cetagSo, does Ubuntu Studio have much in common with Dick MacInnis'Dream Studio ?22:59
cfhowlettsome staff is shared...23:00
cetagI mean, I expect the answer Yes, but, could someone direct me to the Ubuntu Studio site?23:00
cetagIǘe installed Dream Studio, on Natty - and am not having much luck, and no troubleshooting success.23:01
cetagThanks. will take a look there.23:01
cfhowlettcetag: ask here or in the studio forums...23:02
cetagGot it. Will do.  PulseAudio seems fine. ALSA half works. Jack I'm yet to get running. Its a funny old business.23:03
cfhowlettcetag: you are no doubt aware that natty has already reached End of Life support?  Perhaps an upgrade is in order?23:04
cfhowlettcetag: arrgh.   never mind that comment.  worng calendar23:05
cfhowlettcetag: to your question then...what specific problem would like support with?23:06
cetagAn app (Common Music "Grace"), list MIDI devices, I select Timidity, and Grace says Unspecified. Timidity will run from the Command-line and play a MIDI file. When Timidity is run as a Server from the command-line, then Grace simply lists a further 4 Timidity MIDI outputs, and similarly "unspecified" when any of the native 4 are selected, or any of the new server 4 are selected. Most strange.23:10
cetagSo, I probably have a poor ALSA definition somewhere.23:12
cfhowlettcetag: I don't use Grace but searching for similarly worded issues yielded a few suggested reads...http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128165823:12
cetagOr Timidity is not running  'natively'.23:13
cetagI'll have a look at where you point.23:13
cfhowlettcetag: you've done a superlative job of providing details.  Sorry I can't provide direct assistance but I strongly urge you to post your query on the UbuntuStudio forums23:14
cetagSounds good. Thanks, will do. Best place for it. Beaut.23:15
cfhowlettbe safe/have fun23:15
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