because the build process accesses ~/ which it should not.00:50
kklimondachaos_zero: there is power shell though00:50
Davieyzul: Oddly, it worked when it access ~/foo but not ~/foo/bar.txt00:51
twbkklimonda: monad can be a bit... special00:51
Davieyzul: https://github.com/openstack/python-novaclient/commit/7601bef9ef70ce69f544e0ffda904a04552bc38c broke it.00:51
zulDaviey: heh ok00:51
zulDaviey: looked like it00:52
kklimondatwb: meh, so can be sh ;)00:53
kklimondatwb: I don't really have much experience with it though - I did write few scripts when I had to, but not much more00:53
chaos_zerois their any package in the repository for the aformentioned libvirt?00:53
twbI know a guy at MS who was adding all sorts of crazy shit to it in his spare time00:54
Davieyzul: have ideas to work around it?  Make it respect (AS IT SHOULD!) a env variable?00:54
twbLike readline00:54
zulDaviey: not yet00:54
chaos_zerothe powershell does not seem suited for my needs00:54
Davieyzul: if we could get it workng for EoD, we'd have a sunny day!00:55
zulDaviey: people have already been complaining about the bash completion anyways00:55
zulDaviey: heh im already eod00:55
twbDaviey: explosive ordnance disposal?00:55
twbzul: bash completion is now like 200% more awesome in sid00:55
zultwb: thats nice it doesnt help the problem we are working on :)00:56
twbbash-completion (1:1.90-1) experimental; urgency=low * bash-completion 2 preview: dynamic loading of completions00:56
twbzul: sorry I guess I should read what you guys write as well as my own lines ;-)00:57
Davieyzul: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/93246800:58
Davieytwb: feels like it.00:58
Davieyzul: geez, what is the time?00:58
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 932468 in nova "python-novaclient hardcodes UUID_CACHE_DIR, this should respect some env variable" [Undecided,New]00:58
Davieyzul: bash_completion doesn't interest me for automatic shell script build tools :)00:59
twbDaviey: all the cobbler/nova/cloud-y stuff goes way over my head01:03
SpamapStwb: like, libreadline, or readline-like behavior?01:04
twbSpamapS: I don't remember01:05
SpamapStwb: btw, whats the 200% more awesome bash completion thing?01:05
twbSpamapS: 11:56 <twb> bash-completion (1:1.90-1) experimental; urgency=low * bash-completion 2 preview: dynamic loading of completions01:05
SpamapStwb: doesn't have to parse all 50,000 lines of it at login?01:05
SpamapStwb: nice01:05
twbAlthough in my testing it still takes about two seconds to load it01:05
Davieytwb: same here :)01:11
SpamapSOk, with the latest concerns over PHP 5.4.0rc7's signal handling.. I think we have to just consider shipping 5.3.10 .. :(01:12
mdeslaurSpamapS: whatever you decide to ship, please make sure suhosin is enabled01:16
SpamapSmdeslaur: definitely it will be01:16
mdeslaurSpamapS: awesome, thanks! :)01:16
SpamapSmdeslaur: I really want to ship 5.4 .. but it seems like their quality is just still too poor to ship .0's01:16
* twb struggles not to make more snarky remarks about PHP01:17
kklimondaSpamapS: oh? we are not following debian on disabling it?01:17
SpamapStwb: PHP is the Bernie Madoff of the language world. Eventually the pyramid will collapse.01:17
SpamapSkklimonda: no01:18
twbMadoff is some Ponzi scheme?01:18
SpamapSkklimonda: quite the opposite.. I intend to put some effort into getting it merged into upstream next cycle (presumably for a "5.5" or "6.0" ..01:18
twbYep, I guessed right.01:19
kklimondaSpamapS: that's a great goal01:20
SpamapStwb: I'm not advocating that you watch TV.. but perhaps read news websites? ;)01:20
twbLike I care about how fucked up the .us gets01:21
twbAs long as I keep giving you all my uranium and coal and such, you won't bomb me01:21
kklimondaSpamapS: are there any plans to ship two flavours of php: one with suhosin enabled, and one without it?01:23
SpamapSkklimonda: not yet no01:23
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SpamapSkklimonda: this decision, made in Debian, is pretty recent. We haven't really had time to discuss it in Ubuntu, so we'll stick with the way it is now.01:24
Davieyadam_g / zul: Seen, http://pb.daviey.com/WON1/ ?01:24
zulthats a new one01:25
SpamapSwow.. it takes about 1G of space in /tmp to bzr merge-upstream on mysql-5.5's tarball01:25
adam_gDaviey: is that from a jenkins job output or manual run?01:27
kklimondatjaalton: why are you versioning libpki-*-java files?01:29
Davieyadam_g: jenkins output, bug 93248001:32
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 932480 in openstack-ubuntu-testing "Race condtion when adding files to local archive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93248001:32
SpamapSkklimonda: I am inviting members of the Debian php team to join us in Oakland to talk about Suhosin and see if they're also interested in helping push it upstream.01:34
Davieyadam_g / zul: We are back to Green on the master and those exposed through the jenkins mirror instance \o/01:34
twbSpamapS: oh right no wonder you like swap -- you use bzr :P01:35
twbSpamapS: I killed my system three times in a row trying to bzr clone Emacs' repo with "only" 1GB of RAM01:36
twb(Of course it doesn't OOM until it has finished dl'ing all the patches, which takes about three hours)01:36
adam_gDaviey: i suppose its possible two different build slaves are attempting to call reprepro?01:36
Davieyadam_g: that is my theory on the bug01:37
SpamapStwb: it takes a lot of memory to have a full graph of history. :)01:37
twbSpamapS: well, git checks out the same repo in half an hour without OOMing01:37
twbSpamapS: AFAICT it was because bzr tried to build the working tree in memory instead of as files01:38
SpamapStwb: indeed, I'd expect that git does most things bzr can do faster. :)01:38
Davieyadam_g: i suspect a for loop, with sleep ${i}s will solve it TBH.01:38
adam_gDaviey: yeah...01:38
SpamapStwb: and 99.9% of the time, just as correct. The 0.1% that git glosses over as "not the changesets you're looking for" costs *a lot* of performance and grief in bzr. :)01:39
twbDamn, looks like I never cached my bzr rant back when I rant into that problem01:39
Davieyzul: i'm not proud of myself, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server-dev/python-novaclient/essex/revision/2301:39
* Daviey EoD's.. nn all01:41
adam_gDaviey: there was two horizon build jobs timestamped 8:00:29, one passed one failed. g'night01:42
* adam_g EOD01:43
uvirtbotNew bug: #932468 in python-novaclient "python-novaclient hardcodes UUID_CACHE_DIR, this should respect some env variable" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93246801:46
Davieyjamespage: looks like, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/oneiric-server-ec2/ARCH=i386,REGION=us-east-1,STORAGE=instance-store,TEST=simple-user-data,label=ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/13/console is a harness failure.01:46
kklimondatjaalton: ah, it seems to be done by javahelper01:48
Muskahi I'm having a problem with Ubuntu 11.10 detecting my sata drives on install.  I normally use ata_piix but I can't even load it using modprobe in a virtual terminal01:54
ruben23guys i have installed iptables on ubuntu server, wher do i find the configuration file where i can write rules on it..any idea guys01:54
MuskaI extracted the initrd image and didn't even see any modules in there for sata01:54
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
Muskaah ha problem solved.  fakeraid information was still on the drives causing them to be detected incorrectly *sigh*02:13
twbruben23: for Ubuntu you can use ufw for a simple interface.02:15
twbruben23: if you want direct management of the ruleset please discuss that on #netfilter.02:15
twbruben23: by default Ubuntu and Debian have no raw ruleset file (cf. RHEL's /etc/sysconfig/networking/firewall).02:15
twbruben23: the iptables-persistent package provides one such place, but you can also simply do it yourself, or as I said use a wrapper like ufw (or shorewall, or ...)02:16
twbRe bash-completion, I just found a gotcha -- you have to purge it before dpkg -i'ing the sid version, or it gets confused and keeps all the bogus /etc/bash_completion.d/* conffiles02:32
linociscohi all02:35
linociscoi have a internet device like wifi router02:35
linociscoi dont know its console IP, how can I find using which ubuntu tool ? I dont want to reset that not to lose settings inside02:36
twblinocisco: we don't provide support for appliances; contact the vendor.02:38
linociscotwb, I am thinking if there are any smart tool like nmap02:38
sp4zHi i am trying to browse to a web page that has ssl enabled but its not connecting - does anybody know what packages are required to make that work? (i have ubuntu-server base with xfce4 on top using firefox)03:01
twbsp4z: w3m and ssl-cert03:02
twbFor GUI support try #ubuntu or #xubuntu03:02
=== koolhead17|zzZZ is now known as koolhead17
sp4ztwb, are there any more? that hasn't done it.. its not a GUI problem as I can access https pages from my xubuntu box its only this ubuntu server box that has problems03:15
qman___accessing web pages is a GUI thing, therefore a GUI problem03:19
qman___try wget or links/lynx, should narrow your problem03:19
twbsp4z: "w3m https://en.wikipedia.org/" should work fine with just those two packages.03:20
qman___heh, never used that before, way better than links03:21
twbqman___: w3m is the default on debian and ubuntu03:22
twbqman___: if you're in an xterm or fbcon it also supports inline images (install w3m-img)03:22
qman___cool, I'm impressed with the quality of the mouse support03:22
qman___page layouts and colors are pretty good too03:23
sp4znah that doesn't work :S03:23
twbsp4z: then you've done something wrong.03:23
sp4zi'll reboot brb03:23
twbSigh.  Kids these days...03:23
sp4zi need to punch myself some times - jeeze that was stupid03:30
sp4zmy iptables were to strict on outgoing traffic03:32
twbSigh.  This server has been sittig on my bench for so long, I've forgotten what the login credentials are for it04:35
twbAnd init=/bin/sh seems to make it hang after the pivot_root, and because it's "enterprise" hardware it takes five minutes to reboot it04:36
twbAnd the fucking grub bullshit is in place so I have to hit shit/alt at EXACTLY the right microsecond or it skips the grub prompt :-////04:37
cloakablecan it boot from usb/optical?04:38
twbProbably but then I have to mess about finding something that will boot and can talk the same version of md and lvm, &c &c04:41
twbI shouldn't be obglied to do that simply to save 1s boot time on stupid ubuntu desktops, which is what the grub change was about04:41
=== sixstringsg|away is now known as sixstringsg
twbOK, break worked, so now I can deal with the ramdisk04:44
twbWTF, mdadm isn't in the ramdisk, and it's reporting different size disks.  Maybe this isn't even my machine...?04:45
twbNo, it definitely claims to be my machine04:45
twbLooks like it's set up with two hardware raid arrays or something, graah04:45
z3r0n0idok so i just installed ubuntu 10.10 server; i set up ip, netmask & default gw. why can i ping the box but not ping anything form the box?04:49
radsouthernhi guys I changed the vide card and nw my gui is nt working. Any siggestins?05:02
z3r0n0idradsouthern: do you have tty1?05:03
radsouthern1 sec05:03
twbIt had six disks, but only four of them had running lights, because the other two were SATA not SAS.  Sigh, sigh and thrice sigh.05:04
radsouthernk yes i just logged into it05:04
radsouthernalt f105:05
z3r0n0idctrl + alt + # to switch between them, 7 is gui05:05
z3r0n0idsorry F705:06
radsouthernk ill try that I had a gforce 5200 and i never culd get a reslutin over 640x48005:06
radsouthernthere i fixed my o05:07
z3r0n0idradsouthern: it works?05:07
radsouthernim useing the bult in graphics on the motherboard now05:08
radsouthernthats what im trying to fix05:08
radsouthernhold up ill see if it works05:08
radsouthernno it didn't work bud05:09
radsouthernmaybe i need to reconfigure x05:11
radsouthernwhat yah think?05:11
radsoutherni may need to remove them drivers from that 520005:12
radsouthernthe 5200 is a better card05:12
radsouthernbut i never could configure the xorg file05:13
z3r0n0idwhat card did you install?05:13
radsouthernevery time i tryed to put some modes in the config it would boot to a black screen05:13
radsouthernnvidia 5200 fx05:14
radsouthernthe onboard one sux05:14
radsouthernbut i can at least get a resolution over 640 x480\05:14
z3r0n0idread this it might help05:15
radsoutherni have been reading about this for about a year05:15
radsouthernill look at it05:15
radsoutherncrunchbang screwed it up so bad i had to reinstall once05:15
radsoutherni was doing it step by step05:16
radsouthernthen later in the forum it said well do this hahahha05:16
radsoutherni had already hosed it05:16
radsouthernanother thing I don't think i ever turned the onboard one off05:17
z3r0n0idradsouthern: sorry i cant help...05:18
radsouthernwhat do you do z3r0n0id05:18
radsouthernwhat kind of servers do you guys run in here05:19
radsouthernI'm hst a lamp05:19
z3r0n0idradsouthern: im trying to get my server up and working05:22
radsouthernmy amd box is funny turned05:23
radsoutherni have had a lot of prbswith it.05:24
radsoutherni may scrap it05:24
twbWhen creating an LV, how do you tell it which PV to prefer?05:26
twbAh, after the VG05:26
twbe.g. lvcreate --name LV1 /dev/VG0 /dev/PV105:26
z3r0n0idradsouthern: yea its making me really mad05:27
radsoutherni have tried different distros on it some won't even run.05:27
rad_take it easy man hope you get it worked out05:29
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tjaaltonkklimonda: versioning? i don't follow07:38
koolhead17jamespage: ping07:39
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jamespagekoolhead17, pong09:00
jamespagerbasak, please ping me when you start today09:04
Davieyjamespage: heya09:08
jamespageDaviey, morning sir!09:09
Davieyjamespage: did you see my comment last night?09:11
jamespageDaviey, racey local archive installs in openstack-ubuntu-testing?09:11
Davieyjamespage: nah, but close :)09:12
Daviey01:46 < Daviey> jamespage: looks like,09:12
Davieyhttps://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/oneiric-server-ec2/ARCH=i386,REGION=us-east-1,STORAGE=instance-store a harness failure.09:12
Davieyjamespage: did you see i created a project?09:12
jamespageDaviey: that was good thinking09:13
jamespagewe where at the point where we needed one09:13
koolhead17hi Daviey  :)09:13
jamespageDaviey: hmm - not really - https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/oneiric-server-ec2/13/ARCH=i386,REGION=us-east-1,STORAGE=instance-store,TEST=simple-user-data,label=ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/console09:14
jamespagedpkg failed to configure something in a big way09:14
jamespageI've not seen that before09:14
jamespageDaviey, BTW did you see this - https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/ec2%20AMI%20Testing/view/Overview/?09:15
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melvincvoh, there's a network lag.09:27
Davieyjamespage: hey! no i missed the overview - that is nice!09:28
=== TeTeT_ is now known as TeTeT
Davieyjamespage: is ec2 really as unreliable as our testing is currently showing?09:29
DavieyAs in, we have at least 1 failure per day :/09:29
jamespageat the moment the precise testing is failing in us-west-2 due to the archive mirror being hosed09:30
jamespagewe do see odd things like instances never starting09:33
jamespageand on pre-oneiric we see some udev issues on first boot09:33
jamespagebear in mind that only one ami test has to fail for the entire test to be marked red09:33
jamespageon the dailies that is 1/28 AMI's09:34
jamespageTBH utlemming and smoser are closer to the actual issues...09:34
Davieyjamespage: right!  Thanks.09:35
RoyKDaviey: sounds a bit strange to me that amazon would keep on making money if it was as bad as you picture it09:38
koolhead17RoyK: you need to read there magical SLA TBH :)09:38
=== jodh is now known as jhunt
jamespageRoyK, we launch a large number of instances over the period of a month so we are bound to see edge/race conditions more frequently09:39
jamespage~1700 pcm09:40
DavieyRoyK: exactly.09:40
Davieyper calender month09:40
RoyKDaviey: what do you use these for?09:42
* koolhead17 found his juju instances coming up more easily using LXC then AWS09:42
jamespageRoyK, thats just for validating that the official Ubuntu AMI's actually work :-)09:43
jamespagenone run for more that a few minutes09:44
Davieykoolhead17: you are the first to say that :)09:47
koolhead17Daviey: i tried all there zones, SpamapS was helping me and i ended up using LXC09:48
koolhead17all my juju related work i am doing with LXC only :P09:48
TeTeTkoolhead17: you do? any advice on setting it up? Tried it a while ago and couldn't launch instances at all09:49
koolhead17TeTeT: i have a link for you then :d hold on :D09:50
koolhead17TeTeT: askubuntu.com/questions/65359/how-do-i-configure-juju-for-local-usage  the magic :)09:51
koolhead17but try it on oneiric/precious09:51
rbasakjamespage: pong09:54
koolhead17jamespage: seems like i will have to try precious as you suggested! :D09:56
TeTeTkoolhead17: thanks, bookmarked. will resurrect my kvm instance for it and check it out09:56
koolhead17TeTeT: keep me updated incase your still stuck!! :D09:58
jamespagerbasak, good morning!09:59
jamespagerbasak, so how is openmpi looking today?10:00
jamespagerbasak, BTW I think this is the issue you are seeing - http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=65860010:00
uvirtbotDebian bug 658600 in libopenmpi-dev "mpic++ etc fail when run with fakeroot" [Normal,Open]10:00
rbasakYeah, I spotted that - thanks10:01
rbasak(when you linked the bug)10:01
rbasakMy last attempt was http://paste.ubuntu.com/842824/10:01
rbasakI've been using yorick as it's causing a clear segfault. I suspect the boost build is doing the same thing but it's a bit more hidden.10:02
rbasakWhat's odd is that I'm running the same command a second time and it isn't segfaulting10:02
jamespagerbasak, anything on the upstream mailing lists/bug tracker about this sort of behaviour?10:02
rbasakhere's the script that generates it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/842825/10:02
rbasakI've not looked10:03
jamespagerbasak, fakeroot mpic++ works quite well as well10:05
Davieyjamespage: is there a reason we didn't create a horizon precommit task?10:05
jamespagedid not know it was in scope for pre-commit testing10:05
jamespagethats why :-)10:06
Davieyjamespage: well, i don't think it was - but we have jobs inbound, and would be good to take the donkey work out ;)10:06
Davieyie, https://review.openstack.org/389710:06
rbasakjamespage: I didn't notice that until the debian bug this morning. If I can reproduce that it'll be easier to track down. But I'm also confused as to why my last test couldn't repeat the segfault.10:07
jamespageI'll add it to the coniguration10:07
rbasakI thought the segfault was deterministic10:07
jamespagerbasak, it appears to be in something called opal_wrapper10:08
jamespagejust grabbing a crash dump now10:08
SmoziusHey guys, I am running Ubuntu server in ESXi and I extended the HDD and rebooted but it still lists the original size on install, but fdisk shows the new size, how can I refresh it to make use of the extra space?10:09
jamespagerbasak, bug 93262810:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 932628 in openmpi "opal_wrapper crashed with SIGSEGV in calloc()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93262810:10
SmoziusImage of what i'm talking about - http://i.imgur.com/XDnCB.jpg - it shows the usage of  /, which is 20GB, but /dev/sda is 42.9GB which is /10:10
jamespageSmozius, whats the format of your filesystem?10:10
Smoziusext4 i believe10:10
jamespageSmozius, resize2fs would be your friend in this case10:11
SmoziusCan that be used in a production environment?10:11
jamespageSmozius, it does the resize online10:12
Smoziusso you can specify any size....what happens if the size doesnt match what the HDD is....10:13
Smoziusor partition is*10:13
jamespageah - one second - lemme look at you screenshot10:14
jamespageSmozius, sorry - I assumed that you where using LVM10:15
* jamespage thinks10:15
SmoziusThink I should be using LVMs?10:15
SmoziusI've never used them before...10:15
jamespageSmozius, I normally do on servers as it provides a bit more flexibility and you can span volumes over multiple disks10:17
jamespagemeans you never resize an underlying device - you just add a new one and extend...10:18
SmoziusYeah, the resize2fs isn't working out so well10:18
Smoziusits not detecting the additional sectors10:19
jamespageSmozius, yes - that would be expected10:19
jamespagethe filesystem is limited by the size of the partition is resides on10:19
SmoziusRight, so LVMs are pretty good with snapshots I heard, is that right?10:19
jamespageusing LVM you can increase the size of the logical volume then resize the filesystem on it10:20
jamespageSmozius, yeah - that is quite a nice feature - we use root filesystem snapshots in the test lab we have for openstack10:20
jamespagemakes reseting a test machine back to a know good state much quicker!10:21
SmoziusHow about for a production email server?10:21
jamespageSmozius, depends what you want to use the snapshots for10:21
jamespageI guess you could create point in time snapshots of email data for backup purposes10:21
SmoziusI want to find an efficient hopefully free solution to do backups10:21
Smoziusthats easy10:22
jamespageyou could try bacula10:23
jamespagenot sure if/how it integrates with email solutions10:23
jamespagewhat email software are you using10:23
SmoziusCan Bacula backup running root file systems?10:24
RoyKSmozius: anything can, really10:25
RoyKSmozius: but with zimbra, the database must be shut down10:25
SmoziusI had attempted at getting DRBD to network raid '/' but it wasn't having it10:25
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
RoyKSmozius: there are various scripts out there to help backing up zimbra, it's not hard, but it's a bit more than just backing up ordinary files10:25
linociscoi have an ISP which offers internet with the proxy settings in browser. I would like to share it to wifi without requiring wifi users to set proxy and port in browser. how to do?10:25
SmoziusRight.... I've seen them, they are messy =/10:26
RoyKSmozius: if you can afford to take down zimbra during the backup, that's an easy way (which I use)10:26
SmoziusWith Bacula?10:26
SmoziusOr by coping the files?10:26
SmoziusThe way you use....10:26
RoyKI don't use bacula on this system10:27
RoyKit'd be the same thing10:27
RoyKshutdown zimbra, backup zimbra using *anything*, start it10:27
RoyKsee the bacula pre/post scripts10:27
RoyKbut... gotta go... bbl10:28
Smoziusits just a matter of copying the /opt/ folder right?10:29
Smoziuslino are you getting the internet off of an ethernet cable10:29
Smoziusor your own wifi?10:29
RoyKSmozius: just copy /opt/zimbra out somewhere10:32
RoyKSmozius: rsync is nice10:33
Smoziusbut how fast can you make that go when /opt/zimbra is over 17GB?10:33
RoyKSmozius: so, stop zimbra, rsync -a /opt/zimbra /back/me/up/zimbra, start zimbra, let bacula handle the rest10:33
RoyKSmozius: rsync is rather quick after the initial run10:33
RoyKand the initial run can be done while zimbra is still running10:34
SmoziusSo then why the need for shutting it down?10:34
RoyKyou can even do rsync -a /opt/zimbra /somewhere ; stop zimbra ; rsync -a /opt/zimbra /somewhere ; start zimbra10:34
RoyKthat way the first will copy all changes like emails etc, and the last rsync will copy the database files correctly10:35
RoyKoverwriting the ones from the first copy10:35
SmoziusAh, i've never used rsync before, just scp a few times10:35
* RoyK pirate copies his own idea, changing his backup regime, and then sues himself for copyright infringement10:36
RoyKbut... gotta go10:37
RoyKcatch you later10:37
* koolhead17 not feeling good about cobbler10:43
koolhead17i downloaded precious server image from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/20120214/precise-server-i386.iso11:39
koolhead17now when am booting it inside virtualbox am getting error "Please use kernel appropriate for your CPU"11:40
koolhead17all other versions are running without any issue inside my Dropbox11:40
koolhead17jamespage: Daviey ^^11:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #932680 in php5 (main) "package libapache2-mod-php5 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.14 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 139" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93268011:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #932681 in php5 (main) "package libapache2-mod-php5 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.14 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 139" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93268111:46
AisonI'm using freeradius WPA peap authentication with my Wifi APs. In past this worked very good, now it stopped working11:47
Aisonfreeradius outputs this message:11:48
Aison[peap] <<< TLS 1.0 Alert [length 0002], fatal unknown_ca   TLS Alert read:fatal:unknown CA     TLS_accept: failed in SSLv3 read client certificate A rlm_eap: SSL error error:14094418:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:tlsv1 alert unknown ca SSL: SSL_read failed inside of TLS (-1), TLS session fails.11:48
Aisondo anybody know what that could be?11:48
koolhead17got it working, unlike other versions i have to enable PAE/NX11:52
=== ohdae|away is now known as ohdae
xperiahi all. i need to install * FlexUnit 4: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexunit/FlexUnit on my ubuntu server to test some stuff out. does anybody know how to do this best ?12:00
Tixoshey, global DNS propagation can take 1 month?12:09
koolhead17Tixos: few hours12:10
Tixos'can take 1 month'12:10
Tixosor longer12:10
Tixosas far as im aware max TTL can be 1 month?12:11
chilli0hello, for some reason my headless server keeps on d/cing from the network the time frame of this changes. could be like 2h - 2 days. anyone know how to figure it out?12:23
jamespagerbasak, I stuck a backtrace on bug 93262812:27
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 932628 in openmpi "opal_wrapper crashed with SIGSEGV in __libc_calloc()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93262812:27
jamespagerbasak, segfault occurs when "    if (stat("/dev/ummunotify", &st) == 0) {" is called12:28
rbasakInteresting. That shouldn't make fakeroot segfault, AFAIK.12:29
jamespagerbasak, fairly easy to test :-)12:29
rbasakYeah I tried that12:30
rbasak$ fakeroot stat /dev/ummunotify12:30
rbasakstat: cannot stat `/dev/ummunotify': No such file or directory12:30
rbasakI'll do it properly in half an hour when I should have a dev environment again :)12:30
rbasakI wonder if it's caused by something stepping over fakeroot's memory?12:30
jamespagerbasak, might be12:34
rbasakIIRC, fakeroot keeps pointers to the real functions persistently12:35
jamespageI see12:35
rbasakNo it can't be that, it's calling dlsym, and calloc is segfaulting.12:36
rbasakI think it's heap corruption. Debugging this could be interesting12:36
jamespagewell at least we have a few more pointers and a deterministic test12:37
=== Ursinha_ is now known as Guest37786
rbasak"a few more pointers" I see what you did there :-)12:37
=== Guest37786 is now known as Ursula
jamespagerbasak, :-)12:43
jamespagerbasak, I think this might be related to http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=53152212:55
uvirtbotDebian bug 531522 in libopenmpi-dev "libopenmpi-dev: mpicc segfaults under fakeroot" [Serious,Fixed]12:55
jamespagehmm - almost definately - the ordering of the checks is incorrect12:57
jamespageif should check for FAKEROOT first12:57
jamespagelemme try a patch12:57
rbasak"It seems to me that OpenMPI is at fault for doing crafty things like13:00
rbasak"stat()" in the __malloc_initialize_hook()."13:00
jamespagerbasak, 1.5.x introduced that stat BEFORE the check for FAKEROOT13:00
jamespageI've re-ordered the checks - building now13:01
rbasakSorry jamespage, I'm a little behind you!13:01
* jamespage slows down13:02
jamespageso if you read the code around line 74613:02
jamespage(about 20 lines down)13:02
jamespageit discussed running under FAKEROOT and makes allowances for it13:02
jamespagethis was OK in 1.4.x but 1.5.x introduced the stat on /dev/XX prior to the check for FAKEROOT13:03
jamespagereading the comments this won't work (which is exactly what we see)13:03
jamespagebasically its a upstream regression of this fix - https://svn.open-mpi.org/trac/ompi/changeset/2149313:05
rbasakOK, I agree13:06
jamespage4 cores + SSD burning the build now :-)13:06
jamespagerbasak, that appears to work!13:10
jamespagejamespage@hendrix:~/src/precise/openmpi$ fakeroot mpic++13:11
jamespageg++: fatal error: no input files13:11
jamespagecompilation terminated.13:11
chilli0Hey i'm back, i may have fixed it but not sure till it goes down i guess. but now i want to get my VPN working correctly, this is my error. http://pastebin.com/mfw4zZE713:11
jamespagerbasak, w00t yorrick builds!13:20
Davieyadam_g: When you are alive for the day, any idea why precise-openstack-essex-deploy is failing?13:20
rbasakjamespage: awesome!13:21
rbasakjamespage: thanks, you did in a day what would have taken me a week. Probably because I would never have found that debian bug and had to rediscover it all.13:21
jamespagerbasak, let me just gather my thoughts and I'll push a branch somewhere13:21
jamespagerbasak, hey - no problem!13:22
jamespagerbasak, so now that we have something that works we need to make that decision as to whether to transition the archive or have and openmpi1.5 package in universe13:24
rbasakjamespage: yep - I'm not sure about the process here. Transitioning the archive would seem cleaner - in particular these are universe packages that we have no test stories for, so if we don't, will they ever be transitioned?13:25
jamespagerbasak, agreed; they either transition or get removed from the archive.13:25
jamespagethis is the disavantage of doing it before debian13:26
rbasakI suppose that they'd be transitioned when Debian does their transition, at which point we'd need to have deltas to manage the upgrade13:26
rbasakI'm in favour of doing the transition then - if there are issues, then then can be fixed as people report them.13:27
rbasakI think it's unlikely that we'd get much community testing before release anyway.13:27
jamespagerbasak, OK so we can validate that the packages that need to transition build OK - thats normal13:35
jamespageplus1 maintenance team might be able to help with that13:35
jamespagerbasak, I just pushed a branch containing the release from debian experimental plus my fix - its linked to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openmpi/+bug/93262813:36
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 932628 in openmpi "opal_wrapper crashed with SIGSEGV in __libc_calloc()" [High,In progress]13:36
jamespagerbasak, going to get some lunch13:36
* koolhead17 has precious running // ..\\13:48
zulDaviey: can you cowboy your fix for python-novaclient into the openstack-ubuntu-testing branch so we can catch anything else that your patch might fix/break please13:52
Davieyzul: hang on, have i missed the workflow?13:53
zulDaviey: i dont think we have a set workflow really13:53
zulDaviey: but if we can get instant gratification...why not :)13:54
Davieyzul: i should never need to touch ~openstack-ubuntu-testing, should i?13:54
Daviey(or you, or anyone)13:54
zulDaviey: well if you to test your patch right away and you are not a member of ubuntu-server-dev *cough* adam_g *cough* then you have to13:55
Davieyzul: no, no, no13:58
Davieyzul: adam_g needs his changes sponsored in, until he is going to apply for upload access.13:58
zulDaviey: right but i dont want him blockin on me13:59
Davieyzul: or any other ~ubuntu-server-dev or core-dev.13:59
zulDaviey: right13:59
Davieyzul: please, let's keep ~openstack-ubuntu-testing gated.14:00
zulDaviey: no arguement from me14:00
zulDaviey: can you add the patch to the ubuntu-server-dev branches then?14:00
Davieyzul: why not?14:01
Davieyzul: Hmm14:01
Davieyzul: Why not just wait for it to land?14:01
zulDaviey: so we can shake out any other bugs?14:01
Davieyit's not a blocker, is it?14:01
zulit isnt but we can be a good downstream if we can shake out any other bugs we find14:02
Davieyzul: isn't that what future precommit is for?14:02
koolhead17woahh, next_server and server is also automated in installation for cobbler in precious14:04
zulDaviey:  sure but sometimes its good to be one step ahead and pro-active14:05
Davieyjamespage / adam_g / zul: I just heard the plan to refactor tarball.sh.. What is this about?14:10
jamespageDaviey: its becoming to rigid and complex in its current form14:11
jamespageI wanted to re-use the function for the pre-comment testing for stable but as it stands thats asking a bit to much of it14:11
Davieyjamespage: right, but is python the right fit for this?14:11
jamespageDaviey: its as good as any - especially as the meta data is not that trivial14:12
Davieyjamespage: ISTM that we'll be using it to either wrap shell, or added complexity of python libraries when the shell form is easier?14:13
jamespageDaviey: to be honest I've not looked at in that much detail - zul and I discuss how the scripts should work not how they would be implemented14:15
jamespageand what data we wanted in the meta-data to support both the build process and configuring jobs in jenkins14:16
Davieyjamespage: ah, zul said it was being done in python.14:17
jamespagealot of what we do is already written in python in the lab - the deployer and the jenkins configurator are for example14:17
zuland since the jenkins uses config.yaml to configure the jenkins job, so in  my mind it made sense to use yaml and python14:17
=== bladernr_ is now known as bladernr_afk
Davieyzul: *THAT* is justification :)14:18
* zul just finished his morning caffine fix :P14:19
Davieyzul: heh, although - i'd rather we get tempest in use first .. before undertaking this.14:19
jamespageDaviey: fine but we can't deliver pre-commit stable testing until we do the refactoring14:20
Davieyjamespage: really?14:20
jamespagethats one of the primary drivers14:21
jamespageI stated to update tarball.sh for pre-commit testing14:21
jamespageand the if/case clauses for determining what base version numbers should look like was looking stupid14:21
jamespageso I stopped14:21
Davieyjamespage: perhaps i'm missing the complexity, but can't we just fork tarball.sh until the new thing is ready?14:22
jamespageDaviey: I think you are over estimating the complexity of what we are proposing in terms of refactoring14:23
jamespageI'd rather spend time doing it so its a bit more maintainable than trying to hack something together based on a fork of tarball.sh14:23
jamespagealthough my time/attention is elsewhere at the moment anyway14:24
rbasakzul: do we need a test for that in CI? That get_console_output returns something?14:24
zulrbasak: yeah14:24
Davieyrbasak: that belongs in tempest, i'd say.14:24
zulDaviey: alot of stuff belongs in tempest ;)14:25
rbasakHow do we need to track stuff that needs to go in there? A bug task?14:25
Davieyzul: and tempest belongs in the CI :)14:25
zulDaviey: ack14:26
Davieyrbasak: I think it's not something that is going to fall of the plate :)14:27
=== bladernr_afk is now known as bladernr_
zuljamespage: is there anything blocking us from getting tempest working on the openstack-ci stuff?14:37
jamespagezul: not sure TBH - adam_g would be best positioned to answer that question14:38
zuljamespage: no worries just thinking out loud14:39
jamespagezul: ack14:39
uvirtbotNew bug: #932787 in nova (main) "nova-compute: euca-get-console-output returns no data" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93278714:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #932788 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.10 failed to install/upgrade: el subproceso instalado el script post-installation devolvió el código de salida de error 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93278814:43
DavieyHey, anyone want to help validate 10.04.4 point release?14:47
Davieyone test outstanding!14:47
zulpeople still use lucid? ;)14:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #932795 in python-boto (main) "update to boto 2.2.2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93279514:51
brendan0powersjamespage: Hi, I decided to just make a snapshot of the repository, and then point the watch file to the directory where I store it15:17
brendan0powersFor the next release, I will probably generate a release tarball, and move the packaging to it's own repository15:18
rbasakIs there any reason why libguestfs/guestfish isn't packaged in Ubuntu? Or is it just that I can't find it? I thought nova did something like what libguestfs does?15:19
zulit is15:20
zulrbasak: apt-cache search libguestfs15:20
rbasakAh. I'm still on Oneiric. Thanks.15:21
rbasakI feel an upgrade is imminent :)15:21
* zul is still running oneiric on desktop15:22
jamespagezul, rbasak: chickens15:24
* zul has been called out15:25
zuljamespage: i run it on the server though15:25
jamespagebrendan0powers, so that process needs to work for anyone - not just you15:25
rbasakI haven't got round to it yet :)15:25
brendan0powersjamespage: The snapshots are stored at http://www.resara.org/release-snapshots/, and I updated the debian/watch file15:26
jamespagebrendan0powers, right - so that can be parsed by uscan using a watch file15:26
brendan0powersjamespage: right, although it doesn't download the archive now unless I force it too15:27
jamespageif you add a get-orig-source target to debian rules then you can make it download and rename the tar.gz to the correct name15:27
jamespagebrendan0powers, it would be helpful if I could see the watch file now15:27
brendan0powersIs it OK to just run uscan --force-download from the rules file15:27
brendan0powersjamespage: https://bitbucket.org/resara/resara-server/src/06a5b06de1a2/rds/packages/precise/debian/watch15:29
brendan0powersjamespage: or you can clone the repo hg clone https://bitbucket.org/resara/resara-server and look in the rds/packages/precise folder15:30
jamespage    uscan --download-version $(DEB_UPSTREAM_VERSION) --force-download --rename15:31
brendan0powersok, so it get-orig-source called by the build system automatically?15:33
brendan0powersjamespage: where does the DEB_UPSTREAM_VERSION variable come from?15:43
jamespagebrendan0powers, DEB_UPSTREAM_VERSION=$(shell dpkg-parsechangelog | sed -rne 's,^Version: ([^+]+).*,\1,p')15:43
jamespagebrendan0powers, some do - depends on how you build it15:43
brendan0powersAh, ok, so it's not provided by the build system15:44
jamespagebrendan0powers, ./debian/rules get-orig-source can of course just be run15:54
brendan0powersjamespage: right, it's almost working, I need to fix up the snapshot a bit15:55
brendan0powersjamespage: Ok, so now I have a debian/ directory with an watch file, and a way to get the original source16:07
jamespagebrendan0powers, great!16:07
brendan0powersBut, when you clone the repository, the precise/ fold only contains the debian/ directory, and nothing else16:07
brendan0powersjamespage: should the source also be in that directory, or should I provide a way to extract the orig.tar.gz into the precise/ folder?16:08
Davieyjamespage: not sure i've seen, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise%20OpenStack%20Testing/job/precise-openstack-essex-deploy/18036/console , before?16:08
jamespagebrendan0powers, it not required16:08
jamespagei.e. its fine to have a packaging only branch if that makes sense16:09
brendan0powersOk, I get a bunch of warning about ignored deleted files when I build the source package16:09
brendan0powersThe source package builds properly though16:09
brendan0powersI assume that's a quilt thing?16:09
jamespagehrm - hard to say without seeing it16:11
brendan0powersOk, I'm about to update the bug report with my changes16:12
jamespagebrendan0powers, OK - I'm out for the next day or so - I'll review on Friday is no-one else picks up in the interim16:16
brendan0powersOk, thanks16:17
=== myrtti is now known as Myrtti
brendan0powersjamespage: Ok, all the changes to the repository have been pushed, and I just updated the bug report16:24
brendan0powersjamespage: Thanks for all your help so far16:25
Davieyutlemming: not in #ubuntu-devel?16:57
SpamapSzul: have the tests run w/ RabbitMQ 2.7.1 yet?17:02
SpamapSzul: I want to update erlang as well.17:02
zulSpamapS: yeah they have been running with the openstack-ci the past couple of runs17:02
zulSpamapS: no problems so far17:06
SpamapSzul: sweet17:09
SpamapShallyn: bump.. I just filed a MIR on ceph, so you should be able to add ceph support to qemu-kvm now17:10
hallynSpamapS: filed?  or filled?17:11
SpamapShallyn: filed17:11
SpamapShallyn: hrm.. does it actually have to be in main for you to link to it?17:12
SpamapSI just realized that..17:12
kklimondatjaalton: the comment about versioning for java libraries was my fault - haven't read the package correctly17:15
kklimondatjaalton: I've started playing with ipa-server-install and it's failing spectacularly, as expected - done some hacking, and got it to configure ntp and tomcat6 instance, but it's going to take a lot of work to make it work - and some discussion with the upstream on how to patch distribution-specific things in a sane way17:16
smoserrbasak, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/Images#Ubuntu_Cloud_Guest_images_on_Local_Hypervisor_.28Maverick.2917:21
smoseryou should be able to read that and provide cloud-init with the data you want.17:21
smosernot that17:21
smoserthe code that makes the iso is in that 'make-iso' and 'user-data' is the user-data that you want to inject.17:22
SpamapSOoo, mysql cluster 7.2 released17:29
SpamapSPerhaps we can resurrect it for precise17:30
* SpamapS goes off to look for its public bug tracker.. ... 17:30
jeffrey_hi, has anyone installed ubuntu server on a computer with a AR8152 chipset NIC?17:33
adam_gDaviey: half the cobbler profiles were set to netboot disabled, so juju was only getting half the machines it needed. ive got no idea how that would have happened, reenabled them. ill keep an eye on it17:48
Davieyadam_g: golly.17:52
Davieyadam_g: How did you debug that?17:53
adam_gDaviey: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise%20OpenStack%20Testing/job/precise-openstack-essex-deploy/18036/console  toward the end of the juju debug, youll see some services have 'Machine: Pending' which means the provider never returned a machine, those should all be populated with host names17:55
Davieyadam_g: right, but hwo ddi you determine it wasa cobbler issue - rather than just 'machine gone away | failed to bootstrap'17:56
adam_gDaviey: it doesnt bootstrap, theres always a bootstrap node up. if that 'gone away', there would have been an error and little debug output. machines are shutdown and booted every deploy, so the others shouldn't go away unexpectedly17:58
koolhead17adam_g: cobbler system?17:59
adam_gkoolhead17: yeah18:01
koolhead17adam_g: hope i will get it working in precious tomorrow. have wasted 3 days already :(18:01
stgraberhallyn: you were up pretty late last night ;) (just saw the comments in the qemu bug)18:01
* koolhead17 looks at Daviey conversation at #openstack :P18:03
zuladam_g: if you missed my email new keystone snapshot in my keystonelight ppa18:03
hallynyeah.  let's hope upstream takes the bisect and runs with it18:04
Davieyadam_g: right, sorry - overloaded the term18:05
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ivoksjust a heads up; --public_interface should be 'bridge' interface, not eth0|eth118:17
ivokslots of (official) docs seems to have an error there18:17
smoserutlemming, http://paste.ubuntu.com/843365/ is new i think (at least to me)18:23
smoser'metrics' xml in the met serviceadata18:24
utlemmingsmoser: I believe so.18:25
utlemmingsmoser: Also, it looks like the m1.large got a bit snappier18:25
smoserits also interesting to me that the've just shoved it into an older api date18:25
smoser  http://instance-data/18:25
smosershows latest field in there is 2011-05-0118:26
smoseri'm *certain* i would have seen that metric stuff since then.18:26
adam_gzul: note - python-greenlet python-eventlet python-passlib are needed for that KSL package, just to get keystone-all to attempt to start up (still with errors, of course :)18:31
zuladam_g: lovely :)18:32
adam_gzul: im going to work on that today and put all the packaging work in a branch somewhere in lp:~openstack-ubuntu-testing i suggest we move the testing PPA there, and trigger per-commit builds like we're doing with everythign else18:34
zuladam_g: agreed18:35
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WinstonSmith 18:49
smoserrbasak, you were right. cloud-init is buggy with regard to string 'template' for manage_etc_hosts18:49
rbasaksmoser: thanks for looking!18:49
rbasaksmoser: I had tried 'yes' as well as I didn't quite follow which semantics I needed. It seemed to me that both would work in my case (no further cloning), but neither did.18:50
smoserTrue would have worked.18:50
smoserafter next upload, this will do what you want:18:51
smoser #cloud-config18:51
smoser manage_etc_hosts: template18:51
smoser fqdn: superman.brickies.net18:51
smoser(assuming of course that you want 'superman.brickies.net' as your hostname, which just makes sense)18:51
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* Corey waves at jeffrubic and smoser 19:01
jeffrubicsmoser: we'd like to triage: https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/92779519:01
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 927795 in cloud-init "add Salt support to cloud-init" [Undecided,New]19:01
jeffrubicCorey is the debian maintainer of salt19:01
smoserah. hey, jeffrubic19:04
jeffrubicwe still need to address issue (b)19:04
jeffrubicwe == me19:04
jeffrubicand (a) for that matter, but it's easy19:04
smoseri fixed 'a'19:05
jeffrubiccool, thanks19:06
jeffrubicthe debian package isn't currently supporting upstart yet, but I've got the script available: https://gist.github.com/161705419:07
hallynzul: i'm goign to be doing a libvirt upload.  got anything to queue up?19:08
zulhallyn: nothing here19:09
Coreysmoser: What does upstart change in the debian/ubuntu package?19:11
hallynzul: oh, if you have a sec, did you have any objections to my proposed change for bug 475327?  (in comment 6)19:12
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 475327 in qemu "qemu -net nic -net tap does not start due to qemu-ifXXX scripts" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47532719:12
zulhallyn: none yet :)19:12
smoserCorey, nothing really.19:13
smoserjust this:19:14
smoser$ sudo service ssh start; echo $?19:14
smoserstart: Job is already running: ssh19:14
hallynsilly me.  i was thinking that was in libvirt until i went to try and make the change :)19:14
smoserthe typical expectation of a debian package is that if you install it, it starts the service.19:14
hallynqemu is gonna have to wait until i figure out how to fix its libc-induced FTBFS19:14
smoserso your install would have started the 'salt-minion' service presumably19:15
smoserand then the check_call attempt to start it will exit non-zero19:15
smoserat least it would if the package ever changed to being upstartified.19:15
jeffrubicafter copying the above script to /etc/init19:15
smoserthat make sense?19:15
jeffrubicfrom where is check_call invoked?19:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #932991 in nova (main) "nova-api reporting missing images after upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93299119:18
smoserjeffrubic, cloudinit/CloudConfig/cc_salt_minion.py19:19
smoser     subprocess.check_call(['service', 'salt-minion', 'start'])19:19
smoseri'm sorry if i'm not being clear.19:19
jeffrubicok, wasn't sure it it needed to be in the packaging too19:19
smoserjeffrubic, well to behave more like a normal debian package, your salt package should ensure that it is running19:20
smoserafter install19:20
smoseri'm not sure if yours does or not19:20
jeffrubicCorey's baliwick19:20
smoseror if your 'start' script would exit success if already running19:20
jeffrubicthe deb people are pretty strict, so I'd assume the non-upstart stuff is proper19:21
smoserjeffrubic, i'm not sure if there is really strict convention on that19:36
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adam_gSpamapS: anything funky going on ATM with the mysql-server-5.5. packages in precise?20:01
henkjanadam_g: there is some discussion on the ubuntu-server maillinglist to replace mysql-server with mariadb20:04
SpamapSadam_g: yes20:04
SpamapSadam_g: seeing crashes?20:04
SpamapSadam_g: I think I need to switch back to building with gcc 4.520:04
henkjanadam_g: but no decision has been made on that afaik20:05
adam_gSpamapS: no, i can't install it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/843460/20:05
SpamapSadam_g: looks like the archive just picked up mysql-server-5.5 but not mysql-common20:07
SpamapSadam_g: its possible thats because the i386 build failed.. which may be where the _all packages come from20:07
SpamapSadam_g: I'm uploading a version that builds with gcc 4.5 again20:08
adam_gSpamapS: yea. mysql-common is still at 5.5.17-4ubuntu620:09
SpamapSadam_g: 5.5.20-0ubuntu2 uploaded.. it will take a while to build/test.. :-/20:17
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adam_gSpamapS: thanks, ill keep an eye on it20:24
SpamapSadam_g: specifically you need this one to succeed: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.5/5.5.20-0ubuntu2/+build/321521420:30
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adam_grbasak: around?20:50
adam_gzul: ping20:54
zuladam_g: pong20:54
adam_gzul: the libvirt console pipe patch we have in precise. how was that generated?20:56
zuladam_g: its been forward ported from oneiric20:56
adam_gzul: it seems to be missing some things that explain bug #929780 and bug #93278720:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 929780 in nova "console.ring files should not be world readable" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92978020:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 932787 in nova "nova-compute: euca-get-console-output returns no data" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93278720:56
zuladam_g: im in the middle of refreshing it again20:56
adam_gzul: oh, sweet20:56
adam_gzul: who ported it?20:57
SpamapSadam_g: amd64 built fine.. i386 should complete shortly21:19
adam_gSpamapS: thanks21:24
uvirtbotNew bug: #933073 in python-keystoneclient (universe) "keystone-client tests fail on RHEL" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93307321:33
SorlaKhello everyone21:43
SorlaKsomeone can tell how do i "see" the config in the ldap build in  with the 10.04 version21:52
SpamapSadam_g: built21:58
SpamapSSorlaK: http://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/openldap21:59
kklimondaSorlaK: launchpad.net keeps logs of all builds21:59
SpamapSSorlaK: you should see in there the list of versions available21:59
kklimondaah, direct link always better :)21:59
SpamapSSorlaK: pick the version, then dig down into your architecture, and you'll see the build log21:59
SpamapSSorlaK: you can also download the source package with 'apt-get source openldap'21:59
adam_gSpamapS: saw that, thanks22:01
SorlaKsorry look that i dint explain my self good enought, my bas english is my second leanguage and is rusty22:03
SorlaK......ok.......... really rusty22:04
SorlaKwhat i mean was, in previus version of ldap there it was the slapd.conf file from there i was able to see wihs scheme, modules a overlays where handling the ldap22:06
SorlaKbut since know uses a dinamyc conf i have no idea how can i find this info22:07
kklimondaSorlaK: it's still in /etc/ldap22:09
kklimondaSorlaK:  it's just the files stored there are part of the LDAP database and should be edited with ldap tools22:10
kklimondaSorlaK: but you can still view them, and even edit them by hand if you shut slapd first22:10
SorlaKusing cn=config? you said?22:11
kklimondayou can read more about it for example here: http://www.zytrax.com/books/ldap/ch6/slapd-config.html22:11
kklimondaand your ldap browser/editor should be able to access, and let you configure it.22:12
SorlaKok thanks i will give a try22:15
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rbasakadam_g: pong23:05
adam_grbasak: was wondering about the console fifo patch we have in precise/nova23:09
adam_grbasak: but i think its being sorted out23:10
tjaaltonkklimonda: yep23:11
kklimondatjaalton: I did add some fixes to pki-core but I can't commit them after all - my acl gives me only read rights on other projects23:14
tjaaltonkklimonda: so you're not on collab-maint?23:15
kklimondatjaalton: apparently not, I've always assumed that it's enough to get access to one project to have it to all but I've had to misread something23:17
tjaaltonkklimonda: you could create a personal repo where i can pull from, or just apply for c-m :)23:18
tjaaltonit's just paperwork23:19
kklimondatjaalton: yeah, I should apply for c-m anyway - I want to keep one of my packages there anyway23:19
tjaaltonhmm so a lot to upload tomorrow23:19
tjaaltonoh well, rammstein was worth it23:20
kklimondaoh? :)23:21
kklimondaI guess rammstein is always worth it :)23:21
tjaaltonyeah just arrived home from the show, too tired to work on the packages tonight23:22
kklimondatjaalton: are you a DM/DD, or who did you ask to sponsor your collab-maint application who's working on freeipa in debian?23:23
tjaaltonkklimonda: email the diff to pki-core and i'll integrate it before uploading23:23
tjaaltonkklimonda: nope, i guess you can apply from alioth pages somewhere, can't remember23:24
tjaaltonthere's noone else working on these packages (anymore) :)23:25
kklimondatjaalton: wait, I'll just upload branch to github - should be easier then sending patches23:26
tjaaltonanyway, too late for me now, i'll check those tomorrow23:28
kklimondatjaalton: https://github.com/kklimonda/pki-core-maint there are 4 patches now - first three are enough to install freeipa-server if I remember correctly, and the last one adds dependency on some perl lib required for setup to work.23:28
kklimondasure, good night :)23:28
kklimondaIt's also time for me23:28
tjaaltonyep, night!23:28
undecimMy server always hangs on "Unpacking x11-common" and the dpkg process ignores even SIGHUP. This doesn't happen with any other package23:58
undecimWhere is the dpkg .deb cache?23:59
kklimonda /var/cache/apt/archives/23:59

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