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Unit193jrgifford: You know launchpad recipes?07:13
yanothe codes? you've got the codes?07:15
Unit193Heh, seems I also made an oopsie. :P07:25
Unit193Always remember to put stuff in +junk...07:34
* canthus13 yawns.12:37
jrgiffordUnit193, launchpad recipes? nah12:58
jrgiffordi like to pretend I know them though12:58
Unit193Heh, I saw one that seems to not be built right.13:18
* canthus13 nods.17:38
Unit193Glad you agree with me.17:38
thafreakwhat's these launchpad recipes you speak of18:18
canthus13Unit193: Actually, I was just in the wrong chan. :/18:18
Unit193I figured.18:18
canthus13thafreak: They're for half-baked ideas like Unity.18:19
Unit193thafreak: https://code.launchpad.net/~jamesgifford/+recipe/pianobar-daily18:19
thafreakhows it different than like a ppa?18:23
Unit193That's the script that autobuilds it and places it in the PPA.18:24
Unit193On another note: You think I know?18:28
jrgiffordi am totally incapable of lp recipes21:17
jrgiffordit is *completely* different from everything else i've seen.21:17
jrgiffordbecause its not a shell script, but its not *not* a shell sccript.21:18
Unit193Yep, I saw the build fail logs. ;)21:18
jrgiffordthat thing still running? :P21:18
jrgiffordok, changed to on request instead of daily.21:22
Unit193Yep, was looking for pianobar stuff, but foundout that you need the debian build scripts in your code.21:23
jrgiffordand ignorant me doesn't really know how to do that. ;)21:28
Unit193I am also not a packager.21:33

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