bschaeferthumper, ping00:15
thumperhi bschaefer00:16
bschaeferthumper, hey, so it looks like didrocks would like to wait to push the ibus in00:16
thumperbschaefer: I saw that in the email00:17
thumperwhich means we don't need to rush00:17
thumperwhich is nice00:17
bschaeferthumper, ok, I just wanted to hear what you think about it00:17
bschaeferok that is good to know!00:17
thumperso lets get the unity and nux branch working well :)00:17
thumperand reviewed this week00:17
bschaeferthumper, sounds good :)00:18
thumperand we can land ASAP after :)00:18
bschaeferthumper, cool, now I can finish up the last 5% which always takes the longest haha00:19
thumperlets make it solid :)00:19
thumperand get some autopilot tests00:19
bschaeferthumper, yeah jaytaoko is getting some test setup00:19
bschaeferthumper, one thing about the autopilot test, who runs those?00:20
thumperbschaefer: thomi, lamalex and our jenkins instance00:20
bschaeferthumper, as there is an initial setup for the the ibus00:20
thumperbschaefer: ok, well I can get you to talk to thomi about special ibus stuff00:20
bschaeferthumper, ok, so it is for us and we can make sure everything is setup correctly before those test?00:20
thumperbschaefer: autopilot uses the python test suite00:21
bschaeferthumper, yeah, it is more about making sure the ibus is set up in the correct order with the input methods00:21
bschaeferand hello thomi00:21
thomican we set up iBus from python?00:22
bschaeferthomi, that is something I need to look into, because when this ibus support goes through we should have the ibus.h00:22
bschaeferand the python equivalent00:22
thomicool. Shouldn't be too hard then :)00:23
bschaefer(im pretty sure), but there api is not very good...but hopefully we can ibus_set_input_method...00:23
bschaeferthumper, thomi but ill take a look into that and see if I can get a small python program working ;)00:23
bschaeferwith setting up and changing the input method00:24
thomicool - if you get some python code working I can turn it into an AP test pretty easily00:24
bschaeferthomi, sweet!00:24
bschaeferthomi, worst case we can get a test setup in nux which will send fake events to get text, then interface it with autopoilt00:27
thomihmmm, I'm not sure I understand. What do you mean "send fake events to get text"?00:28
bschaeferthomi, right now jay has a nux test framework set up to where he can send fake key events through say textentry00:29
bschaeferso we can send these events to activate ibus and then send more to get text, which then we can GetText to read what the TextEntry got00:30
bschaeferwhich autopoilt should be able to start these test...or we could just use those tests haha00:30
thomiwell, in autopilot we can send any kind of X events we want00:30
thomiso I guess we just need to enable iBus, send the key events, and then intropect unity00:31
bschaefercool, then I just have to figure out how to change the input method through their api!00:31
bschaeferI just have to make sure the ibus is setup with the ibus-pinyin first the ibus-hangul otherwise it will mess the test up00:32
bschaeferwell it depends on the tests them self, but it has to be consistent00:32
bschaeferstill new to testing haha, but sounds good! Ill email you when i find something :)00:33
thomiok, cool. You have my email address?00:33
bschaeferI should be able to find it00:34
bschaeferok cool!00:34
thomishould be around for another couple of hours anyway00:35
bschaeferim working on some other things right now, but hopefully I can find the api for that soon00:35
bschaeferthomi, oo it looks like ibus has its own test set up in python00:39
thomidoes it include code to set it up / turn it on / whatever?00:41
bschaeferlooking through it now00:41
bschaeferit almost looks like it is testing it's own signals rather then a specific ibus-engine00:42
bschaeferibus gets confusing...this might not be what we want as we have to set up a few ibus engines also00:42
bschaeferthomi, also do we know how many engines we are going to be testing or is it rather just CJK?00:43
thomibschaefer: I dunno - thumper's probably a better person to ask.00:44
thomiIf we can get CJK working maybe we can expand it from there00:44
bschaefersounds good, lets just getting it working on 1 engine first00:44
* thumper cares about CJK first00:44
bschaeferyeah so ibus it self is an interface for these engines00:44
thumperlets get tests for CJK00:44
thumperthen we can look at others00:45
bschaeferthumper, ok well CJK is Chinese Japanese and Korean which is 3 different engines00:45
bschaeferand there are different chinese engines for simplified and traditional...00:46
bschaeferbut yeah lets just get pinyin working with these tests. Sorry, dont want to over complicate anything00:46
thomisimple is good00:46
bschaeferyeah, pinyin is the most used engine and is on ubuntu by default00:47
bschaeferwhich we need at lease 1 engine to get anykind of CJK input...00:47
bschaeferok back to digging00:47
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qwebirc1767so I get this installed unity 5.2. but where is HUD?04:58
nhainesqwebirc1767: it arrives on Thursday.04:59
qwebirc1767nhaines: ok..anyway do I have to add another ppa? or should there be hud* packages appearing when searching?05:00
qwebirc1767so what is guitara saying it includes HUD?05:02
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mhr3MacSlow, morning, is it just me who can't connect to our irc?08:08
MacSlowmhr3, hey there... ehm... you're on IRC?! :)08:08
mhr3MacSlow, right, i meant the non-freenode one08:09
MacSlowmhr3, hm... no issues here on this side... just working as everyday08:10
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YcreationsHellow every body! If eny one developer here, please see the small description about very useful idea for advanced Unity's options: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/29215/08:22
YcreationsSorry for mistakes, I speak english not clear :)08:23
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tbfcool. seems i lost my checkbox window09:28
tbfnot nice after you spent 2 hrs to answer half of its questions09:29
tbfanyway: really seems it shall ask smaller batches, or permit suspend at least09:29
tbfgoing through all tests takes way longer than the causal user can afford09:30
tbfactually: it there a way to submit partial checkbox results?09:31
tbfthe launcher entered an almost unusable state09:31
tbfrandom apps get launched when i click its icons09:32
tbfso i cannot continue anyway09:32
g0twigmhall119: morning09:49
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g0twigneed help10:14
g0twigfor the coding of my blueprint.. ( https://blueprints.launchpad.net/lens-cooking/+spec/recipefy-scope )10:15
Saviqgreyback, I just saw https://code.launchpad.net/~dyams/unity-2d/centralized-superkey/+merge/9315210:29
greybackSaviq: oh, that will effect your work :(10:32
Saviqgreyback, yup10:32
greybackSaviq: it's not merging into trunk, and HUD should be done first10:33
Saviqgreyback, yes, I know10:33
Saviqjust wanted you guys to be aware of that10:34
greybackbut I'll let them know10:34
greybackyep, thanks, every bit helps :)10:34
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g0twigA beatiful morning11:34
g0twigany scope/lens dev's here?11:34
g0twigneed help: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/lens-cooking/+spec/recipefy-scope11:51
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DaekdroomWow. I didn't notice HUD is in unity-team/ppa12:34
njinUhm, I've run the checkbox for 5.4 but I haven't got received any feedback from the receiper !! is arrived ?13:21
njinUh, i've got the unity checkbox lens in the launcher indicating that is active but it's process is not process running, ah it reveal that has a lot of istances opened and there's no way to grag it away13:25
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mhall119I would really like to have my super-key back for non-Unity shortcuts13:48
mhall119gord: you were working on HUD, right?13:48
mhall119gord: I'm collecting things for community members to do during the global jam in 2 weeks, is there anything for HUD that can be worked on, specifically tested, or something?13:54
gordmhall119, hrm, bugs and test cases for when it doesn't match things properly would be good i would think, especially for non english languages. you might want to have a chat with ted about that to know whats best for him when he arrives13:56
mhall119gord: is there any way to collect heuristics from users to pre-populate HUD's selections?13:57
mhall119for me, HUD just never seemed to quite do what I expect13:58
gordmhall119, thats pretty much what i am saying ;) talk with ted13:58
mhall119until I chose an item from a menu13:58
mhall119gord: ok13:58
mhall119when does he usually come online?13:58
gordUS time13:58
gotwigmhall119: there?14:02
mhall119gotwig: gotta run out for a bit, be back in a little while14:06
gotwigmhall119: here's my blueprint : https://blueprints.launchpad.net/lens-cooking/+spec/recipefy-scope14:06
gotwigcheck it plz out, guys14:06
mhall119gotwig: I thought they had an API?14:20
mhall119screenscaping is fragile14:20
gotwigmhall119: that site,  I dont think so14:21
gotwigother sites yess14:21
gotwigand how well14:21
gotwigtheir api's are14:21
mhall119look at the beautifulsoup python module, it does HTML parsing14:21
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gotwig250 api access per month14:21
gotwigis allowed for free lol14:21
gotwiga joke, isn it?14:22
mhall119yeah, 250 is pretty low14:23
gotwigespecially or that use case, right xD?14:23
gotwigmhall119: I never did such parsing before :(14:25
Saviqgotwig, BeautifulSoup is very nice14:26
Saviqas in _very_ nice14:26
gotwigSaviq: may I PM you?14:27
Saviqlast I checked, though, lxml allowed for CSS selectors14:27
Saviqand BS did not14:27
Saviqgotwig, no need, ask away here14:27
gotwigis it preinstalled in ubuntu?14:28
Saviqgotwig, no, I don't think it is14:29
Saviqbut it is packaged14:29
gotwigwhat  nice library nam xD14:31
gotwig"name" , matches a recipe im my lens14:31
DaekdroomAww damn it. Launcher and Dash colors do not always match the Wallpaper if you pick one of the wp that switch over time.14:32
Saviqgotwig, I've actually just named a var "super hot modifier" :D14:33
gotwigSaviq: useful ^^?14:33
Saviqgotwig, not to you ;)14:33
Saviqgotwig, well, not directly14:33
gotwigI could call my lens14:33
gotwigSuperSoupUnityLens (extreme hot edition)14:34
gotwignot funny...?14:35
SaviqDaekdroom, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/88944114:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 889441 in unity (Ubuntu) "Panel seems to not autoupdate itself?!" [Undecided,Incomplete]14:37
Saviqlooks related14:37
Saviqgotwig, well, lens names should be as simple as possible, I'd say "recipe"14:37
gotwigSaviq: i know, I called it cooking lens14:38
DaekdroomWell, if it's exactly what the video shows, then not quite the same thing.14:38
DaekdroomI don't have transparent panel. It's related to the Launcher/Dash. I have a grey wallpaper right now and olive Launcher.14:38
DaekdroomBecause apparently it only updates when I manually pick the wallpaper.14:39
Daekdroom(or restart Unity)14:39
gordDaekdroom, file a bug?14:39
DaekdroomI will first dig launchpad to see if I won't file a dupe14:40
mhall119Saviq: it's as 'very nice' as you can get when screen scraping anyway14:41
Saviqmhall119, of course14:41
Saviqbetter than XBMC's XML-based scraper engine ;)14:41
Saviqevery time I try to tweak something there14:41
SaviqI get lost sideways14:41
mhall119Saviq: a scraper *for* XML, or a scraper written *in* XML?14:42
Saviqmhall119, the worse14:42
mhall119how do you write a scaper *in* XML?14:42
Saviq*in* XML, *for* HTML14:42
Saviqwell... for whatevert14:42
Saviqmhall119, it's all RegEx14:43
mhall119oh dear God14:43
mhall119I'm so sorry14:43
Saviqmhall119, check that out, as an example http://code.google.com/p/smuto/source/browse/trunk/metadata.filmweb.pl/filmweb.xml14:43
mhall119my eyes!14:44
mhall119Saviq: it's like someone took a mess of Perl code and said to themselves: "You know what would make this better? XML"14:46
nloewenI updated unity from unity team ppa and the 'dodge windows' launcher option is no longer available. Will this return before release?14:46
mhall119nloewen: no, Dodge is being removed14:46
mhall119it didn't do well in user testing14:47
mhall119caused too much  confusion14:47
Saviqmhall119, what's worse - there's no alternative for that for xbmc, even though plugins can be in python14:47
nloewencan it stay as a configurable option?14:47
mhall119and it was decided that it wasn't worth maintaining it as a feature if it wasn't going to be enabled by default14:47
greybackSaviq: I'm loving "super hot modifier" :)14:47
Saviqgreyback, :D14:47
Saviqgreyback, you're about to get to review it14:48
mhall119nloewen: either auto-hide or never-hide will give 90% of the users the same experience as Dodge14:48
greybackSaviq: I'm assuming it's a line you tried on your wife yesterday ;)14:48
Saviqgreyback, believe it or not, I don't have to use lines14:48
Saviqyou'll understand at some point14:48
greybackUmm, I prefer just being friends, thank14:49
mhall119once you're married, the only line you need is "I'm sorry"14:49
mhall119nloewen: yeah, a lot of us are, but user testing showed that it was a problem14:49
Saviqgreyback, your review is ready14:49
nloewenah well. the rest of it is looking good.14:49
greybacknloewen: you can turn on launcher dodge somewhere in ccsm14:49
nloewenno, its gone.14:50
greybackSaviq: ok, you've a small one from me too, just a clean-up14:50
Saviqgreyback, I made it against lp:unity-2d, didn't think it made sense to have it against HUD14:50
mhall119greyback: I thought it was totally gone14:50
Saviqgreyback, yup, on it already14:50
greybackSaviq: agreed14:50
greybackmhall119: no it'll be a option, fixed or auto-hide14:50
greybackOh, intellihide might be gone14:50
mhall119greyback: right, but dodge won't be an option, IIRC14:50
mhall119tedg: ping14:51
tedgmhall119, Howdy14:51
mhall119tedg: good morning, I'm making a list of specific activities for people to work on during the Ubuntu Global Jam in march, and I was hoping to add one or two HUD items to my list14:52
mhall119tedg: I'm looking for specific things to test, or bugs to fix (bitesize preferabbly)14:52
tedgmhall119, Okay, can we discuss that tomorrow?  :-)14:52
mhall119tedg: sure, I'll put you on my TODO list for tomorrow14:52
tedgmhall119, Archive freeze today for Feature Freeze.14:52
tedgmhall119, Thank you14:52
mhall119tedg: so you're going to be busy or something? ;)14:53
tedgmhall119, That's what they tell me.  I tell them it's OSS, fix your own damn bugs ;-)14:53
mhall119dbarth: ping14:54
Saviqgreyback, I've approved the RTL MR, it shouldn't conflict /methinks14:54
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dbarthmhall119: pong15:10
tsdgeosanyone knows a nice way to debug qml focus issues?15:31
tsdgeosmoving the dash around is causing me lots of focus gone bad cases15:31
tsdgeosand been fighting against that for hours already15:31
mhall119dbarth: you had mentioned someone on your team who was going to be doing some work on the documentation, and might help me with unity.u.c/get-involved, who was that?15:32
mhall119dbarth: ??15:58
dbarthmhall119: either kamstrup for the giraffe tool; or kevin wright for management16:07
malinis ther a kind of "for dummies"-guide on how to write unity-lenses? I have written one, and have no idea where I have made the mistake(s)16:07
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Saviqmalin, did you follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/Lenses ?16:12
g0twigI am just too stupid for BeautifulSoup :(16:41
ryehm, HUD does not seem to disappear consistently when clicking outside of it16:50
ryeand unity is completely at loss with my open xchats now - 5.2.0+bzr1974ubuntu0+64416:51
ryei have 3 xchats now :)16:51
eeemsi__[ 4835.942889] gnome-control-c[4958]: segfault at 2b4d12d0 ip 00007f4d2844dd80 sp 00007fff61207140 error 4 in libgobject-2.0.so.0.3116.0[7f4d2841e000+4b000]16:52
eeemsi__also empathy does not display any bubbles. it is only the icon that changes the color and in the launcher there is displayed the number of new lines…16:54
eeemsi__don't think that this works as designed - am i wrong?16:54
mhall119dbarth: what's Kevin's nick?16:57
nloewenHow do I compile unity? the guide linked on the wiki doesn't work.16:58
g0twigcould someone help me with BeatifulSoup parsing?16:59
g0twignloewen: what does not work for you17:01
nloewenwhen I get to the cmake command, it gives configure errors17:02
ryealso: with hud when I press alt and start typing something it takes about a second until i can enter the text even though the hud already appears17:02
nloewenI'll paste it for you17:02
nloeweng0twig: http://pastebin.com/seBA4YL917:03
ryeok, ppa is really broken now - firefox started goes to new firefox icon17:03
g0twignloewen: hm,17:04
nloeweng0twig: it was looking in the wrong spot for CMakeLists.txt, so I made a shortcut in the dir it was looking in17:05
g0twigyou mean a link?17:05
ryeAlso, opening hud, then closing it results in ARN  2012-02-15 19:19:35 unity.hud.hud Hud.cpp:183 Attempted to close the hud connection without starting it sent to stdout (unity --reset)17:20
eeemsi__hm… ok that is absolutly nonesense - why does mod1 + ctrl + t open the terminal by default. it does not matter whether x-terminal-emulator is configured or not17:20
jonoDBO, I assume you are familiar with the issues in the current Unity PPA re. raising apps from the Launcher and apps not showing in Alt-Tab?17:27
DBOjono, I am aware but completely unable to reproduce the issue17:28
DBOjono, do you have an app exhibiting the behavior right now?17:28
jonoit happens to Firefox17:28
jonostart Firefox and use your computer (I am in a multi-monitor setup)17:28
jonoat some point Firefox will disppear from Alt Tab17:28
jonoand when you click the icon in the Launcher it will start a new Firefox each time17:29
jonoI just installed a new Unity today, will reboot to see if the same issue is happening17:29
DBOjono, yeah firefox still working fine here...17:30
ryeDBO, if i currently have gnome-terminal starting new and new instances every time i click on it, will my experience be helpful?17:30
DBOwhy can I never be the one with the issue?17:30
DBOrye, open d-feet17:30
jonorye, sounds like the same bug17:30
DBOfind org.ayatana.bamf17:30
DBOand start going throught applications17:30
DBOlooking at the view's Name17:30
DBOsee if you can find it in there17:30
nloewenDBO: chrome is doing that for me right now.17:31
jonowhere do you find the views name?17:31
nloewendo you need info?17:31
DBOjono, its in the view interface17:31
DBOa method called Name()17:31
jonoI see now view interface in d-feet17:32
ryeDBO, i have found the Terminal, what is next?17:32
jonogot it17:32
DBOnow check if it has any Children()17:32
DBOif it does, go see if you can find its Children17:32
ryeDBO, it returns 8 windows17:33
DBOrye, do you have 8 terminals?17:33
DBOdo all those window objects exist on the bus?17:33
ryeDBO, it looks like they do17:34
ryehm, i see WARN  2012-02-15 19:34:32 unity.glib-gobject <unknown>:0 invalid uninstantiatable type `(null)' in cast to `BamfView'17:34
DBOgosh darn monkey pop-tart loving sock gobblers17:34
ryewhen i am switching between windows though17:34
DBOI have a general idea what is causing this...17:35
jonoI found a firefox window in d-feet17:35
jonoChildren gives me []17:35
DBOjono, the firefox app has children17:35
DBOnot the window17:35
DBObut you found the window so it likely has a parent17:36
jonoI have no Firefox app in d-feet17:36
jonofound the app17:36
jonoanything I can help with here?17:36
jonook rebooting17:37
ryeDBO, i found 6 gnome-terminal windows17:41
DBOwell bamf seems to think you got 817:41
ryeInteresting, the quick list for gnome-terminal contains "New Terminal", ---, empty label, lock to launcher, quit17:43
g0twigmhall119: there?17:43
ryei see that those windows that have this problem have some labels missing17:43
ryeDBO, ^17:43
mhall119g0twig: yup17:44
DBOyeah this is almost certainly an issue with teh client side cache17:44
g0twigmhall119:  some things already work for me in beautifulsoup17:44
mhall119g0twig: nice17:45
g0twigmhall119: are you good in using it?17:45
mhall119at using beautifulsoup?17:45
g0twigmhall119: wanna see my code?17:46
mhall119g0twig: sure, but unfortunately I haven't used beautifulsoup much at all17:46
mhall119or fortunately, depending on your feelings towards html scraping17:46
mhall119we had it in the Summit project until we had a Launchpad API we could use, then we dropped it17:47
g0twigmhall119: launchpad API for what?17:48
mhall119g0twig: sprints, like UDS17:48
mhall119g0twig: looks like you're off to a good start, how is the speed of it?17:49
g0twigmhall119: hm, it takes a while..17:56
g0twigaround 3 seconds17:57
g0twigmhall119: can you help?18:23
mhall119g0twig: what's the problem?18:30
g0twigmhall119: how can I use for in python, lol18:31
g0twigmhall119: the c / java version18:31
mhall119you mean a for loop?18:32
g0twigmhall119: yes, or I would better not use beautifulsoup...18:33
g0twigits  a bit slow18:33
g0twig3 seconds is not fast18:33
g0twigregex is very fast18:33
g0twig0.28126133314 s  , beautifulsoup, 0.000432703726233 s , regex18:34
g0twigcould I use regex for that?18:35
g0twiglamalex: hey18:36
mhall119g0twig: regex would work, if the HTML you are parsing makes it easy18:39
g0twigmhall119: what means :P?18:40
mhall119g0twig: if the elements you want have id or class attributes that make it easy to match, then a regex will work18:43
mhall119if not, doing a regex right is hard18:43
g0twignearly all elements have classes18:44
g0twigin one case, not, but its easy in that case18:44
g0twigcouse the / is a seperator18:44
g0twigmhall119: do you checked out my blueprint? https://blueprints.launchpad.net/lens-cooking/+spec/recipefy-scope18:44
mhall119g0twig: I skimmed it earlier18:44
navaHi mhall11918:47
mhall119hi nava18:47
navais dodge really remove from 12.0418:48
mhall119nava: yes, but auto-hide is still there18:48
mhall119it's really not as bad as it seems18:48
navamhall119: one of the best features of unity is best and compelete full screen18:49
mhall119nava: most people will get the same experience with either auto-hide or always-show18:50
navaI hope18:50
mhall119and the fact is that it failed real user testing, and we have to accept the results even when we don't like them18:50
navais it back in future ? (i mean dodge)18:51
mhall119nava: there are no plans to bring it back, but who knows what the future holds18:51
mhall119maybe if someone can find a way to make it test better it'll come back18:51
navaI hear dodge make bug in unity so it is remove right ?18:52
navabut i never feel any bug of it in 11.04 and 11.1018:53
mhall119I don't think it had a bug, but it's not worth keeping and maintaining something that produced a negative user experience18:54
g0twigmhall119: cite?18:54
g0twigmhall119: its a lie.18:54
mhall119g0twig: cite what?18:54
g0twigmhall119: mark said the same18:55
mhall119the same what?18:55
navaso why dont have an option to enable it in settings ?18:55
g0twigmhall119: the same in relation to the removement of dodge18:55
mhall119nava: because then the option has to be maintained, upgraded along with the rest of the stack, tested in all it's various interactions, etc18:55
mhall119options are expensive18:55
mhall119sometimes they're not worth the expense18:56
g0twigsee apple for reference xD18:56
navathanks and also what about global menu ? i hope dont remove it18:56
mhall119nava: it's not being removed, but the menus are being put into the window decorations of un-maximized windows as well18:57
navaSo we have both in un-maximaized window , menu in window top and also global menu on panel right ?18:58
mhall119nava: I'm not sure exactly how it'll work, I haven't run the new code yet18:58
g0twigI am lost, in all this documentation about regex and BeautifulSoup...18:59
navathanks, also i have a mock-up solution for compelete full screen18:59
navacan i mail it to you ?18:59
g0twignava: just post a link here..19:00
navawhere can upload it ?19:00
g0twignava: imgbin19:01
mhall119nava: not to me, send it to unity-design@lists.launchpad.net19:02
navaThanks Michell19:03
g0twignava: pls post it here19:03
g0twignava: thx19:03
navai think when user click on maximized button let him choose between full or not full (with luncher or not)19:05
* mhall119 is Michael19:05
navaSorry for my english Michael :p19:05
mhall119nava: what would happen if one windows is maximized "full" and another "not full"19:05
navain my mock-up ?19:06
navamaybe dodge again19:07
navaor user should click on un maximized19:08
navato can work19:08
mhall119nava: the problem, as I understand it, is that users were confused by why the launcher would hide, and how to get it back19:08
navasame you click on f11 in a browser19:08
mhall119pressing f11 isn't a normal user operation though19:09
mhall119moving a window around on screen is19:09
mhall119users moved a non-maximized window, suddenly the launcher is gone, they don't know why19:09
mhall119or they maximize the window and now can't see the launcher, not sure how to get it back19:09
navaI dont mean user should click on f11 i mean user can work with other window in full mode19:09
navauntil he click on un maximized button19:10
navabut all user move mouse to left19:11
g0twignava: why dont you disscuss this in the design channel?19:11
navawhen it hide19:11
g0twig #ubuntu-design19:11
navaoh sorry if i discuss on wrong channel19:11
navai thought i should talk in unity cuz it a feature of it19:12
navaThanks g0twig and mhall11919:14
eeemsi__where do i have to configure the default terminal?19:15
g0twignava: its not realy unity19:15
navayes i was wrong,thanks19:16
g0twigeeemsi__: sudo update-alternatives –config x-terminal-emulator19:16
eeemsi__i did that19:16
g0twigeeemsi__: so?19:16
g0twigmhall119: do you know how I can use loops with BeautifulSoup?19:17
g0twigmhall119: it only searchs for one match19:17
g0twigmhall119: I want all19:17
eeemsi__but it still opens the gnome-terminal19:18
eeemsi__Priority   Status has to be changed also?19:21
mhall119g0twig: I don't know, sorry, have you checked the BS documentation?19:25
g0twigeeemsi__: priority?19:26
eeemsi__lets say i want to open xterm if the combination ctrl+mod1 + t is pressed19:27
eeemsi__what do i have to change?19:27
g0twigeeemsi__: wait19:36
g0twigeeemsi__: ccsm, gnome compatibility19:38
eeemsi__and that is the only way?!19:40
eeemsi__no config file?19:40
mhall119JohnLea: ping19:42
ryeeeemsi, gsettings  at org.gnome.desktop.default-applications.terminal tree19:42
eeemsi__rye: ?19:44
ryeeeemsi__, for current value - $ gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.default-applications.terminal exec19:44
ryeeeemsi__, and for argument to execute something - gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.default-applications.terminal exec-arg19:45
ryeeeemsi__, and use e.g. $ gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.defaul-applications.terminal exec xterm19:46
ryeeeemsi__, $ gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.defauly-applications.terminal exec xterm19:46
eeemsi__rye: thank you very much - it works \o/19:47
eeemsi__so that means i can start an urxvtd via xsession and put more and more urxvtc to it?19:49
mhall119aren't ayatana-scrollbars already working for Qt apps?19:51
eeemsi__oh unity does not check if it is already running ;)19:51
malinI really don't know how to make this lense working: https://code.launchpad.net/unity-buss19:53
* thumper runs around in a small circle19:56
thumperfeature freeze...19:56
* thumper esplodes19:56
* thomi gets his umbrella19:57
eeemsi__oops to many crashes … ;)19:58
mgedminhow can I teach bamf to recognize my gvim windows, when I launch vim in a terminal and then use :gui?20:00
mhall119Cimi: can you check on https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/6062 for me?  I don't know enough about ayatana-scrollbars and Qt to know if the comment is correct or not20:00
eeemsi__why does the apport window has a fixed size?20:00
Cimimhall119, indeed20:00
mhall119Cimi: so it's a bug in ayatana-scrollbar?20:01
mhall119or Qt?20:01
mhall119or are you just confiming that I don't know enough? ;)20:01
g0twigmhall119: I dont know why my parse command do not work...20:03
g0twigmhall119: I cant get the name of the recipe20:03
mhall119g0twig: I'm afraid I won't be much help when it comes to BS or HTML parsing20:04
Cimimhall119, no implementation in qt20:05
mhall119Cimi: ah, I thought we did20:05
mhall119Cimi: is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-scrollbar/+bug/847966 the proper bug for that?20:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 847966 in ayatana-scrollbar "Support not native apps: qgtkstyle" [Low,Triaged]20:07
Cimimhall119, nobody is working on it20:07
mhall119ok, but I've been tasked with making sure there is a bug report for where we don't have full Unity integration, so I just need a bug to reference for VLC scrollbars20:08
* Debolaz does his daily check on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/930515 and sees its still there. :(20:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 930515 in Ubuntu "title bar text glitch offset shadow" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:10
eeemsi__when will libreoffice 3.5.0 be in ubuntu 12.04?20:11
eeemsi__sorry for that more offtopic question20:12
bschaeferthomi, hey, just sent you an email about the ibus test20:12
thomibschaefer: cool - I'll append that to the end of my work queue ;)20:16
thomibschaefer: what timezone are you in BTW?20:16
gotwigyeah it works20:16
bschaeferthomi, PST - 820:16
bschaeferthomi, west coast USA20:16
thomibschaefer: ok, so we have a reasonably long overlap - that's good20:16
* thomi is in NZ20:17
bschaeferthomi, yeah you are 21 hours ahead of me20:17
thomi...which I think is +1300 right now20:17
thomiliving in the future...20:17
bschaeferthomi, I know its lonely here on firday20:17
thomi...and for me on Monday20:17
bschaeferthomi, haha, yeah20:18
bschaeferthomi, let me know if you need anymore clarification on ibus stuff!20:18
bschaeferthomi, when you get to it20:18
thomishouldn't be too long - just need to get some autopilot stuff sorted out first20:19
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
bschaeferthomi, cool, have fun!20:19
bschaeferthe autopilot stuff is awesome to watch20:20
thomiyeah - it's a great excuse to not do any work "I'm waiting for autopilot to finish"!20:21
thomiIt's the QA team's version of "I'm waiting for my code to compile"20:21
eeemsi__ok thanks again for the help - have a nice evening20:22
davmor2thomi: is there code somewhere for autopilot?20:24
thomidavmor2: it's inside the unity source tree: lp:unity20:24
thomiin tests/autopilot20:24
davmor2thomi: oh cool ta20:25
davmor2thomi: I'd be interested to see if it can drive USC or not :)20:26
thomiwhat do you mean by "drive"?20:26
davmor2thomi: run test cases for USC20:28
thomidavmor2: uhhh, sure, I guess. depending on what your test cases are, but it's pretty unity-specific.20:29
davmor2thomi: ah gord wasn't that specific he just mentioned it and couldn't find the code,  I'll stick with sikuli for now then20:30
malinSaviq: I paied attention to that site, but I used this one: http://saravananthirumuruganathan.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/tutorial-on-writing-ubuntu-lensesplaces-in-python/ when I tried to create my lens20:34
malinmy lens is this: https://code.launchpad.net/unity-buss20:34
mhall119malin: are you running this on Oneiric or Precise?20:36
malinbut I first tried to run it on Oneiric20:36
malinbut I am running Precise now20:36
mhall119malin: ok, the API for lenses changed between Oneiric and Precise, in case you're not aware of that20:37
mhall119also, you have self._scope commented out on line 21 of buss.py, but then you're referencing it on line 27, which will cause an error20:38
malinmhall119: I don't think I knew, så thanx20:38
malinmhall119: ah20:38
malinmhall119: Do I need a scope-file?20:38
malinmhall119: and I also wonder if the DBusPath and so is right?20:39
mhall119you only need that if your scope is running in a separate process from your lens20:39
malinmhall119: okey, then I can just remove all references to scope20:39
mhall119yes, but you will need at least one scope running for your lens to be functionaly20:40
malinah, okey20:40
gotwigmalin: do you saw the example files?20:41
gotwigmalin: for wikipedia scope & example lens20:41
mhall119malin: you might also be interested in my python library Singlet: http://mhall119.com/2012/01/singlet-part-0-2/20:41
gotwigparsing data is so hard :(20:42
gotwigwithout an api...20:42
malingotwig: I did, and I couldn't figure out 100% how to do it20:42
gotwigmalin: did it not run for you?20:42
gotwigmalin: the example files20:42
malingotwig: I didn't try to run the example files, but I know I should have tested that20:43
malinin the lens-file, Do I set an accurate path to the scope-call-thing?20:43
gotwigmalin: just checkout the example files, lol...20:46
gotwigmalin: need a link?20:46
mhall119malin: what scope-call-thing?20:46
mhall119malin: "Shortcut" in the .lens file should only be a single character, and will be super+<shortcut> to go directly to that lens20:47
malinmhall119: this one: self._scope = Unity.Scope.new ("/net/buss/lens/buss/")  <-- I edited the path20:48
malinmhall119: okey, I changed it to b20:49
mhall119malin: that should be fine, as long as it's unique20:50
mhall119for the dbus path that is20:50
malinI see, I don't think it's in conflict with other things20:51
malinhow does the dbus path works? I feel I have messed up things?20:51
malinI placed the service-file in /usr/share/dbus-1/services20:51
mhall119malin: it basically just tells dbus where to find it20:54
mhall119your code says "Hey dbus, I'm going to live here"20:54
mhall119then other code says "Hey dbus, give me the object that lives there"20:54
malinhm, does that means I have made the linking right?20:55
malinor do I have to write the path like this? : /usr/share/dbus-1/service   or like today: /net/buss/lens/buss   ?20:56
mhall119the dbus path isn't the same as the file path20:59
malinos the path should just have the same name as the name of the service-file?21:00
malinI don't know what it should point towards21:00
malinI am actually complete noob on this yet :)21:00
mhall119the path in your code would need to match the path in your .lens and .service files21:05
malinah, så det service-file should contain a path to the lense, and the .lens should have the path to .service-file?21:06
malinbut how do I write the path, if it should not be a file-path ?21:06
mhall119it looks like a file path, but it isn't a place on the disk21:09
malinso where is it then?21:09
malinIs this I really don't understand I belive21:09
mhall119malin: in memory, the path just helps dbus keep things organized21:10
malinbut there must be some how to write the right path21:10
mhall119there isn't a "right" path, you just have to use the "same" path everywhere you are referring to your lens21:11
gotwigmhall119: May I execute PHP code by a lens?21:12
gotwigmhall119: excuse me, by a scope21:12
mhall119gotwig: technically yes, but that sounds like a bad idea to me21:13
gotwigmhall119: google has an api for its recipe search21:17
gotwigwould be the perfect thing21:17
gotwigoh its something other, sry21:18
malinmhall119: hm, I still can't get it to run :(21:18
mhall119malin: I noticed that your buss.py isn't running in a Gtk MainLoop21:19
mhall119you need that for your lens to keep running21:19
malinmhall119: ah, hm, I don't think there is any loop there?21:20
malinbut is that part of what's preventing the lens to start?21:21
mhall119malin: yes21:21
malinmhall119: aha21:21
malinthank you so much for helping me, now I just have to figure out how to put the code into the gtk-mainloop21:22
mhall119malin: it should be in the sample21:22
malinmhall119: okey, in the samplecode?21:23
mhall119malin: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-lens-sample/python-5.0/view/head:/unity-lens-sample21:25
mhall119line 61 to the end of the file21:25
malinso all I ahve to do is: write the line on 61, and put all my code from buss.py line 33 and to the end, into it?21:26
gotwighas anyone experience with the google search api?21:27
malinmhall119: it still won't run, but when I figure out how, I will update my launchpad-page with the new code21:48
malinmhall119: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~malinkb/unity-buss/unity-buss-experimental/files  //the build- and dist folders is to be ignored22:01

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