TLEdpm: goodmorning09:16
dpmmorning TLE09:19
TLEI guess we have a meeting this afternoon (I rememberede today), did you have some notes from last meeting?09:20
dpmTLE, yes, I do, sorry about not having posted them, will do later on today09:42
TLEdpm: ok, if these meetings ends uptaking to much of your time with administration, maybe we figure out some way to take turns on writing the summaries or something09:49
dpmTLE, yeah, that's a good idea09:49
TLEdpm: hey, do you have a minute?12:58
dpmTLE, I'm in the middle of something right now, so I might not be too responsive, but feel free to ask and I'll reply as soon as I cna13:04
TLEdpm: I'm looking at the posibility of getting my hands dirty with some LP development at some in the future. Ultimately I'd like to look at the po-export feature, which I was told could now be reimplemented as a direct download feature. But I was thinking before that maybe to look at some of the missing stuff in the reporting API.13:15
TLEhttps://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/Specs/ReportingAPI so my question is, are the things here not marked as done still up for graps?13:17
TLEis the spec still active and, who should I contact about working on this (Kyle?) and so on13:18
TLEerr: that maybe I would start with looking at some of the missing...13:20
dpmTLE, that'd be awesome! I registered the spec and Adi Roiban was working on the implementation. At some point he didn't have the time to work on this anymore, so the blueprint was never completed. There are definitely things up for grabs there. If you want, we can have a quick chat after the translations call, wher I can give you some more context13:38
TLEdpm: that'd be great, if you also have time for a short intro to the structure that's be really great. I must admit that the size of LP is a little imtimidating.13:40
dpmTLE, sure. I can give you some overview, but it will be limited, as I was not working in the implementation as in coding. Perhaps that can serve as a starter and then I can get you in touch with some Launchpad developers13:41
TLEdpm: sounds great13:41
dpmcool, let's do that, then13:42
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dpmTLE, kelemengabor, I'm going to be a few minutes late17:01
TLEwe'll just wait then I guess, my coffee is not ready yet either :)17:02
dpmok, cool, thanks :)17:02
dpmTLE, kelemengabor, ok, hangout started17:09

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