eightyeighthas the kernel been frozen for 12.04?00:02
eightyeighthttp://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/all-ubuntu-12.04.html seems to suggest so, but i can't be 100% sure00:03
eightyeighti need something that points one way or the other00:03
kklimondaeightyeight: kernel configuration is frozen00:06
kklimonda(unless there are bugs that require them to change something)00:08
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h00kI'm still having libc6 issues I can't seem to fix. I'd rather not reinstall :(00:45
h00kmy package-management-foo isn't strong enough00:46
h00ksudo aptitude safe-upgrade --full-resolver: http://paste.ubuntu.com/843806/ I don't know if I want to do this00:51
robin0800h00k, I would not do that00:55
h00krobin0800: probably not.00:55
h00krobin0800: it says it wants to upgrade them, then it says it wants to remove a ton.00:55
h00k468 of them, in fact.00:55
robin0800h00k, I have read that aptitude is broken in 12.04 might be best not to use it00:57
h00krobin0800: yeah. I can't do anything much with apt-get, either.00:58
h00kI can't install anything or remove anything.00:58
h00kI'd rather not reinstall,00:58
robin0800h00k, try the update manager or synaptic00:59
Daekdroomaptitude is unable to handle conflicts related to multiarch, unfortunately.01:01
DaekdroomWhich is why it wants to remove everything01:02
h00kOh, so...update manager may be actually grabbing the updates.01:02
h00kand only wants to remove 3 packages.01:02
h00kO.O if this works, I'm baffled. and happy.01:03
Daekdroomupdate-manager pulling something that couldn't be done in CLI is quite surprising indeed.01:03
Daekdroom*pulling off01:04
robin0800Daekdroom, is there a plan to fix aptitude?01:05
Daekdroombug 83176801:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831768 in aptitude (Ubuntu Precise) "aptitude cannot handle conflicts with multiarch enabled" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83176801:06
DaekdroomIt wasn't assigned to anyone yet.01:07
astraljavaapt-get works with multiarch, I'm not sure whether aptitude does in Debian, even, yet.01:59
h00kdoho, now I have a broken lightdm03:13
h00krestarting was a bad idea.03:13
h00klightdm isbroken, apt-get -f install cannot fix it03:17
h00kupdate-manager cannot03:17
micahgh00k: what's specifically broken?03:18
h00kmicahg: libc603:18
micahgugh :(, any chance for a pastebin of the issue?03:18
micahglast upload was 6 days ago...03:19
h00kmicahg: it's been broken for tha tlong :(03:20
h00know I did update-manger that did half of packages03:20
micahgis that an upgrade or a dist-upgrade?03:20
h00kthe last like that didn't pastebin is: E:Internal Error: no file name for libc603:20
h00kmicahg: that was an apt-get install -f03:21
h00klet me pastebinit a dist-upgrade03:21
h00klast line is: unmet dependencies, try using -f03:22
h00kI've just about given up. Downloading daily, will be done in approx. 4 hours on these internets.03:23
micahgh00k: did you have a partial upgrade?03:24
h00kmicahg: yep03:24
h00kwhen I update-manager'd today. I hadn't tried it in 6 days, was only trying with apt-get.03:25
micahgapt-get -f install didn't fix it?03:25
h00knegative. says it needs to download packages, then E: Internal Error: no file name for libc603:25
micahgwell, if you grab the i386 libc6 and libpam-modules-bin(= 1.1.3-7ubuntu1), you should be most of the way fixed03:27
micahgjust libc6 might be enough to fix it03:27
h00kI can try to wget/dpkg -i them03:29
h00kmicahg: I think they're in my apt cache03:31
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h00kmicahg: working on it, turns out iI need libgcc1 too03:38
h00kIt depends on multiarch-support, which isn't apparently configured03:44
h00kworking on that.03:45
h00kseriously, this sucks03:53
micahgyeah, you don't want to power off in the middle of a libc update03:56
h00kI didn't :(03:58
h00klibc6 is depending on multiarch-support, which is a circular dependence on libc6?03:59
h00kand libgcc1 is in the middle of those.03:59
h00kOh, progress!04:00
micahgh00k: wait, apt-get -f install didn't fix it?04:01
h00knhaines: no. I grabbed the debs with wget, and just did: sudo dpkg -i *.deb04:04
h00kmicahg: ^04:05
h00kmicahg: I'm having myself grab a bunch of .debs and dpkg -i'ng them as they require them.  For instance, libstdc++6, libapt-4.12, etc04:10
h00koh no.04:15
h00ksuddenly I don't have sudo04:15
h00kor ls04:15
micahgrecovery console should give you a root shell04:17
micahgh00k: I'd try apt-get -f install and see if that fails still04:19
h00kmicahg: yeah, I've been doing that. Something fails, requires something, I've been manually getting that, installing it, making progress.04:20
micahgjust keep an eye on what it offers to do04:20
h00kyeah, and the last thing left me with no sudo.04:20
micahgoh, that doesn't sound good04:21
h00kor any command, rather ;)04:21
h00krecovery mode kernel panicked04:21
micahghow long since you upgraded?04:22
h00k6 days since I couldn't,04:22
h00kbecause I've been having libc6 issues.04:22
h00kI haven't had time dedicated to working on this04:23
h00kyeah. I may concede to a reinstall.04:23
h00kno boot.04:24
h00kmicahg: thanks for letting me bounce things off, anyway.04:24
micahgh00k: sorry, I'm not too familiar with kernel recovery, but you could try an older kernel to see if it still boots04:25
h00kthey panic :)04:26
DanaGhmm, lots of things blocking on g++-4.6.04:38
DanaGAnd I can't report a crash in unity-2d-panel because I have out-of-date g++-4.6.04:38
DanaGcorrection: the bug report is blocked due to: gcc-4.6-base, libgcc1, libstdc++6.04:41
DanaGthankfully, this is on my server, which is primarily used headlessly for torrents.04:43
h00kI just wish this weird touchpad issues goes away04:57
h00kwhere you move it, and hold your finger, and it keeps moving04:58
DanaGoh, somehow I lost my ubuntu-desktop.  No wonder.05:02
DanaGthough, I was hoping to get unity session with minimal actual applications.05:02
h00kThat'll do it05:02
micahgDanaG: might be arch skew a new version was recently uploaded05:03
DanaGah, I just need to install without recommends.05:04
DanaGWish somebody would make aptitude able to handle multiarch.05:04
DanaGHad to purge all i386 libs to get aptitude not to freak out.05:04
DanaGcool, reinstalling ubuntu-desktop fixed the crash.05:12
DanaGthough, I seem to still have the old unity.05:12
DanaGso, where's this new unity?05:28
gotwigI have problems with dependencies when upgrading, help pls : http://paste.ubuntu.com/844088/08:15
cemchi. can I disable that email/IM indicator in 12.04?08:17
gotwigcemc: doesnt seem so08:19
gotwignot on the traditional way08:19
urfr332g0gotwig, you mean updating?08:20
gotwiggotwig: yes08:20
gotwigurfr332g0: dist-upgrade08:20
urfr332g0gotwig, actually use the update manager and look for a partial upgrade and don't run it.08:21
gotwigwhat you mean08:21
gotwigdont run it?08:21
urfr332g0gotwig, partial upgrades are known to break wait for the packages to get to the repos.08:22
cemcgotwig: is there a non-traditional way? I'll take it ;)08:27
gotwigcemc: maybe with dconf-editor08:30
gotwigcemc: you can uninstall it, lol08:37
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gotwigmhall119: I already have all the data I need, now I only have to filter it, for my recipefy scope08:44
gotwigmhall119: in one output I have the data08:44
gotwigmhall119: http://paste.ubuntu.com/844105/08:45
cemcgotwig: I would. what's the name of the package?08:47
gotwigcemc: wait for it. and sry that that is not a good solution08:47
gotwigcemc: would you be interessted in a cooking lens, the 1337 style :D?08:48
gotwigpackage name is indicator-messages08:49
cemcgotwig: thanks, I'll give it a try08:54
gotwigcemc: dont break your system ;Ü!08:54
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aBoundHello all, those who are using Alpha 2 of 12.04 LTS have you experienced any Compiz crashes. As such are you able to use Compiz without much conflict?09:03
gotwigaBound: works here not bad09:04
aBoundgotwig, Able to use the desktop cube and rotate cube?09:04
maccam94anyone know why dist-upgrade wants to remove a ton of :i386 packages?09:05
gotwigaBound: did that ever work with unity09:06
gotwigaBound: so no09:06
gotwigmaccam94: here is the same problem09:06
maccam94i'm guessing the gcc packagers broke something09:06
gotwigmaccam94: 12.04 should officialy become the first version in which 64 bit is recommended, I think the i386 packages are unnecessary, couse you still have the 64 bit one09:07
gotwigmaccam94: yeah09:07
maccam94it also wants to remove wine and skype though09:07
aBoundgotwig, Dang still hasn't been fixed. Hopefully it's fixed in the final release.09:07
maccam94the i386 packages are supposed to be for compatibility09:07
gotwigmaccam94: there is no real 64 bit skype out there09:07
gotwigthe wine problem, I dont know09:07
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huayra2eyb6ard 5s n6t w6r25ng09:22
huayraN40 36c2 by defa43t09:25
gotwighuayra: o.0?09:34
huayra0y 2eyb6ard has scr32 by defa43t09:35
huayraand  cann6t wr5te09:35
huayraTH5S REA3Y S4C2S09:35
huayras6rry ca*s09:36
* gotwig is not happy09:37
huayrane5ther a0 509:37
huayran6 2eyb6ard09:37
Ben64type this...09:37
huayraty*e th5s,,,09:38
Ben64"the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"09:38
huayra"the q45c2 br6wn f6x 140*s 6ver the 3azy d6g"09:38
huayrascr32 cann6t be deact5vated09:38
huayraoh wait09:38
huayrathis is only with my external keyboard...09:38
Ben64what does scroll lock have to do with that09:39
huayraI deattached now and I can tap on my laptop keyboard09:39
huayrasorry I was reading the key worng09:39
huayrathe *r6b3e0 5s 6n3y 6n 0y externa3 2eyb6ard09:39
huayrait worked yesterday (and it's all Thinkpad gear...)09:40
huayraNumLock is not deactivated on my external keyboard09:40
huayraeven 5f 5t w6r2s 6n 0y 3a*t6*09:40
huayraI updated yesterday and I am testing the unity 5.4 repo09:41
huayrabut still...09:41
huayrait worked yesterday befor ei left the office...09:41
huayralet me test the keyboard in another computer09:42
huayraworks on a machine with 11.1009:43
huayraas 5t sh643d w5th *rec5ser09:43
huayrahow do I fill this bug?09:43
huayraExternal USB lenove Keyboard  model SK-8855cannot deactivate NumLock (and it is on by default)09:44
vortexGuys anyone else having strange errors with the software center ? gives some error , but software installs correctly and with no problems ? Isn't that a bit strange?11:35
snadgeerr crap12:03
snadgeldd isnt working with 32bit executables.. and i get "no such file or directory" when trying to run them12:03
snadgei must've lost some :i386 stuff.. but i dont know how multi-arch works :(12:07
geserif ldd doesn't work, check if you still have libc6:i386 installed12:12
snadge libc6:i386 : Depends: libgcc1:i386 but it is not going to be installed12:13
snadgeoops :/12:13
snadgeyeah i was about to install libc-bin:i386.. but thankfully apt pointed out that would be a REALLY bad idea12:13
snadgeive been having issues with precise mirrors lately not being up to date12:15
snadgeive switched to one which i thought was more current.. but im not surewhy libgcc1:i386 cant be installed12:16
geserI don't know either (I still don't fully understand how the Depends work for multi-arch packages)12:17
snadgewhen i try to manually install libgcc1:i38612:17
snadgei get a pageful of errors that seem to be relating to java12:17
snadgemaybe i should switch to us mirror ?12:18
Stanley00snadge: yep, I think main mirror is the best12:21
snadgethis is the first time i've had issues with using mirrors in a long time12:25
snadgeaustralian mirrors are dropping the ball at the moment12:26
snadgehmm.. only 14 to upgrade12:26
Milos_SDHello... I updated all alsa packages to 1.0.25 that are now in repositories, but "cat /proc/asound/version" says 1.0.24 ... how is that possible? :D12:26
Stanley00Milos_SD: did you restart?12:27
snadgegah.. now i can install libc6:i386 .. :| .. someone punch whomever is responsible for the mirrors in the face ;)12:27
Milos_SDStanley00, offcorse I did (2 times actualy) :)12:28
Milos_SDStanley00, maybe they didn't change version report in it :D12:28
Stanley00Milos_SD: do you know which package set /proc/asound?12:29
Stanley00Milos_SD: ah, maybe I found it, what "dpkg -s alsa-base" show you?12:31
Milos_SDStanley00, http://pastebin.com/jLc9ve3012:32
Stanley00Milos_SD: well, then I dont know either... :(12:33
Milos_SDStanley00, everything else is at 1.0.25 :D12:33
Milos_SDand I need to restart pulseaudio after I login to have my ladspa plugin loaded :S12:34
snadgehmm.. okay.. either a) mirrors have reduced their update frequency or b) precise is going ballistic on the updates12:35
webm0nk3yit seems there is a problem mounting SD cards now, this worked at one point: [75592.780744] mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD card12:36
snadgethe mirrors are raping the primary servers.. and are a bit slower on the uptake as a consequence12:36
snadgesomeone slap the primary repo maintainer.. and ask them wtf is going on12:55
snadgewhy we're seeing stale mirrors atm12:55
snadgei dont believe all of them are broken at the same time ;)12:55
snadgewe cant all use "Main server"12:56
snadgeinternode and iinet (large australian mirrors) are 1 week stale.. wtf.. aarnet is broken (huge mirror)12:57
bazhang!info libreoffice13:09
ubottulibreoffice (source: libreoffice): office productivity suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1:3.5.0~beta2-2ubuntu4 (precise), package size 23 kB, installed size 261 kB (Only available for alpha amd64 armel armhf hppa i386 ia64 mips mipsel powerpc powerpcspe ppc64 s390 s390x sparc kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 all)13:09
huayraI have a seriously weird problem with my external keyboard13:14
huayraat work I have a colleague who had a look and was totally surprised (when the guy is a debian dev and was earlier Ubuntu Release manager, that should give you an idea of the strangeness of this issue)13:15
huayranumlockx off does not help13:15
huayrawhen  ty*e w5th 0y externa3 2eyb6ard thwe N406c2 5s AWAYS act5vated13:16
huayraand when I type directly in my laptop, things just work13:16
huayraThis worked yesterday13:16
huayraHow can I fill this bug? I have no idea of where to start....13:17
valdur55huayra, what is your problem?13:45
huayravaldur55, the NumLk seems stuck13:47
huayrabut this only applies to my external keyboard13:47
huayraExternal USB lenove Keyboard  model SK-8855 cannot deactivate NumLock (and it is on by default)13:47
huayrawhen i take the same keyboard to another machine with 11.10 or earlier it works13:48
huayraboth the whole keyboard and activating deactivating the NumLock13:48
huayra"numlockx off" did not help13:48
huayraI really have no idea of what this can be caused by13:49
valdur55huayra, open xev on terminal and check numlock key mapping13:49
valdur55Focus xev vindow and press Numlock key13:49
valdur55what you get?13:52
huayrawhen I press NumLk in the external USB Keyboard I get one result13:52
huayrawhen I press the same on the laptop keyboard nothing happens on xev13:52
huayralet me try with and without the keyboard attached and I will paste the dump13:53
valdur55ok.  and comment you lines ;)13:53
huayrathis dump was *huge*13:54
huayralet me copy+paste from the terminal13:54
valdur55lol :) no problem... put it on paste.ubuntu.com site13:55
huayrathe thing is that i cannot comment on it13:55
huayralet me do it again :)13:55
BluesKajHi folks , are there still som issues with upgrading from 10.04 to 12.04 LTS , there's a warning here from Feb3 , is this still relevant ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/TechnicalOverview/Alpha213:56
tbf_blah... network manager forbids configuring an usb network interface without default route13:56
valdur55oh i thinked- "Keyboard attached" then comes output - "Internatal keyboard press" - output etc..13:56
huayraThat is from the NumLk (Fn+ScrLk) on my external USB keyboard13:57
huayralet me try and do it without the keyboard attached13:57
tbf_hmm... last time network manager got updated is "2012-02-09  07:45:41"?13:59
huayrathis last paste is on my laptop keyboard13:59
huayranote that I press k and 2 (the same key but with NumLk deactivated and activated)14:00
tbf_but i already configured another usb interface without default route on this system14:00
huayraxev does not seem to detect the NumLk activation on my laptop keyboard14:00
huayraIn the previous dump (http://paste.ubuntu.com/844406/) you can see that it detects something when I press the NumLk in the external USB keyboard14:01
valdur55but what happens when you press k2 on External keyboard?14:01
huayrais that expected behaviour+14:01
valdur55k and 2 :)14:02
huayrasee the difference14:03
huayrait's still "2"14:03
huayraBut the NumLk on the external keyboard shows some input14:03
huayraKeyPress event, serial 35, synthetic NO, window 0x5400001,14:03
huayra    root 0xbd, subw 0x0, time 8279271, (18,-17), root:(1987,36),14:03
huayra    state 0x10, keycode 77 (keysym 0xff7f, Num_Lock), same_screen YES,14:03
huayra    XLookupString gives 0 bytes:14:03
huayra    XmbLookupString gives 0 bytes:14:03
huayra    XFilterEvent returns: False14:03
huayraKeyRelease event, serial 35, synthetic NO, window 0x5400001,14:03
huayra    root 0xbd, subw 0x0, time 8279479, (18,-17), root:(1987,36),14:03
huayra    state 0x10, keycode 77 (keysym 0xff7f, Num_Lock), same_screen YES,14:03
huayra    XLookupString gives 0 bytes:14:04
huayra    XFilterEvent returns: False14:04
huayraPropertyNotify event, serial 35, synthetic NO, window 0x5400001,14:04
huayra    atom 0x154 (XKLAVIER_STATE), time 8279485, state PropertyNewValue14:04
huayraPropertyNotify event, serial 35, synthetic NO, window 0x5400001,14:04
huayra    atom 0x154 (XKLAVIER_STATE), time 8279487, state PropertyNewValue14:04
huayraIn my laptop keyboard the change from NumLk activated toi inactivated does not throw anything at xev: http://paste.ubuntu.com/844412/14:04
huayrastrange or expected behaviour?14:04
valdur55But... you  pressed KP_2 , press other 214:05
huayraI did press the k key in both (all) cases14:06
huayrain which one, the external one?14:06
huayraall other keys (except from the keys on the numlk) behave as expected14:07
huayraI did some tests woith the keyboard map layout and confirmed that14:07
valdur55on external  and don't use 2 in your numpad14:07
valdur55use key 2 which is near to w14:08
huayraMappingNotify event, serial 35, synthetic NO, window 0x0,14:09
huayra    request MappingKeyboard, first_keycode 8, count 24814:09
huayraKeyPress event, serial 35, synthetic NO, window 0x5400001,14:09
huayra    root 0xbd, subw 0x0, time 8693047, (482,1039), root:(2452,1092),14:09
huayra    state 0x10, keycode 11 (keysym 0x32, 2), same_screen YES,14:09
huayra    XLookupString gives 1 bytes: (32) "2"14:09
huayra    XmbLookupString gives 1 bytes: (32) "2"14:09
huayra    XFilterEvent returns: False14:09
huayraKeyRelease event, serial 36, synthetic NO, window 0x5400001,14:09
huayra    root 0xbd, subw 0x0, time 8693215, (482,1039), root:(2452,1092),14:09
huayra    state 0x10, keycode 11 (keysym 0x32, 2), same_screen YES,14:09
huayra    XLookupString gives 1 bytes: (32) "2"14:09
huayra    XFilterEvent returns: False14:09
huayraEnterNotify event, serial 36, synthetic NO, window 0x5400001,14:09
huayra    root 0xbd, subw 0x0, time 8696499, (2,6), root:(1972,59),14:09
huayra    mode NotifyNormal, detail NotifyNonlinear, same_screen YES,14:09
huayra    focus YES, state 1614:09
valdur55huayra, don't spam! use paste.ubuntu.com14:09
huayraok, sorry14:10
valdur55But... does it work with k and 2 ( near w )14:10
huayrato sum up14:11
huayrak and all other keys in the numlock area of my esternal usb keyboard (it has no own num pad lock as it resembles the laptops keyboard) are by default using the NumLk value (i.e. numbers and +- signs)14:13
huayraIt is not possible  to deactivate numlk on this keyboard14:13
huayraalthough it works normally when connected with other computers14:13
huayraIt worked with yesterday build (at least until for 24 hours ago)14:13
huayraand after updates last night and this morning the external keyboard is not working14:14
huayraI mean, it works, but all NumLk keys are only numbers (so no k for me!!??)14:14
huayraright now I am writing from the laptop keyboard which works find14:14
huayraHow Do I fill this bug?14:15
huayrait is truly odd...14:15
valdur55dunno.. wait some days and then check again14:16
huayrabut wait... there must be a way to report this bug14:17
huayrathe only thing I can think of is the onboard keyboard14:17
huayraI do not know where to report it :)14:18
huayraI mean which project. Fill it against Ubuntu precise and that's it?14:18
valdur55oh.. yea... i don't know more14:18
huayrawell, thanks for your help valdur5514:22
huayraat least whe now have more data :)14:22
valdur55yea :)14:23
cjohnstonDoes anyone else have an issue with gstreamer in +1? I can't get it to install because the dependencies are older dependencies14:24
valdur55cjohnston, give more details... what is old.14:25
valdur55gstreamer0.10 or new version?14:25
cjohnstonone sec.. compiz just crashed14:25
cjohnstonI assume its whatever is in the precise repos14:25
valdur55what error do you get?14:26
valdur55update you apt-get repo... and try again...14:31
cjohnstonim not sure what you are telling me.. its been like this for 2 weeks tho14:32
valdur55sudo apt-get update14:33
valdur55oh.. it's only ffmpeg?? .  Use: ubuntu-bug gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg14:34
cjohnstonis there an easy work around?14:38
valdur55apt-get source package .... make changes and then repack it... :P14:39
vega-how do i disable apport and get rid of this annoyning "system problem detected" or "xxx has crashed" pop-ups ?14:41
jokerdinovega-: http://askubuntu.com/questions/93457/how-do-i-enable-apport follow the instructions and just use disable instead of enable.14:44
valdur55vega-, don't use testing version. Use stable :)14:44
vega-jokerdino: thanks14:45
vega-valdur55: is there a rule you can't use +1 even though you don't want to send those reports? or be notified if some trivial program crashes..14:46
jokerdinoi don't think so.14:46
jokerdinoi believe it is your personal preference.14:46
jokerdinobut usually, people use +1 to report crashes and bugs.14:47
valdur55no :) . But using older version is one solution ;) .14:47
jokerdinodisabling the apport should be the recommended solution ;)14:48
valdur55jokerdino, yea :) .14:48
vega-you can report bugs without apport too you know.. i just find it to be too annoying and intrusive14:48
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TeTeTI use an nvidia card on precise. very often popup menus are drawn transparent, no content, until I move the mouse over them. is this a known issue?15:28
xapelwhat will the default email client in Precise be?16:28
joumetalubuntu-desktop pulls thunderbird now. i guess it will be default.16:31
xapelwhere can I get a more definitive answer?16:33
xapelok, thanks...thunderbird it is then16:35
alkisgHi, is that 6 MB increase in the initramfs normal or is it something in my system?16:35
alkisg$ LANG=C ls -lah /boot/init*16:35
alkisg-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 14M Feb  6 23:23 /boot/initrd.img-3.2.0-14-generic-pae16:35
alkisg-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 20M Feb 15 09:32 /boot/initrd.img-3.2.0-16-generic-pae16:35
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CT1Hi. I'd like some help (what keywords to google).  I want to get rid of the top bar when rdesktop/rdesktop-vrdp is running, or has focus.  I'm not sure where to start looking.  Is it a matter of hiding the top bar? or telling rdesktop that it should be "on top" of it? or telling rdesktop that the screen is actually as high as it is (rather than vertical size minus the size of the top bar?)  Any push in the right direction very much welc17:02
CT1All the above because remmina seems a little buggy now (doesn't get rid of pop-up menus and combo boxes) and vinagre doesn't send all my keypresses on a poor connection.17:06
charlie-tcaWould that be the top panel?17:09
CT1charlie-tca: Where the menus and time/date etc appear.17:10
charlie-tcaYes, that would be called the "top panel"17:10
charlie-tcaprobably can google for     "top panel" rdesktop ubuntu17:11
CT1charlie-tca: Thankyou.17:11
charlie-tcaYou are welcome, and good luck17:12
zzecoolCheck this and confirm please  Thanks17:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933627 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "You cant change default shortcuts keys + Hot edges are dead too " [Undecided,New]17:54
Prettoafer the last update my numlock is always on17:54
zzecoolPretto: i have you the solution17:55
zzecooli was struggling with this 2 days now17:55
Prettozzecool: dconf key?17:55
zzecoolno i thought so and did a reset     <-------------poor guy17:56
zzecoolits the gnome-settings-deamon17:56
zzecoolwait im searchin17:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933405 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Numlock cant be set "off"" [High,Fix released]18:00
zzecoolhere you are18:00
zzecooli almost broke my system messing with this18:01
zzecooli thought it was a xorg problem18:01
zzecooland filled a report there way before this bug report18:01
zzecoolThat was my report18:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933405 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #933059 Numlock cant be set "off"" [High,Fix released]18:02
zzecoolnow its a duplicate  of the first :p18:02
Prettozzecool: i will check, thank you18:03
zzecoolare you using 64 bit or 32?18:03
zzecoolill send you the link with the deb that fixes the problem18:03
zzecoolcause its not in the upstream yet18:03
zzecoolyou cant take it form apt-get18:04
Prettozzecool: ok18:04
zzecoolhere you are18:05
h00kmicahg: I ended up reinstalling.18:05
zzecoolpick your architecture  download the latest deb and install18:05
zzecoolh00k: why is that ?18:06
h00kzzecool: because libc6 was very broken.18:08
h00kIt was broken for about a week, made progress yesterday, then I think libc6 borked itself, no kernels would even boot (no clue why), no recovery, etc.18:09
h00kIt's all good, that's why /home is separate, etc/18:09
Prettozzecool: fixed, thank you18:10
zzecoolim doomed i didnt separate them when i did the first install18:10
zzecoolPretto:  np18:10
zzecoolPretto: i almost lost my hairs on this lol18:10
zzecoolh00k:  i dont know if the is a way to separate them now never search about it18:11
blairis icedtea 2.1 going to make it into 12.04?  http://blog.fuseyism.com/index.php/2012/02/15/icedtea-2-1-released-openjdk7-u3-release/18:11
ubottuYour home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving18:12
zzecoolGuys as i can see some activity going on please check this  and Confirm it  :))))))))))))18:12
zzecoolthanks you18:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933627 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "You cant change default shortcuts keys + Hot edges are dead too " [Undecided,New]18:12
h00kzzecool: you can still separate them18:12
zzecoolpangolin:  ty18:12
h00k!separatehome | zzecool18:12
ubottuzzecool: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving18:12
zzecooldidnt know18:13
h00koh look. pangolin beat me.18:13
Prettozzecool: readind the diff to view what fixed :)18:13
zzecoolPretto:  :)18:13
pangolinbut you can reinstall and not delete/format your /home  even if it is not separate. during install when you get to the partitioning/preparing disks part you go to advanced and make sure that you select the proper mount point for /home and uncheck the format box.18:13
pangolinthat way it will reinstall the system and leave /home untouched18:14
zzecoolreinstall is a no for me im too lazy :P18:14
h00kpangolin: that's true, but it slaps stuff on top of your / too :(18:14
pangolinright, you need to install to / and anything you installed manually will need to be reinstalled18:15
pangolinbut at least you don't lose all your personal files from /home18:15
pangolinand settings18:15
h00kalternatively, separate them ;)18:15
zzecoolill see because my HDD is a bit complicated   ..  its a a hybrid   GUID/MBR  type  trible boot  Ubuntu/OSx/windows...18:15
pangolinbut even with a separate /home you still will need to install any 3rd party stuff18:15
pangolinstuff you compiled or what18:16
h00kthat's true. but you won't have a messy /18:16
zzecooland all the Os  sharing same partitions for data etc18:16
pangolinh00k: you should get a default / after an install anyway18:16
pangolinhmm, maybe not.18:17
h00kpangolin: not if / and /home are on the same partition when you reinstall. It leaves everything on that partition18:17
pangolinok. spearate /home and reinstall to make it clean and neat18:17
h00k^ yep18:17
* pangolin gives h00k a worm18:18
* h00k begins making lunch18:18
zzecoolpangolin: as i triple boot on the laptop  im using a NTFS partition for all the data  so it can be shared between all the OSes18:19
zzecoolDocuments images  music etc18:20
zzecoolon my home folder are actually softlinks18:20
zzecoolto the ntfs partition18:20
zzecoolso its a bit compicated18:20
pangolinI imagine it would be18:20
zzecoolmy every day os is ubuntu18:21
zzecoolbut i need windows for some things18:21
zzecoollike tuning Car ecus..18:21
zzecoolno ecu have linux software18:22
zzecoolAnd on my esktop its ubuntu  / windows 7  im a bit old but still a Gamer  huhu18:22
zzecoolno ecu has* linux software18:23
zzecoolpangolin: did you check my bug report  ? :)18:23
zzecoolh00k: maybe you ? :)18:23
pangolinI did not.18:24
zzecoolpangolin: can you please take some time to test and confirm ? :)  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/93362718:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933627 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "You cant change default shortcuts keys + Hot edges are dead too " [Undecided,New]18:24
h00kzzecool: I haven't yet, looking at something else at the moment18:25
zzecoolh00k: ok ty18:25
pangolinzzecool: i'm not running +1 this cycle18:25
zzecooldidnt know18:26
zzecoolTo bad this cycle  +1 feels smoother and more stable than Stable18:26
pangolinyeah, I tested +1 for 4-5 cycles, taking a break :)18:26
h00kpangolin: that means you're getting old.18:28
pangolinh00k: you're preaching to the choir18:29
zzecoolpangolin: what does this means ?  im not a native speaker so.. :)18:36
zzecoolWhat choir is ?18:37
zzecooli got it  its origin looks to be Greek   a group of singers  : Chorodia   = Χορωδία   ;p18:39
h00kzzecool: it means he already knows18:39
zzecooli see =) ty18:40
h00kzzecool: telling something to somebody that already knows the information18:40
cjohnstonhrm.. I just updated my laptop to +1.. the only way to get unity to show up is by hitting super key.. moving the mouse all the way to the left isnt working.. any idea?18:40
zzecoolWe have a better  in Greek  : Come Grandpa to show you Grandmothers  ( Pussy )18:40
h00kzzecool: keep it appropriate in here18:41
zzecoolh00k:  ermm i do :)18:41
zzecoolcjohnston: when you have a window maximized is your launcher visible ?18:42
zzecoolcjohnston:  how it was before the update18:42
cjohnstonno, fine18:42
zzecoolcjohnston: Was you launcher in autohide mode or always visible ?  Explain how its was working and what stopped working18:43
zzecoolcjohnston:  " fine "  cant help18:43
cjohnstonauto hide.. it worked as it was supposed to.. I moved the mouse to the left and it appeared, moved it away it hid18:44
zzecoolcjohnston: ok you have to push your mouse beyond the edge of the screen to make the launcher appears18:45
zzecoolcjohnston: its a new feature a "resistance" to stop reveal the launcher by accident   , and there are ways to adjust the sensitivity18:45
zzecoolcjohnston: are you using a mouse or a touchpad?18:46
cjohnstonI'm going as far left as I can and it ising doing anything.. I have a trackball and I continue spinning it left and its not doing anything18:46
zzecooli should appear18:47
cjohnstonzzecool: it works fine on the desktop18:47
zzecoolcjohnston:  right click on the desktop ----> choose change backround18:47
zzecoolgo to behaviour tab18:48
zzecooland play with the reveal sensitivity18:48
zzecoolcjohnston: how did you end up working with a trackball ? i was always curious how can this be creative :)18:49
cjohnstonI tried one years ago and liked it.. then the stopped making that one, so i had to switch to another one..18:50
cjohnstoni dunno beyond that18:50
cjohnstoni think my friend had one that i tried18:51
zzecoolYou are a minority :p18:51
cjohnstoni know.. its hard to get new ones18:51
zzecoolYou can use a mouse to ? Or you are doomed on the trackball ?18:52
zzecoolCan you *18:52
cjohnstoni can use a mouse when i need to18:53
cjohnstonat work i dont have a tracball18:53
zzecoolAhh thats fine then18:53
zzecoolSo any progress with the launcher?18:53
cjohnstonya.. if i turn off autohide it appears18:54
cjohnston(or you could call that no)18:54
zzecooldo you have CCSM installed?18:54
zzecoolok open it up18:55
zzecoolgo to the unity plugin18:55
zzecooljust tell me when rdy so i can continue18:55
zzecooloon hide launcher what do you have ?18:56
zzecoolgo to experimental tab18:57
zzecoolcount 10 lines18:57
zzecoolits says18:57
zzecoolLauncher Reveal Pressure18:57
zzecoolturn this down to 018:58
zzecoolits goes to 118:58
zzecooltry  on the launcher now18:58
zzecooldont close compiz18:58
zzecoolno ?18:58
zzecooldidnt work ?18:59
zzecoolok change this back to 2018:59
zzecooland go to the first tab18:59
zzecoolchange the behavior from Autohide to "Dodge Active window"   its the intelihide mode19:00
zzecoolLauncher goes on when no windows touch him19:00
zzecooland if any window touch him it is like autihide19:00
zzecoolTry again like this and tell me19:01
zzecoolcjohnston: any progress?19:02
cjohnstonworks great.. unless something is maximized19:04
cjohnstoni run all my windows maximized19:04
zzecoolthe number that it was 20 and we changed to 119:05
cjohnstonchange it back to 1?19:05
zzecoolis suppose to be how many pixels further than the screen sdge you have to push your mouse pointer to reveal the launcher19:05
zzecoolin my pc if i set it up to 119:05
zzecoolas my mouse touches the screen edge launcher appears19:06
zzecoolthere is no resistance at all19:06
cjohnstonthats the way my desktop works, but not the lappy19:06
zzecoolYour desktop is +1 as well ?19:07
cjohnstonthe desktop is 20, but it works the way it is supposed to19:07
zzecooli mean +1 precise19:08
cjohnstonoh, yes19:08
zzecoolAre you using trackball in both ?19:08
zzecoolthe same one ?19:08
zzecoolor do you have 2 ?19:08
cjohnstoni have synergy, but i have tried the trackpad on the laptop and it isnt doing it either19:09
zzecooli see19:09
zzecooli dont rly know19:09
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Ian_CorneI'm back!19:17
Ian_Corneirssi segfaulted19:17
zzecoolcjohnston: are you here?19:32
micahgh00k: I'm sorry I couldn't help  you any further19:36
h00kmicahg: it's okay, I'm good19:37
h00kit's running19:37
cjohnstonzzecool: what's up?19:39
zzecooli want you to test a bug that i found19:39
zzecooland confirm19:39
cjohnstoni have reported like 419:39
zzecooli have a ton19:39
cjohnstonone i even uploaded video ;-)19:39
zzecoolok ill check your and confirm then after mine19:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933627 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "You cant change default shortcuts keys + Hot edges are dead too " [Undecided,New]19:40
zzecoolthis one19:40
zzecoolcheck this19:40
zzecooland confirm please19:40
zzecoolWc brb19:40
zzecoolPretto: check this bug please https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/93362719:40
Prettozzecool: are you a bug hunter? :p19:41
zzecoolim trying19:42
zzecoolwhatever comes in my way ill shoot it down19:42
zzecooli want to see if the same happening to you so you can confirm it on the launchpad to get some attention19:43
Prettozzecool: i will try, never needed to change that settings19:44
zzecoolok ty19:47
prechi all, I'm trying to install precise alpha 2 alternate, but the install keeps failing because the apt-mirror I select does not support precise yet.20:19
glosoliso select different apt mirror20:20
glosoli ?20:20
precIs there a way to a) continue the install without specifying a mirror server, or b) find out which mirror servers support precise without manually checking them all20:20
precglosoli: I've tried a bunch, but I keep getting the error20:20
glosoliprec: try daily builds20:23
precill try that, so the installation isn't supposed to fail when a mirror is not available20:25
zzecoolermm what do you need the apt-mirror on the installation ?20:28
zzecoolprec: ?20:28
=== Guest22071 is now known as gord
glosoliprobably he is ticking the box to get updates or smth like that20:28
zzecoolglosoli: that what i was thinking20:29
glosoliI wouldn't recommend for anyone to upgrade now ;D because it got very ugly nautilus bug20:29
zzecoolprec: there is no reason to check this box  you can install every update later20:29
glosoliLike the mirror boxes appearing everywhere where you pressed right click20:29
zzecoolglosoli: what?20:29
zzecoolmirror boxes?20:29
glosoliI might get a screenshoot for you if you're curious ?20:30
preczzecool: I dont know, I dont want it. But even when I dont configure the network it want to select a mirror20:30
precglosoli: the daily builds have no alternate20:30
zzecoolyou mean the right click menu but empty?20:30
zzecoolprec: you can select the main server after the install20:30
zzecoolprec: continue the installation normaly....20:31
glosolizzecool: http://oi41.tinypic.com/1sgi6r.jpg20:31
zzecoolmain apt-mirror works like charm20:31
preczzecool: this problem is preventing me to do the install20:31
glosolizzecool: It all happened when I pressed right click on the desktop/nautilus or anywhere :D20:31
glosolisame problem for my friend20:31
preczzecool: which one is that, the us server?20:32
zzecoolprec: dont choose to download updates while installing20:32
preczzecool: I dont even get that option with the alternate installer20:33
zzecoolmain server is the main server i dont know where it is located20:33
zzecooli dont remember what the alternative cd asks you20:34
zzecoolbut i dont think that you need an internet connection to complete the updte20:34
zzecoolyou are doing something wrong20:34
zzecoolto complete the installation*20:35
preczzecool: like what? I even get the mirror error when I choose not to configure any network connections20:36
zzecoolerm i dont know maybe the alternative cd iso is borged20:37
zzecooltry the normal20:37
zzecoolglosoli: im doin the latest updates some python updates and logout log in to check about nautilus20:38
zzecoolok good luck to me20:38
glosolizzecool: good luck :D20:39
precI need the alternate because I want to use full disk encryption. But if it was the alternate CD I would think a lot more people would have this problem20:39
glosolizzecool: Everything's fine ? ;D20:40
zzecooli have amost the same20:40
zzecoolbut this was here before20:40
zzecoollet me show you20:40
precI need the alternate because I want to use full disk encryption. But if it was the alternate CD I would think a lot more people would have this problem20:40
glosolizzecool: ok ;d20:40
zzecoolglosoli: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24436243/borged.png20:42
zzecoolits the same yes20:42
zzecooli blame the python updates20:42
zzecoolits everywhere now20:42
glosoli;DD haha20:43
glosolisame here, disturbs programming with eclipse ;D20:43
zzecoolpython2.7 or python3.2 is the problem20:44
zzecoolthose was the only updates i got20:45
prechmm, selecting the us.archive.ubuntu.com does not result in the mirror error, but I do get another one20:45
glosolizzecool: hmm, for me it updated compiz20:45
zzecooli did this before20:45
prec"No kernel modules were found, probably due to a mismatch between the kernel used by this version of the installer and the kernel version available in the archive"20:45
zzecooli dont know20:45
glosolizzecool: Maybe before you did, didin't log out and log in20:46
zzecoolhmmm yeah thats true20:46
zzecoolsome times i wonder do they actualy test what they code or they only look the black and white console lol  ;p20:47
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zzecoolthis is so noticable you cant escape form this bug20:48
glosolizzecool: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/933744 press that button "affects me"20:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933744 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "At random some valid & operational context menu options are displayed greyed out" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:48
zzecoolglosoli: ok sec20:48
glosolizzecool: Very annoying bug ;D20:48
zzecoollol it is20:49
zzecoolglosoli: check the bug comments20:50
zzecoolglosoli: ;p20:50
glosolizzecool: I already gave screenshoot in the comments ;D20:50
glosoliNow it would take 8 hours probably :DDD20:52
zzecoolglosoli: i hope20:52
zzecoolglosoli: its not a nautilus problem though same is happening in Google Chrome20:53
glosolicompiz probably ?20:54
zzecoolglosoli: and its was happening before it started on Nautilus but without leaving the mirror windows everywhere20:54
zzecooli dont know20:54
glosoliit might be compiz probably20:54
zzecooladd compiz too20:55
zzecooladd compiz + unity20:55
glosolihow to add multiple ?20:56
glosoliemm "20:57
glosolino longer affects: compiz-core20:57
glosoli" ? ;D20:57
zzecooli added core by mistake20:58
zzecooli wanted to add unity20:58
glosolibut you added "no longer affects" ?20:59
zzecoolglosoli: no20:59
zzecoolglosoli: i just removed it20:59
zzecoolfor multiple  you press the Also affects project21:00
glosoliaa, i just edited from nautilus to compiz, because I'm quite sure ;D21:00
zzecoolthen choose and search21:00
zzecoolcan you do me a favour?21:01
zzecoolglosoli: ?21:01
zzecoolglosoli:  check this bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/93362721:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933627 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "You cant change default shortcuts keys + Hot edges are dead too " [Undecided,New]21:02
zzecoolits mine21:02
glosoliit fixed for me already21:02
zzecoolwhat is fixed?21:02
glosoliwas having the same problem, after upgrade few moments before, everything is fine, using F1 to launch nautilus21:02
glosoliI mean I can change default shortcuts now21:03
zzecoollet me try21:03
zzecoollike 1 hour before i wasnt able21:03
glosoliI have set F1 to launch nautilus, wasn't working for a while, after upgrade, started working again21:03
zzecoollog out and log in21:04
glosolizzecool: Working fine  ?21:10
zzecoolglosoli: hell yeah they are back21:10
zzecoolbut now i have a new problem21:11
zzecooldo you use the scale plugin ?21:11
velcomi use the scale plugin! :)21:11
zzecoolthe default shortcut is the "super + W"21:11
glosolisuper is right ctrl ?21:11
zzecoolvelcom:  the scale use to show you all the running apps form every workspace21:12
glosolizzecool: hmm21:12
zzecoolvelcom: now it only shows form the current21:12
glosolizzecool: check settings21:12
zzecoolsuper is the windwos key21:12
velcom@zzecool only shows the current21:12
zzecoolvelcom:  fuck :/ why did they change that21:13
velcomi dunno...21:13
velcomi also have another problem21:13
glosolizzecool: lol21:13
zzecoolvelcom: file a bug report  i will confirm it21:13
glosolizzecool: they hadn't21:13
zzecoolglosoli: ?21:13
glosolior hmm21:14
glosolii need to check21:14
velcomwhen i bind the "initiate window picker for all windows" for when i move the mouse in the corner of the screen, it doesn`t work21:14
zzecoolthey did  you may  talkign about the alt tab behavior where you can select if its only for the current or for all21:14
zzecoolvelcom: it works for me now21:15
glosolizzecool: yeah they did, screw them :DD21:15
zzecoolglosoli:  can you file a report ?21:15
glosoliI don't know how21:15
zzecoolok so its time for you to learn its easy21:16
zzecoolare you rdy ?21:16
glosoliokay, but it's not a bug ;D21:16
zzecoolwhy its not ?21:17
zzecoolit is21:17
glosolizzecool: Some time ago there was an option to shot windows from all workspaces21:17
glosolito show''21:17
zzecoolstill is  but only for alt tab switch21:17
zzecoolin unity plugin21:17
zzecoolfirst tab second line21:17
velcomi`ve got a question it`s bothering me for a while21:18
zzecoolvelcom: do you know how to report a bug ?21:18
zzecoolif you dont you gonna learn now :)21:18
glosolizzecool: teach me21:18
glosolibut i never use that super+w21:19
velcomi`ve installed 12.04 especially because the HUD feature (i also like other new features ubuntu team comes up with ind i don`t mind the bugs)21:19
zzecoolglosoli: first do you have a launchpad acc ?  i think yes21:19
velcomzzecool: nope, i don`t21:19
zzecoolok velcom21:19
velcomhow can i install the HUD?21:19
zzecoolfollow me as im teaching glosoli21:19
glosolizzecool: Yes, I have, but it might be the problem I never use Scale21:19
zzecooland i will tell you about hud later21:19
velcomsure zzecool thank you21:20
zzecoolglosoli:  ok first when you notice a bug you have to choose hat is the package that has the problem21:20
zzecoolglosoli: in our situation we think it is compiz right ?21:20
glosoliubuntu-bug packanename ?21:20
zzecoolso you know21:20
glosoliI remember, hadn't done it ever, just tryed once ;D21:21
zzecoolso lets continue with velcom21:21
zzecoolvelcom:  do you have a launchpad account?21:21
velcomno, i don`t have a launchpad account21:21
zzecoolmake one  :)21:21
velcomright now?:)21:22
glosolizzecool: I will report about Scale addon :)21:22
zzecoolvelcom:  yes  https://launchpad.net/21:22
glosolizzecool: I used to use it, but forgoten21:22
velcomok :)21:22
zzecoolglosoli: whe you are down post the link so me and velcom can confirm21:22
velcomyes glosoli :)21:23
zzecoolvelcom: im gonna teach you the whole procedure like we are report the bug21:23
zzecoolits fast and easy21:24
glosolizzecool: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/93377621:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933776 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Compiz Scale Addon "All Windows" not working" [Undecided,New]21:26
velcomok zzecool i registered on launchpad.net :)21:29
zzecoolvelcom: perfect21:29
zzecoolnow that we know that we have a bug21:30
zzecoolwe have to thing what is the culprit package21:30
zzecoolas we have a problem with a compiz plugin  ( scale )21:30
zzecoolwe can say that prolly it is the package compiz21:30
zzecoolright ?21:31
velcomof course21:31
zzecoolopen up a terminal21:31
velcomhmm ok :D21:31
zzecoolwe gonna use the report tool21:31
zzecoolcalled "ubuntu-bug"21:31
velcomshould i just run ubuntu-bug in the terminal?21:32
zzecooltype "ubuntu-bug compiz"     it work as ubuntu-bug <package name"21:32
velcomoh ok:d21:32
ganimedehello. I would like to report some feedback with dual monitor in ubuntu 11.04. is this the right channel?21:32
zzecoolit support alt completion in packages21:32
zzecoolganimede:  no here is the precise pangolin channell21:33
velcomok, done, it says "collecting problem information"21:33
zzecooluse  #ubuntu21:33
zzecoolvelcom: just wait21:33
ganimedesorry, i meant 12.04 - just the one21:33
zzecoolganimede: ask but i dont see any activity here21:34
zzecoolistead of us21:34
zzecoolvelcom: when the report is rdy it will open  your browser21:34
zzecoolis it open yet?21:34
velcomzzecool: it`s not ready21:34
ganimedeso, basically I tried to use the second monitor in vertical (1080x1920) on top of the first one, in horizontal (1920x1080). so far so good, it works quite well21:35
zzecoolsometimes the report can be like 16 mb21:35
zzecoolsometimes only some kb21:35
velcomit asks me if it`s a reggression, happend more than once, i can reproduce the bug, i know a workaround, i know the fix for this21:35
velcomshould i check the first 3 ones?21:35
zzecoolwhatever fits21:35
ganimedehowever, the first monitor it is a touchscreen, but the touched point gets remapped on the entire virtual surface (1920x2920)21:36
zzecoolthe sure is that we dont know the fix21:36
velcomzzecool: Your display manager log files may help developers diagnose the bug, but may contain sensitive information such as your hostname.  Do you want to include these logs in your bug report?21:36
velcomdo i want this?21:36
ganimedeis there a way to fix it?21:36
zzecoolganimede: you have to file a report21:36
glosoliSome idiot changed  that it affect nautilus insted of compiz for those mirror bugs21:36
zzecooli dont have any dual experience here21:36
ganimedehow do i do it, zzecool?21:36
zzecoolganimede: im teaching velcom  that one21:37
zzecoolwhen he is rdy he gonna teach you21:37
zzecooland ill watch :)21:37
zzecoolbe patient21:37
velcomganimede: register for an account on www.launchpad.net and use the ubuntu-bug tool, or wait for us :)21:37
ganimedei'll wait for you, no problem :)21:38
zzecoolvelcom: any progress ? :)21:38
velcomyes, a page just poped out in firefox21:39
velcom"Please wait while bug data is processed. This page will refresh every 10 seconds until processing is complete."21:39
zzecoolgreat now you must fill  in the title and description of your problem21:39
velcomso i`m waiting21:39
zzecoolok you have to wait for the upload to finish21:39
velcomok, says here "Summary"21:39
zzecoolok this is the title of your bug report21:40
velcomshould i say "cannot bind scale plugin for the corner of the screen"21:40
zzecooli think you can21:40
zzecoolwhen did you update fot the last time?21:41
zzecool1 hour 2 hours?21:41
velcomme? about 4 hours ago21:41
zzecoolhmm it wasnt working for me  before but after the update it works21:41
zzecoolnevermind we will check21:42
glosolivelcom: dont report if you didin't updated21:42
velcomoh, ok, i`ll update right now and check it again21:42
glosolibut don't do dist-upgrade21:42
zzecoolvelcom:  so the lesson is over :) you are rdy to fight more bugs :)21:42
zzecoolno never a dist-upgrade while running  on beta21:43
glosolivelcom: don't do "dist-upgrade" don't, just simple upgrade, otherwise you will loose a lot of ia32-libs21:43
velcomoh thank you, i was wondering how this bug reporting stuff works21:43
glosolizzecool: I always do, but I wait for packages to be fixed and nothing is going to be removed ,then I can safely dist-upgrade :>21:43
velcomyes, i just used the "Update Manager" gui21:43
zzecoolvelcom: this is the best and close the partial update shit21:44
glosolihaha ;D21:44
velcomzzecool: no partial update shit here21:44
zzecooldo the updates21:44
zzecoollog out and log in21:45
glosolizzecool: Do you use eclipse and pydev ?21:45
velcomok :)21:45
zzecooland you will have the same bug like me and glosoli21:45
velcomwhat bug?21:45
glosolizzecool: which bug ?21:45
zzecoolom26er: language brings more activity thought21:45
zzecoolthe compiz one21:45
velcomthe super+W bug?21:45
zzecoolyou will see21:46
velcomah ok21:46
glosolizzecool: say what bug dude ;D21:46
zzecoolglosoli: eclipse pydev?21:46
glosolizzecool: Eclipse with PyDev and Aptana PLugin ;D21:46
zzecoolthe mirror window one21:46
om26erzzecool, which bug are you talking about?21:46
zzecoolglosoli: whats that i dont know21:46
glosolizzecool: I already have ;D I gave you the link to launchpad and screenshoot don't you remember ? :D21:47
zzecoolom26er: wait21:47
velcombtw i always knew about this channel but never thouught people still use irc and thanks zzecoolfor help21:47
zzecoolglosoli: yeah i was saying to velcom that if he did the update he gonna have it too21:47
zzecoolglosoli:  missunderstand   ? ;p21:47
glosoliYeah ;D21:47
zzecoolvelcom: its was the same for me21:48
velcomlol :)21:48
velcomok, i`m logging out and in again, brb :)21:48
zzecoolvelcom: so you find your alternatives me and glosoli21:48
zzecoolglosoli:  can you please post the bug to om26er21:48
zzecoolthe one we have with the mirror windows21:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933744 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "At random some valid & operational context menu options are displayed greyed out" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:50
glosoliahh this is dup21:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933615 in compiz (Ubuntu) "menu shadows not clearing when menus close" [Critical,Incomplete]21:50
glosolithis one is original, press here that it affects you21:50
zzecoolglosoli: look what they say !!  Yes, compiz 1: seems to have fixed it. No more ghost menus ;)21:52
zzecoollet me check what im running21:52
zzecoolim running the old one21:53
zzecoollet me refresh21:53
velcomzzecool: binding "initiate window picker for all windows" to bottomleft side of the screen now works, thank you, i did not filed the report21:53
zzecoolvelcom: yes but you now know how to report your problems21:53
zzecoolvelcom:  now you can teach ganimede21:54
velcomyes yes, thank you again :d21:54
zzecoolif he is still around21:54
logIs anyone else getting menu residue after installing all updates on Precise?21:54
log(The shadows stay on the screen after closing the menus.)21:54
velcomof course21:54
zzecoollog yes21:54
velcomganimede: you still here?21:54
zzecoollog: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/93361521:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933615 in compiz (Ubuntu) "menu shadows not clearing when menus close" [Critical,Incomplete]21:54
glosolizzecool: There is no update yes ? :D21:54
zzecoolit is fixed sooner or later its going to be on the mirrors21:55
logzzecool: Thanks! :) Glad to know that I'm not the only one experiencing it.21:55
zzecoolglosoli: im refreshing21:55
glosolizzecool: I will switch to original ppa21:55
zzecoolglosoli: im using the main and still nothing21:56
ganimedeyes, I am here velcom21:56
zzecoolonly some unity greeter and update manager updates21:56
velcomdude, i`ve got a preety nasty bug now :( after i acces a menu from the top panel the border shaddow remains there21:56
ganimedei was checking how to post a bug21:57
glosolivelcom: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/93361521:57
ganimedei have registered in launchpad21:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933615 in compiz (Ubuntu) "menu shadows not clearing when menus close" [Critical,Incomplete]21:57
zzecoolvelcom: i told you :) it is fixed we are waiting for the fix to go up in the mirrors21:57
velcomok zzecool so i don`t have to do nothing, right?21:57
glosolizzecool: there is update in dist-upgrade :DDD21:58
zzecoolvelcom: just teach ganimede21:58
velcomganimede: sorry for delay21:58
ganimededo i need to have the 12.04 installed?21:58
ganimedei am running the 11.10, launched the pangolin from the dvd only21:58
zzecoolglosoli: let me check with synaptic21:58
velcomit`s not a must ganimede but this channel is about the 12.04 version21:58
ganimedethat i understood. i meant if it is required for posting the bug21:59
ganimedeor can be done online somewhere21:59
zzecoolganimede: its not but we are all running with the latest updates that may fixed your bug21:59
velcomyes, probably your bug has already been solved22:00
zzecoolganimede: you cant depend on the packags version of the dvd on a beta cycle updates coming every minute maybe faster22:00
ganimedemmm, doesnt look like, but in that case i do have an available partition, i may install there22:00
zzecoolganimede: you can use a Virtual machine22:00
zzecoolbut nooo22:00
zzecoolyou want dual screen etc22:01
velcomwell, don`t install it if you don`t like messing with bugs cand crashing apps22:01
glosolizzecool: if you upgrade compiz it will remove unity :D22:01
ganimedeok, then i will try several use cases ;)22:01
logzzecool: I can't upgrade compiz yet due to dependency issues. :(22:02
zzecoolglosoli: the best way is to check with synaptic if there are packages that going to be removed22:02
logSo I'm stuck with these ugly menu residues. :P22:02
zzecoollog im too22:02
zzecoolwe have to wait22:02
logLuckily, they moved gwibber to desktop-recommends.22:02
ganimedein the meanwhile, i'll install it asap22:02
logThat kept blocking upgrades for me in the past.22:02
glosolizzecool: I like terminal it shows also ;D22:02
zzecoolglosoli: does it gives you a compiz update allready?22:03
glosoliit gives :)22:03
glosoliwith dist-upgrade22:03
ganimedeare the desktop cube, nvidia drivers (for cuda), alsa dev driver all supposed to work at once on the 12.04 current?22:03
glosoliBut I won't do it ;D22:03
logzzecool: what happens if I do dist-upgrade?22:03
glosolilog: You might crash your system22:03
zzecoollog: dont22:03
logjust curious22:04
zzecoolim gonna find a link22:04
logokay, okay :P22:04
zzecoollog: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=134343422:04
zzecoolread this22:04
zzecooleverything its covered here22:05
Ian_Corneunity update still broken22:05
logah, okay :)22:05
zzecoolvelcom: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1343434   read it22:05
velcomthe 1: update still not on the mirror..22:05
logso it's the same as doing a partial upgrade22:05
logdidn't know that22:05
velcomok zzecool22:05
logAnd I know not to do partial upgrades. ;P22:05
zzecoollog: partial update is   actually a broken dist-upgrade22:06
zzecoolbut read the article22:06
glosolihere she goes22:07
zzecoolsometimes is good when running stable release22:07
glosoliUPDATE GUYS22:07
zzecoolo rly?22:07
zzecoollet me check22:07
velcomzzecool: i got it now :)22:07
zzecoolglosoli: i dont have the update yet22:07
velcomstill no update for me :)22:07
glosoliI have22:08
logI have it, it just won't install yet.22:08
zzecoolglosoli: Speak ! tell us your source scambug !!22:08
logWait, it lets me now! :D22:08
zzecoolvelcom: we are left alone22:09
zzecoolglosoli: Speak ! tell us your source scambug !!22:09
velcomchecked via synaptic here, still no update22:09
velcomyes, glosoli left :))22:09
zzecoolme and velcom dont have the update yet22:09
zzecoolwhat is your source ?22:10
glosoliDo you use Main Server ? :D22:10
zzecoolim using main22:10
velcomwhat is the ppa for Main Server ?22:10
glosolithere is no ppa22:10
zzecoolits not a ppa22:10
glosoliyou have to change in Software Sources22:10
zzecoolglosoli: im on main but no update yet22:10
logWorks now! :)22:11
glosolihaha ;D22:11
velcomokkk...what do i have to change ?22:11
zzecooloups its here but not full22:11
zzecoolif i continue now i will lose ia32libs22:11
zzecoolvelcom: open the software sources22:12
velcomi did22:12
zzecooldownload form : main server22:12
glosolizzecool: sudo apt-get upgrade, doesn't need dist anymore22:12
velcomooooh mine is "Server from Romania" i thought i`d have better speed :)22:12
glosoliia32-libs are in dist that's why I don't do dist now for ia32-libs22:13
zzecoolglosoli: true22:13
zzecoolim updating22:13
zzecooli need them too  for tweetdeck banshee aftershot and other applications22:14
velcomwhoohoo updates ready to install!22:14
zzecoolvelcom:  Horraayyy :)22:14
velcomzzecool: you there? problem solved after update here22:18
zzecoolnow lets hope abot scale22:18
velcom :)22:19
* popey wonders if anyone else is getting firefox and thunderbird lockups?22:19
velcomi`m wondering if you guys have this problem too, i`m having it since i first installed 11.0422:19
zzecooli kissed firefox bb long time ago22:19
zzecoolChrome here22:19
velcomwhen i right-click desktop the context menu is an old gray themed menu22:20
velcomand also the contact info in empathy is written with white on gray and is hard to read22:20
zzecoolvelcom: hmm22:20
zzecoolwhat theme are you using22:21
velcomhow does your desktop context menu look?22:21
zzecoolcan you post a screenshot22:21
velcomof course22:21
velcomoh come onnn22:22
velcomscreenshot not working at all22:22
velcomnothing happens22:22
velcomalso no changes in Pictures folder22:22
velcomprobably the package is not installed22:23
velcomwhat is the package that handles screenshots?22:23
zzecoolits working on mine22:23
zzecoolpress windows key and type screenshot22:23
glosoliFor me when I press PrtSc it appears in Pictures folder22:24
zzecooldo you see the app ?22:24
velcomi probably just have to install that package but i don`t know the name22:24
zzecoolglosoli: they ruind this one too it use to ask you where to save ........22:24
glosolizzecool: Ah, for me it's just fine to appear in pictures folder22:24
glosoliyou can simply enable screenshoot plugin in compiz if you wan't so22:25
zzecoolvelcom: its gnome-screenshot22:25
glosolipressing supper and using mose to define the area will make screen of the area22:25
zzecoolglosoli: in oneiric the gnome-screenshot tool was asking you where to save the SS and letting you to change the name22:26
zzecoolglosoli: there is allrdy a bug22:26
glosolizzecool: Yeah, i remember, I am ubuntu user for about 5 years22:26
velcomthank you zzecool22:26
zzecoolvelcom: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/93377622:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933776 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Compiz Scale Addon "All Windows" not working" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:26
zzecoolconfirm this bug22:27
glosoliHad first expierence about six years ago when compiz was still known as beryl22:27
glosoliBut for a long time had a lot of technical issues22:27
glosoli ;D22:27
velcomit appears to be installed22:27
zzecoolim a ubuntu user before beryl  ;p22:27
velcomhow do i confirm a bug?22:27
glosolizzecool: Good for you ;D I was stupid gamer in that time, now studying programming, it fits me right in22:27
zzecoolvelcom: This bug affects you and 1 other person22:27
zzecoolglosoli: im still a gamer :D22:28
velcomah, found it, thanks22:28
zzecooli dont know nothing about coding22:28
glosolizzecool: I can't haha, in my computer there is only Pangolin :D22:28
glosolizzecool: Some flash games from time to time for me ;D22:28
zzecoolmy Desktop is a windows machine :)22:28
zzecoolthis is my laptop triple boot osx win and ubuntu22:29
velcomi reinstalled package gnome-screenshot and now it works....weird one :)22:29
zzecoolvelcom:  :D ho22:29
glosolizzecool: I was quite negative about programming in the first place, now I quite like it, it's like a game, but much more harder and you can benefit from it ;D22:29
zzecoolim allrdy 31 no and im so busy with many things22:29
zzecoolno time for coding22:29
zzecooli will rest my case as a power user22:30
zzecoolfor my sanity22:30
velcomzzecool: lol i just realizesd that when i`m in the context menu, pressing PrtSc does not work, i don`t think this is a real bug but how am i supposed to take a screenshot of the context menu?22:30
glosolizzecool: hah, meanwhile I am 20 years old ;D22:30
zzecoolvelcom: rly?22:31
velcomyes =))22:31
zzecoolglebihan: noob :o22:31
glosoliPrtSc never worked in Context menu22:31
velcomlol glosoli but how am i supposed to take a picture of the context menu?22:31
zzecoolvelcom: holy moly you are right22:31
zzecooland this is a bug22:31
zzecoolgo go  report it22:31
velcom=)))))) this is so funny22:31
glosolivelcom: use Screenshoot tool in ubuntu, and set timer for some seconds22:32
velcomglosoli: i`ll do that thank you22:32
glosoliif this is bug, it is since Oneiric for sure22:32
zzecoolrly ?22:32
zzecoolnever noticed befoe22:32
glosolimaybe even older22:32
velcomzzecool: i don`t think this is a bug, it`s just not supposed to work that way22:32
glosolivelcom +122:32
glosolibecause if you press right click + prtsc it just thinks you did a hotkey thing22:33
glosolisome type of combination22:33
zzecoolno its a bug22:33
zzecoolsame happens with the top panel menus22:34
zzecoolyou cant SS them22:34
glosoliWell it has been for a long time, and still is22:34
zzecoolim still getting mirror windows but if i howver the mouse they appear22:34
ganimedeis the desktop cube supposed to continue working on the 12.04?22:35
zzecoolganimede: probably22:35
ganimedeexcellent, this weekend i will install everything22:35
zzecoolvelcom: ?22:35
zzecooldid you confirm the bug for the scale allready ?22:36
velcomyes, i`m uploading screenshots :D22:36
glosolizzecool: Have you remember ever being able to SreenShoot context menu ?22:36
velcomno i didn`t it worked22:36
ganimedethank you for now and goodnight22:36
zzecoolglosoli: i think so22:36
zzecoolnot sure tho22:36
velcomhere is 1st22:37
glosolizzecool: As I remember I have never been able to do that, eve now I can't ;D22:37
velcomhere is 2nd http://ubuntuone.com/6vot8K5HT3VbWqElR3tTNL22:37
velcomdo you have that?22:37
glosolivelcom: it's ubuntu themes problem ;D Same thing happen in Deja Dup22:38
glosoliso you might report a bug22:38
glosoliin btw, first check if it isn't already reported22:38
glosoliI think it is22:38
velcombut what is the package i`m reporting, is it ubuntu-desktop or what?22:38
velcomok,i`ll wait22:38
glosolivelcom: You use Edge Illumination Toggles ?22:39
glosolijust curious22:39
velcomit`s set to "always off" i think22:39
glosolivelcom: hmm, ubuntu-desktop is not package it's meta package or smth like that22:39
zzecoolglosoli: here you are https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screenshot/+bug/92795222:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 927952 in gnome-screenshot (Ubuntu) "When I press the Print Screen button, it will not appear in "Save Screenshot" window." [Low,Triaged]22:39
velcomoh, didn`t know that22:39
glosolivelcom: light-themes maybe22:39
glosolizzecool: read first comment22:40
zzecoolglosoli: hmm22:41
zzecoolglosoli: i dont rly like the new way but its ok for now22:43
glosoliLinux users are really effeminate ;D22:43
johnjohn101just got the recent update.22:44
johnjohn101a few issues22:44
glosolijohnjohn101: what kind of ?22:44
johnjohn101vmware 4.0.1 -  3d  menus leave the outlines (shadows) on the screen22:45
johnjohn101vmware 4.0.1 -  pangolin will not wake up when the main computer sleeps22:45
glosoliah, I am using in in real computer as main/the only one operating system22:46
glosoliso can't help for vmware :)22:46
johnjohn101other than that, i can tell a HUGE diff in the speed of unity22:46
zzecoolme too22:46
zzecoolunity is hell a lot faster than oneiric22:46
glosoliyeah it is :)22:47
zzecoolglosoli: im recording my mirror window bug in video22:47
glosoliI am just still sad for ati :)22:47
velcomhere https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/933841 :)22:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933841 in Ubuntu "Ugly context menu" [Undecided,New]22:47
glosolizzecool: Will you show me after ?22:47
glosoliATI Proprietary drivers are little slower, but more effective, meanwhile opensource drivers are hell of a fast, but not effective :D22:48
johnjohn101i really want to put on main box at home but will wait for released version.   I have too many current projects that I can't afford to get wrecked22:49
johnjohn101yeah that comment about ati drivers makes me wary of using the latest amd cpus if I want to upgrade my home system22:51
glosolidont use dude22:52
glosolidon't go mad, i was lifetime fan for Nvidia/intel, and I made bit mistake for giving a try22:52
johnjohn101so your advice is to stick with intel and sandy bridge?22:54
zzecoolglosoli: done  it is 45 mb  ... im wondering if ill have to upload it like that or to link it to youtube22:55
glosolijohnjohn101: for sure22:55
glosolizzecool: yt ? ;D22:55
zzecoolthe video22:55
glosoliyes put it in youtube ;D22:56
johnjohn101glosoli: tx22:56
glosoliall amd care is about gamers :)22:56
zzecoolok in 11 minutes22:57
zzecoolglosoli: do you have chrome installed?22:57
glosoliyes :)22:58
zzecoolstable or unstable?22:58
zzecoolwhat channel ?22:58
zzecoolim unstable all the way ;p22:58
zzecool19.0.1041.0 dev22:59
glosoliI always use unstable ;D22:59
glosolifor chrome it works perfectly22:59
zzecoolme too22:59
zzecoolbecuase its allrdy tested in chromium22:59
glosolifor ubuntu mostly used betas ant stable now just wanted to test because it's LTS ;D23:00
zzecooli think we are beta now23:00
zzecoolnot alpha anymore23:00
glosolihmm beta will be when feature freeze23:00
johnjohn101isnt' that today23:02
johnjohn101i can't wait to see the wallpaper collection!!23:02
zzecoolactually it is23:03
glosolitomorrow it is23:03
zzecoolerm  those number before the date confused me23:03
glosoliWallpaper Collection ? hmm never picked any wallpaper from ubuntu ;D23:03
zzecoolThey all suck  :x23:03
johnjohn101i'm still using 9.10 wallpapers23:03
glosolizzecool: for me also23:04
glosoliI use this one: http://winnichip.deviantart.com/art/VII-28485311423:04
zzecool5 min for video23:04
glosoliofcourse not on macbook ;D but on my asus ;D23:04
zzecoolVery nice23:04
zzecoolahh i wish i had a macbook its so nice and smooth23:05
zzecooland runs ubuntu like a charm23:05
zzecooli have a Sony Vaio23:05
glosolizzecool: I wish I had new Asus, it so nice, smooth, and fast meanwhile there aint any macbook which can compete with my asus23:05
velcombut macs are so expensive and not worthy23:05
glosolivelcom: +1 again ;D23:06
zzecoolvelcom: yeah i agree23:06
zzecoolbut they are unbeatable in design23:06
glosolizzecool: No they aint ;D23:06
zzecoolApple is unbeatable in design and marketing23:06
zzecooli say they are23:06
zzecoolnothing comes close to a macbook23:06
velcomyes, the design is awesome it`s beautiful and slim and soooo smooth but that`s too expensive23:06
glosoliYou don't pay alot of attention to dells and asus i guess then23:06
zzecooli pay  on the asus imitation of macbook23:07
velcomoh i have a lenovo g550, i totally love it23:07
zzecoolthe new fancy line let me rememer23:07
velcomperfect design for me23:07
glosolidide there is no imitations in everything23:07
glosolieveryone just copy :)23:07
zzecoolAsus probook or something i bought one for my mom23:08
zzecoolNice design but the monitor was a joke23:08
glosolihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgfOGucVylY quite nice for me, but seem better ;D23:08
glosolibut seen better''23:08
glosolizzecool: Asus has no line called "probook" maybe you are talking about crappy HP ? ;D23:09
popeyanyone else getting this? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/93112459/Screenshot%20at%202012-02-16%2023%3A06%3A30.png23:09
zzecoolit was HP23:09
zzecoolyou are right23:09
popeybug 93382623:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933826 in compiz (Ubuntu) "shadows remain after dialog boxes close" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93382623:09
zzecoolpopey: yes update its fixed allrdy23:10
zzecooluse the main server23:10
glosolizzecool: Check that video, you might like :)23:10
zzecoolglosoli: check the bug23:11
popeyzzecool: oh ☺23:11
popeyzzecool: i see no updates that would fix it23:12
glosolizzecool: there is no bug for me :/ tryed restart ?23:12
zzecoolpopey:  ?23:12
glosolipopey: there are updates already23:12
zzecoolglosoli: i got this 2 days now23:12
popeythis only started today23:13
zzecoolpopey: the bug you are talking about is fixed23:13
zzecoolmy video is looks like yours but its another23:13
popeyit honestly isnt fixed23:13
popeyI'm fully up to date23:13
zzecoolwhats yout compiz package version23:13
glosolipopey: you probably don't use Main Server23:13
popeyi do23:13
zzecoolpaste your compiz version here23:14
glosolipopey: you did log out log in ?23:14
popeyglosoli: rebooted23:14
logThat version should have fixed it...23:14
logYou might be one of the people for whom the previous fixed worked (which was rolled back).23:15
zzecoolso you still have it ?23:15
popeythat screenshot was taken a few minutes ago23:15
velcomi don`t23:15
zzecoolvelcom:  ?23:15
velcomfor me, the update worked23:15
velcomno more sqare shadows23:16
zzecoolit worked for me23:16
zzecooli only have problem with chrome23:16
velcomoh, i only use firefox,23:16
zzecoolthe one in my video23:16
velcomdon`t know about chrome23:16
zzecoolglosoli: did you checked my video ?23:16
glosolizzecool: yes, tryed to do the same in my chrome, but have no problem23:16
zzecooli wonder where to report it now23:17
zzecoolint the same bug as before or in a new one23:17
zzecool :/23:17
zzecooli will start a new23:17
glosolizzecool: hm have you tryed reboot ?23:18
zzecooli have this 2 days now23:18
zzecoolmaybe reinstall chrome23:19
zzecoollet me try23:19
velcomtry on chrome forums maybe is a chrome related thingy :-??23:19
Milos_SDDoes anyone else have problems with input?23:20
velcomanyway can i somehow install the HUD?23:20
velcomMilos_SD:  what input?23:20
zzecoolvelcom: we forgot about that23:21
zzecoolvelcom: wait23:21
zzecoolim resinstaling chrome reboot and ill give you the ppa23:21
velcomi also forgot :))23:21
velcomok, no problem23:21
Milos_SDvelcom, almost any... keyboard or mouse23:22
Milos_SDit started happening after todays compiz update (ubuntu2 one), but it is not fixed in ubuntu323:23
Milos_SDit is randome23:23
Milos_SDwhen it happends, i can't write at all, and if i go to the indicators, they look like they are pressed, but no menu comes out (just the round decoration around them).23:24
Milos_SDI just noticed that I can interupt that, and get back to normal when I activate "windows scale"23:25
velcomwow, never happend to me23:26
velcomsounds preety nasty23:26
zzecoolglosoli: problem still here23:27
velcomare you sure no key stays pressed ?23:27
glosolizzecool: hmm23:27
zzecoolvelcom: wait for hud23:27
Milos_SDnot tu mention that "expo" isn't working at all... everything is white, and starts using a lot of cpu23:27
velcomMilos_SD:  maybe some key broke on your keyboard and stays pressed all the time23:27
Milos_SDand after "recovery" I have a lot of garbge on my screen23:27
zzecoolvelcom: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/hud-ubuntus-new-smart-menus-announced.html23:27
zzecoolhere you are23:27
zzecoolGood luck havent tried this one :)23:28
logzzecool: Try installing chromium-browser instead of chrome.23:28
zzecoollog i dont like it im using Chrome sync to many computers :)(23:28
Milos_SDand I am sure no keys are pressed and that keyboard is ok23:28
logChromium does sync as well...23:28
zzecoollog: and glosoli uses chrome without the buf23:29
velcomMilos_SD: i have no ideea, that never happend to me, try reporting a bug23:29
Milos_SDalmost alweys happends when I press shift (left or right, doesn meter)23:29
zzecoollog: didnt know23:29
velcomzzecool: thanks23:29
zzecoolvelcom: np23:29
Milos_SDand when I restart compiz, I can't restore any window that was open :S23:30
Milos_SDbut that started happening a few days ago...23:30
Milos_SDcan it be, that my graphics card is broken?23:30
velcomi don`t think your graphics card is broken23:32
velcomcompiz always had BIG problems23:32
velcomi recommend uninstalling compiz if you cannot find any workarounds23:32
velcommaybe that will help23:32
Milos_SDvelcom, you mean, reinstalling? with purge and install again?23:33
velcomhave to close, brb23:33
velcomno, just uninstall compiz and don`t use it if you have big problems23:33
velcomcompiz was never very stable23:33
velcomzzecool: pressing alt key doesn`t help23:36
velcomthe global menu appears with underlind shortcuts23:37
velcomnothing more23:37
velcomi also tryied installing hud with some ppa from omgubuntu blog but that didn`t work also23:37
zzecooli dont know23:37
zzecoolyou have to wait to be official then23:37
velcomi wanted to test the hud feature since i first installed 12.04 but it never worked23:37
velcomoh really :(23:38
glosoliwhat's hud feature ?:D23:41
zzecoolplease confirm my bug even thought you dont have it23:43
zzecoolso it can get attention23:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933877 in compiz (Ubuntu) "In Context Menus only shadows appears " [Undecided,New]23:43
zzecool Thanks23:43
glosolicheater :DD23:43
velcomok :))23:44
zzecoolty ty23:44
zzecoolonly 1 confirmed  hmm23:45
glosoliconfirmed ;d23:48
glosolistill don't think it's a bug23:48
glosoliMight be your adwaita theme problem23:49
zzecoollet me check23:55
zzecoolglosoli: about you laptop : It's a hefty laptop that weighs 2.7kg  lol rly?23:56
velcomhey zzecool i`ve run an update through synaptics and now i finally have HUD installed23:56
velcomthis is awesome :D23:56
glosolizzecool: 2.7 kg is not much for me :D don't feel that much :D23:56
zzecoolbe carefull with synaptics and every time read if there is any packages to be removed23:57
glosoli16 inch monitor meanwhile23:57
zzecoolvelcom: synaptics can brick your system if you are not careful too :) it like dist-upgrade23:57
velcomyes, i saw synaptics remove packages, 2 weeks ago i got ubuntu-desktop removed, same reason =))23:58
velcombut i got it installed now :)23:58
velcomhad luck with ubuntu 2d session :P still worked23:58
zzecoolYou got trolloled by synaptic and partial upgrade ;p23:58
glosolizzecool: Now I think 15inch would have been better for me, or even 13'' maybe ;D23:59
zzecool15 is the best23:59
glosoliBut as I watch movies 15''23:59
zzecoolif you want your laptop to be mobile23:59
glosoliWatch a lot lot lot lot lot of movies'' :D23:59
zzecooli do also and the best thing about movies is XBMC !!!23:59

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