trentgHello, is it possible to make an app that's currently for sale in USC free?00:03
trentgOr does anyone know who I could contact about this if not here?00:03
trentgI used to be in touch with someone at Canonical about these things but he moved jobs.00:05
trentglol... that was an easy change to make. Is that why nobody responded? :/00:25
dpmgood morning07:02
gotwighttp://paste.ubuntu.com/844118/ is my souce, http://paste.ubuntu.com/844105/ is the output. I want own lines for the recipe name, likes, etc. with the help of beautifulsoup and regex ( I dont  realy need BeatifulSoup for this simple structured website)09:42
gotwiganyone online :D?10:27

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