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Sarvattbroder: I dunno about breaking xorg 6.9 to make nx faster, there actually is a xorg 6.9 comsumer of ubuntu in windows (xming)04:08
Sarvattof course i havent seen a windows ubuntu thing since hardy04:09
Sarvatt6.9 is the latest free version of xorg for xming and they used that for the portable ubuntu crap that i did use at one point04:11
Sarvattin reference to breaking cairo for xorg < 7.0 because it makes nx slower04:13
broderoh, ugh04:14
broderand it's actually 6.9.0, too?04:14
broder(my patch matched 6.9.0 exactly)04:14
Sarvattwell 6.9 is artificial, how did it match 6.9.0?04:17
Sarvattspecific xserver version shipped in that xorg release?04:17
broderwhich was the xorg release number before xorg 7.0, at which point it became the xserver version04:18
Sarvatttrying to figure out what version is shipped in that, thats really less high impact that making nx work for sure but would still break *something*04:18
broderi'm very open to ideas for picking out nx specifically, but i couldn't figure out how to tell by querying my X display04:19
broder(there was stuff in the environment, but i don't think i should rely on that)04:19
broderSarvatt: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/precise/cairo/precise/view/head:/src/cairo-xlib-display.c#L360 walks through the original logic04:22
Sarvatteww, i see what you mean, and yeah totally the only option i can see04:32
* Sarvatt wasnt even aware of the versions being reported differently that long ago04:32
broderthe xming page claims that it's kept current04:34
Sarvattxming isnt important anyway, wasnt trying to imply its worth caring about. they charger for newer stuff and it looks like portable ubuntu dropped of completly04:34
Sarvatt6.9 was just the last free version they ship04:35
broderoh i see. suck04:35
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ricotzbjsnider, hi, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/93278114:47
oratedWill Ubuntu Precise release be able to disable Nvidia Optimus?14:48
tjaaltonorated: automatically? no, disable it from bios if possible14:51
oratedtjaalton: My BIOS doesn't allow that sadly14:52
tseliottjaalton: I think RAOF worked on an app to disable one card if optimus is enabled14:52
tseliotricotz: too bad. That's the releasing that I'm going to upload in Precise14:53
ricotztseliot, hey, just do it14:54
tseliotwe can probably update it later when it's fixed14:54
ricotztseliot, this could be a g-s extension problem too14:55
ricotztseliot, i dont think it is a good idea to delay nvidia on this14:55
tseliotI agree14:56
ricotzplease upload it14:56
ricotztseliot, could you clean up the packaging a bit, look at the xedgers packaging14:56
tseliotricotz: I will. I'm waiting to finish some other work on hybrid graphics14:56
tseliotricotz: clean up the packaging?14:57
ricotztseliot, oh, i think i cleaned the fglrx packaging, not nvidia14:57
tseliotricotz: I'll have a look at that14:57
ricotzi mean the debian/control which was a bit messy14:57
tseliotah, ok14:58
ricotzif you are going to look at 8.930 too, be aware that upstream is broken a bit14:58
ricotzwhile shipping a wrong file14:58
tseliotI'm waiting for another driver release14:58
ricotztseliot, wrap-and-sort helps15:12
tjaaltontseliot: ok15:15
bdmurraycnd: would you know anything about my magicpad not pasting anymore with a 3 finger touch (that used to be a middle click)15:31
cndbdmurray, yes, it conflicts with three touch gestures, so we had to disable it15:33
cndyou can manually override15:34
cndbut that's the best we can do at this point15:34
bdmurrayand how do I override it?15:35
cndbdmurray, run xinput, and tell me your trackpad's device name15:48
bdmurrayApple Wireless Trackpad                   id=12   [slave  pointer  (2)]15:49
cndxinput set-prop "Apple Wireless Trackpad" "synaptics Tap Action" 2 3 0 0 1 3 215:49
cndoops, forgot a capitalization15:50
cndthe tap action prop should start with 'S'ynaptics15:50
cndbdmurray, ^^15:52
bdmurrayI see thanks!15:52
cndbdmurray, that's safe to put in bashrc if you want15:52
cndwell, bashrc probably isn't best15:53
cndwhatever that x startup rc script is15:53
cndbdmurray, when you have that enabled, you'll be forgoing three touch gestures in unity15:59
cndfair warning :)16:00
bdmurrayI don't even know what three touch gestures work! ;-)16:01
cndbdmurray, they might not right now16:04
cndwe're working out some bugs in our new stack16:05
cndbut three touches on a window in unity will allow you to move the window around16:05
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