jonothanks wgrant00:00
jonowhat is the best way to check the output of 'membership' to see if the person is a member or not?00:00
wgrantjono: It's a list of team_membership objects that are either ubuntumembers or subteams of ubuntumembers.00:03
wgrantThey're a member if that list has any items.00:03
jonoright, but if I search using a username that doesn't exist I get a KeyError00:03
wgrantRight, lp.people['something'] will raise a KeyError if the person doesn't exist. You can use any person object (probably the one you got from getByEmail earlier) in place of lp.people['somebody']00:04
jonothis also seems to work:00:07
jono        subteams = [team.name for team in lp.people['ubuntumembers'].sub_teams]00:07
jono        [membership for membership in lp.people[user].memberships_details  if membership.team_link.rsplit('~', 1)[-1] in ['ubuntumembers'] + subteams]00:07
jono        print membership00:07
jono    except KeyError:00:07
jono        print "not found"00:07
jonosorry for the paste00:07
wgrantRight, that would work too.00:08
jonothanks for the help wgrant00:08
jonoI really appreciate it00:08
jonoI think there is a bug in the code wgrant00:13
jonooh hang on00:13
jonoyeah, there is a problem00:14
jono        subteams = [team.name for team in lp.people['ubuntu-core-dev'].sub_teams]00:14
jono        [membership for membership in lp.people[user].memberships_details  if membership.team_link.rsplit('~', 1)[-1] in ['ubuntu-core-dev'] + subteams]00:14
jonoalso returns me as a member...I am definitely not a core-dev :-)00:14
jonoahh it looks like subteams is not returning anything00:16
wgrantjono: core-dev doesn't have any subteams, does it?00:25
jonowgrant, it doesnt look like it, and I worked around that a little00:26
jonowill pastebin00:26
jonoit still says I am a member00:27
wgrantjono: http://paste.ubuntu.com/843777/00:29
jonothanks wgrant00:31
jonojust reading00:31
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PKHelloNastyIf I want to clone and project, make edits, push to my acocunt whats the commands I need?06:11
wgrantPKHelloNasty: https://help.launchpad.net/Code/FindingAndDownloading and https://help.launchpad.net/Code/UploadingABranch are probably what you want.06:16
PKHelloNastywgrant, thanks.06:16
PKHelloNastywgrant, Interesting that GNome-Do is the example they use, its what I am editing. :D06:18
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asa-sanhi! I wonder if anyone could please help me with a launchpadlib login problem?08:55
czajkowskiasa-san: morning09:01
asa-sanczajkowski: morning! so here is my problem09:02
czajkowskiasa-san: whats the problem ?09:02
asa-sanI try to log into launchpad from a python application using login_with('my_app', 'staging')09:02
asa-sanThis worked fine for some time, but suddenly stopped working.09:02
asa-sanSeems to be an authorization problem, turning on logs gives me this09:02
asa-sansend: 'GET /1.0/gcc-linaro HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: api.staging.launchpad.net\r\nAuthorization: OAuth realm="OAuth", oauth_nonce="56899489", oauth_timestamp="1329292578", oauth_consumer_key="System-wide%3A%20Ubuntu%20%28asa-laptop%29", oauth_signature_method="PLAINTEXT", oauth_version="1.0", oauth_token="MdzQdNpTgdFntTcJtZZd", oauth_signature="%26qR4gpRp02G4XcVrh4Mk9dnkNs0FcpK7gwPZdfKKvnS1lN4bz5lTvKrzhSSD2ZNDgR6tpZDv5ctbQGB8g"\r\naccept-encoding: gzip, deflate\r09:02
asa-san\naccept: application/json\r\nuser-agent: lazr.restfulclient 0.11.1; application="taker"; oauth_consumer="System-wide: Ubuntu (asa-laptop)"\r\n\r\n'09:02
asa-sanreply: 'HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized\r\n'09:02
asa-sanI tried removing ~/.launchpad/* but that did not help.09:02
czajkowskihas this just started to happen today ?09:03
asa-sanwell, it worked last week. When I started working yesterday it did not work09:04
asa-sanso friday was the last time it worked...09:04
czajkowskiok let me ask and see09:04
czajkowskijust  give me a few mins to find out09:04
asa-santhanks a lot09:04
czajkowskiasa-san: so it seems staging gets reset over the weekend, so the credentials you used last week are not valid,  you also may need to remove the cached credentials.  hope that helps09:08
asa-sanczajkowski: ok, thanks!  but I thought the credentials were stored in ~/.launchpad (by default)09:10
wgrantasa-san: On desktops they're stored in your desktop keyring.09:12
wgrantGNOME Keyring or KDE Wallet, usually.09:12
asa-sanwgrant: OK, that might explain things, I will check09:13
benonsoftwareHow long can I leave a licence as 'I don't know yet' in Launchpad?09:31
czajkowskibenonsoftware: I'm not sure but I can get back to you as I'll be reivewing them later on with the person who normally does it09:33
czajkowskiand I can get back to you if you like09:34
benonsoftwareczajkowski: Yes please, as I am in charge of choosing a licence for a project but I would like to review each licence in detail09:34
czajkowskibenonsoftware: can you drop me a mail laura.czajkowski@canonical.com and I will get back to you by tomorrow at the latest09:36
benonsoftwareWhat would you like me to mention in the email?09:36
czajkowskiprojects and what licience you think it could be09:36
benonsoftwareczajkowski: Ok, thanks for your help09:37
czajkowskisorry I can't be of more help just right now, but just started so need to make sure I give you the right information09:38
benonsoftwareczajkowski: No worries, thanks :p09:40
jmlIs codehosting down?10:00
wgrantjml: Launchpad is offline for 90 seconds of scheduled maintenance.10:01
jmlI can't wait that long.10:01
jmlactually, it's really heart-warming to hear10:02
jmlso much better than 2hrs10:02
wgrantIt's actually 75 seconds now, it seems.10:02
wgrantWe dropped a replica yesterday which speeds things up.10:02
wgrantWith a bit of luck it will be 30s soon :)10:03
czajkowskithats rather impressive10:03
StevenKjml: Your comment reminds me of the Simpsons: Moe: "I got it on loan from the US Army. It can flash-fry a buffalo in 40 seconds." Homer: "Awwww, 40 seconds? I want it now!"10:40
jmlyeah :)10:41
asa-santhanks czajkowski and wgrant for your help, it works again (sorry for delay in feedback)11:32
czajkowskiasa-san: glad it worked11:32
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jaypipeshello, any LP admins around that could assist with a project ID change? thx in advance!18:44
lifelessjaypipes: hey, whats up?18:50
jaypipeslifeless: Hi Robert, thx for response. We (and by we I mean people in marketing) changed the name of the project formerly known as FreeCloud to TryStack... and we were hoping to change the http://launchpad.net/freecloud to http://launchpad.net/trystack.18:53
lifelessjaypipes: you should be able to do that yourself, no ?18:56
jaypipeslifeless: no, does not give me ability to change the ID, only display name and description.18:57
lifelesscould you open a ticket please18:57
lifelessI will do immediately18:58
jaypipeslifeless: absolutely. link to where to submit ticket? sorry if I've asked this before :(18:58
lifeless^topic :)19:00
lifelessSupport: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad19:00
jaypipeslifeless: doh. sorry mate.19:01
jaypipeslifeless: cheers: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/18796619:02
lifelessde nda19:02
lifelessdone, with an alias left behind19:03
jaypipeslifeless: you rock, as always. thx much!19:03
lifelessno probs19:03
nati2Hi folks19:15
nati2Can we have private mailing list on launchpad ?19:15
lifelessLP supports them yes; you need a commercial subscription19:18
nati2lifeless: Thanks!19:19
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pabelangerQuick Q: Is there any was to setup DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS per PPA?21:06
jonohey all21:58
jonoI am trying to branch and keep getting:21:58
jonoConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1', retrying21:58
jonoPermission denied (publickey).21:58
jonobzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.21:58
jonoI imported my public key after I did bzr launchpad-login21:59
jonoany idea how I fix this?21:59
beunojono, sounds like a problem with launchpad22:00
beunojono, actually, I think it's just you22:03
beunoworks fine here22:03
beunojono, try: sftp bazaar.launchpad.net22:04
jonojono@netbook:~$ sftp bazaar.launchpad.net22:05
jonoPermission denied (publickey).22:05
jonoCouldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer22:05
jonolooks like my public key isnt working22:05
mwhudsonssh -v bazaar.launchpad.net -- is it offering the key you expect?22:06
mwhudsone.g. i see22:06
mwhudsondebug1: Offering RSA public key: mwh@localhost22:06
mwhudsondebug1: Server accepts key: pkalg ssh-rsa blen 14922:06
* thumper high fives beuno22:06
beunoo/ thumper22:06
jonoit pasted a lot of output and then says perm denied (public key)22:07
jonomwhudson, ^22:07
mwhudsonjono: not useful :)22:07
mwhudsonjono: pastebin it22:07
jonomwhudson, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/845053/22:08
jonoI think I might just need to add my key again22:09
jonomaybe create a new key22:09
jonomwhudson, any idea?22:12
jonoI am going to create new keys and try that22:14
wgzhave you double checked the permissions on ~/.ssh ?22:15
wgzthat can catch people out.22:15
StevenKNo, that's not the problem22:15
StevenKYour username on LP is not jono22:15
wgzthat's also true.22:16
jonoStevenK, where does it get jono from?22:16
jonomy email address?22:16
wgzbzr takes it from what you gave lp-login22:16
jonoI set my bzr launchpad-login to jonobacon22:16
StevenKjono: ssh uses $USER by default22:17
wgzbut testing with jonobacon@bazaar.launchpad.net is what you want22:17
wgzit would be nice if bzr was more user-friendly than plain ssh for debugging permissions errors, but that's alas not the case22:18
jonohmmm so what do I need to do?22:18
StevenKFirst, confirm that jonobacon@bazaar.launchpad.net works22:18
wgzyou want the "No shells on this server." when sshing to that22:19
StevenKWhat I do is edit ~/.ssh/config to add 'Host bazaar.launchpad.net\nUser jonobacon\n'22:19
lifelessjono: 'ssh jonobacon@bazaar.launchpad.net'22:21
jonoit looks like my new key is not in the keyserver yet22:21
jonoso LP won't take it22:21
lifelessjono: gpg keys have nothing to do with this22:21
mwhudsonwrong kind of key22:21
lifelessjono: you're going off in all kinds of wrong; slow down and be guided :P22:21
mwhudsonif your key appears in launchpad.net/~/+sshkeys it's good22:21
jonolifeless, I am getting a little confused here - I create a key using gpg, added it to the keyserver and then I am using https://launchpad.net/~jonobacon/+editpgpkeys to add the key22:22
lifelessjono: yes you are confused :)22:22
jonoso what do I need to do?22:23
lifelessjono:  'ssh jonobacon@bazaar.launchpad.net'22:23
jono<-- idiot22:23
lifelessjono: pastebin the output22:23
mwhudsonjono: understand that gpg keys and ssh keys have nothing to do with each other22:23
jonopermission denied22:23
lifelessjono: this is not pastebin.22:23
jonoI am doing this on another machine other than my computer22:23
lifelessjono: pastebin is where you copy the entire output and put it on paste.ubuntu.com22:23
jonolifeless, it was one line: Permission denied (publickey)22:23
lifelessjono: thank you22:24
jonoI have no ssh keys set up on this new machine22:24
lifelessso, you need to do so.22:24
jonocan I use my ssh key from my main computer?22:24
lifelessyou can either copy your ssh private key over22:24
lifelessor you can make a new one and add it to LP22:24
jonook I copied my other key over22:25
lifelesstry again22:25
jononow I get the no shells message22:25
lifelesstry bzr again22:25
jonoso how does gpg fit into this?22:26
jonoI was obviously confusing this22:26
StevenKIt doesn't22:26
StevenKIt is utterly seperate22:26
jonowhat are gpg keys used for?22:26
jonoout of curiosity22:26
StevenKIn LP's case, signing source packages and archives22:27
jonothanks, folks, for all your help :-)22:27
StevenKOh, and the CoC22:27
StevenKAlways forget about that22:27
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lifelessit does not22:28
lifelessjono: you need a badge for this22:31
macoi'm surprised you didn't get the badge for this back when you used a gpg key to sign the coc22:39
sinzuiStevenK, I am back23:25
jonohey folks23:52
jonoI am getting an SSLError: The read operation timed out error on a script I am using23:53
jonohave you folks seen this error before?23:53
jonostrangely the script works fine on one of my machines, but not the other23:53

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