rick_hhello DotD, I think I'll be buying you today11:45
snap-lGood morning11:52
snap-lThat was just released, wasn't it?11:53
snap-lThe DotD11:53
rick_hsnap-l: yea, I was waiting for it to come out11:53
rick_hso even better, clear off the wishlist at 50% off11:53
snap-lYeah, I believe O'Reilly has figured out this impulse buy thing. :)11:55
mydogsnameisrudybuy now pay later11:56
rick_hthis is depressing: link from canonical voices http://cityblogger.com/archives/2012/02/15/which-is-less-expensive-amazon-or-self-hosted12:22
WolfgerMachine Learning? rick_h is going to bring Skynet down upon us... :-(12:30
rick_hthat's the plan!12:30
rick_hthat's what bookie is, my attempt to build skynet12:31
WolfgerAhnold will find Sarah Connor via her web surfing habits.12:34
snap-lrick_h: IS the gigaom link depressing?13:41
rick_hthe cityblogger thing is' like 80% ads on the page. THe content is squished to the left 5 words wide13:42
rick_hand this is from a canonical employee sharing on the planet like that13:43
rick_hjust depressing it's so giant ad heavy13:43
brouschgotta pay the bills yo13:43
snap-lrick_h: Ah, I have adblocker installed, so I didn't see it. :)13:45
snap-lAnd yes, that was pretty light on content (on both counts)13:45
rick_hah, I try to run without, just flash block so that I don't go total freetard on the net13:45
snap-lNo, not noscript, adblock. :)13:46
snap-lMakes visiting places like detnews.com livable13:46
brouschalso essential on my phone13:48
snap-lhttp://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/ppre5/the_new_d_online_forum_software_written_in_d/ <- Apparently NNTP Is making a comeback13:48
snap-lAnd I for one would love to see NNTP everywhere.13:48
nullspacesnap-l: so how goes the new job?13:49
snap-lnullspace: I'm not ready to throttle rick_h yet. :)13:49
rick_honly because they've not made him work on my code :P13:49
snap-lI'm enjoying it so far, but I'm now digging into some of the data loading scripts13:49
snap-land excel can die in a dire13:49
snap-lfire, even13:50
nullspacewhat are you using to parse it?13:50
snap-lWell, it's already being parsed13:50
snap-lbut I'd like to come up with a better way to detect it, and parse it13:51
snap-lPython handles two out of the three formats that I've seen pretty cleanly.13:51
snap-lbut there's no "one-true-XLS" parser out there.13:51
nullspacewe are about to break into that ourselves but we are going with an apache foundation project13:51
snap-lnullspace: Which project?13:52
nullspaceI think POI13:52
snap-lOh, purdy13:53
nullspacewe are already using it to write to excel and it's awesome, well as awesome as one can get with writing to excel13:53
snap-lJava API for MIcrosoft documents13:53
nullspaceit's always a messy job13:53
snap-lI think I just wretched a bit in my mouth13:53
brouschsnap-l: i've had good luck with xlrd13:54
snap-lbrousch: Yeah, and the openpyxlst (sp?) looks very nice13:54
nullspacesnap-l: if you saw our how fast our pages run you'd not be wreching13:54
snap-lthere's apparently a straight XML (non-zipped) format that Excel upchucks which unfortunately doesn't have a module that can handle it13:55
snap-lnullspace: Java API for MS Documents is wretch-worthy. :)13:55
brouschswitch everyone to openoffice ;)13:55
snap-lIt's like coating a plate of shit with maggots. :)13:55
snap-lbrousch: Were that I were king, this would be a non-issue13:56
snap-lODF, or to the gallows with you.13:56
nullspacesnap-l: if maggots and shot tasted like steak then you might be right13:56
snap-lnullspace: IF you're hungry enough, anything can taste good. :)13:56
nullspacethe entire report generating file is only 230 lines13:58
nullspacesnap-l: so what is that you against java again?13:59
snap-lnullspace: I'm not a fan, no13:59
rick_hwait, did someone ask for a bitch list against java?13:59
nullspacewhy exactly, I'm not trying to convert13:59
rick_hthis is going to take a while...how many pages max do I get?14:00
brouschrick_h: please use a pastebin14:00
rick_hbrousch: think of the web servers please, accepting that many MB over POST is going to hurt!14:00
nullspacerick_h: you know your phone is running java right?14:00
rick_hnullspace: yep! and I've not written a single program for my phone that wasn't python + web :)14:01
rick_hnullspace: you know your linux install runs C right? Surely you should be writing all things in C!14:01
snap-lnullspace: The biggest current reason is that Oracle controls the fate of Java.14:01
rick_hooh, I like these types of arguments, what's next?14:01
nullspacerick_h: not what I'm saying14:01
snap-lso it's impossible to distribute Sun's Java without going through Oracle14:02
rick_hno, biggest current reason is that it's a bear to code in and a pita to work with14:02
snap-lAnd the only other recourse is to distribute Open JDK14:02
rick_hit's like ergonomics, sure people get by with crap chairs, but man, a nice chair sure makes the work day better14:02
nullspacesnap-l: I was attrached by the overwhelming number of apache projects and most are in java14:02
snap-lnullspace: That's great for you. :)14:02
snap-lEvery time I've waded inthe Java pool, I feel disgusted14:03
rick_hand I hear that most MS projects are written in C#, and most github projects are in ruby14:03
rick_hooh, another fun one. You noticed that communities seem to stick around the same ideas.14:03
nullspacerick_h: makes sense that communities would do that14:05
brouschestimated monstly cost for the grpug site on heroku is still $014:07
snap-lbrousch: Very cool14:08
rick_hbrousch: woot14:08
snap-lLet me put that up on reddit. :)14:08
* brousch starts looking into caching14:08
nullspacesnap-l: yes the thought that oracle could do a number of things that would poision Java but I see all those as means to loose money and have people quickly abandon the platform14:08
snap-lnullspace: s/could/are doing/14:09
snap-lSorry, is doing.14:09
nullspaceI have yet to see that14:09
nullspacemaybe I missed an article14:09
snap-lPatent lawsuit against Google for Dalvek14:10
snap-lRevoking the OSS distribution license.14:10
nullspacehmm looks like a money grab, I think oracle will loose on that one14:10
snap-lnullspace: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/12/java-to-be-removed-from-ubuntu-uninstalled-from-user-machines/14:11
snap-lI think this is just the tip of the iceberg14:12
snap-lOracle does not know how to be a nice OSS citizen14:13
nullspacesnap-l: I think to understand Ellison you have to be just as crazy as him14:13
nullspacebrousch: no he is crazy14:14
snap-lRight, so why would I want to buy into an ecosystem that requires me to be a man that I despise?14:14
snap-lWhen the language isn't that hot to begin with, and the only compelling part is the JVM?14:14
brouschyou don't have to understand him to use his stuff, you just have to pay him14:14
snap-lI don't need to hit my hand with a hammer every morning to remember that it hurts.14:15
brouschpay fo what you use, you damn freetard!14:15
snap-lThe only saving grace is that Sun in it's dying throes OSSesd a lot of stuff14:15
snap-lSo now we have Libreoffice, a dozen+ MySQL forks, and VirtualBox OSE14:16
snap-land OpenJDK14:17
nullspaceOpenJDK seems to be working just fine for us14:18
jrwreni just bought a usb tv device with no linux support. i fail.14:18
rick_hyou're supposed to ask devin for the right one first14:19
rick_hsince he makes/made them and all that14:19
brouschjrwren: as punishment you must feed, clothe, bathe, and house RMS for 1 week14:19
rick_hwhere did I put mine hmmm14:19
jrwrenrick_h: i read that gigom article yesterday. I found it lacking on lots of points.14:19
snap-ljrwren: Gee, a tech news site with lacking points?14:19
snap-ljrwren: TO THE BLOGS, BATMAN!14:20
rick_hjrwren: yea, I liked when aws put out their reply and cut the costss more14:20
snap-lAnyone else find it a titch ironic that AWS is using typepad?14:21
rick_hno, they build servers, not blogging platforms :)14:21
rick_hand maybe typepad is a customer?14:21
snap-lrick_h: But they should be scaling the shit out of a Wordpress instance. :)14:22
jrwrenok... color me impressed... those D forums pages to load fast.14:22
jrwrenprobably not as much becuase of D as it is developers attn to detail14:22
jrwrenbut I like it.14:22
snap-lI wish all forum software used NNTP14:23
jrwrenthey aren't using fastcgi? they should be.14:23
snap-ljrwren: That's the power of Amazon AWS14:24
jrwrenhow so?14:24
jrwrenmaybe they are using mod_d14:24
snap-l(I'm being facetious)14:24
snap-lYou moved on to the D forums before I finished my "Amazon scaling the shit out of a wordpress install"14:24
jrwreni see.14:25
jrwrenyeah... shit AWS can't do... scale the shit out of a wordpress install :)14:25
nullspacesnap-l: I consider you lucky that you don't have to support both xls and xlsx, we have a bunch of Asian distributors that still use office XP14:27
rick_hnullspace: oh he does :)14:27
snap-lnullspace: That's the point. I have to support three different formats.14:27
snap-lxls blobs, xls XML, and xlsx.14:28
nullspacexls is the real bitch14:28
brouschyou can't require them to send you something reasonable?14:28
snap-lbrousch: This is a customer site. :)14:28
snap-lThis is "reasonable"14:28
jrwrenhttp://aws.typepad.com/aws/2012/02/be-careful-when-comparing-aws-costs.html  I like the "No Administrative Costs" point the best :)14:29
nullspacebrousch: all they see is values, they have no idea what is takes to move it from one place to another14:29
brouschonly accept CSV or something14:30
snap-lbrousch: See above.14:30
rick_hyea, they love to send around 20 sheet workbooks14:30
jrwrenseems like someone could make a few bucks (and only a few bucks) a month doing a conversion service. e.g. you send the web service an xls and it sends you back... openoffice format, or xlsx or csv14:30
snap-ljrwren: I'd be happy if it sent back a mysql dump14:31
jrwrentable per sheet ?14:31
snap-land when I'm king, there will be no data exports, only database connections.14:31
brouschadam williams in the grpug has an extensive system for converting those things14:31
jrwrenshould it expand the formula or just send you formula as values?14:31
jrwrenand when I'm king, there will be no database connections, only well documented rest services14:32
snap-ljrwren: Long live the king14:32
brouschhe's made it so he can create a template for each customer format and then handle it the same way14:32
snap-lbrousch: That's awesome, save for this is just one customer. :)14:32
brouschhe processes data from hundreds of vendors so he created a generalized solution14:33
snap-lAnd that's wise.14:33
snap-lI found one python magic script that looked promising14:35
snap-lsave for everything came back as "data"14:35
snap-lAh, here's another one14:36
* snap-l gleefully wants to have "import magic" at the top of this file. :)14:37
snap-lBREAKING: Random Ubuntu developer asks followers for restaurant suggestions. By unanimity, decides to eat on "Unity sucks, I hope you die!" -- FOSSNews14:54
Blazeixa distant second was "Why did you kill Kubuntu!?"15:12
ColonelPanic001>: - |15:17
brousch /join kubuntu-us-mi15:18
Wolfgerbrousch: why did you leave the channel?15:22
brouschbecause it was a bad joke :P15:22
brouschno need to fork yet15:23
WolfgerThere's 2 of us in there. Come join the fun :-)15:23
Wolfgerwhy does Firefox keep throwing twitter.com cert exception errors at me, regardless of the fact I don't have any twitter-related windows open?15:32
WolfgerI wiped my history, cookies, and cache...15:32
brouschyour company is MitMing you15:33
brouschman in the middle15:34
Wolfgerwell yeah, but why would FF even be trying to get to twitter?15:34
brouschto autotweet every page you visit to the IT department15:36
WolfgerTwitter was suddenly un-verboten last week when they wanted us to go vote on the Chrysler ads for best Super Bowl commercial...15:37
Wolfgerand now it's verboten again, so the MitM attack on twitter, FB, etc is back in place15:38
Wolfgerbut that should not (and never previously did) affect me when I'm just on Gmail and IRCCloud15:38
snap-lWolfger: Seriously? That's pathetic.15:43
Wolfgersnap-l: what, the "go vote for us please"? Yeah...15:45
Wolfgerwe were even encouraged to vote multiple times15:49
Wolfgerstuff those ballot boxes, guys15:49
snap-lYeah, because nobody will notice all of these votes coming from chrysler.com15:50
snap-lIf there is a soundtrack that makes me want to program, it's the Tron soundtrack (from 1982)15:52
jrwrenWolfger: its probably every page you visit pinging back to twitter to prep for those "tweet this" tags on the page.15:59
jrwrenfacebook does the samething.16:00
jrwrenits one of many reasons i run noscript16:00
snap-lYeah, those dippy little bugs / tags are a PITA16:05
snap-lfunny to see the designers that plan for it, and the ones that don't.16:05
tjagodaSysadmin Opening @ Canonical16:07
snap-lYeah, saw that16:08
jrwrenwhy do you want to work for canonical?16:11
brouschall the cool kids are doing it16:18
tjagodaCanonical is changing the face of teh linuks16:18
tjagodaI am a fan of working diligently in support of that16:19
tjagodaI am especially a fan of getting paid for that16:19
jrwrencool answer.16:23
tjagodaIf you ever use it, I'll have to kill you ;)16:37
snap-lLIstening to A Clockwork Orange's soundtrack is probably not the wisest move while wading through this code.16:38
Wolfgerjrwren: Yeah, I run noscript as well. :-p16:46
Wolfgertjagoda: if you are a fan of "working diligently in support of changing the face of Linux", then why did you bail out of Ubuntu when they made some changes? ;-)16:48
snap-lWolfger: Shhhhh16:52
snap-lNever let a good story get in the way of the facts. :)16:52
WolfgerI didn't16:53
WolfgerI think you meant to say the opposite16:53
snap-lI stand by what I meant to say16:54
tjagodaI still use ubuntu17:06
tjagodaI just use a different desktop environment17:06
jrwreni need a LGPL license with an iOS static linking exception :)17:10
jrwreni still use ubuntu too17:11
jrwrenand I use a different deaktop environment. windows and osx17:11
rick_humm heh17:12
snap-ljrwren: please to be telling me the results of `cat /proc/cpuinfo` on said Windows and OSX desktop environments.17:13
rick_hsnap-l: how dare you make him stoop to the cmd line. The cmd line is a bug!17:13
snap-lrick_h: Ah, my bad17:14
snap-lOPen nautilus, move to /proc/cpuinfo and double-click17:14
snap-lReason #454623 why Oracle needs to DIAF: https://support.oracle.com/CSP/main/article?cmd=show&type=NOT&id=1404863.117:21
snap-lGo on, click on that link17:21
rick_hSign Up for a free Oracle Web account17:22
snap-lYes, to find out what's in the support notes17:23
snap-lie: what changed.17:23
snap-lSometimes I think the toy collectible market goes way too far: http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/collectibles/ec60/17:32
rick_hwoot, loving ec2 test/landing. landing 4 branches at once and my machine doesn't have to run4 sets of tests at once yay17:32
snap-lDoes it spin up four instances?17:33
rick_h4 large ec2 instances17:33
tjagodasnap-l: whats wrong with a little molding?17:34
snap-ltjagoda: Nothing, but it's just a little... what's the word?... creepy17:34
tjagodaIf I get hired by Geek.net or Canonical, I will buy this for my home office: http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/collectibles/e9b8/17:35
jrwrenrick_h: oh EFF YOU!  not having /proc is one thing, not having cmdline is completely different!17:49
jrwrenrick_h: that said, you are one of the few people in the world that i've met that probably has better cmdline fu than me :)17:49
rick_hjrwren: not sure on that. I'm just very happy with my 10%17:50
jrwren10% ?17:50
jrwreni just love cmdline and feel like i'm pretty good at it.17:50
rick_hevery tool, find the 10% you use all the time and kill it17:50
jrwrendoes that go for your wood working tools too?17:50
rick_hI know maybe 10% of other masters, but happy with my 10% to make myself productive17:50
rick_hjrwren: definitely, you get into comfy patterns with how you use things17:51
rick_hnot sure on the 10% thing17:51
snap-lrick_h knows 10 commands, but he types them faster than anyone I know. ;)17:51
rick_hI was more thinking of things like vim, shell, etc17:51
jrwreni feel like i actually know more than 10% of bash and coreutils and there are things that I know I don't know... its things that i don't know that i don't know that i'm not sure abou t;P17:51
rick_hright, well I guess I'm saying less "know of" and more "use regularaly"17:51
snap-ljrwren: Yeah, that's the rub17:51
jrwreni'm thinking purely shell and coreutils17:51
jrwreni'm not counting vim... vim is too huge :)17:52
rick_hexcept with spell correct in there17:52
rick_hvim is as large as shell/cmd line fu I'd think17:52
rick_hanyway, I think you probably know more cmd line stuff than me17:52
jrwrenamount of vim knowledge is far larger than shell+coreutils17:52
rick_hbut anyway, I was just making a joke on the cmd line thing17:53
jrwrendoubtful. you actually made the zsh leap. I'm back on bash and I don't even leverage completion providers much17:53
jrwrena joke at my expense :(17:53
Wolfgerbrousch and anybody who cares: figured out my twitter.com MitM issues... Firefox was set to start session with all the tabs from previous session. Even though nothing using twitter was open, and even though I cleaned history, cache, etc, FF was somehow keeping twitter as something that needed to be loaded.17:53
jrwreni earned it by using windows and mac17:53
rick_hespeicially because I was curious how snap-l would move to respond given that any response would be WM specific17:53
rick_hand thus make your point a bit more17:53
Wolfgerchanged FF to start with blank page, problem magically gone17:53
rick_hif you ditch the cmd line you really can almost say ubuntu/osx/win7 is a DE17:54
rick_hall a matter of what apps you use install and how you get to them17:54
snap-lThere's fundamental differences to how linux / osx / win7 attack things under the DE layer17:55
snap-lThat was mostly my joke. :)17:55
rick_hright, but if you take out cmd line, you're stuck at the DE layer17:55
snap-lAnd if you take out the DE layer, you have a brick17:59
brouschno, you have a cloud app18:00
jrwrenyou mean chromeos?18:01
rick_hyea, I was wondering when that would come up18:01
snap-lBah: http://post.oreilly.com/f2f/9z1z6qjmhbq3l1hsugmj1k2b5a0f49965fufdoc69g018:09
snap-lLet's try that again: http://shop.oreilly.com/category/deals/oldies-but-goodies.do18:10
jrwrenwtf is in ssh the definitive guide18:16
rick_hI've got that one18:17
rick_hI can bring it to CHC18:17
rick_hgood stuff on how ssh works, tricks and tips, building complex network setups over ssh18:17
tjagodaI loved the Programming Perl book18:26
jrwrengot a python version?18:26
jrwrenimma have to become python guru pretty quick... i verbally accepted job offer doing python.18:27
jrwrennot sure why I have not got paper yet.18:27
snap-lLearning Python or Programming Python18:27
rick_hjrwren: learning python isn't what you want18:27
jrwrenthose books USED TO SUCK18:27
snap-lBoth have had major rewrites18:27
rick_hyea...that's true18:27
jrwrendive into python will get me the sweet sweet details?18:28
snap-lAnd yes, learning python was a deathmarch before the rewrite18:28
snap-lDive Into Python is old18:28
jrwrenno 2.7 update for dive into?18:28
rick_hman, I've read a lot of python books, but can't think of one that I'd heartily recomment18:28
snap-land the python 3  rewrite is pretty offputting18:28
jrwrenoh wow, 200418:28
jrwrenrick_h: that is what I'd guess.18:28
rick_hjrwren: yea no he went py318:28
jrwreni'll just read the docs :)18:28
rick_hjrwren: yea, I mean python really is more passed via looking at docs and existing code18:29
snap-ljrwren: If you want to borrow a copy of Learning Python, LMK18:29
rick_hI learned a lot figuring out how other tools worked like pylons/pyramid, nose, etc.18:29
rick_hI'd suggest getting the new cookbook when it comes out next week (hopefully it's on time)18:29
snap-lThat's really the best way to learn18:30
rick_hthat should be a gold mine, but again might be more py3, but still ideas apply18:30
brouschwhat about python the hard way? that seems to fit jrwren18:30
jrwrenyeah, i might be on 2.4 for all I know :)18:30
rick_hugh, I hope not18:30
snap-lbrousch: That seems pretty basic18:30
rick_hactually wow, checking my kindle collection very little python. I guess I did learn more via paper books18:31
rick_hjrwren: gold: http://www.amazon.com/Python-Essential-Reference-David-Beazley/dp/0672329786/ref=sr_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1329330752&sr=1-618:32
rick_hand http://www.amazon.com/Python-Standard-Library-Example-Developers/dp/0321767349/ref=sr_1_11?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1329330752&sr=1-1118:33
tjagodaI still use Linux in a Nuthsell on a regular basis18:33
tjagoda"WTF Was that command?"18:33
rick_hyea, those two + the coookbook would be my suggestions if one were to ask18:34
brouschanything beazley should be good18:34
rick_hand reading a ton of code. no wonder python is often self taught, not a great book really18:34
jrwreni just skimmed learn python the hard way... its super basic.18:34
rick_hbut the essential ref is something I still grab sometimes18:34
jrwreni'd not consider someone knowing python having read it :p18:34
brouschi haven't actually read it yet18:35
rick_hnot looked at that, no metaclasses fun? :)18:35
jrwrennot even list comprehension!18:36
snap-lI didn't like Python The Essential Reference18:36
rick_hthat can't be, you can't write a book on python without generators, iterators, comprehensions18:36
rick_hsnap-l: no?18:36
brouschwhat is python without list comprehensions?!18:36
snap-lrick_h: Yeah, it seemed a little too... sterile, perhaps?18:37
rick_hit's very much a reference, but killer especially when you hit stuff like logging/etc18:37
jrwrenhttp://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/  I skimmed eveyr page... no generators, iterators or comprehensions18:37
snap-lThat and I got rid of it when I went on my SOAP rampage.18:37
rick_hsnap-l: ah, yea. I'd not use it for straight learning, but it's great to walk throughand for when you need that question answered18:37
snap-lSPOA, rather18:37
snap-lFuck, why can't I type that18:37
rick_hjrwren: yea, meh on that ToC18:38
rick_hpsh, python koans > than that "chapter" on "doing things to lists"18:38
jrwrenA Byte of Python looks a bit better, more terse, but still intro... I want the advanced :p18:39
rick_hjrwren: yea, not going to find it really18:40
brouschrick_h: didn't you read an advanced python book last year?18:40
rick_hbrousch: it was crazy18:41
rick_hI'm trying to find it18:41
snap-lIt wasn't Expert Python, was it?18:41
rick_hno, that one is crack as well18:41
jrwrenhow crazy/18:41
rick_hI thought it was an apress book, I remember reading it on the kindle18:42
brouschi have lost track. is crack good or bad?18:42
* rick_h checks my book folder18:42
snap-lExpert Python started off strong, and then became "here's revision control"18:42
snap-lPython Algorithms? FOundations of Python Networking?18:42
jrwrenhttp://www.amazon.com/Expert-Python-Programming-practices-distributing/dp/184719494X  Martelli's review is great.18:43
rick_hsnap-l: what was that one that jumped all over the place18:43
rick_hI think you read it first and then I read it on a plane18:43
jrwrenpython essential references looks good18:44
snap-lYeah, I got a review copy of it18:44
snap-land it jumped like crazy18:44
rick_hsnap-l: yea18:44
snap-lWEnt from installing Python to the hairier parts of python OO18:44
snap-land then finished with "revision control is good"18:45
rick_hoh, think ir was Pro Python18:45
snap-lAh, yeah, that's it18:45
rick_hhmm, I can't find it locally. Wonder where I got it from then18:45
brouschmaybe it was so bad you burned it18:46
snap-lrick_h: I think you donated it at CHC18:46
rick_hah, I did get it kindle format18:46
brouschack! http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920000280.do18:47
brouschsays it has been cancelled18:47
snap-lbrousch: I can't say I'm surprised18:48
snap-lbut I am disappointed18:48
snap-lPython Cookbook seriously needs some updating18:48
rick_hsnap-l: yea, I'm stoked for that one18:49
rick_hbrousch: ?!18:49
rick_hoh crap, that's not good.18:50
snap-lWonder if they're going to relaunch it as a web site18:51
snap-lFrankly it would be better served in a non-dead-tree version18:51
rick_hguess it was a couple of years ago: http://dabeaz.blogspot.com/2010/12/oreilly-python-cookbook-python-3-all.html18:51
snap-lYeah, I'm not seeing the cancellation notice18:52
rick_hyea, can't find it via google fu18:53
brouschHelp me whine http://support.oreilly.com/oreilly/topics/_python_cookbook_3rd_edition_cancelled18:54
brouschyou even get to pick  a little smiley/frowny face and there's a dedicated input for your feelings18:55
rick_h_stink_: you know Close18:56
rick_hEyad Hailat18:56
rick_hbah, that came out bad18:56
snap-lI'm not sure how that could come out good. :)18:59
rick_hwell somehow paste had "close " and the name in there18:59
nullspacesnap-l: eh I dislike SOAP mostly because we work with a company that implemented a truly messed up configureation, inputs are strongly typed, outputs are not. Truly confusing19:05
nullspaceSOAP doesn't seem like it'd be that bad if people used the tools and followed standards.19:06
snap-lnullspace: Do you just have keyword notifications for Java things? :)19:06
snap-lI meant SOPA19:06
nullspaceah yeah that just sucks period19:07
nullspaceSOAP is webservices, lots of things use SOAP19:08
_stink_rick_h: naw, not well. i think he was in the CS dept at WSU when i was forst getting started19:08
rick_h_stink_: ok, got a linked in request and didn't ring a bell but saw WSU19:09
_stink_i haven't accepted yet :P19:09
brouschack, ugliest site evaar? http://www.pythondiary.com/blog/Feb.15,2012/django-and-jquery.html19:16
nullspacebrousch: all I see is a blinding whitelight quickly followed by utter darkness19:20
nullspacekill it with fire19:20
snap-lbrousch: That site is too clever by half19:22
snap-lAlso reminds me that I should change my Wordpress theme. :)19:24
Wolfgerholy mother of all coffee mugs... http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/mugs/ec57/?cpg=37449680&msg_id=37449680&et_rid=508488518&linkid=37449680_headline_ec5719:33
tjagodaNicely done20:05
tjagodaDimensions: 10" diameter x 6.5" tall.20:06
brouschwhy not just drink from the coffee pot?20:06
tjagodaBecause the coffee pot is wimpy20:08
tjagodaAnd cannot be used as a portable sink20:08
tjagodaI like to drink out of that in front of camera nerds.20:09
tjagodaAnd then they drink out of this to threaten me back http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/mugs/eaa0/20:10
snap-lbrousch: Drinking from the coffeepot is iuncivilized20:24
snap-l*headdesk* http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/134103/github-like-pull-requests-without-github20:28
nullspacesome people just don't rtfm20:34
snap-ljrwren: http://greenteapress.com/thinkpython/thinkpython.html <- Python Book20:48
snap-lWhich leads to http://greenteapress.com/thinkstats/index.html and http://greenteapress.com/complexity/index.html20:49
jrwrenlooks good.20:49
jrwrenI think between all these samples http://www.dabeaz.com/generators/  and these   http://dabeaz.com/coroutines/  I'll have a good foundation20:49
snap-ljrwren: Yeah, there's no substitute for just playing with examples in a debugger20:50
jrwrenor repl?20:55
snap-lrepl, ipdb, whatever20:59
snap-lcode says more in 2 lines than a book can say in two paragraphs20:59
snap-lsays the man that collects PDF files like they were pez dispensers at a flea market.21:00
jrwrenhttps://jobs.github.com/positions/940ce13a-537b-11e1-9d70-f8e808895bec   awesome22:20

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