dim_witAfter updates today (kernel and Firefox) I don't have GUI login only tty. I have tried several things without result.Any help or direction appreciated.00:13
dim_withello I am here but doing other things at the same time.00:28
metasansanadim_wit: did you check your error logs?00:32
dim_wityes I did00:33
metasansananothing unusual?00:33
dim_witthe only thing I see is could not write bytes: Pipe broken00:33
metasansanapastebin it00:34
dim_wit1 moment please00:34
dim_witFeb  7 18:33:01 scott-Latitude-D610 anacron[920]: Job `cron.daily' terminated00:35
dim_witFeb  7 18:33:01 scott-Latitude-D610 anacron[920]: Job `cron.weekly' started00:35
dim_witFeb  7 18:33:01 scott-Latitude-D610 anacron[2423]: Updated timestamp for job `cron.weekly' to 2012-02-0700:35
dim_witFeb  7 18:33:05 scott-Latitude-D610 anacron[920]: Job `cron.weekly' terminated00:35
dim_witFeb  7 18:33:05 scott-Latitude-D610 anacron[920]: Normal exit (2 jobs run)00:35
dim_witFeb  7 18:46:39 scott-Latitude-D610 dbus[542]: [system] Activating service name='org.debian.apt' (using servicehelper)00:35
dim_witFeb  7 18:46:39 scott-Latitude-D610 AptDaemon: INFO: Initializing daemon00:35
dim_witFeb  7 18:46:39 scott-Latitude-D610 dbus[542]: [system] Successfully activated service 'org.debian.apt'00:35
dim_witFeb  7 18:46:39 scott-Latitude-D610 AptDaemon: INFO: CommitPackages() was called: dbus.Array([dbus.String(u'')], signature=dbus.Signature('s')), dbus.Array([dbus.String(u'')], signature=dbus.Signature('s')), dbus.Array([dbus.String(u'')], signature=dbus.Signature('s')), dbus.Array([dbus.String(u'')], signature=dbus.Signature('s')), dbus.Array([dbus.String(u'vino')], signature=dbus.Signature('s')), dbus.Array([dbus.String(u'')], sig00:35
dim_witFeb  7 18:46:39 scott-Latitude-D610 AptDaemon.Trans: INFO: Queuing transaction /org/debian/apt/transaction/b93eff6c4e92439d8f4ac9fab4ebe46400:35
dim_witFeb  7 18:46:39 scott-Latitude-D610 AptDaemon.Worker: INFO: Simulating trans: /org/debian/apt/transaction/b93eff6c4e92439d8f4ac9fab4ebe46400:36
dim_witFeb  7 18:46:40 scott-Latitude-D610 AptDaemon.Worker: INFO: Committing packages: dbus.Array([], signature=dbus.Signature('s')), dbus.Array([], signature=dbus.Signature('s')), dbus.Array([], signature=dbus.Signature('s')), dbus.Array([], signature=dbus.Signature('s')), dbus.Array([dbus.String(u'vino')], signature=dbus.Signature('s')), dbus.Array([], signature=dbus.Signature('s'))00:36
dim_witFeb  7 18:46:41 scott-Latitude-D610 AptDaemon.Worker: INFO: Processing transaction /org/debian/apt/transaction/b93eff6c4e92439d8f4ac9fab4ebe46400:36
dim_witFeb  7 18:46:41 scott-Latitude-D610 AptDaemon.Worker: INFO: Committing00:36
metasansanadim_wit: use pastebin.org00:36
Unit193!pastebin | dim_wit00:36
ubottudim_wit: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:36
dim_witokay thank you I will get started on this00:37
metasansanadim_wit: also did you try typing light-dm from the tty?00:40
dim_witno, I changed the conf. for light-dm but didn't think of that, I just used startx00:41
dim_witOkay here is syslog I think. http://paste2.org/p/190443100:48
metasansanaare you running xfce or gnome as your display manager?00:51
c_smithHow can I check free PCI slots from a liveCD of Xubuntu on my desktop (I'm running my Notebook PC)?00:53
dim_witI'm going to try light-dm from tty . thanks I'll be back00:57
dim_witThank you metasansana! I was able to login using sudo lightdm.  I notice at startup GNOME Display Manager starts and stops but light-dm only stopped.01:18
metasansanaI saw in your error logs, something about gdm executable not being found01:19
metasansanathis is the exact line:01:20
metasansanaWARNING: Unable to load file '/etc/gdm/custom.conf': No such file or directory01:20
metasansanayou might want to check that out01:21
dim_witI may have messed something up with some of my fixes:)01:21
dim_witI'll concentrate on gdm and try to put things back in order. Thank you very much for your time and help.01:22
metasansanaNo problem01:23
Anthony_i just installed and im grub> prompt what do i do01:56
Anthony_is anyone there01:58
Anthony_i just installed xubuntu and i restarted and im at grub prompt what do i do02:11
sp4zpress enter02:13
Anthony_just makes another line02:13
Anthony_with grub prompt02:14
Unit193That's a bad sign, seems as if it may not be finding your config.02:14
sp4zdid you mark drive as bootable?02:14
Unit193!grub |I know it's in here.02:14
ubottuI know it's in here.: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:14
Anthony_can you help me plz02:41
jfrwhat is Anthony_02:43
Anthony_i just did these commands https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:44
Anthony_now i see (initramfs)02:45
ShirakawasunaI got notify-osd updated and now there's an extra mail icon in the indicator area that eats up all of the notifications. Anyone else have this?02:50
Anthony_ok im back02:52
Anthony_so what do i do02:52
sp4zAnthony_, you may find it easier to simply reinstall the system from scratch02:59
Anthony_thats what i did02:59
sp4zhow many times?03:00
Anthony_and i fromat and start over this father i ve gottoen03:00
sp4zinteresting - does standard ubuntu work for you?03:02
Anthony_i just installed xubuntu,  did these commands https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 and now i get this now i see (initramfs)03:03
sp4zxubuntu is fairly straight foward to install you shouldn't need to enter those commands.. i would suggest either trying to use ubuntu-server and see if you can get that up and running on your hardware OR standard ubuntu03:05
Anthony_tried that dosent work03:05
sp4ztried what?03:07
Anthony_stanard ubuntu03:08
sp4zwhat problem were you experiencing with that?03:10
Anthony_grub rescue03:11
sp4zso same as xubuntu/03:14
Anthony_no in xbuntu i got  grub>03:14
Anthony_so i was told put those commands in  and got latest erro03:15
sp4zsorry its over my head then, perhaps try a server install see if you can get a cli from that?03:18
Anthony_can anyone help me03:41
bazhang!crosspost | Anthony_03:56
ubottuAnthony_: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.03:56
c_smithis there a app like Gwibber that works on XFCE? or a set of apps that I can use for Facebook and Twitter?05:23
ZaibHi, i am using xubuntu 11.10 on 1gb ram and pentium m 1.6 ghz (IBM thinkpad x31), but the problem is i can't watch movies full screen because of video lagging , i think its about the video drivers05:26
Zaibcan someone help me05:27
Zaib Hi, i am using xubuntu 11.10 on 1gb ram and pentium m 1.6 ghz (IBM thinkpad x31), but the problem is i can't watch movies full screen because of video lagging , i think its about the video drivers05:42
ZaibPLZZZZ can someone help me ??05:42
Tropsihmmm not sure on that one Zaib05:43
Zaiband even games(assault cube) is running on 2fps05:45
Zaibwhere can i check my video drivers are installed or not ?05:46
Zaibanyone ?05:48
Unit193Right, Menu > System > Additional Drivers05:52
Zaibno luck, doest work05:55
Zaib Hi, i am using xubuntu 11.10 on 1gb ram and pentium m 1.6 ghz (IBM thinkpad x31), but the problem is i can't watch movies full screen because of video lagging , i think its about the video drivers06:08
well_laid_lawncheck the vid driver Zaib06:27
xubuntu211hey everyone06:42
jrmywhat version of xubuntu is out now?08:28
jrmyah.. nvm08:28
Marzatajrmy: there are always two.08:29
jrmyI know x.04 and x.1008:30
jrmythen what do you mean by two?08:30
jrmy12 is out for distrobution?08:32
well_laid_lawnno it'll be the development version08:32
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:32
jrmyanyways just finished my installation.. either way I probably have a while before I'm up to date with the newest version08:32
Marzatanow there are only two08:33
Marzata10.04 LTS and 11.1008:34
Jao-1-BRHi guys, this is my firts time here09:45
Jao-1-BRSo firts, i wanna say a BIG TNX to all;09:46
CuliforgeIs there a reason/cause for the acpi=off at boot time? I didnt' need it on a 10.04 installation, what's the issue that I need it on 11.10? Same system10:29
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csenger41anyone here? I'd need urgent help12:49
TheSheepcsenger41: you need to ask a question and if anybody knows, they will answer12:57
csenger41I've made 5 partitions on my HDD and now the comp refuses to start up13:05
csenger41Windows 7 + Xubuntu installed13:05
csenger413 NTFS partitions + SWAP + EXT413:06
csenger41made 2 NTFS at Win7 install, another 2 at Xubuntu and left an empty partition that was made NTFS after Xubuntu install finished and went back to Win713:08
csenger41after that the whole comp died13:08
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baizonhi hi13:56
=== myrtti is now known as Myrtti
goathouse774I'm looking for help transitioning from a windows pc to a linux/xubuntu pc.17:56
goathouse774I have a pc with 512 ram and a 3000+ amd sempron cpu.17:56
goathouse774and it's very slow a the moment17:56
bazhangxubuntu, or lubuntu with that amount of ram17:56
goathouse774I've been recommended both17:57
charlie-tcaTry the live cd first, without installing, to make sure it works17:57
charlie-tcaIf it works, installation will be faster than the live session17:57
goathouse774ok.  how would I go about making a live cd?17:57
goathouse774and what should I watch out for when installing it?17:58
charlie-tcadownload the desktop cd. burn the image to a blank cd-r. It is already a live cd17:58
charlie-tcaThe catch is "do not copy the image". You burn it as an image.17:58
goathouse774I'm comfortable burning images17:58
goathouse774Do you have a link?17:59
charlie-tcaI suggest using 11.10, since it is the latest.17:59
goathouse774and you don't think lubuntu would be a better choice?18:00
goathouse774I guess I'll just try it and see, eh?18:00
charlie-tcaI can not honestly say.18:00
charlie-tcawith 512mb ram, either one should work18:00
charlie-tcawith less than that, I would go try Lubuntu first18:01
goathouse774by the sounds of things, ubuntu is more resource-intensive than many forms of windows18:01
Unit193Processor is what I'd look at here, and you can check both to see what you like better.18:01
goathouse774I wouldn't have guessed that18:01
goathouse774I've heard that one of the biggest challenges switching to linux is getting the correct drivers and making all the components work.  should I expect headaches in this area?18:06
charlie-tcaYou should expect all drivers to install on their own18:06
charlie-tcaUnlike windows, we include the drivers for you18:06
goathouse774for everything?18:06
goathouse774wouldn't that be a huge file?18:07
goathouse774or does it download the drivers per machine?18:07
charlie-tcaBiggest mistake installing Linux ... grabbing drivers and trying to install them the way you do in windows18:07
Unit193Quite. There are only a few things unsupported, and a few you have to use "jockey" to install due to the license.18:09
charlie-tcaFor new users, it is easiest to say they are built-in, please do not download drivers from the internet18:10
goathouse774I wont18:11
rubbscan anyone tell me why I'm having trouble getting a terminal bell to sound? I have edited ~/.config/Terminal/terminalrc, and set the Bell to TRUE.19:20
Unit193rubbs: You're not going to get that bell, just saving you time.19:21
rubbsthat's a full stop problem when using irssi19:22
Unit193Not really, give me a sec.19:23
rubbsinteresting, I'll take a look19:23
Unit193That's actually far better, a bell would get a little annoying, and that says contents.19:23
rubbsthe bell didn't bother me, but this might work better anyway. Thanks. I'll see about setting this up19:24
rubbsjust curious, was there a reason that xfce doesn't catch the xbell stuff?19:25
Unit193Global bell was disabled in 30 different ways I'm convinced, I've only tried about 9 different ones (really).19:26
rubbsok, good to know.19:27
artaohai all20:01
artaoi'm wondering. how 'involved' would it be for me to install KDE to try out for awhile? I just want the interface, not all the extra crap that comes with full KDE installs20:02
artaorunning Ubuntu Studio 11.10, which uses XFCE so I guess it's basically Xubuntu ...20:03
charlie-tcaThe only way to try the desktop is install all the extra crap they require for it to run20:09
charlie-tcaalmost better off to try running the live session instead20:09
artaoyeah, i did try a couple live distros with kde and, while i liked the interface, all the extra crap made it feel a bit 'heavy'20:10
artaobut u say all that stuff is req'd? ohwell20:11
hobgoblinartao: kde-plasma-desktop I think  - installs about 320MB of stuff - I'd be inclined not to personally :)20:11
artaoi'm mostly liking xfce, but .. well, i don't know ... just some nice 'windows-y' features in kde i liked ... i was JUST getting used to Win 7 when i wiped my drive to install linux20:12
artaoi see ....20:13
hobgoblinbut of course - it's your choice20:13
artaobut, i can always uninstall it later, no?  currently i've got xfce and E17 installed ... so installing kde would just add another entry to my login screen, ??20:13
hobgoblinyea - shouldn't cause a problem removing it - just keep the LONG list of things to remove20:14
artaodecided i don't like the direction enlightenment has taken since i last used it ... xfce is indeed light and snappy =]20:14
artao>heh< long indeed20:14
hobgoblinit is - I came to it more or less a year ago now20:15
artaowill consider further then. just kinda wanted to make sure i wouldn't borque my system ..20:15
hobgoblinshouldn't - be you should have backups anyway20:15
artaoi'd last used xfce maybe 6 - 8 yrs ago. i like where it's going.20:16
artaobackup, of course =]20:16
artaooh, wait!! one more query ... sooo WHICH kde entry would i choose in Syanptic to 'get it all in one go' ?20:17
hobgoblinif you wanted it ALL then kubuntu-desktop20:17
artaoheh .. well, lookin in Synaptic right now .. the 'obvious' choice is 'kde-full' .. but i know 'obvious' can be deceptive20:18
hobgoblinwhich is a reaaally long list20:18
hobgoblinartao: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE20:19
artaobut! i DO see in the list also 'kde-plasma-destop' which has description of "KDE Plasma Desktop and minimal set of applications' ... i likez that word 'minimal'20:19
hobgoblinI'm not the best person to talk about kubuntu - I install it maybe once every 9 months or so for a look that lasts about half an hour20:20
artaofair nuf20:20
artaoi imagine there's a #kde out there as well ;]20:21
Unit193#kubuntu would be good to ask though.20:21
charlie-tcaI do better then that. I install Kubuntu every 6 months to test it20:21
hobgoblinbut those are the packages to install - keep the list and you should be ok20:21
hobgoblincharlie-tca: :)20:21
charlie-tcaI would try asking in #kubuntu20:21
artaok thx20:21
hobgoblinartao: what I would do is decide which you want then run apt-get install from a terminal and keep the output somewhere20:22
artaosounds good guys. thx =]20:28
vandal-hi, how can i set midori as default browser? i cant see such option inside the browser. xubuntu latest version, midori also latest.20:44
charlie-tcaSettings Manager -> Preferred applications, you will need to click other and tell it where to find midori20:45
vandal-you got it, thanks20:45
baizonhello eduardo20:53
eduardoSorry for my english, but I need help with my monitor configuration20:56
eduardoI have installed  Xubuntu 11.10 with nvidia drivers20:57
eduardoEverything is ok but frecuency monitor in Screen option is different from nvidia x server settings20:59
eduardoIn nvidia x server settings my monitor has a frequency of 75 Hz but in Screen (Configuration in Xubuntu) it has a frequency of 50 Hz21:01
eduardonobody with the same problem?21:03
charlie-tcaIf it is using the nvidia driver, it uses the freq listing in nvidia settings, as far as I know21:05
eduardook, thanks charlie-tca.  But I do not understand because it occurs.21:07
charlie-tcaYeah, I don't know why they won't always agree, either.21:08
TheSheep!hi dutch21:48
TheSheep!hi > dutch21:48
ubottudutch, please see my private message21:48
dutchcan you help me21:49
charlie-tcaPlease tell us what the question/problem is, as accurate as possible.21:51
charlie-tcaWe are all volunteers, and if anyone can help, they will. But they have to know what the problem is first.21:52
dutchi have a asus eee pc and i instal today xubuntu 11.10 but now i have a issue i wanne have a program like silverlight (moonlight i but dont work) for my ubunt and what will work on firefox 7.x21:53
charlie-tcaI don't think silverlight is supported anymore, but maybe moonlight with wine?21:53
ubottuFor Microsoft Silverlight support, install Moonlight with the following command: « sudo apt-get install moonlight-plugin-mozilla » in a terminal.21:54
charlie-tcaor try that?21:54
charlie-tca11.10 should have firefox version 10 now21:54
knomeafaik moonlight is dead21:55
knomeand there's little hopes sliverlight would work21:55
dutchbut i tryd look on the site of moonlight it say for firefox under 4.x21:55
dutchcant find pacggets21:57
dutchwhat  now21:58
charlie-tcarun sudo apt-get update again?22:00
freecis simple scan the best scanning software outthere22:11
freecsorry that was impolite.... hello22:12
TheSheepI like flegita22:15
freecyea the scanning with simplescan seems pretty slow but maybe thats not the softwares fault22:22
freecis the're a way of speeding scanning up?22:22
metsys23hy! i install xubuntu about 3 days ago, still in configurations, and i m curiouse about a thing: there is any option to define what happens if i move the mouse to left up corner or rigth down corner or i need to install some tool to cconfigure that?22:22
knomemetsys23, no, nothing should happen with the default installation on that, and it's not configurable22:23
sonic86salve ho un problema con xubuntu devo cambiare la scheda audio predefinita con un'altra che non è predefinita come faccio?22:23
knome!it | sonic8622:23
ubottusonic86: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)22:23
TheSheepxubuntu doesn't booby-trap every part of the screen22:23
metsys23knome, so i must install any tool like compiz to do that?22:23
knomeessentially yes22:24
metsys23knome, ok, essentially yes, but why the "essentially"? you dont advise me to do that?22:24
metsys23knome, it makes the system slow for example?22:25
knomemetsys23, xfce + compiz isn't officially supported. there are some tutorials for that though. and in a way, compiz defeats the purpose of xfce22:25
knomemetsys23, yeah, compiz will slow it considerably22:25
metsys23knome, yeah, you are rigth in your point, but I miss any option to, by a mouse moviment or a shortkey, minimize all open windows...22:26
knomemetsys23, "show the desktop" ?22:27
knomemetsys23, that's available as a panel applet at least22:27
knomemetsys23, and should be able to bind a key for that too, afaik22:27
charlie-tcaIt should be available by clicking the left icon in the bottom panel, too22:27
metsys23knome, yes, i know, and i use it22:27
knomemetsys23, ctrl+alt+D22:28
metsys23knome THANKS!! is that i need and is always been here! ctrl+alt+d :)22:29
knomemetsys23, that's configurable from settings manager -> window manager -> tab keyboard22:30
metsys23knome, i like to have some shortcuts to do some things like show desktop, minimize and stuff like that22:30
GridCube!cookie | knome22:30
ubottuknome: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!22:30
knomeubottu, can i exchange that for a beer?22:30
ubottuknome: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:30
metsys23knome, thanks!22:30
knomedutch, excuse me?22:30
knomemetsys23, no problem:) enjoy22:31
dutchi intall some updates now it wont start up22:31
metsys23another quick question: why i cant past into desktop, i mean, i select a usb drive file > copy > desktop > try to past but the options is not available, i have to open desktop in a window and past there. Why? Is some kind of security configuration?22:33
knomethe desktop isn't a "thunar" folder just yet22:34
knomethat's going to be implemented in xfce 4.10 somewhere in the future22:34
knomejust open thunar at /home/youruser/Desktop and you're able to paste22:35
dutchHELP MEEEEEE22:35
dutchit wont start again22:35
knomedutch, please try to giev some more details; did you look at all what was in the updates?22:36
knomedutch, can you boot with an older kernel?22:36
dutchno i cant and i didnt22:36
dutchsome important22:36
metsys23knome, hum, ok... is not a big deal, i simpli open the folder in a window and past it. again thanks knome22:36
knomemetsys23, again, np :)22:36
trinikronodutch: like a blackscreen not booting up22:36
dutchstart up starting bleutooth  okpulse audio configurd for per-user session sanes disabled checking battery ok an than nothing22:38
dutchi can puch some buttons and he give me some letterssss22:38
kostaszcan somebody help me with fixing fstab?22:41
knome!ask | kostasz22:41
ubottukostasz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:41
knomedutch, i'm not aware of how to fix that issue. maybe wait a bit if somebody steps up, or try for example in the dutch channel22:44
knome!nl | dutch22:44
ubottudutch: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl22:44
justakillwhy is the terminal in xubuntu called terminal emulator?22:46
knomejustakill, that's what it essentially is :)22:47
Myrttioh, I was going to answer him22:58
Myrttinevermind then22:58
justakillis the're a default key bind for the terminal?23:26
justakillin xubuntu?23:26
knomenot yet23:27
DinoMuffinyou could make one23:28
justakillyea that would be in settings manager keyboard right?23:28
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DinoMuffinsettings > settings manager > keyboard > application shortcuts23:29
Marzatain Stellarium, when press F11, to get out the full screen mode, the window lies under the panel?23:30
Marzatais this a bug?23:30
justakilldo i need put exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator as command or just TerminalEmulator?23:31
justakilli guess so23:34
charlie-tcajustakill: the proper command is23:35
ChristopherNgBasically, my problem is that im trying to send an Ip message23:35
ChristopherNgmessage over IP23:35
ChristopherNghey charlie-tca!23:35
charlie-tcaYou are welcome23:35
ChristopherNgcharlie-tca: how did exams go?23:36
charlie-tcaChristopherNg: lp message over IP ?23:36
charlie-tcamistaken identity, I think. I don't have exams23:36
ChristopherNgcharlie-tca: you remember me?23:36
charlie-tcanot really23:36
ChristopherNgwell you must have amnesia! lol23:37
charlie-tcabut I haven't been around much lately, either23:37
ChristopherNgyeah we used to talk about linux all the time, but that was almost a year ago.23:37
ChristopherNgive been coming here on freenode for years23:37
charlie-tcaI talk to too many people, and can't remember so good no more23:37
ChristopherNgyeah its not a problem23:38
ChristopherNgcharlie-tca: we had a Arch v Xubuntu debate and how Xubuntu is being held hostage by the upstream project that is XFCE23:38
charlie-tcabut anyway, I don't know how to send lp messages over IP23:39
ChristopherNgcharlie-tca: what about kube? or what ever he is called?23:40
charlie-tcaI don't know23:41
steve|mhi, I just upgraded to 12.04, and when mounting samba shares (with gigolo for example), I don't see them in ~/.gvfs anymore.. has ~/.gvfs been removed in 12.04?23:48
=== burn__ is now known as burn
DinoMuffinsteve|m: I don't know. 12.04 is still in development. GVFS was buggy in 11.10, however. They might still be working on it.23:57

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