alkisgstgraber: please upload packages for *both* ldm and ltsp to your ppa, so that I do a final clean ltsp-build-client test when I come back in about 3 hours from now.10:42
alkisgFor the reboot/shutdown problem, I think the cleanest thing to do at this point is to create an init-ltsp.d script which will mv /sbin/nbd-client /sbin/nbd-client.real, and create a new /sbin/nbd-client wrapper,10:42
alkisgwhich will check if the parameters are "nbd-client -d /dev/nbd0", then "echo o > sysrq" etc, else chain to the real nbd-client10:42
alkisgI think `runlevel` will tell us if we need to reboot or shutdown10:43
alkisgI'll test + commit that when I get back in about 3 hours10:46
stgraberalkisg: ldm? I'm not planning an ldm upload today, the one in the archive should be good (unless you recently pushed something to ldm-trunk that we absolutely need)14:26
alkisgstgraber: I removed the -fp from all poweroff/reboots14:27
alkisgSo that clients shut down properly - although we still need an nbd-client override14:27
stgraberalkisg: ok, is that all? if so, you should ask vagrant to push it to Debian when he has a moment and I'll sync it as bugfix14:27
alkisgI think the nbd-client override is a reasonable way to have clean shutdowns, until the nbd package is updated to handle it itself...14:29
alkisgI'm not sure if I'll have the time to do it before featurefreeze today, but that's a bugfix too, isn't it?14:29
stgraberI guess we can have it pass as bugfix yeah...14:30
alkisgMeh I think I'll just write a new /etc/init.d/nbd-client service, that we'll use to override the current one, and then propose it to Wouter so that it eventually goes upstream14:35
alkisgThat /etc/nbd-client configuration file looks horrible14:37

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