InHisNameYoo Hoo anyone home ?01:36
MutantTurkeyyoo hoo?01:47
InHisNameMutantTurkey: how much do you know about all the types of logins and how reported to w, users, who, etc. ?02:09
MutantTurkeyat all02:11
InHisNameTried reading several sources.....   Searching for more.....02:18
jthanMorning everyone13:00
JonathanDSup jthan13:04
jthannot too much. Living the dream :-p13:11
adomwhats the dream?14:15
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InHisNametake care of that cold, adom.15:46
adomInHisName: haha thanks. was messing with some guys in #irssi. i was asking about preferneces for auto-away scripts in irssi and he goes "whatever you do, don't change your nick and update with a /me, because no one cares.16:59
adomso i did just that16:59
MutantTurkeygobble gobble17:00
MutantTurkeysubway is subpar17:00
adomyou take that back right now17:02
adomsubway is amazing17:02
adomthen next time i go im getting a turkey melt17:02
adomand dont you forget it17:06
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MutantTurkeywop woop18:19
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ChinnoDogI watched an episode of NCIS last night from season 8 where Abby uses an online turkey DNA database18:25
rmg51one dog one bunny and one turkey18:31
rmg51are we a chat room or a zoo?18:32
rmg51oh, I forgot the pangolin18:33
ChinnoDogand a lamalex18:38
ChinnoDogbut missing an "l"18:38
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cythesMan there are people I know in here...21:49
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ChinnoDog@later tell cythes Hello. Who are you and who do you know in #ubuntu-us-pa?22:33
ChinnoDogwhere is PennBot?22:33
ChinnoDog@later tell PennBot where were you when I needed you?22:33
cythesChinnoDog, I know you lol, Infact I was the guy you were with then pleia2 tooks us to the ubuntu party in Manayunk :D22:33
cythesYeah its me lol22:34
cythesI know andrew bts3685 jthan.22:35
cythesSo how you been?22:35
ChinnoDoguh, I've been fine. I don't live in PA anymore though22:35
cythesInteresting, I dont use ubuntu anymore. lol After much consideration and pushing from MutantTurkey I started using arch after using all kinds of other OS's inbetween xD22:37
ChinnoDogMutantTurkey: so this is your fault?22:37
ChinnoDogtime for me to go home. bbs22:37
cythes(Backtrack, backbox, mint, crunch bang, archbang and then finally arch)22:38
cythesChinnoDog, Alright man :) See you soon.22:38
cythesAs well as a few others I am leaving out because they were not very memorable lol22:39
MutantTurkeyit's my fault :p22:39
cythesALL YOUR FAULT!! see they took me into a room tied me to a chair and beat me up till I forgot my name, and swore to use arch :D22:40
jedijfthat was the only releae party i missed :/22:41
cythesjedijf, The only one I went too lol22:41
jedijfand yhe people you went with LEFT THE STATE22:42
cythesYeah I love that fact xD22:42
cythesThey stayed in the IRC I left altogether lol22:43
cythesI know lamalex22:43
cytheslamalex, I'm going through all the people I knew back when I first got into ubuntu compaired to today lol22:44
lamalexare you sure you knew me?22:44
jedijfha denial22:44
cythesYeah, I used to be known as "Alexander Azimov" back in the day lol22:44
cythesThen again it was only a year and half ago lol22:45
jedijflamalex: gonna be in pa anytime soon22:45
lamalexjedijf, maybe in april22:46
lamalexhonestly i hope sooner22:46
lamalexthere's an amp at my folks' place i want to bring back here22:46
jedijfdo it global jam weekend22:46
lamalexwhen's that22:46
cythesSee, jedijf They went to the part with me a while ago and they did not want to have anything to do wirth me since. Then then left PA...22:47
jedijfmar 4th specifically22:47
lamalexI started dating a girl who's from DE, if I can convince her to go home then22:47
cythesGlobal Jam?22:47
jedijfbug jam22:47
lamalexbut really, there's no way I'm spending my weekends working on Ubuntu off the clock22:48
jedijflamalex: i want you to be headliner'22:48
lamalexI'm jaded dude22:48
lamalexif there's going to be food though22:48
lamalexcount me in22:48
jedijfemployment kills passion22:48
cythesjedijf, Wait ubuntu bug testing?22:48
jedijffood trumps all22:48
cythesjedijf, I know one thing that trumps it all..22:49
jedijfcythes one sec22:49
jedijflamalex: i'll cater whatever you want22:49
lamalexfwiw i still care22:50
lamalexi just spend 50+h per week caring :P22:50
cythesjedijf, http://cdn.pimpmyspace.org/media/pms/c/tk/k2/2x/ble-kitten.jpg   <---- this beats food.22:50
cythesAnd yall thought I was going to say sex xD22:50
lamalexnothing beats food dude22:50
jedijfcythes http://ubuntupennsylvania.org/?p=10922:51
cythesTrue need food to have.... uh......22:51
jedijfbug jam good in many ways22:52
cythesjedijf, Might give me a reason to..... Keep using arch :D22:52
jedijffind apps to help with22:52
cythesNah I might install ubuntu on my netbook :D22:53
jedijfcythes: take distro blinders off; think bigger22:53
jedijfi told you, WE DON'T CARD22:53
cythesjedijf, Which is why I use arch... I make my own.22:53
cythesThat is true.... I was kinda scared about coming back in here since I just kinda vanished I wondered if it would be better to just "Stay Dead" then come back "From the dead"22:54
jedijflinux; 1.56% share; zombies welcome22:55
cythesMeh, then in this case. I guess I'll stick around... I have a netbook I can use with ubuntu.22:56
cythesMight even try to install it on my droid.22:57
jedijfyou can stay just using arch22:57
lamalexno one noticed you were gone dont worry22:57
cythesOh.... oh now I need to get you back :D22:58
lamalexwhere is pennbot22:58
jedijfwho's back?22:58
cythesALright by people.22:58
cythesGot to go home :D22:58
pleia2see you alex22:59
cythes.... pleia2 you shock me...22:59
pleia2am at work22:59
lamalexdo you guys work together?23:05
lamalexthe verb23:05
lamalexnot a.m.23:05
lamalexare you going to the next uds pleia2?23:06
pleia2lamalex: yeah, it's local to me23:07
lamalexi know23:07
lamalexfirst half of the week23:09
lamalexprobably leave wednesday but will stay in the area for a  bit23:10
lamalexvisit my cousin in sf23:10
pleia2sf is awesome23:11
pleia2I'm thinking for our loco-provided-event we go hang out in sf for the evening23:12
pleia2Step 1: Leave Oakland23:12
pleia2because seriously, Oakland?23:12
pleia2next one should be in Camden23:13
lamalexoakland is awesome pleia223:14
lamalexthe chick from noothgrush does a booty bounce night at some club23:15
lamalexim trying to go23:15
pleia2you would say that23:15
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