zooomHow do I make the scroll wheel scroll farther in firefox?00:22
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kunguzI am new to Linux Mint 12, how do I make the programs from last session run? I am using GNOME as desktop environment.01:35
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somnambulantHello I'd like to change the default/global screensaver settings for all users (using kubuntu as a terminal server)... and also so the users can't change the setting01:55
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oratedHello! I'm finding delay in boot time and these are the bootcharts for last two booting - http://imagebin.org/199031 http://imagebin.org/199035 . I'm not too much concerned about boot time but can anyone explain me what exactly is consuming time and how can I fix it?06:46
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K350What's the hotkey to send/recive mails in kmail?10:30
Tm_TK350: for Kmail it's ctrl+L10:35
K350Tm_T: Ahh, thanks a lot! :-)10:41
Tm_TK350: that is by default, as this is KDE you can change it10:44
K350Tm_T: Where do I see and change Kmail hotkeys?10:49
Tm_TK350: open kmail, and in menu, settings -> configure hotkeys10:55
K350Tm_T: Thanks a lot - again :-)11:11
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jameslordhi all12:09
jameslordi have a question12:09
TorpedoSkylineGo for it, jameslor.12:10
TorpedoSkylinejameslord. sorry. ;P12:10
jameslordwhat is the command to connect wifi ?12:13
TorpedoSkylineIt's more than one command, jameslord. Check out this page: http://colekcolek.com/2011/07/24/connecting-to-wifi-from-command-line-linux/12:16
orated_Hello! I'm getting error while update packages - http://imagebin.org/199194 . sources.list - http://paste.ubuntu.com/844148/. How can I fix it please?12:20
LINKSWORD2Good morning.12:42
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LINKSWORD2Hey guys, I'm trying to install a program I used to use called KShutdown.12:46
LINKSWORD2The command line to install it should be; "sudo apt-get install kshutdown" but it comes back with an error that says "E: Couldn't find package kshutdown"12:47
schnelle_LINKSWORD2: i am using it all the time12:51
orated_!info kshutdown12:51
ubottukshutdown (source: kshutdown): advanced shut down utility for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0final-1 (oneiric), package size 123 kB, installed size 824 kB12:51
schnelle_it is in repos12:51
LINKSWORD2Well, I can't get it to install.12:52
schnelle_LINKSWORD2: make sure you have universe repositorium turned on12:53
schnelle_go to muon package manager>settings>configure software sources12:54
schnelle_universe should be checked12:55
schnelle_and change server to main12:55
LINKSWORD2schnelle_: I'm using Kubuntu 9.10 because of the age of my system. My graphics card will not support Kubuntu 11 or newer.12:56
schnelle_LINKSWORD2: then that option is in kpackagekit12:57
LINKSWORD2What I don't understand is why kshutdown will not install through Konsole...12:58
orated_'coz your software sources is not pointing it to the repository containing that package12:59
LINKSWORD2orated_: Can you help me find the appropriate repository line?12:59
schnelle_kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list12:59
schnelle_look for lines where says "universe". if some line have # sign at begging, delete it13:00
schnelle_for example #deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu oneiric-security universe13:01
schnelle_you should delete #13:02
orated_LINKSWORD2:  As schnelle_ said, go to muon/kpackagekit and then check universe section under 'Ubuntu Software' or edit /etc/apt/sources.list13:02
schnelle_then save changes, sudo apt-get update13:02
schnelle_sudo apt-get install kshutdown13:02
schnelle_LINKSWORD2: and what graphic card do you have? kubuntu 9.10 just suck compared to 11.10 or next 12.0413:04
LINKSWORD2Errors in the Konsole output. Will Pastebin if requested.13:04
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:04
schnelle_paste it13:04
BluesKajHowdy all13:06
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schnelle_hi BLuesKaj13:08
schnelle_LINKSWORD2: lot of errors. like you don't have internet connection13:08
BluesKajhi schnelle_13:08
LINKSWORD2And yet, I'm on here...13:08
LINKSWORD2Hey BluesKaj13:08
orated_LINKSWORD2: Could you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list ?13:08
BluesKajhey LINKSWORD213:09
schnelle_BluesKaj please help LINKSWORD213:09
LINKSWORD2Haha. When the crap goes sideways, we all beg BluesKaj for help. lol13:09
BluesKaj1ok , I'll try schnelle_ , LINKSWORD2  what's up ?13:09
schnelle_i have to leave soon13:10
BluesKajok schnelle_ np13:10
LINKSWORD2BluesKaj: http://paste.ubuntu.com/84433813:10
LINKSWORD2This is subsequent to attempting to install kshutdown via Konsole "sudo apt-get install kshutdown" with error "E: Could not find package kshutdown"13:11
orated_LINKSWORD2: Before editing sources were there any such errors?13:11
LINKSWORD2Unknown. I haven't used this system in about 3 months.13:12
schnelle_LINKSWORD2: does kubuntu 9.10 have kpackagekit? you can try to switch from us server to main server. It is in settings tab, then click on "configure sources"13:12
BluesKajLINKSWORD2,  which kubuntu version are you on ? I see karmic repos in the sources list ..don't think that's supported any longer13:13
schnelle_and i think kubuntu 9.10 is not supported anymor13:13
ubottuUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://ubottu.com/y/karmic for details.13:13
BluesKajLINKSWORD2,  yup , time to upgrade , if you want support13:14
LINKSWORD2I'm able to upgrade as far as 10.10. Unfortunately, my graphics card throws a hissy-fit with anything newer, such as 11.04.13:14
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BluesKajLINKSWORD2,  which graphics card ?13:14
LINKSWORD2I don't exactly know.13:15
BluesKajlspci -nn | grep VGA13:15
LINKSWORD2I got it in a misc parts box in a computer store, and there was no label on the card or the anti-static bag it was in.13:15
BluesKajrun the above command LINKSWORD213:16
LINKSWORD2Return: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation NV10DDR [GeForce 256 DDR] [10de:0101] (rev 10)13:16
LINKSWORD2If I would be running anything newer than 10.10, I'd have to have an appropriate driver package written for compatibility....13:18
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004 - Supported until April 2013 (Desktop), April 2015 (Server)13:18
LINKSWORD2I'll set the system up to upgrade to 10.04. That'll have to do for now.13:19
BluesKajLINKSWORD2,  that card is pretty old , close to 10yrs I think13:20
schnelle_LINKSWORD2: try 11.10 or 12.04 liveCD13:20
schnelle_there is now opensorce driver for that old card i think13:20
LINKSWORD2schnelle_: Graphics card still throws a hissy-fit. Not a good idea.13:20
BluesKajyou might be better off just using the onboard video gpu on the mobo13:20
schnelle_did you try to boot 11.10?13:20
LINKSWORD2schnelle_: Yes.13:21
LINKSWORD2BluesKaj: If I recall correctly, the onboard is dead.13:21
schnelle_try papy linux :)13:22
BluesKajLINKSWORD2,  bummer , i guess schnelle_ 's live cd suggestion might work , the new open source drivers are wider ranging in their support than ever13:23
LINKSWORD2I'm familiar with, and prefer Ubuntu/Kubuntu13:23
schnelle_i am out of ideas... and time... have to learn now... see ya later13:23
BluesKajbye schnelle_13:23
LINKSWORD2BluesKaj: Would upgrading through the distro's from 10 to 11 via the repositories work?13:24
BluesKajyou have to go thru each release , without skipping any ..very time consuming13:25
LINKSWORD2I've got all the time in the world...13:25
LINKSWORD2The question I'm asking though, is would that driver work?13:25
BluesKajunless you upgrade to 10.10 which is an LTS then you can upgrade to the next LTS directly ,12.04  which is in beta atm13:26
BluesKajoops 10.04 to 12.0413:26
bazhang10.10 is not an lts13:26
LINKSWORD2No, it's not. Even I remember that much. lol13:27
BluesKajyeah bazhang , my mistake13:27
LINKSWORD2So... I could upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04 directly?13:27
LINKSWORD2Would it be better to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10, 11.04 & 11.10, then 12.04?13:28
BluesKaj10.04 to 12.04 is better, fewer steps in between13:29
LINKSWORD2BluesKaj: What command can I run to get the MOBO info?13:29
bazhangsudo lshw13:29
BluesKajtoo much info , Id just go into the bios13:30
LINKSWORD2If I'm reading the first few lines correctly.... The system was manufactured in 03.13:34
BluesKajyeah , pretty old max memory 1G13:35
BluesKajP4 cpu13:35
LINKSWORD2Early P4 series, if I recall correctly.13:36
BluesKajLINKSWORD2,  for what it's worth , my '06 Compaq amd 64 bit single struggles with 12.04 in some ways and it has 2G Ram13:39
BluesKajsingle core13:39
BluesKajit's really bad on W7 . constantly running the fan to keeps itself with temp range ...I finally dumped W7 because it was so noisy13:41
BluesKajI'll leave W7 to wife's pc13:41
LINKSWORD2WS7 is supposed to be lightweight....13:41
LINKSWORD2Heh. I thought that us Linux nerds could never get married. lol13:42
BluesKajheh, well it's not with the new service pack13:42
BluesKajLINKSWORD2,  I'm not particularly a nerd ...I also have other interests, but I'm retired so I have time to spend here on our long Canadian winters13:43
LINKSWORD2Dude. We play with Linux. It's a nerd thing. :P13:44
BluesKajsez you :)13:44
LINKSWORD2Fine. What did you do before retirement?13:44
BluesKajLINKSWORD2,  join us in #kubuntu-offtopic , we discuss offtopic stuff there13:48
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oratedIs there any mistake in this sources.list - http://paste.ubuntu.com/844148/ ?13:59
BluesKajor  just at line 52 , remove the #14:00
BluesKajorated, ^14:00
oratedThat's for canonical source, how is that required?14:01
oratedBluesKaj: I noticed that checking ticking Canonical Partners (Source Code) uncommented the # from related line 52 . But usually how is source code required?14:10
BluesKajwell, when building a new version of an app , dpkg uses source code as well afaik , but you can comment it if you want , that's your choice14:13
oratedBluesKaj: Yes, commenting that causes errors like -  http://imagebin.org/19914:18
BluesKajorated,  then there's a package requiring the src to upgrade14:20
oratedBluesKaj: Is there a way to find which package is depending on that?14:21
BluesKajorated,  not sure14:22
designbybeckHello BluesKaj14:24
BluesKajhey designbybeck14:24
oratedOk. Secondly, do you know about bootchart? I get boot time of about 60s. Can you help me fix it using - http://imagebin.org/199031 http://imagebin.org/19903514:24
designbybeckI'm getting ready for our Texas Open Source Project - TexOS and I'm trying to make the USB Live Boot drives14:25
designbybeckbut in the Startup Disk Creator, when I go to Erase Disk, it acaully starts repeating the listing over and over again14:25
designbybeckand doesn't do anything14:25
orateddesignbybeck: Yes, even I noticed that behavior in usb-creator-kde. Whenever it fails to erase it, I use partitionmanager/gparted to format the usb14:28
designbybeckbut then every things else works after that orated?14:28
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  I have no clue , my experience with USB OS images is nil ...my pcs are too old to boot from USB drives14:29
designbybeckI've got 11 or so of these to burn14:29
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designbybeckhere is what it was doing orated http://www.pasteall.org/pic/2667114:32
designbybecki had just one Verbatium drive plugged in, and wheenn i pressed Erase Disk, it kept duplicating it over and over14:32
oratedAh yes.. it worked after few attempts and its only dependent on the usb port you are using. I got only e-SATA working over USB3 slots here, depends on your system hardware14:32
oratedYes, same thing. I remember14:33
designbybeckhmmm, i don't know what slot that is on my laptop, i'll try another one14:33
oratedIf its about erasing, I would suggest you to format using partitionmanager/gparted instead of using Erase Disk option from usb creator14:34
oratedBluesKaj: Any help on above bootcharts? :)14:38
BluesKajorated, looking14:40
BluesKajorated,  and how long does bootup take ?14:44
oratedAs it said 58.90 s14:45
BluesKajseems you loading a ntfs partition, and nfs file shares /exports , plus VM ware looks like it's looping a few times before it loads14:46
oratedI'm not very much concerned about boot time usually but lately, I noticed taking more than normal14:46
BluesKaja minute is along time14:47
oratedAh, yes. I saw that. But I'm not sure about fixing it14:47
oratedI went to startup from system settings, but the services seemed right14:47
oratedI commented the nfs, ntfs mounting from fstab14:47
BluesKajme neither , i don't use Virtual OSs14:47
BluesKajntfs and nfs should load without any delay so I would uncomment them , i think the virtual OS is giving you the problem14:49
BluesKajb ut that's as far as I can help14:49
oratedYes, thanks. I'll try that and find about virtual OS part14:50
oratedWhich particular vm service you noticed?14:52
BluesKajwhich ones do you use ?14:53
oratedNo I meant to ask which service you found is related to vm. I use VMPlayer14:53
BluesKajok do you have vmpalyer loading ar startup as a daemon ?14:55
BluesKajat startup14:55
oratedNo, I don't see any in service manager14:58
oratedBut what from bootchart made you say its related to virtual machine also? :)14:59
BluesKajorated,  what about a startup script in autostart?14:59
oratedThere is only one script there set for Pre-KDE startup which is also not related to vm15:00
BluesKajorated,  , because it's only thing i could see out of the ordinary , so naturally i suspected that15:00
oratedAh possibilities then. Ok, I'll try to figure it out if vm is causing it15:01
BluesKajorated,  I tried VMware full install a few yrs agoand it really slowed things down , of course I was running XP in it , but I don't recall bootup as being particularly slow , only when i boot into VMware the pc slowed down to molasses in january15:04
designbybeckHmmm the keystroke Alt+PrintScreen isn't supported by Qt15:05
designbybeckI'm trying to setup the custom screenshot for Shutter15:05
oratedIts only Ptrscr key to open Ksnapshot designbybeck15:05
designbybeckBut i wanted to change it to use Shutter15:05
designbybeckso I can do Alt+Printscreeen to do a selection15:05
BluesKajyeah, my prtscn key no longer works here either15:06
oratedYou can set a delay of few seconds before freeze15:06
oratedand then make a selection, if I got you right15:07
designbybeckhave you ever used Shutter orated?15:07
designbybeckthe kde one is nice as well, but in shutter you can go to the editor15:07
EzimBluesKaj, http://imgur.com/ms6hZ15:09
Ezimif you have problem with ptrscr15:10
Ezimmabe is unmarked for you15:10
Ezimor you can create one new there15:10
designbybecki found a walk through for it: http://www.thepowerbase.com/2012/01/integrating-shutter-with-kde-4-7/15:13
designbybecki'm going to try this rout15:13
Ezimdesignbybeck, its easy you can create a keyboard shortcut15:14
Ezimdesignbybeck, have you shutter installed?15:14
designbybeckyes i have shutter installed15:15
BluesKajEzim,  thanks , it's fixed :)15:15
Ezimyou only need to change from ksnapshot to shutter here: http://imgur.com/gZjGy15:15
EzimBluesKaj, np. :)15:16
EzimBluesKaj, systemsettings :) kde/kubuntus best friend. :P15:16
* BluesKaj wonders why the input prtscn was turned off by default15:17
designbybeckthat is odd, MetaKey+ PrnScrn is supported by Qt but Alt_PrtScrn isn't15:17
EzimBluesKaj, it was not here. running kubuntu 12.04?15:17
BluesKajEzim,  it was turned off after an upgrade on 12.04 , dunno how or why15:18
EzimBluesKaj, file bug report. :)15:19
designbybecki looks like i have everything setup, but it isn't starting shutter and doing the correct command15:19
BluesKajEzim, well I have to be absolutely sure first15:20
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  try ksnapshot in the run command (alt+f2)15:21
designbybeckwell yes that works BluesKaj15:21
BluesKajthen no need for all those gtk libs that come with shutter15:22
designbybeckbut i wanted it for the editor/effects15:22
designbybeckKsnapshot is nice though15:22
designbybecki'll just use shutter when needed15:23
BluesKajok , gotcha designbybeck15:23
designbybeckshutter has a global settings menu so that is nice too15:23
designbybeckin the systray15:23
designbybecklol, i got on the screenshot tangent when i was trying to show my usb burning problem15:24
designbybeck...now i gotta get back to the usb drives15:24
BluesKajare you copying bootable OS iso images to usb sticks , designbybeck , or what method are you using ?15:26
designbybeckusing StartUp Disk Creator15:26
BluesKajand they don't boot when you test them ?15:27
designbybeckinstead of trying to click Erase Disk, i' just slected the ISO and told it to make15:27
designbybeckso it looks like it is going now, I'll see what comes of it15:27
designbybeckit was doing this BluesKaj http://www.pasteall.org/pic/2667115:27
designbybeckwhen i pressed Erase Disk, it started randomly duplicated the listing over and over and never did anything15:28
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BluesKajdesignbybeck,  listing ?15:31
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  I have to ask , is the drive formatted to fat32 ?15:32
designbybeckmight have been15:32
designbybecki just opened it from the factory15:32
BluesKajthen it should accept the image15:32
BluesKajno need to erase disk if it's empty15:33
orateddesignbybeck: Even for creating image its listing?15:33
BluesKajof course the creator should make the stick bootable ..I hope :P15:35
designbybeckyes It looks like that first stick is working15:36
oratedyes but it creates duplicate entry or lists sdb1 and then sdb again and again during erase disk and startup disk creation15:36
designbybeckabout 10 more to go ;)15:36
designbybecktook about 5mins or so15:36
designbybecki just skipped the ears disk and let it do its own thing15:37
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  check that stick will boot the image15:37
designbybeckjust did15:37
BluesKajok , and ?15:38
designbybeckit booted15:38
designbybeckit is at the try/install screen15:38
designbybecki clicked try, and it is spinnin'....seems to be taking longer than normal15:39
BluesKajI'm curious due to one of my bandn=mates new interst in Linux ...15:39
designbybeckthere it goes15:39
designbybeckthese are older Dell desktops we'll be using for TexOS starting Sat.15:39
designbybeckand they are random specs and such15:40
BluesKajwill they boot from a USB ?15:40
designbybeckthey are about 5 years old15:40
designbybeck3-5years old15:40
designbybeckbut i do have one that is pretty old that doesn't seem to boot from USB, but it will not be used for this project15:40
BluesKajstrange , this pc is only 4 yrs old , there's no uSB boot option the BIOS15:40
designbybeckwhat kinda PC?15:41
BluesKajHP amd 64 dual core15:41
designbybeckoh that is odd15:41
BluesKajwell, it's pretty close to entry level , even back in 200715:42
BluesKajodd , still have floppy group listed in the bios , but there's no floppy drive on this pc15:52
designbybeckhave you tried flashin'g/upgrading the bios?15:52
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  no , I haven't15:53
BluesKajthe bios was flashed/updated in Mar 2008 according to lshw , i bought this pc in nov 2007 ...this is very strange15:57
BluesKajand I don't recall ever flashing the bios on this pc ...ever15:57
BluesKajunless my memory is failing me15:59
BluesKajI promptly reformatted to ext2  and installed kubuntu 7.10 which was new then ...it ran beatuifully16:04
* BluesKaj looks at plpbtnoemul.iso16:14
designbybeckseeing how I'm new to Kubuntu, thought i'd through this out there if you haven't seen it: http://blogs.kde.org/node/453316:41
CaptainLexingtonHey guys, I have a question about using Canonical-trusted software in Kubuntu.16:53
CaptainLexingtonI installed Frotz Z-machine via apt-get in the terminal, and I know it worked, because I can run it from the terminal16:54
CaptainLexingtonbut I can't find it anywhere in the program menu16:54
CaptainLexingtonnor does the Muon package manager believe it to be installed16:55
caius_hi all16:55
designbybeckhello caius_16:55
caius_i have a problem with the package manager16:55
caius_i have made an update of flash today in the morning and muon package manager crashed at 60% of the update16:56
designbybecki'm new to Kubuntu caius_ not sure I have an answer for that16:56
caius_i turned off kubuntu and restarted and tried to uninstall flash plugin manually. since then i get a notificaion that i can not use the package manager because anotherone is already running16:58
caius_how can i turn of the packagemanager that is running in the background?16:59
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caius_no problem designbybeck17:03
caius_hope to get some suggestions17:03
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CaptainLexingtonWell in normal Ubuntu I'd just use the Process Manager, find the process and kill17:03
CaptainLexingtonthere are also terminal means to do this17:04
CaptainLexingtonwith which I am unfamiliar17:04
CaptainLexingtonI'm also not sure how the Kubuntu process manager works17:04
yofelcaius_: ctrl+esc will open the process manager in kde17:07
yofelthere check if apt, dpkg or qaptworker is running17:07
BluesKajcaius_, are you referring to the package notifier17:07
caius_the package manager17:07
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asfyxiacaius: in the terminal (Konsole) run: sudo configure --a17:10
yofelthat would be sudo dpkg --configure -a17:11
yofelif that's what the problem is17:11
asfyxiayou're right; sorry17:11
caius_i have checked all the programms that are now running on my machine17:12
caius_and there is none of the apt,dpkg or qaptworker  running17:12
EzimPhilip5, welcome :).17:15
caius_yofel: i tried that comandline you wrote. system says that the command is not found17:19
yofelwich one?17:19
caius_sudo dpkg--configure--a17:20
EvilResistancecaius_:  sudo dpkg --configure --a17:20
EvilResistancetry putting the space in there17:20
EvilResistancei think...17:20
* EvilResistance checks dpkg17:20
EvilResistanceyeah, that'd probably be it17:21
caius_nope, no results17:21
EvilResistancecaius_:  remember there are spaces in there ;P17:21
EvilResistanceah you got that :P17:22
qw-Russianhelp me17:23
qw-RussianI tried to set Access through a cantilever and the program hung up began to be knocked out very much many errors 35 i would like killed this procced17:23
yofelcaius_: ok, so dpkg isn't broken, good17:25
yofelcaius_: did you see any apt process in the process manager?17:26
caius_no apt process17:26
yofeland it still complains?17:26
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caius_it still complains17:28
yofelcaius_: can you try this:17:29
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »17:29
caius_flashplugin installed17:30
* yofel reads backlog17:30
yofelcaius_: can you try: sudo apt-get install -f17:31
caius_i installed flash17:32
yofelcaius_: I've read that17:33
designbybeckis it working for you caius_ what was the solution you ended up going with?17:33
caius_one moment please17:33
caius_i will restart and give feedback17:36
yofelcaius_: any improvement?17:42
caius_it seems that flash is still not working17:42
caius_neither on firefox,opera,and chrome17:43
yofelcaius_: was it actually installed?17:43
yofelmight not be the case if it crashed midway17:43
caius_it was installed17:43
caius_i am installing it now once again17:44
caius_i installed the flash plugin 1017:45
caius_and adobe flash17:45
caius_and its still not working17:46
Ezimcaius_, try flashaid.17:46
BluesKajcaius_,  which kubuntu version ?17:46
yofelcaius_: can you tell me what this tells you: ls -la /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin17:47
Ezimcaesar_, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/flash-aid/17:47
caesar_Ezim: i don't use FF17:48
Ezimcaesar_, okey. chrome should come with flash from start.17:48
caius_yofel : should i type it in ff?17:48
caesar_Ezim: try cai+tab17:49
yofelcaius_: no, in konsole17:49
caius_yofel this is what i get: WS830EA-ABD:~$  ls -la /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin17:50
caius_lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 32 2012-02-18 10:30 /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin -> /usr/lib/gnash/libgnashplugin.so17:50
BluesKajcaius_, libflashplayer.so should be listed in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins ..the best method is to download flash from adobe , extract the file , copy the libflashplayer.so to the path i mentioned17:50
yofelcaius_: ouch, uninstall gnash17:50
yofelthat's a rather non-working type of flash plugin :(17:50
yofelBluesKaj: installing from partner is easier, and gives you updates17:51
yofelhis problem is that he has gnash installed though17:51
caius_yofel: i have uninstalled gnash17:51
yofelcaius_: ok, try again17:52
yofel(using flash in firefox)17:52
BluesKajI had klash installed which uses gnash , and had no problems , the problem is the flashplugin or wrapper if he's using 64 bit17:52
caius_i use 64 bit17:52
* yofel never got gnash to work in a sane way17:52
caius_yofel: its not working17:53
yofelcaius_: can you tell me what the ls command tells you now?17:53
caius_yofel: ls -la /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin17:54
caius_lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 32 2012-02-18 10:30 /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin -> /usr/lib/gnash/libgnashplugin.so17:54
yofelcaius_: run: sudo apt-get remove browser-plugin-gnash17:54
yofeland try again17:54
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BluesKajthen caius_ , then try the method I posted above , and yofel that method was recommended by the ppl at ubuntu+1 when they were having flash pligin problems17:54
yofelwell, back then we had no packaged flash for 64bit17:55
BluesKajI still don't trust the packaged method ...I don't get any audio on flash sites with the packaged method17:56
yofelhm, works for me17:57
caius_yofel,blueskaj: i tried again , and i get the notification the latest flash version is requiered to view videos17:57
yofelbut yeah, sound in flash is tricky17:57
BluesKajcould be my soundcard probs with alsa too17:57
yofelcaius_: now install 'adobe-flashplugin' if it's there17:58
ryzzananyone can help me installing sun-java6 on ubuntu?17:58
yofelryzzan: was removed, either use openjdk or install java from the oracle website17:58
caius_yofel : i download it directly from adobe17:58
BluesKajcaius_,  did you place the libflashplayer.so in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins?17:58
caius_BluesKaj:  i did not17:59
caius_youtube videos are also flash isnt`it?18:00
* yofel leaves this to BluesKaj18:00
MAMOHTHi guys. I have a problem with battery monitor: "Battery: not present "18:00
yofelryzzan: see http://www.webupd8.org/2011/09/how-to-install-oracle-java-7-jdk-in.html18:00
yofelMAMOHT: can you open konsole and run 'upower --dump'? does that show any battery statistics?18:02
BluesKajcaius_,  also try placing it in  /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin/ , or make sure it's there18:02
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BluesKajyes regular youtube video is flash18:03
caius_Eureka!!!! It`s working18:03
MAMOHTpaste here?18:03
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:03
caius_Thanks Yofel, Thanks BluesKaj!!!18:04
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:04
BluesKajcaius_,  so what did you do so we can help others that have the same problem ?18:04
yofelthat looks fine, so there shouldn't be a reason why the applet doesn't show it o.O18:06
yofelwhich kubuntu and which kde release?18:06
caius_i typed in the line in terminal: ls -la /etc/alternatives/mozilla-flashplugin18:07
MAMOHTkubuntu 11.1018:07
MAMOHTI can paste screenshot18:07
caius_then i uninstalled gnash18:08
caius_and installed flash and flashplugin from adobe18:08
MAMOHTa few days ago everything was fine18:09
caius_but i think the main problem was that i had 2 package manager running at the same time , and did not know how to end one of them18:09
caius_to solve this problem i typed in terminal : sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a18:11
caius_and it worked18:11
BluesKajyes , that's the dpkg lock when you have more than one package manager open, which includes the terminal18:12
caius_after that i could uninstall gnash and install flash18:13
* BluesKaj prefers apt-get to muon or apper , or even syanptic , altho synaptic is a good reference for package info18:14
TorpedoSkylineBluesKaj: is there a GUI to apt-get? Or are you just typing it out on konsole?18:15
BluesKajheh, i don't have flashplugin in /etc/alternatives18:16
BluesKajTorpedoSkyline,  well typing yes, but I'm lazy so i use a combo of alsiases and no pwd in the sudoers file so my sudo apt-get update etc consists of 2 letters like ud in the terminal18:17
BluesKajalisas are set in ~/.bashrc18:18
TorpedoSkylineBluesKaj: lol. =P18:18
BluesKajTorpedoSkyline,  in ~/.bashrc one types for example , alias ud='sudo apt-get update'18:21
BluesKajto whom it may concern , aliases , http://bashscripts.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=17418:26
TorpedoSkylineBluesKaj: that's actually quite a good tip. Especially if you have long commands you have to type regularly.18:33
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BluesKajTorpedoSkyline,  yes, very handy18:35
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newkuserNew Kubuntu user here.. Tried playing an mp3 file, amarok is asking me to install codecs everytime. doesn't play the file at all18:36
newkusershould i install something else manually18:36
TorpedoSkylinenewkuser: open konsole.18:37
TorpedoSkylinenewkuser: type in18:37
TorpedoSkylinenewkuser: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras18:37
newkuserI'm installing restricted extras now.. its taking some time18:38
TorpedoSkylineOk good. It'll work then. Sorry about all those lines people. brb18:38
newkuserTorpedoSkyline: Thanks18:39
srajanhi there18:39
srajananyone here ??18:40
maximuszerushee leute que tal18:47
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pangolinRecommendations on an app that will popup reminders?19:07
Avihayfinally decided to settle the score and disable nepomuk, now I need to figure out how to deal with Jovie19:36
pangolinWhy am I unable to delete /home/username/Downloads/hanbrake ?19:38
TorpedoSkylinepangolin: what's the error?19:40
BluesKajpangolin,  so you removed it using dplg -r ?19:40
BluesKajerr dpkg19:40
pangolinunable to delete /home/username/.local/share/trash/files/filename_here19:40
pangolinTrash not trash19:41
pangolinBluesKaj: not that i remember19:41
BluesKaj pangolin how did you install it ?19:41
pangolinI didn't. I simply tried deleting it, thought it was gone but now I see it is still in the Trash19:42
BluesKajrm -rf pathtofile19:45
pangolinit's a directory19:45
BluesKajrestore it first then rm -rf pathtodir/file/whatever19:45
pangolinget a very long list of permission denied, tried with sudo and it is gone19:47
pangolinthanks for the help19:47
BluesKajyeah , sudo is implied with removals19:47
BluesKajpangolin,  np :)19:48
plotinohello everybody19:50
plotinoi have a question about transformers19:50
plotinoit's possible to check a TF withoud loading the secondary?19:50
plotinoi try to explain better19:50
TorpedoSkylinewait plotino... what?19:51
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kossakovhi there, i gotta question, not particulary kubuntu nature, but dont know where to go ;)19:55
kossakovthing is i can't in no way get to any hdd19:55
kossakovfdisk -l show's nothing19:55
kossakovgparted finds no device19:55
kossakovwhat can i do to at least whipe disk or sth19:56
BluesKajplotino,  secondary winding in a transformer , that's question for an electronics/electrical chat19:57
BluesKajkossakov,  is gparted on a livecd ?19:58
kossakovno, apt-get'ed it19:58
kossakovbut yes, i run on livecd19:59
BluesKajkossakov,  what was/is on the hdd ?20:00
kossakovdon't really know, not my stuff ;)20:03
kossakovforgot to check if bios sees disk, my bad...20:03
BluesKajkossakov,  mount -o remount,rw /path/to/drive20:03
kossakov/path/to/drive like /dev/sda?20:05
kossakovor rather like /mnt20:05
BluesKaj /dev/sda , kossakov20:07
kossakovbecause mount -o remount,rw /dev/sda  says that it's not in /etc/mtab20:07
BluesKajsad1 or 2 etc20:07
kossakovpoint is, there is nothing more of sd* in /dev20:08
icewatermanhi, any idea how to get rid of krfb service?20:08
icewatermani want to disable it for security reasons (i do not need it)20:08
icewatermancant uninstall it though, as it will take kdenetwork down with it20:08
BluesKajicewaterman,  you should be able to uninstall krfb20:09
icewatermanBluesKaj: http://pastebin.com/iLWgNPMk doesnt look good20:10
BluesKajicewaterman,  yeah , not so good20:13
icewatermanbut there must be a way to disable it20:13
icewatermanBluesKaj: there is a config file named .kde/share/config/krfbrc20:15
icewatermanhowever i dunno what options besides the ones already in there i can set20:15
BluesKajicewaterman,  is it listed as running in system monitor ? if so you should be able to disable it in system settings>startup & shutdown>session management , applications to be excluded , type kfrb in the dialog box20:16
icewatermanBluesKaj: unfortunately its not20:18
icewatermanBluesKaj: ah, found a way20:20
icewatermanjust killing it once seems to work, probably because the reason for it getting started was it being started sometime when i logged out20:20
BluesKajicewaterman,  add it to session management exclusion anyway . it might work20:22
icewatermanBluesKaj: i now always start with a new session20:22
icewatermanits better this way20:22
mterryHello!  I'm working on getting the kde-telepathy stack into Ubuntu.  Can the stack can work OK without kde-telepathy-auth-handler installed?20:24
mterryOoh, I should ask on #kubuntu-devel20:24
* mterry moves20:24
TorpedoSkylineanyone know of a good character map for kde?20:31
Slikehi, I'm having some sound problems: when I play music with Amarok it gets disturbed when doing things like moving windows, switching desktops, removing files, ...21:24
Slikeis there anything I can do about this?21:24
TorpedoSkylineSounds like a driver issue, Slike... =\21:26
SlikeTorpedoSkyline: possible, but it's a kde-only problem21:28
SlikeI was thinking about Phonon or anything alike?21:29
TorpedoSkylineSlike: It never did it on Ubuntu?21:29
unknown__ /msg NickServ help21:30
soeeanyone tried to upgrade 11.10 to 12.04 already ?21:30
SlikeTorpedoSkyline: nope, or it must have been undetectable ;)21:31
TorpedoSkylineSlike: I would join #kde if you think it's phonon21:32
EvilResistancesoee:  nope, because 12.04 isnt anywhere near stable21:32
EvilResistanceand shouldnt be used as a production environment21:32
EvilResistancethat'd be like upgrading from Debian 6 to Debian sid... it breaks everything21:33
soeeEvilResistance, i can deal with problmes its not problem for me, just wonder if someone already did it21:33
soeealso last time i asked Riddell, he said it works for him good :)21:33
SlikeTorpedoSkyline: ok, thanks... someone @amarok thinks it has something to do with the fact that I read those files from a ntfs volume21:34
TorpedoSkylineSlike: hmm... I kind of doubt it, but it might be possible.21:34
TorpedoSkylineSlike: Did you try copying it over to your hd?21:34
BluesKajsoee,  lots of us have , checkout #ubuntu+121:35
TorpedoSkylineI hate this Mac keyboard... *facepalm*21:35
soeeBluesKaj, yeah im there21:36
SlikeTorpedoSkyline: not yet, but I don't see anything suspicious when I look at top or the kde system monitor21:36
SlikeI've got a couple of ideas to try and see what they can do :)21:37
Slikethanks anyway, TorpedoSkyline21:37
TorpedoSkylineno prob Slike. Sorry I'm not the expert I wish I was. =\21:37
BluesKajSlike,  have you tried vlc rather than amarok , it's setup for server retrievals21:40
SlikeBluesKaj: no I didn't21:45
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AelingilWhere can i find the KDE Gui for Ubuntu? Instead of using Gnome or Unity i wanted to use Kde on of of my systems.23:12
EzimAelingil, you mean kubuntu metapack? search for kubuntu-desktop.23:14
Eziminstall it and log out. choose kubuntu on login.23:15
Aelingilyeah, sorry i dont know why i didnt say that.. it has been a long day.. When i was searching i was looking for "kubuntu" and it was not showing up anywhere. putting -desktop found it. Thank you.23:16
EzimAelingil, np.23:16
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