ScottLknome, when you get awake or back or both....ping :)00:17
Len-1204The themes are fine. Only two changes needed. The default session needs to be changed to ubuntustudio instead of xfce and the path needs to be fixed for the lightdm background01:38
Len-1204A lot of the menu icons don't work... but I think that is my messing around with the menus.01:39
Len-1204The bottom panel is missing stuff too, but that is because it is xubuntu-esque and can't find stuff.01:48
ScottLLen-1204, that is good new02:04
ScottLi just wish i could get an install to actually, you know...install02:04
Len-1204Ya, when I log in with the US session picked it works.02:05
Len-1204when does it quit?02:05
Len-1204are you using the 32 or the64 bit install?02:05
ScottLi tried both, but the 64 bit is a new build from parts so i don't really have a baseline with it02:08
Len-1204I only have the 32 bit stuff.02:08
ScottLthe 32 bit has hyperthreading (HT) and is kinda unstable at times but seems to install xubuntu well enough02:08
ScottLi'm curretnly installing xubuntu on the 64 bit to make sure it handles the installs02:09
Len-1204I have had no problems installing..02:09
Len-1204ScottL: Do you have a live session?02:09
ScottLi do have live session02:09
ScottLthe 32 bit seems to install but then hangs during booting02:09
ScottLi get the plymouth theme going and then it goes to a text screen and starts the ....02:10
ScottLChecking for something or other                         [OK]02:10
Len-1204Then you are ok. When it stalls hit alt F1 and log in02:10
ScottL^^^ above x6 or so02:10
ScottLoh....okay :)02:10
ScottLLen-1204, is that because of hte lightdm business?02:10
Len-1204then sudo bash and cd /usr/share/xgreeters02:10
Len-1204Yup and then ln -s <tab> (to get the file name and then default.desktop02:11
Len-1204ScottL: I have some menu changes ready. I just need to do a few *.directory files.02:16
ScottLLen-1204, but i think the changes need to really be discussed02:17
ScottLbefore making changes02:17
Len-1204ScottL: no problem, I seem to have figured it out anyway.02:18
Len-1204What are you planning for the second panel?02:18
Len-1204Right now you have the xubuntu one, but lots of icons don't work.02:19
Len-1204ScottL: right now I have the menu set up so that right below settings there are 4 new menus: Audio Production, Video Production, Graphics and Potography.02:25
Len-1204ScottL: there is a file in /etc/lightdm called lightdm.conf02:55
Len-1204it has:02:55
Len-1204Maybe change the user-session to ubuntustudio.02:56
ScottLLen-1204, AH!  you are probably correct :D03:13
Len-1204ScottL: not sure what our session is called exactly... I would have to log out to see03:14
Len-1204ScottL: There are only two workspaces (desktops) is that the plan?03:18
Len-1204I personally find that limiting, 4 or 6.03:18
Len-1204(very limiting for trouble shooting distros  ;-)03:19
Len-1204ScottL: I think I found the problem with lightdm looking for default.desktop too.03:31
Len-1204The same file as above (/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf) from the xubuntu distro looks like this:03:32
Len-1204Notice the last line.03:32
Len-1204I think I might leave the no guests thing though.03:39
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micahgLen-1204: ScottL: I believe the lightdm conf file is set by the postint in xubuntu-default-settings06:18
Len-1204I was going to look but seem to have deleted it :/06:33
Len-1204Ok, downloaded. yup, that looks like that is how it is done.06:37
Len-1204micahg: Thankyou. I figure Scott is asleep by now. I'll send him email though. With the text and the suggested ubuntustudio package to apply it to.06:39
Len-1204Our US default-settings pkg seems the postinst and the postrm are the same file.06:48
Len-1204Diff shows none.06:57
Len-1204ScottL: it seems our ubuntustudio-default-settings pkg the DEBIAN/postinstall has been over written with postrm.06:58
* micahg think cjwatson proposed a branch or something to clean those up anyways06:59
Len-1204US has three or four packages to do what xubuntu does with one... and we drop related files all over the place instead of one directory.07:18
Len-1204ScottL: see email.07:20
knomeScottL, ping10:15
ScottLknome, pong13:21
knomeScottL, hey :)14:02
scott-workknome: i'm at work now14:36
knomescott-work, okay... not at a ubuntu machine? :P14:36
scott-worklol, not now, but i did go through the slideshow last night, it was shortly after you went to sleep14:36
knomehow did it look?14:36
scott-workit was okay, i would suggest some restruction/simplication along with some editing of the text14:37
scott-workbut that can be handled later, most likely14:38
knomewell, it's in a branch under ubuntustudio so you could even change the text yourself14:38
knomeone thing i was thinking about:14:38
scott-workcapital :)14:38
knomedo you want welcome/thanks -slides?14:38
scott-workknome: i'm not sure, is that something other derivatives do?  is it common practice?  do you want your name in there ;) ?14:40
scott-work(that last question was me being a little silly)14:40
knomeheh i suppose it is14:40
knomei mean, welcome slide:14:40
knome"welcome to the ubuntu studio installation and thanks for choosing ... blahblah"14:41
knomeand not "gimp is an image editor that..."14:41
knomeyou know, a bit softer start...14:41
knomeand thanks in the end, saying thanks again for choosing, you can get support from X, ...14:41
knomewe have a link to #xubuntu@freenode in the last slide14:42
knomeit's nice to see people joining and saying thanks14:42
knomeor maybe asking a few questiong14:42
knomethey're kind of sucked in immediately14:42
scott-workknome: those are extremely good suggestions14:47
scott-workare you waiting on me for anything on the slideshows?  am i holding you up?14:47
knomeno, not really14:47
knomei'm okay for pushing it to the main branch now really14:48
scott-workif not, i will look at this this, especially since it is in a ubuntu studio branch, late after i resolve some lightdm issues14:48
knomethe pages are simple html documents14:48
knomei mean, *REALLY SIMPLE* :)14:48
* scott-work should also thank micahg for his repeated hints about the postin files for lightdm :P14:48
scott-workknome: good :)14:49
scott-worki think i need a few "simple" tasks for a bit14:49
knomethey are at slideshows/ubuntustudio/slides/14:49
knomei will add the slides for welcome and thanks too14:49
knomeand you can add the content for those too14:49
scott-workknome: that would be most welcome!14:50
scott-workmight have gotten another set of eyes on the lowlatency kernel....this just might make it into the repos in time for precise15:09
scott-workbut now i worry that i jinxed it by mentioning this15:09
knomescott-work, i just pushed a new revision with the two new slides15:10
scott-workknome: thank you :)15:14
knomedid you see my PM earlier?15:15
scott-workknome: oh, no, i didn't15:16
scott-workcan you post it to me again, but on this nick?15:16
knomesure :)15:16
holsteinknome: ping!15:23
knomeholstein, pong!15:25
knomeholstein, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/precise15:25
holsteinis there anything else i can handle?15:26
knomewell, if you're a member in the dev team in LP, you can edit and push yourself changes15:40
knomeanyway, could you look through the slideshow and tell if there is something apart from content you'd like changed15:40
holsteinknome: cool... let me see if i know how to do that :)15:42
knomeholstein, bzr branch lp:~ubuntustudio-dev/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/precise15:43
knomeholstein, then cd to ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu15:43
knomeholstein, and run test-slideshow.sh and choose ubuntustudio15:43
holsteinknome: i should say, im trying to do this from debian... ./test-slideshow.sh: 24: Syntax error: "(" unexpected15:59
knomethat must be a debian error then15:59
holsteinlet me see what i have in Vbox16:01
scott-workholstein: lol, i'm listening to the latest OPSM episode and you talked about RPM and mentioned everyone doing it...but me :P16:18
scott-worki know i said i'm probably not going to have time this year, but i said that after you and dan recorded ;)16:19
scott-workknome: just to be clear (as i'm looking at the blueprint), you have NOT pushed the slideshow changes to the main branch yet (and presumable therefore no one has pushed the changes into the repos)?16:21
holsteinscott-work: :/16:22
scott-workhehe, it's okay, just thought it was funny :)16:22
scott-workam i the guy that got people into the rpm challenge or where people already doing it there?16:22
holsteinknome: sorry... its beyong my skill to trouble shoot that right now16:24
knomescott-work, no, it's not in the repos yet :)16:24
holsteini get the same errors in presice16:24
holsteinand im *sure* its my own fault somehow16:24
knomeerr, wrong window16:26
knomeholstein, http://temp.knome.fi/ubuntustudio/slideshow/shots/16:28
scott-workholstein: to run the test i actuall used a file manager and then right clicked the file and chose 'execute' for it to work16:33
knomethat *should* be the same as double-clicking :)16:34
knomeholstein, do you have zenity installed?16:34
holsteinim sure i dont in debian16:35
knomebut in precise vbox16:35
holsteini didnt check in precise, and i shutdown the VM16:35
knomethat might be the reason it's not working16:35
holsteinlet me try firing it back up16:35
holsteinwell, it does have zentity :/16:43
knomethen totally weird16:45
knomelook at the shots then16:45
holsteinknome: looking good!16:46
holsteinknome: thanks... i gotta run again... chec in later16:50
holsteinill check in later**16:50
astraljavascott-work: Hey, I've been way busy with my personal life issues for the past two weeks, so no progress on my tasks. I need to file an FFe for the ubiquity stuff (also for Xubuntu), but that shouldn't be a problem as they concern only those distinctive projects.20:14
astraljavascott-work: We still haven't decided on the LTS plan. What are we going to support, and for how long?20:15
astraljavascott-work: IMO this should be decided the latest this coming Sunday's meeting, and forwarded then to the Tech Board. But I'm not sure if I'm able to attend. Are you able to drive this matter?20:15
astraljavascott-work: If not, I'd say it's safe to say that Studio won't have an LTS release this time.20:16
astraljavaWhich isn't actually all that bad a choice anyway, as we don't have very strong understanding and experience on the Xfce basis, yet. But yeah, *shrug*. It's up to you, ultimately.20:17
astraljavaBut yeah, I'll continue with my tasks when I have time, probably next week from Tuesday onwards.20:18
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scott-workastraljava: re: LTS - i actually meant to go ahead and send an email yesterday but work has been a bitch for a few weeks now and i forgot20:34
lenknome: Those three slides look good.21:16
lenThe style will work just fine.21:19
knomelen, thanks :)21:51
knomescott-work_, astraljava: fwiw, the xubuntu developers thought 3 years is a definite maximum for LTS, because it would take awfully lot of resources to support xfce any longer21:53
micahgwell, that's due to upstream Xfce (last stable) and Debian (1 yr last stable)21:58
knomeexactly :)22:03
scott-work_knome: to be honest, we can't do much for xfce stuff most likely and would utilize your efforts22:19
scott-work_so our efforts for LTS would be more aligned with ubuntu studio items22:19
scott-work_at least that's how it sorts in my head, probably kinda fuzzy though22:19
knomescott-work_, yeah, but you could be partly reassured that somebody's working on the xfce stuff22:20
knomescott-work_, and also, maybe not even think the 5 year LTS cycle, since xfce is not going to be supported that long22:20
scott-work_no, no...i saw your email about xubuntu doing 3yr TLS and i would planning on doing the same basically22:22
astraljavascott-work_: knome: Even 3 years is a stretch, though, considering how good a commitment we've seen by our contributors (yes, me included).22:31
astraljavaI don't have doubts regarding the Xfce parts, I'm worried about Studio-specific features.22:32
scott-work_TheMuso: have you seen the comments in revu?  http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/linux-lowlatency22:48
scott-work_TheMuso: also, it appears that in #ubuntu-release that apw agreed to review the kernel, at least according to infinity22:48
scott-work_TheMuso: oops, not in #ubuntu-release, the apw<->infinity discussion was in #ubuntu-devel22:52
TheMusoscott-work: Yes saw the comments, pulling the tree that Tim pointed to to have a look. I actually did try and do what infinity suggested, but couldn't get the package to build. Perhaps there is something in Tim's tree that fixes this, so waiting for that tree to clone now.23:13
TheMusoTo be clear, I couldn't get the source package to build.23:14

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