wgzokay, that only took me all evening00:13
wgzbut have a build of pyqt that works with trunk python here so can be used with trunk bzr00:14
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wgzwhere is the syntax of BZR_PLUGINS_AT actually documented?00:25
wgzbut... bzr-explorer still doesn't want to run inplace for some reason00:31
wgzmeh, I need the dir named 'explorer' not 'bzr-explorer'... what's the point of the @ then? just take the last dir component.00:35
wgzand now it's bed time again.00:36
robert_ancellhow do I delete a wrong tag in LP bzr?06:30
mgrandiis there a program all you guys use to look at diff files?06:36
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jmlsorry, I've forgotten09:26
jmlhow do I fetch a new remote branch into my colo repo?09:26
jmlmgz: hi09:42
jmlI need some help with colo09:42
jmlI've forgotten how to fetch a new remote branch into a colo09:42
jmlAnd now I'm getting conflicts sometimes when I switch branches09:42
jmlthat doesn't make any sense to me.09:43
mgzhey jml09:45
mgzit's possible to get conflicts when switching if, for instance, a directory didn't exist but has other contents in your tree09:46
mgzor is it something else?09:47
jmlmgz: hmm. maybe it is that.09:47
* jml looks09:48
mgzI can't remember if there was a fancy way to branch into a new colo dir, but `bzr branch remote file:,branch=newlocal` should work09:48
jmlmgz: no, it's a text conflict in NEWS and a couple of other files09:48
jmlmgz: in this particular branch, I'm switching from testtools-0.9.12 to testtools-0.9.13. Am really perplexed by the conflicts.09:49
mgzjml: and the tree was in a clean state when doing it? that would be odd.09:50
jmlmgz: yeah, no text changes etc.09:55
jmlmgz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/844150/09:56
jmlmgz: easy enough to reproduce the problem.09:57
jmlmgz: further, I have no idea what to do when I get a conflict like that.10:00
mgzwell `bzr revert . && bzr resolve` I guess10:01
mgzthe basic transform between .13 and .12 works fine here10:02
mgzso, I guess there must be a more specific bug, if you would do the honour of filing that jml?10:03
jmlmgz: sure thing.10:05
jmlmgz: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/93336210:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 933362 in Bazaar "Unexpected conflict switching within colo branch" [Undecided,New]10:07
mgz...well, I've just got myself in a weird state trying to replicate your setup10:08
mgzI wanted a colo branch, but somehow have "Unshared repository with trees and colocated branches (format: 2a)"10:09
mgzand now can't do any operations in that dir, as it's not a branch.10:09
jmlmgz: huh10:17
jmlmgz: the pastebin starts from scratch, fwiw.10:17
jmlincidentally, I wish I knew what public API python-subunit had so I could clean up some of these unnecessary imports.10:18
jmlhmm, now, to figure out how these tests manage to pass10:19
mgzyeah, I was trying to be clever by creating the branches in a slightly different way to see if it was swtich -b at fault10:20
mgzbut screwed up the first step10:20
mgz`bzr branch testtools file:colotesttools,branch=trunk` does the weirdness10:21
mgzjml: well, either everything without an underscore, or I guess having a look at what using subunit and being pragmatic10:23
jmlin general, I think I quite like colo, but one thing it makes slightly harder is opening up the trunk version of a branched file for side-by-side comparison.10:23
jmlmgz: ISTR subunit deliberately exporting 'content' and 'content_type' from testtools. ICBW though.10:24
alansaulHey guys, I want to merge some changes I accidently made in my trunk branch (but havent yet commited) into a new branch14:04
alansaulso ive made the branch, but now I want to commit to that branch, not to my current one, how do I do that?14:04
mgzthe easy way is just to do `bzr branch trunk new_feature` then `bzr pull --overwrite -r-4 trunk trunk`14:12
mgzthe starting state of trunk is what you want in your feature branch14:12
mgzand then you can just chop off the last N revisions from trunk14:12
mgz...the second command may be wrong, but there is a way of doing that (or you can just uncommit several times)14:13
leo2007why can't there be two bzr command running on the same repo simultaneously?14:29
jelmerleo2007: there can be multiple commands running on the same repository14:30
jelmerleo2007: you can't write to the working tree state file with multiple processes concurrently though14:30
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abentleyjelmer: What do you think of using the colocated branch name as default nick?  I've got an mp up for that, but poolie wanted to see what you thought.  https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/bzr/name-nick/+merge/9331916:11
jelmerabentley: I thought I'd replied, but something seems to have eaten my email16:15
jelmerabentley: I think that's a good idea,  I'll review again16:16
abentleyjelmer: great.  Thanks.16:16
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abentleyjelmer: landing.  At last.17:38
abentleyjelmer: poolie suggested putting my "nc:" plugin in core, perhaps as "x-nc:" to indicate experimental nature.  Any thoughts?17:39
jelmerabentley: I haven't looked at the code yet.I think it would be reasonable to add it as nc: or x-nc:17:41
jelmerabentley: Of course the goal is to eventually just support passing colocated branch names to commands17:41
jelmerabentley: but in the mean time it would be very useful; plus, I don't think there's a clear disadvantage in supporting it17:42
jelmerI'm not sure if "nc" is the best prefix, though I don't really have any brilliant ideas on a better prefix17:43
mgzno contest.17:43
abentleyjelmer: I'd use colo if the plugin didn't use it already.17:43
jelmerhmm, yeah17:44
abentleyjelmer: "ncolo:"?17:46
abentleyjelmer: "jcolo" ? :-)17:47
jelmerabentley: perhaps just "co:" ?17:50
mgzkolo would be cooler, and it's jelmer, so, should use17:50
abentleyjelmer: wfm.17:51
jelmermgz: I didn't realize using a k makes something cooler, let me make a note of that :)17:52
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fullermdjelmer: It doesn't.  It makes it kooler.20:48
jonohey all22:02
jonohey all22:02
jono I am trying to branch and keep getting:22:02
jono ConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1', retrying22:02
jono Permission denied (publickey).22:02
jono bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.22:02
jono I imported my public key after I did bzr launchpad-login22:02
wgzif you do `ssh yourusername@bazaar.launchpad.net` what do you get?22:05
wgzif you still have a key error, that's what needs fixing, if it says no shells, you've done everything right22:05
wgzjono: any luck?22:11
jonowgz, still no luck22:11
jonowgz, we are discussing this in #launchpad22:11
jonoI think this is a key error22:12
spiv"Permission denied (publickey)." strongly suggests a key problem, yse.23:09

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