bkerensaslangasek: I'm adding the event to loco.u.c right now and also an announcement will follow00:20
slangasekcool :)00:20
albrighabkerensa, you around? or someone? to ping
albrighamy host is saying i have a local network issue to my domain00:48
albrighabut i think it's on their end.00:48
albrighatrying to figure out where the issue is00:49
bkerensaslangasek: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/console-common/+bug/88107900:49
lubotu1Ubuntu bug 881079 in console-tools (Ubuntu Precise) "FIXED: spurious "Waiting up to 60 more seconds for network configuration" message at startup, but all network devices are up" [High,Triaged]00:49
bkerensanot fixed for me00:49
albrighai've seen that a bunch of times00:49
slangasekalbrigha: I can reach that IP00:49
slangasekbkerensa: what about it?00:50
bkerensaalbrigha: I get response from the IP00:50
slangasekbkerensa: oh, "not fixed for you" - well, then either that's not your bug, or you have packages installed that it doesn't make sense for you to :)00:50
slangasekcorrection - if it's not fixed for you, then it's not your bug, period00:51
slangasekthat bug is about a *wrong* message saying that it's waiting for the network when it isn't00:51
slangasekif you get that message, it's really waiting for the network... so it's probably an issue with your system's network config00:51
albrighahm okay00:52
albrighacan you guys get to browncoat.us ?00:52
slangasekbkerensa: please pastebin me ls -l /var/run/network, as well as the contents of /etc/network/interfaces00:52
bkerensaslangasek: Well how do I know its not wrong? The symptoms seem to be identical00:52
albrigha(sorry to interrupt)00:52
slangasekbkerensa: you know it's not wrong because I'm telling you so :)00:52
slangasekalbrigha: yes, I can reach that website00:52
albrighai have no idea why i'ts not working for me00:53
albrighai traceroute it and it stops at the router right  before my website00:53
albrighabut i seem to be the only one with the prob00:53
albrigha2 diff computers00:53
albrigha(here i tested)00:53
bkerensaslangasek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/842463/00:54
bkerensaalbrigha: What does your network look like?00:54
slangasekalbrigha: yes, it probably is as they say a routing issue with your local provider00:54
c_smithhey, I have a quick question regarding commands: is there a command to check free PCI slots in a desktop?00:55
albrighapretty simple. linksys wifi router to comcast00:55
c_smithGoogle failed me there.00:55
slangasekalbrigha: either with your local provider or with the hosting provider, but the hosting provider says they've already checked :)00:55
albrighayeah so i'm confused..00:55
albrighamust be comcast then i guess00:55
bkerensac_smith: You dont know how many PCI slots are unused on your desktop?00:56
slangasekbkerensa: very interesting; /var/run/network/ifup.lo is missing00:56
albrighac_smith, you could try lshw > hardware.txt00:56
albrighathen gedit hardware.txt00:56
albrighabut not 100% sure it will tell you how many empty00:56
albrighait will def tell you what is in the slots00:56
bkerensaalbrigha: Why not just check manually? :P00:56
albrighahaha yeah that would seem to be the easiest option00:57
bkerensaIt seems absurd to not know what you have installed in your own box00:57
c_smithbkerensa, I just got it set up, it was custom built for another person a few years ago, and I'm trying to find what I can replace/improve, or if I need to just use parts from it to build another PC.00:57
bkerensaI would just crack the hood open :P00:57
slangasekbkerensa: can you paste the contents of /run/network/ifstate ?  also, what version of the resolvconf package do you have installed?00:57
c_smithbkerensa, so in a sense, it wasn't originally mine. :{00:57
c_smithand I'd feel much safer if I could find this out through software, as I'm lost when it comes to figuring out what's in there physically00:58
c_smithbut I might as well try.00:58
albrighalshw is pretty cool00:59
albrighait might not answer all your questions. but it will tell you a lot00:59
albrighastill a good command to know :)00:59
c_smithfrom lshw (which I've known about for some time) I can say this PC has an 80GB ATA HDD, not SATA, ATA.01:01
c_smithone question about craching it open: is it safe to open it on a hard wood floor?01:02
c_smithor should I find a rubber mat to put it on?01:02
albrighai open mine on the hardwood floor01:09
albrighahaven't had any issues..but no promises lol01:09
albrighac_smith, sorry i hope i didn't come off wrong. its hard to know what people know or not.01:10
c_smithyou came off alright, not offended in any way.01:11
c_smithnow I need to know what I'm looking for to see if I have free PCI slots.01:11
c_smithis the PCI slots the ones that align with the slots for expansions in the back of the casing?01:13
albrighathey are white a lot of the time01:14
albrighamost i'd even say01:14
albrighaagp/pci is brownish usually01:14
albrighabut i'm thinking your system prob has just an agp01:14
c_smiththere's 4 white plug-like slots that a horizontal to the back expansion parts of the PC,01:16
bkerensaslangasek ifstate is empty and E: Unable to locate package resolveconf01:16
slangasekbkerensa: resolvconf, not resolveconf01:16
bkerensaoh darn01:17
c_smithand then another taken by what looks to a GPU.01:17
bkerensaslangasek: resolvconf is 1.6.3ubuntu701:18
albrighac_smith, sounds about right01:18
slangasekbkerensa: ls -l /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/, ls -l /etc/network/if-up.d/, ls -l /var/log/upstart?01:19
slangasekbkerensa: this is precise, right?01:19
slangasekn/m, it's clearly precise01:19
bkerensaalbrigha: I think concerns of anti-static lines and such are minimal... I was taught to use a anti-static line etc but over the years I have abandoned such practices and had zero issues01:19
c_smithalbrigha, k then those are PCI?01:19
bkerensaI guess if were talking server building I would use a line but not on my pc01:19
bkerensaslangasek: yes precise01:19
c_smiththe graphics unit is in a green slot.01:20
slangasekbkerensa: yeppers - so those ls outputs might point to the problem01:21
bkerensaslangasek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/842486/01:21
c_smithit's the ATI card in the green slot, and I know from lshw that the ATI card is a gpu.01:21
c_smithand that I also have an Nforce GPU, too01:21
slangasekbkerensa: basically, what I believe is happening is that on boot, the 'ifup --allow auto lo' command called from /etc/init/network-interface.conf is successfully bringing up the interface (because it's hard for that to fail), but then one of the ifupdown hooks is failing, causing /etc/network/if-up.d/upstart to not be run01:22
bkerensaslangasek: So is this a bug or is it something borked on my configs?01:22
bkerensaif its a bug I can report it01:23
slangasekbkerensa: it may be a bug, but it's not a bug in upstart ;)  I'm trying to get enough info to see where the bug is01:23
slangasekbkerensa: my current best guess is that it's a bug in the firestarter package01:24
slangasekbkerensa: can I see /var/log/upstart/network-interface-eth1.log?01:24
bkerensaslangasek: It is empty01:25
c_smithnice, just read the mainboard markings, I do indeed have 5 PCI slots free, and the mainboard is capable of SATA.01:25
slangasekbkerensa: ah; can I see /var/log/upstart/network-interface-eth1.log.1.gz then, please :)01:25
slangasekbkerensa: nah, strike that, that file shouldn't tell me anything useful01:27
slangasekbkerensa: can I have you, at your convenience, upgrade to a test package of upstart, reboot, and then show me /var/log/upstart/network-interface-lo.log which should then be available?01:28
slangasekbkerensa: instructions for the test package: http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2012/02/call-for-testing-upstart-14.html01:28
bkerensaslangasek: surely... it is installing now I will be back short;y01:30
albrighabkerensa, haha me too for the most part. i mean i might tap the power supply while it's plugged in before i reach in. but i don't worry about it otherwise01:34
bkerensathen again I haven't really used a desktop in almost 10 years01:35
bkerensaI have had one but it was rarely used01:35
bkerensaalbrigha: Next time you come up for a Ubuntu Hour I should send you home with CD's01:38
bkerensaCanonical decided to send me far more CD's then I could possibly use in this release cycle01:38
bkerensaI ask for 30 CD's and they send me 60001:39
bkerensaslangasek: Hmm that did not resolve01:45
bkerensaslangasek: That did not fix the issues I'm encountering01:45
slangasekbkerensa: I thought someone wanted to put a stack of CDs at PSU?01:45
bkerensaslangasek: I might talk to blkperl about figuring out where those could go... If I get permission then surely I could go drop off a bunch01:46
slangasekbkerensa: it wasn't supposed to; it was just supposed to turn on full upstart logging support so I could get useful logs01:46
slangasekbkerensa: do you have a /var/log/upstart/network-interface-lo.log now?01:46
bkerensaslangasek: Ahh :) ok well01:46
bkerensalet me check01:46
blkperlbkerensa: yes we want stacks of ubuntu cd01:46
bkerensablkperl: Ok where would I drop them off?01:47
blkperlbkerensa: FAB 82-01 (Fourth Ave Building)01:47
bkerensablkperl: Who to I deliver them to?01:47
blkperlCAT front desk01:47
blkperlwhich release are they for?01:48
bkerensablkperl: 11.1001:48
bkerensablkperl: Are there any places to post a flyer about Ubuntu Oregon?01:49
bkerensapaper spamming is fun01:49
blkperlbkerensa: leave flyer at the front desk too01:49
bkerensaslangasek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/842506/01:49
bkerensablkperl: Ok :)01:50
blkperlor you can leave one with the cs tutors01:50
bkerensablkperl: I will see about heading down there either this week or early next01:50
blkperlbkerensa: if you come Friday at 4pm you can do you 15min talk for psu-acm01:50
blkperland get free pizza01:50
bkerensablkperl: LOL01:50
bkerensablkperl: What happened to four weeks :P01:51
bkerensablkperl: :P01:51
blkperlwell your talk is only 15mins it can fit before any of the talks01:51
slangasekbkerensa: WHOO I'm so happy, we got a log01:51
blkperlwell their more of workshops01:52
blkperlfor the next 2 weeks01:52
slangasekbkerensa: so, please file a bug on firestarter about it breaking your networking :)01:52
bkerensaslangasek: and then apt-get remove? :P01:52
slangasekbkerensa: also, you may want to run 'sudo ln -sf ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf', so that you get the benefits of resolvconf01:53
bkerensablkperl: I really wish I could do this Friday but I'm still settling into my new place and have a lot of stuff to do thursday and friday01:53
bkerensapainting/setting up our network etc01:53
albrighabkerensa, sorry its been crazy today. actually we where talking about making CDs for the loco right? can we use shipit and order a bunch?01:53
bkerensaalbrigha: Your employer nuked Shipit01:54
bkerensait hasn't existed for the public for a long time now01:54
albrighaoh lol01:54
slangasekbkerensa: are you not using firestarter as your firewall? If not, you should probably do 'apt-get purge' instead :)01:54
albrighai haven't used it in a few years.. darn i liked shipit01:54
bkerensaUntil were an approved loco... the only way I get CD's is if someone at Canonical shows me love01:54
albrighahave you talked with balloons by chance?01:55
slangasek(since 'apt-get remove' isn't enough to get rid of the script that's failing)01:55
bkerensaballoons: ?01:55
bkerensahe works for Jono right?01:55
albrighaactually he might i'm not sure01:55
albrighahe's doing community stuff as well01:55
slangasekhe does01:55
albrighait's all coming together, slowly01:55
slangasekhe's the Community QA coordinator01:56
bkerensayeah... I would just ask Jono because eventually it all goes to him anyways and then goes to Ceiz or Jas01:56
bkerensasaves one step01:56
albrighai haven't put it all together the community coordinators yet01:56
bkerensaalbrigha: I wouldnt try... It seems dynamic01:56
albrighayou'd know way more than I that's for sure01:57
bkerensaonly because I idle in the comm channel01:57
bkerensablkperl: Anyways once I get these down there let me know when they run out and I will try and keep you guys stocked02:00
bkerensaslangasek: Thanks for helping me figure that out... I remove firestarter02:06
slangasekbkerensa: no problem - I'm very happy to be putting upstart logging to use02:08
c_smithnow to find the hdd capabilities of the mainboard02:20
MarkDudeYour bot should announce the link03:53
sbeattiec_smith: generally, dmidecode is what I use to query hardware about what it thinks it has.04:34
sbeattieThat said, hardware may think it has something available when it actually doesn't have the necessary connector on the motherboard.04:35
bkerensahello randumbum08:34
randumbum@bkerensa--> hiya09:23
meetingologyrandumbum: Error: "bkerensa-->" is not a valid command.09:23
randumbumbkerensa: Hello09:24
randumbumbkerensa: just found your website.  I'll be adding it to my feeds to keep track of changes.  Nice to know more about the local linux community.09:28
bkerensarandumbum: No doubt... We have events every few months :)09:36
bkerensaWe have one coming up in March09:36
bkerensaalbrigha: You are up pretty early ;)13:06
albrighahaha yeah13:31
albrighaworking on the automation testing stuff. we have a meeting later and i wanted to connect with some folks across the pond, as they say13:31
albrighagood times though13:32
albrighai couldn't sleep anyway shrug13:32
bkerensadiff is burning 14% of my cpu13:40
bkerensaalbrigha: Do you only hangout on Canonical's server channel :) I noticed your in here and devel but not -kernel :)13:40
albrighawell not only, but i am on there13:41
albrighai haven't thought about kernel (well no one said anything) but i think it's a good idea13:41
albrighabkerensa, any other cool channels i should get in on? :)13:42
bkerensawell stay out of kernel unless you want to do work13:43
bkerensaI went in there to submit one patch and am ending up doing another13:43
albrighahaha awesome13:43
albrighawas that the waiting for network?13:43
albrighaon boot? annoying..13:43
bkerensaalbrigha: Uhh no that was Firestarter... I'm not skilled enough to do that big of fixes or confident13:45
lubotu1Ubuntu bug 593107 in linux-meta (Ubuntu) "Package description for linux-tools-* needs improvement" [Low,In progress]13:45
bkerensathats what I was working on13:45
albrighahaha me either13:45
bkerensasimple stuff13:45
tgm4883hasn't that been unmaintained for years now?13:45
bkerensatgm4883: It is in USC13:46
albrighabkerensa, well still cool13:46
bkerensatgm4883: It nuked my booting for a week13:46
tgm4883although it should probably be removed13:46
bkerensatgm4883: Or maintained? :)13:46
tgm4883bkerensa, have you tried gufw?13:46
bkerensatgm4883: Nope. I was just using Firestarter to monitor traffic not filter13:46
tgm4883bkerensa, http://gufw.tuxfamily.org/13:47
albrighai haven't used firestarter in forever13:47
tgm4883I haven't used gufw, but it looks to be similar13:47
albrighait looks goo13:47
albrighagood even13:47
tgm4883bkerensa, if you frequent the security forum on ubuntu forums, they tell you not to use firestarter13:48
bkerensatgm4883: I have to interview Revell in a week or so :P13:48
tgm4883bkerensa, he's a descent guy, I didn't get that job though13:49
bkerensatgm4883: Huh... I have been less active on forums for a few months now13:49
tgm4883I am happy that he told me within a few hours. I hate it when places either don't tell you that you are no longer in the running or wait weeks to do it13:49
bkerensatgm4883: Indeed13:50
bkerensatgm4883: But you are starting a new job right?13:50
tgm4883at Chemeketa13:50
albrighatgm4883, what will you be doing?13:50
bkerensatgm4883: Ahh... Salem Campus?13:51
tgm4883albrigha, system admin13:51
tgm4883bkerensa, yea13:51
tgm4883start on monday13:51
tgm4883which means hopefully i'll be able to start going to ubuntu hours in salem again13:51
bkerensatgm4883: Have fun with their Windows boxes... I imagine quite a bit are Windows13:51
tgm4883bkerensa, I'm sure a bunch of them are, but they have linux boxes as well13:52
bkerensaI took some classes at PCC and they luckily did offer Ubuntu on all their desktops13:52
tgm4883probably just their backend server's for storage and virtualization though13:52
albrighawow really??13:52
bkerensaThey dual-boot Windows XP/7 and Ubuntu13:52
albrighawell that's nice13:52
bkerensaTheir CS professor is a windows geek though and he sadly also teaches the very few FOSS classes they have13:53
tgm4883heh, actually, here is the minimum qualifications they wanted13:54
tgm4883Four years of experience in Linux and/or VMware syFour years of experience in Linux and/or VMware system administration that includes at least one year of experience supporting Linux servers employing scripting techniques stem administration that includes at least one year of experience supporting Linux servers employing scripting techniques13:54
tgm4883no mention of windows in there13:54
bkerensabtw... tgm4883 have you used perf top13:54
bkerensaits nice... I like it13:55
tgm4883does look nice, installing it now13:56
tgm4883hmm, apparently there is also a kernel upgrade required13:57
bkerensatgm4883: LOL14:03
bkerensawhat does changelog say for that upgrade? :)14:03
bkerensaahh nevermind those have not been pushed yet14:06
albrighawell that was annoying. bkerensa, have you ever encountered changing the  BIOS time (after install) makes ubuntu not boot?15:24
bkerensaalbrigha: No =o15:25
albrighahm maybe if you get a sec wanna try it to make sure i'm not crazy?15:25
albrighai changed the time and i tried everything and it refused to boot into x15:25
albrighai could do recovery, fsck,etc. but it wouldn't boot and i couldn't do alt-f2 etc15:25
albrighactrl-alt-f2 etc anyway15:26
albrighaif not i'll see if someone else can give it a try, i know you are busy15:26
albrighasa'll good15:26
albrighai had to go back into the bio and change it back15:26
albrighacause i was trying to figure out what changed..and that was the only thing i changed before hand in the bios anyway15:26
albrighai was going to enable the virtualization etc and realized the time was all wrong15:27
albrighachange that and vm and no boot. then eventually went back to the bios and undid what i did one at a time.15:27
albrighaand it booted when i changed the time back to the old time15:27
albrighabkerensa, i forgot to send this to you: http://harvest.ubuntu.com/ not sure if you've seen it before, but thought you might like it15:55
tgm4883albrigha, sounds like it thinks all the timestamps are in the future?15:57
tgm4883IIRC, I've seen that issue on RHEL machines15:57
albrighatgm4883, yeah i think the same thing..but it should still boot i think? shouldn't totally fail, i think15:57
tgm4883albrigha, It's been awhile since I've seen that, but I thought it warns you of it. Is it possibly waiting for user input?15:58
albrighafor me it stops at either a blinking curser or a totally black screen.15:59
albrighai looked in boot.log and bootstrap.log and syslog but i don't see any errors16:02
albrighanot sure where else to look for boot error messages..16:03
albrighanothing in there either. i wonder if i'll have to cause it again and then drop to a shell to see16:09
albrighai mean there is a lot of stuff in there..but i can't seem to find any time/date error16:10
=== cweber10_ is now known as cweber10
sbeattiealbrigha: it's not fscking because the superblock's timestamp is in the future?17:07
albrighasbeattie, I thought  something like that as well, but i ran fsck from recovery and it completed successfully17:07
tgm4883sbeattie, that is the message I remember from my time with RHEL17:25
cweber10bkerensa: Hello how are things going today20:46
bkerensacweber10: Can we reschedule for Friday at your availability? I have something urgent that came up today22:58

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