dpmgood morning all07:02
jonomorning dpm07:02
jono...and I head to bed07:03
dpmhey jono, good night!07:03
stgraberhey ajmitch20:29
* ajmitch is happy at how much faster it is to build packages now21:46
ajmitchI've pushed tagplayer with some patches to lp:~ajmitch/+junk/extras-tagplayer21:46
highvoltageajmitch: why is it faster?21:48
ajmitchhighvoltage: SSD to replace my hard drive21:48
ajmitchit took ~45 min a couple of weeks ago to build a simple python package, because the hard drive was so very very slow21:49
highvoltageajmitch: ah nice.21:50
ajmitchok, I can see that I made a mistake with icon naming in that branch, don't try & build it yet :)21:51
highvoltageI switched to sssd a few months ago and any machine with a spinny disk just feels broken now21:51
ajmitchyeah, the difference is really noticeable21:52
ajmitchstgraber: what do you suggest for packages that ship apport hooks?21:58
* ajmitch isn't sure if it's something standard in quickly or not21:58
stgraberajmitch: oh, hmm, well, it's susprising that they do and it doesn't make sense to have them in /opt but I think we'd need a policy change for that21:59
ajmitchtagplayer has:21:59
ajmitch-rw-r--r-- root/root       185 2012-02-17 10:55 ./etc/apport/crashdb.conf.d/tagplayer-crashdb.conf21:59
ajmitchif the filename doesn't matter, we could possibly change it to extras-tagplayer-crashdb.conf21:59
stgraberoh wait, actually I think the policy change I got the TB to approve covers these21:59
stgraberwell, not explicitly, but they are covered as long as we agree with the apport guys on what the files should be called and make sure there can't be any conflict22:00
stgraber(similar to the unity stuff and /usr/share/applications)22:00
ajmitchsomething to follow up with them on the file naming then22:00
wendarmhall119: I only see 0.2 of unity-community-lens in the scopes-packagers PPA, is that the one you want us to review?22:51
wendarmhall119: the comments say 0.322:52
mhall119wendar: huh, I dput it and saw it building....22:53
wendarmhall119: (I had started making the tweaks needed for ARB, but then noticed the comment, and want to make sure I get the latest version, so I'm not duplicating work you already did)22:53
mhall119wendar: are the tweaks something I can make in my source package?22:54
mhall119I want to use this as a template for others22:54
wendarmhall119: ah, might just be slow in the build queue22:54
wendarmhall119: yes, definitely, I was going to submit them to you as a patch22:54
wendarmhall119: if you'd rather, I could do it as a bzr branch, that's what I've been doing for a lot of others22:55
mhall119wendar: I'm not even seeing it in the build queue, maybe I dput it to the wrong place22:55
mhall119wendar: bzr branch and MP would be great22:55
wendarmhall119: what's the bzr repo?22:55
mhall119hmm, doesn't look like I dput version 0.3 at all....doing it now22:57
mhall119it has some fixes to point things to /opt in that version22:57
wendarmhall119: yup, it's most of the way there, just a few small bits remaining22:58
wendar(and, actually, you may have caught all the bits now, I was looking at the 0.1 package in MyApps22:59
wendarbefore I saw the comment about 0.3)22:59
mhall119wendar: I'm EOD, but feel free to PM me and I'll read it in the morning23:00
mhall119or, I suppose, comment on it in myapps, there's a system for that isn't there?23:00
wendarmhall119: okay23:00
wendarmhall119: I'll work on a branch and you can review it tomorrow23:00
wendarmhall119: yes, I'll use the comment system, but that doesn't work terribly well for sharing code patches23:01
mhall119thanks wendar!23:01
ajmitchwendar: file bugs, I know I need to file a few about developer-portal behaviour23:23
ajmitchhaving the initial comment only in the feedback tab isn't the most obvious place to look, for example :)23:24
wendarajmitch: so far, I really like the pattern of working on branches, when they provide the info23:29
ajmitchbranches provide a nice way to track the changes & be able to view the packaging online23:30
ajmitcheven if it's just a ppa submission, bzr import-dsc should work23:31
ajmitchwendar: it'd be really nice to require submissions as a branch, but I think as a PPA is best, since it requires at least a source package23:36
wendarajmitch: aye, and with a PPA, we know it builds, which is a plus23:42
wendarajmitch: and, that's a good point, we can certainly create a bzr branch straight from a ppa, for sharing changes23:42
wendarmhall119: ah, yup, you did pick up some of the fixes in 0.2 and 0.3, great!23:45

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