UltimooreHello everyone02:57
Ultimooreso how many here are like me (who are not part of the dev team) and want to help?03:18
Kismacanyone alive in here?06:56
Kismacseems quite in hereā€¦.06:58
L-----Dyeah, it seems06:58
Kismaci would of thought it be busy with the "tv" stuff06:58
L-----Dsince the project is not making any progress06:58
Kismacwhy so?06:59
L-----DI'm not sure, I'm not one of the dev06:59
Kismacis their a dev channel?07:00
L-----Dthis is, some of them hanging here, I believe07:00
Kismacawe, yea cause we are looking to move content to "tv"07:00
L-----Dmaybe ubuntu want to make sure there are buiness partener before jump into the tv market07:02
Kismacthats true,07:03
L-----DI'm also looking forward Tizen, since it also said to be a TV branch07:06
Kismaci like the in-car part07:08
L-----Dbut that's highly depends on car vendors07:11
Kismacthat is well as true, but now a days anyone can interface into the car's system07:11
L-----Dyou can put a micro computer into the car, but that can totally replace the original system07:13
L-----Dlike you can't switch the 4wd/2wd mode, remember the seat setting, etc07:14
Kismacunless it was tightly integrated and trusted*07:14
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