stgraberjibel: bug 93253905:37
ubot4`Launchpad bug 932539 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu) "qemu exits with -11 when connecting to a port redirect before the service starts listening (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93253905:37
stgraberjibel: that's the kvm bug preventing auto upgrade testing on Precise05:37
stgraberjibel: and that's the ugly workaround: http://paste.ubuntu.com/842664/05:38
stgraberjibel: I'll poke hallyn about it tomorrow (well, later today ...)05:39
jibelstgraber, ah, mvo filed one already. I think it's the same08:29
jibelstgraber, bug 92196108:30
ubot4`Launchpad bug 921961 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu Precise) (and 1 other project) "qemu-system-x86_64 crashed with SIGSEGV (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92196108:30
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njinstgraber, do you think today is possible to have Lucid build ?11:39
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njinjibel, a god notice, upgraded 10.04.04 to precise via net without problems13:41
jibelnjin, great. Did you see a weird dialog during upgrade asking you where to install grub ?13:42
jibelI saw that yesterday but not sure if it's my setup13:43
njinjibel, no, only if mantain the older conf or install the new13:53
stgraberjibel: they should probably be merged, though in my case I only seem to get the return -11 apport didn't detect a segfault nor was a segfault message printed in the terminal14:05
stgraberjibel: could be apport not working though, it did that quite a bit recently14:06
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jp_HraniceHallo there. I have a problem. I am unable to boot from USB at daily live Lucid 10.04 LTS ( I file a bug #932794 )14:45
jibelbug 93279414:47
jibeljp_Hranice, is ti public ?14:49
jp_Hranicejibel: yes, it is.14:51
jibeljp_Hranice, thanks, does it boot if you type 'live' without the quotes at the boot prompt ?14:57
cwaynejp_Hranice: how did you burn the USB stick? With usb-creator-gtk?14:58
jp_HraniceOK I will try.14:58
jibeljp_Hranice, which tool did you use to create the stick ?14:58
jibel(what cwayne just said)14:58
* cwayne has noticed its best to use unetbootin to create sticks for older versions14:59
jp_Hranicejibel: usb-creator14:59
jibeljp_Hranice, ok, that's bug 645818 then15:00
jp_Hranicehave I mark as duplicate ?15:00
jibeljp_Hranice, yes please.15:01
cwaynejp_Hranice: if you create a new stick with unetbootin it should work15:03
jp_HraniceOK. Thanks guys.15:04
brendandjp_Hranice, that's a known bug, assuming you are using a recent version of Ubuntu15:10
brendandjp_Hranice, you need to use the Lucid version of usb-creator-gtk to create a Lucid live USB stick15:10
brendandor use unetbootin like cwayne suggested already15:10
jp_Hranicebrendand: Thanks.15:11
charlie-tcaGood morning, testers15:24
jibelcharlie-tca, good morning tester :)15:28
charlie-tcaLooks like Kubuntu 10.04.4 needs a bit of help. will start with 64bit desktop there15:28
njincharlie-tca, good morning tester16:31
njinhere 5 pm16:31
njinstgraber, there's a Lucid amd64 rebuild in the next hours?16:33
skaetnjin,  no lucid rebuild planned at this point - not seeing any new regressions/issues, just known bugs.16:41
* skaet keeping an eye on the iso tracker though.... ;)16:42
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balloonslooking at the iso tracker, I have time this afternoon to help.. any iso you'd like me to run thru?18:22
* yofel fetches the kubuntu dvd's18:23
charlie-tcaballoons: can you grab Kubuntu 386 desktop?18:24
balloonsyes, i'm hanging out in the #kubuntu-devel channel18:24
balloonsand I am downloading that iso now18:24
balloonsi can queue a ubuntu version up as well.. that will fill the pipes with downloads for a bit ;-)18:25
charlie-tcaI am running 64bit desktop, and should be able to run the alternate 64 tests too, but can't do dvd's due to my internet connec tion18:25
balloonssame same18:25
charlie-tcaI should be able to pay more attention to it now, finished bugsquad meeting18:26
charlie-tcagot until 21:00UTC before the next one18:26
yofelcharlie-tca: I'll do the DVD's18:27
yofelfetching both currently18:27
jibelballoons, chinese, japanese or korean and validating install would help too.18:31
balloonsjibel, so just grab the say 64 bit desktop iso and try those languages?18:32
balloonsahh.. i see the non-english tests.. noted18:33
albrighajibel, is there something i can test while i'm spending some time with qemi/xen/kvm?18:33
balloonsit will take a bit to get the iso, then I'll roll on those also18:33
jibelballoons, yes, grab a desktop image, install in chinese then try to input some data in chinese in gedit18:33
jibelballoons, there's a test scenario that describe it step by step if you're not fluent in chinese18:34
balloonsjibel, why your in luck. i speak excellent mandarin18:35
* balloons is kidding18:35
balloonsthanks i'll look out for the docs18:36
jibelballoons, and we need also to run a screen reader install too18:37
jibeland after that I think it's good for ubuntu, only known issues, no regression18:38
jibelI'm currently running ltsp18:38
jibelthen I'll do vmware easy install.18:38
jibelif any one wnat to test iscsi, go ahead18:39
charlie-tcajibel: does wubi have to be done for kubuntu?18:49
jibelcharlie-tca, yes because the installer will use the new image18:50
charlie-tcaWill need help with Kubuntu desktop 64, live session (netbook) and wubi. I have no windows machines, and no netbooks.19:40
balloonsjibel, cjk input worked as expected in the test case.. you want me to test for all 4 listed languages, or is one enough?20:00
balloonsi can do the screen reader install now as well20:00
balloonscharlie-tca, the kubuntu i386 went fine20:01
charlie-tcaKubuntu desktop 64 except netbook live session and wubi are done20:01
balloonsi need to write down the user/pass combos i use.. lol20:01
charlie-tcaI know that one :-)20:02
balloonsthis seems to have a bad link20:03
balloonsis the netbook live session low-fat-settings or ?20:03
balloonsi didn't think kubuntu still shipped the netbook plasma view20:03
balloonsstarting on ubuntu i386 screen reader20:04
charlie-tcaI don't really know what the difference is between the netbook live session and the desktop live session20:07
charlie-tcaThe test case is invalid, and the download is the same for both20:08
balloonsjibel, the screen reader test seems incorrect for 10.0420:09
charlie-tcaballoons: it probably is.20:10
charlie-tcaThere were a ton of changes because of unity20:10
charlie-tcaI can run it, if you want20:10
balloonsi'm rolling thru anyway to ensure screen reader works more or less20:10
balloonsthe alt+f9 thing is wrong20:10
charlie-tcaMost of it will be wrong since 10.04 did not have unity20:10
charlie-tcaYou have to start with f4 at the menu, I think it is.20:11
astraljavaballoons: Sorry for missing the meeting, but it wouldn't have been productive anyway. I have been way too busy with my personal life issues since last week, so I don't know what has happened in the project, and none of my tasks have progressed anyhow. So, hopefully this changes soon as Beta-1 closes.20:12
balloonsastraljava, no worries.. it has been busy is a serious understatement20:12
charlie-tcaballoons: the alt+F9 is for the unity launchers, as I recall.20:12
balloonsit's been crazy busy :-)20:12
astraljavaDamn right. :)20:13
charlie-tcaballoons: start at step 28 for 10.0420:13
balloonscharlie-tca, no audio on time zone or region20:14
charlie-tcait has always failed their20:14
charlie-tcatheir == there20:14
balloonshmm.. not hearing partitioning options etheir20:15
charlie-tcaThat doesn't sound right20:15
balloonsyea.. it seems to have stopped reading20:16
balloonsat spi crash20:16
balloonsok, so apport couldn't collect info.. how do I report this crash.. shall I reboot and try again or ?20:17
charlie-tcaI usually want it to happen twice before reporting.20:18
charlie-tcaThen if apport fails, report manually using the format at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Bug-Report-Layout20:18
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balloonskk, trying again20:23
charlie-tcaI get to re-write that test every time they change Ubuntu20:23
charlie-tcaand, yes, it is down for another re-write to match the latest unity stuff20:24
balloonscharlie-tca, yes.. it gets fun sometimes I'll bet!20:25
charlie-tcaoh, yeah20:25
charlie-tcaGives me something to do, every cycle :-)20:25
charlie-tcaI have to try and do that before the beta1 tests20:26
charlie-tcabut, usually, we can't get the accessibility stuff in until after beta120:26
balloonshmm yep, stops speaking anything but keyboard commands :-(20:29
balloonssame crash20:29
charlie-tcagoing to be a bear to fix, too20:29
balloonsyea.. they'll love me20:30
balloonsok, I'll use the format.. file against which packageD?20:30
charlie-tcagive me a minute20:31
balloonsthanks.. this is what's crashing, https://launchpad.net/at-spi20:31
charlie-tcasince that is what crashed20:31
charlie-tcathat will work20:31
balloonsbut do i need to include anything with it.. i guess not20:32
balloonssince casper / ubiquity are fine20:32
charlie-tcaI will run a verification test and pull logs if possible20:32
charlie-tcausually, it is a conflict we have to fix with difficulty20:32
balloonsok, this is feeling lame.. I can't see to find a way to report :( it's greyed out20:35
charlie-tcawhat's greyed out?20:35
charlie-tcaStart here and file it manually...20:36
balloonsyes.. working thru it :-)20:36
charlie-tcaThen, to complete the test, click failed, enter a bug number under bugs found, and click save20:36
balloonsstuck on password again20:37
charlie-tcawas that in a virtual machine?20:38
charlie-tcaI am going to run it against real hardware. As I recall, it won't work in VM's20:38
balloonscharlie-tca, actually it was in a vm20:39
balloonsgood point20:39
balloonsi don't have real hardware i can test on20:39
charlie-tcaI don't think it will work in a vm20:39
balloonsto reproduce, basically just start the install20:39
charlie-tcaLet me run it on hardware and see what happens20:39
balloonsit reads the first screen fine, then stops reading20:39
balloonsif you close installer, you'll see the crash dialog pop up20:40
balloonsk -- I'll hold on pressing the submit button :-)20:40
charlie-tcaOkay. I will give it a try, and let you know what it does20:40
charlie-tcawell, crap. My cd burn failed20:42
charlie-tcatrying again20:42
charlie-tcaOkay, booting now20:46
yofelhm, how up-to-date are the ISO's supposed to be? here the system is telling me that I have ~220 security updates pending after installation20:47
charlie-tcaI haven't had any on the desktop 64 image20:49
charlie-tcaIt sounds almost like an out of date image20:49
charlie-tcaI would expect 220 or so from 10.04.320:49
charlie-tcaor even earlier than that20:50
* yofel looks for the checksums20:50
charlie-tcaballoons: alt+F1 to get to menus, left arrow, left arrow, down arrow, down arrow, left arrow, down arrow to install20:53
yofelskaet: the kubuntu lucid images that are up for testing for 10.04.4 have the same checksums as the images for 10.04.220:53
yofelthe DVD images20:53
balloonsalt+f1.. I remember that :-)20:53
skaetyofel,  that's weird.20:54
* skaet looking20:54
charlie-tcaBut that's only for 10.0420:54
yofelI fetched it from rsync://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/kubuntu/lucid/dvd/20110215/lucid-dvd-i386.iso20:54
yofelskaet: ^20:55
charlie-tcaballoons: still working. got through the keyboard section20:55
skaetyofel, fixing...20:55
charlie-tcaThe catch is, if you use the mouse, the keyboard doesn't always make it talk again20:56
charlie-tcaWorking through the disk partitions, now at Who are you20:57
balloonscharlie-tca, yea, i didn't use the mouse .. but I did use escape, tab, down enter to run the installer20:57
charlie-tcaescape turns off orca in this one20:57
charlie-tcaI think20:57
charlie-tcaMade it through the installer. It is quite a complicated process now, after working with unity20:58
charlie-tcaand, of course, the buttons don't all read correctly. It looks okay, though20:59
charlie-tcaNow installing20:59
balloonsok, charlie-tca likely false alarm then20:59
balloonsthanks for checking it out20:59
charlie-tcaballoons: practice makes perfect. It is a very involved process to do the install from the screenreader21:00
charlie-tcaand, I did not follow the test case :-(21:00
charlie-tcaI did it from memory21:00
* balloons is impressed21:00
charlie-tcaIt is much more impressive when you not so visually impaired people manage to make it work21:01
balloonswell, i can grab another iso and test.. perhaps the alt kubuntu i38621:03
charlie-tcaSome of us have more practice with these things :-)21:03
skaetyofel,  yeah it was a date confusion, and i thought the DVD had been built and just needed to be posted.   turned out to be the 10.04.2 one.21:03
* skaet looking into getting it built now.21:03
charlie-tcaI will run both screenreader installs, and then hit the alternate 64 for kubuntu21:03
yofelI'll do the 86 alternate then while waiting on the DVD's21:04
yofelah, you're going to do that balloons?21:05
charlie-tcaYou can have the 64 alternate if you want21:05
yofelI'll take that then21:05
balloonsok, sounds good21:05
charlie-tcaI have to run these screenreader tests in Ubuntu first21:05
skaetyofel,  have started the build off...21:17
balloons5 mins left on iso dl21:18
charlie-tcascreenreader 386 install working21:48
njincharlie-tca, i still affected by the session started mute, is fixed on one mache but not on the other21:50
balloonsi386 kubuntu alt going well21:50
charlie-tcanjin: the chances of that getting fixed in 10.04 is almost nil, though.21:50
charlie-tcaIt is machine specific21:50
* balloons never realized the alt installer is so much slower than ubiquity22:04
skaetLucid 10.04.4 Kubuntu DVD's posted to the iso tracker.22:05
skaetyofel, ^  hopefully all matches up nicely now...22:05
charlie-tcaOkay, screen readers are done. Which tests are next?22:17
balloonsi'm rolling thru the i386 stuff.. doing encryption now22:18
charlie-tcayofel: should I run 64bit alternate encrypted/22:18
yofelsure, I'm doing auto-resize currently22:19
charlie-tcagot it22:19
charlie-tcaYou are going to the dvd tests next? If so, I will finish the alternate 6422:21
yofelthat would be good22:23
charlie-tcaOkay, then I will probably go do a korean language install of Ubuntu to satisfy the CJK install22:26
balloonscharlie-tca, which version? i did a korean cjk for i38622:30
balloonsubuntu that is22:31
charlie-tca64bit needs a non-network install22:31
charlie-tcaoops,. Ubuntu 64 needs the network cjk install23:01
balloonsk.. i386 kubuntu encryption looks good23:03
yofelDVDs look fine too so far this time (d-i full install and live session)23:07
balloonsk guys -- I'm out for today.. food is calling :-)23:08
charlie-tcaballoons: Thanks for helping23:09
balloonsit was fun23:09
balloonsthanks for helping me!23:09
yofelthank you for helping too23:09

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