_mup_Bug #933214 was filed: juju cli api should timeout connecting to unix socket <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/933214 >01:21
_mup_juju/cli-api-unit-option r457 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com01:32
_mup_unit specified via cli switch instead of positional01:32
hazmatSpamapS, do you know the config for a sans networking container for lxc-create02:29
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hazmatperhaps just 'empty'02:31
m_3SpamapS: 457 builds in the ppa... testing lxc now, but go ahead and upload that one02:34
hazmatno.. that just makes a more isolated container02:44
hazmatsans useful networking02:44
m_3hazmat: it might be like libvirt where you use a real bridged interface br0, not virbr0 or lxcbr002:48
hazmatm_3, no.. the goal is to have it not clone the network namespace02:49
hazmatso it lives in the parent network namespace02:49
m_3right, understand... but that's what you do when you want a libvirt vm to share the parent's network02:50
m_3totally different containment here in lxc02:50
hazmatyeah.. it looks like  cloning the network namespace is hardcoded in lxc start.c02:51
hazmatm_3, its more like a chroot02:52
hazmat share the parent network  is accurate as well02:52
m_3right... wonder if other dev nodes would give any hints (like pts or something)02:53
hazmatah.. maybe the '' value instead of 'empty' does it02:53
hazmatm_3, lxc source is my guide02:54
m_3yay, precise lxc seems to be working now03:21
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danweehello everybody11:36
danweehazmat can i ask you for help?11:36
danweecan anyone help with juju ?11:51
koolhead11danwee: please shoot your question am not an expert but can see11:52
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danweeok, i m using orchestra server, when i try to deploy a machine for juju, using juju status , i get this error msg:11:54
danwee2012-02-16 13:50:27,260 INFO Connecting to environment. 2012-02-16 13:50:27,766 ERROR Connection refused Unhandled error in Deferred: Unhandled Error Traceback (most recent call last): Failure: txzookeeper.client.ConnectionTimeoutException: could not connect before timeout Cannot connect to machine MTMyOTAzODIwNy4xNDU0ODUwNjQuMjkzNzg (perhaps still initializing): could not connect before timeout after 2 retries 2012-02-16 13:50:57,316 E11:54
koolhead11danwee: and are you using juju PPA repository?11:56
danweei installed juju on orchestra server oreinic 11.10 >sudo apt-get install juju, as suggested in this page :https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuCloudInfrastructure11:58
koolhead11danwee: sorry am not the correct person to help you on that :(12:00
danweeyesterday i had invalid ssh key, then i added the rsa key to the enviroment.yaml as hzmat suggested, but i got this other msg. unhandeled error thing12:01
danweebut thanks for listening koolhead1112:01
koolhead11danwee: can you paste juju -v status12:02
danweeorchestra@orchestra:~/.juju$ juju -v status 2012-02-16 14:02:50,216 DEBUG Initializing juju status runtime 2012-02-16 14:02:50,240 INFO Connecting to environment. 2012-02-16 14:02:50,240 DEBUG Spawning SSH process with remote_user="ubuntu" remote_host="testata" remote_port="2181" local_port="34213". 2012-02-16 14:02:50,745:22380(0x7ffdaaec9720):ZOO_INFO@log_env@658: Client environment:zookeeper.version=zookeeper C client 3.3.3 2012-02-112:04
danwee    result = result.throwExceptionIntoGenerator(g)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/python/failure.py", line 350, in throwExceptionIntoGenerator     return g.throw(self.type, self.value, self.tb)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/juju/providers/common/connect.py", line 33, in run     client = yield self._connect_to_machine(chosen, share)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/twisted/internet/defer.py", line 54212:04
koolhead11danwee: please use paste.ubuntu.com12:05
danweei m not familliar with that12:05
danweea sec12:05
danweeok i did12:07
koolhead11danwee: i am also stuck at some similar step in my loacl openstack infra 4 running juju12:08
danweeyeah , sucks. isnt it12:08
koolhead11danwee: am using my infra under proxy, even my CC is using proxy so am stuck i suppose12:09
danweeare u trying to connect ur instances to EC2 ?12:10
koolhead11no i have my on openstack infra and trying to use juju there12:10
danweemmm what server did you use to deploy openstack, i m curious12:11
koolhead11ubuntu oneiric12:12
danweeorchestra server ?12:12
koolhead11nopes manuallly 2 node deplyment12:12
danweemmm so you followed the openstack documentation ,thats the hard way, at least you managed to deploy open stack12:13
danweewith orchestra its upside down, you have to deploy cobbler first, then juju, and last openstack12:14
koolhead11danwee: yeah i will try it with precious in few days!! :)12:16
danwee:) good luck with that, keep up informed if things work up with you12:17
* koolhead11 needs a direct/minus proxy setup first :P12:18
gary_posterm_3, hey.  I'm free for another 45 minutes if you can talk about the buildbot charms from now till then.  I will be free again for a bit after 1600Z or so, so we don't have to talk this second if that is inconvenient for you15:13
m_3gary_poster: morning... lemme just grab some coffee15:51
m_3oh, dang... just saw that was almost 45mins ago15:51
gary_postercool, m_3. I have a call in 9 but it probably won't last more than 20 minutes15:51
m_3gary_poster: cool15:52
gary_posterI'll ping you when I'm off15:52
jcastroSpamapS: m_3: https://trystack.org/15:53
SpamapSjcastro: definitely need to test juju on that. :)15:55
m_3jcastro: you get an acct?15:56
jcastrojust found out about it15:56
* jcastro thinks we'll need a "how to try juju on trystack" page.15:56
m_3might not do the ec2 interface though...15:56
m_3only see the openstack native so far15:57
jcastrolook how delicious it looks, using bootstrap15:58
jcastroand we're chillin' in 1998 with a moin wiki. :-/15:59
m_3SpamapS: yay... your 'juju commit' post got a bump16:01
gary_posterm_3, calendar-reading-fail.  My call is in another hour. :-) So, can talk any time now.16:05
gary_postercalendar memory fail, to be more accurate16:05
m_3gary_poster: hey... ok, so biggest question is surrounding use of buildbot16:07
m_3please forgive my ignorance16:08
m_3but in the charm, y'all're adding the script info as config params16:08
m_3it seems them that you'll be either:16:08
m_3spinning up new slaves per job and then destroying them16:09
m_3or controlling everything remotely from the juju cli ('juju set script_xxx=blah')16:09
m_3It seems (naive first glance) that it might be easy to control jobs if:16:10
m_3each master has a pool of slaves up and running16:11
m_3this master hands out jobs over relation channels16:11
m_3I hope my confusion is clear :)... but maybe you can take a sec to describe or point me to more info as to how buildd runs?16:12
gary_postersorry, had distraction at home.  yes, AIUI this is the pattern Kapil uses in one of his Jenkins charms.  That would work in theory, but we have a significant wrinkle:16:12
gary_postersetting up a slave can take > 2 hours16:13
gary_posterFor one of our tasks16:13
m_3are they dedicated to a single task or can they be re-used?16:13
m_3ok, that's a different story then16:14
gary_posterBecause that prep is specific16:14
m_3wow... >2 hrs?16:14
gary_posterSo we figured that we would deploy the slave charm with different service names16:14
gary_posterWe haven't tried this yet but that's the plan :-P16:15
gary_posterBecause we know juju supports that16:15
m_3how're jobs assigned/organized?16:15
m_3does the master node really do it?  or is it external?16:15
m_3or rather.... "what is the role of the master node in buildbot?"16:16
gary_posterWe wanted to make it completely flexible, so that the slave would say what steps it wanted to run.  This seemed more like a juju thing to do: "Hi master, I'm a new slave, and I'm prepared to do these sorts of things"16:16
gary_posterBut that fught against buildbot too much16:16
m_3seems like they exchange very limited information16:16
gary_posterthe master has a buildbot config, which defines the kinds of things it tests (or runs).  These are "builds"16:17
gary_posterWhen a slave joins, it tells the master which builds it is interested in participating in16:17
gary_posterMultiple slaves joining for the same build simply acts as a high availability sort of thing: each slave participating in a given build is supposed to be indentical, according to buildbot16:18
m_3but then it doesn't look like the master actually hands the slave anything to run...16:19
m_3that information is communicated to the slave through the scripts_xxx config params?  or am I missing something?16:19
gary_poster(You might also ask, btw, why are we using buildbot rather than jenkins; the answer is a combination of legacy and a directive to go forth and charm)16:19
m_3yeah, no problem with that... just trying to provide value in the review16:20
gary_posterm_3, yeah, the master.cfg is the thing that defines stuff.  So there's an example to look at in the master.  Finding16:20
gary_posterSo take a look at examples/pyflakes.yaml in the master16:20
m_3yeah, I saw that... trying to figure out how that information gets communicated to the actual slvae nodes16:21
* m_3 looking at pyflakes16:21
gary_posterThe dance is this:16:21
gary_poster- We spin up a master with a given master.cfg16:21
gary_posterThis defines what builds are available to run16:21
gary_poster- We spin up a slave, with any setup it might need16:22
gary_poster- We tell the slave via juju set what builds it will be interested in16:22
gary_poster- We make a juju relation between them16:22
gary_poster- the master charm receives the builds that the new slave wants to participate in16:23
gary_poster- the master charm delivers the name and password they should use as a handshake16:23
gary_poster- now the buildbot master is restarted, to tell buildbot that there is a new slave interested in running one or more builds16:24
m_3and buildbot slave gets the job information from the buildbot master directly (using the name/pw sent)?16:24
gary_posterthe buildbot slave is started, having been informed of the master ip, and the name and password to use16:24
gary_poster- they join16:24
gary_poster- when the master is ready to make a build using the slave, it directs the slave step by step per the build that they are working on16:25
gary_postersorry that took so long, but I had to think it through myself16:25
m_3np... it helps!16:25
benjim_3: right, the master and slave have their own communication channel and we just use relations for coordination16:26
gary_posterI wanted to have slaves say "these are my steps!"16:26
gary_posterbut with buildbot config being written in Python that was getting kinda crazy16:27
m_3cool... ok, thanks for walking me through it16:27
gary_posterWe should probably include something like that in the README16:27
m_3I'll spin stuff them up for the dynamic part of the review process16:27
m_3gary_poster: :)... I was gonna cut/paste it from here and recommend that16:28
gary_postercool m_3.  The first example in the README is reasonable to try.  Run away from the one that refers to "lp"16:28
m_3understood ;)16:28
m_3gary_poster: I've got a handfull of stuff to do today and we're taking a long weekend for the wifes b-day.  expect the dynamic review to land early next week16:30
m_3gary_poster: thanks!16:30
gary_postercool, understood.  Have a great weekend, and thank you16:30
m_3bac: I got precise running precise lxc on juju457 from the ppa last night... should be good to go... thanks for debugging that16:45
bacm_3, np.  glad we got it figured out16:46
bacm_3, did you have test failures when building the ppa?  was there a fix for it or was it intermittent?16:46
m_3bac: it was transient16:47
m_3bac: looks like clint got 457 into the archive before feature freeze too16:48
SpamapSFF is in ~ 3.75 hours btw17:12
SpamapSoo I should probably upload charm-tools17:12
SpamapSthough, being in universe, it can wait some.17:13
_mup_juju/deploy-upgrade r457 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com18:27
_mup_charm publisher logs when using an already uploaded charm18:27
hazmatgary_poster, btw thanks again for the feedback, i'm in progress on various fixes proposed on the list (deploy -u, env from environment, and upgrade -f)18:31
hazmatSpamapS, feels like jitjsu should use a different name then 'juju' for the wrapper18:31
hazmatelse its pretty magical implicit18:32
hazmatbummer about the no network lxc full containers, i was hoping that would work18:32
gary_posterhazmat, awesome, that sounds great!  thank you18:38
jcastroSpamapS: did you try trystack yet?18:38
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_mup_juju/deploy-upgrade r458 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com19:19
_mup_deploy accepts a -u/--upgrade flag19:19
_mup_Bug #933695 was filed: Deploy now accepts an upgrade flag. <juju:In Progress by hazmat> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/933695 >19:22
SpamapSjcastro: feature freeze week man.. ;)19:35
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SpamapShazmat: I'm totally open to changing the juju-jitsu wrapper command to something else. I intentionally kept it the same so that it extends juju, rather than replaces it.23:01
m_3SpamapS hazmat: CLI plugins...23:12

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