Canadian1296Earthcore: I'm not sure what you're asking...00:00
puff_new kernel is noticeably more robust with a perky response time00:00
tech2werdnativ: not until precise at a guess. Backports to PHP for lucid will be security fixes and cherry-picks, unless you use a ppa00:00
werdnativcuriously, dpkg -L php5-mysql shows an ini file for loading mysql.so extension, but there is no mysql.so library.00:00
werdnativthe problem is I'm missing the mysql.so and sqlite.so libs...00:01
Freedom_anyone able to help me configure grub? im already in over my head lol00:02
tech2Freedom_: why are you trying to configure grub?00:03
Freedom_to boot from 2 hard drives00:03
Freedom_i have got as far as installing grub customizer00:03
_MarcusCan someone help? I need to have tty start when the operating system loads. What do I do? I am in Rescue Mode and am on the command line in there.00:04
cfhowlettFreedom_: there's probably a hardware workaround...Install one OS per HDD.  On boot, hit the f## key to bring up the temporary boot options.  Specify and fly.00:05
cfhowlettkenalex: greetings00:05
Stanley00_Marcus: what you mean by start tty? I think it will start automatically. And what is rescue mode? grub?00:05
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Freedom_f## key?00:05
kenalexis ubuntu 10.04 best for development or should i go with 11.10 ?00:06
mustafaerhannf11 f9 or any F key that opens boot up menu when booting machine00:06
mustafaerhannfor my asus board the key is F1100:06
_MarcusStanley00: I booted the installation CD and went into Rescue Mode. It's not GRUB command line, it's bash. And I am at the root folder(/dev/sda1)00:06
Stanley00kenalex: there is bot best, and both of them are good too :D00:06
_MarcusStanley00: Which is /00:06
yvjis there any ubuntu that is dedicated for biological applications apart from biolinux00:06
cfhowlettkenalex: I'd suggest LTS -but I'm not a dev.  Perhaps you want to ask @ #ubuntu-devel ?00:06
_MarcusWell, I'm really in sh00:06
_MarcusNow I'm in bash00:07
_MarcusSo how do I edit what loads at startup(not when I log in, when the operating system starts up)00:07
Stanley00_Marcus: are you want to custom grub?00:07
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_MarcusStanley00: No, I want to load tty by default. When I start up Ubuntu there is no command line to type in.00:08
tech2kenalex: depends what you mean by dev? What are you going to be doing?00:08
overclucker_Marcus: are there any ttyN.conf in /etc/init ?00:09
Stanley00_Marcus: oh, I see, you can boot up your Ubuntu normally, then edit a line in /etc/default/grub,00:09
perfektI'm doing fsck -c, and it's been on the checking bad sectors part for 2 hours, stuck at 1.8%. Is my hard drive kaput?00:09
_Marcusoverclucker: tty1.init to tty6.init00:09
_Marcusoverclucker: No00:10
_Marcusoverclucker: I maent00:10
_Marcusoverclucker: meant*00:10
tech2perfekt: how big a drive?00:10
_Marcusoverclucker: tty1.conf to tty6.conf00:10
cfhowlettperfekt: www.newegg.com ... just in case.00:10
perfekt300gb, running from a livedisc00:10
Stanley00_Marcus: change GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="..." to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text", then run sudo update-grub00:10
_MarcusStanley00: What file?00:10
Stanley00_Marcus: /etc/default/grub. I told you already00:11
perfektSo is my hard drive trash?00:11
cfhowlettperfekt: System>Administration>Disk Utility --- Disk is [  ]00:12
cfhowlettfill in the blank00:13
_MarcusYES! It worked!00:13
_MarcusThank you Stanley00, overclucker, and everyone who helped :D00:14
perfektrunning 9.04, see no disc utility :(00:14
Stanley00_Marcus: you are welcome ;)00:14
cfhowlettperfekt: aldo it's time to upgrade...your OS has reached End Of Life00:14
RaJaBHey guys00:14
RaJaBHey Marcus00:15
RaJaBdude i got valentine issues00:15
cfhowlettRaJaB: this is an ubuntu support channel...00:15
perfekti know I need to upgrade, doing a fresh install from winblows on old comp, and 11.10 has that graphics card issue00:15
cfhowlettperfekt: might be time...00:15
perfektI am going to upgrade to 11.10 once I actually get ubuntu on the disc, just can't install from 11.10, so I'm doing an older install and upgrading from there.00:16
Anthony_hey i finally go grub to run on my dell any one ther that helped me before00:16
Ben64perfekt: why can't you install 11.1000:17
perfekt11.10 has some issue with old graphics cards, grub doesn't start00:18
perfektjust blinking cursor00:18
Ben64perfekt: try alternate cd then00:18
perfektdoing so00:18
Anthony_what do i do at grub> propmt00:18
cfhowlettAnthony_: see section 13  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119527500:20
_MarcusNow how do I get Ubuntu to see the vbox guest additions iso?00:23
_MarcusIt doesn't see it by default00:23
cfhowlett_Marcus: see the Vbox help menu - "guest additions" for the howto00:24
levitskyHi guiiiez00:25
_MarcusHi levitsky00:26
levitskyany one knows why Anonops irc won't work ? :(00:26
Ben64levitsky: this is ubuntu support, not random irc server support00:28
levitskyOh anonops has changed irc server00:28
levitskyirc.ly got noticed by fbi or so00:28
levitskyis the i2c shit available for ubuntu?00:29
Hilikusis there a file where firefox's session tabs are stored?00:31
hiexpoHilikus, yah history00:32
_MarcusThe iso that is mounted in Virtual Box isn't showing up in /media/, what is wrong?00:32
Rurd2dilevitsky: WHERE HAVE THEY MOVED TOO?00:32
Rurd2dioops caps00:32
Hilikushiexpo: weird name since it is not the history i want, but what's the file? where is it?00:32
levitskyRurd2di: http://webchat.power2all.com/00:33
hiexpoHilikus, whatyou want the recentlyclosed tabs is that what you are saying ?00:33
levitskyRurd2di channel #anonops00:33
hiexpoHilikus, oh i read wrong what you want maybe look in ./mozilla folder00:34
Hilikushiexpo: no, the list of tabs open. when i restart firefox my old tabs are always there so there must be a file that says which tabs are open. i don't want the history00:34
Hilikusfirefox crashed and i lost all my open tabs00:34
Canadian1296_Marcus: What's happening?00:34
Hilikusso i want to recover my session tabs from my backup00:34
Hilikusbut i don;t know where they're stored00:34
_MarcusCanadian1296: I put in the iso in Virtual Box and Ubuntu isn't detecting it00:34
_MarcusCanadian1296: It's in the "disk drive" emulated by Virtual Box00:35
hiexpoHilikus, you have rem history enabled with firefox ?00:35
cfhowlett_Marcus: did you install dkms?00:35
_Marcuscfhowlett: no00:35
Canadian1296_Marcus: What host are you running it on, and what iso did you attempt to use?00:35
xubuntu5how can i run $DISPLAY for one command and have it go to the display i want?00:35
xubuntu5or set it00:35
Hilikushiexpo: yes, but again it is not the historyu i want! i don't want the pages that i was looking before, i want the pages that were OPEN00:36
cfhowlett_Marcus: how do I say this gently...please read the manual.  DETAILED instructions are provided in VirtubalBox Help menu for installing guest additions.00:36
_Marcuscfhowlett: It said it was installed00:36
cfhowlett_Marcus: thought you said no...00:36
cfhowlett_Marcus: sometimes I've had to Ubuntu eject and VirtualBox Machine eject the ubuntu iso or the guest additions iso wouldn't read00:37
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hiexpoHilikus, if you have history disabled it will not rem them but if you tick the history and look it will show you the most recently closed tabs inwhich will be the ones that were open when you crashed00:37
_Marcuscfhowlett: It is the guest additions iso00:37
cfhowlett_Marcus: the guest iso does show up on the virtual buntu?00:38
dagerikIf I have 600k pdf files of size 10kb each. Is it feasible to grep through all the text inside the pdf's?00:38
_Marcuscfhowlett: No, it's not showing up in Ubuntu.00:38
dagerikAnd is it possible? How?00:38
Canadian1296_Marcus: Are you using a gui or cli only install of ubuntu? And did you mount the cd in ubutu?00:38
_MarcusCanadian1296: cli00:39
_MarcusCanadian1296: I didn't mount it in Ubuntu. How do I do that?00:39
Canadian1296_Marcus: Then you have to mount it. You use the command "sudo mount /dev/<disk> /mnt" So the cd rom is in /dev, and you have to find out what it's called. If it was 123, you'd use "sudo mount /dev/123 /mnt"00:40
zacariasWhen trying to run gnome-tweak-tool, it crashes and I have this terminal output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/842455/   Any idea?00:42
Canadian1296_Marcus: Okay, type "sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt" It will tell you it mounted read-only. Change to /mnt (cd /mnt) and run the install script00:44
_MarcusCanadian1296: Thank you!00:44
Canadian1296_Marcus: No problem :)00:45
Canadian1296_Marcus: If you run into any problems installing it, let me know :)00:45
zacariasif I try to run gnome-tweak-tool I have this terminal output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/842455/    Any help?00:47
cfhowlettzacarias: this is from a ppa - might want to consider asking the maintenance team00:49
zacariascfhowlett: ok, thanks00:51
cfhowlettzacarias: good luck/be safe00:51
bigtom21485how do i make unity look like a mac?00:53
bigtom21485ubuntu 11.10 x6400:53
bunyoncan anyone help me or direct me to a chatroom that deals with financial accounting00:54
cfhowlettbigtom21485: way too many tutorials available to list here.  Choose one and take your chances00:54
Ben64bunyon: we're here to help with ubuntu problems, not do your homework00:54
dark|angelhow do I get rid of Suhosin in Ubuntu 11.10? it's not only the module, the php core seems to be patched with it as well...00:54
bigtom21485cfhowlett: any word on what 12.04 will be like?00:54
c_smithis there a command to check free PCI slots in a desktop?00:54
bigtom21485cfhowlett: it seems like 11.10 is a little heavier and slower than 10.10 was00:54
bigtom21485cfhowlett: what do you think?00:55
cfhowlettbigtom21485: I'm not a developer, but you can try the alpha out in virtualbox and find support @ #ubuntu+100:55
MuskaI am trying to do an install of ubuntu 11.10 on a server that uses ata_piix for it's sata modules but I am not seeing ata_piix as an option nor is it autodetecting.  Can anyone help me with this/00:55
bigtom21485cfhowlett: that's a great idea.  thanks for the advice :-)00:55
cfhowlettbigtom21485: have fun/be safe00:55
dark|angelhow do I get rid of Suhosin in Ubuntu 11.10? it's not only the module, the php core seems to be patched with it as well...00:57
cfhowlettdark|angel: dated info but see anyway  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=107457900:58
ericusIs ubuntu 12.04 released as stable?00:58
shellcode84trying to log into android-dev but kept saying,"cant send to channel00:58
Ben64!precise | ericus00:58
ubottuericus: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:58
cfhowlettericus: 12.04 is still only in alpha00:58
shellcode84so i trying to register but it keep saying i have to many accounts00:59
cfhowlett*ubottu is back!*00:59
cfhowlettshellcode84: register what where?00:59
_Marcusshellcode84: Then log in with one of your accounts00:59
cfhowlettshellcode84: ...?  ok.01:00
shellcode84iam useing this one01:00
shellcode84but saying not log in and i cant talk on it01:00
ubuntosso what about the power regression on ubutnu 11.10 is it fixed on 12.04 ?01:00
_MarcusHow do I change the size of my screen when it's a terminal? I installed VirtualBox Guest Additions already01:00
cfhowlett_Marcus: try ctrl-f01:00
Hilikushow can i rename all files "number text" to "number-text" ? basically replace the fist space for a -01:00
cola_ftw_ahhh why netflix, why no linux support??????01:01
_MarcusType /msg nickserv identify yourpasswordherebutreplaceitwiththerealpasswordnotthislongpassword01:01
_Marcuscfhowlett: It still made it in the center. Hold on01:01
ubuntosso what about the power regression on ubutnu 11.10 is it fixed on 12.04 ?01:01
ubottuubuntos: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:02
vlyalcinhii to all, how can i add to first 3 page "i,ii,iii" and other with numbers in LibreOffice?01:03
dark|angelI don't understand why Suhosin is forced on us, it's crap01:03
ubuntosthe problem with intel graphics driver01:03
ubuntosthe problem with intel graphics driver|cfhowlett01:05
_Marcuscfhowlett: http://i.imgur.com/RQeNp.png I want it to fill the whole thing without having large text(I want the resolution to be larger)01:05
shellcode84what if u forgot your password01:05
cfhowlettubuntos: i'm not a developer...01:05
dark|angelcfhowlett oh well, thanks01:06
cfhowlett_Marcus: boot into the desktop and it should reset...01:06
_Marcuscfhowlett: What?01:06
_Marcuscfhowlett: I don't use GUI01:06
cfhowlett_Marcus: *blush* sorry.01:07
cfhowlett_Marcus: drag and resize from a corner of the virtual screen to resize...01:07
_Marcuscfhowlett: What?01:08
ubuntoscfhowlett : what about "pcie_aspm=force" do you have any idea if it is fixed in 12.04 ?01:08
_Marcuscfhowlett: What if I'm maximized, like the picture01:08
cola_ftw_ive tried them all including gentoo and arch and i always come back to ubuntu <301:08
Edganubuntos: That got fixed in kernel 3.2.5. Not sure if it is in precise yet.01:09
OerHeksshellcode84, join #Freenode for lost passwords or reset01:09
cfhowlettubuntos: no idea - ask @ ubuntu+101:09
EdganDoes anyone know how to change the default desktop environment on Oneiric for all users when using gdm?  I have instructions for lightdm, but I am using gdm.01:10
theunholyI setup vftpd in ubuntu.  I edited the config.  Allowed anonymous to create folders, upload files.  But I can't.  using Filezilla and tried AndroidFTP on my phone...Connect and everything but can't make folder or upload files.01:10
ubuntosEdgan: and what about i915 kernel module ?01:11
cfhowlett_Marcus: I tested it on my vbox and it will resize to a larger screen and resolution...with DE.  will try text mode...01:11
Canadian1296theunholy: Any chance you have a firewall blocking incoming connections.01:11
Edganubuntos: no idea on i915. I was just talking about pcie_aspm=01:11
theunholyI am connected to the FTP...01:11
theunholyand I have checked port 21 is forwarded.01:11
Canadian1296theunholy: Then I'm not sure… Sorry  :(01:12
theunholyAND I tried doing it local through filezilla on windows 7 @ 192.168.***01:12
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Edganubuntos: Looks like the Precise has already been rebased to 3.2.6, which just came out.01:12
OerHekstheunholy, i thought standard ftp = port 22 ?01:13
ubuntosis i915.i915_enable_rc6 still disabled on 12.04 ?01:13
Canadian1296OerHeks: 22 is ssh01:14
OerHeksubuntos, joint #Ubuntu+1 for precise questions & support, it is the official channel01:14
theunholyYep 0erHeks01:14
theunholyAnyone want to try and help me diagnose?  FTP...i can pastebin my conf01:14
cfhowlett_Marcus: I can't replicate your issue.  Sorry.  Ask the channel again...01:15
Gunz4MiPPleIm using 10.10, Chrome Dev, and flash is crash all the time now01:15
ubuntosOerHeks: thx I'm just new to this irc thing :p01:15
_Marcuscfhowlett: Okay, thanks though01:15
theunholyhttp://pastebin.com/nu1sHfTU here is my conf for vstpd...clearly anonymous has the authority to create folders and upload files but it doesn't work.01:16
cfhowlettGunz4MiPPle: dev = development...01:16
Gunz4MiPPleit never happened before, cfhowlett01:16
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cfhowlettGunz4MiPPle: perhaps try stable chrome?01:17
Canadian1296_Marcus: I have the same problem (virtualbox window small for cli ubuntu, no way to enlarge) and I almost have a solution :) Hang on a couple minutes.01:17
theunholyNo one uses vftpd?01:17
jZedwhen I try to use a printer that has worked fine before in 11.10, I get messages about "Shared printer" but cups is setup correctly to share, any help?01:17
mikehIs there a quick and easy package that offers ping monitoring at a decent resolution?01:17
mikehwith pretty graphs and such01:18
N3ffatheunholy: Sorry, I haven't used unsecure Ftp servers in a hot minute.01:18
ariel__can anybody tell me if the dimming problem was fixed in ubuntu 11.1001:18
N3ffavftpd.. is that a secure ftp server? I use SSH over sftp.01:19
theunholyYou can ssh with vftpd...01:19
OerHekstheunholy, how about line 57 # Make sure PORT transfer connections originate from port 20 (ftp-data). line 58  connect_from_port_20=YES ?01:19
N3ffaoops, my bad.. just looked it up.01:19
theunholyYeah, whats your tho?01:20
N3ffaIm a little late to the question. what is the prob? I cant scroll up that far. :/01:20
theunholyI just thought vftpd was the one ubuntu server used01:20
OerHeksdunno, sounds like use port 20 ?01:20
theunholyhttp://pastebin.com/nu1sHfTU here is my conf for vstpd...clearly anonymous has the authority to create folders and upload files but it doesn't work.01:20
N3ffaare you getting an error after you login?01:20
OerHeksN3ffa, no, he can make a folder and cd to it ..01:21
Canadian1296_Marcus: Got it :)01:21
theunholyso forward port 20 also?01:21
OerHeksN3ffa, but with the start of filetransfer, bang, he is disconnected01:21
_MarcusCanadian1296: What is it?01:21
Canadian1296Ill pastebin it. One sec01:21
Canadian1296_Marcus: Actually I wont. Ill just type it (not too long)01:22
N3ffaok, that's an odd one.. I will have to think a bit.01:22
PastorBonesCan someone help me get Ubuntu onto a PPC G5? I've tried everything but can't get it to boot to the cd, just boots into osX01:22
cfhowlettCanadian1296: also interested01:22
N3ffatheunholy: what does your vftp.log say.. Any errors in there?01:23
N3ffavftpd.log.. sorry01:23
theunholyHow do I check that bud?01:23
N3ffavsftpd.log... again..sorry. lol01:23
N3ffausually, thats where they are01:24
wolfrici'm trying to compile hal from source. i did apt-get source hal, did ./configure but i'm getting stuck at configure: error: PolicyKit not explicitly disabled and no PolicyKit found. I've installed policykit-1 and pretty much every package you find if you do apt-cache search polkit and it still comes up. any ideas?01:24
N3ffaactually, check /var/log/vsftpd.log01:24
N3ffathats what your config file is set to.01:25
wolfrichttp://pastebin.com/Gt4JAKHd i've got a copy here01:25
theunholyit just has dates and files i attempted to upload01:25
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Canadian1296_Marcus cfhowlett: http://paste.ubuntu.com/842492/ I'm working on making it perminent. Ill let you know as soon as I do.01:27
theunholyDoesn't show any king of errors i dont think01:27
theunholyTue Feb 14 20:26:40 2012 1 0 /IMG_1549.JPG b _ i a anon@localhost ftp 0 * i01:28
N3ffatry setting the transfer port to something else than your connecting port.01:28
theunholyi think thats what it means01:28
theunholyport 20 is data for ftp01:28
theunholyport 21 is the connection01:28
theunholy22 is ssh01:28
theunholyboth 20,21 and 22 are open on my Buffalo01:29
N3ffawell, considering you can connect and your doing within your LAN. I don't think your router is the problem.01:29
theunholyI agree01:29
N3ffaWhat ver of Ubuntu are you using/01:29
theunholyUbuntu server 11.10 or whatever with ubundu desktop gui01:30
theunholyinside vmware on windows 701:30
N3ffaok, that should cause any problems.. the only thing I can think of causing a problem is possibly Windows Firewall.01:30
levitskyWill ACTA sue me if i got ASCII pr0n on my iGod Tablet?01:30
theunholyWindows firewall is dead and gone01:31
theunholyplus i tried from my phone too.01:31
N3ffano firewall running on Ubuntu?01:31
theunholyDo i have to chmod any folders?01:31
theunholyI can access everything else dude...01:31
N3ffathat gives me an idea01:31
theunholyi can ssh, vnc, ftp, web...01:32
N3ffaIs anonymous or anon an actual user setup on your server? If so, then you should have to Chmod a folder you create as that user.01:32
N3ffashould not have to that is.01:32
theunholyNo I never created a user account01:32
theunholyI thought it was in the config if you WANTED to you could dedicate a user to the ftp, but if not it just stored it on the current user01:33
ariel__does anybody know if ubuntu 11.10 corrected the dimming problem im experiencing01:34
N3ffaSorry, I don't know enough about using anon for ftp. I have always created users on my box with very strict permissions for secure ftp and ssh.01:34
N3ffaanyone else have any insight?01:35
theunholy# if your users expect that (022 is used by most other ftpd's)01:35
theunholylocal_umask=022 someone said uncomment this01:35
PastorBonesI just wish I could get rid of this crappy mac OS and put Ubuntu on this G5, but for the life of me can't figure out how to boot to CD!!!!01:35
theunholyThis is a anonymous for uploading public like for phones etc01:35
N3ffaPastorbbones.. hold down C when the mac boots01:36
PastorBonestried, didn't work01:36
PastorBonesalso the disc doesn't show in the list under startup disk utility thing01:36
PastorBonesI burned the mini.iso, downloading the alt CD now to try it01:37
N3ffaUmmm.. I think I had to use the alt iso on my old G5 but that was a few years ago.01:37
PastorBonesI'm using a wireless USB PC keyboard...could that be the problem?01:38
od3nanyone know how I would go about updating a system with out connectivity?01:38
N3ffayes, it is01:38
PastorBonesugh...what about a wired USB PC keyboard?01:39
N3ffaThat should work fine.01:39
PastorBonesk, I'll try that...thx01:39
N3ffaWireless keyboards "CAN" work but they usually don't.01:39
N3ffafor POST keyboard presses.01:39
PastorBoneswouldn't the CD show up in startup disc either way though? only my hard drive is listed there01:40
PastorBonessorry, I don't know anything about MACs, despise them actually lol01:40
theunholythis is pissing me off01:40
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N3ffano, because Mac OS doesn't recognize the filesystem.01:40
N3ffaI'm on one right now LOL.01:41
OerHeksPastorBones,  did you download the intel or PPC iso ?01:41
N3ffaG5 is PPC01:41
OerHeksoke, just to be sure01:41
sgo11hi, I have gnome3 gnome-shell installed in my ubuntu 11.10. is that possible to remove unity completely? I don't like it at all. don't want to have it in my disk. thanks a lot.01:42
theunholyANYONE? Anonymous ftp with vsftpd...can't upload files or create folder...even tho I edited it in config...am i missing something?01:42
ariel__does anybody have the same dimming issue i have01:42
SmartTowelI am using Ubuntu 11.10 and I'm having the suspend/hibernate issue where it doens't come back from suspend mode.  Any solution for this?01:42
PastorBonesI only accepted this free G5 when I heard you could install *nix on it01:42
SmartTowel@ariel, what is ur dimming issue?01:42
N3ffayou should be able to. I would youtube a howto. There are a ton of howto videos on Linux on a G501:42
myrkraverkHello.  When I install [kx]Ubuntu, can I tell it to leave my MBR alone?01:43
OerHeksPastorBones, all i know is the mactel pages > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ#How_do_I_get_a_Mac_to_boot_from_CD.3F01:43
ariel__i checked the dimming and it doesnt work after more than five minutes it would dim01:43
SmartTowelUbuntu doesn't return from sleep mode on my laptop.  Anyone else have this issue?01:44
SmartTowelI am using Ubuntu 11.10 and I'm having the suspend/hibernate issue where it doens't come back from suspend mode.  Any solution for this?01:45
almoxarifeSmartTowel: on a dell?01:45
SmartTowelalmoxarife: on a sony vio01:46
SmartToweleverything else is working perfect, this is the last thing and then i can be free from......cough, Windows.01:46
Canadian1296_Marcus: I figured out how to make it perminent. And i think cfhowlett left so if you're there say something :P01:46
=== aarcane__ is now known as aarcane
theunholyANYONE? Anonymous ftp with vsftpd...can't upload files or create folder...even tho I edited it in config...am i missing something?01:47
_MarcusCanadian1296: Yeah, I did a whois and he's gone.01:47
_MarcusCanadian1296: So, how do you do it :D01:47
damo22PastorBones, hold option while it boots01:47
Canadian1296Okay, well that's too bad. I'll tell him later. Hang on I'll pastebin it.01:47
SmartTowelalmoxarife: did u have a solution for Dell/01:48
N3ffatheunholy: Did you restart the vftp server after making the config changes?01:48
theunholyyes sire01:48
N3ffaWell, Im stumped. I will look around.. brb01:48
almoxarifeSmartTowel: no, never have, still a mystery01:48
joshritgeris there an app for changing gtk theme colors?01:49
N3ffatheunholy: http://www.wikihow.com/Setup-vsftpd-FTP-on-Ubuntu-Linux01:49
N3ffathat might help.. maybe?01:49
ariel__does anybody know where dconf-tools is located01:50
almoxarifeSmartTowel: the suspend/restore process creates a log, have a look01:50
N3ffatype "whereis dconf-tools"01:50
N3ffaor "su whereis dconf-tools"01:50
theunholyok if your saying i need to create a user account for this to work then thats it..01:50
theunholycause i did not01:50
N3ffait seems like you do.01:51
theunholyCan ANYONE else verify this with vsftpd?01:51
OerHekstheunholy, ah point 10, port set to 20 no01:51
OerHeksread it, it is all there01:51
OerHekstheunholy, see the url from N3ffa01:51
N3ffayeah, its pretty clear in that howto01:51
Muskawhere does ubuntu retrieve it's sata drivers from after it loads the initrd image?  I'm not seeing any in this image that I extracted01:51
OerHekstheunholy, or leave it, and connect to port 2001:52
ruben23hi guys01:52
ruben23whats the channel of ubuntu server01:52
theunholy20 is correct01:53
OerHeksruben23, try #Ubuntu-server01:53
theunholyfor the data side01:53
myrkraverkReasking: I want Ubuntu to leave my MBR alone - forever.  Preferably not to touch it when installing and never during updates -- which I have experienced before.  Is this possible?01:53
joshritgeris there an app for editing gtk theme colors?01:53
EdganIn case anyone one was interested in my gdm question, the answer is, /usr/lib/gdm/gdm-set-default-session gnome-classic01:55
N3ffanice Edgan01:55
SmartTowelI am using Ubuntu 11.10 and I'm having the suspend/hibernate issue where it doens't come back from suspend mode.  Anyone have a solution to fix this?01:56
Canadian1296joshritger: Who needs apps when you have the command line (Isn't Linux great? :) )?01:56
PastorBoneswhy yesh Canadian1296 it is01:57
Canadian1296PastorBones: Just fyi there was no sarcasm intended.01:57
joshritgerum, I don't like terminal that much, I know I have used an app for it before, but can't remember what it was01:57
N3ffaSmartTowel: That could be a number of problems but usually related to the power management of the actual machine your using. Google your machine, laptop or motherboard with linux and power management.01:57
N3ffaThat will usually bring up a guide on setting up the correct pm settings.01:58
SmartTowelI am using Ubuntu 11.10 and I'm having the suspend/hibernate issue where it doens't come back from suspend mode.  Anyone have a solution to fix this?01:58
N3ffaSmartTowel: What kind of computer?01:59
SmartTowelN3ffa: a sony vaio laptop02:00
N3ffaok, hold on a sec.02:00
N3ffawhat model?02:00
N3ffaI will look up your motherboard settings.02:00
=== Twinkletoes_ is now known as Twinkletoes
lion42SmartTowel, are you selecting suspend, or hibernate?02:01
_MarcusSo Canadian1296: Did you get it?02:01
SmartToweli was trying with suspend.02:01
SmartTowelactually, i was just closing the lid.02:01
SmartTowelwhich defaults to suspend in gnome i believe02:01
lion42My particular laptop, a lenovo thinkpad t420is suffers from a similar issue: it can suspend and resume just fine, and it can hibernate just fine, but it aint coming back from hibernation.02:02
SmartTowellion42: did u have to do anyting for it to work? or did it already work?02:02
lion42If I slip and hit "hibernate", I need to reboot.02:02
Canadian1296_Marcus: Yes I did, but I'm an idiot so I didn't back up the original config files first. I had a snapshot so I restored and re did it just to work out a couple bugs. I'll post it now02:02
lion42SmartTowel, unfortunately, it does not appear to have a solution. I'd suggest trying manually suspending and manually hibernating to see if your computer can come back from either of those.02:03
N3ffatry this http://thecodecentral.com/2011/01/18/fix-ubuntu-10-10-suspendhibernate-not-working-bug02:03
N3ffanot sure if it will work for the new version.02:04
Canadian1296_Marcus: By couple bugs, I mean it screwed up the grub boot menu. There was several repeated options and they were marked as "old installs". But now I have it working properly. Here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/842521/ :)02:05
megamanx1978Can someone tell me how to add a startup script to razor qt?02:05
kurtcocainehow to i change my console font to consolas02:06
theunholyhow do i chmod the folder the anonymous uses?02:06
theunholyi set it to /home/anonymous and i made the user anonymous02:07
kurtcocainehow can i change my consol font to consolas?02:07
Canadian1296!patience | kurtcocaine02:08
ubottukurtcocaine: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:08
Dr_williskurtcocaine:  theres a fontset, or setfont command that can change the console fonts. theres a systemconfig file that defines the default font also. in /etc/ somewhere i recall02:08
Canadian1296theunholy: What exactly do you need to do? Set the owner, permissions, what?02:08
kurtcocaineDr_willis: thanks02:09
theunholychmod the user dir so the user can ftp?02:09
=== MediaDoneRight is now known as mdr_meetup
Dr_williskurtcocaine:  i recall ages ago the webupd8 or askubuntu blog site having a guide on differnt terminal/console fonts02:09
_MarcusCanadian1296: Thanks :D But it's a bit big. I'll mess around with the settings, see what I can do to make it fit my screen size.02:10
paioooHi, just upgrade my ubuntu to 12.04. Then have problem with dnsmasq, it can't resolv hostname listed in /etc/hosts if it is not listed at the top of /etc/resolv.conf02:11
Anthony_that didnt help02:11
paioooif at the top of /etc/resolv.conf, then it can't resolv external IP (e.g. google.com)02:11
kurtcocaineDr_willis: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/07/7-of-best-ubuntu-terminal-fixed-width.html02:11
Canadian1296_Marcus: Yeah I fixed the bug though. You got version 2 :P And that's just the size I used. I recommend editing the commands per boot (shift while booting, e) and changing the numbers till you find something you like, then rerunning the mod I sent :)02:12
Dr_williskurtcocaine:  thats not for the console  - but the terminals. http://askubuntu.com/questions/63824/can-i-change-the-linux-console-ctrlaltf1-font-to-ubuntu-mono02:13
Canadian1296_Marcus: Oops, I read that wrong. I thought you said it's a big bug, not its a bit big. And like I said, mess with the numbers, then once you find a good one use the instuctions I gave you02:13
Dr_willis setfont /usr/share/consolefonts/UbuntuMono-R-8x16.psf02:13
Dr_willisor whatever font psf file you want. :)02:14
_MarcusCanadian1296: Okay, thanks!02:14
Canadian1296_Marcus: No problem :)02:14
Dr_williskurtcocaine:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/29328/how-do-i-increase-the-text-size-of-the-text-on-a-console     also seems good.02:15
Canadian1296_Marcus: It's been bugging me for a while but I never tryed fixing it. You motivated me to, so thank you!02:15
seyfarthhow do I set a display string on my server? (i.e. the user@hostname shown on every line in the shell)? Mine isn't anything, just the "$"02:16
Chucky_Lucianohello...  using ubuntu 10.04 lucid, can someone tell me the way to add different programs to the notification area?02:17
Compni'm installing ubuntu on a laptop off a usb drive. it usees 100% disc access after clicking continue from the wireless setup tab02:17
Compnany ideas ?02:17
Compnspinning mouse, wont continue ...02:17
_MarcusCanadian1296: What is the x24 for?02:18
_MarcusCanadian1296: x16 I mean02:18
stuck109what is the command to view all running applications in the terminal?02:19
seyfarthstuck109: ps -e02:19
colososick with schizophrenia and I don't understand minute 2:15 on this youtube vid f6HGS0O9yEg Do your good deed of the day please help.02:20
OerHekscoloso please don´t spam here, thanks.02:20
colosoi am not spaming lol02:21
Canadian1296_Marcus: I honestly have no idea. I tried using "vga=791" but it informed me it is depreciated and to use "gfxpayload=1024x768x16, 1024x768" so i found a way to get it automatically included in the grub config. I'm guessing here, but its probably the color bit depth. Like 1024 width, 768 height, 16 bit color.02:21
Jordan_U!ot | coloso02:21
ubottucoloso: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:21
_MarcusI bet it to 802:21
OerHeks!pm | coloso02:21
ubottucoloso: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:21
Coreycoloso: Not here, plese.02:21
Canadian1296_Marcus: That should be fine. You may run into issues if you install a gui, but if you're staying with cli, 8 bit is a good idea02:22
colosoI have looked for a freaking channel english is my second language it is ok thank you though02:22
Coreycoloso: #ubuntu-offtopic may be what you're looking for.02:22
colosothank you Corey02:22
CoreyYou're most welcome.02:22
yakeb_does anybody know a fix for the xorg bug that causes video out not to work on intel gma cards?02:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 892770 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "tv-out on s-video port is broken on ubuntu 11.10" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:23
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=== Guest95734 is now known as nmap
nmapfuck you02:24
co_xyzhow to make via integrated graphics work?02:24
N3ffahere we go02:24
yakeb_Intel GMA 965.02:25
Dr_willisco_xyz:  you would need to determine the exact chipset. then i would suggest checking the forums and askubuntu.com about that exact chipset.   I recall Via - being problmeatic.02:25
satyanashyay! Ubottu's Back!02:25
=== Guest10086 is now known as skilz
* satyanash Does a jig.. ^_^02:26
co_xyzthe chipset is via k8m800, running on ubuntu 11.1002:26
=== max is now known as Guest64335
danileigh79satyanash: Ubottu has been lacking today lol02:27
_Marcusdanileigh79: What do you mean?02:27
Dr_willishttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1749564   co_xyz looks promising.02:28
danileigh79_Marcus: It hasn't been responding quickly02:28
_Marcusdanileigh79: Ah02:28
=== ixela is now known as hatop
co_xyzwhere xorg.conf on ubuntu 11.10?02:29
danileigh79Anyone got a good ftp program?02:29
yakeb_Intel GMA 965.02:29
Dr_willis   /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:29
Dr_willisdanileigh79:  you mean ftp server or client?02:30
danileigh79Dr_willis: client... I've heard about filezilla, is it any good02:30
Dr_willisIts 'best' to learn to use ssh  instead of ftp these days when possible.02:30
Dr_willisdanileigh79:  depends on your needs. try it out and see.02:30
Jordan_Uco_xyz: There is no xorg.conf by default. If you create one though it will be used.02:30
OerHeksco_xyz, i think you need openchrome > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenChrome02:30
Dr_willis!info openchrome02:31
ubottuPackage openchrome does not exist in oneiric02:31
Dr_willis!find openchrome02:31
ubottuFound: xserver-xorg-video-openchrome, xserver-xorg-video-openchrome-dbg02:31
c_smithdoes DMIdecode work to find the type of HDD the mainboard can handle?02:31
_Marcus!info xserver-xorg-video-openchrome02:31
ubottuxserver-xorg-video-openchrome (source: xserver-xorg-video-openchrome): X.Org X server -- VIA display driver. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.2.904+svn920-1 (oneiric), package size 175 kB, installed size 560 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 hurd-i386 kfreebsd-i386 kfreebsd-amd64 lpia)02:31
co_xyzya..openchrome already installed02:32
co_xyzbut output of lshw -C display still display unclaimed02:33
=== eating is now known as log
OerHeksco_xyz, see bottom of the page, maybe you need to ad that lines to your xorg.conf02:34
someprimetimewhere is the screen config file on ubuntu?02:39
HeadcaseHello :)02:41
HeadcaseIs this the right channel to ask technical questions for Ubuntu?02:42
HeadcaseI have a problem, I hope someone can help me, I'm a Linux noob...02:44
WabsSame here Headcase but I have been watching and these guys know their stuff02:45
N3ffaHeadcase: Shoot your question away.02:46
HeadcaseMy laptop (Running Ubuntu 10.04) won't boot into the OS as far as I can tell, it gives me the message "No init found. Try passing init=bootarg". The LiveCD won't mount the drive either.02:46
N3ffaDid anything change (config wise) or hardware wise before you go the error?02:47
HeadcaseNo, nothing changed, but the machine overheated and shut down before this happened. (It's a Toshiba Satellite, they're prone to overheating)02:48
N3ffahrm, sounds like your drive got corrupted or failed... I can't be sure but if the default init isn't booting than that's likely the problem. Especially if the LiveCD isn't mounting the drive.02:49
HeadcaseBugger. Is there any way to recover my data from the drive?02:50
diamondshow do I pipe to the clipbaord?02:50
N3ffabefore ruling out a bad drive, you can try to format it again. You will lose everything but if it's just a curupted filesystem than that should work.02:50
N3ffaNot if you can't mount it02:50
N3ffawhat error do you get when you try to mount it from livecd02:50
N3ffaHeadcase, follow shellcode84's link and do a fsck firs.02:51
N3ffaI can't believe I didn't think of that. <bang head on desk>02:52
HeadcaseNo error, it just doesn't do anything. If I try to access it again ("97 GB File System") it says "unable to mount 67 GB filesystem, a DBus error, and "An operation is already pending".02:52
HeadcaseThanks, I'll try the link. :)02:52
Headcase(Sorry, I was typing still when it came through)02:52
shellcode84we forget sometime hahah lol02:52
alketHi I can hear the sound on my lap top but not on headphones ? please help02:53
BrendaRedthe 3g internet modem on ubuntu 10.10 is awful, it keeps going down and i have to always reboot the pc to connect again -.-02:54
BrendaRedany ideas?02:54
N3ffaBrendaRed: What 3g modem are you using?02:54
BrendaRedi'm using and 3g modem of brazil02:55
napalm54Hello, I have recently installed the 12.1 AMD drivers for my 4870.  However, I notice the Unity "Dash home" window takes awhile to appear.  Any fixes?02:55
=== ixela is now known as hatop
N3ffaBrendaRed: Ok, before I get ahead of myself.. I have no idea what that is.. LOL02:55
hatopnapalm54: what version of ubuntu?02:56
napalm54hatop: 11.1002:56
BrendaRedworks like a cellphone02:56
BrendaRedbut without the phone02:56
BrendaRedit keeps going down, and just recconnect after i reboot02:56
BrendaRedi'm pretty sure it's not the modem itself, cuz in windows it's running fine02:57
Anthony_is anyone there02:58
BrendaRedyes, it is! \o/02:58
Anthony_can somone help me with grub02:58
hatopnapalm54: can you check that you have drm initialized?02:59
jacob__hello, is there a way to see which gateway is used when accessing a webpage03:01
hatopyou could sniff the local traffic with tcpdump or wireshark03:01
urfr332g0Anthony_, outline your problem and we will see eh. :)03:01
jacob__actually, I added a vpn connection and it added a new route, and I don have access to the internet because I think that the metric of the new vpn route is used03:03
jacob__so how can i change that so my old route will be used03:03
wolfricwhich ubuntu package would Math::Random::Secure be in?03:03
Anthony_i just installed xubuntu, did these commands https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 and now i get this now i see (initramfs)03:04
hatopOne way would be to remove the vpn connection03:04
jacob__hatop: Yeah but I want the vpn connection, it connects me to work03:04
hatopI don't have much experience with the vpn tools03:04
hatopI just use secure hop in points for my work connections03:05
jacob__hatop: thx anyway03:05
=== ReTFEF is now known as TheTFEF
napalm54Using Ubuntu 11.10, AMD drivers 12.1, and the unity "dash home" is slow to open. Anyone know of a fix?03:07
Canadian1296napalm54: Probably just your hardware03:07
urfr332g0!pm | Anthony_03:09
ubottuAnthony_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.03:09
Anthony_that was on acciednet sorry03:09
urfr332g0Anthony_, no biggie I just don't do PM's. :)03:09
Anthony_ok  so what do i do03:10
urfr332g0Anthony_, tell the channel your problem and we will see if anybody knows some solutions, we work as a group basically here.03:10
=== emacapple is now known as pastorbones
Anthony_i just installed xubuntu, did these commands https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 and now i get this now i see (initramfs)03:11
pastorbonesok, I've tried the mini.iso, the alt CD, a wireless usb keyboard and a wired...this G5 will not boot to a CD ugh03:12
Anthony_any one have any i deas03:13
urfr332g0Anthony_, this does not really help but lets get orientated. Is it just Xubuntu installed?03:14
urfr332g0Anthony_, cool, so you had a no boot to begin with?03:15
urfr332g0Anthony_, okay what happened that had you needing to fix grub, with the original errors.03:16
urfr332g0included if you can03:17
svrnmndhey im having problems syncing my Ubuntu one account, I cant get the login screen to pop up so I can sync my computer03:17
Anthony_i got grub>03:17
Ben64Anthony_: did you ever get to log into xubuntu desktop03:18
Ben64then you should reinstall using the alternate cd03:18
urfr332g0Anthony_, carefully read what we ask you you said the oppisite to my question.03:19
Ben64Anthony_: download alternate cd, burn it, boot it, install ubuntu03:19
svrnmndcan anyone tell me how to get my computer to sync with my ubuntu one? I can open the ubuntu one prefrences, but the login screen does not show up03:19
Anthony_i restarted im at grub> prompt03:20
urfr332g0Anthony_, did you use a usb to install?03:20
Anthony_no disk03:20
urfr332g0Anthony_, was it a usb thumb?03:21
LexandriCan't locate LWP/Socket.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.10.1 /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.10 /usr/share/perl/5.10 /usr/local/lib/site_perl . Modules)03:21
Lexandrihelp-me solutions lwp socket03:21
Anthony_a cd03:21
urfr332g0Anthony_, we are not communicating is it a language barrier?03:22
Anthony_i installed from a cd iso i brunt03:22
Anthony_do you understand03:24
urfr332g0Anthony_, since it is a new install the suggestion to do it again seems like the best here.03:24
shellcode84I set my pc resolution to 1920x1080 i configure it on etc/gdm/int03:24
Anthony_how many times  ive done that03:24
shellcode84now that i upgraded to 11.10 it went back to 1078x72003:25
urfr332g0Anthony_, what is your native language?03:25
shellcode84when it ask me to upgrade it ask me to keep my settings i said yess03:26
urfr332g0Anthony_, I can't help you  really maybe another can. ;)03:26
Anthony_ok ty, can any one else help me03:26
Ben64Anthony_: reinstall using the alternate cd03:27
FireboltI get "ASSERT: "interface->childCount() == children.count()" in file adaptor.cpp, line 200" when I try to run some Qt-based programs, any fix that isn't running them as root?03:27
Anthony_where do i get that03:28
rhizmoehow can i make it so there's only one key combo for cut/copy/paste?03:28
Anthony_i tried that id dosen work03:29
Anthony_any i deas03:32
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
shellcode84I set my pc resolution to 1920x1080 i configure it on etc/gdm/int03:33
shellcode84 now that i upgraded to 11.10 it went back to 1078x72003:34
clone1018so I have ubuntu running awesome with my ATI Radeon 6850, but there's one problem, the main monitor, for some reason it wont let me change it to monitor #1 (in the center), it instead puts it on #3 (far left), (3 monitor setup)03:36
jimi_This a fresh install, sometimes my mouse freezes, but the system still responds to keyboard input. I have to CTRL-ALT-F1 to a terminal kill X, and restart it to get the mouse to work again03:36
=== budahas is now known as Guest93416
Lesterwood<Genkigirl> i don't care about girls03:42
urfr332g0Lesterwood, your on the wrong channel.03:42
Lesterwoodmy dream is to get a masters degree in Electical engineering, get a Batchelors in Applied math, Perhaps a masters in material science while working in research development at some university03:44
=== bashywash is now known as bashy
urfr332g0Lesterwood, you a bot?03:44
bazhangLesterwood, please take chit chat elsewhere. this is ubuntu support03:44
cfhowlettLesterwood: do you have an ubuntu support question?  IF not please see #ubuntu-offtopic03:45
Lesterwoodwhat do you think of my dream03:45
bazhangLesterwood, its offtopic03:45
clone1018(one more time sorry) so I have ubuntu running awesome with my ATI Radeon 6850, but there's one problem, the main monitor, for some reason it wont let me change it to monitor #1 (in the center), it instead puts it on #3 (far left), (3 monitor setup)03:45
urfr332g0clone1018, move the monitors03:47
clone1018move the actual monitors?03:47
clone1018I have this monitor the center monitor for a reason03:47
N3ffaclone1018. Wish I could help. The only thing I can think of is either move the monitors or find the config file (usually in /etc) and do some digging.03:47
Anthony_can any on hel me03:47
urfr332g0clone1018, seems like the easiest solution03:47
N3ffaurfr332g0: Yeah, and easy is NOT usually the best solution. LOL03:48
clone1018Trust me, not the easiest solution, is there a option I'm missing on the catalyst control center or in the actual command?/03:48
N3ffaespecially with Linux. :)03:48
Lesterwoodbasically, my dream is to become a intellectual and a academic, and pay my debt to society03:48
bazhangLesterwood, stop that03:48
N3ffacan he be kicked by an op?03:48
clone1018he's a bot03:48
sgo11anyone know is that possible to remove unity completely? thanks.03:48
bazhang!notunity | sgo1103:49
ubottusgo11: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic03:49
cfhowlettLesterwood: as evidenced by your continued and deliberate flouting of this channel' protocols?03:49
urfr332g0N3ffa, funny it was in your response as well, groud yourself now. :)03:49
OerHeksLesterwood, do that, and start listening to bazhang03:49
N3ffasgo11: I'm not sure. I would try sudo dpkg -r unity but that's just a wild educated guess.03:49
jimi_This a fresh install, sometimes my mouse freezes, but the system still responds to keyboard input. I have to CTRL-ALT-F1 to a terminal kill X, and restart it to get the mouse to work again03:49
cfhowlettN3ffa: not sure that won't break some things...03:49
N3ffalol, ok03:49
sgo11bazhang, I have gnome-shell running already. I just want to remove unity completely.03:50
bazhangsgo11, no idea about that really03:50
N3ffacfhowlett: I don't see what it would break? You don't NEED it and gnome 3 works fine without it.03:51
sgo11N3ffa, ok. thanks. just wondering if anyone did that already without problems.03:51
N3ffathere are no deps its tied to that will get removed if something else installed needs those deps03:51
cfhowlettN3ffa: as I said, I'm not sure...if your mileage gets you there safe and sound, go for it.03:51
N3ffalet me check.. Im gonna do it right now on one of my boxes.. brb03:52
Anthony_hello any one free03:53
N3ffayou can do it but you may need to apt-install get lighdm as well03:53
cfhowlettAnthony_: ask away03:53
N3ffalightdm rather.03:53
N3ffaI had to to get the login screen to work.03:53
Anthony_i just installed xubuntu, did these commands https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 and now i get this now i see (initramfs)03:53
N3ffaas long as you do apt-get install gdm03:53
N3ffathen apt-get install lightdm03:53
cfhowlettAnthony_: on dual boot?03:54
N3ffathen dpkg -r unity03:54
N3ffayoru good03:54
cfhowlettAnthony_: what buntu release?03:54
N3ffaor more specifically to remove unity... sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-music unity-lens-applications unity-greeter unity-common unity-asset-pool unity-2d-launcher unity-2d libunity-misc4 libunity-2d-private0 gir1.2-unity-4.003:54
cfhowlettAnthony_: ##.## 10.10 11.10 what?03:55
cfhowlettAnthony_: 11.04 or 11.10 then.  OK.  is this a clean install, not an upgrade?03:55
cfhowlettAnthony_: Did you upgrade from a previous version or did you do a clean installation?03:56
urfr332g0N3ffa, you forget how to use a nic?03:56
cfhowlettAnthony_: obviously your grub didn't install properly.  Why?  Let's check: did you download the iso?03:59
cfhowlettAnthony_: and did you checksum the iso before burning to cdrom or to USB03:59
Anthony_i got from website04:00
bazhangAnthony_, did you md5 the iso , yes or no04:00
cfhowlettAnthony_: did you checksum the iso?04:00
Lesterwoodoh yes my other dream is to have a entire room full of guns and ammo04:00
Anthony_whats that mean04:00
bazhangAnthony_, then do so04:00
cfhowlettAnthony_: always checksum...always.04:01
Anthony_how you do that04:01
ubottuanthony: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:01
bazhang!hashes | Anthony_04:02
ubottuAnthony_: See http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs/11.10/MD5SUMS for the md5sums of the latest Ubuntu release04:02
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
Anthony_how ytou open it04:02
bazhangAnthony_, open what04:02
bazhangAnthony_, read all the links we have just given you. follow the steps04:03
cfhowlettAnthony_: go to http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM read MD5Sum on Linux and follow those directions04:03
Anthony_i actuall have 10.0404:04
c31r2ghi bazhang04:04
c31r2g!rss lxer04:04
bazhangAnthony_, same exact procedure04:04
bazhangAnthony_, read the links given you follow the steps04:04
Anthony_i cant get to desktop on linux machine04:05
c31r2ghi bazhang :)04:06
bazhangc31r2g, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please04:06
bazhangAnthony_, you are on the internet now04:06
Anthony_on another machine04:06
bazhangAnthony_, so read the links, follow the steps04:07
cfhowlettAnthony_: ...is that machine ubuntu or what?04:07
cfhowlettAnthony_: and had you read the link you were sent you would have seen how to do it from windows.  Once again, and finally anthony, READ the resources sent your way if you want to fix this.04:08
ubottuanthony_: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:08
bazhangAnthony_, there is a link for how to do it on windows. you need to read the links, and follow the steps there.04:08
cfhowlettAnthony_: this one right here.  Read it.  Follow it.  Live it.  http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:09
dRounsehi im not sure if i should ask here, but is building an htpc worth it now or should i wait for raspberry pi04:15
cfhowlettdRounse: try asking @ #ubuntu-offtopic ???04:15
bazhangdRounse, with ubuntu? as in myth tv?04:15
dRounsebazhang: well itll run xbmc or boxee04:16
psawayahi all. just restarted after a software update on a new 11.10 install and i can't log in. getting a message that says "could not connect to session bus: //bin/dbus-launch terminated abnormally without any error message"04:18
cryptodiraamd/64 10.10 .... flash or gnash...pros and cons... pointers?04:19
cfhowlettpsawaya: reboot into rescue mode if possible04:20
cfhowlettpsawaya: follow that with Login to the console (ctrl-alt-f2) and issue the command: export PATH=/usr/bin:/bin04:21
Anthony_it dsent work04:21
ubottuanthony_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:22
bazhang!work | Anthony_04:22
ubottuAnthony_: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:22
bazhangAnthony_, the md5 do not match?04:22
psawayacfhowlett: thanks! i see "recovery mode" on the boot screen, is that what you mean?04:22
bazhangAnthony_, the md5sums do not match?04:23
cfhowlettyep.  now try Login to the console (ctrl-alt-f2) and issue the command: export PATH=/usr/bin:/bin04:23
cfhowlettpsawaya: and then reboot04:23
Anthony_whats that mean04:24
=== skilz is now known as Guest85612
psawayacfhowlett: hmm, i see resume/fsck/remount/root04:24
cfhowlettpsawaya: /fsck!  yes!04:24
bazhangAnthony_, you were going to check the md5sum on the iso; did you try that yes or no04:24
Anthony_yes cmd comands dont work i have windows 704:25
bazhangAnthony_, what *exactly * did not work. please explain. just saying "doesn't work" will not get much help04:25
javierf_hi! I got a new hard drive and installed ubuntu and windows 7 (in that order). But I can't see windows 7 in grub. I have try "default grub repair in ubuntu-boot-repair with no success. Any idea how to fix this? thanks!04:25
Anthony_command not reconized04:26
psawayacfhowlett: ok, doing that! serious noob question, could modifying .pam_environment be the cause of this?04:26
cfhowlettjavierf_: suggested install order is win7 then ubuntu..  ubuntu wiped the win7 Mbr.  win7 is there04:26
cfhowlettpsawaya: SWOOSH!  over my head IDK04:27
cfhowlettjavierf_: looking for the fix wait 104:27
javierf_cfhowlett, thanks04:27
jtannenbaumnautilus takes like three whole seconds to load when I do something like <Home>+H. Any way to make it any faster? (I'm on 10.04)04:27
cfhowlettjavierf_: this  http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/20864-mbr-restore-windows-7-master-boot-record.html  and then re-install grub2https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows04:28
cfhowlettjavierf_: this  http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/20864-mbr-restore-windows-7-master-boot-record.html  and then re-install grub2  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows04:28
cfhowlettjtannenbaum: turn off visual effects?  sometimes helps04:29
=== DavyS_ is now known as DavyS
warhellanyone around?04:32
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
cfhowlettwarhell: ask away04:32
javierf_cfhowlett, waw, it seems complicated...04:33
warhellalright, i got these rt3070 ralink sta drivers, and they didnt put a ./configure in there folder, so it wants me to change some make files too asking for gcc and lbw paths or something like that, then cfg flags04:34
DanaGsay, anyone know what would make gnome interpret the letter 'd' as if it were super+d?04:34
warhelli dont know where those paths are at.04:34
DanaGOr rather, Unity 2D.04:34
cfhowlettjavierf_: thus the recommended install of windows THEN ubuntu.  Still less complicated than re-installing both - and I pretty guarantee you'll never mix the order again.04:34
=== DavyS is now known as DavyS|afk
=== per is now known as Guest54314
DanaGI type, and I can't type the letter "d" because it's apparently bound -- with no modifiers -- to "show desktop"04:34
javierf_cfhowlett, hehehe, yes, probably won't mix it again... but it's strange anyway, because I did it before in the same order I did now, and didn't find the problem04:35
cfhowlettjavierf_: grub2 is fickle04:35
Guest54314Hello, I think I've found a bug in Ubuntu. I just installed Ubuntu, and then Gnome. When I use Gnome, all programs have a silvery border that does not belong in Gnome.04:36
warhelldid ya see my question cfhowlett04:36
cfhowlettwarhell: sorry the gremlins got it first.  plz re-state04:36
ubottuguest54314: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.04:37
silvanoubuntu chat in Portuguese please04:37
bazhang!br | silvano04:38
ubottusilvano: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.04:38
possible1994If I shrink the partition size of an SSD partition by 10%, will it negatively affect performance?04:38
javierf_cfhowlett, but, maybe if I install brug it will be fixed? what do you think?04:38
DanaGSame issue as here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+question/17381804:39
WaraudonI'm using the mini ISO to install 10.04, but it seems to be hanging at "Download installer components". Any ideas?04:39
cfhowlettjavierf_: never tried brug...04:39
thswethasuggest me a software which has highlighting feature for pdf04:41
=== skilz_ is now known as skilz
Jak2000any mysql guru!04:42
clarity_is there a version of ubuntu that comes with gnome04:42
bazhangclarity_, sure.04:42
cfhowlettthswetha: see >>>  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=89653504:42
bazhangJak2000, try #mysql04:43
cryptodiraamd/64 10.10 .... flash or gnash...pros and cons... pointers/thoughts ?04:44
bazhangcryptodira, flash is it. gnash is very sadly lacking04:45
cfhowlettpkmn: grettings04:46
cfhowlettpkmn: greetomgs04:46
cfhowlettpkmn: greet*INGS*  sheesh.  fat finger festival04:47
pkmnis there a way for youtube to be my entire tv?04:47
pkmnright now its 33% of screen04:47
pkmnand thats no good if i want to watch04:47
pkmnit like tv04:47
r00t_.wik female genital mutilation04:47
wutd0_"Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as 'all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female [...]" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_genital_mutilation04:47
pkmn.wik youtube04:47
wutd0_"YouTube is a video-sharing website, created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005, on which users can upload, view and share videos." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youtube04:47
FloodBot1pkmn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:47
pkmni would try and open04:47
pkmnbut it don't work04:48
pkmnlike open big04:48
pkmnu know?04:48
r00t_.wik shut up04:48
wutd0_"'Shut up' is a direct command with a meaning similar to 'be quiet'', but which is commonly perceived as an angrier and more forceful demand to stop making noise or otherwise communicating." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shut_up04:48
r00t_.wik shut the fuck up04:48
wutd0_"'Shut up' is a direct command with a meaning similar to 'be quiet'', but which is commonly perceived as an angrier and more forceful demand to stop making noise or otherwise communicating." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shut_the_fuck_up04:48
cryptodirabazhang, other than gnash... is there any other os flash in the works?04:48
r00t_.gc shut up04:48
wutd0_shut up: 22,100,00004:48
r00t_.gc shut the fuck up04:48
FloodBot1r00t_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:48
wutd0_shut the fuck up: 2,660,00004:48
FloodBot1wutd0_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:48
DanaGokay, 'd' is not bound to anything!04:48
pkmnsum1 ban this clown04:48
r00t_.wik nagger04:48
wutd0_"Nag Missile, a third generation 'fire and forget' anti-tank missile" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nagger04:48
DanaGSo why the devil is the letter d, alone, giving showdesktop?04:48
r00t_.wik maggot04:48
wutd0_"In everyday speech the word maggot means the larva of a fly (order Diptera); it is applied in particular to the larvae of Brachyceran flies, such as houseflies, cheese flies, and blowflies,[1]| rather than larvae of the Nematocera, such as mosquitoes and Crane flies. [...]" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maggot04:48
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pkmnanyways is there a better wa y to make youtube big than dragging screen from corner?04:49
pkmnthis is really important04:49
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!04:49
FloodBot1r00t_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:49
pkmni have friends coming over to watch smackdown04:49
pkmnand they don't want to sit at omputer04:49
pkmnand look at small window04:49
audin17hey guys04:49
audin17need help with kvm using bridge networking04:50
audin17anyone familiar with kvm in ubuntu 11.1004:50
pkmni think r00t knows a lil04:50
* Firebolt throws flowers at Flannel 04:50
Fireboltbravo :)04:50
PastorBonesI was finally able to get Ubuntu installed on this G5 (disconnected the HD forcing it to boot to CD), however now my monitor goes blank when it should display the splash screen04:50
audin17ok I got  bridge configure already but then how do I make the guest vm use the bridge networking04:50
PastorBoneswhat can I try?04:51
=== Nisstyre is now known as SussmanGroupie
PastorBonesby googling around I've found that others had probs with this vid-card not being identified correctly and suggested disabling nouveau04:52
PastorBonesnot sure how to do that from the yaboot line though04:52
skilzPastorBones, Kernel module04:53
DanaG1dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd argh, stop doing show desktop and just give me the letter 'd'...04:54
=== SussmanGroupie is now known as Nisstyre
DanaG1actually, I'm typing this on another computer, since I' be unable to type the letter ''.04:54
DanaG1Now I'm just pretening.04:55
DanaG1But anyway, my issue: in a lightdm vnc session, whenever I try to type the letter 'd', it does showdesktop.04:55
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elkyr00t_, please behave04:56
r00t_.wik wut04:56
Fireboltelky, wutd0_ is him as well, may want to remove (well, a bot)04:56
Fireboltoh, or that04:56
welp_.wik o04:56
pkmni think welp_ is him04:56
welp_lol no04:56
pkmnoh sorry04:56
welp_im 12 and what is this04:57
=== tristan_ is now known as itched
pkmni am just sick of these spammers04:57
welp_this nagger game will nut finish04:57
welp_is at 98%04:57
FloodBot1welp_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:57
FireboltWhy do all the bots -q?04:57
welp_time 2 hit up da bar04:58
elkyskilz, you might want to change your password.05:01
skilzLol oops05:01
elkyskilz, yw :)05:02
skilzThanks but it's not my password :)05:03
Jak2000pangolin where are you from?05:04
NeonLightningi can't seem to figure out how to get 12.04 to use xfce by default. i've tried changing everything in update-alternatives to use it05:04
urfr332g0NeonLightning, you choose xfce at login, and the precise channel is #ubuntu+105:05
NeonLightningoh ok thanks05:05
hiexpoNeonLightning, i think you have to do it at login05:05
hiexpooops to late05:05
urfr332g0NeonLightning, what ever the last desktop choice is the default.05:05
skilzNeonLightning, echo exec xfce >> .xinitrc05:05
urfr332g0skilz, not needed.05:06
macmartineCan anyone help me figure out why I keep getting "monit: cannot read status from the monit daemon" when I run something like 'monit status' ?05:13
=== eboy is now known as TheOne
pViSomewhat of a noob here: I'm getting an error when trying to install openssh-server (Ubuntu 10.04, PowerPC eMac)05:17
pVisize mismatch is the error05:17
=== TheOne is now known as Guest7278
=== Guest7278 is now known as LivingBoy
=== LivingBoy is now known as aliveone
sgo11hi, where can I download onboard theme? I run onboard --help, it shows it has -t THEME option. thanks.05:19
=== aliveone is now known as eboy
=== VICTICOM_ is now known as victicom
victicomfirst time I ever hear of an onboard theme, man.05:20
sgo11victicom, :) the default UI is too ugly.05:21
victicomI, myself, am learning to use IRC channels atm.05:21
victicomFor Ubuntu?05:21
sgo11default onboard UI.05:22
victicomI obviously have to google that, lol.05:22
urfr332g0sgo11, 4 release and 4 desktops may help to identify you setup.05:23
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
urfr332g0sgo11, at the least in desktops that is.05:24
pViSo... I'm getting an error when trying to install openssh-server (Ubuntu 10.04, PowerPC eMac) -- size mismatch error.05:24
sgo11urfr332g0, sorry, I don't get what you mean... I was asking where to get more onboard themes.05:24
urfr332g0sgo11, for which release and desktop there are multiples, especially when kubuntu is a whole other setup Dteails is the key word for help.05:25
victicomsgo, I would guess he's asking for your Distribution (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint, other...) and Desktop Environment (GNOME, KDE, Unity, other... )05:26
warhellthis the offical ubuntu channel05:27
urfr332g010.04 10.10 11.04 11.10 releases05:27
sgo11oh. just got it. running ubuntu 11.10. gnome shell.05:27
victicomthat, too...05:27
victicompVi... I'm googling your stuff, lets see what I can find out.05:27
pVithanks victicom05:27
victicomI'm a noob, man... so... don't get your hopes up too high.05:27
warhellanyone know how to install rt3070 drivers with a 3.2 percise kernel on 11.10?05:28
hearno_does anyone know what the proper permissions might be for a .pub in an /etc/ssh/%u/authorized_keys directory?05:29
sgo11onboard keyboard has four themes by default. they all look ugly. gnome shell screen keyboard looks much nicer, but it does not have ctrl, alt buttons.05:29
hiexpowarhell, check aircrack-ng they are lastest with drivers05:30
ubottulinqer: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList05:30
urfr332g0!cn | linqer05:30
ubottulinqer: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:30
Nu-NewbieHi. I'm asking this question here because I trust the Ubuntu community. Does it matter where you download your Android apps from? Are most of the sites the same?05:30
warhellnot with my 3.2 kernel its not05:30
hiexpowow flood05:30
victicomsgo... I installed Ubuntu 11.10 on a virtual machine... on main I use Kubuntu... why? because of unity, lol.05:30
linqeroh,YEAH!! I see05:31
victicompVi http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=172889405:31
victicomDoes that ^^ help?05:31
urfr332g0Nu-Newbie, ubuntu support. :)05:31
warhelli have the drivers05:31
hiexpowarhell, sure it is we work on kernels daily05:31
Nu-Newbieurfr332g0 thanks ooops05:31
warhellokay then why is a deb doing this05:31
linqeranyone learn java here /05:31
Jak2000i am learn05:32
sgo11victicom, I don't like unity at all.05:32
Jak2000what do you need?05:32
victicombasics, yeah.05:32
hiexpowarhell, a debdoing what ?05:32
pVii just figured it out victicom05:32
victicomUse Kubuntu, then.05:32
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|sick
urfr332g0linqer, this is ubuntu support. :)05:32
victicomNo problem, pVi05:32
sgo11victicom, ubuntu is fine. I am running gnome-shell, much better. if I want to try kde, i will use opensuse instead of kubuntu.05:32
victicomlinquer... why do you ask about java?05:33
linqerJak2000:  You learn java well? what books you learn05:33
Jak2000linqer my preferred site is javaranch here recommend some books05:33
linqervicticom: I can ask about java here ?05:33
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:33
nathan28linqer: #java05:34
victicomi think ubottu just answered your question, lol.05:34
victicomI'll join #java05:34
Jak2000why not koin to #java channel?05:34
urfr332g0linqer, that is offtopic there a number of java channels try #java05:34
xjiujiuhow to update the subversion from 1.6.x to 1.7.x version?05:34
linqervicticom: yes i will go java05:35
victicomI don't think there's a freenode channel for Java, is there?05:35
victicomlets see...05:35
* warhell sighs05:36
urfr332g0victicom, yes the one we posted and afew others related to distros05:36
linqerhow can i change my channel to java ?05:36
Jak2000use /j java05:36
urfr332g0linqer, /join #jave05:36
somsipxjiujiu: only via PPA for now, but be aware that an upgrade will make permanent changes to the data in .svn that cannot be undone. Make sure you really want to do this05:36
urfr332g0linqer, sorry /join #java05:37
victicomdoes not work... not on freenode for some reason05:37
urfr332g0linqer, like I posted it with the /join05:37
Jak2000use /j java05:37
hiexposure it does05:37
hiexpofreenode     #java05:37
linqerurfr332g0: thanks ,but I can not ,i enter  /join #java05:38
urfr332g0linqer, you just did05:38
sgo11linqer, no space before /join.05:38
warhelli dont even wanna use it for packet injection05:39
warhelli just want it as a wifi adapter05:39
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:39
overcluckerit's /join ##java05:39
sgo11LOL. I saw many people joined #java from this channel except linqer.05:39
xjiujiusomsip: Yes I'm sure.Could you give the ppa address?05:39
victicomI see #javahelp, no #java, though05:39
victicomMaybe I'm just not seeing something...05:40
damo22its ##java ffs05:40
hiexpohola pangolin > idleone how it goes ?05:40
urfr332g0overclucker, your correct sorry about that05:40
somsipxjiujiu: I don't have it. I found it easily before by searching.05:40
sgo11 /join #java does work.05:40
Jak2000use /j java05:40
damo22"/join ##java" works too05:40
damo22how many cooks do you need to make a pudding?05:41
* warhell sighs05:41
Jak2000i am need a beer05:41
hiexponot many05:41
damo22theres way too many cooks in here05:41
warhellso no one can help?05:41
quiescensdepends on how many of the cooks know how to make the pudding in question?05:41
meskaruneya'll should just use pm more :P05:42
ak47_Sup niggas.05:42
hiexpowarhell, > again what was your problem? I thought I gave you the answer?05:42
warhellno you didn't05:43
urfr332g0warhell, don't sigh, precise kernels would not be supported.05:43
warhellaircrack for one doesnt have my drivers05:43
warhelli have a rt3070 device, and apprently over google, no one has found a solution and no tutorial in installing it either.05:44
damo22warhell, if youre trying to crack stuff you probably be better compiling your own tools05:44
victicomI still can't get any result out of "/join # #java" even tried "/join ##java" ... nothing.05:44
hiexpowarhell, ok whats your card again and what chipset ?05:44
warhellso if you ask me its a big enough issues to come here and ask a offical channel05:44
meskarunevicticom: do05:44
meskarunevicticom: do "/join #java" without qutoes in your irc chat05:45
victicomI know... I don't type the quotes, lol.05:45
warhelli have a alfa awu36nh, it uses rt3070 chipset05:45
victicomStill, though... nothing happens.05:45
victicomLet me try again05:45
urfr332g0!language | ak47_05:45
ubottuak47_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:45
meskarunewhat client are you using victicom?05:45
pangolinvicticom: ##java requires you to register your nick05:45
pangolin!register | victicom05:45
ubottuvicticom: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:45
victicomThat will do.05:45
warhelli got the drivers, but i dont know where compiler paths and cflags and so on, and they didnt have a ./configure like most do.05:46
meskarunewarhell: read the .readme file?05:46
warhellyes i have05:46
warhelli dont know where the paths are05:46
meskarunethat will tell you how to install05:46
warhellyeah if i knew where the paths was05:47
meskarunewarhell: use the find or locate command to find stuff05:47
hiexpowarhell, that is wrong > maybe awus036nh05:47
warhellyes i been on google for awhile.05:47
damo22warhell: find the paths... kernel stuff is in /usr/src/linux-header<blah>05:47
warhelli know where kernel is05:48
warhellyall arent really helping.05:48
nathan28warhell: echo $PATH05:48
warhelli been on google for 3 hrs05:48
warhellreading shit05:48
warhellthat doesnt help05:48
warhelland no one knows05:48
meskarunewarhell: you are trying to compile drivers. do what the read me says to do05:48
nathan28warhell: we all have nights where out google-fu sucks05:48
damo22warhell: you cant expect someone in a channel to know exactly how to compile a specific driver from the net without reading the manual05:48
hiexpowarhell, not that hard05:48
linqeri can enter other channels ,but i cannot enter java ,anyone know why ? thanks05:49
warhellother wise i would done it by a tutorial.05:49
warhelli have read the read me05:49
warhelli knwo what its asking05:49
meskarunewhat does the readme say?05:49
warhelli just dont know paths05:49
damo22warhell: what is it asking?05:49
nathan28warhell: you are writing your own drivers?05:49
meskarunewarhell: use the locate command to find the paths you want05:49
hiexpowarhell, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=awus036nh05:50
damo22hiexpo: thats funny05:50
pangolinactually it isn't. considering we already told you about using lmgtfy links in #ubuntu05:51
warhelli already did that05:52
warhelli got the drivers05:52
warhelli know how to compile my own ubuntu kernel05:52
warhellnevermind you guys don't know shit05:52
damo22warhell: cat readme | pastebinit05:52
warhellyet trying to help people and say google it05:52
warhelli been on google for 3 damn hrs05:52
nathan28warhell: 3 hrs? OMG05:52
Yabdenbetter switch to altavista then05:53
damo22warhell the answer lies in your readme file05:53
nathan28that's like,05:53
warhellthe kernel was 2x easier to do than this fucking shit05:53
nathan28a week of community college classes05:53
nathan28just another 32 of them and you'll have an assoc's degree05:53
damo22lolmygod tify05:53
pangolinplease avoid making unhelpful comments05:54
pangolinall it does it aggravate the person seeking help and distract.05:54
meskarunewarhell: everything is simple with the right documentation05:54
damo22hes gone05:54
urfr332g0linqer, ##java requires you to register your nick05:55
nathan28RTFM claims another victim05:55
meskaruneI have join/part hidden05:55
warhellno cussing right?05:55
pangolinwarhell: I understand your frustration but please mind your language in here05:55
damo22warhell: i told you if you want help pastebin the readme file05:55
linqerurfr332g0: yes ,i go to register now ,05:56
damo22warhell, or the install file05:56
urfr332g0linqer, cool good luck. :)05:56
victicomlol... i feel like a pro for registering my nick05:56
warhellthere is no install file05:56
victicomthats how noob i am05:56
warhellyou have to configure make files05:56
warhelland then do make and make install05:56
warhelli know what its saying05:56
warhelli just don't know paths05:56
warhellto what it wants05:57
damo22warhell, pastebin the make file and the readme file then and i can have a look05:57
warhellhold on pastebining now05:57
hiexpowarhell, is there a  read me or a install read me ?05:57
warhellthere is the readme05:58
hiexpopastbinit > readme than05:58
hiexpooh thats a ralink easy one05:59
warhelleasy if ya know the paths to everything05:59
warhelli allways used ./configure06:00
warhelljust not used to editing make files by themselfs.06:00
warhellsorry for being a outrate06:00
warhellbut i got everything working perfect on my own06:00
nathan28vim [makefile]06:00
damo22warhell did you set the makefile : MODE=STA06:00
warhelland this is just dumb founding06:00
nathan28define path @ LINUX_SRC06:01
warhellthats been done06:01
nathan28okay you got it06:01
meskarunewarhell: open the makefile with an editor. it should be commented06:01
X99Which svn client software is the best one on the ubuntu?06:01
nathan28meskarune: ? a define starts w/ a #06:01
damo22warhell: you have to edit 2 files, Makefile and os/linux/config.mk06:01
nathan28n/m i'm not thinking clearly06:02
damo22warhell: did you open them with an editor06:02
meskarunenathan28: yeah it does06:02
warhellis what i use06:03
damo22warhell, so in Makefile... set MODE=STA06:03
damo22warhell, and TARGET=LINUX06:03
warhellifeq ($(WIFI_MODE),)06:03
warhellRT28xx_MODE = STA06:03
warhellRT28xx_MODE = $(WIFI_MODE)06:03
FloodBot1warhell: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:03
warhellifeq ($(TARGET),)06:03
damo22warhell: pm?06:04
meskarunepeople should pm more often. ;P06:04
meskarunewhy are there 3 floodbots here?06:05
EvilkissHi, need help in programming with C...06:06
meskaruneEvilkiss: is your ubuntu broken...?06:07
pangolinEvilkiss: ##c06:07
EvilkissCan somebody help me with that? I need to read a string from a file....06:07
Evilkissmeskarune: it's not a ubuntu issue06:07
cfhowlettEvilkiss: is your ubuntu malfunctioning???06:07
hiexpook I am back warhell you say it it is 2870 right? what you need a driver for just internet ?06:07
gurifisuwhen i install a new library and its headers - which folder do they end up in usually?06:08
meskaruneEvilkiss: if you don't have an ubuntu issue, why are you here? :P06:08
meskarunetry offtopic instead06:08
pangolinmeskarune: less attitude, more helpful :)06:08
subb1hello all06:08
pangolinEvilkiss: for C help join ##c06:09
cfhowlettsubb1: greetings06:09
cfhowlettmint: greetings06:09
subb1I use lucid. system got powerdoff 3 times due to power failure. NOw on booting I see 'initramfs' login prompt. Help needed ! thanks06:10
Evilkisspangolin: thank you06:10
hiexpowarhell, what do you need a driver for Internet or what > you want the answer or not06:10
mpguttahi, i have 2 machines in my LAN with ips, i would like to connect to mongo db on .125 from .126,  when i tried "mongo --host" its giving error "couldn't connect: couldn't connect to server (anon):1030" how to enable port 27017 on .125 machine to connect from .126?06:11
gurifisuwhen i install a new library and its headers - which folder do they end up in usually?06:11
meskarunempgutta; open the port on your router06:12
hiexpofunny me and zero_chaos just worked on that driver for 4 days06:12
meskarunehiexpo: he/she is trying to get aircrack working06:12
warhellno i'm not06:13
hiexpomeskarune, hehe06:13
warhelland i'm talking to damo22 in priv06:13
mpguttameskarune, i run this command on .125 machine "iptables -A INPUT  -p tcp -s --dport 27017 -j ACCEPT", do you mean something else?06:13
warhellif i wanted to do that i would install backtrack06:13
meskarunewarhell: there isn't anything wrong with using aircrack, and you said earlier you were06:13
warhellinstead of ubuntu 11.006:13
subb1http://pastebin.com/3YTi3gVM  are the errors before the initramfs login prompt06:13
warhellno i didnt06:14
nathan28does BT not have the patched drivers?06:14
cyphaseis there some utility that will take a directory with almost 150,000 files and separate them out into directories with fewer files?06:14
warhellhexpo said too look in aircrack-ng06:14
sun_devilCant seem to get my kodak esp 7 printer to print.  I looked in the database list for the printer and its not mentioned in it06:14
nathan28cyphase: how06:14
warhelli said the drivers arent there, and also i was just wanting it for internet connecting06:14
hiexpowon't work in backtrack either because wrong kernel and me and zero just matered that last night   hehe \06:14
nathan28!g regex06:14
warhellim not asking for patched injection drivers06:14
warhelli'm asking for standard ralink driver installtion help06:15
beataxubuntu/oneiric: So far, so good.06:15
hiexpowarhell, for just internet?06:15
meskarunesubb1: http://www.proposedsolution.com/solutions/ubuntu-booting-to-initramfs-prompt/06:15
nathan28cyphase: what are you doing w/ 150k files06:15
cyphasenathan28, it's a dataset i got from somewhere else06:16
nathan28cyphase: is there any sort of sequence to the filenames or is it a bunch of crap06:16
cyphasenathan28, there's some kind of pattern.. haven't figured it out yet :P06:17
subb1meskarune: but do not have ubuntu installed on ntfs partition06:17
cyphasei can write a script to do it fairly easily, i just wondered if there was some standard utility i could use06:17
subb1meskarune: its on ext406:17
nathan28do that then figure out the regex for the pattern06:17
warhellyeah just inet06:17
mpguttameskarune: if i open a port on router, any external ip can connect to this machine on that port right?06:17
hiexpo1 sec06:18
sun_devilThe list in Ubuntu for Kodak printer is about 506:18
meskarunempgutta: you can limit what ip's use the port, or have it be lan only. check your router's manual06:18
mpguttameskarune: ok sure.06:18
somsipmpgutta: no, you need to add a route from the router to the PC06:18
nathan28cyphase: thunar has some "user friendlY" X( bulk features yo umight try06:19
nathan28but i'd think scrpiting it would be easier06:19
hiexpowarhell, angepasster-2011_0406_RT5390_RT5392_Linux_STA_V2.5.0.3_DPO.zip06:19
macmartineIs there a better room for Monit questions or is it ok here?06:19
nathan28than installing a pkg06:19
cyphasenathan28, i just searched for dirsplit, because that made sense, and voila: http://linux.die.net/man/1/dirsplit06:19
warhellyep already downloaded the offical one06:20
warhellbut it has not ./configure06:20
ak47_Sup niggas.06:21
hiexpowarhell, works great using it right now06:21
meskarunesubb1: i see. can you do initramfs-update   ?06:21
cfhowlettak47_: it was tired the first time...06:21
hiexpothere is no configure warhell make make install read the read me06:22
warhelli'm getting help06:23
warhellleave me alone please06:23
hiexpodon't dude me i told you06:23
hiexpothere is no configure door knob06:23
hiexpojust a make file06:24
meskarunesubb1: are you getting any disk mount errors? or other erorrs when you are in the prompt?06:24
subb1meskarune: i am getting these http://pastebin.com/s5FMiiSn06:24
overcluckersubb1: it doesn06:25
meskarunesubb1: you need to fsck your drive from a live cd.06:26
overcluckersubb1: it doesn't look like / is being mounted. you may need to run fsck on your / partition06:27
_Brun0_Trying to install google-chrome (not chromium) and keep getting 404 not found. Can anyone see if they get the same error? I'm trying through this method: https://www.google.com/chrome/index.html?brand=CHMO&installdataindex=homepagepromo . I'm on Ubuntu 11.10, amd64bits version.06:27
hiexposorry to say v=but about as smart as a box of rocks  group > some people just refuse to learn06:27
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
victicom_Brun0_, for some reason, its been acting up today.06:27
monraHello! My laptop screen's right part doesn't work. So I was wondering, is there a way to "tell" ubuntu, just to put all the windows in the left part, so I don't have to minimize a window it's time it opens?06:28
victicomI tried installing on a virtual machine, ubuntu 11.10, and no luck today... So... I'll try again tomorrow.06:28
sun_devilNetwork printer has a IP address and says connected to local host but cant print test page?06:28
_Brun0_victicom, thanks! good to know it is a temporary issue. I'll keep using firefox for now and try it tomorrow. Thanks!06:28
victicomWait wait wait...06:28
victicomI did not say it was temporary... I only said it was actin up today. I don't know for sure that it will be back tomorrow.06:29
_Brun0_victicom, I know but it's google.. they'll probably fix it.06:29
victicomThat's what I'm hoping on. I use chrome for the most part.06:29
victicomYeah... more than likely.06:29
victicomGL tomorrow @ it.06:29
subb1meskarune,overclucker: thanks. e2fsck fixed it :)06:30
_Brun0_victicom, btw, I'm also running ubuntu 11.10 on a virtual machine.06:30
stytownHi, I just recently installed Linux Mint on a virtual machine on my comp, and I am coding PHP on it in eclipse and I would like to test out my code locally.  Can anyone help me set that up?06:30
victicomNow...that there might be an issue.06:30
ubottustytown: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:31
hiexpomeskarune, he or she what eva is a dummy cause I used about 20 times hehe and there is no config file just amake file   hehe06:31
victicomErm... just save it on a USB, and run on your main?06:31
overcluckersubb1: that's good. i was worried you might have a damaged disk :)06:31
stytownOk, thank you.06:31
cfhowlettstytown: have fun/be safe06:31
meskarunehiexpo: lol. I see06:32
_Brun0_victicom, no not on USB. it's a vritual disk (virtual box) on my main HD.06:32
victicomOh, I meant for stytown06:32
_Brun0_victicom, ok sorry06:32
victicomI know its rare to run a VB on USB stick06:32
meskarunemaybe stytown is running mint in a vm in ubuntu?06:33
victicomWell... back to our Ubuntu issue?06:33
meskaruneand they want to use their php stuff in their local install06:33
victicomYEs, even if thats the case, mesk... it still is a linux mint related question.06:33
subb1overclucker: yea. phew.. thanks once again06:33
victicomThats what I thought, though... so... anyways, I joined the linuxmint channel, too.06:34
victicom_Brun0_, do you think it may have to do with the virtual box that U11.10 is not allowing Chrome download site? I dont know... some weird issue?06:35
_Brun0_victicom, no because the lik: https://dl.google.com/linux/direct/google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb also gives the same 404 error on my Win7 machine.06:36
victicomNope... then its not a VB thing.06:36
nathan28_Brun0_: have you tried using apt to install chromium/chrom06:36
victicom*I clicked on link*06:37
Aboodanathan28: I don't think it's in the repos06:37
youtoowhat is command/config file to configure the static ipaddress06:37
meskarune_Brun0_ maybe there is a mirror link of the file?06:37
sun_devilCups error during printing06:37
SpankyAnybody know how to change desktop icons?  Ubuntu 10.0406:37
_Brun0_nathan28, also got similar fiel not found error. Followed this method: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/12/install-google-chrome-using-apt-get-in-ubuntu-11-10-oneiric-ocelot/06:38
youtooi am not able to find ifcfg06:38
_Brun0_meskarune, probably. but who garantees it is up-to-date and secure?06:38
victicomI think /usr/share/applications, modify .desktop files and use path for desired image.06:38
nathan28_Brun0_: i refuse to believe that there isn't a PPA/repo in ubuntu w/ chrom{e,ium}06:38
meskarune_Brun0_ you check the sha ?06:39
cfhowlettspanky: System>Preferences>Appearance>Theme>Customize>Icons06:40
phixnathan28: there isnt?06:40
SpankyUsing Zentyal 2.2.5 which is on top of 10.04 with LXDE desktop environment...06:40
SpankyScrewed up and deleted the Zentyal Admin icon on the desktop....06:41
_Brun0_nathan28, I don't want chromium as I need google's chrome for now.06:41
_Brun0_meskarune, nice idea.06:41
SpankySo how do I replace icon on Desktop that disappeared... Text is still there.... Icon isn't...06:43
macmartineI assume I want cron jobs on my server to be added to the root users crontab?06:43
Kimmenmacmartine: depends, if the job needs to be run as root then yes06:44
macmartineKimmen: It's to crawl through a database and send email reminders where appropriate. So, I guess it doesn't need to be root? Am I better off just doing it under a restricted user then?06:45
macmartineKimmen: Er, I guess really it's just to run a rake task06:46
HeyHeyHeyWhy do I get the message "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system" when using an Ubuntu live CD06:46
Spanky!$#!@#$ permissions really piss me off sometime...06:46
ubottuSpanky: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:46
SpankyFixed it...06:46
=== Gskellig|sick is now known as Gskellig
czardozwhy cant i see the icons?06:47
SpankyHad to open up Nautilus (which didn't come with Zentyal) in root mode...06:47
Kimmenmacmartine: it's better to run with just enough priviliges yes06:47
cfhowlettHeyHeyHey: cdrom or usb?06:47
nathan28Spanky: don't open nautilus as root06:47
SpankyNo... I am SuperUser all the time every time....  I make no mistakes... :=)))06:47
cfhowlettHeyHeyHey: you md5sum checked it?06:47
HeyHeyHeyI only have USB 1.0, I don't think it will work on that06:47
HeyHeyHeyYes the live cd works on my other PC06:48
SpankyNautilus as root kicks ass..... Booooyyyy...!06:48
cfhowlettHeyHeyHey: how did you boot the ubuntu computer?06:48
nathan28using gui file managers as root makes baby jesus cry06:48
_Brun0_seems other people are also getting problems to install google chrome on ubuntu: http://www.google.es/support/forum/p/Chrome/thread?tid=68c2a5693feb2f62&hl=en06:48
HeyHeyHeyWhat do you mean? It is a live CD06:48
victicomYep @ Problems w/ Chrome.06:49
victicomI'd give it a day for it to be fixed.06:49
nathan28_Brun0_: it's part of google's new privacy policy06:49
SpankyBaby J be crying all the way to the bank.....06:49
cfhowlettHeyHeyHey: then why are you discussing USB ?06:49
nathan28right after he deletes /usr accidentally06:49
HeyHeyHeyUSB won't work because its only USB 1.006:49
_Brun0_nathan28, what do you mean?06:49
nathan28_Brun0_: j/k06:49
lwizardlif someone was to install using wubi where would the linux OS be installed into06:49
cfhowlettHeyHeyHey: let's not discuss usb, OK?  Now, DID you md5sum check the iso you downloaded06:50
overcluckerSpanky: you run everything as root?06:50
_Brun0_nathan28, ahhhhhhh =P06:50
HeyHeyHeyNo i did not, but it boots up fine on 1 of my PCs but not this one06:50
prashant_123456which version of gnome do am i using ??06:50
nathan28prashant_123456: i don't know but apt does06:50
macmartineKimmen: So, you probably need to know more about the setup, but might it make sense to make a user just for the cron tasks?06:51
prashant_123456nathan28, any command to know that06:51
nathan28prashant_123456: i don't know apt, $man apt and read the section on querying06:51
nathan28or just fire up synpatic pkg manager06:51
cfhowlettHeyHeyHey: a 30 second check to ensure the quality of the download isn't so much trouble really.  also, you should check sum the burned CDROM to ensure that it's good.  If both of those pass, if you correctly booted from the CDROM as you claim then possibly your CDROM drive is faulty.06:51
nathan28and search for gnome do06:51
_Brun0_I remember the day I ran everything as root. It was when trying to install and configure my first linux distro ever. Let me tell you, that day I destroyed and reinstalled poor debian 14 times in a row! Then I learned that with great power comes great responsibility.06:52
HeyHeyHeyHow do I do the md5 check?06:52
ubottuheyheyhey, please see my private message06:52
Kimmenmacmartine: for a specific task you could create a new user or run it as an existing user, it's all up to you. I just think that root should be used only when necessary06:53
=== tensorpudding_ is now known as tensorpudding
meskaruneroot is a tool to use for admining the system06:54
meskaruneits not good or bad to use it06:54
Kimmenno, it's goor or bad depending on how you use it06:55
lwizardlok I found the root.disk file from wubi. Now is there a way to mount the virtual disk so I can backup the files to another partition ?06:55
meskaruneI'd just use ubuntu one or drop box, wuala, etc06:57
RedXIIIHey, I want to install GRUB so that it boots ONLY a windows 7 partition06:57
RedXIIIis this possible?06:57
RedXIIIOr does grub require linux / ext4?06:57
meskarunegrub works with any OS pretty much06:57
RedXIIIso I should be able to mount my ntfs partition and grub-install directly to it?06:58
meskarunebut I don't understand why you would want to have grub with a windows install and nothing else06:58
hiexpoping pangolin06:58
meskarunesince grub chainloads the windows loader06:58
RedXIIII like purple.06:58
RedXIIIPurple everywhere.06:59
RedXIIISo is it a matter of just grub-install and grub-update ?06:59
pangolinhiexpo: ?06:59
hiexpopangolin, sure06:59
hiexpopangolin, pm please06:59
SpearothI'm searching for help installing ispcp on a web server. Went to ispcp-channel before, but its quiet there. Any suggestions where to go?07:00
meskarunetheir forums or newslist07:01
meskarune^ spearoth07:01
=== ineiros__ is now known as ineiros
SpearothHmmmm, ok. i hoped to find some help instantly, but forum seems legit07:02
urfr332g0RedXIII, you don't want to use grub as the boootloader with kust Windows.07:02
warhellwell i guess damo22 had to leave07:03
meskaruneI mean, they could use grub with just windows, but it would be redundant07:03
urfr332g0meskarune, hiow?07:04
cfhowlettHEYHEYHEY: welcome back07:04
HEYHEYHEYMy disk drive isnt even showing up in xubuntu07:04
meskaruneurfr332g0: you install grub to its own boot partition07:04
meskaruneurfr332g0: grub works with many other OS's than just linux07:05
urfr332g0meskarune, right and thats a good idea07:05
=== LargePrime is now known as Guest98302
urfr332g0meskarune, that is not ubuntu support07:05
meskaruneactually, having grub on its own partition IS a good idea when you have multiple Os's07:05
prashant_123456how to unpin program from taskbar using ubuntu 11.10 gnome classic07:06
meskaruneurfr332g0: YOU asked me. don't complain about how your own question is not ubuntu related. :P07:06
urfr332g0meskarune, not really but this is offtopic and the question is not ubuntu support07:06
urfr332g0meskarune, not your the original07:06
meskarunesomeone asked a question about grub, I have a quick answer. you wanted an explaination about it07:07
HEYHEYHEYWhat should I do? my DVD drive works fine in windows, it is a Memorex 16x DDL-IN07:07
meskaruneno need to analyse in any case07:07
HEYHEYHEYIt won't work in xubuntu whatsoever07:07
cfhowlettHEYHEYHEY: have you installed xubuntu or are you live booting07:08
meskaruneHEYHEYHEY: does it show up in dev at all?07:08
HEYHEYHEYI have installed it under wubi because it seems like I can boot the CD but then xubuntu fails to recognise it and can't continue on07:09
hiexpobad nic07:09
hiexpothem caps07:09
HEYHEYHEYWhat do you mean in dev07:10
cfhowlettHEYHEYHEY: I see several notices about this device from 6 years ago....that's ancient in computer time.  I've seen no fixes.  Perhaps a replacement is in order??07:10
meskaruneHEYHEYHEY: dev is devices. if you do "ls /dev" it will list them07:11
overcluckerHEYHEYHEY: /dev is a folder where all your recognized devices are represented as files07:11
overcluckerit feels like were spamming . . .07:11
hiexpoHEYHEYHEY, Sorry to say but change your nick buddy the caps are not  good07:12
meskarunenix users hate capslock :P07:12
HEYHEYHEYls /dev output:07:12
HEYHEYHEYagpgart          fuse                ram1        stdout  tty36  tty807:12
HEYHEYHEYaudio            hidraw0             ram10       tty     tty37  tty907:12
HEYHEYHEYblock            hpet                ram11       tty0    tty38  ttyS007:12
HEYHEYHEYbsg              input               ram12       tty1    tty39  ttyS107:12
HEYHEYHEYbus              kmsg                ram13       tty10   tty4   ttyS207:12
FloodBot1HEYHEYHEY: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:12
overclucker!paste HEYHEYHEY07:13
overclucker!paste: HEYHEYHEY07:13
hiexpoI got shell shock07:14
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=== tomreyn_ is now known as tomreyn
HEYHEYHEYCan someone please help with my DVD problem07:17
HEYHEYHEYI've posted the output of ls /dev07:17
=== doug_ is now known as Dwade09
meskarunedisc drives are ussually /dev/sd something07:18
meskaruneI'm falling asleep thoguh, so I might need to go to bed :P07:18
prashant_123456i cannot delete my top panel  using ubuntu 11.1007:20
=== mint is now known as new2linux
hiexpoHEYHEYHEY, might get better response if you turn them caps off07:20
meskaruneHEYHEYHEY make sure your user is in the cdrom and dvd group, and has permission to mount stuff07:21
meskaruneanways, I have to go to bed. goodnight07:21
terminhellgpasswd -a username cdrom or dvd07:21
KrisedHi. I need a little somthing here. I got a Win7 comp and a Ubuntu 11.10 - Gnome fallback and id like to be able to connect to it from the Windows 7. Basicly RDP. It would be a great thing if i didnt have to use VNC but could use the RDP which is in win7 by default07:22
terminhellvinagre supports RDP07:23
zzecoolKrised:  try teamviewer works best in both07:23
terminhellor as a pluggin07:23
* hiexpo going back to aircrack and pentoo and probally backtrack also see whats up there 07:23
stevecamis it possible to tell banshee to scan the media library for missing files?07:24
hiexpostevecam, man banshee07:25
terminhellwhat kind of 'missing' files?07:25
Krisedzzecool we got a licence for teamviewer but since im all over this place it would be awsome to be able to sit down in front of any windows 7 computer and connect to my ubuntu computers..so the RDP is really prefereable. its ok if i need to install somthing on the linux but id rather not have to download and install 120 windows 7 computers.07:25
HEYHEYHEYIt says I was added to group cdrom07:25
warhellwell damo22 couldnt help07:25
savrwhat DE is everyone using these days?07:26
warhelli think its one those things that just wont compile right07:26
zzecoolKrised: you can take it a a portable in usb too07:26
HEYHEYHEYIm in group cdrom now but it still isn't showing up07:27
savrkde unity gnome?07:27
Krisedzzecool i suppose so but id still rather be able to use RDP from windows 7 to ubuntu. isnt it possible somhow ?07:27
savror is there a new one I have not heard of?07:27
overcluckerHEYHEYHEY: i dont see anything cd/dvd like in /dev try: pastebinit /var/log/kern.log07:27
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Krisedterminhell yeah but its installed by default in 11.10 but my windows wont connect to it07:28
=== bot__ is now known as BuDuS
prashant_123456cannot unpin program from gnome panel07:28
terminhellHEYHEYHEY:  you may also have to enable dbus to load and reboot?07:28
zzecoolKrised: why dont you first try use google if you need something so specific07:28
zzecoolKrised: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/06/connect-to-ubuntu-11-04-from-windows-via-remote-desktop/07:28
zzecoolAnd we are done here07:29
terminhellKrised: perhaps there are port differences by default?07:29
Krisedzzecool heh i did actually. but thanks07:29
zzecoolKrised: np07:29
Krisedterminhell DOH.. completely forgot that.. ill check that out.. i just got up after a long night. heh07:29
terminhellKrised: heh gl07:30
Calinousavr: gnome07:31
savrwhich version07:31
Calinou3 (but I prefer 2, thanks 11.10)07:31
CalinouI am on windows right now, so lol07:31
Krisedi like what ive done with gnome to make it look like the good old gnome i love.. but its odd to see the menus. basicly everything regarding configuration is in the menu point "Other"07:32
zzecoolKrised: unity is goinf to be rock solid in precise   Alplha 2 is looking all rdy :P07:32
somsipzzecool: http://www.techdrivein.com/2012/02/ubuntu-1204-alpha-2-review-unusually.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+techdrivein+%28Tech+Drive-in%2907:34
tapasstill had caps lock on from typing your nick?07:34
Krisedzzecool uhmm i just got to work. the sun is shining and i made my gf happy last night.. please dont ruin it all by telling me that unity isnt removed or at least optional install in 12.04 ??07:34
tapasthe horror that is everything gnome3 :D07:35
tapasi just switched to xfce4 for my non-tiling-wm needs07:35
terminhelli forget how to get MODULE's to load in ubuntu, sorry, <Arch user>07:35
zzecoolKrised: ubuntu  = unity07:35
Krisedzzecool Nooooooooo07:35
diuneighcan anyone help me deleting a swap partition with fdisk?  Gparted will not recognize the partition.07:35
zzecoolKrised: they are not gonna remove it but you can install anything you want :)07:35
Krisedtapas you can make gnome3 look ALOT like gnome207:35
somsipKrised: don't worry. Perfectly fine to run ubuntu without going too close to unity or gnome307:35
tapasKrised: yeah, i don't care to go through the hoops though, if other DEs are readily available and they do the job just as well07:36
Krisedzzecool yeah at least you can pick apart what you dont like.. thats the beauty of it07:36
tristan3199usso out of the blue my system stopped mounting any other media.. or my other partition.. i get a message about syslinux being needed to open ext2 formatted drives.. but im using ext4 and have syslinux installed..07:36
terminhelldiuneigh: you may have to disable swap first and unmount it first07:36
tristan3199uswhat the heck could have happened??07:36
zzecoolKrised: ys you can there is allrdy a big improvement on alpha 2 and classic gnome session to look almost like the old gnome 207:36
zzecoolKrised:  but for me unity is  fast for my work07:37
tapasprediction: many many people will use that and then the gnome team will make it harder "for the usability" :D07:37
diuneighterminhell:  how can I do that?  Actually the swap isn't on.. but is is /dev/sdb5 and gparted will not work.  it tells me to umount it.  I do not know how to do that in terminal.  Can you help?07:37
Krisedtapas i had gnome fallback installed. had all other options removed.. had lightDM not show other users so every user enters his username.. force a classic mode. have buttons in right side as they are supposed to.. it was alot of work but finally i got a working version07:37
zzecoolKrised: i only type "the windows key " and some letter and BOOMM my app is running07:37
hiexpowarhell, good luck :)07:37
Krisedzecool i find it like a toy you get from a cereal box.. it looks fancy but isnt usable for anything07:38
tristan3199usdiuneigh: have you ran gparted as root??07:38
terminhelldiuneigh: sudo fdisk and more importantly man fdisk07:38
Krisedzzecool any idea when 12.04 is released ?07:38
diuneightristan: no.  how to run gparted as root?07:38
zzecoolKrised: you didnt get any time with it im sure because i had the same  feelings with you.  Try this use it for 2 weeks and tell me again07:38
hiexpoprobally on 12 / 0407:38
tapasi have to work on OS X at work at the moment.. it's even worse than gnome3 though ;D07:39
diuneighterminell:  do you know the commands?07:39
tristan3199uskrised: i agree.. also great analogey..07:39
HEYHEYHEYhow do I install multiple things at once on a terminal07:39
zzecoolKrised: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule07:39
tapasHEYHEYHEY: sudo apt-get install pkg1 pkg2 ....07:39
warhelli dont think its gonna get done07:39
Krisedzzecool not really an option.. my work with linux at work is mostly configuring so i need somthing i can work with.. not have to click a button to open the window in which i need to type terminal.07:39
SpankyAnybody know how to change an icon for a program you drag to the Ubuntu desktop in 10.04?07:39
warhellbecause one i dont know c07:40
terminhelldiuneigh: open a terminal, type     man fdisk    run anything with sudo but its going to be something like sudo fdisk -s /dev/sda5 or something like that07:40
Krisedall i know about working with unity is to install synaptic and get rid of unity07:40
warhelland 2, we already edited the make files 3 times already07:40
warhellcompile fails07:40
overcluckerHEYHEYHEY: well, it looks like linux is having trouble communicating with your drive, and giving up on it. what model is your drive?07:40
tapasKrised: the gnome shell is just as bad07:40
zzecoolKrised: you dont click on any button  ...07:40
tristan3199usi really need some pointers tho.. my system says unable to mount filesystem.. not authorized... why could this be..07:40
SpankyUsing simple LXDE...07:40
HEYHEYHEY It is a Memorex 16x DDL-IN dvd-rw/cd drive07:41
hiexpowhat you want warhell ?>07:41
Krisedzzecool well all our users are in best case used to windows so i need to make it smooth and like windows.07:41
tristan3199uswhen i try to load another partition my system blocks it.. how do i get my partitions and usb drives to mount again??07:41
zzecoolKrised: I forgive you because you dont have any experience with unity  cause you didnt spend any time to config it in you way  . Im using s keyboard shortcuts for almost everything so no mouse for me07:41
SpankyI got a dead boot on my LVM on my server due to loose SATA cable...  Check your connections...07:41
zzecoolKrised: then kde fits your users better imo07:42
warhelli just sell this adapter07:42
zzecoolKrised: kde is more windows like07:42
warhellits allready pissed me off compared to my old alfa07:42
warhellwhich just works07:42
tristan3199usnobody knows how to help i take it??07:42
SpankyAny more specifics Tristan?07:43
Krisedzzecool yeah i thought about kde since i used to it before but except the fact that my programs menu doesnt have any icon (it just have the word "Programs" ) its alot like windows07:43
terminhelltristan3199us: i believe that dbus must be enabled during boot now07:43
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tristan3199usterinhell: any idea how to revert it to how it was a few hours ago??07:43
terminhelltristan3199us: try adding this to your ~.xinitrc   exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch gnome-session07:44
zzecoolKrised: whatever  , what i like in unity is that im able to be free of my mouse i dont need to navigate throught menus like playing labyrinth  with my mouse07:44
zzecoolKrised: i only press "windows key on the keyboard" and boom07:44
zzecooljust like that07:44
Krisedzzecool yeah i can see thats an advantage. but then id need to educate people how to do that.. which i cant.. im the admin on a technical college07:45
hearno_zzecool amen07:45
zzecoolKrised: then you are doomed :D07:45
Krisedbtw.. xrdp lets me log in.. i can see the wallpaper but no menus or ANYTHING.. just the wallpaper07:45
zzecoolhearno_: i loled at your comment  :D07:45
Krisedzzecool as far as unity goes yes07:45
hearno_i do miss the cube07:46
terminhelltristan3199us: if you already have the "exec ck-launch..." in your .xinitrc just make sure to add the dbus-launch part and give that a shot. Will require a reboot07:46
zzecoolKrised: hmmm  i dont rly know07:46
hearno_last time i tried to enable cube i did a number on my box07:46
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=== homer is now known as Guest82678
diuneighcan anyone help me deleting a swap partition with fdisk?  Gparted will not recognize the partition.  can someone walk me through it.  I am not having luck with the manual or googling for a solution.07:47
tristan3199usterminhell:  thank you.. trying to find ~.xinitrc now..07:47
zzecoolhearno_: my desktop is 4 horizontal workspaces and feels like paradise :)     with the wall plugin  . The cube was the 2004 trend  hoho07:47
terminhelltristan3199us its a hidden file in your home folder07:48
hearno_zzecool rofl it was pretty trendy07:48
DogearsHi!  Can I run Libre 3.5 from the software centre or do I need to dpkg from a terminal as per the readme file?07:48
hearno_the hipster of desktops07:48
mcurraneth0 on startup...  says connected, but have to reconnect to get traffic?07:48
Krisedzzecool well i got to worry about things like people logging in with AD users.. which only works in 9.10 and 11.10 - not even 11.0407:49
zzecoolhearno_: hehe  yes it was  :p07:49
alexander-zfhow to fix flashplugin-downloader07:49
ginaiI need help about the IRC chat here07:49
KrisedDogears you can get libreoffice from software center i guess. but its built into ubuntu 11.10 afaik07:49
alexander-zfSetting up flashplugin-downloader ( ...07:50
alexander-zf--2012-02-15 14:47:45--  http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_11.0.1.152.orig.tar.gz07:50
alexander-zfResolving archive.canonical.com...
alexander-zfConnecting to archive.canonical.com||:80... connected.07:50
FloodBot1alexander-zf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:50
alexander-zfHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found07:50
tristan3199usterminhell: not there.. could that be my problem??07:50
ginaiwhat is the name of the offtopic channel withour ruls?07:51
zzecoolDogears: 3.5 is not in the repos  yet  .... you have either download and installit manually form their site or add the libreoffice ppa and wait for it to be updated :)07:51
LintDogears, 3.5 only by manual install07:51
mcurranno flashplugin-downloader, just download flashplayer *.so and then put it in the right plugin directory, usually /usr/lib/firefox/* (look for addons or plugins folder) and put in there.  Restart firefox07:51
Lintyou cannot trust 3rd party ppas07:52
robbmunsonNo channel without rules, ginai but you're probably looking for #ubuntu-offtopic07:52
hearno_Lint i had to do the same on an old mint install....def sucks but you learn07:52
mcurranor you could use /home/<user>/.mozilla/plugins/ and put it there, and then symlink it to the other dir.07:52
DogearsThanks for your help!07:52
terminhelltristan3199us: im not sure then sorry, not used ubuntu in a while =/ im here to sorta help with general linux stuff. The way ubuntu handles daemons like dbus is different than my distro07:53
zzecoolLint: its not 3rd party .... its libreoffice   official one....07:53
* Lint feels sad for those who has to use libreoffice07:53
mcurrananyone know a good channel for mobo support?07:53
Krisedzzecool any idea how to insert a script (that you have to click on- or a shortcut to it) to the first user who installs it ? sorta like when you run livecd you get the install release shortcut ?07:53
diuneighcan anyone help me deleting a swap partition with fdisk?  Gparted will not recognize the partition.  can someone walk me through it.  I am not having luck with the manual or googling for a solution.07:53
tristan3199usterminhell: whats your os of choice??07:53
mcurranor nvidia nforce board support other than hp' and google.com07:53
HEYHEYHEYI cant find my partitioned drive under the file manager, even though I used to be able to07:53
mcurranI got two motherboards that refuse to give any video output signal, A8M2N-LA (compaq presario sr2023wm) and a MCP61PM-HM (hp pavilion a6000).  My primary PC is a MCP61PM-GM board, so I'm able to hotflash the bios for my second bad mobo, but still no friggin' video.  tried adding video card, but neither the onboard on gpu card work in those two boards.  Anyone got any ideas?07:53
terminhelltristan3199us: Archlinux07:54
alexander-zfmcurran: but how to erase the error  when installing software, it's still finding flash-downloader07:54
zzecoolKrised: no idea :P07:54
terminhelltristan3199us: It's not for the freshbloods of the nix world. As you piece it together mostly from scratch and hand modify a lot of config files07:55
mcurranremove flash downloader, then go to adobe website/downloads/ and download the flashplayer for linux x86 or i586/x64.  then extract that archive you download and it'll have the libflashplayer.so file you need.07:55
tristan3199usterminhell: was lookin to try something new.. dont mind learning.. is it complicated to get running??07:55
mcurranIs there a terminal based way to burn an image to a dvd?  Could i just loop mount an iso to a temp. directory and then cp -r all the files to /dev/cdrom ?07:56
mcurranor /dev/sr0 whatever the drive is mounted as?07:56
Lintwhy bother if it has exactly same software but inferior packagers team?07:56
mcurranHEYHEYHEY, are you using gparted?07:58
mcurranif not, try it.07:58
tristan3199usbeen foolin around with ubuntu for a couple years.. and have learned alot.. but im still constanly learning.07:58
NotproNthe ubuntu alternate cd that i downloades from the site is bootable?07:58
mcurranthese mobos are really making me upset, since they're perfect workstations for two nodes I could be using, especially since they're nforce boards with CUDA capable onboard chips07:58
GhostWolfhi all, is there something i need to install or do in order to get ubuntu to reconize audio cd's? i have rhythmbox and banshee and they both don't show the audio cd when i insert the cd07:58
mcurranpyrit cluster hopes :( haaaaa.07:59
alexander-zfok thanks mcurran..u're awesome..07:59
mcurrandid it work07:59
mcurranLet me know if you need specifics alex07:59
tristan3199usghostwolf: are you able to open the cd in nautilus ??07:59
GhostWolftristan3199us, no im not its not reconizing it at all08:00
NotproNubuntu-11.10-alternate-i386 works like a live cd?08:00
terminhelltristan3199us:  Yes. There is no GUI installer, or gui at all, at first that is. You get a terminal, and a few other tools. Then you add what you want afterwards08:00
tristan3199usterminhell: would i need to add my own repos as well?? would preferr not to have ubuntu since im using a notebook right now and would rather not be dealing with problems on things i never use..08:01
prashant_123456how to reset gnome panel to default08:02
prashant_123456using ubuntu 11.1008:02
terminhelltristan3199us: I wouldnt recommend it to anyone with less than a year or two of linux usage. Repo's are already in place for the most part, you just enable the ones for your region you want.08:02
tristan3199usghostwolf: is it an internal cd drive or usb?08:02
GhostWolftristan3199us, an internal cd drive08:03
GhostWolfi don't know if i ever used or try using an audio cd while using ubuntu, i always have music on my computer08:03
mcurranprashant_123456 I'll tell u in a sec. I gotta find it08:04
terminhelltristan3199us: if your serious about being serious with linux, give this a thorough readover: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Beginners'_Guide08:04
tristan3199usghostwolf: http://www.google.com/url?q=https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount&sa=U&ei=KWc7T5GQFYTm2gX5l-DKCg&ved=0CAwQFjAE&client=internal-uds-cse&usg=AFQjCNF3491DSPDWIupVS2pbcsRki0JqHg08:05
mcurranprashant_123456 I'm pretty sure you delete ~/.gnome2/panel2.d the pane2.d directory, but I'm not possitive, and that's for gnome208:06
GhostWolftristan3199us, not to be rude but i don't think thats going to help, if its a problem of not reading a plain audio cd it has to be something not needed mounted, ubuntu can reconize other discs just fine..08:07
GhostWolfbut anyways since that wasn't really want i wanted to know i just do an old fashion way and go into windows and put the music onto my comp..08:07
janisozaurwhy does 'canorus' package require lilypond-doc? shouldn't the -doc package be only suggested?08:08
terminhellbecause ubuntu likes to pull in things that really aren't required08:09
prashant_123456mcurran, using ubuntu 11.1008:09
terminhelli mean, just try removing gdm or evolution....it tries  to take all of gnome with it...or used too08:09
tristan3199usghostwolf: no offense taken..08:10
janisozaurterminhell, hmm, it seems that apt-get thinks 'recommends' means 'depends'08:10
Lintterminhell, that's because gnome is compiled in the way its developers expect08:12
Lintthey cannot afford playing hackers and compile gnome without important dependencies providing the functionality user wants08:13
terminhellLint: its an ubuntu issue. other distro's will allow you to remove components from gnome that wont end up removing the whole gnome install.08:14
glebihanterminhell, ubuntu also allows you to do that08:14
terminhellperhaps, but not as finely tuned as it could be08:15
glebihanterminhell, the only package that will get removed when you uninstall gdm is the gnome metapacjage08:15
wisniawho can tell me how to change gnome file manager icon colours (apperance) ?08:15
Lintterminhell, they will not, as gnome components will not load if libraries they are linked with are missing08:16
linux5001Hey guys, anybody knows where to get Linux System Engineers? I already advertised on xing, linkedin without success. The market seems be completely sucked dry. Anybody knows of forums that have subforums for jobs? I can not find any.08:16
glebihanLint, most gnome components do not depend on each other08:16
terminhelland thats the problem. for some reason evolution is tied in so much with ubuntu's version of gnome (or at least used to be) that it wants to take most of it with it08:17
tobshow can i send privat msg to users in irc under client "weechat"08:17
glebihanterminhell, what do you mean "most of it" ?08:17
tobsanybody else uses "weechat"??08:18
glebihanterminhell, what does it want to remove when you try to uninstall evolution ? which packages08:18
alexander-zfhow to change from default unity to gnome in ltsp client?08:18
glebihanterminhell, that's a metapackage08:18
glebihanterminhell, removing it doesn't actually remove anything08:18
terminhellhmm, a bit misleading i suppose08:19
glebihanterminhell, it's just there to help installing a default gnome desktop08:19
terminhellstill odd that it would even display that though08:19
glebihanterminhell, it depends on all gnome packages but contains no data08:19
terminhellit just doesnt seem as modular as it could be08:19
glebihanterminhell, no, it's normal. Evolution is one of gnome's default applications so gnome-desktop depend on it08:19
glebihanterminhell, it is very modular. As soon as you'll remove the gnome-desktop package, you'll be able to remove any part of gnome you want08:20
terminhelli guess my issue is the need to remove a meta package in the first place, or its need of one at all08:21
glebihanterminhell, the need for one is that it makes things much more simpler when a user wants to install gnome08:21
glebihanterminhell, he only has 1 package to install08:22
terminhelli guess i just have a different philosophy to package management08:23
terminhellhello Mephisto08:23
Mephistocan anyone tell me how can i get Chromium 10 from here: http://mirror.fiber.net/ubuntu-lucid/pool/universe/c/chromium-browser/ ?08:23
Mephistoi need 10th version for some things...08:23
Mephistobut i dunno how to install it08:23
terminhellMephisto: is it a repo?08:24
Mephistonot really.. it's a mirror..08:24
terminhellyou may have to compile it08:24
Mephistobut it probably can be used as a repo.. i'm not sure08:24
Mephistowhat for?..08:24
tristan3199usim getting an error also saying extlinux not found.. this is required for ext2-formatted usb drive install mode.  install the "syslinux" package or your distribution's equivalent..08:24
tristan3199ushowever i do have syslinux packages installed and im not using ext208:25
terminhellMephisto: download the version you need and for your appropriate architecture (32 or 64bit) then double click and install it after its downloaded08:25
Mephistoterminhell, erm.. are you sure it's possible?..08:25
terminhellor in terminal, dpkg -i /package/name08:26
Linux50001Anybody knows Linux forums that have subforums for jobs? I am desperately looking for Linux System Engineers in Switzerland. I can not find any on linkedin or xing. The market is sucked dry.08:27
terminhellNope Linux5000108:28
Linux50001Are there any other Linux related channeld where I could ask?08:29
somsipLinux50001: try the freelance sites?08:29
terminhelltry #linux08:29
DJonesLinux50001: Just wondering if there is an ubuntu swiss loco that might be able to help08:29
Linux50001somsip: I did but I need Linux Engineers for permante positions not projects.08:29
Yabdenhire me and i will write the programs to power your coo-coo clocks08:29
somsipLinux50001: what is "permanent"? I've been with two clients well over a year from freelance jobs08:30
Linux50001somsip: open end. You know any good freelancer sites for Linux covering Europe?08:30
Linux50001somsip: I tried freelancermap.de but everybody in involved in projects.08:31
Yabdenis there really a linux sysadmin/engineer shortage in europe?08:31
Linux50001Yabden, totally. Trust me.08:31
somsipLinux50001: oDesk, eLance, i wouldn't bother with scriptlance, getafreelancer possibly. It's been a while since I had to ue them08:31
DJonesLinux50001: There is a swiss ubuntu loco with an irc channel on freenode #ubuntu-ch you could ask there or in #ubuntu-offtopic or ##linux as well, probably a a few good channels that might have somebody that can suggest somewhere08:32
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Linux50001yabden, I am a professional recruiter. There are no Linux System Engineers anywhere to be found at the moment. Everybody I contact has the same problem.08:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:33
Yabdenthat's interesting08:33
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Linux50001somsip, thx for the names08:33
Linux50001DJones, thx08:33
Massachusettsquestions concerning ubuntu 12.04 multimonitor support08:34
auronandace_!12.04 | Massachusetts08:35
ubottuMassachusetts: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:35
Abooda!11.10| Abooda08:36
ubottuAbooda, please see my private message08:36
Aboodawow, cool bot08:36
Aboodahow much does it know?08:37
jrmywhat's the difference between the amd proprietary drivers ones the normal and the other is the post release08:40
NotproNguys please help me out here08:40
NotproNi downloaded the ubuntu cd08:41
NotproNis there a way i can run it live cd?08:41
Yabdenit already runs as a livecd08:41
meetis this the only ubuntu help channel?08:42
NotproNthe only option here is install ubuntu08:42
meetYabden yobu can create a bootable us08:42
damo22NotproN, did u dl the alternate cd?08:42
DJonesNotproN: The standard desktop iso just needs burning to a cd or a usb stick and then booting up with the disc/usb inserted, there should be a "Try Ubuntu" option when it starts up08:42
jrmyheh.. that's the problem08:42
jrmyalternate is just for installation08:43
NotproNdamo22: yeah alternate one08:43
NotproNi see08:43
NotproNty so08:43
Yabdenyup just get the regular one08:43
damo22NotproN, you cant use the alternate one as a livecd08:43
jrmyyeah I figured that out the hard way too08:43
Yabdenif you want to save a cd you can use a usb stick08:43
NotproNwhats the diff between 2?08:43
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DJones!alternate | NotproN08:44
ubottuNotproN: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal08:44
Yabdenthe alternate one is meant only for installing and doesn't give you a live gui08:44
NotproNi see08:44
NotproNthank you guys08:44
jrmywell that's nice info I didn't know :]08:44
NotproNso much08:44
DJones!live | NotproN (This is the live cd/desktop cd)08:45
ubottuNotproN (This is the live cd/desktop cd): The Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.08:45
jrmyso yeah anyone know more about the proprietary drivers for amd graphics cards?08:45
NotproNty guys08:46
mukwenhachi guys. I just installed netbeans by downloading from their official website then installing via the terminal. problem is when i type netbeans in the command line to run it, it tells me its not yet installed08:46
NotproNi apreciate the info08:46
jrmyI'm not sure if either will work for my gpu but I noticed there is 2 of them.. wanting to know the differences08:46
mukwenhaci installed netbeans version 7.108:46
tristan3199usseems my user has lost permission to do pretty much anything. and my xinitrc is missing..08:47
mukwenhacin the software center the one available is 6.908:47
tristan3199uswhere can i obtain a new xinitrc??08:47
mukwenhacdoes anyone know how I can make linux aware of this newly installed netbeans??08:47
mukwenhacit does appear in my launch menu08:47
mukwenhacbut from the command line, nothing happens...it's mistaken08:48
Yabdenmaybe it isn't in your path08:48
mukwenhacthanks, Yabden which path would this be08:48
Yabdendo: whereis netbeans08:48
Yabdenit will probably tell you the directory08:49
mukwenhacthis is the output -> netbeans: /etc/netbeans.import /etc/netbeans.conf /etc/netbeans.clusters /usr/local/bin/netbeans /usr/share/netbeans08:49
Yabdenyou should be able to run it by doing /usr/local/bin/netbeans then08:50
mukwenhacI tried that -> bash: /usr/local/bin/netbeans: No such file or directory08:51
tristan3199ussudo gedit08:52
dr_willisgksudo gedit08:53
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi
tristan3199uswell i managed to get xinitrc edited.. added08:54
tristan3199usexec ck-launch-session dbus-launch gnome-session but its in ect/x08:54
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=== Rondom_ is now known as Rondom
prashant_123456cannot reset gnome panels using ubuntu 11.10 classic gnome09:09
slobrogateway to glimmer09:12
rokyronniecan Skype use ALSA ?09:18
=== svensk_a1 is now known as Dubaco
Yabdenalsa can emulate oss so if skype supports oss then alsa will work with it09:20
Dubacodoes a netbook remix 11.04 exist?09:20
rokyronnieso.. how can I do that ? cause ALSA is the only way my microphone works09:20
auronandace_Dubaco: no, unity is meant to be for netbooks anyway09:21
auronandace_!unity | Dubaco09:22
ubottuDubaco: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity09:22
=== auronandace_ is now known as auronandace
NotproNdoes somebody here run ubunto in dual boot with osx?09:27
auronandace!anyone | NotproN09:27
ubottuNotproN: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.09:27
somsipmukwenhac: it should be a link in /usr/local/bin/netbeans. On mine:  netbeans -> /usr/local/netbeans-7.1/bin/netbeans*09:27
NotproNdoes somebody have done dual boot with ubuntu/osx under macbooks?09:28
NotproNif yeas, how do i do i09:29
ikoniaNotproN: I have done in the past, I'm not currently09:29
melvincvthere he goes again09:29
ikoniaNotproN: you'll get better responses if you just ask your question rather than if anyone has this, people know how to do things even if they don't do them thereselves09:29
ikoniamelvincv: ?09:29
auronandace!dualboot | NotproN09:30
ubottuNotproN: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot09:30
theadminNotproN: The Ubuntu installer detects other operating systems, if you use the simple partitioning option it will automatically handle all the dual boot for you, can't be a big deal09:30
theadminThen again I have no idea if grub really boots osx or not (don't see why not, it can chainload...)09:30
melvincvikonia, "does somebody... " doesn't really help anybody, right?09:31
ikoniamelvincv: not really no.09:31
theadminmelvincv: Some people just don't know how to ask questions :D09:31
pigimanHey there, I have installed latest skype version and seems that it always get stuck. Any ideas what can I do to fix it?09:36
eskizle- how can i extract applet from webpages?09:37
chaospsychexeskizle-: what do you mean 'extract' ?09:37
eskizle-to be able to get the jar09:38
=== MoL0ToV is now known as Mol0Tov
eskizle-so that i can reuse it for exemple09:38
chaospsychexwhat browser are u using?09:38
rokyronniewhere is the old ALT+F2 command in Ubuntu 11.10 ? cause when I do this nothing happen09:39
chaospsychexeskizle-: there is an extension for firefox so see jar09:39
chaospsychexdev tools extension09:39
sgo11rokyronnie, it works here.09:40
eskizle-chaospsychex: ok...09:40
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com09:40
sgo11rokyronnie, gnome-control-center keyboard09:41
rokyronnieok, and how the command called ?09:43
sgo11rokyronnie, I just posted for you. gnome-control-center keyboard09:43
rokyronnieok thanks, problem solved09:45
sgo11rokyronnie, you're welcome. :)09:45
rokyronniebut I really can't figure out how to make my mike work with skype, alsa being the only way my mike ever worked, and I can't find anything else then PulseAudio in skype sound settings09:46
jswagnerjust installed the 0214 daily-live image on an HP EliteBook 2760p and everything went really smoothly :)09:47
MacroManHi everyone.09:47
MacroManI've got a big problem this morning. I decided to try out one of these USB 2 VGA adapters09:48
MacroManSo I plugged it in and booted, then gnome only loaded on the monitor plugged into the adapter09:48
MacroManI shutdown and unplugged it then booted again. Now I'm only getting to stage 3 booting (command line only)09:49
MacroManI tried 'start gdm'09:49
tumppuyou can't start gdm without X09:49
jswagnerbest feature: connected to wifi from live cd, and after i booted into the system, it remember the network and the key09:50
MacroManthanks I'll try it. One thing I did note from the syslog. It was still trying to load the USBDID something or other09:50
MacroManBasically the driver for the usb adapter09:50
jswagnereverything worked out of the box, even the digitizer09:51
jswagnerplaying with gnome-shell now09:51
MacroManSo it seems that it is now configured the default monitor for the adapter. Know where this configuration is stored?09:51
MacroManI'm on 10.04 lts09:51
MacroManThere isn't a xorg.conf on 10.0409:52
MacroManAny idea where xinittrc is? I googled but can't find it09:56
MuelliMacroMan: well, I think you are supposed to put it in your home directory.09:57
=== mquin- is now known as mquin
MacroManIn my syslog I have: WARNING: Unable to load file '/etc/gdm/custom.conf': No such file or directory09:59
MacroManxinittrc doesn't contain any monitor or driver information10:00
MacroManI also have this error: gdm-binary[2561]: WARNING: Unable to find users: no seat-id found10:01
MacroManI'm really stuck. Anybody have any ideas?10:02
chaospsychexMacroMan: what is the problem10:02
MacroManI plugged in a USB 2 VGA adapter which didn't work and now when I boot gdm won't loa10:02
chaospsychexok is it plugged in right now?10:03
TA5KHi, I have a problem with setting my display resolution permanently. Changing it via Settings Dialog and "save it permanently" has no effect. Any suggestions?10:04
chaospsychexMacroMan: are you at the shell ?10:04
chaospsychexMacroMan: tty?10:04
MacroManYes, I'm at shell10:05
chaospsychexare you on mars or something10:05
chaospsychexcuz it takes you like 5mins to reply10:06
MacroManHere's my log file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/842828/10:07
=== yavor is now known as y4h0
MacroManfrom syslog10:07
chaospsychexwell anyway, pull out the adapter then plug it back in. wait 2 secs after plugging it back in then do 'dmesg' paste the last 10 lines10:07
snow_usaok, bye huayra10:07
chaospsychexMacroMan: ok, im looking at it.....10:08
MacroManI'm not bothered about getting it working now. I just want my normal display monitors back up and running10:08
raahedeI have a technical issue, who should i report it to?10:09
chaospsychexMacroMan: show me the contents of '/etc/gdm/custom.conf'10:09
MonkeyDustraahede  maybe someone here can help10:09
MacroManThat file doesn't exist10:09
=== mas is now known as lukman
MacroManI'm not sure if it used to or not10:10
chaospsychexMacroMan: ls | grep /etc/gdm/10:10
chaospsychexMacroMan: i mean 'ls /etc/gdm/'10:10
MacroManThere ^10:11
TA5KMmm, I can't click with mouse right now. Mouse curser seans to changed it's icon, but I can't select anything ... ??!?10:11
raahedeOkay, I have a thinkpad edge 0196-2EG where i run ubuntu desktop aside my windows 7 installation. My ubuntu can sometime freeze and I have to hardreset my computer to come into normal conditions again. I also have a IBM thinkpad T41 with a full Ubuntu install and there is no problems at all.. What can cause to freeze problem on the thinkpad 0196-2EG?10:12
lukmanmas mau print10:12
chaospsychexMacroMan: one sec10:12
MacroManK thanks10:13
nixmaniackhi, I want to create a demo user without displaying it on Login Screen, and no clutter of .skel in it's home directory. How can I do that?10:13
namoamitabuddhaIs there anybody suffering from ipw2200?10:14
chaospsychexMacroMan: have you tried creating that file it's complaining about and seeing what happens?10:14
MacroManI can try that10:14
chaospsychexMacroMan: sudo nano /etc/gdm/custom.conf10:14
chaospsychexCTRL+O to ouput it and then ctrl+x to quit, don't put anything in it just yet10:15
MacroManOk, I need to restart to see if that works10:15
MacroManI'll drop from here, but be back on once I've tried it10:16
henkselikapinapart #ubuntu10:16
chaospsychexhe didn't need to restart.....10:16
azbarcea_hello everyone ...10:18
azbarcea_i have a problem with apt10:18
azbarcea_the same discribed here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1166723410:18
raahedeAny one who has experienced my above problem?10:18
azbarcea_the problem is that any-get install, upgrade doesn't fail but reports errors10:18
azbarcea_does anyone has any suggestion?10:19
MacroManStill only boots to command line10:19
chaospsychexcomplaining of same msg?10:19
MacroManLet me just check the log10:19
Muelliazbarcea_: can you give us the full output of your problem in a pastebin, please? Otherwise it's hard to tell10:20
chaospsychexMacroMan: do you have the usb adapter removed?10:20
azbarcea_Muelli: http://pastebin.com/pc2evvhe10:20
=== p1l0t is now known as Guest21434
azbarcea_the problem occured when muon freezed at 97%10:21
MacroManI did when I tried it. I'm using the adapter so I can get on here10:21
azbarcea_i tried anything I knew (from dpkg --configure -a) to erase cache etc10:21
MacroManThat's why I had to log out from this channel10:21
=== mjfork_ is now known as mjfork
Muellihm azbarcea_. Looks bad. Maybe do smth like "apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-3.0.0-16-generic" helps?10:22
chaospsychexMacroMan: so this adapter allows you to plug a vga monitor into a usb port?10:22
azbarcea_Muelli: the problem got worse when I removed manually the files from /boot with
Muelliuh azbarcea_10:23
azbarcea_Muelly - i tried yesterday that, lets see what happens now10:23
chaospsychexMacroMan: what video-outs does your board have?10:23
MacroManI'm using nvidea card. It has VGA and DVI-I10:23
MacroManOne monitor in each socket10:23
chaospsychexMacroMan: so your problem is gdm won't start?10:24
MacroManhmm, from the log it looks like it's loading the sisusb driver (FOr the usb adapter): http://paste.ubuntu.com/842843/10:24
MacroManYes, gdm won't load wihtout using this usb adapter10:25
MacroManIt was fine up unitil I plugged that dammed thing in10:25
TA5KMousebug: I had to reload the psmouse module "modprobe .r psmouse" ... now it's working .. for how long?!10:25
azbarcea_Muelli: I tried anything from: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PackageManagerTroubleshootingProcedure10:25
TA5KWow powertop shows "37.0% (506.7)   [Rescheduling interrupts] <kernel IPI>" ... :(10:25
Muelliazbarcea_: What's the outoput of apt-get install --reinstall?10:26
chaospsychexMacroMan: show me output of 'lsmod | grep usb'10:26
azbarcea_Muelli: http://pastebin.com/zBhPUi5S10:26
chaospsychexMacroMan: with the adapter removed10:26
MacroManOK I need to reboot for that. GIve me a minute10:26
chaospsychexMacroMan: if you reboot with the adapter removed will gdm start?10:27
Muelliazbarcea_: sick :-\ So what kernels do you have installed? Check with smth like apt-cache policy linux-kernel. Then, *I*'d apt-get remove the -15 kernel but mind you that it might leave you with an unbootable system.10:27
azbarcea_Muelli: the kernel I'm using right now is -1510:28
azbarcea_Muelli: the dist-upgrade tried to install -1610:28
Muelliazbarcea_: yeah, I guess so. I'd remove it and install the -16 right away.10:29
azbarcea_Muelli: yesterday I tried to compile -17, but after compile, the install failed with the same error10:29
chaospsychexMacroMan: welcome back10:30
chaospsychexMacroMan: so you have the adapter in now?10:30
azbarcea_Muelli: I try to force install the -16 without loosing the -1510:31
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots10:31
Muelliazbarcea_: nah, won't work.10:31
azbarcea_Muelli: I don't know to do that (it seams)10:31
Pumpkin-./win 3210:31
MacroManHi, 'lsmod | grep usb' show this when the adapter is unplugged: http://paste.ubuntu.com/842853/10:31
MacroManYes I have the adapter plugged in now10:32
Muelliazbarcea_: but that;s why I asked for the other kernels. If you had other kernels installed, then removing the current one isn't a big deal.10:32
MacroManIt's the only way I get gdm to load10:32
varnieI'd like to know how can I install IE on ubuntu.10:32
varnieI have to perform some checks for my websites.10:32
theadminvarnie: Search for "ies4linux"10:33
Muellivarnie: there is "IE4Linux". check google10:33
azbarcea_Muelli: this is what i have in /boot http://pastebin.com/puvk3mkG10:33
chaospsychexMacroMan: so you do have the shell showing without using the adapter?10:33
Muelliazbarcea_: but that;s why I asked for the other kernels. If you had other kernels installed, then removing the current one isn't a big deal.10:33
chaospsychexMacroMan: are you using xchat right now?10:33
azbarcea_Muelli: I don't think -16 is a working one10:33
MacroManNo I'm using the web browser10:33
azbarcea_Muelli: Ok .. let's remove the 15 then10:34
MacroManYes the shell shows without the adapter10:34
MacroManThis is what 'lsmod ...' is hsowing now: http://paste.ubuntu.com/842858/10:34
=== root is now known as Guest39905
chaospsychexMacroMan: ok i see....10:35
chaospsychexMacroMan: ok do this10:35
chaospsychexMacroMan: unplug this adapter and boot on your other monitor10:35
chaospsychexMacroMan: when u get to the shell you will need to run these commands10:35
azbarcea_Muelli: this is what I have now: http://pastebin.com/pBPHfZVv10:36
chaospsychexMacroMan: sudo apt-get install irssi10:36
chaospsychexMacroMan: once that command is done, run 'irssi'10:36
chaospsychexMacroMan: then irssi will start10:36
LinSkyratequestion: How do i resolve hostnames on LAN? i only get the ip adr on all the hosts..10:36
MacroManI take it irssi is an irc client10:37
chaospsychexMacroMan: yes10:37
Dwade09how do i convert .flv or .mp4 or .avi to .mp3?10:37
Muelliso azbarcea_, I think you can apt-get purge the -15 one, because you still have the -12 installed :) Actually, apt-get purge both, the -15 and the -16. Oh, and the -17, too.10:37
chaospsychexMacroMan: once irssi is started you run '/server irc.ubuntu.com'10:37
chaospsychexMacroMan: then '/nick MacroMan' then 'join #ubuntu'10:37
MacroManOk got it10:37
chaospsychexso do that and we go from there10:38
MacroManI'll be back on in a min10:38
chaospsychexyour not using the adapter now right?10:40
MacroManNo, it's unplugged10:40
chaospsychexok show me 'lsmod | grep usb'10:40
chaospsychexoh wait, lol will be hard your at the shell10:41
MacroManCan I drop out of irssi keep the session open?10:41
azbarcea_Muelli: now what: http://pastebin.com/1HUZkWmR10:41
chaospsychexMacroMan: if you hold ALT and press the right arrow key you will go to another terminal10:41
MacroManOk cool10:41
chaospsychexMacroMan: if you hold ALT and press the left arrow key u will come back10:41
huyhoamy flv files are accidentally deleted, how can I recover them?10:41
huyhoaI tried foremost and scalpel, but they dont support flv10:42
junglist99can someone help me make my souncard work with prgm mixxx ?10:42
chaospsychexMacroMan: on TTY2 do 'lsmod | grep usb' and see if that 'sisusbvga' shows up10:42
llutzhuyhoa:use photorec10:42
MacroManOk, ismod isn't working now10:42
chaospsychexMacroMan: lsmod10:43
LcawteHi, I have a server running on my network, and for some reason, it no longer responds to its hostname (before I could connect to lcserv via http and ssh) and now I have to use its lan IP, anyone have any idea why?10:43
chaospsychexl not i10:43
MacroManDOh, typo10:43
llutz!info testdisk | huyhoa10:43
ubottuhuyhoa: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.11-2 (oneiric), package size 1558 kB, installed size 4612 kB10:43
MacroManNo it doesn't show10:43
huyhoayep, try them now, thx you10:43
chaospsychexMacroMan: your on one monitor now? which socket are you using ?10:43
Muelliazbarcea_: that's good so far.10:44
Muelliazbarcea_: do a apt-get install linux-image.10:44
junglist99hello can someone help me make my souncard work with prgm mixxx ?10:44
azbarcea_Muelli: http://pastebin.com/1W1dnksZ10:44
MacroManand VGA actually because I ussually run dual screen, but both are showing the same thing at the moment10:44
chaospsychexMacroMan: ok one sec10:45
azbarcea_Muelli: right now10:45
Halexander9000Greetings gentlehumans! Does anyone have any idea why clicking fast in a minecraft window makes it lose focus of the cursor and thus force the game display the pause menu?10:46
BarryBwhy cant send to channel10:46
chaospsychexMacroMan: what does 'lsmod | grep video vga' show ?10:46
chaospsychexMacroMan: well nvm that, type 'gdm' and tell me what happens10:46
Halexander9000I'm using a LXDE desktop manager with the latest Ubuntu release, and frankly I didn't have this problem back when I was using the Unity Desktop Manager.10:46
llutzchaospsychex: it will say "file not found"10:47
LcawteHi, I have a server running on my network, and for some reason, it no longer responds to its hostname (before I could connect to lcserv via http and ssh) and now I have to use its lan IP, anyone have any idea why?10:47
BarryBlists the modules that are related to video vga10:47
azbarcea_Muelli: now what? http://pastebin.com/KFQ168pF10:47
MacroMan'vga: No such file or directory'10:47
BarryBsee if you have the modules10:47
Halexander9000But keys did get stuck in Unity. They don't in LXDE.10:47
Halexander9000Could someone please help me?10:47
llutzchaospsychex: lsmod|grep -E 'video|vga'    you mean10:48
chaospsychexllutz: yes10:48
Halexander9000I'd very much appreciate some help.10:48
MacroManWARNING: failed to aquire org.gnome.DisplayManager: Connection ":1.18" is not allowed to own the service "org.gnome.DisplayManager" due to security policies in the configuration file10:48
yulerI can't get Wacom Bamboo to function completely under Maverick.  Using dkms module v0.8.10.2, the cursor position is absolute and, using mypaint, I cannot lift the pen and start a new stroke.  The x86 driver simply doesn't work.  The device works fine under 11.10 (LiveCD).10:49
chaospsychexMacroMan: sudo gdm10:49
azbarcea_Muelli: and after --configure -a: http://pastebin.com/p2gWsdjn10:49
MacroManUnable to load file: '/etc/gdm/custom.conf': File is empty10:49
chaospsychexMacroMan: what happens if you 'start x'10:50
MacroManUnable to find users: No seat-id found10:50
MacroManunder sudo?10:50
Muelliazbarcea_: wtf? /usr/sbin/mkinitramfs: line 355: : No such file or directory that's weird.10:50
chaospsychexMacroMan: yeah10:50
MacroManunknown job: 'x'10:50
chaospsychexMacroMan: i mean 'startx' sry10:50
azbarcea_Muelli: ohh ... that distroyed my day yesterday ...10:50
Muelliazbarcea_: so can you execute smth like "sudo bash -x /etc/kernel/postinst.d/initramfs-tools 3.0.0-16-generic /boot/vmlinuz-3.0.0-16-generic" and paste the output?10:51
MacroManFATAL ERROR: No screens found10:51
Muelliazbarcea_: have you screwed up anything else that you haven't told us yet? I.e. remove some system packages?10:51
MacroManCheck Xorg.0.log for more information10:51
chaospsychexMacroMan: 'sudo apt-get remove gdm'10:51
BarryBcan anyone help me....im looking for a package for ubuntu 11.04 that will show a nice UI likethe old gnome with a lovely flow....kinda like MAC10:51
chaospsychexMacroMan: then 'sudo apt-get install gdm'10:51
MacroManIs that safe to remove gdm?10:52
azbarcea_Muelli: not as I know10:52
azbarcea_Muelli: http://pastebin.com/qmmE7L2U10:52
Gyro54My digital output from my sound card has stopped working under 11.10? Still works on windoze. Has there been any similar problems?10:52
MacroManOk, the remove is running10:52
chaospsychexMacroMan: yes but when u run that command before you press y to continue tell me what is being listed that will be removed, will only be gdm?10:52
MacroManAh, too late10:52
chaospsychexMacroMan: it's removing ONLY gdm ?10:52
Muelliazbarcea_: and "sudo bash -x update-initramfs -c -t -k 3.0.0-16-generic -b /boot"?10:53
MacroManto remove: gdm gdm-guest ubunut-DESKTOP10:53
theadminNothing really depends on gdm so it should be safe to remove.10:53
theadminMacroMan: It's okay, safe10:53
MacroManOk cool10:53
theadminMacroMan: Just be sure to install another login manager10:53
chaospsychexMacroMan: sudo apt-get install gdm10:53
MacroManOk I'll do that now10:53
theadminMacroMan: (try kdm or lxdm)10:53
chaospsychexsudo apt-get purge gdm10:54
chaospsychexrun that10:54
azbarcea_Muelli: http://pastebin.com/rfG0pxfi10:54
MacroManhang on, am I installing gdm, kdm or what?10:54
chaospsychexgdm, but first purge10:54
theadminMacroMan: Whatever login manager works for you :D10:54
Halexander9000Hello there. Anyone? A little help? I can't seem to find the option that when checked disables mouse while typing. It might be the one that's causing me these problems. Anyone?10:54
MacroManOh I see, gdm is the login manager10:54
theadminMacroMan: Yesh.10:54
MacroManOk well I've actually done apt-get install gdm which has finished10:55
chaospsychexMacroMan: sudo gdm10:55
Muelliazbarcea_: and "sudo bash -x mkinitramfs -o /boot/initrd.img-3.0.0-16-generic.new 3.0.0-16-generic"?10:55
MacroManShall I remove and try kdm?10:55
azbarcea_Muelli: http://pastebin.com/4PPxGrTB10:55
chaospsychexno 'sudo gdm' see if works10:55
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-help/mouse-disabletouchpad.html   maybe10:55
theadminchaospsychex: dafuq?... Don't use that... "sudo service gdm start" is the proper way10:55
MacroMansudo gdm. Same errors as before10:55
chaospsychexsudo service gdm start10:55
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=271052&highlight=disable+touchpad+while+typing  or that maybe10:55
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: http://www.webupd8.org/2009/11/ubuntu-automatically-disable-touchpad.html10:56
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: Sir, but I'm using LXDE, I doubt it has the same "Control panel" you're used to in Unity.10:56
MacroManit worked. gdm running, process 299010:56
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: the last link is CLI, DE independant10:56
MacroManBut I'm still on the command line10:56
chaospsychexMacroMan: ok now ALT+F710:56
theadminMacroMan: Very well, hit Ctrl-Alt-F7 and see if you can see the login box10:56
theadminchaospsychex: You're forgetting the ctrl10:56
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: Thanks. I'll give it a go and see if it works.10:57
chaospsychextheadmin: u don't need the ctrl outside of DE ?10:57
azbarcea_Muelli: paste to long ... just the last lines: http://pastebin.com/MRRGXAFe10:57
MacroManOk, it's trying to start Virtualbox kernal modules10:57
chaospsychexMacroMan: inside the DE u need to use the ctrl with alt10:57
MacroManthe DE?10:57
ActionParsnipMacroMan: may want to get updates in CLI too, may help10:57
Muelliso azbarcea_, can it be that "gzip" is missing?10:57
theadminchaospsychex: Oh, really? Hm. Wasn't aware of that, I always just Ctrl-Alt-F{ttynumber}10:57
chaospsychexMacroMan: ok so you logged in and gnome is starting?10:58
chaospsychexMacroMan: DE is Desktop Environment10:58
Muelliazbarcea_: or cpio.10:58
fifexy a t il des français ?10:58
MacroManWell it says "Starting Virtualbox Kernal modules"10:58
yulerHaving trouble with Wacom Bamboo under Maverick.  Using dkms module v0.8.10.2, the cursor position is absolute and, using mypaint, I cannot lift the pen and start a new stroke.  The xf86 driver simply doesn't work.  Bamboo works fine under 11.10 (LiveCD).10:58
theadmin!fr | fifex10:58
ubottufifex: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:58
MacroManNo login box10:59
ActionParsnipyuler: does it work in Oneiric liveCD?10:59
azbarcea_Muelli: http://pastebin.com/sE6ZHpQQ10:59
ActionParsnipyuler: sorry, didn't read the end10:59
chaospsychexMacroMan: do you see the GDM at F7?10:59
yulerActionParsnip: if Oneric is 11.10, yes10:59
Muelliazbarcea_: hm. interesting. What do "type -a gzip" or "type -a cpio" say?10:59
azbarcea_Muelli: http://pastebin.com/0jFshngU10:59
chaospsychexMacroMan: do you see the login screen on F7?10:59
ActionParsnipyuler: maverick is EOL in April, so I wouldn't waste much time in Maverick and get upgraded10:59
ActionParsnipyuler: yes oneiric is 11.1010:59
MacroManNo I see a screen telling me the last thing I put10:59
yulerActionParsnip: if I didn't want to waste time, I would not have asked11:00
azbarcea_Muelli: http://pastebin.com/rAKKJ5Fh11:00
MacroManBut it still looks like command line11:00
chaospsychexMacroMan: hold ALT and press the right arrow key11:00
ActionParsnipyuler: when maverick is EOL you will get no updates and no support here....11:00
Muelliazbarcea_: hm. k. Then what is actually line 355 of /usr/sbin/mkinitramfs?11:00
chaospsychexis 8?11:00
yulerActionParsnip: until them, my question stands11:00
azbarcea_Muelli: lets see11:00
MacroManYes, I get to another command promtp11:00
chaospsychexMacroMan: tty8?11:01
ActionParsnipyuler: fair enough, thats fine :)11:01
MacroManI've cycled through all 7 and nothing11:01
chaospsychexMacroMan: ok go to tty211:01
MacroManThere isn't a tty811:01
chaospsychexsudo ps aux | grep gdm11:01
chaospsychexwhat does it show11:02
Gyro54The answer was to reset to analogue and then change back to digital - fixed the problem11:02
azbarcea_Muelli: http://pastebin.com/fERv7Qs311:02
MacroManOk I get this: "david 3314 0.0 0.0 3328 812 tty2 S+ 11:02 0:00 grep --color=auto gdm"11:03
chaospsychexMacroMan: ok is this VM?11:03
ActionParsnipchaospsychex: i suggest to add:  | grep -v grep     so grep itself doesn't show11:03
chaospsychexMacroMan: sudo pkill x11:03
MacroManVM as in virtual machine?11:03
MacroManNo it's not11:03
llutzchaospsychex: "pgrep gdm"11:04
MacroManOk I did sudo pkill x11:04
Simon1245Hey guys, could someone tell me how to connect "My Documents" from Windows to Linux and changes made in Linux happens on Windows aswell, would be appericated if someoen could help me step by step :)11:04
Muellieh azbarcea_. More context would be good, i.e. to see were ec2 comes from :-\ Maybe use wgetpaste or smth like that to conveniently post the thing.11:04
damo22Simon1245, you could create a separate partition for your stuff11:04
MacroMan"pgrep gdm" doesn't do anything11:04
chaospsychexMacroMan: reboot11:04
ActionParsnipSimon1245: is it an internel partition11:04
MacroManOK, be back in a min11:04
llutzMacroMan: so no gdm running11:04
damo22Simon1245, using an NTFS or FAT32 partition that both OS can see11:05
Simon1245damo22, How would that work?11:05
Simon1245damo22, No idea, ActionParsnip what does that mean lol11:05
=== MrPen is now known as penreturns
damo22Simon1245, basically its a segment of your hard disk dedicated to your important files, and both OS can Read and Write to it11:06
davidOK, it booted back to command line11:07
=== david is now known as Guest45827
Guest45827ah damn11:07
damo22Simon1245, is that what youre after?11:07
Guest45827I didn't login to MacroMan quick enough11:07
Simon1245damo22, How can I check wether it's NTFS or FAT32?11:07
Simon1245damo22, Yes so basically if I'm working on linux and saves something that it appears on Windows when I switch to Windows partition11:08
damo22Simon1245, it doesnt exist on your machine yet, im saying its one way you can set things up11:08
david__Ok I'm back11:09
david__It's MacroMan11:09
Simon1245damo22, I want something that could save changes I made in one OS to another so I don't have to switch it manually, it's hard to explain lol11:09
chaospsychexdavid__: so what happened11:09
damo22Simon1245, this is why i recommend splitting your important data into a separate partition11:09
david__Just booted back to command line11:09
ActionParsnipSimon1245: is it on a disk INSIDE the system?11:09
david__But did do a disk check when it started11:10
kaiowasHi, just wondering if anyone here has installed Ubuntu on a Mac and could answer a couple of questions?11:10
Simon1245ActionParsnip, Yeah it's on the harddrive in the computer, not using any external one if that's what you mean11:10
ActionParsnipSimon1245: Ubuntu can access your NTFS partitions easily, just have it mount at boot then make a symlink for easy access11:10
david__Shall I try removing gdm and putting on kdm instead?11:10
Jordan_Ukaiowas: Easiest way to find out is to ask your questions. If anyone can answer them, they probably will :)11:11
ActionParsnipSimon1245: yes, its on a drive inside your system, so its an internal partitions11:11
chaospsychexdavid__: do you run the purge command before you reinstalled gdm ?11:11
kaiowasJordan_U: Right :)11:11
damo22Simon1245, can you paste the output of sudo fdisk -l11:11
david__No, was I supposed to?11:11
damo22Simon1245, to a pastebin11:11
Simon1245damo22, sure11:11
david__So apt-get remove gdm11:11
david__apt-get purge gdm11:11
Simon1245ActionParsnip, I see :) your way seems easier how can I do it?11:11
chaospsychexapt-get remove --purge gdm11:11
azbarcea_Muelli: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551332/11:11
david__then apt-get install gdm11:11
chaospsychexprefixed with sudo ofcourse11:11
azbarcea_Muelli: great tool that wgetpaste ... thx ...11:11
david__Ok, let me do that quickly11:11
kaiowasHow much space will Ubuntu take installed? I thought 20gb should be enough for a Ubuntu partition, so i can play around some with it.11:11
chaospsychexubuntu will take 19.5gb11:12
damo22chaospsychex, O_o11:12
david__hmm, my tty2 is stuck starting apache.11:12
ActionParsnipSimon1245: you will need to add an entry for it in /etc/fstab so that it mounts at boot11:12
Myrttikaiowas: depends on how you'll partition and plan your system11:12
kaiowasthey are good at compressing those files then ;)11:12
Simon1245damo22, http://pastebin.com/1Eb5si8d11:12
chaospsychexdavid__: why is it trying to start apache?11:12
Myrttichaospsychex: if you don't have constructive and actually helpful things to say, then don't.11:12
Jordan_Ukaiowas: A default install of Ubuntu takes a little less than 3 GiB last I checked. How much space you need beyond that depens on what files you store and what applications you install.11:12
ActionParsnipkaiowas: my full gnome desktop is about 4Gb in size with all the codecs and so forth11:12
kaiowasMyrtti: First time install.. so this will be just a partition so i can learn Ubuntu.11:13
Simon1245ActionParsnip, could you show me how to do it like step by step as I'm a beginner to this.11:13
david__I have apache running on my machine by default11:13
ActionParsnip!ntfs | Simon124511:13
ubottuSimon1245: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE11:13
david__I'll worry about that later11:13
ActionParsnipSimon1245: there are plenty of guides around11:13
Simon1245ActionParsnip, Thanks :) Checking it now :)11:13
damo22Simon1245, you have too many swap partitions!11:13
david__Don't I need to re-install ubuntu-desktop since it was removed when I first did apt-get remove gdm?11:14
Muellihm azbarcea_. It tries to do a  "find /tmp/mkinitramfs_SISkZ5". Can you do that?11:14
kaiowasSo, to partition my drive i should go to the Bootcamp program and do the same way as i install windows.. then install refit?11:14
chaospsychexdavid__: yes, was that re-installed when gdm was re-installed?11:14
chaospsychexdavid__: it should of installed it when gdm was installed, depends11:14
david__No, when I removed gdm again, it didn't show it for removal11:14
chaospsychexsudo apt-get install gdm11:15
chaospsychexdont hit anything11:15
david__how do I check if I have it11:15
Jordan_Ukaiowas: No. Boot Camp will create a "hybrid" mbr, which is only needed because Windows can't boot from GPT on BIOS systems. If you're not using Windows, you don't want a hybrid mbr.11:15
Simon1245damo22, What does that mean lol11:15
chaospsychexdavid__: have what?11:15
kaiowasJordan: Ok, so just go to diskutilities and make one more partition of the free space i have?11:15
azbarcea_Muelli: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551333/11:15
david__Actually the apt-get install for gdm sisn't install it11:16
david__Can I do apt-get install ubuntu-desktop?11:16
damo22Simon1245, it appears that you have a hidden windows partition, plus 2 NTFS partitions plus a linux one and 3 swap partitions11:16
chaospsychexdavid__: ok so 'sudo apt-get remove --purge ubuntu-desktop' first11:16
Muellihm azbarcea_. Looks good. Can you do a "echo $?" immediately after the find?11:16
azbarcea_Muelli: no headers11:16
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: That hasn't helped sir.11:17
Jordan_Ukaiowas: Follow the directions here: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download , and also install rEFIt just for ease (it's not needed, but it's convenient)11:17
david__Ok, now install?11:17
azbarcea_Muelli: shouldn't be some headers there?11:17
chaospsychexdavid__: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop11:17
david__Ok Downloading11:17
chaospsychexdavid__: then 'sudo apt-get install gdm'11:17
david__it's 10mb11:17
Simon1245damo22, the hidden one is Windows recovery one, the 2 NTFS is one C: and one :D for like backup files, linux one is kinda obvious and got no idea what the 3 swap one means lol11:17
david__I already have gdm though11:17
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: thats all I know dude, sorry. Not something I use11:18
azbarcea_Muelli: output is: 011:18
damo22Simon1245, do you want 4Gb of extra space as a E:?11:18
Muellino azbarcea_, why? It's the initramdisk, the thing that gets loaded even before your OS is loaded.11:18
chaospsychexdavid__: did you purge before you 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desltop' ?11:18
farrukhjonhow about upgrading linux kernel from kernel.org from trabal, is who tried it11:18
Simon1245E: linux one?11:18
kaiowasJordan_U: Thank you. If i don't install rEFIt i can just hold the ALT key and choose the Ubuntu partition?11:18
david__It's also instsalling linux-headers-generic11:18
azbarcea_Muelli: $ echo $?11:18
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: By any chance, you wouldn't happen to know the LXDE chat room here? Whenever I /list the channels on this network, pidgin crashes.11:18
david__Ok that's complete now11:19
Jordan_Ukaiowas: Yes. Though it will be incorrectly labeled "Windows" by Apple's firmware.11:19
chaospsychexdavid__:  try 'sudo service start ubuntu-desktop'11:19
Muellihm azbarcea_. Weird. I don't really get it then. cpio might be failing. So can you do the find /path/to/smth | cpio -R 0:0 -o -H newc; echo $?   ? where /path/to  is the path in /tmp/11:19
damo22Simon1245, there is 4Gb of extra space floating around you could use as Windows E: / Linux /dev/sda611:19
Jordan_Ukaiowas: You should also use the +mac iso, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/11.10/release/ubuntu-11.10-desktop-amd64+mac.iso11:19
Dwade09im trying to make an audio cd but k3b wont let me says .mp3 is unsupported11:19
david__"unrecorgnized service"11:19
Simon1245damo22, Sure :D would be good as it's for no use anyways :) How can I do that?11:19
kaiowasJordan_U: Oh, thanks for telling me about that one, i made a usb stick of the 64 bit.. but not Mac iso.11:19
chaospsychexdavid__: service start gdm11:20
junglist99can someone help me make my souncard work with prgm mixxx ?11:20
terminhellHalexander9000: there are far too many rooms for pidgin to handle. just try /join #lxde11:20
david__same thing11:20
MonkeyDu1t!info mixxx11:20
ubottumixxx (source: mixxx): Digital Disc Jockey Interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.0+dfsg0-4 (oneiric), package size 2449 kB, installed size 4876 kB (Only available for linux-any all)11:20
Jordan_Ukaiowas: Making a USB stick which is properly bootable on a mac is a hastle, and probably not worth the trouble if you can just burn a CD>11:20
chaospsychexdavid__: sudo service start gdm11:20
damo22Simon1245, run sudo gparted11:20
david__That's what I did11:20
winnie666when modifiing a live iso, should i place special scripts in /usr/share or /etc? will ubiquity still install those files to HD?11:21
Halexander9000Thanks terminhell!11:21
chaospsychexdavid__: ok hold on one sec11:21
Simon1245damo22, Command not found11:21
david__OK thanks11:21
david__I really appreciate your help so far11:21
Simon1245damo22, Can I open private chat with you btw?11:21
damo22Simon1245, sudo apt-get install gparted11:21
chaospsychexdavid__: what version of ubuntu ?11:21
david__10.04 lts11:21
kaiowasJordan_U: I dont have any cds.. I followed the instructions and I think i got it installed.. but now when i think about it, it wasnt bootable.. I guess i have to go and buy some CDs :).11:21
azbarcea_Muelli: I don't know if I understand, the "$ sudo find . -name *smth*" returns nothing11:22
terminhellkaiowas: do you have a flash drive?11:22
azbarcea_Muelli: or smth is something ...11:22
chaospsychexdavid__: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start11:22
Muelliazbarcea_: I mean  "find /tmp/mkinitramfs_SISkZ5 | cpio -R 0:0 -o -H newc; echo $?"11:22
kaiowasterminhell: do you mean if i have a solidstate? No its a normal harddrive.11:22
=== oobie is now known as oobiloz
terminhellkaiowas: no i mean do you a usb thumb drive. You can use those to boot11:23
azbarcea_Muelli: ugly - the output is binary11:23
david__The screen flickered for a few seconds11:23
Jordan_Ukaiowas: There are instructions for making a USB drive which is bootable by a mac at the page I linked to, but they are complicated, not recommended, and will have you booting in EFI mode which will cause problems with graphics drivers. Also, if you do end up going the USB route you would have to *not* use the +mac iso.11:23
Muelliazbarcea_: hm. but that's good *thinking*. Make it smth like this:11:23
Muelliazbarcea_:  "find /tmp/mkinitramfs_SISkZ5 | cpio -R 0:0 -o -H newc> /tmp/foo.cpio; echo $?"11:24
terminhellehh, or not, thumb drive imagine is easier than burning a cd11:24
terminhelljust use dd11:24
kaiowasterminhell: i do, but it didnt show up when i tried booting it after i tried installing it on a usb.11:24
david__So I think it failed to start again. That's what it was doing when I was trying that earlier11:24
theadminterminhell: For burning a cd just use wodim... easy too :D11:24
Jordan_Uterminhell: For an intel mac booting from USB is much more of a hastle due to firmware bugs.11:24
chaospsychexdavid__: no, go over to tty711:24
kaiowasJordan_U: okey, you convinced me of buying some cds. :).11:24
terminhellkaiowas: change your bios options to make your usb boot first11:24
Jordan_Ukaiowas: :)11:25
kaiowasterminhell: it doesnt work like that on Mac11:25
azbarcea_Muelli: binary too11:25
terminhellsilly mac's11:25
david__It's sitting on "Starting AppArmor profiles!11:25
ActionParsnipUSB doesn't use moving parts so is awesome11:25
ZoFreXam I correct in thinking that if I chown zofrex:www-data a directory and set chmod g+s, new files created in that directory should have owner zofrex and group www-data?11:25
david__I now have a tty8, but it's comletely blank11:25
Muelliazbarcea_:  erm, onto your terminal? It should all be in the file now and everything you see on your terminal shuold be "0"... Isn't it?11:25
david__Just a flashing cursor11:25
chaospsychexone sec11:25
azbarcea_Muelli: i mean the foo.cpio is gibberish11:26
Muelliazbarcea_: nice. That's good. Now do smth like11:26
Muelliazbarcea_:  "find /tmp/mkinitramfs_SISkZ5 | cpio -R 0:0 -o -H newc | gzip > /tmp/foo.cpio.gz; echo $?"11:26
Muelliazbarcea_: it should print 0 on your terminal.11:26
david__chaospsychex: I need to have a break. I'll be back in 1011:26
=== david__ is now known as david__brb
chaospsychexdavid__: wait11:26
david__brbOk I'm waiting11:27
=== david__brb is now known as david__
azbarcea_Muelli: yes it is 0 and I have the .gz file11:27
chaospsychexsudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop11:27
Muelliazbarcea_: weird then. I don't think I understand what's going on. *thinking*11:27
chaospsychexsudo /etc/init.d/gdm start11:28
azbarcea_Muelli: -rw-rw-r-- 1 alex alex 16M 2012-02-15 13:27 /tmp/foo.cpio.gz11:28
david__Same thing. Just a flickereing screen11:28
david__tty7 and 8 are the same11:28
Muelliazbarcea_: do you have anything in /etc/initramfs-tools ? If you, it might be worth moving the contents out and try again.11:28
azbarcea_Muelli: you were rith ... the output was 011:28
azbarcea_Muelli: but the command created that /tmp/foo.cpio.gz file ...11:29
chaospsychexdavid__: what does 'sudo startx' do11:29
azbarcea_Muelli: what do I do with that 16M archive?11:29
david__Same as before: "no screens found"11:29
Halexander9000Guys, I need to enable touchpad while typing. Can anyone help me please? Preferably using the terminal, since I'm not using the Unity desktop manager, but the LXDE one.11:29
Muelliazbarcea_: just leave it for now. It was just a test whether your tools work correctly.11:29
azbarcea_Muelli: this is what is have in /etc/initramfs-tools: conf.d  hooks  initramfs.conf  modules  scripts  update-initramfs.conf11:30
azbarcea_Muelli: Ok :)11:30
david__Ok I thing it must be a Xorg issue11:30
azbarcea_Muelli: now what?11:30
chaospsychexdavid__: ok do 'sudo lsmod | less' and go through and see if you see sisusbvga11:31
Muellik azbarcea_. Let's try to following: "sudo cp -ar /etc/initramfs-tools{,.bak}" and if that was successful, delete the whole thing, i.e. "sudo rm -r /etc/initramfs-tools/".11:31
chaospsychexdavid__: i'm thinking the driver for the adapter is being used11:31
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: unity isn't a desktop, its a shell. It uses Gnome as the default desktop11:31
Muelliazbarcea_: then, let's try the mkinitramfs command again. I don't know how it was called though *searching*11:31
terminhellHalexander9000:  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Touchpad_Synaptics11:32
Muelliazbarcea_: after you removed the directory, try a "sudo bash -x mkinitramfs -o /boot/initrd.img-3.0.0-16-generic.new 3.0.0-16-generic" again.11:32
david__No 'sisusbvag'11:33
azbarcea_Muelli: sudo bash -x mkinitramfs -o /boot/initrd.img-3.0.0-16-generic.new 3.0.0-16-generic11:33
azbarcea_Muelli: ok!11:33
sideevAm pretty new to ubuntu, can someone tell me what xfce is ?11:33
david__There is "vga16fb" and "vgastate"11:33
Muelliazbarcea_: works?11:33
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: I herp-derped out of ignorance. Thanks for correcting me.11:33
terminhellsideev: xfce is a different GUI11:33
shaibnHello :) Even though I use --state-cache-days=365 with debmirror ; I keep getting 'State cache file does not exist; doing full mirroring' ; which in turn, takes the entire process a long long time. Why won't the cache exist if I use the state cache argument?11:33
azbarcea_Muelli: the same ... E: mkinitramfs failure find 141 cpio 141 gzip 1 ... should I send all the output?11:33
david__I'm just going to check the xorg.conf file to see if there is anything in there11:34
Muelliazbarcea_: hm. yeah.11:34
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: np man11:34
sideevterminhell: can i install it on my existing ubuntu? Ubuntu is having difficulty managing power11:34
chaospsychexdavid__: is your card an nvidia?11:34
chaospsychexdid u see nvidia in lsmod11:35
david__I wasn't using the nvidea drivers though, just the ones that came with ubuntu11:35
terminhellsideev: yes. You can also adjust power settings too11:35
sideevterminhell: is xubuntu is the xfce version of ubuntu?11:35
theadminsideev: Correct.11:35
terminhellsideev: yes11:35
david__Nothing in the config11:36
chaospsychexok do this11:36
freddy__have a problem mounting a vfat usbstick on my 10.4 ubuntu server. when using mount -t vfat /dev/sdc /mng/usbstick it says wrong fs type.. when I say -t usbfs I can mount it but not copy files to it ... ?11:36
chaospsychexsudo service gdm stop11:36
chaospsychexdavid__: sudo Xorg-configure11:36
azbarcea_Muelli: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551357/11:37
Jordan_Ufreddy__: What if you don't provide any -t argument at all?11:37
taylanubi can't find Tor with aptitude search ?11:37
david__OK I think I actually know what's happened11:37
=== companion is now known as Companion
chaospsychexdavid__: sudo mv ~/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:37
sideevterminhell: theadmin Have been using ubuntu for 2 months now, 2 battery cells have dried up yet due to poor power management. It is consuming too much power. and getting heated up soon.11:37
david__I'm just going to reboot, I'll be back on in a sec11:37
chaospsychexrun these commands first11:37
Muelliazbarcea_: hm. so the error code "141" that is returned by both, find and cpio, might come from the shell, i.e. bash. And 141 apparently is SIGPIPE. So why do the process get SIGPIPE..? Can you wgetpaste "dmesg" and "tail -n 50 /var/log/syslog" or /var/log/messages? Double check for sensitive data.11:38
chaospsychexsudo Xorg-configure11:38
david__There was a config file in the xorg.cond.d directory specific to that usbvga adapter11:38
freddy__Jordan_U: 'you must specify file system type '11:38
Jordan_Ufreddy__: usbfs is almost certainly *not* what you want.11:38
freddy__Jordan_U: ok -11:38
david__Xorg-configure - Command not found11:38
Jordan_Ufreddy__: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"?11:38
chaospsychexdavid__: did u delete it11:38
david__No I've moved it11:38
azbarcea_Muelli: ohhh ... my /bin/sh doesn't poit to dash but to bash!11:38
chaospsychexok reboot11:38
freddy__pastebin ?11:38
sideevterminhell: What I understand is that am running GNOME now, can I install xubuntu too?11:39
azbarcea_Muelli: I had to change that because of bitbake (scripts)11:39
Muelliazbarcea_: hm. shouldn't be a problem. But you can try to revert that.11:39
auronandace!xfce | sideev11:39
ubottusideev: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels11:39
azbarcea_Muelli: good idea ...11:39
terminhellsideev:  yes, after you install it, log out and change session to xfce11:39
Muelliazbarcea_: well, before you get us the dmesg and syslog output or try again after the bash/dash move, do a apt-get install --reinstall initramfs-tools first.11:40
azbarcea_Muelli: changed bash to dash11:41
auronandacesideev: switching to xfce won't make the power management issue go away, its a regression in the kernel (fixed in 3.2.5 though)11:41
Muelliazbarcea_: apt-get install --reinstall initramfs-tools11:41
taylanubis there no Tor daemon in the repositories ?11:41
Muelliazbarcea_: then "dmesg | wgetpaste" and "cat /var/log/messages | wgetpaste"11:42
=== eskizle- is now known as xZwhite
azbarcea_Muelli: reinstalled initramfs-tools http://pastebin.com/RxKtcrNt11:42
sideevauronandace: Oh! I see. What should I do then? :-|11:42
MacroManIt's working11:42
OerHeks!tor | taylanub11:42
ubottutaylanub: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl11:42
* taylanub twitches .. 'wgetpaste < /var/log/messages' that11:42
chaospsychexMacroMan: awesome11:42
terminhellsideev:  upgrade your kernel11:42
auronandacesideev: wait for precise to be released in april11:42
MacroManIt was that config file in the xorg directory11:42
azbarcea_Muelli dmesg - http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551360/11:42
chaospsychexMacroMan: so you were using that usb adapter to add a 3rd screen?11:43
taylanubOerHeks: thanks, but 'aptitude search tor' doesn't seem to find it11:43
MacroManThank you so much for your help and patience11:43
MacroManYes that's right11:43
sideevterminhell: auronandace And where can I update the kernel?11:43
chaospsychexMacroMan: np, i'm sure there is a way to configure xorg to only use that .conf file when the device is present and only for that device11:43
k2sI have USB headset and would like to make Skype ring on all devices, but use only headset for call. At this moment I have to change sound settings before/after call. thx11:43
MacroManI'm a developer and it would be handy to have a 3rd screen11:43
chaospsychexMacroMan: what do u develope? you code?11:43
MacroManYes, I'll have a google around11:43
terminhellsideev: i doubt ubuntu has the latest kernel in its repo's atm11:43
MacroManYes, PHP11:43
auronandacesideev: running a different kernel means we can't support you here if anything goes wrong11:44
OerHeks!info tor11:44
axitkhuranaHi, I'm using ubuntu 10.04, Dell studio 1435, My motherboard was replaced today, now the internet is not working on ubuntu11:44
ubottutor (source: tor): anonymizing overlay network for TCP. In component universe, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 1064 kB, installed size 2216 kB11:44
=== branant_ is now known as branant
chaospsychexMacroMan: you have a website?11:44
auronandace!ppa | sideev11:44
ubottusideev: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa11:44
azbarcea_Muelli: I don't have /var/log/messages - http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551361/, maybe syslog?11:44
taylanubum, need to update some package cache perhaps11:44
MacroManYes, I really need to update it. It looks really crap. www.wakelin.co.cc11:44
taylanub(not a Ubuntu user, personally)11:44
BarryBanyone here actually like UNITY in 11.10?11:44
Muelliyeah azbarcea_. syslog is good.11:45
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
sideevauronandace: terminhell Damn. Am so confused. :-( What to do then?11:45
auronandacesideev: wait for 12.04 or try the ppa (knowing the risks)11:45
terminhellsideev: either wait for the next release of ubuntu, or use another distro11:45
Aboodahas anybody here used the German language freeware . de toolbar? I am trying to remove it from Mozilla FF, but am finding it difficult (poss as I don't know German)11:45
MacroManchaospsychex: I don't really do  lot f private work anymore11:45
chaospsychexMacroMan: i have site too, http://chaospsychex.comlu.com11:45
azbarcea_Muelli: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551362/11:46
chaospsychexMacroMan: click on main, lol11:46
sideevauronandace: Some alpha version (not sure about the term) is available on net I believe? Shall I try it ?11:46
sideevauronandace: of 12.04 i mean11:46
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa11:46
auronandacesideev: up to you. its not stable so there are risks11:46
taylanubran uptitude update and still no tor .. must be related to my setup  (some virtual machine...)11:46
MacroManCool. Are you a developer?11:46
Muellioh azbarcea_. that does't look good. So you have the working -12 kernel, right? Reboot into that. Your binary driver messed smth up and your filesystems seem to be remounted read-only. So a fresh boot might help...11:47
auronandace!12.04 | sideev11:47
ubottusideev: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:47
azbarcea_Muelli: if you don't like that efi stuff, I hate it too11:47
chaospsychexMacroMan: check pm11:47
sideevauronandace: Risk as in?11:47
azbarcea_Muelli: ok ... rebooting11:47
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:47
chaospsychexMacroMan: r u using irssi right now or xchat?11:47
auronandacesideev: stuff may break, do you know what alpha means?11:47
auronandace!botabuse | c31r2g11:48
ubottuc31r2g: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".11:48
Muelliazbarcea_: good luck man11:48
sideevauronandace: I believe, they keep making changes, fixing bugs, till it comes very stable for public consumption11:48
c31r2gsorry kinda new11:48
terminhell<<using kernel 3.2.5-111:48
azbarcea_Muelli: if something goes wrong ... we-ll meet in livecd chrooted :)11:49
chaospsychexMacroMan: yeah python11:49
Muelliazbarcea_: well. the -12 kernel should boot. you might have to select it though.11:49
auronandacesideev: alpha usually involves implementing features, beta is usually bug-fixing and then you get the rc and actual release (by then it is safe to use)11:49
XeliHey, I've just updated to gnome3, how can I 'snap' windows to a corner of the screen, I used to be able to do this with ctrl alt <numpad #>11:49
MacroManchaospsychex: I'm still using irssi. I looked python once. Looked good, but I don't really have a need for it11:49
reSPAWNedHi everyone!11:49
terminhellMacroMan: just drag to the side until the mouse touches screen edge11:50
shaibnHello :) Even though I use --state-cache-days=365 with debmirror ; I keep getting 'State cache file does not exist; doing full mirroring' ; which in turn, takes the entire process a long long time. Why won't the cache exist if I use the state cache argument?11:50
MacroManchaospsychex: I don't understand. I'm i a terminal window11:51
chaospsychexMacroMan: u can change windows in irssi by holding ALT and hitting a number key 'ALT+3'11:51
sideevauronandace: Oh. Thanks for info.11:51
sideevauronandace: Why the issue is there though? It is all about kernel?11:51
chaospsychexMacroMan: u see one blinking? 3 maybe?11:51
auronandacesideev: yes, it is a regression in the kernel11:52
terminhellXeli:  just drag to the side until the mouse touches screen edge11:52
reSPAWNedI have a perhaps very basic question about compiling a linux distribution...11:52
SerythIs there a way to put a scrolling bg on the desktop? I want to have a whole set of images rotated through every 10 seconds...11:52
Xeliterminhell: that doesn't work11:52
auronandacereSPAWNed: maybe ##linux is more suitable11:52
reSPAWNedHow do I install my newly compiled distribution on a machine?11:52
terminhellXeli: do you have gnome-shell too?11:53
Xeliterminhell: I think so, at login I picked gnome-classic11:53
azbarcea_Muelli: "uname -a" Linux horus 3.0.0-12-generic #20-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 7 14:56:25 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux11:53
reSPAWNed@auronandace: perhaps... but I thought I would try here first.11:53
dgulanuse english11:53
terminhellXeli: thats your problem11:53
reSPAWNedauronandace: perhaps... but I thought I would try here first.11:53
dgulanuse english?11:53
dgulancan i use Chinese?11:53
Xeliterminhell: ah let me try the non classic, brb11:53
auronandacereSPAWNed: this is just for support with ubuntu specifically11:53
krissedin gnome ive made a script. I need to make a shortcut or somthing which always runs the script in terminal and with the preamble sudo infront. basicly prompting the user to type in the password before it executes. ow ?11:54
auronandace!cn | dgulan11:54
ubottudgulan: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw11:54
crizzy_krissed: gksudo11:54
reSPAWNed@auronandace: Oh, ok... I'll try another channel... Thx11:54
krissedcrizzy_ where would i put gksudo command ?? thats sorta the problem11:54
crizzy_krissed: in your bash script11:55
crizzy_basically you'll need to do a wrapper script11:55
sideevauronandace: How can I check if am running on latest version of kernel or not11:55
crizzy_like, #!/bin/sh, gksudo /your/real/script.sh11:55
auronandacesideev: uname -a11:55
terminhellsideev: uname -a11:55
crizzy_with newline, not , obviously :)11:55
terminhelldoh >.<11:55
crizzy_then make shortcut to this script11:55
Xeliterminhell: yes now it works, is it possible to make a keybinding for this?11:56
terminhellXeli: probably, but ive never bothered with it11:56
Xeliah, do you happend to know the name of this behavior? Im having problems googling for it.. :p11:56
SerythIs there a way to put a scrolling bg on the desktop? I want to have a whole set of images rotated through every 10 seconds...I'm using 11.10 with xfce11:57
terminhellXeli: tiling11:57
terminhellXeli: check in either gconf or dconf editors11:57
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* reSPAWNed is leaving...11:58
sideevauronandace: terminhell 3.0.0-15-generic-pae #26-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 20 17:07:31 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux11:58
terminhellXeli: not sure if this helps https://live.gnome.org/GnomeShell/CheatSheet11:59
auronandacesideev: there is an update, but you won't get 3.2.5 or higher on 11.10 unless you deliberately install it11:59
auronandace!info linux-generic12:00
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel. In component main, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 1 kB, installed size 36 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)12:00
terminhellsideev: i wouldnt attempt going outside of the stable kernels for ubuntu. weird weird things can happen.12:00
sideevauronandace: And how can i install it?12:00
sideevterminhell: The one am having is the latest stable kernels? o12:01
krissedcrizzy_ i have a script.. in this script i do some editing that requires sudo.. however when i execute the script it just gives me access denied. it doesnt ask me for password at all. why ?12:01
terminhellsideev: most likely12:01
krissedcrizzy_ every command that needs the sudo inside the script starts with sudo12:01
auronandacesideev: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade (that will get you the latest in the repo which is
denis_my firefox crashes non stop, even after reinstallation, since last upadate. how can i fix it?12:03
azbarcea_Muelli: i did another apt-get upgade ... got the same errors, the system asked me to restart, I did, the default option was kernel -16, which it freeze (with keyboard leds flashing), now i'm in  kernel -12 again12:03
crizzy_krissed: execute this script via a wrapper script like i said12:03
krissedah ok. sorry didnt see that line untill just now12:04
Muellihm azbarcea_. Can you get us dmesg and syslog again?12:04
crizzy_krissed: 1) script that calls your script with gksudo - this script is callable by everyone 2) your actual scrip which executes only with sudo, called by script 112:04
azbarcea_Muelli: sure12:04
crizzy_krissed: then make a shortcut to the first script12:04
krissedcrizzy_ excelent. thanks12:04
azbarcea_Muelli: dmesg is http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551370/ and syslog is http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551371/12:05
OliAnybody know where Gedit 3's settings are stored? I'm trying to migrate settings from one account to another but I've now copied everything in $(find . -iname '*gedit*') and it's still using stock settings.12:05
MuelliOli: gconf respective dconf12:05
ActionParsnipOli: try:  find $HOME | grep -i gedi12:06
sideevterminhell: auronandace Thanks for all the help. Really mean it. Learned so many things. And still want to learn a lot. Sometimes I find IRC chat better than a google search. Thanks again. :)12:06
ActionParsnipOli: may also be in dconf12:06
OliActionParsnip: that's essentially what I've done12:06
terminhellsideev: your welcome. good luck12:06
auronandacesideev: no worries :)12:06
OliMuelli & ActionParsnip: Any ideas how to extract the settings from one dconf and move them over?12:06
Muelliazbarcea_: you've got the very same errors again. Can you see that in dmesg? I don't think it make sense but to minimize the error potential, I'd remove the nvidia binary driver. If that's possible that is :-| Maybe remove all kernels after -12.12:06
MuelliOli: not right now, but there is gconftool-2 and I'm confident, that there is a dconf-tool (or the like). Google will know.12:07
ActionParsnipOli: not sure tbh, does dconf have a man page?12:07
ActionParsnip!find dconf12:07
ubottuFound: dconf-gsettings-backend, libdconf-dbg, libdconf-dbus-1-0, libdconf-dbus-1-dbg, libdconf-dbus-1-dev, libdconf-dev, libdconf-doc, libdconf-qt-dev, libdconf-qt0, libdconf0 (and 5 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=dconf&searchon=names&suite=oneiric&section=all12:07
azbarcea_Muelli: only -16 is after -12 left12:08
terminhelldconf exists, dbus editing12:08
terminhelldang op bot >.<12:08
tensorpuddinggosh darn it, how is it possible for virtualbox-dkms to desynchronize from the kernel version12:08
magentium__Hello everyone :)12:08
raahedeHow do I over SSH disable the login screen on a Ubuntu 11.10 desktop ?12:10
terminhelltensorpudding: very carefully?12:10
azbarcea_Muelli: remove -16 with errors http://pastebin.com/c3ZLjGfX12:11
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terminhellraahede: why would you do that? and what, like the gdm?12:11
tensorpuddingso i guess if you use virtualbox in ubuntu you always have to be in fear of updates bumping the kernel version and breaking guest additions12:11
icerootraahede: you want that the system will start with cli instead of a gui? or auto-login?12:11
iceroottensorpudding: no12:12
tensorpuddingor i guess i have to wait until someone pushes an update that fixes it12:12
iceroottensorpudding: not if you are using everyting from the repos12:12
tensorpuddingoh, i definitely am12:12
Halexander9000Can anyone help me with a minecraft issue?12:12
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: what is the issue?12:12
iceroottensorpudding: then normally everything should fit12:12
raahedeiceroot, yes a autologin, its on my parents computer and they dosent need a logon screen when they turn on ubuntu12:12
magentium__Halexander9000 whats up? whats the issue ?12:12
tensorpuddingyes, and the fact that it doesn't means someone screwed up12:12
Muelliah yeah azbarcea_. We still haven't configured initramfs-tools *thinking*. Well. Can you get rid of your binary driver anyway?12:13
azbarcea_Muelli: u're refering to errors from dmesg at line 1299?12:13
raahedeiceroot, iam supporting them via SSH, so if there is a file I just can edit, it would be perfect12:13
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: magentium__: Same as always I'm afraid. Clicking too fast and the mouse cursor pops out of the window and pauses my game. Can't use swords because of it.12:13
Muelliazbarcea_: probably. there's an oops caused by your nvidia driver and then it remounts two partitions read only. Both events are not good.12:13
magentium__Ahh i see. I never had that issue on mine. What version of JAVA are you using? The OpenJDK or the SunJava version?12:14
magentium__i found OpenJDK my mouse would not stay in the window.12:14
Halexander9000magentium__: Hm. How do I check?12:14
Halexander9000magentium__: Is there a terminal command for that?12:14
krissedHmm what happens if i attempt in using sed to delete lines in a file which doesnt exist ?12:15
magentium__Halexander9000 just type in a terminal : java -version12:16
magentium__And let me know what it says12:16
azbarcea_Muelli: $ sudo apt-get -y purge nvidia* | wgetpaste : "No apport report written because the error message indicates its a followup error from a previous failure. E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)" ... more http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551376/12:16
Halexander9000magentium_: OpenJDK as suspected.12:17
azbarcea_Muelli: reboot?12:18
Muelliazbarcea_: mom12:18
MuelliI'll check the output12:18
meethow do i turn on the touchpad after turning it off from the the terminal12:18
magentium__Halexander9000 give me two minutes i will get you a link to install SunJava. Its much faster and more stable12:19
Halexander9000Thanks magentium__.12:19
Muelliazbarcea_: could you do smth like dpkg-reconfigure -p low initramfs-tools ?12:19
ActionParsnipmeet: could unload then reload the psmouse module12:19
meeti used sudo modprobe -r psmouse to turn off the touchpad12:19
Calinouto use sun's java, you will have to use update-alternatives12:19
Calinoudownload sun's java, unzip, put in /opt folder, use update-alternatives correctly12:20
azbarcea_Muelli: /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: initramfs-tools is broken or not fully installed12:20
meetwhats the opposite of sudo modprobe -r psmouse then?12:20
Muellihm azbarcea_. Full output?12:20
anninteresting i need java for some browsing12:20
azbarcea_Muelli: that's it!12:21
azbarcea_Muelli: that's the full output :)12:21
meetok got it. used sudo modprobe psmouse12:21
azbarcea_Muelli: we have the backup ... right?12:21
chilli0Hey, I have an ubuntu headless server, and after like 1day it always dissconnects from the network, how can i figure out why this is happening?!12:21
Muelliazbarcea_: yeah, so no problem :)12:22
Muelliazbarcea_: alright. Well. reboot first. Then we'll take care of initramfs-tools12:22
azbarcea_Muelli: brb ... rebooting12:22
Muellichilli0: Check /var/log/{syslog,daemon,debug, ...}12:23
chilli0Muelli: Can you be any more specific. i found something in syslog a few days ago, but didn't know what to think of it, i'll pb if you could have a look.12:24
=== ksinkar_ is now known as ksinkar
Muelliwell chilli0. How do you know, that is disconnects in first place? I.e. what are the symptoms?12:24
raahedeiceroot, I can see in some guides, there is an easy way to do it in the GUI. In User accounts, but does it remove the SSH password aswell? because it shouldnt. Thanks in advance.12:25
azbarcea_Muelli: i'm back12:25
chilli0Muelli: i can't ping it..12:25
azbarcea_Muelli: another dmesg: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551381/12:25
Muellichilli0: hm. How do you get access to the machine then? I.e. do you have to reboot?12:26
azbarcea_chilli0: do you have VPNs?12:27
Muellihm azbarcea_. Again: EXT4-fs (sda2): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro,commit=0 :-(12:27
chilli0yeah reboot every time, and no not that i remember. i may have tried a while ago to set one up.12:27
ray1clawI need to host a VNC server so another guy can access my PC remotely. We are not on a local network. Can anyone please explain or give me a ref link to help get around to this?12:27
Muelliazbarcea_: what are these for partitions? sda2 and sdb4?12:27
azbarcea_Muelli: sda2 is /12:28
Muelliray1claw: maybe: http://askubuntu.com/questions/11075/how-can-i-enable-the-share-desktop-feature-in-empathy12:28
azbarcea_Muelli: sdb4 - i don't know of it: /dev/sdb1            2046   976771071   488384513    5  Extended12:29
azbarcea_/dev/sdb5            2048   976771071   488384512   83  Linux12:29
ActionParsnip!vnc | ray1claw12:29
ubotturay1claw: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX12:29
ray1clawMuelli, share desktop only shows the other guy ur desktop in realtime, and does not allow them to control it.12:29
Muelliazbarcea_: arr :-\ hm. I don't get it. It should be read only, but we wrote to /etc/ and /tmp all the time *thinking*. That's a weird message. But let's assume that it doesn't matter... Can you show us apt-get install --reinstall initramfs-tools again?12:30
ray1clawubottu, i need to know how to set up a VNC server using vino or something... the GUI app sets up a local server, but when some guy puts in my global ip ‌into vinagre, it says the server is closed12:31
ubotturay1claw: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:31
Muelliray1claw: hm. should be possible to set remote control up. Maybe with vino-preferences12:31
ray1clawMuelli, , i need to know how to set up a VNC server using vino or something... the GUI app sets up a local server, but when some guy puts in my global ip ‌into vinagre, it says the server is closed12:31
azbarcea_Muelli: df - http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551385/12:31
ActionParsnipray1claw: have you port forwarded through the router?12:31
Muelliray1claw: well. empathy is supposed to help you with that.12:31
azbarcea_Muelli: fstab - http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551386/12:31
ActionParsnipray1claw: why does the guy need remote desktop access? Maybe there is a sleeker solution..12:32
chilli0Muelli: yeah reboot every time, and no not that i remember. i may have tried a while ago to set one up.12:32
magentium__Currently Running Ubuntu 11.10 with the ICS Theme, looks realllllll nice. But was wondering if there were any programs that work well with Gnome3 that anyone can recommend?12:33
kriestofHi I want to install intel G530(socket 1155) in my PC do I need thermal paste?12:33
kriestofbetween radiator and CPU12:33
ActionParsnipmagentium__: gedit works well...12:33
llutzkriestof: yes12:34
ray1clawActionParsnip, whats the sleeker solution12:34
krissedI got a little script issue: What would the expected outcome of this do: if [-f /etc/skel/.profile.old]12:34
ray1clawMuelli, tried vino-prefs, it only sets up for the local network12:34
Muelliray1claw: set vino up and then use emphaty12:34
damo22krissed: you need a space like so:  [ -f ..... .old  ]12:35
ActionParsnipray1claw: well, what will the guy do once connected to your system?12:35
azbarcea_Muelli: you seem to be God here, everyone wants you :)12:35
llutz[ -f /etc/skel/.profile.old ] krissed12:35
krissedahh thanks12:35
ray1clawActionParsnip, i need to show the guy a site ive been designing in wordpress.. since dynamic dns doesnt work, vnc is my alternate solution12:36
Muelliazbarcea_: Can you show us apt-get install --reinstall initramfs-tools again?12:36
ray1clawMuelli, hmm, okay, i'm looking through it now12:36
krisseddamo22 and 1lutz THANKS.. I made a script which lets me pick a location of our schools and based on userinput from 1-9 it creates your bookmarks to accomodate the windows common shares12:37
ActionParsnipray1claw: are you running a web server on the system?12:37
ray1clawActionParsnip, so all he'll do is access my desktop, open up the browser, and open up localhost/wordpress and localhost/wordpress/wp-admin12:37
azbarcea_Muelli: i think it worked: http://pastebin.com/7xZiQxBu (besides the error)12:37
ActionParsnipray1claw: why not port forward port 80 on the router to port 80 on the server and he can browse it12:37
azbarcea_Muelli: or not12:37
azbarcea_Muelli: missing /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf12:37
ActionParsnipray1claw: you just need to give him your WAN IP and he can web browse as normal.12:38
Muelliazbarcea_: no. Yeah, that's the point. Let's mkdir /etc/initramfs-tools12:38
Muelliazbarcea_: and then "sudo touch /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf". Weird though. I would have expected it to set that up for us. Something's weird anyway.12:38
ActionParsnipray1claw: you don't need the full desktop for that. VNC is really OTT for that purpose.12:38
azbarcea_Muelli: i do have the directory initramfs-tools, no need to recreate it: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551387/12:39
Muellioh, that's interesting indeed azbarcea_. So just do the touch then12:39
ray1clawActionParsnip, can you elucidate on that please? I have a modem connected in series with a router/repeater.. my modem is a beetle 220bx and i dont see any port forwarding or NAT options in there, but there are plenty of options within my router..12:40
azbarcea_Muelli: ok ... at least something new: http://pastebin.com/exTwyXgu12:40
azbarcea_Muelli: when we last did this we were in kernel -15 ... now we are in -12 (if it matters)12:41
ray1clawActionParsnip, i'd appreciate if you could help me step by step on this, 'cause I'm still a newb to all this12:42
ActionParsnipray1claw: you will need to access the config of your router using your web browser, you will then go to the port forwarding (sometimes called virtual server) and tell the router to forward al requests on port 80 to the IP address of your web server12:42
ActionParsnipray1claw: I can't do it step by step as routers vary massively, there is no single answer12:42
Muelliazbarcea_: WTF? /usr/sbin/mkinitramfs: 360: cannot create : Directory nonexistent. Arr. I have way too many of your pastebins open -.- Trying to find the script...12:43
ActionParsnipray1claw: once you access your routers config page, start hunting through the options, you'll find it12:43
=== e|f_ is now known as e|f
azbarcea_Muelli: at least ": mkinitramfs failure cpio 141 gzip 2" we have gzip 2 instead of 1 :D12:44
Muelliazbarcea_: your /bin/sh is dash again, right?12:44
ray1clawActionParsnip, I realize that, the problem is, that my modem (beetle 220bx) (accessed by putting in into the browser) is a very old model and has no port-forwarding/NAT/virtual server options.. I can pastebin a screenie if you'd like12:44
azbarcea_Muelli: yep12:45
azbarcea_Muelli: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 2012-02-15 13:40 /bin/sh -> dash*12:45
krissedGod damn!. Its like the perfect day here.. I now can have schools install my costumized distro of ubuntu - join it to the domain - have users log on. Have each school pick their own common shares plus their own private ones.. awsome!12:45
ActionParsnipray1claw: i'd check your manual, if there is no port forwarding then you are pretty stuck12:45
Muelliazbarcea_: do you remember the last bash -x you executed? I can't find it right now, but we want to do that again (but slightly different)12:47
ray1clawActionParsnip, but the wifi router (which is a different device altogether - accessed by putting in into the browser) is fairly and has post forwarding in there. My question is, will it work if I forward it from there.. the heirarchy is phone cable->modem->wifi router->desktop12:47
ray1claw*fairly new12:47
ActionParsnipray1claw: the modom is a transparent device so don't sweat the modem too much12:47
yakci installed gnome 3 and some how i can't get all the shortcuts working. for example ctrl + alt + d or ctrl + alt + t is not working even they seem to be mapped in keyboard settings12:48
damo22if you have a cable modem plugged into the wan port of a router, the router sees all the ports at the wan side afaik12:48
yakcwhat should i do12:48
azbarcea_Muelli: this one:  sudo bash -x mkinitramfs -o /boot/initrd.img-3.0.0-16-generic.new 3.0.0-16-generic 2>&1 | wgetpaste12:48
ActionParsnipyakc: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc12:48
azbarcea_Muelli: we don't have -16 installed to do this, I should make an apt-get isntall -16 first, right?12:49
Muelliazbarcea_: yeah, hm. do that again but with -12 and "/bin/sh" instead of "bash".12:49
gulzarlxde volume icon slider is not working and its settings are not accessible. and icon appears with dark background then others. How to do it?12:49
plmpeople, for start a application I'm putting the start in /etc/rc.local. for stop this app when I do a reboot/halt, where I put this command to stop app bofore machine stop?12:49
yakcActionParsnip, it simply says oneiric12:49
ActionParsnipyakc: ok then Gnome3 is default installed. You don't have to install it manually12:50
azbarcea_Muelli: i did a sudo bash ... http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551390/12:50
Muelliazbarcea_: do it w/o bash but /bin/sh12:50
azbarcea_Muelli: but the previous one was with bash and 1612:50
Muelliazbarcea_: yeah, hm. do that again but with -12 and "/bin/sh" instead of "bash".12:50
ray1clawActionParsnip, okay, so I found virtual servers in the router settings, can you tell me what all goes in the text boxes here? The fields are labelled: Inbound port, Type(TCP/UDP), Private Address Port (192.168.2.___), Private port12:51
Metaphysicist So I have a question for you gurus. I'm running a linux-based drive-wiping software on multiple machines with RAID controllers. I was wondering if there was a way to always correlate a number from the controller to a mount point, and make it that way every time (regardless of UUID). So Port 2 on the SAS/SATA/Whatever controller always points to /dev/sd*12:51
azbarcea_Muelli: all the output :D /bin/sh: Can't open mkinitramfs12:51
azbarcea_Muelli: I think I'll go nuts :D12:51
yourfrinedisaacHi I took 12.04 for a test drive and I get an error message that says my cpu doesn't have pae. What is pae. My cpu isnt that old.12:51
Muelliazbarcea_: make it sudo /bin/sh /usr/sbin/mkinitramfs ...12:51
ActionParsnipray1claw: on your system, run:  iconfig   you will see your IP address12:52
damo22Metaphysicist, doesnt the raid controller automatically number the drives according to their slot in the bays?12:52
azbarcea_Muelli: however: "sudo bash -x mkinitramfs -o /boot/initrd.img-3.0.0-12-generic.new 3.0.0-12-generic 2>&1 | wgetpaste" outputs  http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551393/12:52
ActionParsnipray1claw: do you have it? It will be something like  or similar12:53
ray1clawacmeinc1, iconfig or ifconfig or iwconfig?12:53
Metaphysicistdamo22, that would've been my assumption also, but since the drives themselves are not running in RAID, and we pull certain ones out (as in not in sequence all the time), the controller is just a pointer for us, and sometimes it doesn't stick.12:53
azbarcea_Muelli: $ sudo /bin/sh -x /usr/bin/mkinitramfs -o /boot/initrd.img-3.0.0-12-generic.new 3.0.0-12-generic 2>&112:53
azbarcea_/bin/sh: Can't open /usr/bin/mkinitramfs12:53
Muelliazbarcea_: /usr/sbin/12:53
ray1clawActionParsnip, my local ip is btw12:54
meetdo i need to install the recommended updates?12:54
damo22Metaphysicist, it might be worth pulling out all the drives, (labelling them of course beforehand) then put a random one into slot 0 and see if it changes when you put the same drive into slot 112:54
ray1clawActionParsnip, iconfig or ifconfig or iwconfig?12:54
azbarcea_Muelli: no shit ... the same thing, but differs gzip 1 (bash) to gzip 2 (dash) http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551394/12:55
damo22Metaphysicist, of course dont start the raid or you'll clobber data12:55
ActionParsnipray1claw: it's the inet addr:   adress12:55
Metaphysicistdamo22, right, thank you, I'll give it a try12:55
ActionParsnipray1claw: try both, why not :)12:55
Muelliwell azbarcea_. It also says "/usr/sbin/mkinitramfs: 1: cannot create : Directory nonexistent" now, doesn't it?12:55
ray1clawActionParsnip, its
ActionParsnipray1claw: ok then use port 80 and forward it to that IP using the web interface12:56
yourfrinedisaacHi I took 12.04 for a test drive and I get an error message that says my cpu doesn't have pae. What is pae?. My cpu isnt that old.12:56
RedroverNot inet.12:56
meeti am unable to install the gnome pack in unity12:56
damo22Metaphysicist, my guess is that slot0 maps to /dev/sdb and slot1 maps to /dev/sdc etc12:56
meeti tried for the 3rd  time12:56
meetit downloads 8.5 mb of something and aborts the installation12:57
meetwhat should i do?12:57
k-rAd-is there a solution for usb 3.0 failing part time then being restored on rsync cronjob backup  xhci_hcd ?12:58
damo22k-rAd-, what do you mean?12:58
k-rAd-i halts for a time then resumes12:59
damo22k-rAd-, i have seen usb3 issues that have not been resolved before12:59
azbarcea_Muelli: yes, you're right ...12:59
Muelliazbarcea_: no idea why that is though :-\12:59
k-rAd-i could switch to my other controller12:59
damo22k-rAd-, i suggest try usb213:00
ActionParsnipyourfrinedisaac: ask in #ubuntu+1 for Precise issues please13:00
meethow to remove half installed packages13:00
ActionParsnip!pae | yourfrinedisaac13:00
ubottuyourfrinedisaac: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info13:00
azbarcea_Muelli: I appreciate your help very very much13:00
azbarcea_Muelli: thank you!13:00
azbarcea_Muelli: another backup and a plan to reinstall ...13:01
yourfrinedisaacActionparsnip, okay thanks13:01
Muellinah azbarcea_. Should be fixable. What did you do in first place? You mentioned that you tried to install your own kernel...13:01
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azbarcea_Muelli: muon started by itself and freezed up at 97%13:03
Muelliazbarcea_: what's moun/13:03
azbarcea_Muelli: after that I did a apt-get update, upgrade witch failed with the same errors13:03
azbarcea_Muelli: Muon - Package Manager for KDE - Kubuntu13:04
azbarcea_Muelli: by default with kubuntu 11.10 ...13:04
Muellihm azbarcea_.13:05
azbarcea_Muelli: after I saw I'm not able to reinstall kernel (dist-upgrade, witch freeze there ... I presume)13:05
Muelliazbarcea_: can you do a dpkg-reconfigure -p low initramfs-tools ? (and give us the output..)13:06
azbarcea_Muelli: i manually deleted /boot/**13:06
azbarcea_Muelli: /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: initramfs-tools is broken or not fully installed13:06
azbarcea_Muelli: should I put the old initramfs-tools?13:07
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Muellialright azbarcea_. that's weird. It should at least install that properly. Let's get rid of the other error producing package: jadetex (?) can you apt-get remove that?13:08
azbarcea_Muelli: sure13:09
mynotes1hello. itrying to install citrix but I always got this error.SSL error13:10
mynotes1You have chosen to trust "AddTrust External CA Root", the issuer of ther server security certificate(SSL error 61)13:10
azbarcea_Muelli: http://pastebin.com/hN5rfgQq13:11
azbarcea_Muelli: but i think it was removed though13:11
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=== mg_ is now known as mg__
le_radis_masqueHello !13:12
Muellihm azbarcea_. Not too sure about that. dpkg -l | grep jadetex13:12
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azbarcea_Muelli: pc  jadetex                               3.13-12                                 generator of printable output from SGML or XML using Jade13:13
heizmannHi, all... well, Unable to sync sources of ubuntu-tweak software. (I'm under lucid lynx, and the package "ubuntu-tweak" comes from the launchpad: ppa:tualatrix/ppa)... Is the server down?13:13
azbarcea_Muelli: you were right13:13
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ActionParsnipheizmann: http://ppa.launchpad.net/tualatrix/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/    looks up to me13:15
tualatrixheizmann, ActionParsnip oh, you mean the "Source Center"?13:16
le_radis_masque Could you help me with a bash script please ? I'm looking for a command which will clean the keyboard entry (I'm sorry if I don't speak correctly, I'm French, don't hesitate to correct me :) )13:16
Muelliso why is that failing, azbarcea_? Let's find out. Can you cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/jadetex.posting | wgetpaste?13:17
Muellino. wait13:17
ActionParsniptualatrix: no, the ppa is up as the link I posted is browsable13:17
Muelliso why is that failing, azbarcea_? Let's find out. Can you cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/jadetex.postrm | wgetpaste?13:17
ActionParsnipheizmann: I suggest you contact the PPA maintainer13:18
azbarcea_Muelli: cat: /var/lib/dpkg/info/jadetex.posting: No such file or directory13:18
Muelliazbarcea_: yeah. sorry. the second one13:18
azbarcea_Muelli: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551403/13:18
heizmanntualatrix: yes, the "source center" is "down" (sorry, I'm French, bad English)13:18
theadmin!fr | heizmann13:19
ubottuheizmann: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:19
chilli0Hey, i want to get my VPN working correctly, this is my error. http://pastebin.com/mfw4zZE713:19
theadminchilli0: pptp?13:19
chilli0theadmin: yeah13:20
Muelliazbarcea_: What does: sudo sh -x /var/lib/dpkg/info/jadetex.postrm purge    say?13:20
theadminchilli0: If so, just use the "pptpsetup" binary found in "pptp-linux", it does all of the messy configuration for you, and you just have to "pon whatever"13:20
azbarcea_Muelli: http://pastebin.com/yJ78Z6P713:20
chilli0theadmin: ah okay, thanks.13:21
heizmanntualatrix: well, in the ubuntu-tweak graphical interface: when I try to synchronize in "Programs: software sources": a window appears and the message is: "An error occured while downloading the file."13:22
ActionParsnipheizmann: its not supported here13:23
tualatrixheizmann, yes, I can confirm the download server is error, please wait the fix.13:23
Muelliazbarcea_: so can you do a sudo /bin/sh -x /usr/sbin/update-texmf13:24
heizmanntualatrix: Ok, the problem comes not from in my configuration.13:25
azbarcea_Muelli: http://pastebin.com/RZzJwQRj13:25
heizmann<ActionParsnip> heizmann: its not supported here ← what do you mean, pleas?13:25
ActionParsnipheizmann: ubuntu-tweak is not in the official ubuntu repos, so is not supported here13:26
Muellihm azbarcea_. Do you have a /etc/texmf/texmf.cnf ?13:26
qmr1What is the proper way to remove a PPA from the command line?13:26
ActionParsnipqmr1: sudo ppa-purge address13:27
heizmannActionParsnip: ok :)13:27
azbarcea_Muelli: yep ... i have both files13:27
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mundoes anyone know how to convert a disk from gpt to mbr without losing data?13:27
qmr1ActionParsnip: that's what I found on google bu tI don't have that command installed13:27
azbarcea_Muelli: /tmp/tmp.GlhsF8w83N/texmfgP6UZty and /etc/texmf/texmf.cnf13:27
ActionParsnipqmr1: not thought to install it then...?13:27
azbarcea_Muelli: and my limit for pastebin for today is over ... :)13:27
Muellisorry about that13:28
qmr1ActionParsnip: what is the package name?13:28
raahedeAnybody who also have problems with logitech bluetooth combo keyboard and mouse, on ubuntu desktop?13:28
ActionParsnipqmr1: guess.. it's pretty obvious in this case13:28
azbarcea_Muelli: I'll use https://gist.github.com/13:28
qmr1ActionParsnip: ... it's not in the standard repos?13:28
ActionParsnip!info ppa-purge | qmr113:28
Muelliazbarcea_: I have no idea what's wrong with your machine. I'm inclined to believe it's the drive but it doesn't seem to be an obvious issue.13:29
ubottuqmr1: ppa-purge (source: ppa-purge): disables a PPA and reverts to official packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.8+bzr56 (oneiric), package size 4 kB, installed size 56 kB13:29
ActionParsnipqmr1: wanna bet13:29
azbarcea_Muelli: Thank you a lot!13:29
ActionParsnipqmr1: its in the universe repo13:29
Muelliso azbarcea_, let's follow it down the road. Can you do sudo /bin/sh -x /usr/bin/ucf --debconf-ok --three-way /tmp/tmp.GlhsF8w83N/texmfgP6UZty /etc/texmf/texmf.cnf13:29
ActionParsnipqmr1: if you run a command and its not installed, the OS will suggest the packagename to install13:29
branantwhat commands do you usually run after upgrading packages? updated, ldconfig?13:29
azbarcea_Muelli: the same ucf: Unable to determine The new file13:30
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Muelliazbarcea_: but with a lot of output, no?13:30
=== Companion is now known as companion
tbicI'm having an issue where after my monitors come back after screen blanking I can not click on anything. can someone point me in some direction to try and fix this?13:30
qmr1ActionParsnip: I have universe enabled, still not showing up ..13:30
ActionParsnipbranant: upgrade definately, then install my usual apps and uninstall all the guff I don't use or don't like13:30
heizmanntualatrix: Can I ask you a question concerning the server, please? :)13:30
ActionParsnipqmr1: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install ppa-purge13:30
tualatrixheizmann, yes, of course13:31
qmr1E: Couldn't find package ppa-purge13:31
azbarcea_Muelli: yes with a lot of output, the same I pasted you some lines ago13:31
qmr1like I already said13:31
ActionParsnipqmr1: can you give a pastebin of the output of:  gedit /etc/apt/sources.list13:31
Muelliazbarcea_: can you paste the whole thing again?13:31
qmr1... I can pastebin that file.  I don't have gedit, this is a server13:32
karthick87How to poweroff all live  machines remotely?13:32
ActionParsnipqmr1: ok, then run:  sudo apt-get install pastebinit; pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list13:32
heizmanntualatrix: what is the ip of the server? :) well, that way I could ping myself to see if it is up or down (during the day ^^)13:32
raahedetbic, I have the same issue, so if you find a solution please pm me.13:32
qmr1I'll just copy and paste.13:32
azbarcea_Muelli: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551408/13:32
tualatrixheizmann, http://ubuntu-tweak.com it is not down, just the download file is error13:33
ActionParsnipqmr1: pastebinit is a cli pastebin command, dead handy13:33
qmr1except it only supports bad pastebins13:33
tbicraahede, do you have an ati graphics card?13:33
qmr1anyhoo, here is sources file http://pastebin.com/t2cHduT313:33
ActionParsnipqmr1: you can give an option to use a different bin, not sure what a bad pastebni is tbh13:34
beike_tcould I open a .rp file(Axure Pro) directly on ubuntu? just read is ok.13:34
heizmanntualatrix: oh, ok, I understand :) !!!... thanks, by the way, ubuntu-tweak is good software. ;)13:34
heizmannI love it.13:34
qmr1ActionParsnip: copying line numbers w source code, font that makes it hard to distinguish between 1 and l, O and 0, tiny font, among other things13:34
ActionParsnip!info ppa-purge lucid13:35
ubottuPackage ppa-purge does not exist in lucid13:35
ActionParsnipqmr1: ok, basically the PPAs make files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d    if you delete the files in that folder relating to the PPA, it will do the same thing13:35
qmr1thanks.  just read to do that on a page13:36
tualatrixheizmann, I'm glad that you like it :) Enjoy13:36
ActionParsnipqmr1: strange it's not in there13:36
raahedetbic, no I have a intel GMA 4500MHD. Its only in one of my laptops (thinkpad 0196-2EG). which is a partition install aside windows 7. But in my other laptop there is no problems at all (thikpad T41), the difference is that the T41 has a full ubuntu desktop install..13:36
heizmanntualatrix: work again? ^^'13:37
raahedetbic, so I dont know if it is the partition install that fails?13:37
heizmann...mmhhh, not for yet... not enough fixing ^^... well, I try this later tualatrix :)13:38
Lunexhi all! i want to send my pc to standby instantly when pressing the power button - but i cant get rid of the shutdown dialogue which asks me what to do (shown,reboot etc.) is there any way to override windomanagers und directly react on the power button?13:38
heizmannnot yet*13:38
tbicraahede, I only started noticing the issues when I installed a new graphics card.13:39
delinquentmehey all could you guys explain the concept of a "mount point" when running the ubuntu installer to prepare partitions?13:39
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Yabdenmount points are different directories13:39
Yabdenif you want a different partition for the /boot/ directory, for example, you could make one13:40
Yabdenall you really need though is a swap partition and another partition mounted as /13:40
delinquentmeYabden, so how will this influence my bootup .. I'd like GRUB to handle the boot13:40
Yabdenit won't influence it, it's a bit advanced and mostly used for specific things13:41
delinquentmeif i were installing it over a existing windows install13:41
delinquentmeohh ok13:41
delinquentmebut most of the time i'd want just good old /13:41
Yabdenyeah, / and swap is all you need13:41
delinquentmeok cool got both of those! thansk!13:41
theadminI suggest separate /home too13:42
theadminMakes reinstalls so much easier13:42
Muelliazbarcea_: what does readlink -q -m /tmp/tmp.GlhsF8w83N/texmfgP6UZty  give yuo?13:42
azbarcea_Muelli: ... do you have any other tricks?13:42
azbarcea_Muelli: nothing13:42
raahedetbic, okay weird, my T41 has a ATI graffic card and there is no problems. Maybe it could be some graffic cards models? :( Hope there is an answer for this, its really annoying13:42
azbarcea_Muelli: $ readlink -q -m /tmp/tmp.GlhsF8w83N/texmfgP6UZty13:43
=== Guest12338 is now known as Aranel
Muelliso nothing that is, azbarcea_..? Which exit code?13:43
azbarcea_Muelli: no output what so ever!13:44
Muelliah azbarcea_. remove the -q.13:44
Muelliazbarcea_: what does readlink -m /tmp/tmp.GlhsF8w83N/texmfgP6UZty  give you?13:44
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
azbarcea_Muelli: same - no output what so ever!13:44
Muelliand immediately echo $? afterwards?13:44
azbarcea_Muelli: 113:45
raahedetbic,  I have read something on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Freeze13:45
raahedetbic, maybe you should have a look at that.13:45
heizmann...mmhhh, is there a solution to create a live iso, like https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch but with the possibility to implement a luks container (cryptsetup), with some logical volumes like /, /home, /usr... inside the crypt luks container? (with an automatic mount) ?13:45
phixhi gang13:45
c31r2ghello phix13:45
heizmannlogical volumes == with lvm2... :)13:46
c31r2gphix:remember me,thanks for the help yesterday!13:46
tbicraahede, Thanks I will look into it, I think I have already and my logs do not show anything unsual.13:46
Muelliazbarcea_: what does readlink -v -m /tmp/tmp.GlhsF8w83N/texmfgP6UZty  give you?13:46
phixc31r2g: yay13:47
phixc31r2g: any time13:48
azbarcea_Muelli: readlink doesn't return anything, but if i give it with /bin/readlink ... than we have something13:48
phixyou have more questiona?13:48
azbarcea_Muelli: /tmp/tmp.GlhsF8w83N/texmfgP6UZty13:48
c31r2gthanks phix :)13:49
c31r2gnot atm phix.:)13:49
Muellioh, wait a second13:49
Spartacus112358Hi guys, I have a NVIDIA quadro nvs 120M and I'm running ubuntu, my problem is that I can't enable unity 3d even with proprietary drivers....any suggestion?13:49
Muelliazbarcea_: what's type -a readlink ?13:49
phixMuelli: You require assistance now?13:49
azbarcea_Muelli: readlink is /usr/bin/readlink13:50
azbarcea_readlink is /bin/readlink13:50
Muellihm. funny.13:50
azbarcea_Muelli: so /usr/bin/readlink is the one that does not outputs anything13:51
geirhaazbarcea_: What does   file /usr/bin/readlink   say?13:51
azbarcea_Muelli: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root     27 2012-02-13 11:04 /usr/bin/readlink -> /usr/lib/klibc/bin/readlink*13:51
azbarcea_Muelli: I'll just erase that symlink and point recrete it to /bin/readlink13:52
Muellihm azbarcea_. dunno yet.13:52
Muelliazbarcea_: Maybe do a dpkg -S /usr/bin/readlink  first13:52
ActionParsnipwow Spartacus112358 hung around long.. haha13:53
azbarcea_Muelli: $ sudo dpkg -S /usr/bin/readlink13:53
azbarcea_dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /usr/bin/readlink.13:53
Muelliazbarcea_: ? So who put that symlink there? what does dpkg -S /usr/lib/klibc/bin/readlink  say?13:54
heizmannPlease :) is there a good, nice tutorial to learn how to create live systems? (basing on ubuntu)? With debootstrap, chroot techniques etc. (like this tuto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch ) which use only the terminal? I wish I could create a live system like this, but using cryptsetup (luks) and logical volume management (with lvm2). It is certainly possible, but how?13:54
azbarcea_Muelli: I think I did it 2012-02-13 ... but I can't recall why13:54
geirhaApparently part of klibc-utils package13:55
azbarcea_Muelli: it had to do somthing with the fact that readlink was missing ... and I found a version of readlink in klibc ...13:55
Muelliyes azbarcea_. Remove the symlink. That's crap. Never do such a thing >.<13:55
anli__When I try to start libre office calc, I only get a splash screen13:56
anli__Started today13:56
Muelliazbarcea_: what else have you modified? maybe a find with the appropriate parameters will help *digging the man page*13:56
anli__The same with the other libre office products13:56
anli__What can I do?13:56
kroonrsHi.  My evince print dialog keeps only giving my home printer, although I am now at work and a work printer is set up as the default using a remote cups server.  How do I get evince to refresh it's printer list?13:56
prashant_123456why i cannot login using ctrl+alt+f1 while i am using correct password it says incorrect login????13:57
Yabdentry opening libre office calc using a terminal13:57
Yabdenit will tell you the error it is experiencing loading13:57
chilli0Hello, I've setup a vpn server and I can connect and also go to the internet but for some reason you don't need a password or anything to log on, could anyone help me set this up?13:57
Muelliazbarcea_: what does "find /usr/bin/ -ctime +1" say? Hopefully not too much -.-13:57
ActionParsnipYabden: what if you rename ~/.libreoffice   ?13:57
anli__Yabden: Good idea, [Java framework] Error in function createSettinsgDocument (elements.cxx).13:58
anli__ActionParsnip: I removed it13:58
anli__Ah, wait, maybe I have a full hd13:58
azbarcea_Muelli: blody hell: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551426/13:58
anli__ah, thats it13:58
anli__Must remove some files and try again :)13:58
Muelliah, no worries azbarcea_. Maybe wrong find arguments -.-13:58
chilli0Hello, I've setup a vpn server and I can connect and also go to the internet but for some reason you don't need a password or anything to log on, could anyone help me set this up?13:59
Muelliazbarcea_: try with mtime instead of ctime. ctime is bad. it updates as soon as you access a file...14:00
=== go is now known as go^
ActionParsnipanli__: clean out old kernels. May also want to run:  sudo apt-get clean14:00
azbarcea_Muelli: same http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551427/14:00
anli__Wonder why I cant get an error dialog14:01
anli__Thats what I expect on this kind of errors14:01
anli__Whats so hard with writing "there is no disk space left so libre office could not run" :)14:01
ActionParsnipanli__: that'll do it14:02
ActionParsnipanli__: could report a bug14:02
zikoshi...after I installed laptop mode tools my ubuntu freezes totally about every 45mins...does anyone know why this happens??14:02
azbarcea_Muelli: lets see if that readlink solved the problem ... I do not recall other symlinks to be made in /usr/bin14:02
anli__hm, cant even empty trash can14:02
Muelliok azbarcea_. leave it then. Let's hope there is no more stuff. Do the update-texmf again14:02
ActionParsnipanli__: also if you install and run bleachbit, you can free lots of space. have as amany apps closed as possible, avoid settings which say they will take a long time and watch settings or it will remove stuff you want. You will get a lot of space back14:03
azbarcea_history | grep texmf14:03
Yabdenzikos you could try checking /var/log/messages14:03
ActionParsnipanli__: also uninstalling old kernels frees up LOADS of space (120Mb per kernel)14:03
anli__apt-get clean was nice howerver14:03
anli__Oh, I never download those14:03
ActionParsnipanli__: what, new kernels?14:03
anli__yeah, new kernels14:04
ActionParsnipanli__: ok thats one thing to not worry about then14:04
anli__I am so happy with the already running one :)14:04
azbarcea_Muelli: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551431/14:04
Muelliazbarcea_: so it seems to work \o/14:05
Muelliazbarcea_: do aptitude purge jadetex then14:05
azbarcea_Muelli: not quite ... that is not the regular output14:05
azbarcea_Muelli: that is the error output14:05
kroonrsHi.  My evince print dialog keeps only giving my home printer, although I am now at work and a work printer is set up as the default using a remote cups server.  How do I get evince to refresh it's printer list? (what's protocol on re-asking?)14:05
Muelliazbarcea_: why not? Try purging14:05
azbarcea_Muelli: alex@horus:~$ sudo bash -x /usr/sbin/update-texmf 2>&1 | wgetpaste14:05
azbarcea_Muelli: if I don't redirect 2 to 1 ... I don't get any output14:06
azbarcea_Muelli: lets try purging ...14:06
Muellithats good azbarcea_. try purging now14:06
azbarcea_Muelli: https://gist.github.com/2ef9384cfd606040bdba - can u see it?14:08
azbarcea_Muelli: no errors :)14:08
azbarcea_Muelli: you rule! :)14:08
Muelliazbarcea_: so that was indeed a problem. Hope you learned to not burn your, and more importantly: my time by symlinking wildly in your $PATH ;-)14:08
Muellibut azbarcea_. That doesn't necessarily bring you your kernel and initramfs back. So aptitude install linux-image14:09
azbarcea_Muelli: I simply forgot about that! You're right!14:09
Muellijesus christ. That was a long hunt for an incompatible readlink implementation.14:10
zikosYabden, how do I do that14:10
=== Spacewalker_ is now known as Spacewalker
Muelliazbarcea_: you might as well file a bug against that implementation. I.e. ubuntu-bug klibc-utils14:10
Yabdenopen a terminal and do: sudo cat /var/log/messages | more14:10
Muelliazbarcea_: and include your test vector in the bugreport.14:10
Yabdenthere will likely be something in that file saying why your OS froze14:11
azbarcea_Muelli: test vector?14:11
Muelliazbarcea_: don't forget to aptitude install kubuntu-desktop jadetex again.14:11
prashant_123456why i cannot login in console using ubuntu 11.1014:11
Muelliazbarcea_: yeah, the readlink calls that produce a different result.14:11
azbarcea_Muelli: https://gist.github.com/6146446360ef3237d46014:12
Muelliazbarcea_: :) nice14:12
azbarcea_Muelli: how to I reinstall kernel -16 and all stuff and to be sure I'm ... with the daily stuff14:13
Chipzzzprashant_123456: do you get a login prompt?14:13
Muelliazbarcea_: aptitude install kubuntu-desktop jadetex linux-image14:13
kroonrsprashant_123456: can you login with the details on the desktop?14:13
zikosYabden, no such file or directory :/14:13
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prashant_123456Chipzzz, yep i can login using gnome but when i try to login using ctrl+alt+f1 it says incorrect login kroonrs14:14
Yabdenahh, maybe it's in a different place in ubuntu then14:14
prashant_123456Chipzzz, kroonrs any suggestions14:15
=== _apostate_ is now known as [_A_]
azbarcea_Muelli: thank you very much - https://gist.github.com/7acc267db8e20bde9e0014:15
kroonrsprashant_123456: try running "grep <username> /etc/passwd" on the terminal, with the username you are trying to log in with14:15
zikosYabden, what do you use - Debian? :D14:16
Yabdenyeah, debian14:16
Muelliazbarcea_: you're welcome. I'll tell you once I happen to be in Romania to grab a cold beer ;-)14:17
prashant_123456kroonrs, sorry i dont understand i can use terminal14:17
azbarcea_Muelli: it will be my pleasure!14:17
Chipzzzprashant_123456: i would try logging in with the recovery console and changing the password14:17
prashant_123456Chipzzz, i have changed the password and can login using gnome and have access to everything14:18
prashant_123456Chipzzz, but login incorrect at console while i use ctrl+alt+f114:19
kroonrsprashant_123456: I think the problem is that your username on console login is _not_ the name displayed when you log in on gnome14:19
kroonrsprashant_123456: to find out the correct name, open the file explorer14:19
prashant_123456kroonrs, then14:19
kroonrsprashant_123456: click on file system on the left14:20
kroonrsprashant_123456: and then home14:20
heizmannPlease :) is there a good, nice tutorial to learn how to create live systems? (basing on ubuntu)? With debootstrap, chroot techniques etc. (like this tuto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch ) which use only the terminal? I wish I could create a live system like this, but using cryptsetup (luks) and logical volume management (with lvm2). It is certainly possible, but how?14:20
kroonrsprashant_123456: i.e. the filder on the right saying "home"14:20
Chipzzzprashant_123456: that's why i suggest logging in with the recovery console and changing the password... that will make your root password whatever you change it to14:20
kroonrsprashant_123456: how many folders are inside that home folder?14:20
=== marcelo is now known as Guest11532
prashant_123456kroonrs, 10 folders14:21
kroonrsprashant_123456: do any look like they could be yours?14:21
zallfaizallhey guy14:21
kroonrsprashant_123456: you should perhaps only have access to one - the name of the folder _should_ be your username14:22
prashant_123456kroonrs, i let me try that14:22
Guest11532why are people volunteering here? what motivates you?14:23
pros977synergy -- check  vpn --check coffee --check14:23
pros977good morning ubuntu14:23
ikoniaGuest11532: that doesn't really matter, people are here to help.14:23
bazhangGuest11532, disc uss in #ubuntu-offtopic please14:23
Guest11532ikonia, I am asking because It matters to me at least14:24
Guest11532bazhang, ok14:24
ChipzzzGuest11532: i'm intrigued by your response that it matters to you... are you researching something?14:25
yashshahI've the same problem as prashant_12345614:25
PiciChipzzz: please discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic, not here.14:25
ChipzzzPici: sorry, you're right14:25
prashant_123456yashshah, any solutions14:27
kroonrsprashant_123456: did it work for you?14:28
prashant_123456kroonrs, nope14:28
prashant_123456kroonrs, any other solutions14:28
kroonrsprashant_123456: go to the dash home and run "terminal"14:29
prashant_123456kroonrs, ok14:29
bazhang!it | TiG3r14:29
ubottuTiG3r: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:29
prashant_123456kroonrs, then14:29
kroonrsprashant_123456: on the terminal, try running "grep "User Name" /etc/passwd" on the terminal, with the username you are trying to log in with14:30
danileigh79Every time I reboot my computer, I have to use the fw cutter tools to re-enable my wifi, how can I change that?14:30
oratedHello! I'm finding delay in boot time and these are the bootcharts for last two booting - http://imagebin.org/199031 http://imagebin.org/199035 . I'm not too much concerned about boot time but can anyone explain me what exactly is consuming time and how can I fix it?14:30
kroonrsprashant_123456: you should get some colon-separated fields, with User Name in the fifth field14:31
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prashant_123456kroonrs, there what should i find14:32
kroonrsprashant_123456: you should get some colon-separated fields, with User Name in the fifth field14:32
kroonrsprashant_123456: your login name for the console is in the first field14:32
prashant_123456kroonrs, root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash14:33
prashant_123456kroonrs, its the first line14:33
DarkStar1quick question, my vps only has 10.04 as the only ubuntu option to install but I need 11.10 (oneiric) in order to be able to install one of the openStack cloud tech. Can I install Lucid and do a dist-upgrade to oneiric?14:33
slingshotHi, I would like to install lightdm on my natty is it safe? Will I get the same appearance of lightdm as in oneiric?14:34
kroonrsprashant_123456: ok, so then it's not the login name that's a problem.  Can you on the terminal run "su root"14:34
prashant_123456kroonrs, yep14:34
kroonrsprashant_123456: does it prompt you for a password?14:35
prashant_123456kroonrs, yep14:35
danileigh79Every time I reboot my laptop (11.10) the wifi is disabled. I have to use sudo b43-fwcutter --unsupported -w /lib/firmware broadcom-wl-
ActionParsnipDarkStar1: wait until April and install Precise :)14:35
kroonrsprashant_123456: hold on a sec: are you actually logged in to your gui as root?14:35
danileigh79along with sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb & sudo modprobe b43 to reenble it, how do I make it enabled permanently14:35
ActionParsnipDarkStar1: if you have lucid and want Oneiric you will need to upgrade to Maverick, then natty then oneiric14:36
cristian_cI'm using Oneiric Ocelot 11.10, I purchased an asus WL-330gE. The device shields the connection to the router, unfortunately I have to first establish a direct connection to the router, and then the computer automatically snaps to a repeater. But if the PC tries to connect to the router via the repeater, it fails14:36
prashant_123456kroonrs, it says auth failure while i put password in it14:36
cristian_cthe network manager tries to connect several times, but it fails to connect. So I updated the firmware to the latest version, from version to, but unfortunately the problem persists14:36
kroonrsprashant_123456: are you actually logged in to your gui as root? if so, you would not be prompted for a password when you typed "su root", I think.14:36
cristian_cWhat can I do to solve the problem?14:36
meskarunedaniLEIGH79: sounds like you have power saving on14:37
ActionParsnipkroonrs: that would be a bad idea too14:37
slingshotHi, I would like to install lightdm on my natty is it safe? Will I get the same appearance of lightdm as in oneiric?14:37
prashant_123456kroonrs, but it requires password14:37
meskarunedanileigh79: powersaving will turn off the wifi card to save battery life14:37
yashshahprashant_123456: I'am also looking for the solution14:37
DarkStar1ActionParsnip: a 3 step upgrade. No other way?14:37
danileigh79meskarune: No, I mean everytime I reboot, Ubuntu loads without wifi support and I have to reenable it with the fwcutter and modprobe tools14:37
ActionParsnipDarkStar1: no, you have to stop at the next release, if you wait til April you can upgrade from LTS to LTS and get 12.0414:38
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: there is no root password, and the account is disabled...14:38
DarkStar1ActionParsnip: Lucid is 10.04 right? and from 10.04-11.10 I have to do 10.10, then 11.04 then 11.1014:38
kroonrsprashant_123456, yashshah: I have to go now, unfortunately.  It seems you are not logged in as root, so root can't be the correct login credentials for you.14:38
slingshot I would like to install lightdm on my natty ,is it safe? Will I get the same appearance of lightdm as in oneiric? Someone advice me !14:38
ActionParsnipDarkStar1: yes lucid == 10.0414:38
prashant_123456kroonrs, thanks for the help14:39
ActionParsnipDarkStar1: yes you need to upgrade through each release consquetively. Or just clean install Oneiric14:39
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, so what to do14:39
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: log in as your user and use that, when you need admin (root) access, use sudo. Its how the OS is designed14:39
yashshahprashant_123456: It is solved14:39
prashant_123456yashshah,  tell me how14:40
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, i have root password14:40
slingshotcan someone suggest whether should I install lightdm on natty? Is someone kind enough to answer?14:40
prashant_123456yashshah, ??14:40
yashshahprashant_123456: Your password contains any number?14:40
prashant_123456yashshah, yep14:41
danileigh79slingshot: try it, if it doesn't work then you can uninstall it14:41
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: its not supported here, and its not advised, or needed14:41
yashshahprashant_123456:Dun type with numpad, type it with the no. above the alphabets14:41
DarkStar1I thought 11.04 was LTS14:41
prashant_123456yashshah, ok14:41
ActionParsnipDarkStar1: 8.04, 10.04, 12.04   are LTS14:41
prashant_123456yashshah, let me try14:41
danileigh79DarkStar1: nope, 20.0414:41
ActionParsnipDarkStar1: the intermediate releases are not14:41
danileigh79DarkStar1: nope, 10.0414:41
yashshahprashant_123456: Okay! Good luck!14:41
slingshotuhh, what if something goes wrong? how can I get back to gdm then danileigh79?14:41
DarkStar1Ok thanks14:41
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: if you use the OS as it is intended, you will have fewer issues. Autologging in as root is REALLY dumb14:42
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, ok14:42
prashant_123456yashshah, it worked for me14:43
prashant_123456yashshah, ActionParsnip good job14:43
yashshahprashant_123456: Thank you!14:43
aQutehow to install skype on 12.04 its not there in software center14:43
prashant_123456yashshah, ActionParsnip but why i cant use num pad ?14:43
jpdsaQute: → #ubuntu+114:43
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: does it make events in xev?14:43
prashant_123456yashshah, thank you14:43
bazhang12.04 support in #ubuntu+1 aQute14:43
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, explain pls14:44
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, xev ??14:44
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: its a terminal command14:44
yashshahprashant_123456: Anytime buddy!14:44
LordvedaI have some problem with the GPG keys for ubuntu version 11.1014:44
ActionParsnipLordveda: what is the issue14:44
LordvedaSynaptic is complaining of some problem, I will issue the message if possible14:45
=== Spacewalker__ is now known as Spacewalker
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, yep something is there when i type xev14:45
LordvedaThe message is a warming14:45
ActionParsnipLordveda: can you give a pastebin of the output of:  sudo apt-get update14:45
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: but when you press the numpad, does it make events?14:46
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
prashant_123456ActionParsnip, yep14:46
yashshahActionParsnip: Yeah it makes!14:46
rojdyallahu akbar14:46
LordvedaActionParsnip: in a moment14:47
rojdygot is great!!!!14:47
bazhangrojdy, ubuntu support question?14:47
yashshahprashant_123456: I also found the solution for numpad14:47
prashant_123456yashshah, tell me14:47
arnsaHey guyz, could any1 help me to install FL Studio 9?14:48
Aelingilis there an easy way to change the order of OS's on the Grub boot menu? So i can get "previous versions" at the bottom, and "current" versions on the top?14:48
ActionParsnipprashant_123456: cool, the hard bit is done, not sure how to map it and stuff. Does the keyboard have a make / model?14:48
yashshahprashant_123456: see when it ask the username... press the num lock key and check if it is showing any number or not14:48
bazhangarnsa, whats fl studio14:48
arnsabazhang, it's a program to create music14:49
bazhangarnsa, windows app?14:49
arnsabazhang, yes, look at the problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192590114:49
prashant_123456yashshah, no its not showing14:49
bazhangarnsa, use wine, check appdb then join #winehq14:49
bazhang!appdb | arnsa14:49
ubottuarnsa: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help14:49
LordvedaActionParsnip: this is the link14:49
yashshahprashant_123456: initially it will not work... then press num lock key and try pressing numbers from numpad.. repeat it for 2-3 times it will work!14:50
prashant_123456yashshah, ok14:50
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents14:50
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu14:50
prashant_123456yashshah, yep14:51
bazhanghttp://appdb.winehq.org arnsa14:51
prashant_123456yashshah, it worked14:51
yashshahprashant_123456: Cool! :)14:51
bazhangarnsa, /join #winehq14:51
arnsabazhang, a lot of ppl have installed this program so it's rly compatible with wine and linux14:52
arnsaI just can't find the way how to solve this problem14:52
=== Jinxed-- is now known as DynamicFail
bazhangarnsa, great. then ask in #winehq14:52
arnsabazhang, already did it, but no one answers14:52
prashant_123456yashshah, indian ?14:54
theadminarnsa: Well this channel doesn't offer support for Windows application. People here can help you install wine on Ubuntu or get wine itself to work, but not wine/windows apps.14:54
anli__Is there an application I can run on the command line, piping in data that will as a result go into the clipboard?14:56
theadminanli__: Well, the clipboard is an X thing14:57
ActionParsnipLordveda: reading14:57
theadminanli__: But... there is xclip which does that.14:57
llutz!info  xclip   | anli__14:57
ubottuanli__: xclip (source: xclip): command line interface to X selections. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12-1 (oneiric), package size 19 kB, installed size 92 kB14:57
theadmin!info xclip | anli_14:57
ubottuanli_: xclip (source: xclip): command line interface to X selections. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12-1 (oneiric), package size 19 kB, installed size 92 kB14:57
anli__ah, must check14:57
anli__tried ls -l | xclip14:57
theadminanli__: You need to install it first though14:58
anli__Its already installed14:58
ActionParsnipLordveda: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 16126D3A3E5C119214:58
ActionParsnipLordveda: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 40976EAF437D05B514:59
ActionParsnipLordveda: should add the keys14:59
LordvedaActionParsnip: Good points14:59
theadminanli__: I have to point out that it uses the global X keyboard, not your desktops. So, middle-click to paste what has been copied by xclip. You can also just select some text and middle-click to paste the selected text, works in any desktop14:59
theadminwtf brain15:00
ActionParsnipLordveda: I have that in a script called getkey15:00
anli__theadmin: Seems that I cannot paste using programs menus, I have to use the middle mouse button15:00
theadminanli__: Yesh, just explained why15:00
anli__In other words, ubuntu has its own clipboard that xclip does not interact with15:00
LordvedaActionParsnip: Good attitude as well15:00
anli__oh, sorry15:00
theadminanli__: Gnome has it's own clipboard, yeah15:00
anli__so there should be a gnome version of xclip for this to work then15:00
ActionParsnipLordveda: hope it helps :)15:00
ActionParsnipanli__: does xclip not work?15:01
anli__I guess such an app would be named gclip15:01
anli__Well, actually I should maybe just accept to use mmb15:01
ActionParsnipanli__: parcellite may have a cli interface15:01
david__how are you15:02
=== zero is now known as Guest66313
david__hello anyone on15:03
bazhangdavid__, ubuntu support issue?15:03
david__how do i solve this15:04
LordvedaActionParsnip: Same warning again despite the adding15:04
ikoniasolve what ?15:04
Aelingilis there an easy way to change the order of OS's on the Grub boot menu? So i can get "previous versions" at the bottom, and "current" versions on the top?15:05
david__xhero35 hi15:05
bazhangdavid__, whats the issue, ask the channel15:05
sanjeev90an how can i change the permissions of files on external hard disk/ usb storage?15:05
LordvedaThe warning says there is an error during the signature verification. and the repository is not updated what possibly could be the origin of this problem?15:06
Guest66313anyone have problem?15:08
bazhangGuest66313, ask the channel15:09
rabbi1hi, I think my gnome in 10.04 is half dead. unable to see the screen (GUI) anyway i am in CTRL+ALT+F1. how can i reset gnome settings ?15:09
UICTamale1hey all, can I configure my laptop screen to actually turn off instead of just going black when it locks?15:10
=== Guest66313 is now known as _zero0
_zero0<rabbi1> can you open recovery mode15:11
rabbi1_zero0: tried that but no luck, now i did reset gnome, but i think i have a problem with Xorg,,, oops15:11
rabbi1help me out.... :(15:12
rabbi1I am on 10.04, on AMD Athlon 64 bit, with inbuilt nvidia ....15:12
Sidewinder1Aelingil, That is the way my Grub (Legacy), is by default; most recent versions at the top and previous below that.15:13
rabbi1_zero0: recovery mode, din't change anything ... :(15:14
AelingilSidewinder1, I have 11.10 and 11.04. However on grub it shows 11.10 then "Previous versions" then 11.04, then "previous versions".. i am trying to get 11.10 and 11.04 next to each other.15:15
rabbi1hi, my ubuntu is half dead ,,,, :(15:16
rabbi1can't load xorg .....15:17
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meskarunerabbi1: did you isntall something that could have broken your xorg ?15:19
h00k!broken | rabbi115:19
ubotturabbi1: Saying "It says nothing", "It does nothing" is generally not very useful for troubleshooting. Please be as specific as possible: if you see a black screen, say so, if you see a shell prompt, say so, if you see an !error message, say so - Also, most !CLI commands don't print anything when they succeed, but only when they fail.15:19
jxiIs it possible to run tomcat7 on Ubuntu oneiric with openjdk-7 instead of default-jdk (aka  openjdk-6)?15:19
WarDekarhey i'm trying to get a PPTP VPN working from the command line on 10.04 LTS and having issues... I think I can get it to connect to the VPN server, but I'm having trouble routing all traffic through the VPN from the CLI15:20
theadminWarDekar: sudo route add default dev ppp015:20
theadminWarDekar: All done :P15:20
rabbi1meskarune: nothing at all :(15:20
WarDekartheadmin: thanks let me try that out15:20
ActionParsniptheadmin: nice15:21
Sidewinder1Aelingil, I'm pretty sure that in Grub Legacy, one could simply edit (after making a back-up copy, of course) the menu.lst file to accomplish what you want. I'm not sure that would work with Grub 2. I'm on 10.04, and sorry I can't be more effective in my efforts to help you.15:21
theadminActionParsnip: What is, the route command? I got it off my ex-ISPs website, works for most PPTP providers just fine15:22
fidelquestion: where can i disable the automatic launch of f-spot after connecting a memory-card with images? f-spots prefs seem to not have that function - so i expect it somewhere outside f-spot15:22
ActionParsniptheadmin: looks ok to me15:22
ActionParsniptheadmin: might need gw option maybe15:22
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
WarDekartheadmin: when i do that i get booted from the server and have to reboot it, i'm assuming this means it's not connecting to the VPN?15:23
theadminWarDekar: Hm, probably. Either way, to set up a PPTP vpn connection use the "pptpsetup" program, it does all the dirty work for you15:23
yourfrinedisaaccan one upgrade safely from 32bit to 64bit ubuntu?15:23
theadminyourfrinedisaac: Nope15:23
jpdsyourfrinedisaac: No.15:23
WarDekarokay possible I set some config things wrong I was editing a bunch of diff files trying to set this thing up15:24
AelingilSidewinder1, i'll look up that too, thank you!15:24
yourfrinedisaacthreadmin, and jpds, thanks lol15:24
theadminWarDekar: Basically: sudo pptpsetup --create myprovider --server pptp.example.org --username user --password "!AmHax0r" && sudo pon myprovider15:24
WarDekarright reading the help right now15:25
yourfrinedisaactheadmin, and jpds, thanks lol15:25
jpdsyourfrinedisaac: Sure.15:25
WarDekaroh yeah I remember this, when i tried doing it this way before: "FATAL: Module ppp_compress_18 not found | /usr/sbin/pptpsetup: couldn't find MPPE support in kernel."15:26
theadminWarDekar: Maybe try without --encrypt?15:26
WarDekaryeah i didn't use the --encrypt option15:27
kingfisher64would anybody be able to help me with some advice to get a printer working with Ubuntu? I have to sort this out and desperately don't want to go back to windoze. It's a canon pixma mp495 all in one. The scanner just doesn't work but the printer will print from most programs - but not the one I need - Scribus.15:27
Toph2kingfisher64,,, wireless?15:27
cautionhow do I change the screen resolution from the terminal?15:27
WarDekaram i gonna have to build kernel myself? or should i just use a different distribution?15:28
theadminWarDekar: Whatever works for you lol ;)15:28
kingfisher64Toph2 - it has wireless15:28
theadmincaution: xrandr -s 640x48015:28
cautionhow do I change the keyboard layout (country) from the terminal?15:29
theadmincaution: setxkbmap us15:29
theadmincaution: Replace us with two-letter country code (gb, de, ru...)15:29
Toph2kingfisher64,,, i'm just working on a Canon  MX410...  Canon has all the drivers for Ubuntu online, but I haven't got it working yet either15:29
handsome-cheunghi all.15:29
rabbi1hi, i did reset xorg, did reset gnome, but still i am unable to get my x loaded (login screen) .... :(15:30
cautionawesome, thanks15:30
theadmincaution: This will allow you to cycle between layouts with alt-shift: setkbmap -option grp:alt_shift_toggle us,ru,de,gb15:30
cautionwhere can I find a list of x commands like that?15:31
kingfisher64Toph2 - There are some major issues with Ubuntu and printers from the sound of it.15:31
rabbi1tried ALT + PRNSCN + K aswell but with no luck....15:31
BuboI have a problem with installing Gimp. I added a repository to install the 2.7.4 version but i have 2.6 version installed before, so i removed it thorugh the ubuntu software center and then tried installing gimp 2.7.4 (through the ubuntu software center and then through the terminal) and it doesnt work15:31
Buboit says that same packages are installed but not the version they should be15:32
Toph2kingfisher64,,, according to the threads on the MX410, the printing works, but not the scanning15:32
Buboexample pachakge-namex.x.x is installed -> to be installed package-namex.x.x15:32
rabbi1Bubo: you had to purge remove the previous version of GIMP15:32
kingfisher64Toph2 - yep I can get it to print in every program, except Scribus, however the scanner just doesn't work.15:32
BuboHow do i fix it now rabbi1 ?15:33
theadmincaution: I dunno lol, some most important are: xrandr, setxbmap, xmodmap, xev15:33
Bubowhat is purge remove?15:33
=== chalced is now known as chalcedony
Nick48join ##acta15:34
rabbi1Bubo: sudo apt-get --purge remove gimp gimp-data gimpshop; sudo apt-get  --purge autoremove; sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get update; sudo  apt-get install gimp15:35
Buboshould i run all of those?15:35
rabbi1friends, my ubuntu is sick, I am not getting the login screen (May be X din't load). Tried recovery din't work. any suggestion ?15:36
meskarunerabbi1: you need to tell us specifically what is wrong. when you turn on your computer, and hit ubuntu in grub what happens?15:36
fidelrabbi1: an you start i.e. lightdm from terminal after boot?15:36
rabbi1Bubo: u have already removed gimp, remove the supporting files, and then update your apt-get and then select Gimp from the Syn Mgr, and install15:37
theadminAnyone, um, I remember we had a program in the repos which allowed to emulate most X events (mouse clicks, keypresses, window resizing, tons of stuff), it was really handy but I totally forgot the name, Google is of no help... Anyone can name it?15:37
Buborabbi1: unmet dependencies: gimp : Depends: libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.31.2) but 2.30.0-0ubuntu4 is to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.15:37
rabbi1Bubo: Sorry, i got more problems :(15:37
rabbi1meskarune: when i get hit boot, i get a command prompt and then a blank screen, that's it15:38
meskarunerabbi1: is it the grub prompt or your system prompt?15:39
OerHekstheadmin, xdotool ?15:39
rabbi1meskarune: in my first boot, I got a login screen and a note saying "gnome was unable to install" something like this. I then restarted after that i just get blank screen .....15:39
theadminOerHeks: That's it! Thank you :)15:39
rabbi1meskarune: system prompt ...15:41
fidelrabbi1: i would test if i can jum to a terminal session (i.e. via ctrl+alt+f6) can try to login there. then check if x,loginmanager(lightdm or gdm most likely) are running - are startable etc15:41
kingfisher64anybody else know anything about getting printers to work in ubuntu? I've tried for days (not in a row thankfully) to get this working and I just can't.15:41
cautionxdotool is cool15:42
s_enyai have gpu problem. please help15:42
ChipzzzBubo: try running "sudo aptitude"... it's pretty good at resolving such problems15:42
rabbi1fidel: i am able to login from there, and i also tried resetting gnome and xorg, but no luck after that, still i am able to login from ctrl+alt+f615:42
BuboChipzzz: command not found15:42
fidelrabbi1: define "no luck" regarding restarting x/loginmanager15:43
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: what make / model?15:43
meskarunerabbi1: if you can log in, do you think you could type "startx" and see if x starts? I'm thinking maybe x is trying to load, and that is the black screen you are seeing15:43
_zero0<s_enya> that is the problem15:43
qw-Russianhelp me i would like install MS Access from Linux but I do not know as it to do15:43
kingfisher64canaon mp495 - it's a all in one ActionParsnip15:43
ActionParsnip!wine | qw-Russian15:44
ubottuqw-Russian: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu15:44
raider1I'm doing a new install with ubuntu server, built the raid on the raid card, ubuntu detection sees RAID and says  "One or more drives containing serial ATA RAID configurations have been found.  Do you wish to activate these raid devices?"  I select Yes, but no raid is showing up to partition.  Can anyone tell me what I am missing?15:44
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: checked the canon europe site, they provide some linux drivers15:44
bazhangqw-Russian, check the appdb , /join #winehq after installing wine15:44
whoeverhi all, is there a way to determin the image size that clonezilla will make15:44
OerHeksrabbi1, what was the error exactly ? 'gnome 3d unable to install' ?15:44
rabbi1meskarune: Fatal Server error: Server is already active for display 0, If this server is no longer running, remove /tmp/.X0-lock and start again15:44
bazhanghttp://appdb.winehq.org qw-Russian15:45
rabbi1OerHeks: don't remember, not 3d for sure, some popup on the right hand top corner of the screen15:45
ChipzzzBubo: you're missing "aptitude"?!15:45
BuboYes, i am installing it now though15:45
s_enyai can not use Radeon HD 7700 and newest fglrx15:45
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: gimme a sec, i'll get a link15:45
theadminChipzzz: aptitude is not preinstalled in most recent Ubuntu versions, they're using apt-get by default15:45
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rabbi1meskarune: and also, MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 keygiving up15:46
compdocI never use aptitude - whats wrong with apt-get?15:46
meskarunerabbi1: ok, so x is starting , but its not loading your gnome desktop15:46
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: http://www.canon.co.uk/Support/Consumer_Products/products/Fax__Multifunctionals/InkJet/PIXMA_MP_series/MP495.aspx?type=download&page=115:46
BuboChipzzz: i found libglib2.0.0 - should i REMOVE or PURGE?15:46
ChipzzzBubo: whew!15:46
llutzcompdoc: nothing, but aptitude has some nice features15:46
theadmincompdoc: aptitude prints somewhat more senseful errors (say, not just "broken packages", but "package X depends on Y, but Y conflicts with Z. Remove Z?", something like that)15:46
rabbi1meskarune: xinit: REsource temporarily unavailable (errono 11): unable to connect to xserver15:46
theadmincompdoc: Other than this, I have no idea :D15:47
rabbi1xinit: No such process (errno 3): Server error15:47
BuboChipzzz: i found libglib2.0.0 - should i REMOVE or PURGE? to fix my error ?15:47
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: use the debs, install the ones for your arch, reboot and have the rinter powered and attached. I suggest you delete any printers you have tried to install15:47
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: well, the ones for THIS printer15:47
ChipzzzBubo: i just caught the tail end of the problem... can you tell me quickly about it?15:47
BuboI have a problem with installing Gimp. I added a repository to install the 2.7.4 version but i have 2.6 version installed before, so i removed it thorugh the ubuntu software center and then tried installing gimp 2.7.4 (through the ubuntu software center and then through the terminal) and it doesnt work15:48
Buboexample pachakge-namex.x.x is installed -> to be installed package-namex.x.x15:48
Bubounmet dependencies: gimp : Depends: libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.31.2) but 2.30.0-0ubuntu4 is to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.15:48
ChipzzzBubo: i would remove it first & if you have problems after that, try purging it15:49
Toph2ActionParsnip,,, i'm working on the same problem as kingfisher64 ,, i didn't reboot,, perhaps that is my problem15:49
raider1Anyone able to help with raid setup?15:49
kingfisher64I've tried every driver I can to get it working. Is printing within Scribus in ubuntu a big problem? I can print from within firefox. The scanner doesn't work at all though. I suspect that it's not installed properly as the print queue says it's printed correctly when it hasn't. I'll do what you've suggested ActionParnsip. I found this page (http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-get-a-canon-all-in-one-printer-working-with-ubuntu.html) stat15:49
BuboOk i will remove it and try installing gimp again15:49
quiescensfor the vast majority of packages purge and remove do the same thing anyway15:49
ChipzzzBubo: good luck :-)15:50
rabbi1meskarune: This is all i get http://paste.ubuntu.com/843174/ so what to do ?15:50
Buboi will need it Chipzzz :D15:50
ChipzzzBubo: have faith ;-)15:50
ActionParsnipToph2: worth a try15:51
s_enyaDoes Radeon HD 7700 series not support  Linux?15:52
BuboChipzzz: aptitude said 8 broken packages and i pressed resolve and it said 127 needed to be removed..15:52
rabbi1meskarune: got to reset gnome ? which i have already done it....15:52
caotichi i am about to trash an ubuntu vm, how can i take the list of packages I installed, in a manner i can feed it back to apt-get in the replacement machine ?15:52
ActionParsnips_enya: with proprietary driver, should be ok15:52
ActionParsnip!clone | caotic15:52
ubottucaotic: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate15:52
ChipzzzBubo: i wouldn't do that...15:53
ActionParsnipcaotic: you may need to instal aptitude15:53
Buboi already did it :|15:53
caoticActionParsnip: thank you so much,15:53
Bubo1117 packages broken. Yes, i broke it again. f*ck15:53
kingfisher64ActionParsnip - on http://www.canon.co.uk/Support/Consumer_Products/products/Fax__Multifunctionals/InkJet/PIXMA_MP_series/MP495.aspx?type=download&page=1 is it right that i need number 46? It says source file - does that mean i have to compile it or anything?15:54
ChipzzzBubo: that might not have been such a good idea :-(15:55
BuboIs there a way to undo the last changes?15:55
rabbi1ActionParsnip: This is all i get when i hit startx http://paste.ubuntu.com/843174/ could you please help me out.15:55
Buboif i restart -> ubuntu wont start15:55
s_enyaActionParsnip: really? I use "http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/RC11Driver.aspx"15:55
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ActionParsnipkingfisher64: read the bottom 2, not the top 215:56
raider1Hi Guys,  If I have a new install on a machine with hardware RAID, and its not showing the RAID when at the partition screen, does it mean the raid is not supported in the kernel?15:56
ActionParsnips_enya: i dont buy ATi, but there is a proprietary driver available which should make it work15:56
ActionParsniprabbi1: then X is already running..15:57
ChipzzzBubo: <alt><ctl>F1, log in, sudo tasksel install ubuntu-desktop15:57
ActionParsnipraider1: you may need an extra module if the hardware isn't detected by default15:57
Bubobut it removed skype and every installed app15:57
Buboi saw removing skype :|15:57
rabbi1ActionParsnip: ok, but i just get a blank screen, suggestion was "gnome" problem, I am not getting my login screen, so now how to set my gnome back ?15:57
ActionParsniprabbi1: what GPU do you use?15:58
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Computer-01Hi, anyone knows a repository for MYSQL WORKBENCH for ubuntu 10.04 LTS?15:58
ChipzzzBubo: it shouldn't have purged the config, so when you install skype again, your settings will be there15:58
ActionParsnip!ppa | Computer-0115:58
ubottuComputer-01: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa15:58
mbeierlDoes anyone know how to make an SSH port tunnel (say for port forwarding) time out on connection loss more quickly?  Sometimes it takes close to an hour before my ssh tunnel goes away...15:58
rabbi1ActionParsnip: I am on 10.04, AMD Athlon 64 with in built NVdia Graphics card15:58
Bubook ill try that15:59
ActionParsniprabbi1: add the boot option:  nouveau.blacklist=115:59
kingfisher64sorry - i don't know what you mean? The two drivers on the canon website for linux are: http://www.canon.co.uk/Support/Consumer_Products/products/Fax__Multifunctionals/InkJet/PIXMA_MP_series/MP495.aspx?DLtcmuri=tcm:14-822888&page=5&type=download, http://www.canon.co.uk/Support/Consumer_Products/products/Fax__Multifunctionals/InkJet/PIXMA_MP_series/MP495.aspx?DLtcmuri=tcm:14-822884&page=5&type=download - do i need both? Many thanks :)15:59
raider1ActionParsnip: I figured, how do I find out what module?15:59
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: there is a scanner driver and a printer driver, they will be archives and have subarchives, conaining deb and rpms, you wamt the debs16:00
Bubotasksel command not found16:00
Buboo.o ?16:00
Computer-01ActionParsnip: Thank you16:00
ActionParsnipraider1: run:  lspci   use the output to see how you can make it work (you need the driver for the controller chip)16:00
ChipzzzBubo: sudo apt-get install tasksel16:00
ubottuSince Ubuntu 9.10, a !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details16:00
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raider1ActionParsnip: its the RAID bus controller: Marvell MV88SX6041 4-port SATA II PCI-X Controller16:01
ActionParsnipraider1: ok then you have what you need, find guides and how tos for that a  Marvell MV88SX604116:01
imgreygood evening #ubuntu16:01
rabbi1ActionParsnip: ok, i got to edit the grub file and add that to it ?16:01
raider1ActionParsnip: k, thx16:01
imgreycould somebody please show me sources.list from natty ?16:01
imgreyI need gnome-shell and I cant find it16:02
imgreybecause I upgraded from lucid16:02
Bubook done16:02
Bubobut it removed many more.. 127 packages :|16:02
User_007Hello guys, i am using Natty AMD64 and a custom 3.2.6 kernel. I downloaded ufw but it seems it's rules don't work (but the default deny, accept and reject works fine)16:03
ChipzzzBubo: lol... it'll put them back, don't worry16:03
ActionParsniprabbi1: or you can hold shift at boot and press E to edit the line and add it there16:03
Buboi need to restart now?16:03
ActionParsnipUser_007: custom kernels are not supported here16:03
User_007does iptables changed a lot after 2.6.38 version?16:03
ChipzzzBubo: did you tasksel install ubuntu-desktop?16:04
ActionParsnipUser_007: its a different driver for the ethernet too16:04
Buboit finished16:05
ChipzzzBubo: keep your fingers crossed :-)16:05
mmandoes any body know a CRM software?16:05
trever420i'm actually in the process of trying to figure out an alternative to IPTables (something more friendly) for ubuntu16:05
Buboim backing up the home folder first16:05
User_007ActionParsnip, i am using wireless16:05
sipiorUser_007: it's possible you left out some of the iptables functionality in your build. review your kernel config!16:05
F4T4L3RR0Rcbykmi _111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111_SYSTEM_KERNEL_ERROR_1101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011116:05
F4T4L3RR0Rtgfxpz _111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111_SYSTEM_KERNEL_ERROR_1101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011116:05
F4T4L3RR0Resnncw _111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111_SYSTEM_KERNEL_ERROR_1101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011116:05
F4T4L3RR0Rsnuxxp _111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111_SYSTEM_KERNEL_ERROR_1101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011116:05
F4T4L3RR0Rcomqyi _111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111_SYSTEM_KERNEL_ERROR_1101010101010101010101101011111010101010101010101011010111110101010101010101010110101111101010101010101010101101011116:05
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rabbi1ActionParsnip: Just add it on the last line ?16:05
ActionParsnipUser_007: same difference, its a different driver16:05
User_007thanks anyway16:06
ActionParsniprabbi1: I'd delete: quiet splash    and put it in it's place16:06
Yabdenfirestarter was a pretty good iptables frontend last time i used it16:07
Yabdenwhich was a few years ago16:07
kingfisher64ActionParsnip - ok I know what you mean now. I've already got these downloads and installed the .debs - Still didn't work last time i tried it though, but i'll try again. I just want to clarify. I'll uninstall any existing printer drivers using synaptic package manager. Turn printer on and install the debs files while printer is on - then restart>16:07
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: thats all I know of Canon. I always buy HP as they work out of the box with HPLIP which is in a default install16:07
kingfisher64ActionParsnip - many thanks i'll try.16:08
rabbi1ActionParsnip: ok, done, but nothing happened, it just ran through some test screen and back to blank screen16:09
melvincvI have BSNL broadband, I plan to shift to Airtel. What is the bill cap value in http://www.airtel.in/new/ ?16:10
melvincvI mean, I didn't understand what bill cap value means in their 6GB UNO plan.16:10
raider1ActionParsnip: I found marvell doesn't make a driver for this for ubuntu.. is there a list of ubuntu drivers that come with 10.04 LTS?16:10
ActionParsnipraider1: could try liveCD to test16:11
cautionhow do I run a command in the terminal so that it opens a new terminal tab?16:11
ActionParsnipraider1: is there an open source driver made by the community?16:11
h00kmelvincv: that's probably something to ask your provider, it doesn't have anything to do with Ubuntu16:11
ActionParsnipcaution: seems to say the option here: http://www.cs.potsdam.edu/cgi-bin/man/man2html?gnome-terminal.wrapper+116:12
rabbi1ActionParsnip: any suggestions ?16:12
ActionParsniprabbi1: did you install the proprietary driver?16:12
rabbi1ActionParsnip: how could i install ? i booted from that line and then again blank screen.16:13
ActionParsniprabbi1: can you boot to command line with an internet connection?16:13
raider1ActionParsnip: i did lsmod and it shows "sata_mv 29924 0" does that mean the module is loaded or not?16:13
raider1ActionParsnip: usedby is 016:14
ActionParsnipraider1: I have that too and use onboard sata16:14
melvincvhttp://www.airtel.in/new/   Please select Region: Kerela  City: Ernakulam This displays the plans - Maybe someone here knows.16:14
ActionParsniprabbi1: do you use a wired connection?16:14
caaakeeeyhey, 11.10 or 11.04 for amazon AMI (or other?)16:15
bazhangmelvincv, thats offtopic here, ask your provider16:15
h00k!ot | melvincv16:15
ubottumelvincv: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:15
rabbi1ActionParsnip: nope, a usb connection, and i am using it on my laptop now16:15
OerHeksmelvincv, your question can be answered by your provider only.16:15
raider1ActionParsnip: how would I do this "By rebuilding the sata_mv.ko module from dapper's kernel (2.6.15-26.45) with the above fix applied, I can access and modify data on disks attached to the Marvell controller."16:16
kimoam having problems with repositories anybody can help pls16:16
raider1ActionParsnip: is that even possible at install?16:16
MonkeyDu1tkimo  ask away16:16
ActionParsnipraider1: dapper is debian, not ubuntu16:17
ubottuUbuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) was the fourth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on July 14th 2009, Server support ended on June 1st 2011. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.16:17
raider1ahh thx16:17
raider1is it possible the raid I built in the card is the issue? and just kill the raid i created and let ubuntu make a software raid?16:18
=== MonkeyDu1t is now known as MonkeyDust
melvincvok, thanks... I'll call customer care16:18
=== myrtti is now known as Myrtti
trever420anyone here ever use shorewall?16:20
kimohaving problems with repositories, help pls16:20
MonkeyDust!info shorewall16:20
ubottushorewall (source: shorewall): Shoreline Firewall, netfilter configurator. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.4.21-1 (oneiric), package size 650 kB, installed size 2648 kB16:20
ActionParsnipkimo: what is your issue?16:20
macmartineAny Monit users know what might cause this?  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9297043/monit-appears-to-be-working-on-command-line-but-get-404-there-is-no-service-by16:20
Chipzzzkimo: please be more specific16:20
ActionParsnipkimo: what part of: '16:16 < MonkeyDu1t> kimo  ask away' was unclear?16:20
kimo ActionParsnip: cant download anything from the net due to repositories16:21
trever420thanks i know what shorewall is.. i asked if anyone used it...  i'd like to get some opinions on how it compares to IPTables16:21
Yabdenshorewall is a frontend for iptables16:21
MonkeyDustkimo  do you get any errors? also check you do not have 2 downloaders 'open' simultaneously, they block each other16:21
ActionParsnipkimo: can you run:  sudo apt-get update    and pastebin the output, use: http://pastie.org16:21
MonkeyDusttrever420  this is not the right place for opnions16:22
ubukouwhatever happened to the thunar samba plugin?16:23
kimoThe repository may no longer be available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and ensure the repository address in the preferences is correct.16:23
kimono i dont have 2 download running at the same time16:23
MonkeyDustkimo  start by typing sudo apt-get update, first16:24
ActionParsnipkimo: can you run the command I gave and use the link I gave to provide the output16:24
imgrey# apt-cache search gnome-shell16:24
imgreylibmutter0 - window manager library from the Mutter window manager16:24
imgreyWTF UBUNTU ?16:25
FloodBot1imgrey: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:25
imgreywhere is gnome shell ?16:25
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
imgreyFloodBot1, you suck16:25
bazhangimgrey, watch the language16:25
ActionParsnipimgrey: users can use apt-cache, no need to become root16:25
kimoSome index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.16:25
ActionParsnipimgrey: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc16:25
MonkeyDustimgrey  it's easier to just ask, if you want to get kicked from the channel16:25
imgreyActionParsnip, # lsb_release -sc16:26
thetinyjesusHey I cannot stand both the current state of gnome 3 and unity, should I try out Debian or do things just not work as well in debian16:26
kimoActionParsnip:Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.16:26
imgreyback to the topic, could somebody please share sources.list ?16:26
ActionParsnip!info gnome-shell natty16:26
ubottuPackage gnome-shell does not exist in natty16:26
ActionParsnipimgrey: there is your answer16:26
ActionParsnipimgrey: gnome-shell is a gnome3 app, natty still uses Gnome216:27
BuboE: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.16:27
MonkeyDustimgrey  maybe there's a PPA for gnome-shell in natty16:27
Chipzzzthetinyjesus: there's kubuntu if you don't like gnome/ubity16:27
imgreyActionParsnip, but how do I install Gnome3 ?16:27
ubukouanyone using thunar?16:27
imgreyMonkeyDust, wtf PPA ?16:27
ActionParsnipimgrey: you'll need to upgrade to Oneiric16:27
theadmin!ppa | imgrey16:27
ubottuimgrey: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa16:27
auronandaceimgrey: use 1.1016:27
bgs1trying to boot an a laptop from an ubuntu cd and hitting a particular error each time.  The CD works on other computers and the computer boots the HD just fine. Error: Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,1). My boss gave me the laptop and told me to make it work, so I don't know much about it. any ideas where to start?16:27
bazhangimgrey, stop with the language16:27
ActionParsnipMonkeyDust: there is but it breaks stuff16:27
ActionParsnip!gnome3 | imgrey16:28
ubottuimgrey: GNOME 3 is the desktop environment on which Unity is based.  To use GNOME Shell instead of Unity, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". GNOME 3 is not supported under Natty/11.04, and may break your system if installed from alternate sources.16:28
MonkeyDustimgrey  easiest is to upgrade natty to oneiric16:28
thetinyjesusChipzzz: It's not that I hate them, i don't like that i cannot view current live windows without alt-tab, and everything has a lag to it even using an I5 processor16:28
theadminauronandace: Heh, 1.10 -- I'd like to point out that the first ubuntu version is 4.10 :D16:28
auronandacetheadmin: i corrected myself above :)16:29
thetinyjesusChipzzz: my windows 7 boots 2 times faster and runs faster and that's never normal when compairing to linux16:29
BuboI get error when i do sudo apt-get update -> GPG error ppa link The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available16:29
ActionParsnipthetinyjesus: depends on config16:29
theadminauronandace: Just a funny fact :D Kinda freaky, you know, if you don't know the Ubuntu versioning system you'd think the first would be 1.0 or at least 1.04 :D16:29
MonkeyDustthetinyjesus  my linux boots 10 times faster than win716:29
thetinyjesusMonkeyDust: do you have an i5?16:30
rabbi1ActionParsnip: I am dead .... :(16:30
Chipzzzthetinyjesus: i'm running oneiric with gnome/unity and cairo-dock. I have no such problems :-)16:30
c31r2glinux will always boot faster than any windows system and thats the truth(universal)16:30
BuboE: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages. - Any help with that? I cant fix broken packages...16:30
=== danno is now known as Guest65299
imgreyMonkeyDust, thank you16:31
Guest65299Man I miss gnome 216:31
bazhanglets get back on topic please16:31
rabbi1I have a live CD which is not auto boot, i got usb wireless net, unable to connect from command prompt, I have nVidia graphics card which is not working. Funny situation .... :)16:31
theadminGuest65299: Install gnome-fallback or xfce4, they both act very similar to gnome216:31
Guest65299nice theadmin16:31
thetinyjesusChipzzz: its not that i have problems, its just if i log in using gnome classic things just run so much faster16:31
ChipzzzBubo: glad to see you made it back... that's encouraging :-)16:31
bazhangc31r2g, you know this is not the chat channel  #ubuntu-offtopic for that16:32
Guest65299theadming: I am in Lubuntu now, but it just isn't right16:32
BuboYes Chipzzz, it had removed skype and acrobat reader, I just installed them back. But still i cant install gimp, same error and also when i go to fix broken packages in synaptics package manager it says E: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.16:32
Guest65299theadmin: I am in Lubuntu now, but it just isn't right16:32
c31r2gbazhang greetings! lol..........sorry switching16:32
thetinyjesusactually fuck it, at this point after 3 weeks with linux trying linux mint 12/ubuntu 11.10 its safe to say my i5 will not play wel16:32
kimoActionParsnip: am having long list of errors W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/binary-i386/Packages  404 Not Found [IP: 80]16:32
kimoW: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/restricted/binary-i386/Packages  404 Not Found [IP: 80]16:32
kimoW: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/source/Sources  404 Not Found [IP: 80]16:32
kimoW: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/restricted/source/Sources  404 Not Found [IP: 80]16:32
kimoW: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/universe/binary-i386/Packages  404 Not Found [IP: 80]16:32
h00k!language | thetinyjesus16:32
ubottuthetinyjesus: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.16:33
MonkeyDustBubo  in grub, boot in recovery mode, then choose FSCK and repair broken packages16:33
theadminGuest65299: Try Xubuntu, you'll love it -- it's almost exactly like (and compatible with) gnome2 in a lot of aspects, but MUCH more configurable16:33
auronandacekimo: jaunty is end of life16:33
BuboHow do I boot in recovery mode MonkeyDust ?16:33
h00k!patebim | kimo16:33
c31r2gkimo you use jaunty maybe no support16:33
Bubonvm ill just google that16:33
h00k!pastebim | kimo16:33
ChipzzzBubo: maybe the newer gimp needs a libglib that isn't yet available for the version of ubuntu you're running16:33
auronandacekimo: jaunty is end of life16:33
h00k!pastebin | kimo16:33
ubottukimo: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:33
h00kseriously, keyboard.16:33
ActionParsnipkimico: use the pastebin, i told you twice...16:33
rabbi1ActionParsnip: this post would solve my problem ? http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/17616:33
ActionParsnipkimico: Jaunty is EOL (as c31r2g said)16:33
BuboChipzzz: i had that  version of gimp installed on the wubi installation i had.. i formated and installed same versiion 11.10 of ubuntu and now this problem comes up because i had installed gimp 2.6.x first the nremoved it and now i want to install 2.7.516:34
ActionParsnipkimo: Jaunty is EOL as c31r2g16:34
ActionParsnipkimico: sorry, wrong target16:34
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:34
theadminActionParsnip: "c31r2g"?16:34
kimoActionParsnip: am still new with ubuntu could u pls give more details16:34
charnelhow can I ssh with a specific key file in my .ssh16:34
theadminActionParsnip: Ah, it's a nickname, never mind16:34
ActionParsnipkimo: its like trying to get windows updates for windows 9516:34
ActionParsnipkimo: its not supported any more, no more updates16:35
rabbi1ActionParsnip: lol16:35
JoeyJoeJoHow can I tell what version of ubuntu is installed?16:35
BuboMonkeyDust: how to boot into recovery mode?16:35
ActionParsniptheadmin: there is madness in my method16:35
ActionParsnipJoeyJoeJo: lsb_release -sc16:35
MonkeyDustBubo  you'll see, in the grub menu16:35
BuboI dont have a grub menu16:35
Buboit just enters in ubuntu automatically16:35
MonkeyDustBubo  try pressing enter while you boot16:36
MonkeyDustor was it esc?16:36
Buboill press both16:36
c31r2gBubo everyone has need to press some key!16:36
Bubolet me try.. brb :D16:36
ChipzzzBubo: hold down the shift key after POST16:36
Buboesc shift and enter keys.. :|16:36
Buboill try16:36
Chipzzzbubo: no, shift key16:36
ginnalupgrade from ubuntu 10.04to 11.01 bookmarks missing? why16:38
ActionParsnipkimo: I suggest you run a final backup, wipe Jaunty out and install a clean version of Oneiric (11.10), or wait until April then install a clean install of Precise (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS)16:38
crizzy_ginnal: you can only update one release at the time (from 10.04 to 10.10 for example) OR from LTS to LTS (10.04 to upcoming 12.04)16:38
Bubo_It booted normally :| how do you check if its recovery mode? Also, what should i do in recovery mode? Chose FSCK and ?16:39
Kre10sTrying to install a gedit regular expression plugin. http://halfhourhacks.blogspot.com/2008/03/gedit-regular-expression-plugin.html plugin does not show in list... what have i done wrong?16:39
MonkeyDustBubo  fsck and then repair broken packages16:39
kimoActionParsnip:i was trying to upgrade from 10.10 to 11.10. upgrade wasnt complete i had to restard computer and culdnt access ubuntu anymore. i formated the comp and installed ubuntu 9.0416:40
ginnalupgrade to 11.01 bookmarks missing? why16:40
ActionParsnipkimo: what GPU do you use?16:40
whoeverhi all, is there a way to determin the image size that clonezilla will make16:40
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.16:40
auronandacekimo: you can't go directly from 10.10 to 11.1016:40
Lintis there OCR software for ubuntu?16:41
ChipzzzBubo_: it isn't in recovery mode if you didn't get a grub menu16:41
kimoActionParsnip:sorry my fault, its the next upgrade after 10.1016:41
auronandacekimo: the releases are every six months, so you'd have to go from 10.10 to 11.04 to 11.10 (would be better to just fresh install 11.10)16:42
ChipzzzBubo_: the other question is a little harder... i don't know what being in recovery mode is going to help in your situation16:43
ActionParsnipkimo: what GPU do you use? What happened when you tried a clean 11.10 install16:43
kimoActionParsnip:I have tried to install 10.10 straight away it didnt work16:43
=== Companion is now known as companion
ActionParsnipkimo: what happened?16:44
MonkeyDust!ocr | Lint16:44
ubottuLint: For OCR (optical character recognition) software in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OCR for packages and instructions.16:44
=== liam_ is now known as Guest5582
kimoActionParsnip: the system is restarting tried it several times16:44
nibbler__i used thunderbird from some mozilla ppa, how do i revert to ubuntu-thunderbird?16:45
LintMonkeyDust, it was last updated 1 year ago16:45
MonkeyDustnibbler__  delete the ppa16:45
MonkeyDustLint  that happens16:45
ActionParsnipnibbler__: remove the PPA, uninstall thunderbird then reinstall it16:45
kingfisher64ActionParsnip - well i've just finished installing the printer and it works. Not tried the scanner yet. I think there is a problem with the print queue's or something as it worked exactly as before on re-install but I hit a button on the top and it worked, printing something previous out. many thanks for your advice though :) ActionParsnip++16:45
nibbler__MonkeyDust, ah okay - thanks16:46
auronandace!ppa-purge | nibbler__16:46
ubottunibbler__: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html16:46
nibbler__MonkeyDust, before i tried to do that, and it wanted to remove like 200 dependencies - now i used apt-get instead of aptitude... and ran an update in between - don't know what solved my problem :)16:46
kingfisher64Toph2 - did you get your printer working?16:46
BuboHi again.. I booted into recovery mode, but when I get the menu there i cant choose anything, it seems my keyboard isnt responding.. i tried pressing every key on it, nothing.16:47
MonkeyDustnibbler__  if it works, it works :)16:47
BuboBut the backlight on the buttons is working16:47
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
nibbler__MonkeyDust, exactly ;-)16:47
ChipzzzBubo: do you get a working <alt><ctl>F1 terminal?16:48
ginnalany lottery help channels?16:48
Buboif i press alt ctrl f1 now, yes the terminal is working16:48
bazhang!alis | ginnal16:49
ubottuginnal: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*16:49
bgs1I'm trying to get a boot cd to run on a laptop and not having any success.  The CD works in other computers.  Boot sequence is correct. error is 'Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unkown-block(8,1)'16:49
ChipzzzBubo: that's pretty strange... is it a USB keyboard or anything?16:49
c31r2gBubo will not get back now lol16:49
Buboyes its a usb keyboard16:49
c31r2gBubo how you got back from terminal mode16:50
c31r2gplease Bubo16:50
Buboalt ctrl f7?16:50
Buboor f6..16:50
=== Rango_ is now known as Rango
c31r2gthanks Bubo16:51
c31r2gf7 Bubo16:51
ChipzzzBubo: it's beginning to look like you're stuck with the older gimp until a newer libglib2 turns up in your repos16:51
BuboOh, cant i just delete libglib2 and try to install the new one ?16:52
Bubowhen i try remove libglib2 i get some other error, should i paste it in paste.ubuntu ?16:52
bgs1I'm sorry, I'm not sure of the policy for re-requesting help.  I guess I can assume no one knows where to start if no one responds?16:52
ActionParsnipbgs1: test your RAM16:52
lanoxxim trying to install skype on oneiric, but it does not work16:53
BuboAlso, it worked before I formatted Chipzzz. I had gimp 2.7.x version, but i hadnt installed 2.6.x version before it.. maybe thats the problem16:53
ChipzzzBubo: i'm thinking that since you're installing a gimp that isn't available in the ubuntu repos yet, the required libglib may not be available yet either16:53
lanoxxafter several tries now i dont even see skype in the repository eventhough i have the partner repo activated16:53
lanoxxhow can i debug this16:53
bgs1ActionParsnip, the hdd OS loads just fine; would that preclude a RAM problem?16:53
VimanIs there a way to convert OGV to AVI without making it look like crap?16:53
BuboBut it was available for me before formatting16:54
ActionParsnipkingfisher64: try both xsane and simplescan. I've seen simplescan not work where xsane did16:54
Buboi installed the gimp then the same way i tried installing it now16:54
MonkeyDustlanoxx  http://blog.sudobits.com/2011/09/15/how-to-install-skype-on-ubuntu-11-10/16:54
kimoActionParsnip:any suggestions16:55
ChipzzzBubo: what version libglib is it asking for, what version do you have, and what version ubuntu do you have?16:55
Lintcan linux users have no password?16:55
Bubo11.10 ubuntu16:56
ActionParsnipbgs1: what GPU do you use?16:56
BuboDepends: libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.31.2) but 2.30.0-0ubuntu4 is to be installed E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.16:56
MonkeyDustLint  the password is what makes linux more secure than windows16:56
LintMonkeyDust, don't be ridiculous please16:56
xubuntu5he wasn't16:57
MonkeyDustLint  don't be rude, please16:57
bazhangLint, lose the attitude16:57
ChipzzzBubo: ...working...16:57
lanoxxMonkeyDust, software center says: 'There isn't a software package called "skype:i386" in your software sources.'16:57
lanoxxbut i have partner activated and ran aptitude update a couple of times16:57
BuboChipzzz: what do you mean working ?16:58
MonkeyDustlanoxx  maybe you should try sudo apt-get update, first16:58
bazhanglanoxx, does apt-cache search skype show anything16:58
kblinhi folks16:58
LintI'm simply too old for puerile stuff like passwords. Still, is it possible?16:58
bgs1ActionParsnip, I was kind of afraid the questions would get down to that level. The truth is the HDD os is a debian install and I don't even have an account on it, so short of opening up the laptop I don't know what the GPU is. I can do that if need be.16:58
xubuntu5that skype search only shows16:58
xubuntu5pidgin-skype - Skype plugin for libpurple messengers16:58
kblinhow do I force a device that uses IPv6 autoconfiguration to look for a new route?16:58
lanoxxbazhang, MonkeyDust only pidgin plugins16:59
llutzLint: it is but it will break sudo for that user16:59
Lintllutz, and sudo -u root ?16:59
Thurin1Lint, yes you can have no password.17:00
llutzLint: sudo requires a password, a user without cannot use sudo17:00
xubuntu5when i use xming why is the display variable set to 10?17:00
theadminllutz: You can always use NOPASSWD in sudoers so17:00
lanoxxbazhang, is there maybe some cache file that i could delete?17:00
Thurin1But then you can't login.17:00
Lintllutz, and if root user has password, will sudo work for root?17:00
llutztheadmin: you also can shot yourself in the knee17:00
theadminllutz: I know :D17:01
MonkeyDustLint  i guess that was an elaborate way to say: "no"17:01
theadminLint: sudo always works for root, root is granted full sudo privelegs by default, but then again, point?17:01
ActionParsnipbgs1: is it a branded system?17:01
Lintno login password nonsense17:01
Thurin1Lint: ....17:01
ChipzzzBubo: ...(i'm) working (on it)...17:02
Thurin1Lint: If you really want to do it...17:02
Thurin1adduser whatever17:02
theadminLint: It's not nonsense... Um, just set an autologin?17:02
Thurin1passwd -f -u whatever17:02
xubuntu5f u? lol17:02
BubooH, ok Chipzzz, thanks17:02
Buboill be waiting17:02
Thurin1But I don't think you can actually set root to have no passwd17:03
Thurin1... but you could always try, with -f -u17:03
Thurin1passwd -f -u root17:03
MonkeyDustLint  but expect the system to say f u ;)17:03
Thurin1Never tried, not going to, might not work.. could break things.17:03
cautionhow do I remove an alias in bash set with the alias command?17:03
bgs1ActionParsnip, yes. Toshiba Portege M400.17:03
llutzcaution: unalias alias17:03
theadminLint: To disable a password on USERNAME, use: sudo passwd -d USERNAME # But still, it's a bad idea. Consider searching for an autologin option in your login manager17:05
ActionParsnipbgs1: seems its an intel thing17:05
ActionParsnipbgs1: try the boot option:  nomodeset17:05
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:05
MonkeyDustLint  "-d, --delete Delete a user's password (make it empty). This is a quick way to disable a password for an account. It will set the named account passwordless."17:06
ChipzzzBubo: you might try installing this manually: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+package/libglib2.0-dev ... it's the latest available17:06
BuboHow do I install that manually Chipzzz ?17:06
lanoxxi somehow fixed it, so now i have skype installed, but when i start it on the terminal then there is no output and skype does not run17:06
lanoxxno reaction at all17:07
kingfisher64ActionParsnip - last time i tried xsane wouldn't work - but will give both a go. :)17:07
bgs1ActionParsnip, can you please give me a little more detail into how to set a boot option?  I'm sorry, I'm fairly new to this.  Is it something I change on the boot cd? something I change in the bios?17:07
ActionParsnipbgs1: the link shows how17:07
bgs1Ohh. Ubutto's message.  I see, thanks.17:08
bgs1ubottu, that is.17:08
Bubomake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.17:09
ChipzzzBubo: go to the page i linked, pick the version that matches your o.s., and download the deb from that page17:09
rabbi1ActionParsnip: After heavy exercise, i have crossed a step17:10
rabbi1ActionParsnip: now i am getting this dialog "There is a problem with the configuration server (/usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 256"17:10
ChipzzzBubo: then double click on the deb & the installer will come up17:10
MonkeyDustkingfisher64  this is my workaround: use simple scan, it will freeze - force terminate simple scan - un-replug the scanner - start simple scan - ok, calibrates - then use xsane17:10
CodeH3xhow to uncompress this file? fribidi-0.19.2-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz17:10
Thurin1CodeH3x: tar -xvf17:10
Bubothere is a debian.tag.rz file :| it opens as archive17:10
CodeH3xtar (child): xz: Cannot exec: No such file or directory17:11
CodeH3xtar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now17:11
CodeH3xtar: Child returned status 217:11
CodeH3xtar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now17:11
rabbi1ActionParsnip: any idea what can i do now ?17:11
CodeH3xit doesn't work17:11
Thurin1CodeH3x: Oh, the new .xz, that I think is slackware specific ..17:11
ChipzzzBubo: 32 or 64 bit?17:11
llutzCodeH3x: tar -Jxf foo17:11
Buboi just downloaded glib2.0_2.30.0-0ubuntu4.debian.tar.gz (52.8 KiB)17:11
BuboI guess that is the version i need?17:11
Thurin1CodeH3x: Yeah17:11
Bubofrom https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/glib2.0/2.30.0-0ubuntu417:11
Thurin1But all you need is xz utils17:11
VimanIs there a way to convert OGV to AVI without making it look like crap?17:11
Thurin1Search Synaptic for 'xz' you should find the package you need17:12
Thurin1Then it's still tar -xvf...17:12
ChipzzzBubo: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/82141284/libglib2.0-dev_2.30.0-0ubuntu4_amd64.deb17:12
MonkeyDustViman  http://lgallardo.com/en/2009/04/11/conversion-de-videos-ogv-a-avi-desde-gnome/17:12
Buboyes yes i found it Chipzzz my bad :/17:12
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HUELKcan anyone help get gnome-shell work on the intel emgd driver. the shell starts but is somekind of blurred and if i tap the top left corner to see the applications its just fails i think its a problem with the mutter compositing17:13
CodeH3xThurin1: thanks! i'm downloading the correct version now17:13
danileigh79my wifi becomes disabled every time I reboot my laptop (11.10), and have to re-enable it in terminal with fwcutter tools for broadcom 43, how can I make it so my wifi is enabled permanently?17:13
HUELKits a tablet pc without keyboard17:13
Thurin1CodeH3x: :)17:14
Thurin1CodeH3x: Usually if something doesn't work it's the same as any other os... you're missing a 'codec' ... whatever.17:14
WarDekarhow do i add a PPP route that only routes port 80 and 443?17:14
Thurin1WarDekar: Add firewall rules. ;)17:14
Thurin1Ipchains man17:15
Thurin1man ipchains17:15
VimanWhen I convert OGG to AVI using mencoder/ffmpeg, the quality drops real bad. Is there another way to do it? I can't edit OGG (ironical, isn't it?).17:15
danileigh79Viman: ogg sound to AVI?17:15
Thurin1Viman: Tell ffmpeg to use a different quality...17:15
Vimansorry, OGV17:15
danileigh79Viman: should be different quality settings in fmpeg17:16
Lintin windows you can browse network from open file window, why it's impossible in ubuntu? how to fix?17:16
Thurin1Lint, it's not.17:16
rabbi1guys, help me out to solve this "GNOME Power Management Problem" I am unable to login at all17:16
Vimandani/turin: what's the option? or should I just man it?17:17
LintThurin1, it's not what?17:17
Thurin1Lint, it depends on how you tweaked your desktop and if you're using KDE/GNOME.17:17
Thurin1It's not impossible.17:17
danileigh79Viman: should be to change fps rate in the main conversion window17:17
Thurin1Well in Unity not sure.17:17
LintI have GTK dialogs17:17
kingfisher64MonkeyDust - thanks, if it looks like i'm running into a problems i'll try that.17:17
Thurin1I'm not using Ubuntu anymore, and I know the desktop isn't stock Gnome/KDE/XFCE anymore so... you may be right.17:18
MonkeyDustLint  in windows, when i type sudo apt-get update, it says File not found, how do i fix that?17:18
Thurin1MonkeyDust: heh17:18
nathan28MonkeyDust: you have apt in windows?17:18
MonkeyDustThurin1  Lint want linux to behave exactly like windows, it was a sarcastic joke17:19
Thurin1MonkeyDust: I know that17:19
Thurin1But LInt17:19
BobbyHi Everyone17:19
Thurin1You just add 'network' to your side panel.17:19
LintThurin1, add it from where?17:20
Thurin1In Gnome (not sure if Unity changed this) - you add network to side panel, and boom. Open files from network on browse.17:20
danileigh79When i type in "sudo b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware wl_apsta-" to reactivate my wifi, it says "Cannot open input file wl_apsta-" How can I fix this so I can make my wifi settings permanent?17:20
Thurin1When you click the open dialog, you see the panel to the left with destinations? Add network as a destination as well.17:20
VimanThurin1: changing fps didn't exactly do it. The screen still looks scrambled (I did a screencast)17:21
cautionhow do I set a system wide environmental var?17:21
Vimanfrom gtk-RecordMyDesktop17:21
Thurin1Viman: Yeah, not fps.. overall quality.17:22
LintThurin1, there's only Search, Recent, Home, Desktop, Filesystem, Floppy, CDROM, and folders from my profile, no network in sight17:22
Thurin1Just read the ffmepg manual, it tells you how to set parameters.17:22
clone1018Anyone in here have any experience with KDE and ATI, basically, I have my tri monitor setup perfect, except for one thing, the main monitor is set as my far left, when it needs to be my middle, anyone know how to change which is the primary with the aticonfig command or the control panel for it?17:22
Thurin1Lint: It's not there by default, but you can add it yourself.17:22
Lintit is there in file manager, but not in open dialog :(17:23
VimanThurin1: quality as in Bitrate?17:23
Linthow to add it manually?17:23
Thurin1Viman: Yes, and size.17:24
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Thurin1I'm trying to think Lint17:25
User_007hello, i am running Natty AMD64, 2.6.38-13 kernel. I set my ufw to deny everything, but i allow in and out of ports 80 and 443. But the rules seems to not work, and all the ports seem to be blocked. (it don't work and nmap say it's all closed)17:25
Thurin1For now Right click an open space in the "Open File" section and select "Show hidden files". Then go to .gvfs and your remote share will be mounted there.17:26
Thurin1Keep in mind that the 'open' dialog is application specific, so for some you'll never be able to open across network.17:26
User_007what is my error?17:26
xxiaothe destrutive desktop linux blog, very true17:26
Lintso I need to browse the network in file manager first?17:27
rabbi1I am unable to login from the ubuntu screen, had problems with nvidia card, any suggestion ?17:27
Thurin1You add as a Nautilus bookmark.17:27
User_007(btw the kernel is the distro-provided)17:28
Picixxiao: This channel is for support only.  If you want to discuss your article, try #ubuntu-offtopic17:28
Thurin1So you do that, 'save as' you make a symblolic link and then create a nautilus bookmark.17:28
Thurin1rabbi1: Wrong password bro? :)17:29
Thurin1Caps lock on?17:29
* Lint wonders which idiot called the program 'gigolo'17:29
BuboChipzzz: it says breaks excisting package libglib2.0-dev conflict: libglib2.0-dev17:29
Thurin1Lint: A person with a sense of dirty humor.17:29
MonkeyDustLint  it's because it connects to everything17:29
Thurin1Does Unity even use Nautilus?17:30
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MonkeyDustgcompris = j'ai compris, i have understood17:30
rabbi1Thurin1: nope, i had lot of problem with nvidia card, tried solving all that problems with the posts i read. now I am in the login screen, once clicked on login it will not load the screen.  I can just see blank screen17:30
ChipzzzBubo: ?!?17:30
LintThurin1, yes17:30
BuboI cant install it17:30
Thurin1rabbi1: Ok, what do you see in your error logs in /var/logs ?17:30
Thurin1Look for (EE) strings.17:30
ChipzzzBubo: lol... i gathered that... i'm surprised at the error... ("?!?")17:31
web1hey all, I'm facing problem activating xenerama on my two monitors, any advices with my Nvidia card?17:31
Thurin1Lint, ok.17:31
BuboWell, it says that :D17:31
BuboI guess the -dev package is also older version?17:31
User_007It seems ufw just deny everithing and ignore any rules i add. I thought it was a kernel problem, but it seems to happen the same thing with generic ubuntu kernel.17:32
bgs1ActionParsnip, I tried the nomodeset boot option and still got the error.17:32
Thurin1User_007: Did you remember to update your firewall after adding the rules?17:32
ChipzzzBubo: if you were trying to install a newer one, i don't think it would complain17:32
rabbi1Thurin1: what should i look for in log folder ?17:32
User_007sorry, how to update? it's just disable and enable the ufw?17:33
rabbi1Thurin1: I can't see errro file at all17:33
Thurin1rabbi1: Look through the xorg.0.log's  (all numbers) look for (EE)17:33